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Pretty Heels Sturdy Sneakers Chapter Three : Just Not Me

Dressed in an ivory gown that Ino had lent me, never could I take my eyes of the splendid outfit that fits perfectly around my body. Hugging the curves of my waist and giving the emphasis of a lady and the strapless design had my shoulders bare to invite a suitable necklace Ino had placed around my neck. And whoala! ou are perfect and ready to hit the party!! Ino self"praised herself for being a genius. #he is, I say so myself. $hat%s what you get when you meet the designer herself. I forgot to mention that amanaka Ino is one designer who runs her studio in this city and was well known as a bossy one too. &ut if you get to know her, she is a darling I tell you and another thing is that she is spendthrift! And for the finishing touch'! she scooped up a pair of matching heels with shiny studs, she want her girlfriend, me, to take the elegant and the wild side for tonight%s party. ou go girl!! she shoved them to me. I swallowed hard, gather all the courage I had and, Here does nothing'! Annual Charity Event Night. (eople of invited guests and business partners were all gathered in the ballroom looking their best for the night%s event. )entlemen and ladies greet and chatted with each other with their disposition reflecting their high status. $heir smiles were plastered on their faces to portray their good"terms in the business world. As I held #asuke%s arm, he lead me out to meet some of the big wigs present tonight. And my heart thanked Ino a million for her efforts in my *rags to riches% look. (eople tend to stare and nod respectfully at me as I pass. I was rather surprised myself too, I +ust don%t look like the little girl who runs the shoe store downtown. ,ust follow my lead,! #asuke adviced me by my ear. I nodded and continue to pace side by side with him towards a few people ahead.

-om. Dad,! he called the couple among other people before he addressed his family friends. -y, #asuke. .ho is this lovely lady. /are to introduce her to us,! #asuke%s mother spoke in a ladylike voice. #he is beautiful even when she had aged. $his is Haruno #akura the woman who stole my heart,! sometimes I do think that #asuke has a *creative% way in e0pressing things. .hy can%t he +ust utter the word *girlfriend% instead of taking the long way. 1chihas' 2f course I smiled in return as I remembered to. #asuke then introduced me around besides his family, he also introduced me to some of his friends and ac3uainted people. $o be honest, I did not talk much throughout the night, I +ust stood like a doll on display for #asuke while he did all the talking and attending to guests when necessary. It is HI# party anyway. And I did not get to rest nor eat properly when I had to follow him wherever he goes. -y feet is killing me and I had no right to whine and complain about it. $he stilts I am on were simply torturing. *4ndure% I chanted in me and, 5uture happiness'I began to think twice about that. Here I am standing here knowing nobody but to wear a silly smile like I knew them and disguise myself as one of those classy ladies #asuke picked up from the streets whom I am 62$! I am sure every woman wanted this, the *rags to riches% story is the every girl%s dream and I do think the same. &ut my conscience tells me *will you 74A88 be happy9%. $he intense pain from my feet is driving my thoughts cra:y, I wish I could strip them off. How I wish I could tell the world *I hate heels%! #akura, are you okay9! #asuke finally asked me in the midst of his chat with a friend. 6o, why would I be,! I assured him with a lie I go against my conscience and my smile guarantees him. $hen the announcement came and my +aw dropped at that,

8adies and gentlemen, thank you for your presence in attending tonight%s Annual /harity 4vent. I would like to call upon -r.1chiha #asuke to the dance floor with his lovely lady, -iss Haruno.! $hat is une0pected, I had foreseen all possible events for tonight that Ino briefed me about but a dance'I bit my lower lip nervously. #asuke never said anything about dancing! 7ela0, +ust follow my lead.! He whispered into me when he felt me tense up. 2kay, so he assured me and I have confidence that he has a backup plan. Don%t tell me he is going give an e0cuse or be honest to the world of my incapability9! 2n top of that, I could hardly feel my feet due to the e0cessive abuse. #asuke, seriously, I can%t dance and my fe;! Don%t worry, I%ll be by your side,! he cut me short. #mile,! he said lastly. )ently #asuke placed his hand around my waist, the feeling sent me into an unaccustomed position. I am +ust not used to formal dances and the stares that other people threw at me due to my clumsy movements were irritating. I can%t dance! -y mind screamed. -oreover, I had problems balancing on the stilts which are now wobbling at an alarming rate. #truggling, I had a hard time to keep up with #asuke%s graceful footwork whereas I did embarrassing +erks and be clumsy even when he did his best to accommodate me. (lease don%t embarrass me now'I begged my heels to work this out with me for once. ,ust look at her, she is duck"dancing,! I heard one of the ladies whispered. I saw her struggle through those heels +ust now. If she can%t wear them, don%t,! said another. #he is +ust trying to put up a show for the 1chiha%s, give her a chance to embarrass herself.! I heard that she is a shoe salesgirl, yet she could not wear heels properly.! .oman who can%t wear heels is no woman. #he is a tomboy if you ask me, probably #asuke is +ust toying her around.! 4nough! 4nough! 4nough!

.hy do you have to condemn me like that'it is not that I don%t want to be a woman, I +ust can%t! -y ears are burning as I continue to listen to those aristocrats as they claim to be and they have the guts to gossip in front of my face! How I wish I could give them a piece of my mind. 1nfortunately, I have no time for that currently. $he dance is contributing to the intolerable pain my feet is inflicted with, the more I continue it makes me want to go down onto my knees. And I did. 2ne wrong move, I accidently stepped on the hem of my dress and there goes *me% taking the harsh fall over. 2n top of that I could feel my ankle gave the wrong twist during my fall. #platting on the floor along with my pride as #asuke%s lovely lady, I portray the utter shame and the *mistake% #asuke had chosen. I don%t carry that air of the higher class, I am unfitting to be because I had +ust failed the basic element of being a lady< Heels! $hat woman who gossiped earlier was telling nothing but the truth into my ears which I denied. )ritting my teeth as I clenched it hard, enduring the pain on my twisted ankle and sore feet. I had totally lost strength to pick myself up. (eople laughed. 8et it be' (eople chuckled. I don%t care' (eople gossiped. I want to get out of here!! #akura! Are you alright9!! #asuke desperately tended to me and I shot him a deadly stare. He flinched. I am angry. Indeed I am, not at #asuke but myself. I am angry to the incapability that I could cause a scene to embarrass him. I don%t want this anymore. If he is not tired of this, I am! Angrily, I stripped those hellish clutches off my sore feet. $hrew them far away so that they don%t appear before me ever again. .ith the last ounces of my strength, I carried myself up and limp my way to the e0it. 8et it be I will be causing a scene cause this will be the last.

#akura! #akura! .here are you going9! #asuke ran after me, I forbid him to care for me any further. 8et it be sneakers is my thing, like I care of being beautiful in heels!! I sent him speechless, dumbfound and perple0ed as he root on the spot where I decided to leave him. #akura'! sadly he uttered. Chapter 3 Hope you like this. ! " #ant to thank $or the suggestion #hi%h #as le$t in &y revie# ' Hope you en(oy this. More #ill )e %o&ing soon. Please leave so&e *E+"E,S- S.//EST"0NS i$ you like. 12 2is%lai&er: " do not o#n Naruto. Author3s ra&)lings: Hi. $his is the first chap I am leaving a little note. Heels isn%t my thing as you know =as per story> I am not good at them although I have great desires to wear them. I am not too tall myself and yet I could not wear them, cause if I do, I would look like an inverted triangle. 2?2 = people did laugh at me at this'> #o no heels for me and for the rest of my life but there are still sneakers and flats for me to en+oy so'that%s fair. $o those who share the same as I do = I know you might be upset at this matter >, think this way< heels are beautiful but that doesn%t mean you will look beautiful in it. #o wear what people think you look beautiful in = don%t give them the chance to laugh and gossip >@D "$ you like to share your thoughts a)out this &atter #ith &e4 do revie#. " #ould love to hear the&. 12