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China Coastal Tourism Industry Market Foresight and

Investment Strategy Report, 2011-2015

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China borders on the west coast of pacific ocean and with a

continental shoreline of 1.8104km, a island shoreline of 1.4104km
and more than 6,500 islands. The administrative sea areas with the
north-south extension of nearly 40 latitudes can reach more than 3
million km2. China with abundant coastal tourism resources which
contain the seascape of temperate zone, warm temperate zone, tropical
zone and semitropics.
Current these years, benefiting from the improving technology of
coastal tourism and expanding downstream market, Chinas coastal
http://en.qianzhan.com/report/detail/355d0ab3788244d8.html gets a
considerable achievement with an annual growth of 15% (calculated at
comparable price) from 2005 to 2010. In 2010 the coastal areas
develop diversified traveling products which base on the local tourism
resources with unique features. The coastal tourism keeps a stable
growth that the year-round added value in 2010 is 483.8 billion Yuan,
up 7.9% comparing with that in 2009. In 2010 the added value of
coastal tourism accounts for 31.15% of major marine industry. The
importance of the coastal tourism is significant.
Affecting by the development of society, economy and tourism, gap
between Chinas coastal tourism and the worlds is large. In other
words, Chinas coastal tourism with enormous development space and
potential. China thinks more and more highly of the development of
marine industry. In order to efficiently promote the coastal tourism
develops in a fast and good way that some coastal cities actively
develop the coastal tourism resources and make related development
plans and targets. For example, Dalian tourist is in the positioning of
two harbors and five centers which trend for international famous
coastal tourist city in 2010; Maoming City will construct the
experimental area for national coastal tourism during the twelfth five
years which aims to turn the city into a most beautiful and charming
coastal tourist city in south China.
According to Chinas overall constant growth of economy, the tourism
in China will obtain a same growth as well. And the coastal tourism

will be further extended either in resource using or grade level. It can

be inferred that there will be more and better coastal tourist places in
near future. Chinas coastal tourism industry with a bright and broad
Here, wed like to express our sincere gratitude to State Oceanography
Bureau, National Tourism Administration, National Statistics Bureau
of China, International Information Institute, General Administration
of Customs, National Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, National
Tsing Hua University Library, Institute of Market Economy of the
State Council Development Research Center, and Beijing Qinghua
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