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Announces its 4th Certificate Programme in Designing and Implementing Assessment and Development Centers The power to Identify and develop talent-Now in your hands
Program Commences September 1st, 2008 Contact Workshop November 2008 in Ahmedabad (Non-residential)



Celebrating a decade of learning & contributions

ASSESSMENT DEVELOPMENT CENTERS (ADCs)-IN THE CENTERSTAGE TODAY The key Human Resource challenge of modern times is to get the right people, retain them, develop their leadership capabilities, and utilize their potential for the future. Internal promotions, development of leadership and other capabilities have been found to be the most needed competencies for running an organization. While search for new talent and new leaders is an ever growing need of the day, utilizing and developing in-house potential has been grossly underfocussed by Indian organizations. It is much more advantageous for organizations to identify talent from within and build them for the future especially keeping cost, quality and other considerations in the forefront. The first step in tackling all these challenges is an assessment of an individuals competencies followed by effective utilisation or development of desired competencies. ADCs provide useful technologies for identifying and developing talent from within or from outside. Such talent identification can be very advantageous if there are in-house capabilities available for spotting talent and developing the same. BACKGROUND TO ADCs Assessment and Development Centers are set up by the organization for mapping competency requirements for various roles, and for continuous assessment and development of its employee competencies in critical positions. It uses multiple assessment methods like tests, interviews, role plays etc. and multiple assesors in an effort to elicit patterns of behaviour previously identified as successful in given management positions. PROGRAM OBJECTIVES This certificate program intends to prepare interested managers for designing and implementing Assessment and Development enters by developing the following skills: Competency Mapping Skills: Given a set of roles/positions the candidate will be able to map the competencies for the roles Competency Assessment Skills: Observation, recording, classification and evaluation using the following tools/methods: 1. Biographic Behavior Incident Interview (BBII) 2. Role plays 3. Leaderless Group Discussions 4. In-baskets or In-box exercises 5. Business Presentations and business games Skills to identify, develop and select appropriate tools from the above mentioned methods ADC Design and Management Skills: How to design and conduct low cost ADCs

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Any Line Manager or HR Manager who Has a PG Qualification Has adequate introductory knowledge of Competency Mapping and Assessment Development centers.

PROGRAM STRUCTURE & TIME FRAMES (Sep 08-Jan 09) MODULE 1: Introduction to Competency Mapping and ADCs Competencies and competency models Background, origin and concepts of ADCs Power of ADCs: Reliability and validity MODULE 2: Designing an Assessment Development Center Objectives for ADC and identification of critical competencies Instruments used in ADCs (Role plays, In-baskets etc.) and evaluation parameters. Planning and Managing the ADC MODULE 3: Design/Selection of tools for ADCs and Role of Assessors Designing tools for assessment Selection of Psychometric tools Role of an assessor in ADCs (criteria for selection and desired skills) MODULE 4: Post ADC Feedback and integrating ADCs with other systems Objectives, conditions for effective feedback Developmental action plans post implementing ADCs MODULE 5: Experiences of Indian Organizations with ADCs and emerging global Trends Institutionalising the ADC process The course material includes: books for reference on ADCs, manuals, reading material designed for the program, handbook of Development Plans, exercises, articles etc. WHAT WILL THE CERTIFICATE PROGRAM DELIVER? After having gone through this certificate program, participants will be able to: Design and Manage an Assessment Development Center Select/Design ADC tools (except psychometric tools) Administer the tools and process the data (with the help of other assessors) Be an Assessor in an ADCs for other participants And through all the above, develop a Positive appreciation for the tools and enhanced confidence in introducing/fine-tuning the ADC process in their own organisation. CERTIFICATION The submission of all the assignments, attending the 5-day contact workshop and passing the written test will lead to a Certificate of professional competence in Assessment and Development Center by TVRLS. The certificate will also license the candidate to use published TVRLS tools.

LEARNING METHODS Study material, reference books for the modules Assignments and Practice sessions using exercises and feedback given on the same 5-day Contact Workshop to be held at Ahmedabad

ABOUT TVRLS Set up in 1996 by Prof. T.V.Rao in Ahmedabad, TVRLS is an expression of over four decades of experience, study, review, reflection and action combined with a desire to discover more about the behaviour of people in different settings and developing ways of making them give their best. Over the last decade, TVRLS has been contributing extensively in the areas of Leadership development through 360 Degree Feedback, Assessment Development Centers, Competency Mapping, HRD audits, Performance management system (PMS), Psychological Instrumentation and testing, OD and Change initiatives, Climate surveys & designing and implementing HR systems etc.

TVRLS Ahmedabad Office: 603, 6th Floor, PARSHWA, Near Rajpath Club Sarkhej - Gandhinagar Highway, Ahmedabad 380015 Phone: 079-26872718, 26870312 Fax: 91-79-26870687 INVESTMENTS E-mail: tvrls@tvrao.com Rs 52,000 per participant (Non residential) + 12.36% service tax. Total fees is Rs.58,427/This includes: o All course material o On line or tele-guidance for competency building in designing and using assessment tools o 5-day contact workshop (Non residential) at Ahmedabad to develop assessor skills as well as skills for designing various tools mentioned earlier. o Assessment and certification Those who have gone through the certificate program in Competency Mapping can move directly to Module 2. The total investment in this case would be Rs. 45,000/- per participant + 12.36% service tax. Total fees is Rs. 50,562/NOMINATIONS MAY BE SENT TO: The MDP Coordinator T.V Rao Learning Systems Pvt.Ltd 102 B, Ground Floor, 2nd Main 30th Cross, 7th Block, Jayanagar Bangalore 560082 Phone: 080 65975191, 22444919 E-mail: tvrls@vsnl.net LAST DATE FOR SENDING IN NOMINATIONS: August 18th, 2008 TVRLS AND ADCs: Dr. T. V. Rao, (Chairman TVRLS) introduced the first known Assessment Center in India at Parishram in selecting in-house project leaders. In the earlier days, he worked with David McClelland who initiated the Competence movement in the US and founded McBer and Company. TVRLS has trained assessors and conducted ADCs for various companies across the country like Reserve Bank of India, BPL, NTPC, ESCORTS, ONGC, Astra Zeneca etc. TVRLS has conducted 9 workshops titled DEMYSTIFIYNG ASSESSMENT AND DEVELOPMENT CENTERS, which were a runaway success across the country.