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Hello SasuSaku fans~ First of all, I would like thank my supportive readers for my short story Wedding Dress

Trauma. I have gain some ni e reviews and I am glad that I was a!le to make you smile through the story. Here is another short story of SasuSaku whi h I ome up "another of my e#perien es$ so that I an heer people out there who had undergone the little traumas in life% "ps& I admit that I have many traumas in life as I see myself as the imperfe t human who tried to live happily. 'D$ For those who think the same, I hope to share you my little (smile) with my stories. Hope you like it. " dis laimer& I do not own *aruto%$

+retty Heels Sturdy Sneakers ,hapter -ne & . Heely /atter

Heels. One of females best friend, second to Diamond of course. The all-so-beautiful curves and that killer height. Ah! Its the beautiful, so that the# claim to be. The $uote %!eautiful &hoes Takes 'ou To !eautiful (laces believed in. Do #ou) I as like*+eall#) Indeed I admit that heels does give off a certain configuration that a oman is ,erfect in the sense of beaut# through the enhancement of the e-traordinar# height! Then I ask*.hat ha,,ens to those ho could /"0"+ ear heels) Does that make them /OT beautiful) In this orld, I do believe there are omen ho ould sob miserabl# hen it comes to the %heels business. The fact that the# could not ear them as in the# are unsuited or inca,able due to ,ersonal reasons*besides those ho do not like them. 1.hat do #ou think, dear)2 said a oman covered in thick make-u,, she s,un and ,aced around in those five-inch heels she took drastic measures to fit into. omans gist to !" hich the# strictl#

I could sim,l# hear her feet scream slientl#. The %ouch them.

ord is all I could offer for

'es, I am currentl# running a shoe store and I ,roudl# ,resent m# collection of D"AD3' heels to make other omen beautiful*besides m#self. Dont mind me if I rant a bit*Introducing me, Haruno &akura. 'ou might think I am one of those ,rett# girls around the block in a cute dress earing hot red heels to match m# ,ink hair. .rong! 'ou might sneakers. ant to reverse the ,icture about me being in a sim,le tee, 4eans and

/erd# is m# choice of ord. 'es I am and ,roud to be that. 5rankl#, I am no candidate to ,ut on those abusive foot ear. I 4ust dont sha,e beautifull# earing them like other omen and m# %talent of being clums# orks like a charm. This is hat I call m# %heel# trauma. Therefore, sneakers ere m# best com,anion since childhood and so do all the flats in the orld. 3et it be I ma# not be beautiful but #ou can call me &turd# &akura. 1!eautiful, sim,l# beautiful,2 the man e-claimed in ,raise to his lad#. 1Alright, Ill take this ,air,2 the oman decided as tend to glance at m# old sneakers and sniggered innerl#. &he as like6 I am 7O+" ca,able #ou kno . 5ine. .hatever. All I can sa# is 6 8ood luck in them. I can never fantasi9e m#self in those heights and ould last a da# ithout an# accidents. The last time I tried to ear a mid-height ,air in hich I tri,,ed and fell over like a laughing stock! 1Thank #ou, ,lease come again,2 ,osing a com,lementar# smile to m# ,rivileged customers and atch them ski, out of the store ith their ,urchase. And ever# time...I ould glance at m#self, com,ared to her, she I& beautiful. 1"arth to &akura. Hello*2 1Ah, Ino!2 I 4um,ed at the sight of m# best friend. The first thing hen I get to meet her is check out her ne ,air of shoes as it gre taller b# an inch after time. %A floral themed heels. /ice* 1'oohoo, &akura)2 Ino derailed m# thoughts. 1Aa*Ino. .hat a sur,rise*2 she kno s I am not too sur,rised.

1I bought it from (aris, hat do #ou think)2 Ino kne ,air, I com,limented her as she is.

that I

as staring at her ne

17#, hat has got into #ou girl) 'ou look a ful!2 she e-amined me and m# re,l# ould go* 1'eah, I A7 a ful afterall. 'ou kno me.2 Ino ould roll her e#es again at me being sarcastic. 1Ah, I dont mean b# #our sneakers. Its those ,anda e#es! +estless nights)2 1Hell #eah. A ful in both ,anda e#es and sneakers hen a dance ,art# is near*2 Ino ent %oh hen she got the thing I as referring to. 1&asukes)2 she asked subse$uentl#. I vehementl# nodded. &asuke. .ho is &asuke) I tell #ou this, he is TH" :chiha &asuke hom I ,roudl# claim him as m# bo#friend. ;ne him since the da# he des,eratel# needed a ,air of shoes from m# humble store and dated him hen he thinks I had some %difference besides all other omen. !ig deal, ever#one has someone s,ecial in their e#es. &o hat makes me 7O+" s,ecial than ever# other girl in the cit#) That, he had #et to tell me, more im,ortantl# that :chiha &asuke is no ordinar# customer I am currentl# dating ith. If #ou are looking for the dream# gu# famous, #eah, its him. 3uck# for me but not him. 7# clumsiness tend to ork so much effectivel# henever I am around him. .AIT, hold that fact I am being nervous cause I am not. +ecalling that e once ent for an e-clusive dinner he took me b# sur,rise, I ore 4eans and m# favourite sneakers for that occasion. Although &asuke said he did not mind but man# others ere actuall# atching. The# e-,ect the s eetheart of the :chiha ould be more*delicate. 1&o hat are #ou going to do)2 Ino asked in concern, she is eakness. 1.hen is the ,art#)2 ell a are of m# ith looks of the to, range and the rich and

1I am not too sure either and its in t o eeks*its a ,art# held b# &asukes ,arents for charit# or something*#ou kno the rich and famous thing the# usuall# do,2 I ,aused. 1And the orst ,art, the media ill be there!2 I sighed.

.hat ha,,ens if I sli, and cause a scene) I am getting headache over something minor. In m# dictionar# of a ,art# are +"A3 ,arties here ,eo,le ould go cra9# and do the all sorts. /ot the class# t#,e here behavior and ,resentation is ,rioriti9ed. &ometimes I Id 4ust date an average gu#* ish

1Ino*I need some hel,*2 I finall# asked, lo ering m# ,ride hen she kno s I al a#s stood u, for m#self and sneakers. &he smirked to her evilest at me. 1/o #oure talking. /o orries, 'amanaka Ino at #our service!2