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Colours and their Sound and frequencies.

Following is a brief description of the different colours and their Sound and frequencies. Scriabin's theory was that each note in the octave could be associated with a specific colour, and in Prometheus, the Poem of Fire, he wrote the colours and music to match. His arrangement was:
C Db D Eb E F F# G Ab A Bb B

Red Violet Yellow Steel

ale "ar# !right ale $range urple %reen Steel !lue Red !lue !lue

Berlioz Debuss! and "agner were also interested in music and colour and Rims#y& 'orsa#ov considered ( as white. )he #osicrucian $rder based their theories on *ust intonation and suggest that note names, fre+uencies, and colours should be:
%ote Colour &ertz C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A# B

Yellow& %reen& !lue& Violet& "eep Red& %reen !lue Violet Red $range Yellow %reen !lue Violet Red Red $range ,-. ,// 0,1 023 34, ,30 ,21

Charles Fourier in Theorie de l'Unite Universelle 3/2. states the connection between colours, note names and metals to be:
( 8ron " 5 6 % latinum 9ead 7 %old ! (opper

Silver )in

Violet 8ndigo 7:ure %reen

Yellow $range Red

)he spectrum from a rainbow is described as: Red $range Yellow %reen !lue 8ndigo Violet 6re+uencies in the visible spectrum are between 3132 ; 313- Hert:.

)he best part of the rainbow isn't the pot of gold... ...8t's the rainbow itself

%ote 7 7< !b ! (b !< ( (< "b " "< 5b 5 6b E# F 6< %b % %< 7b

&ertz 221

Equi'alent "a'elength Angstro(s)*+ Appro,i(ate %ano(etres Colour .34..4 $range&Yellow Yellow&$range Yellow Yellow&%reen %reen&Yellow %reen %reen %reen&!lue !lue&%reen !lue !lue&Violet Violet&!lue Violet >ltra Violet 3n'isible 4iolet 3n'isible #ed 8nfra Red Red Red&$range $range&Red $range

2-=.=- -4-... 2=,.,= -==.02 243.0, --2.4-1..43 -0=./4 -33.30 -00.22 -,=.0- -3=.10 -2/.., 24..44 -...10 2/3.=1 -//./. 2.0.10 .3,..3 22-.1/ .0,.1- 203.04 .-=.-2 232..= .=/.23 213.43 -./.+- 01..21 5+2.55 556.-=02.,0 =2,.=3 =-=.-0 =34./. =//.1/ .43.4. /34./= ..-.30 /2-./4 .22..=

R5" &7ctivates, vitali:es, intensifies, releases bloc#ed energy, produces collagen& 8t is the longest wavelength and penetrates the deepest. 8t is used for rheumatics? arthritic pain? liver stimulant? 9! ? pigmentation? stretch mar#s and circulation. .-1& =/1nm & root cha#ra $R7@%5 & 8t restores, animates, warms, stimulates, wor#s more gently than red, building up energy step by step, unloc#s deadloc#ed processes, cheers up. )hose who love orange are said to be eAtroverts who often love coo#ing and are often creative. 8t helps puffy s#in? spleen? hernia? muscle prolapse? sinus? 8t represents the spleen, gut energy centre and eating. -=1&.-1nm & sacral cha#ra Y599$B & 8t fortifies, tones, opens, brightens, stimulates without eAciting, eAtends energy, reinforces wea# processes, loosens overly rigid structures, strengthens the

nerves? stimulates connective tissue? ec:ema? flatulence? lymph drainage? s#in troubles? nervous eAhaustion. 8t represents the central nervous system -31&=11nm & solar pleAus cha#ra. %R55@ & 8t 5+uali:es, relaAes, calms down, #eeps physical and mental energy dynamically balanced, releases tensed&up, painful processes, brings profound serenity. Recent studies have shown it to be good for acne lesions. 8t helps heart problems? H! ? burns? cuts? bruises? pigmentation 2=-&-31nm & heart cha#ra. !9>5 & . 8t reduces inflammation Cas in acneD. Recent studies into the use of blue light suggests that it may be useful in preventing or controlling suggests that it may be useful in preventing or controlling periodontal conditions, which can result in the loss of bone and teeth 8t has also been discovered that blue produces restful sleep. insomnis? sunburn? toothache? rashes? laryngitis? 8t also soothes, focuses, cools down, collects and structures energy, re&regulates hyperactive, inflammatory and derailing processes, brings serenity and clarity. 22-&2=-nm & throat cha#ra 8@"8%$ & Raises concentration? "etoAing and cooling? 8t strengthens lymphatics? muscle toning? reduces bleeding? astringent? has high level of vibration? is #nown for its effect on eyes, ear ,nose, throat and sinuses? lungs? migraine? sinuses. 211&22-nm & brow cha#ra. V8$95) & 8t inspires, attenuates, transforms energy on a higher level, supports mental processes, relaAes the nerves, soothes nervous irritations and relieves pain. 8t aids H! ? acne blemishes? lymph drainage? neuralgia? muscle relaAer? rheumatics? rosacea? sciatica? anti inflammatory.
Color Characteristic Gland 7ualities 3(balance #esonance Frequenc! 342.3/H:




courage, action, violence, greed, grounding, stabilty, self, survival centeredness passion, trust, emoltions, health, pleasure, let go personal power, self esteem 7cceptance, forgiveness, love, *ealousy, envy, aimlessness, obsessiveness





8ellow Green

8ntellectual Self assertive

7drenals 9ymph

fear, anger, hate, 3,..,,H: power 8nstability, repressed, love 30..31HE

radiance Dar9 Blue (onceptual )hyroid (ommunication, truth, creativeFarts erception, realisation, intuition, clairvoyance.. 6ulfilment, inspiration "epression, ignorance 6ear, tension, headaches 323.,=H:



Hypothalmus, ituatry







Ratio (olor @ote 6re+uency 3.111 & R5" ---,04,,4-/,2.2 C(D --.- h: 3.3,, & $range .,0,01=,3-4,--, C"D .,.0 h: 3.3/4 & Yellow .44,/33,,00,=4, C5D ...1 h: 3.002 & %reen =23,23/,=,-,0=. C6D =2.3 h: 3.24/ & !lue /0,,324,430,.11 C%D /0., h: 3../3 & urple & 40-,3--,0/.,./1 C7D 40.2 h: 3.=/3 & Violet & 3,12/,-1/,/43,30. C!D 4/.4 h: ,.111 & Bhite & 3,331,=/-,43.,4,/ C(D 331.1 h: VelocityGBavelength A 6re+uency )his formula describes the relationship between wavelength and fre+uency. Since the speed of light is #nown and fiAed, reliable numbers can be generated for the fre+uencies of the colors. 6or eAample: ,.44=4,- A 31H/ mFs Cspeed of lightDF 0.4- A 31&= nm Cwavelength of violetD G =.-/4./0-2 A 31H3 2 H: Cfre+uency of violetD Starting from the wavelengths arrived at above, as well as intervening numbers for the tertiary colors, and calculating their fre+uencies in this manner provides these results: (olor Bavelength CnmD 6re+uency C%H:D Red&Violet 021 //3,=2,..2=3 Violet 04- =-/,4./.0-22 !lue&Violet 2,1 =30,=43....= !lue 2-1 ...,,1-.---. !lue&%reen 241 .33,/,3.2,/.

%reen -0- -.1,0-4./303 Yellow&%reen --- -21,3......= Yellow -/1 -3.,//0..,1= Yellow&$range .31 243,2.0.332/ $range .2- 2.2,=42.-=0. Red&$range .=1 22=,2-3.24,Red =31 2,,,,2,.4-== 7ccess these fre+uencies with this unit here