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StrikeForce 2136
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Conflict System Design: Lee Kamberos Polymancer Studios Inc. Game and Hobby, Lee Kamberos Lee Kamberos, Mark Oda, Dan Stanley Section 0 - Introduction A story about the Blooded Vampires StrikeForce and a Short riff on the game and the system. Section 1 part 1 - The StrikeForce Detailed information on the StrikeForce and its role in the game Section 2 - The Sum of the Parts The creation of a conflict system character. Section 3 - Tech Guild Releases Details the delivered technology, almost magical in its powers and game effects. Section 1 part 2 - The World of 2136 Detailed information on the StrikeForce setting, the place the characters have it and the some of opposition they could face. Section 4 - The Conflict System Detailed information on Role Playing games and the Conflict System. Section 5 - The Powers of the Mind Details the Psionic powers in the games, both from a role playing and use of powers for Effect. Section 6 - Conflict Combat Details Conflict System Combat: Fire, Melee, Explosive, Direct Psi, and Vehicle Section 1 part 3: Supplemental Info Detailed Chronology and information on the major System entities in 2136. Section 7- The Creation of Conflict Details how the Game Master creates a basic conflict to challenge and draw his players in the world of 2136. Quick Ref Contains the index and a basic Character Sheet. Mention of any company or product in these pages is not a challenge to the trademark or copyright or copyright holder or the trademark or copyright itself. This book contain Mature Content, including descriptions of violence and strong language. Reader Discretion is advised.

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Lee Kamberos, Mark Oda, Chris Haraf, Dan Stanley, Tom Jeung, Eli Lee Kamberos, Polymancer Studios Inc, Sara Garland Polymancer Studios Inc. Game and Hobby Lee Kamberos


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Lee Kamberos, Eric Lofgren, Joa Kim Forsling, Nicole Cardiff Eric Lofgren

Cover Art: Stock Art (Used With Permission)

Richard Spake (SciFi 1), The Forge Studios (Artpack and Equipment 2), LPJ Design ( Mecha and Robots), Shamans (Mech n Suits), Steel Rat from Rpg Map Objects Christopher Haraf, Tom Jeung, Eli, Joe S., Danny Lui, Dan Stanley, Troy Ashley, John Barnes, Paul Narcisian, Ian Devine and Mark Oda who played almost as many hours of Strike as I did. Writings of Terry Brooks, Stephan R Donaldson. RPGs include Dungeons and Dragons 1e & 2e, Twilight 2000, Price of Freedom, CarWars, Rolemaster MERP, James Bond 007 Role Playing, The Burning Wheel and Empires, CthulhuTech, Heavy Gear, Dark Heresy, and all the players and GMs I have adventured with over the years 1992-2007 RolePlayersINK, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without written permission of the publisher is expressly forbidden, except in accordance with the Creative Commons License, reviews, Blank record sheets, which may be reproduced for personal use only. All Characters names and setting places and text herein are copyrighted by RolePlayersINK, LLC.

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Vampires on A Mission
The fires were dying down; Major Silver Gisel Defanti surveyed the work her StrikeForce had done. Two smoldering towers and the collapsed shell of a building between them, thats all that remained of the BioTech research center. The solution had been more devastating than they had planned, a lot more people had died. That would bother some Gisel thought; thank god thats not us. Us referred to her StrikeForce Blooded Vampires. They were known more for their less than honorable tactics, not for their near perfect record of completed missions. It was a simple mission; enter an EZone, find the BioTech research center and make sure no one was doing research when they left. Destroying the entire center, well that was kind of a Grey area. It had started off so simple. Vren, just because I added a Psi Cloak to your Jets chameleon system does not mean you have to buzz every emplacement and drone in the EZone! Gerard chuckled while bracing himself after another sudden maneuver by the pilot. Being the Vampires PsiTech had only increased his happy disposition. He had been doing this for a long time. A child protege of the Psi Guild, Gerard had always been a happy, laughing child. Using his powerful Quaker and Stalker school abilities always made him happy and being with the Vampires gave him tons of opportunities to use them. We have to find the damn place and this supply shuttle is the best way! At least thats whats Gisels Source said. Vren Dispel was the groups Special Tactics Officer; a dedicated warrior. Vren was a no nonsense warrior who's knowledge of all types of combat was matched by his ability to pick the right weapon or tool for whatever job was in front of him. His strong set of secondary skills simply allowed him to be a better warrior. In Vrens mind thats what mattered. Source, thats a strong word for a Defense zone leg she beat the shit out of in the bathroom commented Michael, the groups highly technical and reliable FieldTech: Nanonic. A strong student with a visionary mind, Michael was noticed by many StrikeForces from the moment he entered the academy. Though he had thought of joining the Tech Guild, Michael had loved the problems and creative thinking the StrikeForce life presented, so the choice had been easy. Michaels comments had 3 of the 4 Blooded Vampires laughing. The thought of the small CSPY Gisel Defanti kicking the crap out of a large defense zone forces sergeant in the bathroom, the larger man bleeding all over the place, pleading for her to stop. Gisel had never shared the fact she was the daughter of a Corp Executive for Rolls Ferrari Power with the group, it was not their concern. She had never let her delicate stature or Access Granted

history limit her. She was a powerful martial artist, decent at


fire combat and an electronics expert. She had learned early that the only one who cared about her happiness, which usually included killing and the occasional torrid affair, was her so Gisel missed no opportunity to find that which made her happy. Gisel laughed the loudest, remembering the look on his face as she had killed that Sergeant in the bathroom; he had not even been a good lay. Vren however was not laughing. How could she not mark him before that bastard died. Vren had started the Vampires trademark of marking a dying opponent by ripping out a chunk of their neck. Marking struck fear in to the hearts of their enemies, kept others guessing about what the Vampires would do next. The fact the others did not always mark enemies; he wondered if they were as ready as he was to do what it took to win. This train of thought quickly was derailed when the shuttle he was trailing made a very quick maneuver over a small ridge. Vren was forced to adjust to his quarry; moving so they would not lose them or be detected. Weaving back and forth through the automated defense emplacements, positioned all over the EZone to destroy intruders just like them. The shuttle was far more graceful than its stubby wings and barrel body made it appear. Ooh shit! Vren yelled as he made another quick maneuver to avoid another zone emplacement. This emplacement was larger than the previous ones, it's multiple missiles, square angular design, and the glowing grid of its sensor system gave it the appearance of a magical ballista, stand-

ing ready to defend its king. 5 seconds after jet passed, 2 SS-4A missiles were launched into the sky, screaming towards the passing Jet. The opponents in this deadly dance were each powered by Gravelectric engines, a technological marvel which uses a negative gravity wave pushing against the earths gravity well to create thrust. This complex technology gives a vehicle thrust in any vector and allows super and hypersonic speeds. Vren's Jet, The Deceiver could make Mach 3.5 before it started to destroy itself. The 2 missiles trying to destroy him were moving at closer to Mach 12. Vren's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Master, was linked into the deceivers control systems and teh AI immediately reported out loud to the vehicle occupants Vren I have launched decoys, chaff, and flares. Missiles are on a 72 and 85% track to hit. Vehicle repair systems ready. Thanks for the update Master. Vren spoke to Master as if he was just another human in the Jet, perhaps with slightly more respect and warmth than when he spoke to his teammates. A second later he cried out Everybody hold on! Vren took evasive action plunging his jet towards the ground, Nape Of The Earth might be enough to lose these things thought Vren. The cabin was silent as Vren flew to an altitude of 50 meters, the ground rushing past on either side of the Jet. Vren immediately dodged right, flying between two cratered, brush covered hills. One missile, fooled by the launched decoys, exploded well above the Jet. The other was unable to maneuver fast enough and slammed into the left hill top, it's velocity and small explosive charge adding a new crater to the top of the hill. Shit Vren, watch it! We need to get there in one piece! Gisel sounded pissed at being thrown about in the Jet. Its not over, here comes a drone, Michael can you jam its controlling signal? I sure as hell can try. Give me a sec. The PsiTech and the CSPY both prepared to help out, Gisel on the vehicles rear mounted weapons and Gerard with a Quaker Psi Pattern if the drone got close enough. Master called to the FieldTech, concern in its voice Michael any time, we are almost in its detection range. Master, I could not jam the Controllers connection, but I was able to change the sensor data getting to the drones pilot. I regret to inform you all we died on that hilltop. Mr. Drone should be flying right past us. Just as Michael said a smaller quicker jet flew over them. A single wing with no room for a human pilot, it was the Drone. Loaded with at least 8 missiles and 2 wicked looking guns, it screamed over the deceiver and kept going. Michael looked smug, as if the drone was taking orders from the tech. Gisel and Master started looking for the shuttle with the millimeter wave radar; everyone else watched the drone fly past The shuttle is landing at that building to the west, about 10 klicks away. Master commented tp the Humans. We should wait till the
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drone is gone and then hike in Gisel responded Right, I will find a place to land. Vren spun the jet towards the research center, the object of their mission. The landing was without incident and after walking 3 KM to the research center, the group found themselves looking at the buildings entrance. Two large metal towers each with 5 levels and a few windows on each one, topped with impressive automated emplacements. These towers stood on either side of a rectangular 3 story building made of glass and concrete. The barrel shaped supply shuttle was on a small landing platform on top of the central building; security personnel were unloading supplies. Gisel and the Vampires used their optics to zoom in on the roof and its busy occupants. The group of men quickly finished unloading the crates and boxes; 2 of the group then entered the shuttle. Moments later the shuttles Gravelectric engines were started, the loud humming filling the area. The engine noise faded just quickly, as the shuttle left the docking area and flew off to its next destination. Did you see the door on the docking area, seemed pretty weak? Michael scan it please. The tech was quiet for a few minutes and replied to Gisel Yeah its as good a place as any to get in. Its pretty central to the rest of the building. Security seems weak all over, not even any Psi Defenses, this should be easy. Gerard felt the charge of using his Psi Powers, laughing as he opened an astral portal, Well then shall we get there a little faster this time? The four stepped into the portal and entered the astral plane. The world around them immediately changed. The rocks now had a shimmer to them that had not been there before; the research center had become something different; it looked like a mountain and a steel foundry had conceived a child. This was the effect the astral planes distortions had when viewing the material plane. The Astral plane twisted appearances and no one knew why, it just did. What was once a state of the art research building looked like a clump of metal and rock structures twisted on each other. The buildings glass windows looked like crystal rock formations with metal surrounding them. Doors and other entrances looked like caves, some with strange metal covers, others open. The whole structure was glowing with power. Michael half spoke, half gasped out loud as they moved through a world filled with a thick moisture less fog That is just so cool when the world changes, I love astral walking. The group moved up the side of the twisted metal and rock mountain that was the research center. The whole journey to the docking platform had taken less than 2 minutes, due to the distortions of the Astral Plane. Gerard made a short hand motion, his eyes and hands glowing with channeled Calon energy, opening another portal leaving the astral plane.


The Blooded Vampires stepped out onto the roof, ready to fight. Scans are clear. The Tech commented on the closed communications net his Artificial Intelligence, Puzzler, had setup between the members of the StrikeForce. The closed network linked individual ROM chips in each members helmet, creating a high encryption connection the group could share data and communications with; it was an extremely valuable tool for the team. I got nothing either, looks clear. Vren commented a few seconds after Michael. Gisel stood up saying over the com net Okay the plan is simple Myself, Vren, and Michael go to Lab 3801 in this building, find the generator, and set it to blow. Gerard you go to the Command Center and shut them down so we can do our business. Any questions? The other three shook their heads no. Gerard's helmet faceplate brightened with that unearthly glow of Calon energy, while a thick mist like fog from nowhere started to surround him. In a few seconds the mist had enclosed around him; the PsiTech disappeared completely. I am off to the command center, as soon as Gisel opens the door. Gerard made the others smile as he broke the serious mood. He always sounded so very relaxed and happy when he was using his powers. The CSPY moved up, quickly working a code bypass at the doors security panel. Just under 30 seconds later the door made a quiet whooshing sound, its ionic bonding seals disengaged. Okay in we go. Remember we have 5 minutes after any alarms, and then the EZone defense forces will be all over this place. So don't set off any alarms! Gisel's always got very intense when she was starting the fun part of a mission. She could already imagine the feel of the guards dying in her arms as she killed them. Like we would set off an alarm quipped Michael as the 4 of them moved into the stairwell. Chief, I swear I saw movement in sector 3! It's gone now, but I am telling you I saw someone! Security operations chief Devlin Bestex turned to look at his sensor tech as she reported. The thought I trust Mary more than anyone else in this command, came to his mind unasked for, but he could not deny it as a smile brightened his face. Fine Mary, based on the warnings we have gotten from headquarters sound an alert, I would rather be careful than dead. Security Chief Bestex saw the astral portal appear out of the corner of his eye, his sensor tech did not. Gerard had used stealth, supplemented by a Cloak Self psi pattern, to get to the locked door of the command center. Gerard had entered the astral plane, and saw a goddess glowing in a pure white light, thanks to the astral planes visual distortions, moving to set off the alarms. Gerard moved faster. The PsiTech stepped out of the portal, blasting Mary and Devlin with a Quaker Pattern redesigned for effect; the Crush pattern Access Granted


flung Mary away from her console, while Devlin was spun around and now faced Gerard. The attack had stunned them for a few seconds. The rest of the Command staff in the room drew weapons and fired at the PsiTech. Multiple ChemProject and Plasma shots were fired at the PsiTech, but only one did any real damage. The Psi had dodged around a console desk, the cover blocking many of the shots. The shot which did hit managed to penetrate his reactive and physical armor, a glancing ChemProject shot to his right arm causing no critical damage. Stunned by the Psi's opening attack Devlin Bestex could do nothing, as the Psi's eyes start to glow again. Gerard yelled out gleefully Hey folks, have a light on me! The Psi expanded the pattern on his Inferno effect to hit and knockout three of the five who had just shot at him. They erupted in flames, armor and flesh melting in the fire; one of the poor bastards even had his head catch fire. Thats gotta hurt thought Gerard as they all fell to the floor. The 2 remaining Security officers ran for the door, looking to escape the Psi. Gerard's attention was divided between them and Bestex; he lost track of the sensor tech in the confusion. Mary Cestra knew her duty, lunging forward and using both hands to slap the alarm button. Gerards reaction was to immediately. Attack her with a Battering Ram pattern screaming SHIT! You bitch! Gisel will never let me live that down! Mary dodged with all her skill, trying to avoid the attack. She failed. Disturbing screeching and cracking sounds, from her reactive armor exploded out to meet the attack and the physical armor stressing under the attacks force filled the room for a second. These sounds stopped; replaced by a loud crunch, the final sound of armor failing to protect its wearer. Mary's dodge had turned her back to the attack. The force shoved her forwards, her face smashed into the back of a desk console. Mary fell back, looked up at Devlin one last time; nose bleeding, eyes glazing over, her neck snapped by the force of the attack. Mary Cestra slumped to the floor not breathing. The room was quiet, except for the soft whooshes of an armor mounted dose Pac injecting Mary with drugs, trying in vain to save a dead woman. SIT DOWN OR DIE! Yelled Gerard using his helmets voice amplifier to be heard over the alarm klaxon's, which had started their concerned wails. The 2 remaining Security officers stopped where they were and sat down. Devlin, shaking with rage, made a choice. He drew his Luger Arms Type 3 ChemProject and blasted at the Psi. The Type 3 ChemProject Weapon was powerful enough to rip through modern combat armor, and could be fired with only one hand. The Type 3 fired clusters of hyper velocity bullets which hit a 1 cm diameter point in space. Magnetic fields held the bullets together for a majority of their flight, but only

a skilled shooter could make sure the clusters hit with maximum effectiveness; The gun was almost silent, only a soft thumpt was heard as each cluster left the gun. Devlin was a skilled shooter and all 40 bullets headed directly for Gerard's head. Gerard dodged over the nearest console desk, leaping through the air in a desperate attempt to avoid the shots. Gerards dodge also failed. The first shot hit him in the back, but his stronger armor held up better that than the now dead sensor officers. The attack penetrated his armor, Gerard felt the wound in his left shoulder, his drug Pac firing off drugs to heal him. Gerard felt the drugs working on his arm and shoulder. The second cluster was blunted by the desk, blasting through it in a shower of sparks and shrapnel, failing to penetrate the psis armor. No malfunction alarms good, thought Gerard as a voice crackled to life inside his helmet. May the God of the Moa Sen have his way with you, Gerard. We have 5 minutes. We are at the Lab. Get to the front door ASAP. Gisel sounded disgusted and certainly not happy. Confirmed, I have some clean up will be with you shortly, out. Gerard was now deadly serious; there was no laughter in his voice. The other 2 Security Officers had used the short combat between Gerard and Bestex to get the hell out of the room; Gerard knew he did not have much time. Using his helmet optics Gerard located the Security chief. He looked right through both the console in front of him and the one Bestex had crouched behind. You liked that woman so much, see her die again and again, my friend the PsiTech thought darkly as he pulled out a black gem and crushed it in his hand. It was a Psi Pattern he gotten from a fellow Psi, a Spinner had put the modified pattern into the plastic gems for him. The new pattern allowed Gerard to insert a specific nightmare into the Waking Terror. This allowed its terror filled effect, an awake person would live a nightmare for a short time, that much more personal and effective. Gerard was going to hit Devlin Bestex with the worst Waking Terror he could think of on short notice. Gerard focused on creating the pattern while suppressing the Calon energy glow coming from his eyes and hands. Devlin Bestox was full of fury and making ready to attack again. He did not see the Calon energy attack coming, but he fought it. Gerard could not see Bestex fighting to resist the pattern, but he knew when he had won. Devlin Bestex screamed, a strangled painful cry, Mary! NOOOOOOOOOOO! Bestex fell to his knees weeping, screaming, and mewling as he saw Mary Cestra die over and over again in a gruesome, paralyzing instant replay. Gerard stood up, pleased with himself, and he moved towards the door. He prepared another astral portal, certain that the 2 security officers who had escaped would be back soon. Rushed and fluster from his
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failure to stop the alarms, Gerard did not check out the security center. His focus was on getting away as quickly as possible. I came in astrally, should not be a problem to leave that way he was thinking as he created the Astral walk pattern. Gerard created the Psi pattern using his mind, eyes and hands glowing with channeled Calon energy. The pattern disappeared from his minds eye, as if absorbed by the very air in the room. Oh No lightning generators was all Gerard had time to think. Multiple Calon charged laser weapons fired from the walls catching him by surprise. The Calon lightning generators absorbed any Calon energy within a set range and converted it into power for its laser weapons. The emplacement then attacked any targets in range. Quite deadly to PsiTechs and their companions, five laser beams erupted from the walls around of Gerard. The attacks lanced into him in, his armor unable to fully protect him from the deadly lasers. The laser blasts made sizzling sounds, his armors metal plate melting and cauterizing his wounds they made. Gerard screamed, his left arm shattered, staggered a few steps forward falling face first to the ground. Gisel was pleased for about a second. Everything had been going so well, they had just made it to the target lab when all hell broke loose. The three of them had decided to bluff their way to the lab, and had not run in to anyone but scientists and janitors. They had crossed 4 corridor intersections leading to different parts of the centers main building or the towers. Traffic had been light and with Vren walking in front, his ExoSkeleton armor taking up 1/3 of the hallway, Gisel had morphed her Glove Suit armor to look like building security; no one said anything to them. Most of the staff looked away from the massive armor system Vren was wearing. The shoulder mounted missile pack and the Barrett Arms Type 4 plasma cannon mounted to his right arm tended to make non combat folk nervous. He looked like a man ready to kill, and his attitude did nothing to change that impression. At the entrance to sector 3, right after the 5th and final intersection they hit their first complication. The door to sector 3 was a locked high security door, opening the door was going to be a challenge. To break in, Gisel was going to have to bypass the card reader controlled 2 locks, and multiple alarms. Doing it without someone seeing her and becoming suspicious. Vren stood in the way of anyone directly observing her actions from the intersection making like a wall, doing an excellent job. Michael and his AI Puzzler did several complete scans of the walls, locks, and security systems. His information helped to tweak both the accuracy and speed of Gisels work. One more alarm guys and we are through. The door locks made a quiet click, just as Vren grunted over the com net


Company coming this way. The two scientists crossed the intersection; Vren growled at them. Both jumped and moved as far away from Vren as the corridor would allow. They quickly passed Vren, looking away from him and those with him, purposely seeing nothing. Gisel activated her Glove Suit armor chameleon virus, immediately disappearing from view; her armor blending perfectly with the walls. Over the com net she ordered Everyone in. The lab is the third one on the left. Use your stealth systems; we want to avoid setting off the alarms. Vren and Michael activated their chameleon systems so they also blended in with their surroundings. The door swung wide open for a few seconds and then softly closed; a camera recorded Michaels image for a brief second as he adjusted his Chameleon Chip, the only record anyone entered sector 3. Gisel and her companions had gone maybe half way to their target when the alarms began blaring. The whole building was filled with a loud and mechanical voice saying, Intruder alert ALL Security LOCK DOWN MODE is now active! Son of a Moa Sen Whore, who did that? Vren asked over the com net. Gisel replied That fucking Gerard, I bet he messed up again. He will never live this down. Gisel contacted Gerard over the com net in a very unpleasant voice told him May the God of the Moa Sen have his way with you Gerard. We have 5 minutes. We are at the Lab. Get to the front door ASAP. Gisel did not even listen to Gerard's reply; he would be there or be left behind as far as she was concerned. Turning back to her companions Gisel told Vren lets get the lab door open! No need to be subtle now! Vren nodded slightly, aiming at the door at the end of the corridor. A second later 2 25mm missiles rocketed from his Exoskeletons left shoulder. They impacted the upper and lower locks on the large security door. The resulting explosions were small, but devastating. Both locks hissed and screeched, the sound of the locks being destroyed. The door shuddered and fell partially open. Easy. Good door. Shitty locks. Lets get this done. As Vren strode into the room; looking like a lion who wanted a reason to shoot again. The lab was a large room with a huge metal and glass tube hanging from the ceiling, encircling the room. It was centered above a blackened and cratered metal and glass platform. Obviously the damage caused by whatever forces the Tube above it had exposed the platform to. The whole room smelled of ozone and burnt metal. Attached to the wrecked platform was a large scared and pitted metal screen with 3 control panels behind it. On the wall next to the door was another set of desk consoles, and several tables covered in terminal pads. Standing by the platform were two Techs working on one of the larger consoles. Seeing the large Exoskeleton clad man come
Access Granted

through the smoking doorway they knew what to do. Both stood up, hands out in front of them. What are you doing here? You have no business being in here! The Tech at the console spoke with authority; her lab coat covering a modest suit of light armor sporting a badge displaying the name Jennings. Spunky, I like that! thought a smiling Gisel as she and Michael moved into the room. We do have business here, and you will not like the end result. So you can argue with the big guy in the ExoSkeleton or try to convince me to take you with me? Its your call I dont care. Laughing Gisel moved closer to the techs. Standing in front of the woman, Gisel was obviously waiting for a response. Michael moved past Gisel going right to the metal screen and its control panels. He muttered to the CSPY as he passed her. You hit on anything that moves, really you have no preferences. Its amazing. Gisel laughed, as much at her comrades comments, as the stunned look on the womans face. Sweetie I dont have all day, either you make me care about taking you with me or you can stay here and see what our little science experiment does. Your call Miss Jennings, but time is running out. Vren moved to the door to watch for security, human or Droids, talking to Michael over the com net as he moved How long, I do not want to fight the whole security force. We still have to fly outta this EZone. Puzzler I am tired of your smart ass comments. I say 250% is fine so we kill a few. Huh oh sorry Vren, about a minute thirty or less, Puzzler and I just have to decide on the last part of the programing now. Vren could hear Michael and Puzzler arguing about how many people would be killed at what power setting Michael 250% is way too high, 110% should more than wreck the base. Puzzler I will bet ya we only get 25% casualties at 250%, in fact if I am wrong I will buy that optics integration package you have been bugging me for. Excellent Michael, I look forward to your losing. Vren chuckled at the exchange, hearing the laugh Michael commented to the STO We are not taking any baggage for Gisel, if you want my opinion. Before Vren could respond the woman tech overcame her initial shock saying loudly I think I will take my chances here, undoing whatever it is you are doing. Thanks for the offer but you are just not my type. Macho enough yes, man enough no. Vren was laughing loudly now as the CSPY gasped at the Tech. Michael and Puzzler finished loading the control program they had created to make the forces generator blow up and wreck the base. It would build to 250% on all forces and then reverse the gravity/energy vortex which would blast the base quite nicely. They had 3 minutes to get out or be caught in the blast. That should do the trick, no more than 25% dead I am sure Michael thought as the CSPYs Type 3 Laser fired twice in quick succession. Gisel gloated over

the two screaming techs she had just shot. Well sweetie its been fun, I hope you and your buddy can find a way to hobble over to the controls and stop us. Those leg wounds look pretty bad. Both Techs had bee surprised be the attack, they had no chance. Laying there with shattered bones in their legs, bleeding both were falling into shock; they were no threat. Gisle enjoyed the surprised 'I cannot believe you shot me' look on their faces as they passed out. Cold Gisel, funny, but cold Vren laughed. Fuck off, lets get going. Gisel was not known for her witty comebacks. Vren's shoulder mounted launcher finished reloading from his Exo's chest mounted ammo pod. As he walked into the corridor all his weapons tracking along with his helmet movements. It was obvious anyone in his way was going to get blasted. Gisel had morphed into a security outfit again, hoping to delay any enemies long enough for the Vampires to get the first shot. The three moved quickly down the corridor to the safety of the exit. Gerard shook the cobwebs out of his head and took stock of his situation. His broken arm was healing thanks to his drug Pac injecting Methalyine C as he fell. He figured he had lost 10 seconds or so from when the laser had shattered his left arm. The other 2 laser hits had luckily hit nothing vital, that damage was mostly healed by the Haldern 12, a dermal regeneration drug. Scanning the walls with his helmet optics, the Calon lightning generators were obvious, defending the way to the door. Gerard grimaced realizing he needed to get out using only technology. No Psi Powers, his strongest skill, when he had no idea what was on the other side of the rooms high security door. His optics failed to penetrate it no matter what he tried. Gerard grunted into the com net, How long do we have? Michael replied 2 minutes 30 seconds; better get moving. We are almost out, only 2 more intersections. Gerard activated his chameleon chip, his armor now appeared the same as the control room. Approaching the doors complicated card reader, Gerard was talking to himself. Activating his security bypass system, he commented to the air Gisel could get through that in a minute, but not me. Time for backup plan 1. A bright blast of electromagnetic and gravity forces leapt from his right forearm. The blast smashed the card reader, circuitries the in the reader flaring. A few seconds later the locks clicked open. Gerard pushed the door open and waited for movement. He saw none, moved up the corridor as stealthily as he could. The sight of something 5 meters up the corridor froze Gerard in his tracks. Two Security officers were hiding in a doorway. Gerard had to play a deadly game of hide and seek; where both sides could see through walls. Crap ran through Gerard's head as he flattened against the left side of the corridor. Root 0 Access


Realizing the 2 security officers had not seen him, Gerard took a second, scanning the walls around him for more lightning field generators. He felt a great wave of relief when he saw there were none. Gerard decided to take these both sec officers out at once, then he could head for the exit. Forming a pattern for the power euphoria in his mind, Gerard planned to take out both targets at once. The pattern would make them happy and distracted for a few minutes, allowing Gerard to escape. Internalizing the Calon energy he was channeling kept Gerards eyes and hands from glowing, he was able to surprise his targets. The concentration required to internalize the attacks channeled energy and the strong Psi Defenses of his targets, weakened the pattern as it hit them. Both resisted the attack; turning and looking right at him intuitively knowing where the attack had come from. They fired their Type 2 plasma weapons at Gerard a devastating response at close range. Gerard dodged wildly up the corridor, throwing off the attackers aim. Gerard also took less damage from both shots because of his dodge. The first plasma hit did more damage to his left arm, which while painful did not change the fact it was already out of commission. The drugs continued to heal the arm, but it would be out for at least another minute. The second shot blasted his left, penetrating the armor and giving him some ugly burns. Gerard got lucky as the hit missed any critical areas. Damn it! Gerard swore at a flashing malfunction indicator on a ROM chip. The one which connected him to the com net the Vampires were using. The com net started to switch on and off randomly, his link to the rest of the Vampires now extremely unreliable. Whoosh went his drug PAC; more drugs injecting into him; confirming how pretty beat up he was. To speed up the healing Gerard activated a Mend Skin pattern Etched into his Blooded Vampires badge. The Calon energy flowed over his leg burns. The healing from both took effect enabling Gerard to concentrate enough to attack. Creating a Crush Pattern, Gerard hit one of his opponents in the head. The target of the attack moved when the glow from Gerard's hands and faceplate was obvious. The attempt to avoid the Calon attack was not enough; the Sec Officers helmet collapsed on the right side, the face plate shattered revealing a womans face spurting blood and brains from cracks in her skull and nose. The body pitched forward in a contorted position, obviously dead, drug PACs firing anyway. The other Sec Officer fired his Type 2 plasma again as Gerard dove and rolled away from the shot. The dodge forced a miss, Gerard knew he was lucky and doing its again would be hard. Gerard got to his knees and hit the remaining Sec Officer with an Inferno pattern. The targets chest armor erupting in flame. Gerard smiled as his targets armor and skin ignited. The Sec Of-

ficer started screaming, the corridor filled with the smell of burning flesh. Gerard was sure something he had hit something vital, and did not wait to see the final result. Standing he paused to Cloak himself with some astral mist and started running as fast as he could for the exit. I hope I don't see any more of those guys Gerard wished to himself, running as fast as his Cloak Self pattern would let him. Gisel dove wildly as the rounded container Droid blasted the spot where she had turned the corner. Timmonds sublevels kill you! Mike you said it was clear! They had only killed 4 Security officers up to this point. All four of them were easy kills, Vren and Gisel had taken turns shooting first. Now a Droid, an intimidating weapons system, with a large armored barrel torso and a smaller turreted dome on top. They were stopped cold just meters from the door by its weapons. The Droid was heavily armed with multiple 25 mm missile launching ports in its torso, also mounting 2 ball turret plasma weapons on its sides. The Droid had defeated every scan and optics suite the Vampires had, indicating it had one powerful electronics suite. Michael rechecked his scanner for the fourth time; it still showed nothing in front of the door. Crap. We got one kick-ass Droid here. I cannot see it with my scanner. No problem I am sure my ExoSkelton Targeting System can still hit it. Vren stepped out into the corridor to fire at the Droid; the Droid reacted so fast Vren had no chance. Two 25mm missiles blasted into Vren's chest, his ExoSkeleton exploded with reactive electric armor, metal, plastic shards, and black fragments from its impact shield. Vrens armor held off most of the attack. Vren grimaced from the small chest wounds that had gotten through, but no criticals or malfunctions impaired his return shot. Fighting through the pain Vren targeted his linked missile and plasma weapons on the Droids center torso and fired. The ExoSkeletons tracking system claimed to have a lock, but the shots did less damage than normal, indicating the Targeting System had been fooled by the Droids ECM. The plasma shot did manage to blow a huge chunk of the Droids armor off. The missiles attack had barely scratched the target. The Droid shifted to a better position, now blocking the entire corridor. The silent machine seemed just fine. Damn it the Droids ECM is too strong, Michael you have to do something now! Vren was yelling into the com net spinning to the other side of the hallway. Puzzler and I are working on it! Give me a few seconds. Michael sounded a stressed, this was one tough Droid. His first 3 scans had failed to even see the Droid. Together, Puzzler and he had come up with a way to use the ECM field against the Droid. The Droid was hit by a laser shot from Gisel which did more damage to the Droids armor, another attack Access Granted


that was obviously less effective than normal. Michael fix this now, we cannot beat this thing without... The next few words cutoff by a huge explosion. The Droid had fired missiles at both her and Vren. Gisel dodged part of the explosion; she grunted as shrapnel and flames hit her back. The wounds looked serious and her drug Pac activated its sounds were drowned out by the Droids attack on Vren. Vren cursed as the missiles fired at him hit his right arm and shoulder; his Exos Chameleon system started to flash malfunction. Michael here is my best active program to tweak your attempt to modify the ECM, I hope it is enough. Puzzler, a very intelligent and educated AI by any standard, sounded sorry he could not do better. Michael did not reply, focused on writing the program to turn the ECM against the Droid. Michael activated the scanner program which began sending a mixture of electromagnetic, gravity, weak and strong nuclear forces into the ECM field. These forces merged with the Droids ECM changing the nature of the field a few seconds later the ECM became a targeting beacon for Vren and Gisel. Both the STO and the CSPY saw their Targs light uup with the nes data, courtesy of Puzzler. The Droid, as if sensing the change in its ECM field, unleashed another barrage of missiles and plasma shots at its targets. Both Vren and Gisel dodged these barrages, the Droid was firing faster than before. We need to find an opening or we will never be able to use this targeting data, damn it! The Droid next barrage caught Gisel in the leg, drugs whooshed and healing spins were set off to mend her knee. Fuck! Vren shoot that Droid! Vren did not reply, dodging into a doorway to avoid another plasma attack aimed at his head. The corridor was filled with a heated mist of dust and littered with debris from the large chunks of wall that had been blown free. Michael was working on a second scanner program to block the Droids sensors, with little success. The distinct sound of the Droids armor being crushed filled the corridor. Shhh Ger..Wanncs... SHOOT NOW! Filling their helmets, a voice from their com net. Vren and Gisel stopped and fired, the Droid was distracted searching for the source of the attack on is rear. Vren, aided by Michaels new targeting data, blasted through the Droid, ripping armor and internal structure out of the Droid. One of Vrens 25 mm missiles blew the right arm mounts off from the inside, the Droids right plasma weapon falling to the ground. Gisel leaped up and threw both her custom titanium Sais. The dull but deadly weapons ripped through a new gash between the sensor dome and the center torso. Sparks flew, the Sai's attack causing at least one malfunction to a critical system. The Droid shuddered and fell to the floor; clicking and whirring noises echoing as its internal systems tried in vain to fix the problem. The Droid

stopped moving a few seconds later. Gisel quickly limped towards the doors, grabbing her Sai's out of the fallen Droid as she went. Lets get the hell out of here. Michael yelled running past his teammates. All the Vampires ran for the doors. Gerard appeared suddenly ending his Psi Cloak, yelling through his helmet speakers Security behind me, Vren do something! The STO stopped, throwing 2 grenades down the corridor. Two loud explosions shook the corridor. Vren smiled as he heard the sound of at least one wounded man come from down the corridor. 15 seconds folks! Find some cover. Michael had moved behind a large rock outcropping, Gisel right behind him. Vren and Gerard had moved beyond the outcropping to a small gully in the side of the hill. They had all just taken cover, when the air became electrified. A loud hum built for a few seconds, turning into the screaming of super heated air. The smell of rock, metal and other elements being burned off in a matter of seconds became pungent. The buildings making up the research center exploded an instant later. Violent, quick, and destructive the whole front of the main building blew out, with shredded bodies in the rubble. The main buildings roof collapsed next; as flames exploded out each level of the towers. Glass and combat concrete exploded out for hundreds of meters. Then as quickly the event started it was over. The buildings were a shattered, smoldering, and rubble filled wreck. The Blooded Vampires stood up and surveyed their work. We should get moving, no reason to hang out here. The job is done and then some. Vren growled. Gisel looked past his shoulder at the Tech scanning the smoldering ruins of the research center. Michael, any life signs? The tech sounded grim as he said, A few, but all are obviously wounded. I am afraid we may have over achieved on the mission requirements. In the background, as Michael spoke, they could all hear Puzzler saying something about 98% casualties and how he wanted the advanced version of the sensor package. Shut Up Puzzler you won, but stop gloating. Gisel smiled as Vren commented to the team Well, regardless of how many dead, we need to get outta here before the EZone forces arrive. I wish there was time to mark just one, but there isnt. Vren sounded more than disappointed, almost angry. Gisel cut off the pouting STO. Gerard, can you get us to the Jet please? Her tone was friendly as she asked the PsiTech, Gerard having made up for his earlier messup with his timely appearance against the Droid Happily my friends, lets get out of here. The four entered the astral plane and minutes later streaked away in the Deceiver before the Ezone defense forces could stop them, another job well done.

Captain we found several people alive. That includes the security chief. Whats his condition can he tells us who did this? He was subjected to some sort of trauma sir, possibly Psi-related. He keeps muttering something about getting Gerard the Psi. He needs specialized attention sir. The medic knew she was out of her depth. Hmm thats a shame, good man. Send him to the Military Hospital in Fort Velat to see if they can help him. The commander looked on as his forces picked through the rubble looking for survivors and information. The Ministers of Defense and Economic Development were going to have long nights tonight. He was also sure he would be reporting to a new overall EZone commander in the morning. Damn StrikeForces, he just got this commander trained.


Root 0 Access

What is RolePlaying What is Role Playing?

Role Playing is a way of crafting a story and having fun. One player, called the Game Master, creates the starting plot and opposition for the other players. The other players create characters, who are fictional people defined on a sheet with values and information about that characters abilities. The character players and the Game Master create a story using their characters values and abilities to grow and change the story. That is the game. The fun part is when character players give that sheet of values and notes a soul and purpose like a real person has. The Game Master uses the setting and game rules to create challenging situations which the Players react to and take action. This interplay between the Game Master and the Character players continues, moving the situation and story forward until it is resolved. Dice are used to determine results conflicts between players actions and the opposition. Players roll dice, in StrikeForce: 2136 10 sided dice are used (d10). To play StrikeForce each player needs 2 10 sided dice, a piece of paper and a pencil or pen and, of course this, book. StrikeForce Setting and Conflict StrikeForce is a Role Playing game that thrives on conflict. Every aspect of the game; from Character design and growth, player decisions in game become a part of the larger conflicts your character experiences as the group creates stories. In StrikeForce:2136 the consequence of successful and failed actions can have repercussions beyond the current story. The results of actions in-game will directly affect the growth, development, and the way a player actually plays the game. One major reason for this is because in the Conflict System players never know what they need for success or failure, only that they have are rolling the dice to determines an actions effects on the story. How players have their Characters react to the world is conflict at its most base level. Your character against the world; affected by the choices, both Successful and Failed, is what makes StrikeForce a different kind of Sci-Fi. Why a New system? When I designed this game, from the world and the mechanics, the idea was to create a fairly realistic system give the players a world where great stories, the kind you talk about months or years after you played them, could be made. I also wanted a game system that drew the players into their characters, while they were playing and growing those characters. I was not looking to recreate the systems that I knew. I wanted to create something different, something fun in its own unique way. I did not want to create a system with any limitations on the GM or the Players. A system where Players used every resource they can to succeed and the GM every resource to stop them. I wanted a game system where players can take any character and create the character they want; not be forced to play a certain kind of character. The reality is I wanted something different and I think I have done just that. The central idea of the conflict system is that there is not only one skill needed to do something. Using a group of skills can create a better chance for a person to solve a problem and complete a task. Its at this point that I asked Probability to take a seat in the back and rest. I dont see life as having a 35% chance for me to do something. Sure its one way to determine success, it is just not the way I wanted to do it. I wanted a system where a player is rewarded for building a character with some depth. So my system has no top end, it has no consistent probability curve and it allows the players to do anything they want, as long as they can create the best combination of skills and other tools to succeed. So what the does all this mean? It means that I have done my best to create something different. It means as a Player you will not know what you need to succeed. It means your character can be anything you want it to be. It means this game is different, it allows you to create a fun, in-depth experience telling great stories. Thats been my experience with every group I have ever played with, even at cons. So I hope you get as much fun out of it as we have. What You Need to Play This game requires the players to have paper and pencil to write down their characters and the equipment they carry. Each play also needs dice used to create a percentile range of 1-100. This can be done with 2 10 sided or an actual 100 sided die. This is noted in the rules as a 1d100. How you use 2 10 sided dice to create a percentile is to roll 2 different colored dice and designate 1 the tens dice and 1 the ones dice. So a roll of 3 on the tens dice and a 5 on the ones indicates a 35% has been rolled. Players roll dice in game to determine if their characters succeed at any action they attempt to use skills or attributes to do.

The Conflict System

The Conflict system is based on the idea that players can group skills together to create the highest total they can. This mechanic when combined with a Characters Passions gives the players a detailed view of their character. A character truly has to invest in science or electronics to be good at it. Min - Maxing is always an option, but in the Conflict system a focus on multiple related skills actually rewards you more in game. Creating a SkillSet A SkillSet consists of multiple skills, technology, and any other tools that are relevant to the task. When a SkillSet is created the player also declares the effect they are going for. Rolling for Effectiveness The roll of the dice, a 1d100, is subtracted from the total SkillSet built by the player. This is called the Effectiveness or the EF. Every SkillSet roll is an opposed roll, Every task has target EFs that must be beaten to succeed. The play-


What is RolePlaying
ers EF is compared to the opposed EF. Should you succeed the Effect you declared occurs. Other Effects Characters can use their skills to increase values on their equipment, their attributes or anything the can thing of. After an EF is successful the success range is used to determine limits such as durations, ranges, and other limits on the effects. Characters also have access to Luck and Story points which allow them to effect in game results in direct ways. Technology in Game The technology in StrikeForce is almost magical in nature. The use of basic Universal forces allows for the creation of wondrous and dangerous effects in game. Technology like ExoSkeleton, DNA based Glove Suit armors, Plasma Weapons, AI partners and many other cool types of technology that just add to your characters style and to the stories you will create. Combat Resolution Combat in the conflict system is based on building a SkillSet that makes your weapons more effective. Damage tracks a limited fatigue spiral, using drugs and spi powers to heal instantly. Combat is as tactical and effect driven as the players can make it. So take her out for a spin and see what kind of stories, and characters, you and your other players can create.

Character Depth In StrikeForce: 2136 From the moment you start playing StrikeForce: 2136 you will be making choices about your character. Are they tall? Fat? Young? Naive? Older? Jaded? Are they striving to become a combat master or an electronics genius. Do they have a hulking armor system or a set of simple armor coupled with a great dodge skill? Every time you play StrikeForce choices will be made forcing you to know your character better and better so you can answer the question: What kind of character do you have? What are your characters passions? The conflict system uses these passions to give players a way to understand the stake in the world around them. Players should use these passions to develop how they play their character. the more often a player role plays his PCs passions that PC earns bonus growth (experience) to enhance the growing story and increase their character investment in the story. Choices come from conflict, as does growth. That is what this game is about. Its unfortunate that the results of any of any choice are never 100 percent what you expect. are security Droids as well, especially on the ground floor Mark: Okay where is the closest elevator shaft? Lee: (Checking his map and noting where Mark said Max was when the alarms went off) There is an elevator actually around the corner, It will take you an active move to get there, but since the alarms went off all of them are locked down on the ground floor. Mark: Perfect. When I get there what do I need to do to open the door? Lee: Hmm, a Prowess SkillSet (he notes to himself that an EF of 100 is needed to open the ionicly bonded doors, mark does not know the target.) Mark (rolls 2d10 percentile) Before I roll, I am spending 1 luck point. I need to make this roll now, running out of time for Max. I have a 92 Prowess so I can add 1 Skill to my Prowess, I add Science:Physics, for a total SkillSet of 152. Hmm, I rolled a 42, for an EF 110, but my luck point roll (rolls 2d10 percentile again; rolling a 23) adds 23 more making it a 133. Do I open the door? Lee: Yep, but just barely wide enough! I am going to use a complication (removes a counter from his pool of 3). Because its so narrow, your ExoSkeleton Armor just clears the doors. You can take 1d10 penetrations as your armor scrapes through or lose a phase getting through. Mark: I hate that, but I only have so much time, I take the pens. Lee: (rolls 1d10) take 7 Penetrations and once through the doors you see there is a 50 meter drop in front of you. It is pitch black and obviously obscured by security systems. Mark: Perception SkillSet to see where the eleva-

How this Game Flows

The Game Master (GM) sets the stage by describing the world and creating tension through the opposition the characters react to. The Players assume the role of their characters taking action against that opposition. Below is an example of a Player and GM playing StrikeForce:2136. Mark is playing a character, whose profession is an STO, named Max McPherson Lee is the Game Master: Lee : Okay Mark, Max is in the building. It is three oclock Am and you just set off alarms in a City Level One Corporate HQ. Police are on the way and Max is all alone. Make a Perception:intuitions roll. Mark: (rolls 2d10 percentile) Cool a 5, Okay I made it by 120 Lee: Max figures he has less than a minute before the building is crawling with cops, and since you made it by more than a 100 he is pretty sure SWAT teams are on the way as well Mark: Oh great cops and SWAT, I am probably dead, but I need to get out of here with the data. Is there any way out of the building that is not on the Security grid?? Lee: ( Rolls dice to determine how much of the building is on the grid; the roll is an 80) Not really, there are some low security doors in the maintenance section but that is 10 floors down. Mark: 10 floors. So that is what, 30 meters or so? Lee: Actually it is more like 50 meters and also there


What is RolePlaying
tor is. I use Perception:Long Range, Detail Search and Engineering: Building Layouts Plus My ExoSkeleton Sensor Array TEF of 75 to boost my total skill chance, OK? Lee: Sure, that Skill combination works for this roll. Mark: (rolls 2d10 percentile) My SkillSet is a 180 and I rolled a 20 so my EF is a 160. Lee: The EF of your SkillSet is better than the security interference in the shaft, so you see the elevator is locked down directly below you Mark: Okay, Max activates his Exos Energy Absorbing Boots and jumps down, The boots let me fall 50 meters max without taking damage! Lee: ( Checks the rules on the Energy Absorbing boots) Okay roll a Prowess or a Melee Combat:acrobatics. You have to beat a 50 EF with Prowess or a 90 EF if you choose to use acrobatics. Max will not land on his feet if you miss the roll and will take falling damage. Mark: Okay, I will spend 1 Luck point and roll Prowess to make sure I do land on Maxs feet (rolls 2d10 percentile) a 10 I made it by 82 and add I rolled a10 for my luck I made it by 92. Thats better than 50 so I am good, right? Lee: Yes, Max lands on his feet. You hear a loud banging from all over and the alarms go silent Mark: Guess the cops are here. I consult the map I stole from UNIWeb Root 3, where is one of these low security doors from where I am? Lee: (checks the map)There is one just outside the elevator shaft Mark: Cool. Is there a trap door into the elevator?? Lee: Yes (checks his notes) and it has no lock Mark: Okay, Max drops into the elevator and I want to open the doors. Same roll as before?? Lee: Actually this is harder because you have to open two sets of doors at once (a 140 EF target This time) Mark: Okay, I spend 1 more luck point (Checking his sheet, Mark sees he only has 11 luck points left) and I open the doors (rolls 2d10 percentile and gets a 4 and for the luck roll a 45), Cool. Made it by 183 with my luck Lee: The doors slide open, you beat it by 40+ EF Mark: Okay, Perception roll; any cops in the area? (Mark rolls) Okay Max has an EF of 124 with his ExoSkeleton Sensor Array Lee: I call another complication, the police Cop Stealth do a nullify attack against your ESA. There TEF is more than double your ESAs TEF, so it fails until you reset it. The sensor array goes black with interference and shuts down. Mark Hmm, I want to reset my Sensor array. Its a passive action right? I am using my Electronics Skill and a luck point to make sure it comes up. Marks EF is a 162 after subtracting the roll, greater that the 75 TEF of the ESA , it starts up. Mark: I tweak my ESA, same SkillSet as the reset, adds 75 more to the ESA, its TEF is now a 150. and then roll a SkillSet EF of 234 Lee: Okay, Your ESa does not fail this time and with atht EF you see 4 cops and at least 3 Droids. They are all at the front door. When you move I need a stealth roll from you. The cops and Droids do have Line of Sight. Mark: Okay. (rolls) Yes, a 1 (mark doubles his EF because of Extraordinary Success), skill EF is 144 plus my Chameleon Skin gives me another 150 EF from the tech bonus, for a total EF of 294 Lee: (Lee rolls for the cops and the Internal defense zone droids) Nobody seems to notice you Mark: Okay I am trying to move from the elevator to the security door as stealthily as Max can Lee: Give me another stealth roll Mark: (Rolls a 20) Okay, with my tech and my skill it is a 203 Lee: (rolls for the cops and the Internal Defense zone. He rolls badly, none of the cops see Max cross the floor) okay you make it to the door, it has an old style bolt lock Mark: I attempt to bypass it using Electronics: Bypassing and Security Systems:lockpicking to bypass security and pick the lock Lee: Okay, those skills work, but I need two rolls as they are separate systems Mark: (rolls an EF 35 on the alarm and an EF 92 on the lock) Well, that first one does not seem too good Lee: Okay, the alarms go off as you pick the lock and the door swings open. You figure you failed to disconnect the door from security, Roll reaction Mark: (rolls 2d10 percentile) Okay, my reaction is a 120 with my 82 roll. Lee: Okay you beat the cops in reaction. You move first, the Droids appear to be slightly slower Mark: Excellent, I run through the door and out of the building right? Lee: You leap into the alley and are now looking down the barrel of a 75mm Plasma Cannon, from the SWAT vehicle covering the alley. You see the sergeant manning the gun. He seems quite annoyed at being woken up at 3:00 AM. What do you do? As you can see the player (Mark) and the GM (Lee) just told a story together. When there is moment of conflict between what the Character \ Player wants to accomplish or needs to know, dice are rolled. The rolls determine if the character succeeds or fails. Will Max get out of this? Will he be caught or killed by the SWAT team.... Only the player can determine the next step... Surrender, death or some third option using a piece of tech he was saving for this one moment...

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So you found this book on the web? Awesome its out there for free for you to try. RPI worked hard to make this book; we want to make more books for this game and others. So please, assuming you liked this product, buy the PDFs or the print books. Thanks for your interest in our products.

General Memo

Date: 2101/28/02
Main Body:

50 Years of Progress, Congrats

Well, it has been 50 years since the founding of the Planning Groups, by the third edict of the United Nations Economic Security Council. 50 years since the first proofs were run against the Viand System Equations, and they were proven right. 50 years of taking a war torn world and setting it on a path towards greatness. 50 years of building the greatest human society ever conceived, The Phoenix Society. While I know that I dont have to remind anyone here of what our purpose is, I think it is prudent to think not only of the goal, but of the effects these goals will have on the future of our race. The Phoenix society is the idea of creating a society that can resist and rise above the change that nature forces upon us every day. What does this mean? It is simple, nothing that assaults or attempts to destroy human society will succeed. The Phoenix Society will find a way to rise above the threat, regardless of the nature of that threat. From asteroid impacts, avian flu, Corporate excess, StrikeForces turning against the UN, a true world war, or invasion from the stars; humanity will survive. Not only will we as a race survive, but so will we overcome and triumph over these threats. How will the Phoenix Society do this? What we do here every day forces humanity to rethink each persons truth, to think of a better way to live or overcome the opposition that stands in their way. In short, we force humanity to never accept failure. Yes, the effect of this goal we have is to transform humanity into a race of thinkers who can take action, any action, to overcome any threat. The Viand System Equations give us invaluable guidance in what is needed to keep this System in balance, guiding humanity to its future. It is you who take those figures and create the situations that balance the society around us. Yes, your actions create the moments that make the rest of humanity think and grow, becoming more than they were. This work is critical for the next steps of our noble race. It is with the deepest gratitude I write this. I understand the difficulties of your jobs. The various genus of Homo Sapien, Sapien-genus II, Centurian, Diaxtron, Superior, and the Half breed races are inter meshed in the many sectors of Society. You combat all manner of threats to the System; the greedy CEO, the StrikeForces and their tendency to blow up the very targets you want to test, the Sea Lords and the other guilds with their differing opinions of humanitys future. All these things you work to analyze, understand and create opposition to keep all of humanity moving in the direction of the Phoenix Society. I can only say without a doubt you have the hardest and most rewarding jobs on the planet. So I warmly say Thank You to the entire staff of the UN Planning Groups. The many people who make up the staff, research, and sub groups of the UNPG are those who we as a race are most indebted to. You and your work makes humanitys future a brighter one, a better one, a stronger one. It is a job made more difficult because the world at large has no idea of all the work you do for them, thankless yet necessary you work for the betterment of humanity and I can only say again the most humble of Thank Yous. So please continue your work and efforts on behalf of humanity, but know that those of us who are in charge do appreciate and value everything you do as a group and as individuals.

Thank You for Your Time Telthar Viand, Executive VP of Strategy, AvCorp/ESA

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The goal of the System Viand has created is Simple. Pit the Positive and Negative aspects of humanity against each other, every second of every day. This Conflict will create a Humanity that can survive any failure or challenge; In short it will allow us to survive. Aurtur Flenders Speaking to the 3 rd ESC Gathering in 2050.

These equations are the death of human freedom. Viand and the Tech Guild have betrayed us and everyone who died fighting the Paulsons. I have invited you few CEOs who see this System for the travesty it is. Lets us work together to find a way to strengthen humanity without destroying what makes our people better. Admiral Chestvosk Natzim Sea Lords 1 st Gathering

Access Granted

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The Pasts Nightmare

VINCENT says there is better than a 65% chance that the sneak attack will destroy Israel and scatter the pathetic Palestinian resistance to the winds, 2 birds with 1 salvo of nuclear weapons. Lasiter laughed gleefully in the dim light of the florescent base lighting. Are you sure you can get the Syrian High Command to betray the pathetic Palestinians? Remus was concerned, Lasiter tended to paint a very rosy picture of any operation he proposed. Yes, they want their ports and cities intact so they can expand Syrian influence in the region. These humans are even stupider than we thought. Remus give me the go ahead and I promise the destruction will be amazing, another glorious step in the destruction of humanity. Remus smiled in the dim light, a wicked hatred filled smile. Do it! Take them out, now I want to see the plan for driving these Syrians against our friends the Taliban. The holographic scene paused at this point, the Paulson Unit Lasiter staring at the class with its almost human face. We see here the planning cycles of Paulson Units. Not analytical as a Vanders AI, but emotional, prideful, full of hate. The instructor paused, letting this class of new academy recruits see the Paulson Units. This was the first step, make his students see the enemy that had almost destroyed the human race. Now to show his students what the damned machines did to humanities future. The hologram started again as the instructor spoke, other scenes of Paulson Units and their effects on humanity spooling through mid air. A grainy security video from the early 21st century showing a Russian General ordering his staff to activate the satellites EMP programs. His face slowly changed becoming more angular, with lifeless eyes glowing a soft red, making it apparent this was no

human being. The Paulson Unit moved in a blur, killing everyone in the facility; its contempt for its victims beaming hate from its angular face. Other scenes flashed by; Paulson Units killing civilians in Africa, a horrific combat vid of a headless Paulson wiping out a StrikeTeam, another of thousands of humans cheering a Paulson as it raises a flag over Saudi Arabia. The Instructor looked at the horrified faces of his students. These scenes are the tip of the iceberg. The Russian Darkness, caused by the Paulson Units, shows how terrible these androids were. You see Remus here giving the order, then killing everyone in the control center so the Darkness could not be stopped! His gaze and voice had the students mesmerized, hanging on each word. These things had no remorse for us or anything else, they existed to destroy us. Silence, not a student moved. Now back to the topic at hand, the Paulsons used the Syrian army to attack the Israeli and Palestinian armies, can anyone tell me what the result of this plan was? How did it effect stability in the North Western Arabian Peninsula? The instructor waited for one of them to get it, to make the connection, and then a hand rose. It failed sir, the Intelligence service of Israel discovered the plot. They went to the Palestinians and convinced them to spread their troops thin with the Israeli troops. The woman speaking was obviously a Tech. As her voice faltered, the instructor nodded in an encouraging way. The attack was devastating to civilian populations in both Israel and the territories, but the armies and the counter strike capability of Israel survived. Their counter attack on Syria and Iran was devastating. The next week the combined Israeli and Palestinian armies occupied the country of Lebanon. A very nice job of repeating what you read, but can you tell me how that one action began what would


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create the world we live in today? The instructor stood glaring at his students. He considered them all pawns in training for the UN. The instructor thought to himself; They have no understanding that those machines created it all. Every single action the Paulsons took turned humanity into the tool of its own destruction. Every action in the Secret War created this world where Corporations and Nations are at each others throats. Today StrikeForces defend corporate goals, credits, power, and technology. The StrikeTeams of the Secret War were united for humanities sake, they fought to destroy a vile menace of our own creation; no cost was too high for humanity in the Secret War. Think about it, the Paulsons released low yield nuclear weapons in the northern part of the peninsula. The Israeli response was the destroy both Syria and Iran with higher yield weapons. Radiation and fear gripped the entire region; Paulson units roamed freely, energy supplies for the world were further interrupted. Peering at the group, the instructor was on the edge of shouting, Then Lasiter took the Arabian peninsula. The consortium went in and took it back, leading to the first major success of the Strike Team model. That single victory lead to the creation of.. AvCorp! a single voice from the back interrupted. Yes, AvCorp. The Corporation which leads the Cartin Consortium to victory in 2034, and dominates the UN today. This single series of events is more respon-

sible for the society of 2136 than any other. The class was focused on the hologram now. It moved forward showing the series of events the instructor had just lectured them on. So before we concentrate on the Paulson attack on the Arabian Peninsula, lets talk about the treaty of Jerusalem signed in 2008. How could 2 sides who had fought for so long, on so many different issues make peace in the course of a few months? Was it the prospect of conquest? Or the was it something else? The class was engaged now, asking and contributing to the discussion. These students got it. The world today was a reflection of the insane minds of the Paulson Units and the choices of humanity during and after the Secret War. What humanity did from here was the responsibility of every single human on the planet. The UN and its planning groups wanted a new unstoppable and growing humanity, yet the question needed to be asked; was theirs the best plan? Perhaps these STOs, CSPYs, Techs, and PsiTechs could figure out a better way and create real change. A small part of the instructor saw a small glimmer of what he might have called hope.


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Military Advancement Command Unit Analysis WITHOUT Remorse Overview A prime example of a Combat focused StrikeForce, Without Remorse is well known for their ability to focus on the bottom line. The group has killed everything from Paulson Units to children with a calm efficiency few StrikeForces can match. Encom Vanders Labs has gained immeasurable advantage from the skills of this StrikeForce and their willingness to do what it takes to get their employers desired results, and their bonuses, delivered. Operations of Note: Exposure of the Lasiter Group as a Paulson Sympathizer front, EV Labs - DNA Fusion war: Delivered declaration and Exposed several DNA Fusion Espionage attempts during conflict, Stopped Krosensky Virus test in City of Chicago Sub Level Combat Analysis With 2 STOs, a CSPY, a PSI, and a Tech Without Remorse can attack any situation with the strategy of their choice. Whether their goal is information or annihilation, Without Remorse can and will do anything to achieve their goals. They have the very best in equipment, custom tech and weapons are a main stay, and know how to use them with great skill. In the event they do get blind sided their willingness to work together a makes them one of the hardest StrikeForces to intercept or attack. Skill Analysis Equipment Analysis Without Remorse boasts one of the most complimentary skill sets out there. Their missions are a collection of soft intercepts STO -- Garet Jax a Tech Level 7 ExoSkeleton. and Hard kills where police have had to intervene for the sake of Wearing Armor Ra ting : 13 the buildings in the area. They can pick a lock, kill a scientist, or Primary Systems: Arrays, Exo T argeting System, ExoPla ting, Steal th Sysblow 12 drones out of the sky as they attack a FACOM. As long ExoSensor tem, Exo Chameleon System, Ammo System, Buil t In AI, Enhanced as they are united in their goals there is nothing this StrikeForce Reaction Armor Focus: cannot accomplish. Personnel Analysis Systems focus on fast movement and massive fire power delivery

StrikeForce: 2136

STO -- Garet Jex

1 arm mounted Plasma type IV , 1 Arm Mounted Laser type IV (linked) Shoulder mounted 25mm Missile launcher.

Son of a research scientist in the republic of Texas, This man (his real has been lost) was destined for the corporate sector when his father was killed by a StrikeForce. Changing his name to Garet Jax (after a fictional weapons master in a pre conflict book) Jax became just that. Driven by his desire to be better than any other opponent Jax spends hours training and testing his equipment for the best combinations to enhance his already in human abilities. Jax is good in his helo, but it is obviously not his passion.


Wearing a Tech Level 6 ExoSkeleton. Armor Ra ting : 10

-- Rick gOERING

Primary Systems:
ExoSensor Arrays, Exo T argeting System, ExoPla ting, Steal th System, Exo Chameleon System, Ammo System, Gra velectric eNGINES, pROWESS eNHANCEMENT

Armor Focus:

STO -- Rick Goering

arm mounted Plasma gun type iv Shoulder mounted type v ChemProject.

A dedicated Jet Pilot, Goering is focused on winning as many air victories as he can. His skill has shown he will win many. On the ground he is a strong support fighter, easily adding to the skills and fire power of Garret jax and the rest of the Team.


Armor Ra ting : 9

Wearing Tech Level 6 Glove Suit Armor Complex DNA

Primary Systems:
DNA Drug pac, Dna Morphing, DNa Chalmeleon, Bio Electric Armor, Adv anced Dermal Pla ting. Optics VI, cUSTOM T arg,

CSPY -- John Clark

A Corp Sector child of 2 middle executives, clack turned his back on the corporate world and became one of the most efficient CSPYs the system has produced to date. His ability to kill with his hands or weapon of choice are matched by his skill sets and ability to maximize his equipment, he brings much to the StrikeForce and death to anyone in their way.

Armor Focus:

JDA Weapon Type 4 Plasma Custom iMPROVED Kronus Steel Ka t ana AND tHROWING sT ARS

FieldTECh:Bio -- Micheal Vasni AND pSI -- vLADIMERE cHEN

Wearing Tech Level 8 Frame Armor Armor Ra ting : 10

TEC -- Fredrick

Primary Systems: tech

Digit al Optics IV , ECM TEF 265, Reactive armor +40 chips, Scanner Interface, Armor mounted scanner TEF 850, Regulon St ar Pla tes, Chameleon Chip V1

A Tech who has learned that creative use of range can save his life and his team. Fredrick is a master at using his scanner to his teams advantage and his enemies disadvantage. As a tech Fredrick is exemplary and creates many of the teams custom devices.

Primary Systems: psi

Digit al Optics IV , ECM TEF 265, Reactive armor +40 chips, , Regulon St ar Pla tes, Chameleon Chip V1, iMPROVED OPTICS fil ters, 8 eprom CHIPS.

PSI -- Vladimere Chen

Armor Focus:

A quaker/stalker with pinches of other schools, Chen is determined to protect the PsiGuild and show humanity that PSIs are the salvation of humanity. His quaker powers are lethal and his command of the Stalker school makes him all but invisible.

Weapons: TECH
Blackton Weapon Type 2 Plasma

Weapons: pSI
cOL T Weapon Type 3 lASER

Access Granted

The Conflict, the Secret War, and the other choices mankind has made, led to the UN and the System. The System is the hand and heart of the UN and its Planning Groups. The UN Planning Groups are mandated to create a society that can rise like a phoenix from any threat or disaster. The UN dreams of a humanity that can use its strength in technology, society, and productivity to overcome any and all obstacles. The creation of the UN planning groups was the way to create Flenders dream. Without the Paulson actions creating a world where the previous societies had been destroyed; none of this of this would have been possible. Seeing his chance Aurtur Flenders did all he could to bring humanity to a different, better place. He fought for the creation of the UN to make sure it happened. The recreation of the United Nations in 2050, was the moment that the Nations and the Corps were bound to the UN and AvCorp. The GPPI system gives Nations the cash investment they require to maintain their cities and take care of their civilian populations. The Nations are given money in proportion to their contribution to planetary Gross Production. Poorer countries have no choice but to woo new business to their economic zones, usually taking actions which show how weak the competition is. The StrikeForce is the critical part of this back and forth economic system. The use of small combat teams to disrupt, steal, or otherwise damage the reputation of an enemy is crucial to moving up a Nation in the GPPI. Corporations see the StrikeForce as the best way to stop a rival, steal secrets, or kidnap personnel they need. The UN sees the StrikeForces ability to be creative in its solutions as the best way to stimulate and grow the new society (called the Phoenix Society by many in the Planning Groups). This drives humanity up the technology tree while using the Nations and the Corps to further fund and empower the Phoenix Society. The UN wins both ways. Combined, these factors have created a human society that has discovered more science and created a level of social stability rivaling any other society in human history. The society of 2136 is one where violence is an accepted part of every day life. It is the norm that armored troops walk amongst them carrying plasma cannons, mini missiles, and melee weapons. StrikeForces are perceived as harbingers of death, and heros of many. The disparity between classes continues to grow since 2034. The Planning Groups use it as a constant source of tension for the growth of the System. The lot of the lower classes and poorer nations is hard, yet they are still a part of the System and have options. Even the poorest person can find work if they want it and the poorest nation has the chance to improve its status with the right mission or its newest FACOM. Only those who abandon the System, must fight their way through the world. Those who choose to fight must overcome even greater obstacles designed to bring them back to the system. Welcome to humanities future. You are next step in humanities journey. The question is will you accept the System for what it is and what it wants to achieve? Or will you fight it?

From this past comes the future

The characters should create a StrikeForce. It is their path to glory. Your characters will create a team that will carry out the plans of the powers that be in 2136. They may work for the System or decide to fight it when the line is crossed one time too many. The name of your StrikeForce and its symbol will help the players make their mark in the world of 2136. The players will be tested by the system in every aspect of their lives, from your friendships, your judgement, and your abilities to handle what the System exposes you to. The future you are creating is for the greater good of humanity, any other motives could cost you fame, rank and even your future. It is not personal, it is the purpose of the System to force humanity to higher levels of achievement, and it is quite good at it. So keep adjusting and accepting that the Systems plans are for the betterment of humanity.

The StrikeForce The In Game Role

The Characters Role in 2136

The characters place in the world of 2136 is determined by the players choices. Many forces will try to influence or entice characters into certain actions. The Corporate sector is trying to control the System, they use the StrikeForces as their pawns, willing or not. How players choose to deal with the choices they must make when the System challenges their characters beliefs influences how hard the characters future will be. The Characters might be dedicated to furthering the systems goals, shaping the characters reality by taking actions to make right what the System has wronged. Players may also have their Characters choose to fight the System punishing System assets as they appear. Players may even reach a point where you turn on your friends for a principle. Your characters will be in the middle of a struggle between different views. Conspiracies abound; some small, some world changing. What you do when the System attempts to control or evade you determines character options and ability to influence the story. Some Characters thrive on being a pawn, some rebel, some just die because they are simply not good enough. The players in game choices for their characters contribute to deep and compelling characters and adventures in StrikeForce. What your character is and what the System will let them become may well be two different visions; and that may be enough for the System to make an example of you. Play the game and find out.


The first meeting of the UN Economic Security Council (ESC) was a shocking one for 9 of the CEOs present. Aurtur Flenders used this closed meeting to explain why fighting the Paulson Units 20 years ago in the Secret War was so critical. Flenders took all threats to humanities future seriously. Flenders refused to accept any negative outcomes and the 9 CEOs agreed. They devised a plan

The System The Creation of The System

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to encourage humanity to grow both as a society and technologically. The initial plan was created and voted on in a marathon 2 week session of ESC meetings. The final document called for the creation of an ESC controlled planning group. This group would devise a way for humanity to develop so that within 150 years humanity could defeat or at least coexist with any threat inside or outside the solar system. The plan was handed off to the newly appointed ESC Commissioner of Planning, the CEO of AvCorp Aurtur Flenders and President of the ESC.

Creation of the Planning Groups

Flenders took the reigns of the Planning Groups and pulled in the best Scientists, Technologists, Military Trainers and Strategists from the Tech Guild, various Corps and the Sea Lords. He gave them a bold directive; take the world as it is today and find a way to force humanity to a pinnacle of social and technological development. For 6 months the AI , men, and women worked on various ideas and ways to enforce them. A Tech Guild Master named Haris Viand conceived of a Series of Equations, later called the System Equations, that if kept in balance a society itself would pressure everyone to succeed. The pressures would drive individuals, Corporations, Guilds, and Nations to a level of competition and innovation never seen before. The equations also limited the risk that one power always would overcome the others and destroy the very System itself. The UN and its departments could use their military, legal, and social power to keep the equations balanced; making certain that no one factor could unbalance or corrupt the goals of the System. Flenders loved the plan. Once the final AI models succeeded and details of how the Planning Groups recommendations were to be acted on by the UN; many sweeping reforms were passed by the ESC. The Sea Lords removed themselves from the UN and The Planning Groups when the design was announced. They refused to cooperate with the UN. Seeing the System as the worse kind of tyrant the Sea Lords vowed to destroy it. This fight between the Sea Lords and the ESC/Planning Groups continues to this day.

from these sub groups the Main Planning Group recommends actions to the UN ESC. This process drives decisions which determine the course of humanity every day. One day the UNPG may restrict a technology, and the next release one with worse implications for a different sector of the plan. The Planning Groups determine and take whatever actions are needed to encourage the growth of the Phoenix Society. The Planning groups only mandate is to drive growth in every possible way. Not even AvCorp is immune to the will of the planning groups. The Sea Lords have tried to stay above and avoid the influence of the Planning groups, yet the Sea Lords and their actions are always in the calculations of the System. The actions of the Planning Groups are still a point of great issue between AvCorp, the UN and the Sea Lords. The System subtly controls humanity, driven to create a society so innovative and powerful its like has never been seen before. Their methods will set them against each other or drive enemies to friendship, whatever the Planning groups decide. Though they have immense sway and influence over the future, no one really understands, except for the UN, what the planning groups do or the amount of power they have. The System Equations are constantly being adjusted by the UN to maximize the growth of the society around them. The System is monitored and adjustments recommended every day.

GPPI and the System

United Nations Planning Group Structure 18

The Main Planning Group, consisting of 12 scientist and Corporate Executives, was made permanent after the founding in 2050. 4 Sub groups were then created to help filter and further monitor the direction of the System. These initial 4 sub groups were; the Combat Sector Sub Group, the Corp Sector Sub group, the Civilian Sub Group, and the Guild Sub Group. In 2057 another 4 permanent Sub groups were added; The Species Sub Group, The Psi Sub Group, The Religious Sub Group, and the Technology Sub Group. Each of these Sub groups have spawned as many as 50 of their own research groups at any one time. All sub groups consist of 12 members who do all research and work. These groups explore a particular question or issue within the System. Based on recommendations

The funding for the UN and, by extension the system, is obtained from the Global Planetary Production Index (GPPI). This index lists every Corporate, Guild, and National entity in the system. Illegal entities such as smugglers, the black market and pirates are also tracked by the GPPI even though they receive no benefits from the GPPI system. GPPI works by comparing each entities contribution to the Gross Planetary Product. The GPP of all entities from the last year is placed on the index, and rebates then are paid back to Nations for social services, based on their contribution. Corporations get no direct return from the Index, but most work out deals to make using the Factory Complexes (FACOMs) and Distribution Centers (DISCENs) in the various nations EZones advantageous to them. The greater the Corps position in the GPPI the more influence they tend to have with the ESC and the Planning Groups. Guilds also get rebates based on their contribution to the expansion of the global economy. It is important to note that the GPPI is a false economy of outrageous scale. The entire Index is designed to fill in the funding gaps when the global economy begins to falter. Should there be a drop in global production output, the System responds with increased Index payments to Nations and Guilds. This allows the Nations and Guilds to build up stronger infrastructures and offers to the Corps, expanding production. This means that even economic downturns can be managed and even stopped, assuming social controls can be activated in time.

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This is why the System promotes corporate and national unity. The close link to resources and production means both sides must work together to expand or both will falter. The GPPI has had many scandals in its time as Corps and Nations have tried to exploit the index. The

creating out of the box solutions; furthers the goals of the System. This sectors repeated success has reinforced the UN belief in the goals and methods of the Planning groups and the System Equations Guild Sector The Major Guilds always try to act in the best interests of humanity. Their methods are sometimes violent, but always unrelenting, are a by-product of the society around them. Smaller guilds, such as the Black Markets and even the Air and Sea Pirates have less noble goals . All the Guilds are actually a lever used by the Planning groups to further System goals and responses. Many in the UNPG fear what would happen should these guilds realize they are merely being used by the very System they claim to fight.

Created to control the release of technology, with minimizing harmful effects on the System its primary goal. The sub group measures and controls the technology growth and designs of both the Combat and Corporate sectors. The decisions of this sub group has caused wars and put corps out of business in the past.

Technology Sub Group

Created in response to the creation of the Psi Guild , this sector is solely devoted to controlling the effects of PsiTechs on the System. Many in the UN and other sectors question whether this group is well enough informed about the true workings of the guild. Civilian Sector Originally created with a focus on the Nations of the world, the groups focus was shifted to civilian and society development after 2 years. The group looks at the civilians who constitute 90% of the Systems participants. This groups goal is to create an atmosphere and social conditions to best support the System and its goals. Planning Groups that manage the Index are aware of these attempts. They are allowed because they are an alternate ways of stimulating the economy. The Planning Groups feel that the wealth of a few individuals who abuse the System is a minor cost when compared to any increase in production and technology research. System Sectors UN Planning groups have divided the worlds populations into Sectors of behavior. There are Main Sectors and Sub Sectors, based on the Planning groups perception of the groups behaviors. The main Sectors are: Corporate Sector This sector focuses on the Corporation, Nations and the UN. System actions stimulate productivity and organizations into specific actions. The planning groups are looking to limit actions that limit or damage the productivity and leadership of the system. Combat Sector This sector is responsible for many of the innovations humanity has created over the years. The sectors focus on

Psi Sub Group


The existence of religious factions including the Moa Sen, Taliban, and even the modern Catholic churches cause resistance to the goals of the System. This sub groups creation was driven by the Planning Groups need to minimize outside influences on the System. The groups ultimate goal is the creation of a religion that Supports The System, whether by changing the existing ones or supplanting them.

Religious Sub Group

The effects of Human Genus II subjects and genetically engineered Diaxtron and Centurion races drove the creation of this Sub Group. The System needs to see where these races, and their peculiar abilities fit in humanities future. This Sub group focuses on the racial social effects and how best to use them to expand the System.

Species Sub Group

Technology Basics Its Like Magic - Technology in 2136

Human technology had been growing in leaps and bounds when the Conflict started. Discoveries like controlled H3 Fusion, the stable Vanders AI program, Paulson Units

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pushing the boundaries of robotics, and the discovery of the hydrogen based explosive additive Rigia-19x all helped to start a new era of scientific innovation. The Secret War and the Russian Darkness stopped this age of innovation. By 2011 the Tech Guild and the Cartin Consortium once again made huge gains in all areas of science. Every major scientific field had huge breakthroughs in the next 16 years. The impacts in Energy Production, Pharmaceuticals, DNA based vaccines, Nanonic and Silicate based technologies, and basic manufacturing, were world changing, especially for the Corporations in the Consortium. Discoveries such as these helped win the Secret War against the Paulson Units. The UN and most of humanity has learned that being human is a wonderful thing. The Secret War has driven humanity to view technology that takes away a persons basic humanity as an evil thing. So creating a network where humans could transfer their consciousness to other bodies, human or robot, is an alien and horrifying idea. This also applies to Humanoid Droid, or bodies for human or cybernetic companions. The Lesson of the Paulson units and the Secret War is that tools of technology should never take away from your appearance, people should look like humans. This is a critical rule for all of humanity in 2136, so much so that the tech guild and UN are constantly on the lookout for people trying to advance such science. Anyone caught doing or investing in this type of research will be hunted down and killed; their research checked for any useful tech or data and then destroyed.

Lessons of the Secret War

very foundations. The ability to turn ideas into practical science and devices in a short time became reality. The pace of scientific creation accelerated; the creation of Gravelectric Engines created cheap unlimited power for everything. Humanity now had a power source requiring almost no resource inputs. Gravelectric power was cheaper, easier to maintain, and had zero waste or emissions issues. Fusion power generation was rapidly abandoned. The realm of science has entered the realm of magic declared Tech Guild Master Densi Garn. Over the next 15 years huge changes occurred. Nanonics became practical for industrial and military use. Bionics and DNA research became common place and understood. As humanity expanded their knowledge of the forces and how to manipulate them, the effects became more defined and predictable. Technology was now like magic, ideas only dreamed of 20 years ago can now be created in days. Humanity has entered their next age of science, the Age of Natures Force. The Information Society - Natures Forces All technology in 2136 is based on using one or more of natures forces as defined by the Unified Forces Model. The 5 Forces used by Technology in 2136 are : Electromagnetic, Gravitational, Weak Nuclear, Strong Nuclear, Chemical , Physical. Each force has specific attributes and effects that are discussed in detail in the technology section of these rules. Natures Forces are the basis of a science that allows the creation with almost no limits; at a whim. The only limit to what technology can do is the creativity of humanity. Hard and Bio Tech Devices All devices in 2136 are built on one of three Technology Design Standards. Hard Tech devices, made with advanced Electronics using either Diamond based Very Small Integrated Circuits (VSIC) or the Nanonic Tech standard are used inside and outside of a characters armor. Bio Tech Devices are DNA strands that add natural abilities to a living DNA chain. Bio Tech gives abilities and powers to, Glove Suits or a Bio Bloc inside a person. VSIC (Hard Tech) The most basic of the new interfaces. Very Small Integrated Circuits (VSIC) holds close to 45 Trillion circuits on a single chip, this is an upgrade to the Silicate IC standard which has 4.5 trillion and was retired in 2127. Technologies built on this spec have a minimum Enc. of .5 and can be as large as 100 Enc. Nanonic (Hard Tech) The Nanonic Interface is an extension on VSIC technology. The circuit pathways require an extremely low power charge to function. This allows Nanonic technology to be extremely minute in size; from micron to sub micron sizes. The size and power requirements of the standard allows for armor to use more chips, increasing armor functionality, than VSIC. The trade off is they are not serviceable in


Civilians and Nations gained little from this scientific bounty. When the Secret War ended in 2034 the pace of science slowed once again. Infighting between the Tech Guild and Corporations put up walls between scientists and their colleagues around the world. In 2050 this all changed with the return of the UN. The Tech Guild became the sole guardian of all the technology and science of the Human race. Their policies, and strong backing from the UN, gave them the ability to negotiate with the Corporations and restart the age of collaboration. The pace of invention was back on track. In 2075 Master Tech Thergod Anste unified all major sciences with the Unified Forces Theory. Providing a map to use the forces linking the universe together. The ability to apply certain combinations of Forces, in a specific way caused specific effects in the real world. The Unified Forces Theory does not prove the existence of theoretical strings that could create multiple dimensions. Instead it proves the existence of bonds between sub atomic particles and the strings. Use of the various forces allows manipulation of those bonds; thus changing the particles effect on the real world. This discovery broke human science loose from its

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the field. Only a qualified tech with the right tools can work, or even see, Nanonic circuits. Technologies Built on this spec have minimum Enc. of .0001 and can grow as large as 2 Enc. DNA (Bio Tech) The final standard is DNA/RNA based chemical coding. This biotech process uses Synthesized DNA to add genetic abilities to a DNA Strand. DNA Enhancements, like hard tech, can improve an armors abilities; they can also be added directly to a person. There are 5 types of DNA gene enhancements used today. The fewer abilities a Genetic Enhancement has the simpler the process to add it to a genetic structure. A simple Enhancement will add only one ability to a glove suit or a person. To lower mutations in the population, the UN released the Bio Bloc. DNA Enhancements that can normally be added to a human can be added to a DNA based Bio Bloc, inside a person. The Enhancement is then available to the Human as if it was a part of their DNA. The UN has recently released several DNA Enhancements that can be applied directly to Normal Human DNA, but these are limited as mutation is such a high risk. Another DNA based option are Enzyme based enhancements, these are a cheaper and powerful short-term solution. Once injected user gains a specific ability until the Enzyme breaks down.


Medical Technology

From Drugs that can heal bullet wounds in a few seconds or rebuild a destroyed nervous system in a matter of minutes, medical technology has benefitted from the Force sciences. Most major disease has been either cured or eliminated, except for those that have been remade by science for their masters. Bionic limbs, brain surgery, organ replacement, whether grown or artificial, and cloning of humans are all common and accessible to those who need them. Medical science has seen its age of miracles begin.

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Meet and Greet

raduation from the Military Advancement Commands Training Academy was always a big deal. Men and woman from all walks of life and ages had made the move into the prestigious Combat Sector. The UN and its planning groups had divided human activities into sectors of impact; the Combat Sector was where StrikeForces and all other combat oriented activities were grouped. The academy provided a 16 week course giving these students the most basic set of skills a StrikeForce member would need. Making your way in the Phoenix Society took skill and a bit of luck. Students took classes to become Special Tactics Officers and Corporate Spys learning combat, FeildTechs learned all about Hard or Biological tech, while PsiTechs learned how to use their minds as a weapon. The current graduating class, from STO's to PsiTechs, were out celebrating in the various ways available to them.

with little droplets of the bigger mans spit, Jenis just sighed looking up at the larger man. The larger bully leaned down as he closed his faceplate, putting it right up against the FeildTechs. The yelled sneer was amplified by the Troopers helmet voice system. "Get out, NOW!". Jenis jumped in his chair, almost falling on the floor. The two troopers laughed, hooted and pointed at him, Jenis resigned to himself to leave the bar with whatever dignity he still had. Cath Sevalis was having a bad day. She had graduated only on the whim of an instructor who had told her she would never amount to anything as a PsiTech. "A Homo Superior with your emotional control and lacking concentration skills is decidedly at a huge disadvantage. You should consider doing some time in a PsiGuild council house before you try to join a StrikeForce." That fucker! I will show him who needs time in council house. Cath saw the two Legs beating up on a poorly equipped FeildTech. The poor dupe had only a type one weapon and some middle of the range Light Armor; way out classed he appeared to be making ready to leave. Cath watched the larger bully continue to taunt the tech. Impulsively she decided to help make the techs exit easier. Cath focused on an Esper Pattern, trying to insert a thought in both the Legs minds; making them think they had to pee. Cath tried to focus; her skills and concentration were not quite up to the task of hitting both targets at once. Her attacking Calon pattern was unfocused and both targets easily disrupted the pattern. A second later both troopers had stopped talking and looked right at her, knowing intuitively that the attack had come from her. The glow fading from her hands and eyes simply confirmation; both the Legs drew their Type 3 plasma weapons blasting at Cath. Barely fast enough for change, the PsiTech dove backwards, throwing her table top side up blocking the shots. The plasma shots destroyed the metal table, then the whole bar exploded into fights. One second the bar was quiet, the next everyone was attacking someone, throwing punches or shooting, just win a fight. Jenis saw his chance to escape when the two Legs focused on the PsiTech. Why she had attacked the Legs, there was no reason he could see, Jenis saw a chance to perhaps make a friend. Deciding not let this chance to return a favor pass, Jeris activated his armor mounted AvCorp Mount Seven scanner, which had cost him a pretty penny. Jenis started creating a program to create ghost images in the optics of the Legs armor. Dodging again, Cath ended up behind the bar avoiding the next blasts from the legs. She was not so lucky this time, both Legs fired second shots hitting her. The hits did some critical damage; pain ravaged through Caths back and left arm. Drugs whooshed; Cath



Hey techie wire-head, you thinks youz are good enough to go after us in an EZone? The two defense zone troopers were obviously drunk, repair marks and patches on their Frame Armor showed both had recently been given a shit kicking by someone. Defense zone troopers rarely got any respect from StrikeForce members, who referred to them as targets with legs (legs for short). Some in the bar were watching the Legs were take the opportunity to beat up on a newly graduated tech, a weak revenge at best. We are talking to you wirehead! Look at us, or are you too scared? Jenis, the unfortunate target of the legs, winced knowing this was going nowhere he wanted to go. A loner, thin and not in great shape, he was not a dynamic guy. His short time as a FACOM repair guy and the months working for the tech guild as a janitor, had shown he had no skill with people. Even though those jobs had lead to his becoming a FieldTech: Bio, he had never had any real friends. Some days he wondered if he even had the capacity to make a real friend. Whatever the case, it was now appearing that being a loner was a liability in this bar. Looking up at the two Defense Zone troopers Jenis added a hard edge to his voice, not nearly as hard as he had hoped. I dont want any trouble. I just want to finish my beer in peace. His words only encouraged the 2 legs to continue their sport. Ahh the little ones wants to finishes his beer! Well we should help! The bigger of the two laughed loudly and burped. Flipping up his helmet visor he grabbed the FeildTechs beer and drank it all with a loud gulp. Slamming the mug on the table he slurred out the words There you beer is all gones, you should go too. His faceplate was now covered


Access Granted

was stunned, the pain overwhelming her for a few seconds. The two troopers advanced on the now helpless PsiTech, ready for the kill. Jenis finished the program, sending his modified data stream into the air. The optics of the two Legs were fooled by Jeniss program, showing a much larger mass moving at them from behind. Both Legs dove right; "God damn it" one of the Legs screamed, "There's an Exo behind us!" Jenis smiled, quickly crouched down moving away from the two legs. Cath regained her composure, seeing the two legs on the floor, looking around for someone who was not her. She stalked away, moving towards the front door. As she moved she saw the scope of the larger bar fight, which had become a straight up fight between those whose supported the System versus those who fought the System and what it stood for with every breath. Pirates, smugglers, Shanty Town folk and many others were facing off against StrikeForce members, academy graduates, and EZone forces. Bodies and punches were flying everywhere, Cath moved around the major battles trying to get out, when from the right she heard someone say "Hey, Psi thanks for trying." Cath was surprised to see the Tech she had tried to help crouching behind a booth table ripped from its floor mounts. "Yeah sure, its not like I did anything. Just made myself a target. I really wanted to show those Legs not to mess with the Academy." Cath's body language showed she was disappointed. Jenis, still determined to try and make a friend, "Jenis Ferlatch, FieldTech:Bio at your service" His voice sounding confident. "Haha, Cath Sevalis, and unless you can help me concentrate enough to make those legs attack someone else we should probably part ways, FieldTech extrodinare." Jeniss face changed, his head tilted to the left, a mannerism he did when confronted with a new problem. "Concentration huh, maybe I can help, can I scan you?" Cath looked at this goofy kid and for some reason she could not identify replied Sure go ahead. Jenis manipulated his scanner for about a minute; scanning the Caths brain, looking at chemical levels and her Calon nodes. Using his training and skills to create a scanner program which would trigger a slow increase in dopamine and other chemicals in Caths brain. The chemical combo should allow Cath to focus and hopefully create a stronger pattern than before. "I am ready to try if you want Cath." Cath, ever suspicious of technology, was unsure. Something about the skinny Techs demeanor seemed to make her trust him. She also wanted to plaster those Legs; making sure they regretted getting up that morning. "You are sure this won't hurt right? I am not into taking any more pain." "It should make you feel more relaxed so you can focus, thats all it will do." Jenis was excited to be working with this woman and his voice sounded

confident. Cath nodded and Jenis activated the program. 20 seconds later Caths breathing slowed and her body tension relaxed. Cath felt great, a natural high overcame her, she felt so relaxed that she actually sighed and smiled, even while surrounded by all the chaos in the bar. "Thats all I can do Cath, do you worst!" Jenis was smiling as Cath turned away from him, focused on the two Legs. Both had stood up, looking around the bar for the Tech or the Psi who had gotten away. Caths hands and helmet faceplate began to glow with Calon energy; her body language relaxed and focused as she flung the Psi effect pattern against the two Legs. The Troopers were continuing to search the crowds, when they paused in their searching for a few seconds, suddenly spinning about yelling "Take that BITCH!" Both of them opened fire on an ExoSkeleton Clad STO, who was happily bashing in the face of an Air Pirate. The troopers four surprise shots hit the ExoSkeleton in the back doing some serious damage. The huge ExoSkeleton clad STO spun to face the troopers along with 3 other members of his StrikeForce. The STO and his StrikeForce had ceased to be a happy, fun group enjoying a bar fight, now a group of combat ready killers. "Holy Shit Ted, what the hell did we do?" The 2 Defense Zone troopers panicked; running for the back exit as fast as they could. The StrikeForce had other ideas, opening fire on the fleeing Legs. Plasma and Projectile fire ripped into both Troopers, their chests and heads exploding into chunks of blood, bone, and flesh. The two bodies continued moving, contorting into impossible positions as they smashed into a table and chairs untouched by the fighting. Fighting stopped, as suddenly as it had started, the sheer increase in violence grabbing everyones attention. The various fighting factions took a step back, while a couple of Legs ran to the two dying men, seeing what could be done for them. No one noticed a Tech and Psi quickly exit the bar, but one of the waitresses cowering in the front door alcove did overheard the excited words of the Tech as they passed her. "We could call it the Mind Blowers, thats a good StrikeForce name." Cath shook her head "Yeah we could try it for a while Jenis, see where it goes."


Root 5 Access

Corp Sector Analysis of StrikeForce Professions

Since the creation of StrikeTeams to fight the Paulson Units in the Secret War, warfare was forever changed. These StrikeTeams later evolved into todays StrikeForces. The first evolution of the StrikeForce consisted only of fighting professionals, versed in advanced fighting techniques. In 2108 the assault on Timmonds Fuel HQ by AvCorp showed the need for expanding the professions in the StrikeForce. Soon after new professions including the Corporate Spy, FeildTechs and PsiTechs began expanding the skills and versatility of the StrikeForce. This analysis is to clarify what the systems expects of the professions that make up the StrikeForce in 2136; and how those in the profession actually live up to them.

The Special Tactics Officer ( STO)

Since conflict over 100 years ago, these combat specialists are experts in the use of force and combat technology. The STO is expected by the UN and the System to lead and create out of the box solutions. Each STO is assigned a vehicle used to aid the assault of EZones and other high value targets. Prowess and Endurance are key Attributes for this Profession. STOs have access to specialized equipment like ExoSkeletons, Vehicle upgrades, Advanced weapon design, and skills such as martial arts.

The Corporate Spy

Where the STO is the pinnacle of single person force, the Corporate Spy can occupy either the niche of a subterfuge expert or a combat master. Whether acting as a prime assassin or a data thief the Corporate Spy can fulfill many rolls needed by the StrikeForce. Intelligence and Prowess are the main attributes for this Profession Corporate Spies have access to Glove suits and their DNA systems to allow them to change their appearance and other espionage or combat related tasks.

The FieldTech

This Profession is subdivided into the FieldTech:NANO and FieldTech: BIO. NANO tech work more with hard tech while BIO work with DNA and organic technology, though there is crossover. Techs use their skills to manipulate Natures Force Science and build new and exciting Tech. The FieldTech uses skills and scanner technology to effect and boost the effectiveness of the StrikeForce. Intelligence and Endurance are the primary attributes for this Profession. Access to powerful scanners and other technologies faster than other professions, gives the FieldTech strong tools to perform their roles.

The PsiTech

The Psis powerful use of Calon energy to effect the world was the driving reason for their inclusion in the StrikeForce. Calon patterns increase the StrikeForces options on missions in any locale. PsiTechs have a flexibility other professions dont, because they dont have to rely on technologies to accomplish their goals. Psi Concentration and Intelligence are the main attributes for this Profession. What technology they use tends to be implants and BioTech related. The System, including the UN and the Corporations, have set expectations for their StrikeForces. The reality is much different; successful StrikeForces diverge from these after a short time. Good StrikeForce create diverse and complimentary SkillSets to combat the opposition the system creates. The System demands that everyone find new and innovative ways to overcome the opposition that seems to effect every person in 2136. It is our analysis that while a beginning StrikeForce may follow the template for a time; the successful members of each profession exceeds those becoming a master of multiple skill families and how to use them in creative and new ways.


Corporate WarFare Section

Jensen Dega Arms

Access Granted

Character Creation Character Design More than the Sum of their Parts Passions and Attitude

You are about to create a character for the conflict system. These characters are a collection of values and descriptions; when taken as a whole a sketch of a person is described. The player takes these parts creates the character. The player makes this character more than the sum of its parts and values. This section will show you how to create the parts and values.; As we go advice on how to bring the character alive will be discussed; but in the end it is up to the player to make a conflict character and be drawn into the world of StrikeForce: 2136.

A characters passions define the things that character will defend. The game effects have bee discussed in a previous section, what was not explained was the way that passions and attitude can be combined to create an overall picture of the character and how to role play it. Using things like their Profession, Social status, and the characters attitude you can develop that character sheet into a 3 dimensional person who has a value system you can role play.

Parts of a Character


Each Character is created using 8 steps. Choosing race helps you generate Attributes, Then Character Points, Passions, Profession, and Skills create the parts used to create your character.

Each character must choose a profession. While a profession has a main function, and the profession gives you bonuses for skills related to those functions, you can choose to create any type of character you want. Your profession is your job, not necessarily your life.

Examples of Character Creation

At the end of the character generation section, on page 64, there is a detailed example of creating a character. Read through the 4 steps, as presented here. Read the example to further understand the steps. Then create your characters. Species There are 7 main Human species in StrikeForce: 2136. Each race whether a genetically engineered one or a naturally occurring one has its own specialties and limitations. Attributes Characters in StrikeForce: 2136 are a collection of attributes and skills. There are 2 types of attributes; main and secondary. Main Attributes These are randomly rolled and modified by your choice of race. Intelligence Prowess Endurance Emotion Base Skill Psi Concentration (PsiCon) Secondary Attributes The 5 Secondary attributes are calculated from the Main Attributes. Some can be increased by skills as well. Psi Actions Psi Intuition Encumbrance Reaction Actions


The true strength of a character comes from their skills. Skills represent the knowledge of a character in the conflict system. There are 2 types of Skills: Main Skills and SubSkills. Main Skills are considered general knowledge on a topic. SubSkills are related to the main skill, considered specific knowledge on a sub topic of the main skill. All skills are purchased using Commendations. Skill Ranks Ranks indicate how much knowledge a character has in a skill. The more ranks, the more knowledge the characters has on those topics. Totaled Rank values are called the Skill Total.


Characters start out with money to equip themselves for the world of 2136. There is never enough money or technology to get what you want, get used to being poor.


Character Points

Each character uses Character points to add details and flesh out special abilities you might want them to have. They are also used to cheat the system iff you fail to get the profession you want.

Step 1: What Nature Gave You The Four Steps of Character Creation
StrikeForce uses a partial random generation system, to simulate the fact that not everything is in your control. Random generation can make a player feel limited in the type of character a player wants to create. This is not the goal here. You want to create a character you will enjoy playing. To do this Players create 3 basic characters. Each character makes a Species roll and a set of attributes (based on character species). The hope is that you can see a character based the 3 created sets that you want to role play. The remaining steps are done using a point buy system giving you control over the character you create.

Character Creation Step 1: What Nature Gave You

No one knows what they will be when they are born. Part of life is working with the attributes and handicaps that nature provides. In Character Generation determine your characters Species, which is limited by each species population. A characters species influences primary attributes and which the tech guild can use to genetic tailoring to influence the characters primary attributes. So on to the first step of your character generation Determine Species

Step 1: What Nature Gave You.

Determine Characters Species

The Human Genus of 2136 is broken into 7 Species (many still use the terms Race and Species interchangeably) Species is rolled by the player, a 2d10 percentile generate a number between 1- 100. The player can choose any race that has a Required roll equal to or less than the value listed for that Species. Example So if Chris rolls a 35% he can choose any of these races: Sapien, Half Centurian, Half Diaxtron, Centurian, or Diaxtron. Chris rolls a 65 for his next race which means this character can only be a Sapien. His last roll is a 19 meaning he can be any race, except Homo Superior which requires a 15 or less.

Things like you race and your basic attributes, are beyond your control. They are generated at random, based on the race you pick.

Step 2: What You Do.

Picking a profession determines the skills you are taught. Use starting comms to buy them. Free Skills can buy anything.

Step 3: What Society Made You.

The parts of your history from your families social status, and points about your past.

Step 4: What You Have.

Pick equipment from the academies quartermaster or buy your own. Both the Centurian and Diaxtron races are Sapien genome where specific traits have been made dominate with primitive Gene splicing techniques of the time. These DNA manipulations were limited in how specific they could be targeted, so numerous traits beyond what the creators intended to effect were made dominate. This is the reason for the Centurians lack of body hair and the Diaxtrons seemingly endless rage. That the two genome have managed to survive and prosper, when starting with such small populations is a testament to nature and its drive to sustain life where ever it may take root, regardless of form and origin.

Conflict Genetics

contributions these races can make if left to their own design. Major population growth has occurred in all parent races, as well as the half-breed stock. As of today the census stands at 15,567,890 Centurians worldwide and 18,345,678 Diaxtrons. This phenomenal growth is swamped by the growth of the half races. The Halfbreed growth was at a rate almost 25% above the birth of normal humans. This brings their totals to 75,045,678 for half Diaxtrons and 76,564,879 for Half Centurians. There are proportionately 545,678,673 Genus II humans alive today, though only genetic scans can detect the differences. This growth of all races, from the genetically created to the evolutionary growth of the human stock is an exciting but dangerous trend. The panel suggests that such human traits such as jealousy and simple lack of education could cause a rise in the number of hate crimes we see. It is also the opinion of the panel that now is the time for the UN to consider opening up the next phase of the System to the public. Thank you for your Time. MH, PSM Sean Roberts,


Dr.. Pamela Crostin Master Tech, MD, MNS

Human Genus Population 2127

The impact of all races will be far reaching; as the report suggested. The disappointment of the UN decision to not allow registration of all non stock human races has shown the wisdom of that decision. Such Centurian and Diaxtron humans as Max McPherson, Dale Carneg, and Stephanie Harns have shown the

Step 1: What Nature Gave You

The dominate Human type today, and will continue to dominate for the foreseeable future. While the genetic races have some initial advantages, studies have shown the Pure Blood human stock is as capable as any in the long run. Known physical differences None. Sapiens are the standard to which all other types of human are held. Effects on Current System Planning Plans must be made today to assure that as the other races grow in proportion, normal humans are not threatened or made to feel inferior. Stronger education for Sapien youth and enhanced training may be required. Failure to do so could cause a rise in species based crime, escalating into Genus based wars. Such a situation could place the entire System in jeopardy.



Intelligence: 1d100 Prowess: 1d100 +4 Endurance: 6d10 added Emotion: 7 Passion Roll Target: 12 -1d10 Avg. Life Span: 90 Years Roll required to choose: None

Sapien, Genus II

Intelligence: 1d100 +10 Prowess:: 1d100 +5 Endurance: 6d10 added +15 Emotion: 6 Passion Roll Target: 13 -1d10 Avg. Life Span: 105 Years Roll required to choose: 20%

The dominate Human type has begun a natural evolution. While the changes in this new human stock have been detected in a small percentage of the population; they are certainly increasing. The increased strength and intelligence make for a human much more adaptable to the needs of the System as it evolves. Known physical differences: None. Sapiens, Genus II are physical the same as standard Sapiens. Only IQ scans can differentiate between G II and standard stock. Effects on Current System Planning The appearance of this evolutionary change was not planned for by the System. Current models show this races population increasing and could only improve the quality of the core society as the plan moves forward. Further monitoring and study is required to make certain that no unforeseen effects will happen to the System

Sapien, Genus II


Step 1: What Nature Gave You

A species designed by Hinrech Muler of Bonn University in West Germany, although the inception date was lost during the conflict. This species was designed for military missions. Rapidly adopted by the Germans, by 2005, fully 200,000 of the population was this species. This ex plains the giant increase in German military in the early 2000s with an increased reserve. The combat effectiveness of the Homo Diaxtron is not well documented, except in operation Battle Axe which is said to be successful primarily due to the German Diaxtrons. Known physical differences: Average height is 6 for males and 511 for females, with a proportional increase in physical abilities. Diaxtron also have the unique ability of using their smallest finger as another opposable thumb. They are known to have a violent temper. Effects on Current System Planning This race has proven its ability to succeed in Space Exploration as well as Military applications. As with the other designed Species, the Diaxtron have a previously unknown trait. Females seem to be able to bear children well into their 50s, allowing this genus to breed at a much higher rate than was first known to the Guild. This could cause stress on the System as current plans dont allow for this rate of growth.


Intelligence: 1d100 Prowess: 1d100 +5 Endurance: 7d10 added +15 Emotion: 8 Passion Roll Target: 10 - 1d10 Avg. Life Span: 70 Years Roll required to choose: 40% Can only lower EM a max of 1 point per growth session


Intelligence: 1d100 +20 Prowess: 1d100 +3 Endurance: 5d10 added Emotion: 7 Passion Roll Target: 14 - 1d10 Avg. Life Span: 85 Years Roll required to choose: 40%

A Species designed by Encom Labs, United States military area of Iowa in 2001. They were put into standard production in 2005 for the space program and Military Intel. This human design possesses a superior intellect. Records indicate the lowest IQ Score from the 1200 or so that Encom produced was 156. It is currently estimated 5,000,000 of this species and half-breeds exist on the planet. Known physical differences: Average height is only 56 for males and 52 for females, with a proportionate lowering in physical attributes. They also tend to have a lack of body hair.



Effects on Current System Planning This races intelligence and good nature is today a benefit to System Planning. A new development has arisen. Having no genetic disposition for birth defects from genetically similar or identical DNA, interbreeding between close family members has no negative effects. This could cause a spike in population beyond current System planning. Centurian culture has been kept ignorant of this distinct trait. However, it is only a matter of time before it becomes aware.

Step 1: What Nature Gave You

As standard human stock and Centurian stock intermingled these half breeds were born. This blending has created a race similar to a Sapien, Genus II with all the advantages of the Centurian stock Known physical differences: A tendency to lack body hair. Quick development of IQ and Higher Brain function attributes. Effects on Current System Planning The Initial system plans did not account for the introduction of Half Stock species. Even with this oversight the effect of the half Centurian looks to expand the potential of the System. The basic increase in skills and population willing to participate in the Military Phase of the System is in the end of great benefit. Population growth is standard for Half Centurians. We do not see population as an issue

Half Centurian

Half Centurian

Intelligence: 1d100 +5 Prowess: 1d100 +4 Endurance: 5d10 added +10 Emotion: 6 Passion Roll Target: 12 -1d10 Avg. Life Span: 85 Years Roll required to choose: 50%

Half Diaxtron

Intelligence: 1d100 +5 Prowess: 1d100 +4 Endurance: 6d10 added +8 Emotion: 7 Passion Roll Target: 11-1d10 Avg. Life Span: 85 Years Roll required to choose: 50%

The blending of human and Diaxtron stock is rare, but very fruitful. The half Diaxtron is a Diaxtron with many human traits. They lack the temper of a full Diaxtron. Known physical differences: Half Diaxtron also have the unique ability of using their smallest finger as another opposable thumb. They are known to have a temper, though not as violent as Full Diaxtrons Effects on Current System Planning The effect on this Half stock race is great, even if it is not planned for. The system will benefit greatly from the Half Diaxtrons. The basic increase in population willing to participate in the combat sector is a positive growth factor. The population growth of the Half Diaxtron is normal. We do not see population growth as an issue.

Half Diaxtron

Superiors result from direct coupling of Diaxtron and Centurian. This causes the Superior to be rare, but the population is on the rise. Issues from the combination of these two species handicap the young Superior. They are emotionally unstable and violent. They have a difficult time working within the System or its obvious benefits. Their emotional instability can cause panic, requiring additional training to keep control in stressful situations. Superiors that overcome these issues are a great addition to the System. Known physical differences: Average height is 62 for males and 6 for females, with an increase in physical abilities. Superiors are especially agile and strong, but their intelligence helps curb the violent tendencies of the Diaxtron side. Effects on Current System Planning This race has great potential to take the System to new heights. While Superiors require greater emotional training than most, they can learn to control their passions and overcome their emotional instabilities. The species has the ability to expand the System in ways not yet planned for.



Intelligence: 1d100+15 Prowess: 1d100+10 Endurance: 7d10 added+8 Emotion: 11 Passion Roll Target: 9 - 1d10 Avg. Life Span: 120 Years Roll required to choose: 15% Double normal Commendations to lower Emotion


Step 1: What Nature Gave You Roll Attributes Main Attributes Intelligence (INT):

Races have 4 main attributes in StrikeForce: 2136. Each race has modifiers on the rolled values. These Attributes are used to calculate the Secondary attributes, and have a direct effect on game play and character growth. The 4 main attributes are Intelligence, Prowess, Endurance, and Emotion.

A 1d100 percentage roll. This attribute is used to determine the characters ability to remember, decipher, or use intelligence in some other manner do a task. To roll against, roll 1d100. The maximum multiplier a SubSkill can have is equal to the Characters (Intelligence/10) + 2. A persons IQ is double their intelligence.

Roll 3 Sets and pick one

Minimum Stat is 40
Race Human Human GII Diaxtron Half Diaxtron Centurian Superior Half Centurian

Players should roll 3 attribute sets based on race. The dice codes mean the following: 1d100 either get a 100 sides die (yes they do make them) or 2 10 sided dice and roll them as percentages; ie 1 die is the tens and other the ones. the range is 1-100 (00 is 100). 7d10 added means roll a d10 7 times and add the numbers together. Fate Intervenes When rolling a character it is possible to not get the character you wanted. Your species is wrong, one of your attributes too low. You have the option to re-roll the attribute or Species. Each re-roll forces a roll on the drawback chart. The player gets to pick whether to take the re-roll, but the drawback stays. So a player wants to re-roll set #2 INT score of a 35, the player gets an 80. The player rolls a 3 on the drawback chart, adding 3 to their EM, and lowering their costs to get combat skills. Roll 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Drawback Slight Physical Deformity Lower Pr by 10. Character can be no taller than 163 cm. Raised in a FACOM. -10 Character Points. Character must be low income and take passion Specific Corp Health.

Maximum Intelligence 110 110 130 115 110 115


A measure of a persons dexterity, strength, and coordination. This is a 1d100 percentile roll plus any bonus. Characters roll against this attribute to do feats of strength or agility, such as smashing though a door or jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Each race has a maximum Prowess. To go over 105 PR or more the characters must roll for extreme prowess. No one can start over 105 without rolling.

Prowess (PR):

Minimum Stat is 35

Bullied as a Child. +3 to final EM and All Character Combat skills start at -10 not 0. Parents were shut ins. Lose 10 Character points and your max Social Class is Mid Income.

Fall Through the cracks in the System. Character receives no Genetic tailoring. Terrible at school -50 on the academy roll. Corporation Separated your family for work purposes. Must take Passions Destroy Specific Corporation and Find My Family in addition to any others. System actions Destroyed your family. Must take passions Distrust of System and Avenge Families Deaths, in addition to any others

Extreme Prowess: Characters who exceed 100 prowess gain abilities beyond normal humans: PR of 110+ gives you +5 Enc. and can block Melee Combat hits (10% chance with protected hands.) PR of 120 gives you +10 to Enc. Block at a 20% and use two-handed weapons with one hand. When characters wish to achieve a PR in excess of 100 they must roll under the % chance listed below to achieve it. The rolls must be made at 105 and 115. Diaxtrons and Superiors need not roll. Race Human Diaxtron Half Diaxtron Centurian Superior Half Centurian Max Prowess Roll 120 20% 120 120 105 115 100% 25% 0%


8 9 10

Dysfunctional Family life. +2 final EM and must take Distrust Family Motives as one of your passions.

Victim of a StrikeForce assault when a child. Must take passion Destruction of a Specific StrikeForce (You Name), in addition to any others.




Step 1: What Nature Gave You Endurance (END): Other Primary Attributes

As determined by your species this d10 roll establishes a characters constitution and the amount of damage they can take. This attribute is modifiable. This roll can be used to deter mine when a character will become fa tigued or exhausted. A successful roll would be on a 1d100 percentile and be equal to or below the END value. A missed roll would mean the character might pass out or even die. The endurance maximum determined by their race.

Minimum Stat is 20
Race Centurian Sapiens

Base Skill: The characters innate ability to do anything. When a character makes a skill roll, they add their skill to the base skill to get their success chance. Base skill is figured using this formula: ((INT+PR+END)/5+(30-EM) You can buy Base Skill with commendations as you do character growth, but 20 pts is the most you can add using commendations. As you grow your main Attributes base skill is refigured. Starting Age 30 29 28 27 Min. Story Pts 3 3 3 Character Points 50

Max END 115 120 130

Base Skill 34 45 50 55

Sapiens, Genus II Diaxtrons Half Centurians Half Diaxtrons Superiors

140 120 150 135



Emotion (EM):

60 65 67 73 75 77

26 24 22 20 19 18 17 21 23 25

40 35


40 35

Determines how well a person lasts under emotional circumstances, i.e.: Combat, torture, love, lust, etc. This is a 1d10 roll and is modifiable. To roll against emotion, you must roll 1d10 equal to or ABOVE the Em of the character. The lowest possible emotion is 3.


2 1 1



30 30 25 25

Minimum Stat is 3 maximum is 15 Passion Roll Target:

Each race has a Passion target. This Target rates how well a particular race can control their feelings when the System attacks their passions, or most basic beliefs. The players must roll under the listed passion target when a passion check occurs. The higher the Passion target the better they are at controlling themselves in these Life changing situations, the lower the number the less control they have. Passion targets are NOT Emotion, they are the strength of the character beliefs.



1 1


Starting Age: Shows the starting age of the character. This can increase as you add Story points. Characters who start older start with more free skills and passions showing they have been around the block. Minimum Story Points: The minimum number of Story Points a character must take. Characters can take more, provided they have the Character points purchase them. Each Story point adds commendations for skill purchase and gives your character a passion. Character Points These are points used to further define the character. They represent how long a character has had to develop. The older the characters starting age the more character points they have to work with. Character Points allow a character to raise Attributes, pick a social class that sets their starting resources; they can even allow the player to cheat and possibly get into a profession they do not qualify for.

Passion Targets have a minimum of 0. Genetic Tailoring

Each new character gets 5 tailoring Points to manipulate their Main Attributes. Increasing INT, PR, or END costs 1 Tailoring point to increase the attribute by 2. Int and Prowess Stats can be switched for 3 Tailoring Points. Emotion can be lowered at a cost of 3 Tailoring points to lower it by 1. Passion Target can be raised by 1 at a cost of 2 Tailoring Points.


Step 2: What You Do

PsiCon: Rates the characters Psi Concentration. This power gauges the characters ability to tap into their Calon nodes and use the Power of Psi. To figure this attribute, use the below formula: Base Skill - 20 While PsiCon must be above a 40 to create e Calon patterns, anyone with a 1 or higher can attempt to be a Psi. When the character becomes a Psi Tech immediately add 50 to their Psi Con permanently because of guild training. The maximum non-PSI tech PsiCon is Intelligence +25. The maximum for a PsiTech is Intelligence*2. As your Base skill changes this Stat increases as well. sure characters can spend Character points to Cheat The System. Cheating the System Characters may want to make sure they get the profession they want, regardless of the stat requirements. They can use up to 5 Character points to Bend the system to increase their chances. Each Character Point gives you a + 5% to the characters entry chance to a profession. Those who want to cheat the system must spend their points before they roll the dice. Should the roll fail, the character must immediately take the passion Distrust of The System at a -2 from starting Passion Targets (if they already have it lower the passion target by 2). Successful characters must add the story point Cheated The System to their characters backgrounds.

Character Creation Step 2: What You Do

Your character has primary attributes, you know their species of human. These values and your vision of the character should point to a profession. This critical decision effects your characters place in the world, what weapons, skills and other defining characteristics. You may have to cheat the system to get into the profession you want or you may fit the requirements easily. Whatever you choose this decision will drive the characters future in 2136 forever. So on to the next step of your character generation Choose Profession

Starting Skills

Each Profession lists the Main Skills taught to the character in the academy. Ranks are spent on the SubSkills associated with those Main Skills. So a profession that lists Perception (6) get 6 ranks to spend on any perception SubSkill.

Ranks are transferred to SubSkills at a 1 to 1 ratio.

Choose Profession
There are 5 main Professions used by StrikeForces in 2136. All are useful in different way to overcoming the different types of conflict you will experience while playing StrikeForce: 2136. The next pages have detailed information about each profession, including data on a current StrikeForce member in 2136.

Elective ranks These ranks can be spent on any Main Skills the character learned at the academy or characters can buy new Main Skills not on their professions skills list.

Characters may purchase Main Skills not learned at the academy for 4 ranks. UN Equipment Packages

Character Professions - General Data


The five professions a character can choose from: Special Tactics Officer (Professional Warrior), Corporate Spy (Fighting/ Espionage tasked), FieldTech:Nano (Hard Technology Builder/Expert) or FieldTech:Bio (Bio Technology Builder/Expert), and PsiTechs (Psionic abilities make this class hard to specify. Could be a warrior could be a builder). Your players vision of their character should point them at a type of character. This vision will change as you play, but its a good idea to have an idea of how your character started and what they believe; it helps as you develop your character.

These are the starting armor and equipment packages available to the profession when they leave the Academy. Players pick the appropriate packages for their character. STOs also get a starter vehicle of their choice, while Techs get a Type 1 scanner.

Family Money

Each character gets money from their family, the amount depends on your characters social class. This can be used now in the Tech section, or to buy upgraded scanners for techs. You can also save it for later.

Citations to Graduate

Profession Entry Chance

The System is looking for the best and to get into the academy the characters are subject to tests and reviews. Each profession lists a formula based on attributes. This is the percent chance a character has to enter that profession. Roll 1d100 under the chance or fail to get into the profession. If you have a low chance or just want to be

Each profession receives a certain number of Citations to get out of the academy. In addition Characters will get bonus Citations from their various teachers. This also indicates how well the Character did at the academy. Citations are used to purchase equipment from the quarter master at graduation. Family money may be converted to Citations at a rate of 1 Citation (Cite) for 2000 Credits.

Step 2: What You Do Changing Professions The Game Experience

The UN does not usually allow personnel to change professions in mid career. They feel this is a waste of time and resource. Should it be allowed the character will NOT receive any skill or commendation bonuses attributed to that profession until a new rank has been acquired. Ranks also transfer at 1 to 1, so high level characters could go a very long time before getting the benefits of their new profession. If you dont like it I am sure the UN will let you go back to your old one with a minimum of fuss.

StrikeForce and the Conflict system have always provided my self and its players with a fun and detailed role playing experience. I hope the game will give every player that same sort of detailed and fun experience. Below is a character note written by a player tat very much details the experience that he had while playing StrikeForce.

Strik e Nov Force: 2 . 1 I wa 20, 2127 26 s worl young d o hold doesnt nce, bu t all u at them let child that wa s and sed t ren roam a long rips pora o kn ti a t o w work ions, the w so lo ay that its bord me ago. n e T y they . Using, all striv g ago. T precious rs. It gra his h m e b c this an to re anipula for pow e Count time tha s a corr t r a t e i i c we e r ng, h th . Iv s, th up ing u s, we tion aro eir own twisting e seen h e Corwe fi und ow t ever goal are u g migh ht again given a s, surro of powe yone so hey u c r t corr t even pr st it. If y hoice. W nding us . With a hat upt ospe ll ou a a e eit sy prob r d her nd cons of adju ably stem. If , but all just to umit yo st to you caus you die, ll e u i c who and not but at le hoose t ever be survive t or o , i a striv knows o on a wh st youl fight ag s a pawn you l die ing f im o ainst r ca of a r o and f adju r power es noth some c for y it youl l in o . Oh w sting o . You Myself, g abou rporate ur own e l l , t e ther I e rea well see see, Im m stuc anythin xecutive k g n lly is w b o som hat tom t sure if etween but his ethin fi I wa orro Max g lef nt to ghting w br McP t in d hers wort on, A h fig gs. Wel ie yet. h l ge 1 ting s 8, for. ee if


Step 2: What You Do Viktor Renslaen

Special Tactics Officer (STO)

A large and imposing man with a poker face, Viktor is all about combat. He is passionate about defending his home country of the Monarchy of Finland, his family and making certain that the tech guild does not limit his home land. Victor is also very suspicious of the UN and its motives. His ExoSkeleton has 2 arm mounted weapons, 1 Type 3 laser and 1 custom Type 4 plasma. A shoulder mounted Type 5 Gattling gun makes sure Viktors point is made. His helmet is swept back with a transparent skull for a face plate. On his back is a custom broad sword made of red Kronus steel. His cybernetic companion looks like a small metallic scorpion, specially designed to pick apart security systems. Viktor is a driven, violent man with a code of honor that only he understands, and thats just fine.
Profession Entry Chance (Prowess + END - EM) - 10 Starting Skills STO Skills: Defense 6 Ranks Perception 5 Ranks Language 5 Ranks Computers 4 Ranks Stealth 5 Rank Con 3 rank Demolitions 2 Rank Piloting 4 Rank Fire Combat 4 Rank Elective Ranks 12 ranks to increase the above skills Starting Language Skill Ranks 1 language rank for every 10 pts of Base Skill Each story point gives the Character 5 ranks in any language SubSkill of the players choice, even the same SubSkill.


The Special Tactics Officer The warrior of the future. The Profession uses combat skills and Jets, Helos, Scouts, and Boats to achieve their objectives. Most Special Tactics Officers will specialize in a certain vehicle while others will pilot a variety of vehicles. Whatever vehicle they choose, the vehicle is their symbol of pride and nobility. The profession tends to be honorable for the most part and they fight as much for the chance to fight as to further the goals of their employer. All Special Tactics Officers are a part of the UN Military Advancement Command (MAC). Military Advancement Command governs their ranks and access to new levels of technology even if they work for a corporation or National Government. All Special Tactics Officers are experts in the use of weaponry and combat skills.

Academy Citations at Graduation: 40 Equipment packages Available: Armor (Any Type) Weapons (Any Package) Vehicle (Any Type)

Step 2: What You Do

Corporate Spy (CSPY)

Josephine is a smart and very pretty woman who uses her looks as another ability. She has an average build but is in excellent shape and exceptional intelligence. She is passionate about protecting DNA Fusion, her employer for the last 10 years. While she is very good at her job, She prefers to avoid violence, as it is something the Catholic Faith frowns on, but is lethal when she has to be. Known as an excellent marks woman and a DNA programmer of top skill, Josephine can program he Glove suit to look like anything. Her ability to use her DNA morphing abilities in unique ways (Shown here morphing into light armor) has made her exceptionally effective. She is dedicated to always getting the job done and done right.

Josephine Derni

Profession Entry Chance (Intelligence + END - EM) - 35

Corporate Spy (CSPY) Students who make up the elite of the Special Tactics Officer academy classes are given the option of joining this highly specialized and combat oriented class. They are under the jurisdiction of the Military Advancement Command and International Justice Council jointly. The corporate spy utilizes very specialized equipment, often making them more effective than a Special Tactics Officer. The Corporate Spy has no vehicle, preferring the DNA cocoon of their glove suit as their fortress. They use many exotic weapons and attack styles. The Corporate Spy should not a considered a sub class of Special Tactics Officer, but a unique profession with their own traditions and requirements to join. Upon entering the profession, a Nanonic retinal ring is placed in one eye, a form of documentation showing rank and other information about the Corporate Spy. The ring cannot be seen except when using a Nanonic field generator (500 EF). Using this tool can kill the patient by ripping their eye out of its socket, so its better to be sure its a Corporate Spy before you start.

Starting Skills CSPY Skills: Defense 6 Ranks Perception 6 Ranks Language 5 Ranks Computers 6 Ranks Stealth 5 Rank Con 2 rank Advanced Traps 2 Rank Security Systems 4 Rank Melee Combat 4 Ranks Elective Ranks 10 ranks to increase the above skills. Starting Language Skill Ranks 1 language rank for every 10 pts of Base Skill Each story point gives the Character 5 ranks in any language SubSkill of the players choice, even the same SubSkill.


Academy Citations at Graduation: 38 Equipment packages Available: Armor (Any Type) Weapons (Any Type)

Step 2: What You Do

FieldTech: Nanonic (Nano)

A smaller man with very intelligent , Kind eyes whose face has a matching expression. An orphan raised by the Tech Guild, Raxnell loves puzzles, learning about everything, and protects innocents instinctively. He is dedicated to truth and his Artificial Intelligence companion, Decoder is an invaluable ally in his work. His armor is Hybrid, meaning is slightly less impressive than an ExoSkeleton in size but is lacking in the advanced systems. The scanner on his arm takes up most of his armors forearm. Raxnell is a pack rat, he carries all sorts of stuff (you just never know when you might need it) in his armors special singularity pockets which can hold large amounts of equipment at no penalty to him. He carries a Type 2 ChemProject weapon, but rarely uses it.

Raxnell Adners

Profession Entry Chance (Intelligence + Base Skill - EM) - 20


FieldTech: Nano Originally the Tech Guild refused to allow its members to leave the labs of the Tech Towers. The feeling was it would draw the Guild into the Corporate war of the 2040s. This ended after the AvCorp Timmonds corporate war of 2104. The UN Planning groups saw a need to expand the capabilities of the StrikeForce with a great diversity of skills and mind sets. so in 2108 the first class of FieldTech; Nano and Bio entered the combat sector, becoming a compelling tool for the new StrikeForce. The Tech Guild and the System, saw this new class as a source of change and a revitalizing force in the development of new technology. A NanoTech may choose to retire to the Tech Guild when they are ready. MAC and the Tech Guild review ranks for Techs.

Starting Skills FieldTech:Nano Skills: Defense 4 Ranks Perception 5 Ranks Language 6 Ranks Computers 6 Ranks Stealth 3 Rank Electronics 3 rank Science 6 Rank Security Systems 3 Rank Fire or Melee Combat 2 Rank Elective Ranks 12 ranks to increase the above skills Starting Language Skill Ranks 1 language rank for every 10 pts of Base Skill Each story point gives the Character 5 ranks in any language SubSkill of the players choice, even the same SubSkill.

Academy Citations at Graduation: 36 Equipment packages Available: Armor (Light or Frame) Weapons (Type 1 or 2) Scanners (Any Type)

Step 2: What You Do

FieldTech: Bio (BIO)

An impressive looking woman, in shape with a smart eyes and a confident attitude. Freia is a dedicated subject of the New British Empire, but she has a burning hatred for the Afghanistani Empire, who killed her older brother 10 years ago on a mission. She is a wiz with DNA programming and even Nanonic work as well, but her passion id medical studies and advanced medicines. Her brothers death changed her life and she works tirelessly to heal the sick and innocent. She wears a state of the art glove suit, Rumors surround her and the armor modifications she has created to aid her in her medical work. Her scanner is also top of the line, but she prefers hand held models. Freia avoids combat, but when forced to fight she uses her medical knowledge to aid in her attacks.

Freia Hoovstang

Profession Entry Chance (Intelligence + Base Skill - EM) - 30

FieldTech: Bio Soon after the UN opened up areas like Nano Technology and basic DNA programing in 2130, the viable medical research areas of DNA and RNA encoding also reopened. Previously banned due to fears of a new race of Paulsons being created, the discipline exploded with new discoveries. The release of the first UN approved DNA/RNA BioBloc (which allowed humans to use genetic mods with minimal side effects) in 2132 enabled the BioTech professionals to gain power in the Tech Guild. With the creation of the FieldTech: Bio profession the BioTech professional finally had a way to enhance and save the lives of a StrikeForce, and has become invaluable. The nature of BioTech makes the profession one of the quickest growing and changing in 2136. BioTech field personnel make tremendous discoveries on a regular basis. The UNPG is very interested in the future of this profession. MAC and the medical branch of the Tech Guild review ranks for all FieldTech: Bio.

Starting Skills FieldTech: Bio Skills: Defense 4 Ranks Perception 6 Ranks Language 6 Ranks Computers 6 Ranks Stealth 3 Rank Field Surgery 5 Ranks Science 6 Ranks Advanced Medicine 4 Ranks Fire or Melee Combat 2 Rank Elective Ranks 8 ranks to increase the above skills Starting Language Skill Ranks 1 language ranks for every 10 pts of Base Skill Each story point gives the Character 5 ranks in any language SubSkill of the players choice, even the same SubSkill. .


Academy Citations at Graduation: 40 Equipment packages Available: Armor (Any Type) Weapons (Type 1 or 2) Scanners (Any Type)

Step 2: What You Do

PsiTech (PSI)

A Dedicated PsiTech who is not afraid of breaking a few eggs to get the job done. Delia comes from an Upper Upper Argentinian social family who was horrified when they realized she was a PSI. Though they tried to keep her from pursuing it, Including an internship with AvCorp, She went to the PSI Guild anyway. The Family paid her starting costs and have washed their hands of her. Delia is shy always trying to obscure her face with her hair when not wearing her helmet. She wears light armor, maxed out in both systems and illegal add-ons, it can take serious damage. Delia is an Accomplished Esper, Spinner, and Stalker. She is well know for the time she made a CEO leap from a level 1 Office to die when he smashed into City Level 8.

Delia Crumbrige

Profession Entry Chance (PsiCon+ Intelligence - EM) - 40


PsiTech Founded in 2121 and is under the direct control of MAC, with Psi Guild advisory personnel. The PsiTech uses the science of Calon based Psionic powers in the game. PsiTechs are a guild of mystery with basic information on their powers readily available and acknowledged, Detail on the guild is much harder to come by. Most of the public and the UN is unaware of many more powerful Psi Abilities and Psi Schools. A PsiTech is wanted because of the excellent ability to both spy and perform combat duties without being detected by normal technology. They are unusually touchy about using high level AIs though this attitude does not seem to limit them when using DNA/RNA science to boost their formidable powers of the mind.

Starting Skills PsiTech Skills: Defense 4 Ranks Perception 6 Ranks Language 6 Ranks Computers 4 Ranks Stealth 3 Rank Primary Psi Skill 8 Ranks Science 3 Ranks Secondary Psi School 4 Ranks Fire or Melee Combat 2 Rank Elective Ranks 8 ranks to increase the above skills Starting Language Skill Ranks 1 language ranks for every 10 pts of Base Skill Each story point gives the Character 5 ranks in any language SubSkill of the players choice, even the same SubSkill.

Academy Citations at Graduation: 32 Equipment packages Available: Armor (Any Type) Weapons (Type I)

Step 2: What You Do Choose Skills

This is a critical part of your Conflict character. Skills give you a window into how a character behaves and approaches things. A Character with all combat skills is going to approach a malfunctioning AI differently than a character with extensive technical skills, just because of what they know. In order to pick skills you need to under stand how they work. ber of secondary skills that can be used in a SkillSet. To create a SkillSet the character must roll against the base skill. This is the character figuring out how to use the secondary skills with the primary skill. The character rolls a 1d100 equal to or under their Base Skill to use the secondary skills. If they fail the roll only the primary skill can be used for the task. The player can try to come up with a second set of Secondary Skills, again with the roll against base skill. They can only try twice 2 failures and they just dont get it enough to combine skills. Tech TEFs The most basic function of tech is to aid the user with more knowledge and abilities. The TEF of any tech is added directly to any skill related to its functions. So a VidChip would add to any Computer related SubSkill. Optics would add to Perception rolls or perhaps science skills to analyze info from its various force. Tech is as flexible as you can find a way to use it. However Plasma weapons, for example, really are only good for killing folks (dont get crazy people.) SkillSet total Add the Skill Ranks of the Primary, any Secondary Skills and their related Technology TEFs. This is the total of the SkillSet. Main Skills represent the general knowledge of the skill. SubSkills represent detailed knowledge related to the Main skill. Main Skills Start it has a Value of 0. Main Skills must be purchased before you can add ranks to the related SubSkills. The Main Skills value is figured by adding up all its SubSkills and dividing by 5. 0 is the lowest Rank a Main Skill can have. SubSkills can be increased by 1 rank for 25 commendations. SubSkill Costs double at 60, again at 70, and again every 10 Ranks. SubSkills have to be used before Main Skill values can be used.

Skill Use In StrikeForce

Skills use in StrikeForce is about choices. Every situation is open to using skills and what skills you use effects what happens. The player tells the GM what skills your character will use to over come the situation and what effect you are attempting. Whether opening a locked door, finding data on a secure web, or telling if a person is lying to you, players determine what skills you want to use to do it. What this means; there are advantages to spreading your characters skill growth around. Min maxing will work, but you limit your characters flexibility. A character with multiple skill families more options to blend their skills and create a better chance for success. SkillSets The goal of a SkillSet is to build a number so high you cannot fail. The player adds together any relevant skills, Tech TEFs, Group EF Bonuses, and any other bonus. The characters base skill is then added creating your SkillSet. The GM must approve all skills, tech and mods in a SkillSet as well as any effects you are going for. Skill Depth This attribute shows how adept the character is at taking different skills and creating a skill set. Skill Depth is a calculated Secondary attribute. It also increases as the character grows. Skill depth can be increased by getting all the skills in a skill family. To complete a Skill Family each Main Skill in the family must have at least a rank 1. Each completed Skill Family the character has increases their Skill Depth by 1. Each point in skill depth allows the character to add 1 additional skill to a SkillSet.

Skill Values

Declare SkillSet Effects

SkillSet Creation

Player declares the effect of the SkillSet. The Effect can include elements from any skill in the SkillSet. A successful roll means this is what occurs in game.

Primary Skill The player chooses a primary skill for the task at hand. This is the most relevant Main Skill or SubSkill for the task at hand. This skill total can be increase by the addition of Secondary Skills and Tech TEFs. The effect linked to this skill happens if the roll is successful. Secondary Skills After the primary, the character can pick other related skills, subject to GM approval, that increases the skillset Total. The characters Skill Depth limits the num-

Innate Abilities

Some SubSkills or Attributes allow a character access to innate abilities, ambidexterity is an Innate ability of Prowess for example. Players who achieve a certain level of Skill Ranks or Attribute values can gain access to these innate abilities.


Step 2: What You Do Combat Skills Main Skill: Piloting

Driving Hover Allows the user to drive Gravelectric powered Hover tanks in combat Vehicle Targeting Allows the user to attack with using modern forces and VCI tracking Bomb Targeting Allows the user to using gravity and guided bombs at Mach or sub Mach speeds

Ability to pilot personal combat vehicles. The Skill includes the ability to perform combat maneuvering and attack run calculations.


Piloting Jets Allows the user to fly Gravelectric Jets in combat Piloting Helo Allows the user to fly Gravelectric helos in combat Piloting Boats Allows the user to pilot Gravelectric boats in combat Driving Wheeled Allows the user to drive Gravelectric powered Wheeled tanks in combat Driving Tracked Allows the user to drive Gravelectric powered Tracked tanks in combat Driving Skidded Allows the user to drive Gravelectric powered Skidded tanks in combat

Main Skill: Fire Combat SubSkills:

Ability to use Advanced weapons of different Types to attack targets at a distance.

Fire Combat Type I Allows the character to use basic level Pistols and Grenade launchers. Fire Combat Type II Allows the character to use sniper and Sub Support weapons Type firearms. Fire Combat Type III Allows the character to use Support Type firearms.

As characters buy skills and create SkillSets the question of how much they really know may come up. This simple chart should give players an idea of the actual knowledge they are adding to a SkillSet. A player adding a 25 Electronics skill to an 80 Security Systems skill adds student level knowledge of electronics to an Innovators ability in breaking security. While the values are not effected, A player might use this for some role play value using story points or other ideas. <10 Hobbyist You have read some stuff and get what its about. how to do it no so much 11- 30 Student Wow there is a lot to learn about this stuff 31- 40 Trained You read the book and can talk about it, but using it more than 2 ways seems a bit crazy 41 -50 Competent You can do it better than most. You can every work around some of the rules of the subject, but the real high level crazy stuff is just to hard. 51- 80 Innovator You can break it fix it, change it whatever if its a practical use you can figure out how to do it 81- 90 Theorist You want to it to do what? Sure we can do that hand me that big wrench and give me 5 minutes 91 -100 Genius Oh I did that 5 minutes ago just because I wanted to see what would happen. By the way if we do it this way it turns blue and the math works ohh and if I do this... 101+ Groker I did that and then I did it better. Just take it, you would not understand it if I did explain it.

Skill Ranks versus Knowledge


Step 2: What You Do

Fire Combat Type IV Allows the character to use Rapid Fire Support Weapons (RFSW). Fire Combat Type V Allows the character to use small caliber Man Portable Cannons (EFTC) Heavy Weapons Allows the user to Large Caliber cannons, Portable Missiles and Heavy Weapons. Tactics Small Arms Allows the user to evaluate the combat situations increasing their combat SkillSets Merges flexibility and body strength, allowing user to combine acrobatic flips with Melee attacks.

Melee Combat Skill Special Notes:

All Players must start at Hand To Hand Military. To advance to the next SubSkill you must have a 10 rank. This applies to all Melee Combat SubSkills When a character achieves a Skill Total of 80 in any Martial Arts skill they must fight a master to determine if they can continue training. Innate ability Quickness Allows an

Main Skill: Primitive Traps SubSkills:

Ability to use primitive materials to create lethal traps

Fire Combat Skill Special Notes:

SubSkill Purchase Minimums To purchase the next rank SubSkill you must have the previous SubSkill equal to the Type. So to buy Fire Combat II at 1 rank you must have Fire Combat I at a 1. To get Type III you must have a multiplier of 2 in Type II. Profession Costs All Professions pay x2 cost for Fire Combat III and above, except STO and C-SPY who pay normal Fire Combat IV and V Access To get Fire Combat IV, all Non STO professions must roll a 1d10, CSPY may try twice and must roll a 1-8, all other Professions must roll a 1-5 to be accepted into classes. Must spend commendations first, if roll missed skill is no learned. Fire Combat V is only available to STO and C-SPY classes. Must have FC IV at a 10 and pay 10,000 crds for training and permits.

Primitive Triggers How to use ropes, wood and vines to set off traps. Also allows for a chance to defuse same type of traps. These traps do lower damage due top their materials. Maiming Create a trap using primitive materials that maims the target, but does not kill. criticals cannot kill target. Killing Creation of primitive traps the kill their target. Allows any primitive trap to do criticals.

Main Skill: Defense

Ability to pick and use defensive stances in combat. Can be used actively or passively. SubSkills: Passive/Active: Ranks in passive are doubled for active dodges. SubSkill used is determined by the action type.

Main Skill: Melee Combat SubSkills:

Ability to Use characters hands, feet and their body as a lethal weapon.

Defense Skill Special Notes:

Hand To Hand, Military Basic skills for killing with ones limbs and hands. Hand to Hand, Advanced Advanced skills includes killing silently and pain points. Martial Arts Lethal combination of several Eastern Martial arts. Based on the Center of the Blow and silent killing. Martial Arts, Assassin Advanced form of martial arts based on killing in one blow or torture blows that lead to death. Acrobatics

You only purchase ranks in passive. Active is the passive ranks doubled. Characters who take Quickness add 15 ranks to passive.


Step 2: What You Do

Technical Skills Main Skill: Security Systems

Ability to search or create in the UNIWeb or a closed access system specific data. Access Protocols Skills used to bypass computer program specific security Encryption Skills used to code or decode encrypted messages Hardware Skill to trace, rewire and deactivate security systems hardware. Software/Hardware Interface Ability to create programs that affect a computer systems ability to use external hardware like sensors or Droids. Binary VSIC AI coding Binary code skills that allow you to increase a VSIC device TEF or create a VSIC AI Nanonic AI Coding Holographic skills to improve a Nanonic devices TEF or create a Nanonic AI AI DNA coding Chemical Programming skills to improve a DNA devices TEF or create a DNA AI

Ability to Bypass, fool, deactivate and reprogram Security Systems, limited uses with Terminal and other Hard Tech.


Lock Pick Ability to pick mechanical locks and hardware based security systems. Bypassing Use of coding to bypass existing code sets on electronic sensors and keypads Soft Code/Programming Ability to hack existing security codes and programs. Makes them function for you. Hardwire Skill to trace, rewire and deactivate security systems hardware.

Main Skill: Electronics

Skills to work with hard tech design, dismantling, or diagnostics of VSIC and Nanonic circuits SubSkills: VSIC Board Circuitry Ability to build, fix and sabotage VSIC based technology Nanonic Board Circuitry Ability to build, fix and sabotage Nanonic based technology. Requires a Nanonic Field generator to work on Nanonic Circuits. Bypass Design Ability to create bypass some functions on a board without hindering other functions Electrical Circuits Skill to design hardware for an electrical device, works for VSIC and Nanonic.

Main Skill: Vehicle Repair SubSkills:

Ability to repair or upgrade vehicle components, weapons, and devices . Electronics Troubleshooting Skills used to repair VCI controls and weapons systems Suspension repair Used to repair tank secondary hull /body issues Helo /Jet Grav Unit Repair Repair of Helo/jet anti grav units part of body systems Fusion Power Plant Repair Ability to repair the Power plant of any vehicles


Low Power Source Design Ability to fix and sabotage power sources used in power cells and Nanonics.

Main Skill: Gun Smithing SubSkills:

Main Skill: Computers

Ability to repair or upgrade Fire Combat Weapon Types I-V Barrels and Bores Ability to check, sabotage, and verify health of large and small caliber weapons

Ability to use, program and control elements of the UNIWeb. Works with VidChips, Terminals and Programming Chips.


Data Search

Step 2: What You Do

Un-Jamming/General repair Ability to repair weapon level I through V fire combat Sighting Sighting a gun to pinpoint accuracy. Can add to EF of shots from a Sighted weapon for a limited number of shots. For every Success add + ACC for 1 shot. For each 5 successes add ACC bonus or +10 Critical chance. ouflage attempts

Main Skill: Interrogation SubSkills:

Skills to persuade, brainwash, or beat information out of a person or AI, See interrogation rules in section 3.

Main Skill: Demolitions

Ability to setup and detonate C8, Rigia-19x and other Advanced explosives.

AI Corruption Ability to use TEF combat to corrupt or destroy an AI directly, without viruses, requires connection to the AI. Also can be used to resist such attempts. Torture Ability to break target to reveal all they know. Uses Physical pain and humiliation. Also can be used to resist such attempts. Seduction Ability to use sex and emotions to bring the target to the skill users Point of view. Works like CON: Persuasions Brainwashing Use Skills to erase memories, thoughts and make target believe a certain reality over an extended time. Requires a minimum EF of 200 to succeed. Electronic Influencing Uses electronics to brainwash the target. Takes less time and only requires a 125 EF after electronics are used successfully.


Tamping How to set materials to maximise explosive damage to an immobile target, such as a door. PinPoint Set explosives to do maximum damage to a moving target moving through a specific area. Implosion Use of explosives in an enclosed area to make it collapse Fusing/Design ability to design explosives and fusing system to detonate explosives. Works with modern and ancient materials.

Main Skill: Advanced Traps SubSkills:

Ability to modern materials and parts to create lethal traps

Interrogation Special Notes:

Advanced Triggers How to use electronics, computers and other high end tech to set off traps. Also allows for a chance to defuse same type of traps AI Controlled Create a trap using an AI to control the level of damage and casualties

These skills are all Social Combat skills. Any action taken with these must use social combat and are resolved using it.

Main Skill: Perception SubSkills:

Skills to Detect, use your memory or intuitions to perceive the world around you. Select Recall Ability to recall a detail of a past event or object from memory Intuitions Ability to use inference and instinct to guess information about, or detect, an object or person. Must have basic knowledge of target. Detailed Search Ability to search a specific area for a specific thing, person or to see details of an object. Long Range Ability to use senses at a long range (50+ meters) to detect an object or person

Covert Skills Main Skill: Stealth SubSkills:

Skills to move silently with some speed, camouflage or simply hide from prying eyes.


Camouflage Ability to hide another object (Not Self) from sight Stalking Ability to hide self while moving or standing still Terrain Use Ability to use terrain to increase your stalk or cam-

Step 2: What You Do Research Skills Main Skill: Bioengineering SubSkills:

equipment. User can get advanced detail with Tech. Material Analysis Ability to analyze material composition, strength and any other qualities without equipment. User can get detail with Tech. Power Grid Layout Ability to determine how a building power system works and can shut it down without equipment. User can get detail with Tech. Building Layouts Ability to guess how a building is laid out without equipment. User can accurately determine where a corridor will start and end with the building.

Skills to do genetic research of all types. Detailed knowledge of biology and DNA.

Genetic Research Ability to use the Research techniques and equipment of DNA based genetic research. DNA/RNA Splicing Ability to create new Simple and Basic DNA enhancements Protein Sheaths Ability to create New Enhanced or Complex DNA enhancements Virus Design Ability to create Overlapping strand enhancements AI Design Ability to create the base chemical OS for the shell of a DNA AI Enzymatic Engineering Ability to create enzymes for temporary human enhancement.

Main Skill: Mechanical SubSkills:

Skills to design and rebuild mechanical items or systems..

Engine Design Ability to design engines for all uses, included redesigning existing ones for increased Power out put. Engine Repair Ability to repair damaged Gravelectric engines or power systems. Metallurgy Ability to analyze metal for weakness and composition. Lock Design/Repair Ability to design mechanical locks, break into mechanical locks, and repair broken ones.

Main Skill: Science SubSkills:

Skills to do basic Scientific process and analysis, based on modern scientific method.

Scientific Analysis Ability to apply the scientific method to problems Chemistry Knowledge of the Chemical and Strong Nuclear Forces Physics Knowledge of the Physical, Weak Nuclear forces, Electromagnetic and gravitational forces.

Medical Skills Main Skill: Field Surgery SubSkills:

Skills to do medical procedures and apply Genetic applications in the field or at a hospital


Biology Knowledge of the Chemical, Electromagnetic and Physical..

Basic Surgery Ability to heal patients anywhere with END wounds and critical wounds. Basic DNA application Ability to apply Simple and Basic DNA enhancements to humans Basic Enzyme application Ability to create Enzyme enhancements with 600 factors or less Basic Nanonics use

Main Skill: Engineering SubSkills:

Skills to do analysis of buildings, building materials and power grids.

Structure Analysis Ability to analyze structure strength (SP) without

Step 2: What You Do

Ability to create Nanonic implant with 800 factors or less. Basic Bionics Implants Ability to create Bionic implant with 800 factors or less. way with a character or NPC. While these skills can be used against other players characters, should you succeed the target character automatically gets the Passion: Death of a specific person (the conning character) at an 8. The passion conflicts are anytime you con them again or if you cross them at all.

Main Skill: Advanced Medicine

Skills to do advanced medical procedures, heal Incapacitation criticals and apply Genetic applications in the field or at a hospital



Lying Ability to lie convincingly. Target needs a 100 EF perception roll to see through the lie. Stories Ability to tell stories, with some aspect of truth. Target needs a 75 EF perception to see through the story. Stories cannot make a person do something, but it can make them believe something Persuasions Ability to make someone believe something and take action for that belief.

Advanced Surgery Ability to heal patients anywhere with Incapacitation wounds and critical wounds, No brain work Brain Surgery Ability to heal Brain Damage and apply implants. Advanced DNA application Ability to apply Enhanced or Complex DNA enhancements to humans Advanced Enzyme application Ability to create Enzyme enhancements with 601 or greater factors or less Advanced Nanonics use Ability to create Nanonic implant with 801 or greater factors or less. Advanced Bionic Implants Ability to create Bionic implant with 801 or greater factors or less.

Con Special Notes:

These skills are all Social Combat skills. Any action taken with these must use social combat and are resolved using it.

Main Skill: Languages SubSkills:

Skills to speak the 11 main languages of 2136. MAC techno is the most common language

Social Skills Main Skill: Street Savvy

Anglo Used on the North Ameracan Continent. Approx. 20% of the world can speak this. Russian Used in Monarchy of Finland and the areas west of there, including frozen waste settlements. Approx. 15% of the world can speak this. Techno (Tech Guild language) Used in Tech Guild Towers and sites. Approx. 8% of the world can speak this. Euro Used on the Northern European Continent. Approx. 12% of the world can speak this. Asian Forms Used in China, Tibet, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Southeast Asia, parts of Afghan empire. Approx. 30% of the world can speak this. Tibetan Used only in Tibet, a source of national pride.. Approx. 4% of the world can speak this.

Skills based on the darker elements of society in 2136. The character has a good idea how things work in the underworld regardless of the location.


Police Procedures Knowledge of how the police operate and enforce codes of law. Works on local as well as IJC troops. Criminal Organizations Knowledge of all major crime organizations and how all organized crime syndicates tend to work. Gang Procedures Knowledge of gang rites, how status is attained, and maintained in a gang. Strong knowledge of larger gangs and their leaders.


Main Skill: Con

Ability to use stories, lying and persuasion to get your

Step 2: What You Do

Afghan Used in the Afganistani empire, most of the middle east, and the AvCorp Industrial Zone. Approx. 12% of the population speaks this. Corp Speak Used ion most major corporation at the Higher level for security and business reasons. Approx. 20% of the world can speak this. MAC Techno Used Throughout MAC and the IJC. Approx. 45% of the world can speak this. Kazkan Used by the Kazkans this is a strange and difficult language to learn.. Approx. 0% of the world can speak this. Costs Triple @ 20 Ranks Sea Lords Speak Used by the sea lords on ships, bases and high level meetings. When not in the Sea Lords Realm they speak Anglo or Russian. Approx. 10% of the world can speak this. Costs Double @ 30 Ranks.

Cellular Focus Allows creation of WEAVER Calon Patterns

Main Skill: Psionics - SPINNER

The SPINNER patterns allow you to attach other schools abilities to Physical objects, thus allowing other PSI and NON Psi characters to use those powers through the object.


Astral Focus Allows creation of SPINNER Calon Patterns

Main Skill: Psionics - PRESERVER

The PRESERVER patterns allow you to capture or directly effect a beings essence or soul.. This power requires a tremendous amount of discipline to master. Further information is listed in section 5.


Main Skill: Psionics - ESPER

Soul Focus Allows creation of PRESERVER Calon Patterns

The ESPER patterns allow you to affect the thoughts and feelings of targets by changing their brains wave and chemical patterns.


Empathic Focus Allows creation of ESPER Calon Patterns

Main Skill: Psionics - STALKER

The STALKER patterns allow you to affect the perception of beings around you by changing their brains wave and chemical patterns. STALKERS can also access the Astral Plane

Innate abilities


Astral Focus Allows creation of STALKER Calon Patterns

As soon as a character achieves the required Skill rank or Attribute, pays any Coms costs and skill rolls they can gain the innate ability. Quickness

Main Skill: Psionics - QUAKER


The QUAKER patterns allow you to affect the Physical objects around you by creating large scale kinetic and heat based forces.


This allows the character to take 2 active actions in one phase. Melee attacks made by the character can be repeated, use first attacks EF, do not re-roll the attack. 5 is still the maximum active actions in one turn, so it is possible to run out of active actions in 3 phases. Ambidexterity

SubSkill Martial Arts or Hand To hand Adv Req. ranks: 45 Roll: None Coms Cost: 230

Force Focus Allows creation of QUAKER Calon Patterns

Main Skill: Psionics - WEAVER

The WEAVER patterns allow you to effect the cellular level of beings and objects around you by changing their molecular structure.

Character can use both hands to do an action in the same phase. Each hand requires its own action. Must roll 3 PR EF of 35 or more doing an Ambidexterity action.

Attribute: Prowess Req. Attrib: 70 Roll: 3 PR: EF 35+ Coms: 350

Step 3: What Society Made You Character Creation Step 3: What Society Made You
Once you have picked a profession and skills, you must create a past for your character. In 2136 the societies of humanity are varied; From the Ultra Wealthy to the destitute, and all are dominated by the plans of the UN and the System. No matter who you are or what influence you have; things happened that changed your character. Elements like their Social Status, Story points and Passions help you, the player, create a backstory and conflicts that will become challenges and plots as you play the game. The more detail a character has the more fun the plots and adventures you will have in the game. So on to the next step of your character generation Spending Character points Story Sectors: Combat, Guild, Disenfranchised Character Point Cost: 0 Family Money: +2000 ECD Typical Passions: Corporate: Distrust of the System Religion: Pick one based on home Morals: Friendship Middle income You had a hard working family, not all good not all bad, certainly not rich. Dad or mom or both were gone frequently doing work at some FACOM You got an education; both at school and in the sublevels You saw your path to your grave filled with long days of hard labor. Then you got a chance to go to the academy. Sure you worked you ass off for the chance, now you are going show those bastards who you are and make your family proud.
Character Point Cost: 3 Family Money: +4000 ECD Typical Passions:

Using Character Points

A players Base Skill determines the number of Character Points they get. These points are used to select aspects of the character that build a background and shape a vision of what the character looks like. Aspects like the Social class the character comes from, The number of passions they gain from that class, adding the ambidexterity special to be more effective with combat or dexterity Skills. Even using your connections to get the profession you want your character to have. Such are the decisions one must make in 2136. Character Points MUST BE SPENT IN ORDER, so players need to plan on 2 things as they spend them: What they want their character to be and what they need to do with character points to do that.

Combat, City, Tech

Story Sectors:

Corporate: Specific Nation (Health/Destruction) Military: Protection of Civilians History: History of Self

Character Points Step 1: Social Class

The first step to use your Character Points is social class determines the how much credit the characters family is able to gather for your character to use as they become a StrikeForce member. The additional passions represents that as a person ranks higher up in the social classes, the more opinions they have been taught. STO professions get more as they MUST build/buy a vehicle as well as other equipment

Upper Middle income A parent was always there, hell your dad may have even worked in the city at a small business. You stayed out of the sublevels for the most part, but still saw some violence from a gang or a StrikeForce. You completed school for the most part and had opportunities to maybe even move up into the next social class; but you got into the academy and while you parents are happy they still do all they can for you.
Character Point Cost: 7 Family Money: +6,000 ECD

Combat, City, Disenfranchised

Story Sectors:

Family Social Status

These descriptions are to give you fell of how a character from one of these classes might feel. Your characters experience will be in the same vein, but it will be different, cause its your character. Low income You grew up in a shanty town, sublevel, maybe even a FACOM. Wherever you may be from, you are used to seeing this world from its underbelly. The System has finally done something for you and given you a chance to make your mark. While you may believe in the system now, you have an agenda or two from the long hard years that got you here. The question is how long before you start despising the System again.

Typical Passions: Corporate: Specific Corp (Health/Destruction) Military: Combat Master Moral: Duty Lower Upper income Your parents went to some of the good parties, and until you were 9 they seemed like the greatest parties ever. Your education was taken care of and you were insulated from much of the violence at the lower levels of the city. You may have hit SubLevel 1 just to see it and maybe thats where you went wrong in your parents eyes. They will give you the cash you need all the while asking if you are sure you dont want a nice management position. You just want to show all the deadbeats out there how good you are and make sure your family name is as famous as it deserves to be.


Step 3: What Society Made You

Story Sectors: Corp, City, Disenfranchised Character Point Cost: 10 Family Money: +10,000 ECD Typical Passions:

Corporate: Specific Corp Health Military: Combat Master Moral: Family

posed to growing up. You must purchase the minimum Story points listed in the Base Skill chart and they may be purchased multiple times. 5 Character points for a Story Point from an attached or open sectors. 15 Character points to take a story point from a non-attached sector. The Civilian and Family Sectors are open to all Social Classes. Story Point Skill Ranks Each Story Point Taken adds Skill Ranks to be used to boost the skills of the character. These are in () at the end of the Story Point. A Story Point with a (1d10+7) adds up to 17 ranks to the elective Skills ranks associated with your profession. City Sector Victim of class prejudice (1d10+6) Overprotective Parents (1d10+5) Menial job (pick job) (1d10+8) Shanty Town raised (1d10+7) Class Superiority (1d10+8) Corp Sector Intern at Corp of choice (1d10+8) Childhood accident (1d10+5) Isolated as a child (1d10+5) Violent Episode (1d10+6) Sense of Entitlement (1d10+10) Combat Sector Run ins with police (1d10+8) Neglectful Parents (1d10+6) Orphan (1d10+10) Family Expectation (failed or oppressive) (1d10+8) Childhood combat training (1d10+10) Guild Sector Orphan Raised by Guild (1d10+10) Sense of Duty to someone/thing (Specify why) (1d10+7) UN Base Staff (Specify location) (1d10+8) Shanty Town Defense forces (1d10+6) Family Disowned you (Give reason) (1d10+7) Family Sector (Open) Violent Episode in SubLevel (1d10+6) Lost as a child ( Determine time and reason) (1d10+6) Accelerated Learning Classes (1d10+7) Parents died raised by other family (specify)(1d10+7) Strained Relationship (state why) (1d10+8) Tech Sector Advanced Tech Training (1d10+10) Neighborhood Instructor (1d10+7) Childhood accident (Specify location/damage)(1d10+6) Intern at Tech Guild (1d10+8) FACOM Support Staff (1d10+7)

Middle Upper income

One of the favored you did not even realize how good you had it till you were a teenager. Your education had groomed you for a corporate portion, hell your dad always said you could have been a VP. Now your parents want you gone before anyone finds out you went to the academy to join a StrikeForce. They pay your way because to not do would look bad, but they make it clear this is a bad choice. You just want something different that makes you feel alive and shows the world how much better you are than the rest.
Story Sectors: Corp, Tech, Guild Character Point Cost: 12 Family Money: +12,000 ECD Typical Passions:

Politics: UN Politics (Pick Issue) Religion: Pick one based on home Military: Military Discipline

Your life has been like a dream compared to the rest of worlds lives. You know your better then all of them and the Corp Sector is the last place to show it. Why be a CEO when you can kill them for big money. Your education and life all lead to this moment when you stand up and tell the rest of your peers, no one else really matters, what it means to be alive.
Story Sectors: Corp, Guild, Tech Character Point Cost: 15 Family Money: +20,000 ECD Typical Passions: Morals: Truth Corporate: Specific Corp Destruction Military: Protection of Civilians

Upper Upper income


Character Points Step 2: Story Points

Each income class has specific social sectors associated with it. These Story Points are the foundation of your characters back story. Pick story points that fit the history of the character you are building. The game is designed to allow you to create a backstory at any point during play, even on the fly as you play. Buying a Story Point Your Characters social class give you access to certain Story Points; think of it as what the character was ex-

Step 3: What Society Made You

Civilian Sector (Open) Desire to improve self (1d10+6) FACOM/DISCENS worker (state which, where)(1d10+7) Defense Zone Leg (Specify Country) (1d10+10) Saw someone close to you die (Specify who) (1d10+5) SubLevel Job (Specify job and level& what city)(1d10+7) Disenfranchised Sector Menial Job (SubLevel/Shanty Town)(1d10+6) Shanty Town Staff/Gov (specify where) (1d10+6) Ran with sublevel gang (Specify Gang, level,city(1d10+8) Foster System Child (Specify Nation) (1d10+5) Run ins with Police/Jailed (List Location) (1d10+10) Tracking Passions in Game Each passion starts with the same target value as the character. As the game continues the passion targets for each passion can change based on the characters actions. Each passion should be recorded on the character sheet with its own Passion target. Activating a Passion The Character can roll a single d10 against that particular Passions Target Value. If the roll is below the Passion Target they are able to accept the situation and no penalties or bonuses occur. Equal to or over the Passion Target and the character/player will have to defend the passion. Successfully defending a passion validates their faith in the system. Failure means the system is not the place they thought it was and their attitude towards it will change. Players may also choose to skip the roll and say they simply cannot accept that the system would allow such an event, choosing to defend it. Either way characters can gain bonus commendations for defending a passion, and even more if they make a choice and dont let fate decide.

Character Points Step 3: Ambidexterity

This ability means the character is equally good with both hands. The Character may use each hand for an attack in a phase. Each attack costs an active action. Mechanical weapons can still only fire their limit in a phase. This means a gun can only for once, twice if designed to do so, per phase. Combining with Quickness A character with quickness and Ambidexterity can attack twice with each hand in 1 phase; this would cost 4 active actions. Starting With Ambidexterity To start with Ambidexterity players spend character points a chance. Each character point spent gets the a 5% chance. A player can spend a max of 5 character points (25% chance) for ambidexterity. Diaxtron characters get an automatic 5% bonus. The player rolls 2d10 percentile under the chance.

Choose Passions Passions

Passion are the core values that drive your character. The more Passions a character has the more they care about in the world and are willing to take action to defend these passion. As situations occur in game the characters are forced to choose; take actions to defend their beliefs, or do nothing; blame the System for the allowing such an event. In this section pick the Passions that fit the character in your mind. Think about how you will play passions and what type of personality that makes the character. These passions, plus the story points you chose can help you explain the characters relationship or views as situation develop in game.

Starting passions

Each character gets 1 passion, plus an additional one for each story point they choose. So a character with 1 story point would have 2 passions, and character with 4 story points would have 5 passions.

The Benefit of Passions As you play situations may arise that you feel would be something your character would defend. You can simply tell your GM you want to add a passion related to the situation. The GM may want specific wording or such, but as long as it is not too broad you should be able yto add it. Passions not listed could also be created, with GM approval of course. Passions should be used to grow both the character and the stories you are telling. The number of passions a character has also shows their level of interest in the world, which has an effect on how lucky they are.


Step 3: What Society Made You

Attitude Characters are constantly role playing plans to stay in the good graces of the system. This is represented by the characters attitude. There are 5 Attitudes which fall into two categories: Adjusting or Fighting. If you are adjusting, the character is constantly doing things to correct the System so it matches his passions and worlds view. When a character fails at one of these attempts their attitude changes and moves towards fighting. The System is black and white; if you are not with us you are against us, so even those indifferent to the System are penalized, but not too severely. The last two; against and fighting are penalized greatly by the system, yet rewarded by those fighting the system for their acts against it. Each character is constantly battling to make the world match their world view. The characters attitude determines what type of actions gain Bonus Commendations (experience) a character gets while playing. The mechanics of Attitude are defined in the Character advancement part of this section.


Step 3: What Society Made You

Distrust of the System: Character is suspicious of everything the system is doing. Passion Conflicts: Discoveries of the system abuses in any form will drive this character to fight the system. Specific Corporation Health: Dedicated to the health of a certain Corporation. Player must note link (Employer, father works there whatever). Passion Conflicts: Discoveries of system actions against that Corp, unethical or inhuman acts by that Corp, acts of that Corp un-rewarded by the system. Specific Corporation Destruction: Dedicated to destroying a Corp. Player must say why (Killed my father..). Passion Conflicts: Discovery of the System protecting or helping that Corp. Acts of the Corp rewarded. Specific Guild Health: Dedicated to the health of a certain Guild. Player must note link (Employer, father works there whatever). Passion Conflicts: Discoveries of system actions against that Corp or unethical or inhuman acts by that Guild, Acts of that Guild un-rewarded. Specific Guild Destruction: Dedicated to destroying a Guild. Player must say why (Killed my father..). Passion Conflicts: Discovery of the System protecting or helping that Guild. Acts of the Guild rewarded. Specific Nation Health: Dedicated to the health of a certain Nation. Player must note link (Employer, father works there whatever). Passion Conflicts: Discoveries of system actions against that Nation or unethical or inhuman acts by that Nation, Acts of that Nation are un-rewarded Specific Nation Destruction: Dedicated to destroying a nation. Player must say why (Killed my father..). Passion Conflicts: Discovery of the System protecting or helping that Nation. Acts of the Nation are rewarded.

UN Politics (Specific Issue(s)): Player picks a Specific UN Issue ( work with GM for an appropriate one for the campaign). Passion Conflicts: Discovery of the System trying to take advantage of the issue. System attempting to make the issue irrelevant or attempting to destroy those in favor of it. Civilian Politics - Player picks a Specific Issue from either a nation, EZone or city life ( work with GM for an appropriate one for the campaign). Passion Conflicts: Discovery of the System trying to take advantage of the issue, System attempting to make the issue irrelevant or attempting to destroy those in favor of it. Data Systems Health: Player wants data on the UNIWeb to be pure and uninfluenced by any group. Passion Conflicts: Use of the UNIWeb for personal gain. Attempted destruction of data on the UNIWeb or Misuse by the System. Environmentalism: Player wants earth to be a garden of Eden. Focused on stopping any part of the System from harming the earth. Passion Conflicts: Anyone harming the environment in any way with the systems blessing. Tech Guild or Corp Research (Against certain type of research): Player is against the Tech guild doing a type of Research (Work with GM to find a relevant issue). Passion Conflicts: Tech Guild or Corp doing the research, finding out the research is done, Discovery of secret labs that the tech guild knows about.



Step 3: What Society Made You

History of Specific Nation - Character is about keeping the record clean on the history of this Nation (Pick a nation that fits the campaign, work with the GM). Passion Conflicts: False history of any type, Attempts to smear the Nation with its history. Nation denying its history. History of Specific Corp - Character is about keeping the record clean on the history of this Corp (Pick a Corp that fits the campaign, work with the GM). Passion Conflicts: False history of any type, Attempts to smear the Corp with its history. Corp denying its history. History of Specific Guild - Character is about keeping the record clean on the history of this Guild (Pick a Guild that fits the campaign, work with the GM). Passion Conflicts: False history of any type, Attempts to smear the Guild with its history. Guild denying its history. History of the UN - Character is about keeping the record clean on the history of the UN. Passion Conflicts: False history of any type. System attempts to smear the UN with its history, UN denying its history. History of Notable Person - Character is about keeping the record clean on the history of this Notable person (GM must assign name and history). Passion Conflicts: False history of any type. Attempts to smear the person with history. Person denying their history. History of Self - Character is about keeping the record clean on the history of their life (works especially good if the character does not know all their past). Passion Conflicts: False history of any type, New unknown history that conflicts with what is known. Attempts to smear character with history, System or entity from the System lied to about their history. History of Current StrikeForce Unit - Character is about keeping the record clean on the history of their Current StrikeForce. Passion Conflicts: False history of any type, New unknown history that conflicts with what is known. Attempts to smear character with history, System or entity from the System lied to about their history.


Friendship - Holds a personal friendship dear to them, If not of another character, GM must approve friend. Passion Conflicts: System forces friends apart, Lies told about the friend. Action against the friend (regardless of the friends current attitude) Duty - Holds Duty as the highest achievable goal. All actions are a form of duty. Passion Conflicts: Orders that conflict with duty (abandon your post), orders that get innocents killed, actions that simply ignore others. Truth - Holds Truth as the highest achievable goal. Truth must always be told. Passion Conflicts: Lies from the System or workers of the System, hiding truth, using truth to harm someone or something. Justice - Holds justice as the highest achievable goal. Justice must always be done to both the guilty and the innocent. Passion Conflicts: System using Justice to enforce policy, illegal acts to influence a court proceeding, using justice to get gain. Family - Holds taking care of and good relations with their family as the highest achievable goal. Family must always come first. Passion Conflicts: Lies from the System or workers of the System that hurt the family, the System coming between the character and family, the System hurting or embarrassing the family.



Step 3: What Society Made You

Religious belief: Catholic: Dedicated to the European Pope and the Old church teachings. Passion Conflicts: Anything in the system trying to limit the power, influence, or teachings of the church. Attacks against clergy or Church related forces. Religious Belief: Pan Catholic: Dedicated to the Central American Pope and the Pan Catholic teachings. Passion Conflicts: Anything in the system trying to limit the power, influence, or teachings of the church. Attacks against clergy or Church related forces, edicts from the Old catholic church the System backs. Religious Belief: Moa Sen: Dedicated to the Moa Sen teachings, this is fanatical in its depth and should be played that way. Passion Conflicts: Anything in the system trying to limit the power, influence, or teachings of the church. Attacks against clergy or Church related forces. Religious Belief: Taliban - Dedicated to Extreme Fundamentalist Islamic teachings. Passion Conflicts: Anything in the system trying to limit the power, influence, or teachings of The Taliban Philosophy. Attacks against Afghanistani Empire or its converts. Religious Belief: Unified Judislam - Dedicated to the teachings of Judaism and Islam., The religion show a way to link both philosophies as a common belief. Passion Conflicts: Anything in the system trying to limit the power, influence, or teachings of the church. Attacks against Gods Empire or any Judislam citizen around the world. Religious Belief: Buddhism - Dedicated to the idea that the way of the Buddha is the way to peace and contentment. Passion Conflicts: Anything in the system trying to achieve goals through Violent action. Attacks against those who believe the way to peace is through selfless acts. System acts that discourage peace Religious Belief: Hinduism - Dedicated to the Pantheon of Gods that bless the Hindu religion. Passion Conflicts: Anything in the system trying to decrease the power, influence, or teachings of Hinduism. Attacks against those whom the clergy or Church consider corrupting forces. Any perceived move by the churches to control a Part of the system Religious Belief: Atheism - Dedicated to the idea that man is in charge of his own destiny and no higher power has influence. Passion Conflicts: Anything in the system trying to increase the power, influence, or teachings of a church. Attacks against those whom the clergy or Church consider corrupting forces. Any perceived move by the churches to control a Part of the system Religious Belief: Science (technology) - Dedicated to the idea that technology and the sciences that create it are the way to a better human life. Passion Conflicts: Anything in the system trying to limit the power, influence, or teachings of the Tech Guild, Nano/Bio Techs, or the AI nation. Attacks against tech based System entities the System backs or launches.



Step 4: What You Have Military

Military Discipline - A strong Disciplined Military is what this person wants and Demands. Passion Conflicts: Those who ignore orders from superiors, taking orders from someone who is beneath them, people taking advantage of the situation to be lazy or disorderly. Combat Master- Focused on being the best at Vehicle, Fire and Melee combat they can be. Passion Conflicts: Being stopped from being the best by the System or favoritism towards other with the same goal. Protection of Civilians - Civilians are the reason the Military exists, they must be protected. Passion Conflicts: Any act that has caused harm to innocent civilians, Dedicated torture of less than innocent civilians. Civilians who do not respect the military and its role. Individual Person Health - Dedicated to the health of a certain Person. Player must note link (Employer, father, teacher). Passion Conflicts: Discoveries of system actions against that person or their family. Individual Person Death - Dedicated to destroying a specific person (NPC or Player). Player must say why (Killed my father..). Passion Conflicts: Discovery of the System protecting or helping that person. Evil Acts of the person are rewarded. intuition, their starting PsiCon must be above 35. If it is Character Creation Step 4: not, the character doesnt have Intuition. What You Have A Characters intuition chance is PsiCon/2. If the answer Calculate Main and SubSkills, Secondary Atis a 3, 5, 7, 13, 15, 17, or 21,The characters Psi Intuition is tributes. Define characters height, weight, coloring and increased by adding the characters PsiCon to the value. any other details you want. Players can also detail out the This attribute is NOT refigured ever. Psi Intuitions does characters story points now or it can be done in game, its not augment or supplement the Perception sub skill Intuup to the players and the GM. Then hit the Quartermasitions in any way. ters; buy armor packages or got the tech section and start buying ala-carte. Reaction So on to the next step of your character generation CalAll characters are limited in how much they can do in culate Secondary Attributes one 6-second, phase. This is determined by a players reaction. A players reaction is calculated as follows: Reaction: ((Prowess/2) + Highest Melee SubSkill Rank/2 + Secondary Attributes These attributes are based on the characters main at- Passive Defense Ranks/2 tributes and skills. Some change as the characters skills and Main attributes grow, so be she to refigure them as the character grows. Round down unless other wise noted. Character has Hand to Hand Advanced SubSkill Reaction: ((Prowess/2) + (1.5 * Highest Melee SubSkill Ranks)/2 + Passive Defense Ranks/2 Character has Martial Arts SubSkill Reaction: ((Prowess/2) + (Highest Melee SubSkill Ranks + Passive Defebse Ranks/2 All reaction values are rounded DOWN A character with a prowess of 62 a Melee Combat SubSkill Martial Arts (40) and a dodge of 15; the character would have a reaction of 59. Using the formula above for a character with martial arts (62/2)+(40)+(15/2)=31+40+7= 78. The maximum human reaction is 150 unless technology is used.

Skill Depth:

If the characters INT is <= 50 you get a 1. An Int > 50 gets you a starting value of 2. This is used to determine how many Secondary skills you can add to a SkillSet.

Psi Actions Per Day:


PsiCon/5 is the number of Psi Patterns (abilities) a Psi can use per 24 hours. This is refigured should a characters PsiCon change.

Psi Power:

PsiCon* 2 + highest Psi Focus ranks. So an 80 Psicon with a 25 Esper Focus would be a 185 Psi Power. This is refigured should a characters PsiCon change.

Character Actions

Psi Intuition:

A character in StrikeForce does not have to be a PsiTech to get flashes of intuition. To be eligible for flashes of

Each character is capable of so many actions in a 30 second turn. Each turn has five; 6 second phases. Characters can take 1 active action per phase, no limit on passive actions. To figure out how many actions theyre capable of, use the following formula:

Step 4: What You Have

Actions = Reaction / 10 Special Note for Rounding Actions: Actions are only rounded up if the decimal is 8 or above, and rounded down otherwise. So a person with a 3.8 action would have 4 actions in a phase and a persona with a 3.7 action would have 3 actions in a phase. The maximum number of human Active actions is 5, even with drugs or genetic bonuses. It is possible for a human to end up with more than 5 actions. Extra actions, must be used as Passive actions 15 actions is the maximum. Those extra actions not used in that Phase are lost. See the Phased turn in section 3 for more info. who start at tech level 1. On the next page are Quartermaster recommendations for what to buy a starting character. Good Luck. Determine Characters Height and Weight It is assumed your characters are in reasonable shape or they would not be able to do the work they do. The table below is a guide to figure out your characters weight and height in metric. Simply add the characters Prowess + Endurance. This is the characters BMI, the top column. Pick a height and cross reference to get the characters weight.
As a reference 6 foot person (183 cm) with a BMI of 126 has a weight of 88 Kg.

Encumbrance (ENC):

BMI Height (cm.) 148 (5) 151 153

114 120






This is a measure of how much a character can carry. All items have an Encumbrance rating which shows how heavy and bulky an item is. PR determines a players Max. Encumbrance. See chart below. Should they exceed 115 (using technology or other means), increase Max Enc by 10 for 2 Prowess Points. Maximum Enc regardless of PR is 100. Characters with a 29 or less PR must be re rolled. Characters maximum ENC is refigured as PR changes. Prowess 30-64 65-84 105 115 85-104 Encumbrance 40 60 65 70 50

41 43 45 47

43 45 50 53 57 47

45 50 58 61 47

47 50 53 57 61

50 53 59 55

52 63 67 75 71 59

54 64 68 76 85 81 72

166 169 171 173




49 50 53 55 57 61


60 63 74 77 81 67

64 68 72 75

65 70 73 77

68 78 75



59 63 65 68 70 76 78 72

Exceeding Encumbrance Characters may exceed their maximum encumbrance by a no more than 10. However, for every 2 points over maximum, lower the number of actions by one. The lowest amount of Actions is 0 (none). Character Movement Rates Each character moves differently, based on their PR and their total number of actions. Active movement = PR in meters Passive movement rate = PR/10 in meters All values round up at .8.
A character with a 50 Prowess has 2 movement options actively move 50 meters a phase or move 5 meters for each passive action.

183 (6) 185


84 88 94 106 114 111 99


82 89 93 101 98 87

86 95 100 109 114 119 105 91


84 93 88


90 99 95

102 107 112 122 132 117


104 109 114 124 134 129 119

86 96 91

190 193 195


100 105 110

103 107 115




Calculate Luck and Story points

Starting character get 1 luck point for each passion they have. The Character also gets 1 Story Point for every 2 Passions.

Starting Tech Level

All character start out at Tech Level 0 except FieldTechs

Character Appearance After a height and weight are determined you can pick anything you want (or that the GM will allow) for how your character looks. This includes the following secondary attributes: Hair Color - Hair color of any pigment can be made, it can even be made permanent. Eye Color - Just like hair color Dominant Hand (this assumes ambidexterity was not taken) - Pick left or right Sex - Male or Female the 2 original models Skin Tone - Light or dark skinned your choice. Pick a Home Nation - Read the next 2 pages and see


Step 4: What You Have

which one seems like an interesting place that will allow you to create interesting stories and plots, that center on your character. This will help you figure pout possible passions and languages, as you build your character. Choosing a Name While this can be done at any time this is a good place to talk about it. Naming in 2136 usually follows one of three main traditions. Regional which follows the traditions of the region the character is from. To do this either come up with one your self (with GM approval) or lookup names in that region. An Example of this is the Free Merican children drop their family name when they leave home until they start their own family, then the combine the two previous names into a new family name. The second is the UN tradition which is to have a middle name with an abbreviation of your nation. So John Smith becomes John Co Smith, if john smith was from the Co Prosperity Sphere. The last is aligned with the corporations where a persons last name is joined with a Corporation name. So John Smith becomes John Encom-Smith. This has lost some popularity in recent years.

Countries of 2136 North Ameracan Continent

Western Ameracan Confederation (WAC) One of the largest national structures in the world today. The WAC is one of the largest providers of GPP in the world today. The WAC has serious issues with AvCorp and the ESC. Languages Spoken: Anglo, Corp Speak, MAC Techno Free Mericans A smaller country of dedicated and down to earth people whose motto is dont tread On Me. Languages Spoken: Anglo, MAC Techno, Sea Lords Speak Republic of Texas Texas is a small country with a huge amount of heart. The history of Texas is legendary from its fighting of the Mexican empire in the ancient 1800s to the expansion of it borders in the Bastin Raids against the WAC in 2101, Texas takes no insult from anyone. Languages Spoken: Anglo, Corp Speak, MAC Techno Moa Sen Collective States A National structure based on a religion certain in their fanatical devotion. They tend to alienate themselves with an air of superiority. Languages Spoken: Anglo, Corp Speak, MAC Techno, Afghan Marquee De Quebec As the Countries of Canada and the United States dissolved, the independent state of Quebec survived and flourished. Languages Spoken: Anglo, Corp Speak, MAC Techno United Free Kingdom The people of the UFK are well known for their amazing ability to find and mine minerals in the most inaccessible of places. Languages Spoken: Anglo, Corp Speak, MAC Techno, Sea Lords Speak Greenlands Realm An older Nation State whose root go back almost 2 centuries. Today they are seen as a people fo Honor and fairness, if not wealth. Languages Spoken: Anglo, Corp Speak, MAC Techno, Sea Lords Speak

Creating a Character Back Story

As you create your character a vision of what your character is about begins to take shape. Their appearance, their attitudes towards the world and the people in it. The story points give a sense of history and as you play the character will develop in new ways as well. Story points are used in game to create a deeper history (a backstory) as you play. The Details As you play story points in game the backstory of your character grows, giving you, your group and the GM room to play off the new and old story points. Some Ideas for story points include: Family Friends Previous Employers Previous Encounters of Note Previous Enemies Play story points to add to the character, gaining bonuses in game as well. Expanding your characters backstory using story points, means your characters backstory can expand again and again while you play.


Central Ameracan Peninsula

The Empire of the Aztecs The focus of the Aztecs, since the nation was created by Timmonds Fuel, is to create a society of unstoppable warriors that the UN will use to model future human armies against. Languages Spoken: Corp Speak, MAC Techno, Euro Central Ameracina Republic A Thriving culture of old Central Ameracan values, these people are known as the Smile of Humanity. They

Step 4: What You Have

have a functioning Democracy, where the welfare of their people is the primary concern of the government. Languages Spoken: Anglo, Corp Speak, MAC Techno

United People of Brazil The country of Brazil has become the leading example of Man living in symbiosis with nature. From their sprawling Tree Arcologies to their Jungle farms, they are a respected people. Languages Spoken: Anglo, Corp Speak, MAC Techno Argentinean Empire Called the Strong man of South Ameraca this country is out to get as much land, corporate influence and power as they can. The Argentine people consider themselves an elite and powerful example that the rest of the world should take note of. Languages Spoken: Anglo, Corp Speak, Euro Republic of Venezuela -- Another of the beneficiaries of the Secret war Venezuela is renown for its military training facilities. Established in 2007 by Berett and Wagner Androsyne the Trenchant Memorial Training camp has been the training ground for earths military. Languages Spoken: Anglo, MAC Techno, Techno Peruvian Military Protectorate -- A strong and wellorganized Military Dictatorship which has consistently pushed the conventional line on military theory. Languages Spoken: Anglo, Corp Speak, MAC Techno

South Ameracan Continent

Monarchy of Finland -- The Monarchy of Finland is respected for its technology and StrikeForces. It is also detested by many for their short sighted and uncaring methods, results are what matter. Languages Spoken: Russian, Corp Speak, MAC Techno, Techno Afganistani Empire -- Spanning both Europe and Asia, the strict Taliban islamic government is an alliance between the Imams, who control the people, and the Warlords, who control the industry. They threaten everything with their methods and military might. Languages Spoken: Afgahn, Corp Speak,


Lybiad Empire -- A direct enemy of the Afghanistani Empire, this is another sect of Islam. The Lybiad are determined to be a leader, both militarily and economically, and work with the UN as the Islamic Leader of the world. Languages Spoken: Afgan, Corp Speak, MAC Techno Moroccan Imperial States Morocco is a colorful and productive society that tries very hard to earn its money. The Moroccans are very strong from a defensive posture, however they are not as well known for their offensive actions. Languages Spoken: Afgan, Euro, Corp Speak, MAC Techno Empire of the Righteous An unlikely fusion of Judaism and moderate islam, the Empire is dedicated to purity of worship and the protection of the innocent. Languages Spoken: Afgan, Euro, Anglo, Corp Speak, MAC Techno


New British Empire -- Not since the Legends of Rome and Charlemange has Europe been so united and together as a people. The empire is a major power in both science and Military skill. Languages Spoken: Anglo, Corp Speak, MAC Techno, Euro


Step 4: What You Have

Empire of the Congo The Congo sent out the call for the True People of Africa to come Home. The Warriors of the Congo are known as fierce warriors who often take trophies of their mortal enemies simply to show their resolve. Languages Spoken: Afgan, Asian Forms, Corp Speak, MAC Techno Malli The people of Malli are dedicated to establishing the most modern and independent state they can. They despise the imperial states and have a close working relationship with the Empire of the Congo. Languages Spoken: Afgan, Corp Speak, MAC Techno, Euro South African Confederation The South Africans are rich with their history and prouder of their future, they try very hard to attract people to their rich and well-defended E-Zones. The StrikeForces are determined to be considered the best and are violent enough to earn that rep, if not the most graceful. Languages Spoken: Afgan, Corp Speak, MAC Techno rect influence on the UN with its control of major shipping, and drive to protect the earth from the Corps and the UN. Languages Spoken: Sea Lords Speak, Corp Speak, Techno, MAC Techno Japanese/Australian Co-Prosperity Sphere As Japan rose from the ashes of the EMP blasts and Drove into the secret war. The surviving industries became a primary electronics supplier to the corporations and Nations fighting the war. The Japanese saw a need to expand their access to natural resources. They approached the Country of Australia in 2009 and entered a loose economic union, with the Australians in charge of defense and the Japanese in charge of the economic policies. The sphere does not care about how its moves are perceived by the rest of the world results are the only thing that counts. Languages Spoken: Anglo, Euro, Asian Forms, Corp Speak, MAC Techno, Techno Thailand Free Zone As the Sphere grew in power many of the other Asian powers turned to the thriving economy of Thailand to support the floundering economies of Indonesia. Thailand focused on the labor and minerals that they could provide to the Corporations and Nations of the world. The gambit worked and they have been a thorn in the Sphere side ever since. Languages Spoken: Anglo, Euro, Asian Forms, Corp Speak, MAC Techno, Techno Tibetan Theocracy The Theocracy is known as a hot bed for vice and corruption, Many corporations run dangerous operations here as it is fairly cheap to bribe an official of the committee to look the other way. The true worshipers of the Lama are unaware of their countries less than pure status and work tirelessly to help the needy and less fortunate. Languages Spoken: Tibetian, Asian Forms, Corp Speak, MAC Techno, Techno China The China of today is rapidly growing their ability to become self-sufficient and independent of the GPPI scheme. They are very distrustful of the rest of the world. The UN has tried numerous overtures to try to make them see the benefits of remaining in the GPPI framework, however china insists on attempting to create independent corporations and use armies that are more traditional. Languages Spoken: Asian Forms, Corp Speak, MAC Techno, Techno

Middle East

AvCorp Industrial Zone This huge area controlled by Avcorp has a small population of warrior nomads, called the Hanti, driven by tradition to defend AvCorp. Their are fierce and respected. Languages Spoken: Afgan, Corp Speak, Techno

Frozen Wastes After the blasting of Asian Forms troops by the Russian Nuclear Forces, a wide stretch of land was laid to waste. The destruction was complete and in that area devastating. Sea Lords and Guild Scientists estimate another 100 years is required before even the most rudimentary exploitation of this area is allowable. No One Comes From Here No One lives Here. Kazkan Warlords The most unusual adaptation of humanity in the past 1000 years, these warlords are a throw back to the time of the of primitive warrior humans. Their existence was discovered by the Sea Lords in 2018 as the secret war entered its second phase. They were seen actually hunting a Paulson unit. The three of them were able to defeat and easily destroy the unit. The three Kazkan warriors used only crystal swords that seemed to destroy the Paulson unit with its own power. Characters cannot come from here. (Unless of course they were a human Stranded and raised as an outsider...) Languages Spoken: Asian Forms, Kazkan Sea Lords Abode As the worlds caretakers the Sea Lords have a very di-


Step 4: What You Have Top Tier Corps

AvCorp Top Corp in the world their hands are in everything. They will do whatever it takes to stay on top and support the System. Al Corps Speak Corp Speak. Wagnaer Androsyne Technologies A Massive Electronics Firm that is diversifying into other industries. They Work Closely with the UN on many projects. Supron Alloy Corp The Top armor creation Firm in the world. They are as close to self-sufficient as a Corp can be. Styer Hann Personal Weapons Maker of High quality weapons Styer is well respected world wide. Encom Vanders Labs A Medical/BioTech corp that is one of the major drivers of UN policy. Matrix Armor A strong competitor of Supron Alloy if not the most careful or respectful. Barrett/Luger Arms Maker of low to mid quality weapons they are driven to succeed because they are so close to failing. Rolls/Ferrari Power Top Power and engineering firm in the world, they try to stay out of the Corporate fights. Zypher Air Cargo Control of the air is Zyphers since the secret war. They tend to have poor relations with the Sea Lords. Jensen Dega Arms A weapons Firm based in brazil, they are no branching out to computers and electronics. They are in the game for one reason take AvCorps place. Krosensky Electronics Corrupt Finland Corp. if they are involved it illegal. Tyrex Industries. Primary creator of Psi Defenses for all sectors. ers to start with all custom equipment, but takes much longer to get to playing the game.

The Citation System

The Quartermaster of MAC academy provides standard starting equipment packages for those leaving the academy. Each Profession accumulates Citations during training, which are used to purchase these packages. These packages include basic armor, weapons/drugs, and systems. Anyone can buy a package as long as they have enough Citations (Cites is school short hand). After you have picked and paid for your package go to Section 3 and add the specs of you equipment to your character sheet. STOs also choose one of 4 standard Vehicles instead of creating one. These vehicles values are computed for you, just add them to your sheet.

Using Citations to Buy Equipment

Each profession receives a certain number of Citations when they graduate from the academy. In addition Characters will get bonus Citations from their various teachers and Family money can be converted to Citations at a rate of 1 Citation (Cite) for 2000 Credits. Profession STO CSPY Citations 40 36 32 38

FeildTech: NANO FieldTech: BIO PsiTech


Student Quality Roll 2d10 the total are the bonus cites your character receives. The below chart shows their standing in the academy and is used to further expand the characters backstory. Standing should be noted as a Story Point. Roll 6-12 2-5 Standing Troublemaker, Always causing issues Did your work, nobody knew you Exceptional ability and skills Put forth strong effort, not Exceptional Section Leader, Well Respected

16-18 20 19


Class leader, MAC has their eye on you


Purchase Equipment
All that remains is to purchase Armor, Weapons, General equipment, and class specific equipment. Players have 2 methods they can use to purchase starting Equipment. The first is the Citations system, which is the recommended way for first time players and those who want to get playing. The second is the Cash Out option and allows play-

Total Cites

The characters total Cites are computed by adding the Graduation Cites (based on their profession) plus the roll for student standing.

The Cash Out Option

Players can choose to convert their Total Cites into

Step 4: What You Have

cash. Players then buy equipment from the Quarter Master, instead of the Academy packages. Each Cite is worth 15,000 Credits and you must cash out ALL of them. All character equipment must be purchased from Section 3, following all listed rules for designing and such. Characters start at Tech Level 0. All purchases are at a 10% discount. This method takes a lot longer to do, extending Character creation time. Designing custom starting vehicles and armor load outs are the best reasons to do this. Players and the GM should decide if this extra detail is worth the extra time it will take.

Quartermaster Packages
Armor Webed - 33 Armor Built Ins Protective Coating Scan Shielding Pressurized Armor Dose Pack Helmet Matrix Vista Euro Knight Helm Helmet Built Ins Base Digital Optics Helmet Tracker Targ Helmet Chips VidChip (VSIC)

Armor Simple Strand JDA Black Skin Armor Built Ins Scan Shielding Pressurized Armor Dose Pack + Tech Pouch Helmet Hayward Base - GS Helmet Built Ins Base Digital Optics + Tech Pouch Helmet Tracker Targ + Tech Pouch Helmet Chips VidChip (Nanonic)

Armor Type III - Glove Suit

Armor Type 1 - Light

Cost: 39 Cites Armor Type IV - Glove Suit

Cost: 22 Cites
Armor Molded Fabric Skeleton w/ Plate DNA ENhanced Kronus VSIC EPROM Interfaces Armor Built Ins Scan Shielding Pressurized Armor Dose Pack Helmet Matrix Vista Euro Knight Helm Helmet Built Ins Base Digital Optics Helmet Tracker Targ Helmet Chips VidChip (VSIC)

Armor Simple Strand JDA Black Skin Armor Built Ins Scan Shielding Pressurized Armor Dose Pack II + Tech Pouch Helmet Hayward Ninja - GS Helmet Built Ins Digital Optics II + Tech Pouch Helmet Tracker Targ + Tech Pouch Helmet Chips VidChip (Nanonic)

Armor Type II - Frame

Cost: 41 Cites


Cost: 37 Cites

Step 4: What You Have Equipment Package I Equipment Package IV

Weapons Type 1 Styer- Hann Plasma Pistol 3 Clips 4/ shots each 1 Handed Sword or Hammer 2 Frag Grenades Drugs - In Dose pack Haldern 6(3) Haldern 12(2) Methelyn C(2) OrganFix (2) Trineostain(1)

Cost: 7 Cites

Weapons Type 2 Barret-Luger Plasma 2 Clips 10/ shots each Combat Knife 2 Improved Frag Grenades Drugs - In Dose pack Flash (1) Haldern 6(4) Haldern 12(2) Methelyn C(1) OrganFix (1) Trineostain(1)

Weapons Type 1 Colt Plasma Smash 3 Clips 10/ shots each Combat Knife 2 Frag Grenades Drugs - In Dose pack Haldern 6(3) Haldern 12(2) Methelyn C(2) Trineostain(1)

Equipment Package III

Cost: 14 Cites

Cost: 11 Cites

Weapons Type 2 Barret-Luger Plasma 2 Clips 10/ shots each Combat Knife 2 Improved Frag Grenades Drugs - In Dose pack Haldern 6(3) Haldern 12(2) Methelyn C(1) OrganFix (2) Trineostain(1)

Equipment Package II

Cost: 10 Cites

Tasit Starter Base Scanner Suite Chips Electromagnetic I Gravitational I Strong Nuclear Forces I Weak Nuclear Forces I Physical I

Scanner Type I

Basern HandHeld II Base Scanner Suite Chips Electromagnetic I Gravitational I Weak Nuclear Forces I Physical I Biorythm Med Suite

Scanner Type I

Costs: 20 Cites

Costs: 4 Cites

Vulcron Scanner Base Scanner Suite Chips Electromagnetic I Gravitational I Strong Nuclear Forces I Weak Nuclear Forces I Costs:4 Cites

Scanner Type I

Basern Handheld I Base Scanner Suite Chips Electromagnetic I Gravitational I Weak Nuclear Forces I Chemical I

Scanner Type II


Costs: 7 cites

Step 4: What You Have Vehicle Note:

These are base vehicles, no weapons systems or ammo are installed. Until they are Characters can fly as transports with no combat rights or access to Combat insurance or Victory bonuses or salvage. Cost is listed for reference. STOs pay nothing they pick their vehicle. ONLY STOs may pick a vehicle

A basic jet, perfect for starters, no weapons of course Jet (Speed, Combat, Flight: Horizontal) Plate Armor (Plate) Bi - Gravelectric (Proven)(GE 6/1) Early Detection System Controls (VSIC) TEF 22 Stats DR (0) MP (6) SP (530)(+150 SP to engines) Crew: 2 Max Weight (50,000 kg) Current Weight (37,500) PUO (10000) PUTO (9250) RM (3) DV(49) Max Speed - Mach 1 Max Alt: Green 6 Max DR: 2

Starter Vehicle - Crusader Jet

A basic boat, perfect for starters, no weapons of course Boat (Maneuver, Combat, Cargo Holds, Hydrofoil) Plate Armor (Plate) Base Gravelectric (Proven)(GE 6/1) Early Detection System Controls (Nanonic) TEF 22 Stats DR (1) MP (7) SP (510)(+150 SP to engines) Crew: 2 Max Weight (80,000 kg) Current Weight (17,950) PUO (10000) PUTO (10,000) RM (3) DV(51) Max Speed - 60 kmph Max Alt: x

Starter Veh. - Hammerhead Boat

Value --- 76,000

A basic helo, perfect for starters, no weapons of course Helo (Maneuver, Combat, Flight: Mixed) Plate Armor (Plate) Base Gravelectric (High Quality)(GE 7/1) Early Detection System Controls (Nanonic) TEF 27 Stats DR (-6) MP (27) SP (280)(+100 SP to engines) Crew: 2 Max Weight (25,000 kg) Current Weight (16,250) PUO (9850) PUTO (9750) RM (3) DV(44) Max Speed - 640 kmph Max Alt: Green 6 Max DR: 2

Value --- 79625

Starter Vehicle - Striker Helo

Value --- 63,375

A basic tank, perfect for starters, no weapons of course Tank (Resilient, Combat, Ground Prop: Tracked) Plate Armor (Plate) Maron Gravelectric (Proven)(GE 4/1) Early Detection System Controls (Nanonic) TEF 22 Stats DR (2) MP (8) SP (660)(+150 SP to engines, +100 Body) Crew: 2 Max Weight (102,000 kg) Current Weight (14,900) PUO (12000) PUTO (10,250) RM (3) DV(52) Max Speed - 50 kmph Max Alt: x Max DR: 2

Starter Vehicle - Hammer tank


Value --- 79,625

Example Character
So Chris had three races chosen earlier; a Half Diaxtron, a Sapien, and a Sapien GII.

Step 1

He rolled main Stats for each as well as figured out the secondary attributes. The characters came out like so: Half Diaxtron; INT 55, PR 85, END 30, EM 6 Sapien; INT 52, PR 75 , END 22, EM 8 Sapien GII; INT 65, PR 40, END 32, EM 5 Chris likes the Stats on the Half Diaxtron and chooses that as his character. He chooses not to let fate intervene and keeps all rolls the same.

Step 2

= 48 additional skill ranks to add. Skill Totals in () Dodge 6 Ranks +4 Extra +10 (20) Perception 6 Ranks +2 Extra +5 (13) Language 5 Ranks +2 (7) Computers 6 Ranks + 14 (20) Stealth 5 Rank +4 Extra +6 (15) Con 2 rank + 1 (3) Advanced Traps 2 Rank (2) Security Systems 4 Rank +5 (9) Melee Combat HtH Basic 4 Ranks + 2 Extra +5 (11) Chris decides to spend his last three points on a chance at ambidexterity. This gives him a 15% chance and actually makes it with a 12. His character can use either hand for an action.

Next is genetic tailoring, The half diaxtron character gets 5 Genetic tailoring points. Chris spends all 5 on INT, for a 65 INT.

Step 3
Step 4

Step 7

Chris chooses the passions of his character. 4 starting passions from his story points, Chris takes the following passions: Protection of civilians Combat Master Destroy Corps who hurt Civilians Protection of Friend: Bob Lasker (The man who trained him as a child)

Chris now must figure out the characters starting Base Skill, He divides INT, PR, and END by 5 for a 65+85+30= 180/5 = 36+ 24 = a 60 base skill. The Base Skill chart give Chris the following information: Age: 25, Min Story Points 2, and Character points 35. We also get that his PsiCon is a 50.

Step 8

Chris must decide what profession the character will take. Chris likes the CSPY, but his Entry Chance is only (55 + 30 - 6) -35 = 44 % Chris really wants to be a CSPY and decides to cheat the system. he spends 4 Character pts to increase his chance to get in by 20%, giving him a 64%. He rolls a 38 and gets in to the CSPY program, adding a Cheated the System Story Point to his character. Chris gets the following skills that CSPY start with to his sheet. He also gets 10 extra ranks to spend as he wishes: Dodge 6 Ranks +4 Extra Perception 6 Ranks +2 Extra Language 5 Ranks Computers 6 Ranks Stealth 5 Rank +4 Extra Con 2 rank Advanced Traps 2 Rank Security Systems 4 Rank Melee Combat HthBasic 4 Ranks + 2 Extra His base skills are done.

Step 5

Secondary Skills: Chris must know figure his secondary skill values Skill Depth = 2 His Psi Actions Per day = 33/5 or a 6 Psi Intuitions is 33/2 = 16 Psi Power = 100 65 Reaction is 57 with the Dodge/2 (10) and Melee combat/2 (5) skills added in. (85/2+10+5) Number of actions: 5 Reaction/10 (round up on a .8 or higher) Encumbrance is 60 PsiCon: 50 Luck: 3 (2 per passion) Story Points (2 per Passion) Starting Tech Level: 0 Now Chris can create some details about his character: First Chris creates a back story based in part on the story points he chose. Determine Height and weight Chris decides his character is about 58 or 177 cm. His characters BMI is 165 so his weight is 81 KG. Eye and Hair color Chris decides his character has black hair and Green eyes. Reading about the various countries and their languages he choose the Thailand Free Region as his home, his character is male and dark skinned. Name He decides to follow the UN naming tradition and creates a name of Venrick Thi Duran.

Chris now spends his remaining 31 Character Points to develop his characters nurture information. 7 Character points (CP) for his character to be upper middle class. This social class gives him the Story point sectors of Combat, City, and Disenfranchised. He can also use Family and Civilian as they are open to all. It also give the character +5,000 credits from his family. Next he Spends 20 CP on 4 story points. These cost 5 each as they come from Sectors related to his Social class. Combat Sector : Childhood combat training (Chris rolls a 5 adding 15 ranks to his skills) City Sector: Victim of Class prejudice (rolls a 2 adds 8 ranks to his skills) Civilian Sector (Open): Saw someone close to him die (rolls an 8 adds 13 ranks to his skills) Disenfranchised Sector: Ran with Sublevel Gang (rolls a 4 adds 12ranks to his skills) Chris has spent 27 character points between the social class plus 7 from his social class means he has 3 CP left. The Story points give the character 4 passions. Chris has 15+8 +13+12

Step 6

Step 9

Next buy the completed character equipment in the next section. Chris character graduates with 38 cites as CSPY He now rolls for his characters School Standing, and gets a 7 on 2d10 added. Venrick was not so hot at the academy; Did his work, nobody knew you he has a total of 45 cites and 5,000 credits. He decides to buy the glove suit set which costs him 41 cites. he has 4 cites left over for weapons, and decides to convert his cash to cites (2,000 per 1, so for 6000 he gets 3.) This gives him 7 cites enough foe the Type 2 Weapons package from the quartermaster. chris goes to section 3 and writes up his equipment stats, adding them to his character sheet. Chris is now ready to start playing StrikeForce 2136

Root 5 Access

Character Sheet Specifications: The Character Sheet

The included character sheet can also be downloaded from our site as well. This sheet is used to record the Attributes, Story points passions, equipment and any other information you will use during play. Lets explain how the sheet is laid out.

This page has all attributes, Passions, Story Points and Skill Info. From your Name to your Encumbrance this side helps track details that are used in RolePlay.
F ike : ce ( or ) Weight: __

The Information Page


a e igenc Intell ss e Prow nce ra Endu n o Emoti kill S Base on iC s P

ry Att


arents vlec Info:___ nk ) Gra led Ta ____ ______ ) Whee Tank ________ ____ ______ __________ __________ __________ __________ ________ Ta et ( __ ed __ rg ______ __________ __________ __ __ __ __ __ ) Track k n ______ __________ __________ __________ __________ ________ Ta et ( ______ ____ a ____ ______ rg __ __ __ __ __ ded T ) Ta __ __ __ __ __ __ id __ __ __ __ ______ __________ __________ __ __ __ Sk __ Story ______ k ______ __________ __________ __________ __________ Target ( n __ a __ T __ __ __ er Poin ______ ______ __________ __________ __________ __ ____ t Hov ______ __________ __________ __________ __________ n __ e __ __ __ tD ____ __ _ __ __________ ____ ______ __ __ m ______ __________ __________ __________ __________ ______ ______ etails g __ in__ ______ __________ __________ _________ Boats __ Move rget__ ____ ____ ____ __ ____ __ a S __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ T ks : ib __ __ __ __ n __ __ __ __ __ le y lin a ve __ __ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ________ ________ R Acti g amill Vehic g Inet ____ ____ ______ fo F in __ __ ______ __ ______ l :_ __ __ __ __ _ __ __ __ a __ __ l rg __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ a il nic __ T__ ____ ______ ______ Tech kill/SubSk t __________ __________ __________ _________ ____ __________ __________ __________ __________ Bomb __ ba ive: s ______ __________ S m__ ______ __ __ ______ m __ __ __ __ in o __ __ __ __ te __ a __ C Pass __ s __ __ __ __ M ______ ) ______ ______ ________ ________ ________ _____ ________ ______ Sy Fire ____T I ______ e ty __ ri yp __ __ __ __ __ __ u ______ __ ____ ____ ______ ______ ________ ________ ________ ______ ______ pon Sec rget: __ __ __ milly __ __ Wea __ ____ ______ __________ __ ) e II ________ ue Ta Ranks yp__ h Fa ______ ick __ ______ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ T rc __ kp __ __ a on Fatig oc l e __ __ __ p __ ____ L __ il ____ ____ ____ ____ __ ______ __ ea __ ______ __ ______ __ I __ Sk Res ) ing ype II ________ ______W __p__ __ ______ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ill/Sub T__ on ____ ______ __________ __________ ______ ( ______ __ ______ Bypass Programs __ in Sk ______ __ __ __ s: ea a it __ __ __ W __ __ d IV M ______ ____ ____ Type ______ ______ ______ ______ ____ ________ ______ _ ______ ______ __ Cre Family ode ) nce ______ ________ ________ ________ ________ __ SoftC ( s:( eapon______ Info ______ __________ __________ _______ ________ __________ __________ __________ W V Scie Analysis e ______ :_ e __ __ ir __ __ yp __ __ Debt: mmendation ons:( __ W T __ __ __ __ ______ eapon ______ ______ ______ __ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ s ________ ______ ______ ______ ______ tific Hard s ti o en a n C __ __ ci __ W __ d __ __ __ l __ S __ io n __ __ __ on __ __ ______ ______ _ ____ ______ ______ ______ lit ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ __ vy__ ______ __ eap ______ Tota mme W __ istry ______ __ __ __ __ __ __ Demo __ ______Hea__ ____T ics ______ ble Co act Chem ______ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ __ __ _ g s __ __ __ __ in __ Availa __ rm __ p __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ____ ____ __ s illy ll A Tam a ______mbat________ Ranks ______ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ __ Physic l Fam l ______ ______Sm ____ __ ______ __________ ____ nt __ ____ ______ __ __ Co ______si ____ Socia c ubSkil lee ______ ______ __________ __________ __________ __ Pinpoi ______ e__ a __ ____ ________ ________ ________ ______ ______ Biology ring Skill/S y nd, B ________ ______ ________M sion ______ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ __ to Ha ____ __ ______ __________ Main vv ______ __ Implo __ nd dv____ ginee nalysis ______ a __ __ a __ __ A __ n __ __ __ , H S __ __ __ E __ __ d __ __ _ __ t __ n ______ ______ ______ __ __ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ Ha __ ng ral A to si __ Stree rocedures u u __ d __ __ __ __ __ __ __ F __ ct __ n __ __ __ __ ____ ____ ______ rts ______ __ ______ ___ ____ __ __ __ __ Ha __ Stru ns P alysis s n ______ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ______ ____ lA Police Organizatio ial An ____ Desig ssin __________ _________ ____ Trap Ba ____ t ____ ____ a__ ____ ______ ______ __ Martia rts__ Mater Ass al ______ Layou __ c nced ______ ______ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ____ lA Grid Crimin cedures ______ _________ Adva Triggers ______ kgroun ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ Martia s Power g Layouts d __ Pro __ __ __ d __ ce __ g __ __ __ __ __ n __ n ic __ S __ a in __ __ __ ______ ______ tor G ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ obat Adva cr S Build d l y A le a _ __ __ __ __ ol ic __ __ t __ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ an ontr se r h C n c Con I __ e __ fe A __ __ __ i __ __ e s __ M ke ____ ____ __ D ______ctive __ ______ ______ ign onic ____ ______ ________ ________ iv A e Des ______ ______ ________ ____ F Lying cuitry Electr rd Cir ss e/ ____ __ ps __ Engin ____ ______ ______ Pa ______ ______ ra__ ______ air 213 orc T__ ____ s ______ ____ __ e Boa __ C ____ cuitry Perm __ e Rep ______ ______ __ __ itiv Storie ____ e: m VSIC __ s __ __________ s rd__ir issio 6 Engin ______ ri ______ ____ ______ ________ ________ Pri gger__ Boa y asion n ic __ T __ rg __ su __ G e __ u __ on __ __ __ __ er iv __ ll iv n __ s __ P __it en To ____ ______ ______ Pri__ Na __ mit cu Meta es ______ ________ ________ ________ epair ir g R C n a P __ n __ l __ u ig h __ ______ ______ ca otoc __ Des________ ________ ______ Weap Desig e __ ____ ing ____ Lang opy Electri __ __ ______ ________ ring Lock __ Sourc Maim________ ________ ____ on ______ ____ ower________ ________ ________ ______ ginee __ TEF______ Weapo Damage Anglo ng____ ______g Low P ____ ______K__ ioEn earch ______ ______ n y __ __________ ________ ________ ________ illi__ B ig __ n es lo __ __ n __ es o __ D D __ __ n ______ ______ amage ______ ______ ______ ic R ______ Russia ______ ________ ________ ________ ______ _ Tech______ Bypass __ __ Genet licing __ r __ ______ __ ted __ ____ __ ______ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ te__ o __ ______ ela pu ______ __ NA Sp ____ ____ ________ R ____ m__ ____ Ammo ________ ____ __ Techn _ __ ____ ________ ace __ __________ Co__ __ DNA/R eaths __ __ ______ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ______ ________ ____ __ ____ __ terf ______ ____ are ______ ____ In ____ ______ ______ __ ______ ______ Bonus re ______ ______ __ rdw ______ ______ ______ ________ ______ Euro __ a a tein Sh __ _ __ w H __ ro __ __ __ __ P rd __ __ __ __ ____ ______ re/Ha____ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ____ ____ n __ e ____ __ ____ __ ____ g __ __________ __________ Desig ______ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ __ Total D _________ in Chines __ ____ __ oftwa______ __ S__ __ __ Cod ____ __ __ Virus __ __ ______ ______ amage ____ inary__ n ______ ________ ________ __ ____ ____ ______ ________ ________ ________ ________ ______ ________ a ____ ign ____ ____ ____ Tibetia __ SIC/B______in ____ g __ V__ __ R nks ______ neer. __ AI Des ______ __ ____ amily Cod ________ __________ __________ __e __ F__ TEF ic Engi l ____ __________ __________ ________ ________ __________ ________ ic ______a__ il __ rt at on S __ Sk __ m n __ v Afgan p __ b __ ______ __ ecial E ______ __ ______ ______ N ______ ____ Co ______ gy Enzy kill/Su ____ ing ________ __________ ________ ______ ____C ffects/ Speak od hnolo __ __ ain S ________ __________ ________ ________ __________ __________ ________ __ ______ A __ _ ____ __ Corp __ M__ Abilitie d Tec DN __ ____ __ __ __ ____ __ ______ ______ ______ g __ ______ ________ __________ __ ______ ______ s echno Relate lth __ ____ ________ ________ ______ ggin ______ __ __ __ __a Mac T __ ______ ______ Ste ______ Debu ______ ___________ ______ ________ ge__ ________ __________ __________ ________ ________ ________ ____ a __ __ n on fl __ a ti __ ou __ ______ ______ ____ ______ ______ ______ C ______ ______ Weap ______ ______ k _ am Kazk ____ ncryp ea __ ls E __ F __ __ Sp __ __ co __ E __ __ __ __ s __ o __ T ______ ______ n Dam ______ ____ k ______ ______ ro g ______ ________ ______ ord ____ ilto P in ______ lS sS y lk __ __ es e __ a g W __ Sea L __ __ t __ cc __ __ St __ __ a lo eapon ______ ge __ __ PuA __ ______ ______ ________ ________ ________ ______ h 1 hno rpoa Use D ____ ______ in ____ ____ __ __ Searc ______ __ d Tec __ _____ ______ g Terra ______ amage Dat se: ___it on__________ __________ in Prim ______ ________ ________ ______ h_ Relate Ranks ati__ ______ ___ milly l _____ ____ ______ __ arynSSm __ __ __ __ SkillS Interrog on al Fa ______ il Ammo ________ es kill d Bor ______ ________ ________ ________ ________ ______ _____ Gu et 2 orrupti ______ ____________ _ Medic kill/SubSk __ B n __ __ __ a __ o _ P __ ir __ s _ n __ S a __ u ______ __rr us __ __ el __ rpos __ __ ______ __ __ AI C _ eneral Rep Main Sec. S Ba ery ______ ________ ________ ________ ______ ____________ __ Prim e: _______ orture ____ Surg __ kU ______ ______ __ Total D _________ lnjam/G ar T ____ n SkillS _____ il Field ______ ______ ________ ______ amage io P _____ ghting _____ y Skill et 3 rgery ly ______ ______ Ranks __ _____ Famil Seduct air u asic Su Application __ Si S g p r B ic __ e p e __ in t n l c o __ o R il __ se: _ Skill ______ le S washP sho Psio DNA ubSk Specia lication __ Brain rim __ Vehic ics Trouble ec. Skill fluence ________ Basic Skill/S sper e App _____ l Effect SkillS __ nic In ary Skil __ n Main Enzym Use s/Abili -E et 4 Electro ____ Sec. S _____ Electro on Repair __________ Basic _n Purp ics nics s _____ l ties ptio Se si kill e ose: _ Psio _ Nanon plants _ c rc en u _ c e S et oc S sp si F e P k a /j u ca S B _____ ill _____ Prim . ll hic Skill lker Helo ic Im e ec n _ it ta _ _ R _ in io a _ n _ t _ Empat S B ts _ r _ ic u _ __ Weap y Skil ___ _____ n _____ ed Sec. la_ Selec rav asic sP B G M ic _ _ _ l n er F o d _ _ _ E s w n _ e _ _____ Skil T n __ nc Psio n Po Sec. Skg S tu Weapo Damage s eit In cioSk rch __ Adva Surgery _______ l Fusio l Sec. S ____ olo ily l Focu n aker ___h Astra _n kill ail Seaill nced _D ____ - Qu ______ Damage _et d Tec __ Sec. S _____ TEF ___ Adva ____ ___ ___ y nics ____ ____ ge _____ Relate Sec __ kill ___ nology __ Surger Psio us g ran_ . S __ _ S A in e on _ k m __ _ L c _ ra h __ il r _ . mo B ______ _ B Sec S Skilld Tec ________ ______l__ _ Foc ave DNA ___ _ __ __ _ e d _ __ p. te k ce _ p Force W il _ _ n __ _ la ______ onus __ ____ e eA ____ ______ R_ Adva __e ______ _____ _______ l ___ nics nzym __ _ __ ____S __ __ ____ __ c __ __ ___ __ . __ Psio Focus Sec. S____ nced E Weics __ Sk Total D _________ __ ill Adva kill __________ _____ Sec. Sk ___ Modifi amage lar ____ Bion apon U ____ inner d _ p se A _ ce s __ Cellu cc il _ _ S n e __ s _____ilitie l __ r ic Taarg __ rity _________ s_ on __ EF Adva te _ n ic T x _ __ _ b n T _ e _ N __ _ _ E A io _______ __ F y __ Ps nced Specia us ate Ambid ______ Sec. Skil ____ Sec. 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__T e__ __ ch __ ___ weaks ______ ______ ____________ _ __ __ SetSki ______ ____________ y ll Tota cop A __ to __ o l __ h mmo E __ To P F bon Given us sion
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utes Attrib ndary Seco epth Skill D ns ctio Psi A ns tuitio Psi In er P Psi ow n tio Reac ns Actio nc Max E Used Points Luck Points Story



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__ __ __ __ et ( ______ ______ ______ ______ sion ______ __________ __________ __________ ______ Targ ( Pas__ ______ rget ____ ____ ____ ____

) ) ______ lor:___ ye Co E ( __ t Height: lor:________ : Dark/Ligh 10 Co ______ Tone 5 6 7 8 9 RA ______ _____ Hair M/F Skin _ 4 _ _ 3 _ nd: L _ 2 _ Sex: ____ _____ ate Ha _ :01 ______ ___________ __________ ech Levels ___ Domin __________ :_ e m T __ Na __ __ ___ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ Race:_ n:________ ___________ __________ Standing:__ io _ l __ Profess ___________ ___________ ____ Socia _ _ __ Ranks mily l Rank:_ e:________ __________ at Fa _ m ) Comb kill/SubSkil _ a _ N _ ___ S Unit _ et ( _ in _ rg a _ ) Ta _ M _ __ ) Famil ______ Target ( ng Home:_ ) ______ et ( __ Piloti ic Jets y Info Targ ____________ ____________ __ Target ( tr ) ravlec __ __ __ rting elo tric H P s Sta ________ ________ ________ Target ( ) G

3 21 Age: (

This page tracks your Characters Background Info, Story points, and Skillset tracking

The Tracking Page


Other F T Skill T EF w Tech T eak weaks SetSki ll Ammo Total EF bo nus

SetSki ll Ammo Total EF bo nus

TE Other F T Other EF TEF Other TEF Skill T w Tech T eak weaks

Weapo n Targ T Acc E Other F TEF Other T Other EF T Skill T EF w Tech T eak weaks SetSki ll Tota l Ammo EF bo nus



mage Weapo n ______ Damage __ Ammo ________ ______ Bonus __ Total D _________ amage Specia l Effect s/Abili ties

Access Granted

Character Sheet Specifications: The Equipment Sheet

The included character sheet can also be downloaded from our site as well. This sheet is used to record the Attributes, Story Points passions, equipment and any other information you will use during play. Lets explain how the sheet is laid out.

This page tracks your Characters weapons, other equipment, and for techs Details of their scanners.

The Equipment Page

This page lists armor, the systems, and weapons your vehicle uses.

The Vehicle Tracking Page

le Profi ___ Drug ______ _ _ ____ ses: ___ s Do ose ____ x _ a /D _ _ e M ___ _ Typ rn 6 __ _ _ e _ : Hald rn 12 ____ _ Enc : e _ ____ _ Repair Hald _ h s Flas Miric ____ _ Function Mod ___ e _ ____ __ Parry c Spin m Tri ____ _ _ on Ac _ iu ____ __ ____ _ Clac n Fix Weap fense _ _ _ a s _ e __ _ __ od ___ _ Org tyne _ Psi D rs M _ S TEF ____ __ fend n Tine ______ ____ _ e o s D _ iC _ _ Ps es der s ____ _ n u _ n ____ ______ ____ _ _ fe o _ B __ _ De EF _ F s E e _ T s _ u ____ ______ ____ _ T on ____ B M _ _ r C _ _ _ e _ E _ _ _ __ __ Oth TEF ____ __ Other EF ____ ______ ____ _ _ _ T Type ____ ______ ____ Other _ A nse ____ ______ DN _ Defe _ Hard _____ s ____ ______ _ Optic vice ______ _ e _ D _ _ ___ __ tealth _ _ e _ _ _ _ yp S _ T ___ ___ e s _ A n TEF: trands: ____ ____ Targ DN _ Defe S Hard _______ s ____ ce Other Slots/ Optic Devi ______ _ alth ____ Enc: ____ ____ ___ Ste ir: a _ : _ p rg F _ e : a _ E R T T ds _ on Stran ________ ther Functi O Slots/

me:_ ____ ____ ____ Vehic ____ le Sta ____ ts D ____ _ _ ____ or T ____ ef _ _ r_ ense R ____ PU ____ ____ ____l Armo_ m r _ _ _ at A O _ _ _ in ____ _ _ _ ____ ica____ g Base ___ __ ____ _ _ ____ _ _ _ys _ C _ _ h _ _ _ _ ri C _ _ _ P _ tical C ost __ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ __ Electr _ M _ r _ h _ __ _ o a _ a _ _ _ n _ n _ _______ ____ ce euver rm onic ____ A_ _ _ _ V _ P _ _ _ e C _ oi v _ _ _ I _ ti nts Max Stats Defense _ __ __ ___ _ Reac ers________ __ _ Sp _ _ s _ ee _ __ d Total _ ____ __ Arm rb o _ M n s _ T _ o b a _ ti E x _ _ A c Vehic F __ _ Altitu or:__ ____ Range le de l Prote rmor ____ Tra Detec ____ Trait : Je Ttota ____ tion V Hel ____ ____ 1 its ma A ____ alue .__ e s __ Plas o Scout yp ____ ._ T1 ___ ECM Boat ___ ______2._ _______ ____ e_____ Armor s /E A n 2 _ _ _ N fe _ C _ _ ._ _ _ _ ____ MN _ _ ___ tive D _ De___ Wea Total 3 c____ ____ _______ ____ Hard _______ 3.__ tics______ Rea_ p TEF ____ ___._ _ _ _ ___ p ____ _ _ ce ers ____ ____ on 1 _ 4.___ _______ _______ _______ rb ECM Devi ______ 4._ O __ ___te bso_ __ ____ __ _ ____ _ _ _ ction_______ _ lth______A Range _te a_ __ ____ _S _ .__ Pro ___ ____ _______ _______ _ _ Type _________ ____ l_ _ ____ _ r ____ ____5 _ ta D E _ ____ 5_ o _ ._ o C _ e _ _ _ _ _ T _ _ M s _ m _ _ _ _ _ _ _ r _ ign: ___ ____ __ __ N Ra __ _ ___ 6 rg _._ er A ______ _ ___ nge _ ____ ___L 6 s_ Ta_ _ TEF: trands: ____ Acc __ a ._ ___ _______ _______ ____ _ __ Chem __ __ ____ e __ ___ S Wea r ______rm __ __ ._ Pro ___ __ or _______ __ 7 _____ _______ _______ ______ th _7 .___ O Slots/ __ A__ PWR _ __v_ ___ ___ Plasm ject ____ pon 1 __ ____ __ ___ ti e_____ _ 8 8.__ _______ ______ _._ ____ a __ ac __ ______ ______ ___ e_ _ _ _ R_ _ _ ____ ____ Enc: _ _ R _ _ _ _ _ rs__ OF ____ ____ ____ Laser _ e_ Type __ bso_ __ ___ 9._ ____ Desig ir: ____ on ___rb ti_ _ P ________ _ _______ ______ _ n: Repa n 10 ___________________A tec_ __ _Pro Tonna _ ____ Missile __ owe ____ Acc o .__ _ ts ___o __ tal _ Chem g ____ __ r _ _la _ P _ __ _ e_ Sta_ Functi Projec 11._ _______ _______ T ___ r_ _ __ Rng e t: __ Other ___nds: Traits_ ___n th_ PWR ___ ____ ____ t O _ P _ la _ a _ _ _ sma 1._ ____ tr ___ : ____ _ 12._ e_ S_ Amm c_ / n _ ts _ _ ____ _____yp ra _ _ _ lo _ o R b _ e _ S OF ____ Laser ____ Encum 2.___ ______ _ __ T ______ __ 13._ ___ Type_ _ __ N_ ____ ____ se _____T tal __ od A ____ n_ o T fe _ 3 : _ _ 14._ _ _ _ o _ e D ._ _ _ M _ _ n _ _ D _ _ _ n _ _ _ is _ __ _ _ _____ ag ___ sile rd __ Salvos ir M 4._ ______ ______ ______ a_ ___ ___ H_ ___ti pa_ s _______ _____ e_ c_ _ _ R_ Rng e _ _ Other vice ____________ Op __ ____ _cials5 _______ _______ _______ ___ DeV Salvo __ _ alt _ __ pe .___ ____ C ___ ___ Amm __ _I: Wt. te__h __ ____ ________ _ __ ____ __S o _T Enc: 6.__ _______ _______ _______ ____ ____ S e ____ C rait o yp s : _ _ _ T _ T : _ t _ s ir _ _ y _ rg __ _ _ Ta pe___ : __ EF T._ 7.__ ______ ______ ______ 1 Repa n ____ A nse trands ______ ___ EF Bo _ts_ __ _ _ _ S_ r_ /_ o DN Salvos __________ _e _ Defe _ th lo_ 8.__ _______ _______ _______ nus _ O_ 2._ S_ ____ Hard _______ Functi ____ s _ _ _ ____ _ :__ _______ ce Optic Salvo ____ _______ _______ ____ c _____ 3.__En_ Devi ______ __ _ _ h _ _ _ Wt. _ _ e _ lt _ _ _ _ _ _ a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ yp :_ _ _ _ __ ____ T ____ ir_ 4.__ ep ___ Cost ____ ___ Ste Devic ____ _______ ______ _ __fense __ R__a __ Wea Type ____ ____ e H d DNA ___D : ____ __ e n rg _ F _ 5 p o : a _ _ E o ti ._ e s _ T _ c s n T d _ a _ _ _ _ _ r E n ____ A n ____ _ _ 1 _ ard D____ F Bon u_ ____ Stran ________ ther 6.__ ___F _ DN _e _ Defe ____ _______ _ __H __ ____ ptics us c __ ____ NA O _ _ _ _ Hard _______ Slots/ _ s TEF Devi _ TO ype alth Type _________ e ce _ __ ______ 7.__ _______ _______ ______T Optic ____ Ste _yp Devi ______ ____ Design: __ se _ __ _ _ ____ Enc: ______ Slots/ _ _efe D alth n 8.__ _______ _______ _ Acc ____ __ NA___ fe : _ C : e D _ _ ir ____ n rg S h F _ _ _ _ _ a D s W : a ____ ___ Ste _ tr e _ _ e _ _ E p T mPro _ eap ____ ____ ds _ __ __ Re ard __ ds _ Enc T an/ H_ __ _ ____ ce Stran _____O ___Optics __ p_ticsOther PWR _ _ _ on _ Plasm ject _____ on 1 TEF: trands: _________ Targ _ _ _ ____ __ Slots Devi Functi S _ a ____ _____ _ ___ Stealt _ ____ _ Stealth Repair ROF Other ___ Slots/ Type _________ ____ Laser __ ____ _ h __ Enc: _ e ____ Design: __ _ _ F : _ yp _ T : c u : T _ ir a n n rg T rg ction Repa E onnag Acc Missile TEF trands: ___ ____ Ta D e Chem e s vi A n : e c N ir fe e H ts/S Pro D ___ De __ er Other on ti ____ R th d c Repa n a lo r n P n O O rd S g a _ W u _ th Plasm ject H F DNA R er o tics _______ c: ____ ce a Ame OpT Functi n____ Devi ______ ROF Type E E_ yp mo F L h _ T a _ lt _ ser a _ _ _ : _ te e Type air ___ D ___ s p A n e ____ ___ S S N e fe D R T Type _ lo D e o e Missile ts vi nnag _ D ______ A nse Targ /Strands Function O fense ___ ce Hard _____ S Hard _______ TEF: trands: _________En alvO DN op Rng e _ Defe ce ____ _____ stics _ S c ther ptics Other ____ Hard _______ A evi _____ ____ DND s Slots/ S __ TEF Amm ce alth _a lvo S ____ _____T Optic RepO _ tet. Stealt W Devi ______ o air ____ ype : ____ c h h _ _ n _ lt _ _ E a _ _ _ C _ Slots/ ost Targ : efe ds: _____ Type_ Functi ___ Targ ____ ___ Ste ir: TEFD _ na Strand __ sn on e Repa n Str ____ __ F Enc Salvos __________ : Ots _E TEF: trands: _________ Targ ns BonusOther p/ Other o tics Slo esig ____ S Functi ____ : Repair D emProject Salvo Other Slots/ S nc te E a lt h Wt. hir: ____ C ma 2 Fu Cost _c Enc: TaR _ n rgepa on tion Plas pon _____ Devic : a ir e a W p _ ti e H nc __ Re EF Bo OtheF r ____ ard n: Perm ____ ru on ____ Lase nus ____ e iss: sig DNA ct _ ____ ___ Functi _ ion G D e __ TEF e: _ T ___ roje ype iven Typ Melee P_ ____ rc To P _ Chem ____ D c/Dam De _______ r o n: _ h e S _ otoc ig lo _ th c s 1 eA vi_ F _ fense ce ____ O /_ De ma opy S s __ e pon ___ts tr la a H a _ P e n _ a _ : : ds ____ _ rd W F ls __ Enc Optic __ DN R SIC ____ ecia rik 136 __ _ p A sO __ _ _ aser ____ V onic ____ __ ____ R py Type St ___S 2 ner ___ Ste Hnds TEF __ __ ____ ep ____ _ L toco _ Nan Pho Scan ______ Type: F am air _________ Melee T alth nc:Slots ___ _____ ____ Defe _ Devic n To u _ _ ___ DNA E / a n _ _ D n _ r ____ S Give rg c _ _ s _ / e e io ti tr _ e _ _ c on __ ands __ Ac ___ s Hn : _ Oth ____ ard _ : _ E _ d _ is _ g O _ n e _ _ n _ c _ e p m _ _ O tics R DN th Sp es: Per ______ ls e: ___ ___ ____ ___ ount ________ ROF: ____ A ecia r TE Forc _ _ R Stealt F rm paM Ae ____ Type ____ ___ Sp ____ ___ Enc: ir omag Hnds ____ h _D _ ____ ___ T Electr Slots/ ___ FuP ____ ___ efense Devic nM ction Rng: ount __ ______ Strand : ____ __ arg _ c F D e H _ _ n e N _ E vi _ _ W _ _ ce s Enc ____ a Optics M ____ _ Other ___ S H _ _ Arm M lots ________ ____ rd DNA _ : _ _ a _ g _ rd o _ n___ nt _ _ _ R ____ D S ____ __ mm __ SNF l R N _ T _ _ A u S Type _ E _ A e _ _ ta o _ te ____ _ p l F _ _ o air alth T __ ica TEF Arm M _______ ___ ___ ___ Type s _ ___ _ y _ _ e h _ _ p P _ _ y _ _ Functi T Slots/ __ Targ Defen __ __ __ __ p _ li _ Used EF _________ y _ C it D S _ o S / v D _ se lots/SPM evice hots n trands __ fense Gra ____ e s/T _ __ _ _ e _ S E _ tr _ _ it l O O H n _ a _ u a _ c ther nds ptics ____ _ ard E S ic c __ ___ __p ____ Cli SM p nD ti_ omag _____ ___ ChemEnc ____ O_ NA _ ______ cs _ Repair ___ S mo _ _ _ te s T Electr _ _ _ p m T _ E a n _ _ li _ yp A _ R lt F _ _ _ h _ Stea _ e_ alo epair ___ _____ __ lt_ No. C___ h Slo ____ C Functi Targ WNF ___ ____ _ ____ ___ Devic Type Clip _T _ Cost De on ts/Str __ _u arg n_ _F ctio _ e H ___ / ands Clip nus O fense __ _ Other ____ ___ ____ a SNF l ___n __ Enc Shots c O_th ptics Bo ____ rd DNA a _r___ _ F ___ _ ____ ic _ n _ e E s _ _ y E _ h _ P ____ TEF ___ R ___ Clip ps Stealt ____ Type y ____ ___ epair ____ ___ h li _D _ _ Gravit al Slots/ No. C st Targ efense Devic ____ Functio ____ ___ ic Strand o n e H _ Chem s Enc ____ a ____ ___ Clip C us Optics O th ____ rd DNA _ e n n r Bo ____ Calo ____ ____ ____ F R T E S Type E e tealth ____ pair F _ __ _ _ _ _ ___ _ _ _ _ _ Fun Slo Ta De ____ ______

St _ ri_ ____ ype ___ or T eF __ k ____ _ V _ e h ___ orc t: _ ic t e _ h le _ lm ig : _ L He ___Type De_ e: cri ____ __ e ce ____:__s 213 a_ on ____pti_ ____ _ Fram Suit Interf_ ds _ __ _tr _ __ ____ or__ 6 _a __ _ _n __ S e _ __ __ Arm _ ction: ___ / ___ __ ts _ __ ____ ______ Slo_ _ Prote e: _________ Glov d ____ _ e _ _ s _ _ _ a _ _ _ _ s B ____ __ ____ ____ __ ____ bri ge Typ y _ a ____ _ Total _ H e _ n _ _ _ c _ Im _ _ _ _ _ to a _ ____ _ _ Poin nd _ : ele terf _ ____es: ______ __ ___ s k u _ d _ _ In d S _ _ o _ _ n n o _ ts _ _ a x ic _ u _ _ _ _ _ o ___ E _ Armo ____ o e: __ ____ V c_ /Str er W _n ____ __ r Wt. __ _ nds _ bra ___ e ets P ces per W ---------- Slots ts ____ ___ _m Wou ____ d:_______ _______ ___ Total ncu _ et Typ___E SkillS an ---Wt. ____ Mo______ ______ ___ ____ ___ Helm Pocke s: ir r a o p -10 to Crit Ch -------------_ _ C ____ ____ urre Re ____ __ Arm_____ th to ---Hard S Shea brance: _________ it__ _______ ___________________ Crew nt Wt. _u +5% -------------_ _ n _ _ -___ Glove ____ ________ _____ ctio Encum Mod: te -------o_ _ r_ ____ _____ PUTO ___o ir _tals ____ P Repa
___ ____ ___ Arm


le Pr

Vehic le Da mag Body e Engin es Contr ols Wea pons Cock pit



le Na


_ _____ ____ _ _____


rg Other

ts/Str ands Enc Repair Functi on

fense Optics Stealt h Targ Other

Root 5 Access

Advancement Advancement Character Growth

Using Commendations After the GM has awarded commendations, two things occur. The first is the player uses these commendations to improve and grow the character. The second is the Rank charts are checked to see if the character ranks and Tech Level have changed. There are two spots to record commendations on the character sheet. The first is total commendation. All the commendations your character has ever received since its creation. These are used to determine the characters rank and tech level. The second is current commendations, which should hold only any commendations you have not used to improve your attributes or skills.

As characters complete missions, SubContracts and interact with the world of 2136, they will grow and learn as any individual does. They will get better at some skills, learn new skills and change as individuals. Each time you sit down and play your character that character, gains experience. This process is tracked in StrikeForce: 2136 using a process called Commendations. Commendations allow you to track your characters growth as an individual. It also helps note their place within MAC and the System based upon their rank and the access they have to advanced technology. The ranking system works as a rewards system for those that support or believe in the System. It makes life easier for those who are with the System. Those that are fighting it can still advance and even become great leaders of the System, but they have to work harder, do more to get past the barriers the System has put in place. Either way, a character can do and achieve much whatever their attitude. For some it is a question of how your character can sleep at night. Others might say it is a matter of perception, and still others would say simply it is their job. Whatever the characters drive, for or against the system, the ranking system give you a very strong idea as to what you have to do to get through the system. Characters will be employed with a Guild, Corp, Nation or even with a UN entity like MAC. From this employer, the characters will get Missions. This is the primary way a StrikeForce member gets credits and advancement. There are other ways as well.

Character Growth

The method used to grow a character is to spend commendations to improve skills, attributes or buy additional skills, when creating a character. Each change to a character costs a fixed number of commendations. The following list defines the costs. Commendations Growth Cost 200 commendations Raise Intelligence by 2 100 commendations 10 commendations 200 commendations 100 commendations 100 commendations 25 commendations 50 Commendations Raise Prowess by 1 Lower emotion by 1

Raise endurance by 1

Raise base skill by 1 (80 max) Buy 1 main skill at level 0 Buy 1 SubSkill rank Buy 1 point of PsiCon



As characters interact with the world the GM has created, they gain experience or commendations. Commendations are converted into new skills and other forms of character growth. After each playing session, commendations are awarded by the GM, based on what the characters have done. The experience is given based on actions and results. Making 10 successful skill rolls is a great sign your character is growing and commendations will flow. However needlessly torturing a character is a negative way of learning, leading to shortcuts and poor skills, and is penalized. The game rewards those who can over come obstacles using their mind and the characters skills. But those who simply shoot first and ask questions later are not really penalized. The list below detail for what actions Commendations are given. There are three lists: General, Adjusting Bonus and Fighting Bonus. The General is used for all characters regardless of their attitude. Those who are adjusting or fighting can gain additional commendations by doing things on the bonus commendations lists. Characters who are indifferent to the System can take actions on either bonus chart for additional Comms, but that can lead to complications in their life, as these bonuses tend to exclude each other.

Notes If a character should raise his base skill using commendations, the maximum he may raise it is 20 above normal. If he should raise intelligence or prowess, refigure education factor and raise base skill. The max Base Skill with education factor is 60, the max with added points is 80. A formal list of all the refigured attributes follows on the next page.

Self Teaching

Characters may use their base skill to skills on the job. This works for any MAIN skill they are not trained in. To self teach the character must make 3 successful rolls against their base skill. The three rolls must be made in different situations, no picking the same lock to the shower 3 times. The first roll is at 1/4 the characters base skill. After the first success the character rolls the second time at 1/2 their base skill. The third roll uses the normal Base skill. Should the character succeed at all three rolls, they get the MAIN skill at level 0. This does NOT apply to PSIONIC based skills. These skills must be taught and cost commendations to learn and improve.

Advancement Refigure Stats Cheat Page

This page lists all character values that are adjusted when a skill or attribute changes. cess chance. Base skill is figured by averaging your INT,PR, and END. Then subtract EM * 10 from the average. The formula is ((INT+PR+END)/5)+(30 -EM) You can buy Base Skill with commendations as you do character growth, but 20 pts is the most you can add using commendations. Psi Con: Rates the characters Psi Concentration. This power gauges the characters ability to tap into their Calon nodes and use the Power of Psi. To figure this attribute, use the below formula: Base Skill - 20 The maximum non-PSI tech PsiCon is Intelligence+25. The maximum for a PsiTech is PsiCon*2. PsiCon is refigured when base skill changes.

Primary Attributes

Intelligence, Prowess, Endurance When raising the Primary attributes of a character racial maximums will limit their growth. Race Human Maximum Intelligence 110 110 130 115 110 115

Human GII Diaxtron Half Diaxtron Centurian Superior Half Centurian


Secondary Attributes

Psi Actions Per Day: PsiCon/5 is the number of Psi Patterns (abilities) a Psi can use per 24 hours. This is refigured should a characters PsiCon change. Roll 20% 25% 0% PsiPower PsiCon* 2 + highest Psi Focus ranks. So an 80 Psicon with a 25 Esper Focus would be a 185 Psi Power. This is refigured should a characters PsiCon change. Reaction All characters are limited in how much they can do in one 6 second, phase. This is determined by a players reaction. A players reaction is calculated as follows: Reaction: ((Prowess/2) + Highest Melee SubSkill Rank/2 + Passive Defense Ranks/2 Character has Hand to Hand Advanced SubSkill Reaction: ((Prowess/2) + (1.5 * Highest Melee SubSkill Ranks)/2 + Passive Defense Ranks/2 Character has Martial Arts SubSkill Reaction: ((Prowess/2) + (Highest Melee SubSkill Ranks + Passive Defense Ranks/2 All reaction values are rounded DOWN A character with a prowess of 62 a Melee Combat SubSkill Martial Arts (40) and a defense of 15; would have a reaction of 59. Using the formula above for a character with martial arts (62/2)+(40)+(15/2)=31+40+7= 78. The maximum human reaction is 150 unless technology is used. Character Actions Each character is capable of so many actions in a 30 second turn. Each turn has five; 6 second phases. Actions = Reaction / 10 Special Note for Rounding Actions: Actions are only rounded up if the decimal is 8 or above, and rounded down otherwise. So a person with a 3.8 action would have 4 actions in a phase and a persona with a

Race Human

Max Prowess 120 120 120 105 115


Half Diaxtron Half Centurian Superior Centurian


120 Max END 115 120 130



Race Centurian Sapiens Sapiens, Genus II Diaxtrons Half Centurians Half Diaxtrons Superiors

140 120 150 135

Emotion The minimum Emotion any character can have is 3. Skill Depth: For Each Skill Family that has Every Main Skill at a minimum of 1 rank, raise your Skill Depth by 1. Base Skill: Gauges the characters innate ability to do anything. All skills build on this. When a character makes a skill roll, they add their skill to the base skill to get their suc-


3.7 action would have 3 actions in a phase. Character Movement Rates Each character moves differently, based on their PR and their total number of actions. Active movement = PR Passive Movement = PR/10 All values round up at .8. Encumbrance: When a Characters PR changes the amount of Encumbrance changes. The table below shows the values. Prowess 30-64 85-104 105 115 65-84 Encumbrance 40 60 65 70 50 phase. Melee attacks made by the character can be repeated, use first attacks EF, do not re-roll the attack. 5 is still the maximum active actions in one turn, so it is possible to run out of active actions in 3 phases. Ambidexterity

Character can use both hands to do an action in the same phase. Each hand requires its own action. Must roll 3 PR EF of 35 or more doing an Ambidexterity action.

Attribute: Prowess Req. Attrib: 70 Roll: 3 PR: EF 35+ Comms: 350

Luck Points Character gets 1 Luck point per 1000 Commendations and for every 2 Passions Story Points Characters get 1 Story point per 2 passions. Literacy Effects on Skill Growth Characters who choose to learn more languages will gain skill growth. The below chart shows the bonus commendations that are awarded when a character exceeds 25 ranks in 3 or more languages. The Bonus Comms go to various skill families as the character becomes more literate. These Commendations must be spent on those families and are awarded each time the character does growth until any one SubSkill hits a maximum of 40 Skill total. These Comms do add to rank, MAC rewards language investment seeing it as making the well rounded personnel the System requires. Number Of Languages 3 4 6 5 Skill Family Technical Social Bonus Ranks +300 +200 +150 +125

Your characters rank is a gauge of how powerful they are in the calculations of the Planning Groups and the System. All ranks are determined by Military Advancement Command, not by individual Corporations or countries. Your rank is determined by your total commendations. Rank In Game All members of MAC may work for other entities like corps and nations. Orders from MAC officers not employed by the same entity are voluntary. Only MAC issued orders can force a StrikeForce Member to follow orders of a higher ranked official from a different entity. StrikeForce members of the same rank use total comms to determines the ranking officer. Any failure to follow MAC orders usually results in a Courts Marshal. A persons Rank is used to determine a persons fame and reputation. The Rank number * 10 can be used as a positive modifier for Social combat attacks and also for the chance that someone will recognise the character, assuming they have not changed their appearance. Tech Level and Debt Restrictions MAC extends a line of credit to all ranks. This is how much money MAC is willing to loan you at any time. The Mastrin Underwriters alliance determines such limits and appeals are allowed. All technology is classified by a UN Tech Guild rating system called Tech Level. A persons rank determines what tech they have access to. A Player may use any technology classified at their level or lower.


Research, Medical Covert, Combat Psi

Attitude and rank




IInnate abilities

As soon as a character achieves the required Skill rank or Attribute, pays any Comms costs and skill rolls they can gain the innate ability. Quickness

SubSkill Martial Arts or Hand To hand Adv Req. ranks: 45 Roll: None Comms Cost: 230

This allows the character to take 2 active actions in one

Players rank increases as they gain commendations. There are 2 columns for commendations required to achieve a rank. The easier column, requiring fewer Commendations to achieve a ranks is for Believers and Supporters of the System. The System rewards those who contribute and grow the system with their actions, bringing humanity one small step closer to the Phoenix Society. People who cannot pick a side or turn against the System are penalized for denying humanity its future. The Planning groups are always trying to bring a lost believer back to the fold. Those on the Fighting path will have to do more and find other ways to get bonus commendations; take subcontracts, contribute more on a mission, or even take Free Lance jobs if they want to get to the next

rank as fast as someone who believes and works with the system; that is how the UN wants it everyones actions are a small step to the Phoenix Society. At Rank 4 characters receive Special Tech Level awards; discussed in the GM Section. Attitude Changes and Demotion Should a Character switch attitudes during a session they must check commendations at the end . Should they no longer have the commendations to maintain their current rank they are demoted. They are stripped of that rank and Tech Level; and must discard any tech above their legal Tech Level immediately. No keeping anything as the IJC and MAC are checking them in person, when they are stripped of rank. Special Tactics Officer/Corporate Spies Commendations Adjusting 201- 400 801- 1,600 0- 200 Commendations Fighting 0-350 Rank 1 Title Special Tactics 2nd Lieutenant 1st Lieutenant Commander Tech Level 0 2 3 5 7 1 Debt 0

401- 800

3,201- 6,400 12,801-20,000 6,401-12,800

1,601- 3,200

40,001-60,000 60,001+



24,001 - 34,000

16,151 - 24,000

8001 - 16,150

3951 - 8000

2201 - 3950

1251 - 2200

701 - 1250

351 - 700

2 4 6 8 7 5 3

Lt. Commander Captain, Whitestar Captain, Blackstar Major, Silver Major, Gold Lt.. Colonel

Personal Weapon Design 4 6 8

20k 40k 60k 80k 70k 50k 30k


42,001 - 64,000 64,001+

34,001 - 42,000

10 12 11

General (Advisor)

Colonel (Retired)


100k 110k


PsiTech Rank Commendations Adjusting 0- 200 201- 600 601- 950 951- 1,800 Commendations Fighting 301 - 650 0 - 300 Rank 1 Rank Envoy Tech Level 0 2 3 5 7 1 Debt 0

1,801- 4,200



4,201- 8,000





40,001 - 48,000 48,001 - 62,000 62,001+

25,001 - 40,000

15,001 - 25,000

10,001 - 15,000

4,501 - 10,000

2,001 - 4,500

1,001 - 2,000

651 - 1,000

2 4 6 8 7 5 3

Searcher Student, Touch Student, Scent Adept Student, Sight Student

Biotech Investiture 4 6 8

Student, Sound Major Adept PsiTech, Mind Eye PSI Councilor PsiTech

10k 20k 30k 40k 35k 25k 15k



10 12 11



FieldTech: Nano/ FieldTech: Bio Commendations Adjusting 0- 200 201- 400 801- 1,600 401- 800 Commendations Fighting 401 - 650 0 - 400 Rank 1 Rank Base Tech Tech Level 1 Debt 0

28,001- 42,000 42,001-70,000 70,001+




3,201- 6,200

1,601- 3,200

1,850 - 3,600 7251 - 12,000 3,601 - 7250

1,001 - 1,850

651 - 1000

2 4 6 8 7 5 3

Junior tech, Earth Class Skilled Tech, Fire Class Base Doctor Intern Junior Tech, Fire Class

Base Tech, Earth Class

2 Tech Skill Investiture 4 6 8 7 5 3

5k 7k

10k 20k 30k 50k 15k

24,001 - 30,000 30,001 - 45,000 45,001 - 75,000 75,001

12,001 - 24,000

10 12 11

Specialist, Water Class (advisor) Guild Tech, Star Class (advisor)

Specialist, Wind class

Doctor (DNT/DBT)

Senior Doctor







Rumors To Be Investigated By IJC Compiled by Miranda Delgari 2136/03/06

Quartet Corp has used several low level StrikeForces to attack sublevel Gangs after arming them. Seems like they are tying up loose ends. The latest Krosensky Electronics debacle occurred in Rome. A StrikeForce using ammo enhanced with metal eating Nanonic lost control and a level 5 build was almost completely destroyed. Multitrack Mining Inc has locked down its UFK FACOM Research facility. Located in EZone UFK23e9 the FACOM has 4 levels of research labs all dedicated to MultiTrack, what are they hiding. Fighting between the MoaSen and Western Ameracan Confederation has escalated in the last three months. Economic targets have been hit much harder as of late. Any further escalation must be diffused. Brazil and Jensen Dega Arms have begun negotiations on taking new leases on their corporate HQ. Several attacks against the negotiations, origin is unknown. Afghanistani Empire attacks against moderate Imams, Catholic, Pan Catholic, and MoaSen religious and secular leaders. Rumors of a religious war are rampant.

Corp Sector

Civilian Sector

Combat Sector


The Lost Ones StrikeForce has been found in the Free Merican Shanty Town of North Merica. They were slaughtered, 2 STO, a FieldTech:Nano, and a CSPY. 2 more down and out StrikeForces have fallen off the radar, believed to have gone pirate. Five in 4 months, what does this mean? Matrix Armor StrikeForces have been attacked several times. The goal appears to be getting access to Corporate released technologies.

Disenfranchised Sector

Shanty Towns have created a loose alliance to support each other with technology, raw materials and military hardware. Sub Level 4 gang related violence has increased by 20% in the last 6 months. Attacks on Combat Sector personnel has increased by 12%. Weapons quality of the gangs has also improved. Blast residue from the Sublevel 3 bombing of the sector 2 subsector 4 pylon, showed the explosive was enhance with a small amount of Rigia-19x. The Festering Wounds are a prime suspect in the bombing.

Illegal Tech Use

Reports of combat active cybernetic companions in several sublevels must be investigated

Psi Guild has enhanced security on all their Psi Tower spaces. Rumors are they are testing new Psi Powers. Use of Popper grenades has been found in the Thailand Free Region. The grenades seem to have increased power in the shards that remain in the targets wounds and explode later. Need to find and stop who is making them.

Root 5 Access

Data Root/0 Constructing Personnel Armor 76 Upgrading Armor 76 Armor Protection in Game 79 Glove Suit Design 85 Armor Upgrades 88 Built in Systems 88 Chips and Other Removable Systems 92 DNA Strands 93 Armor Repair 98 Armor Helmets 99 Hard Armor Helmets 100 Glove Suit Helmets 101 Helmet Upgrades 102 Helmet Chips 103 Advanced Armor Design 106 Hybrid Armor MK II Design 106 Hybrid Armor Upgrades 107 ExoSkeleton Technologies 108 Exoskeleton Upgrades 109 Combat Salvage 115 Fire Combat Weapons 116 Stock Weapons 119 Weapon Clips and Ammo 121 Fire Combat Upgrades 124 Explosives 124 MAC Combat Explosives 125 Explosive Upgrades 126 Melee Weapons 126 Melee Weapon Upgrades 127 Natures Forces Scanners 129 Scanner Upgrades 132 Medical Technology 135 Character Addiction 138 Organ/Limb Replacement 138 Human Augmentation 139 Devices 139 Artificial Intelligence 143 General Equipment 147 Equipment Power Sources 148 Constructing Vehicles 151 Vehicle Design Types 151 Vehicle Design Steps 152 Vehicle Repair 157 Vehicle System Upgrades 158 Vehicle Weaponry 161 Other Vehicle Weapons 163 Vehicle Weapon Upgrades 165 Taking Risks 169

Armor Technology Constructing Personnel Armor

The world of 2136 is a violent, rigidly structured society. In the course of play, the characters will be attacked. The better the armor and equipment a character has, the more options the player has in combat. Armor in 2136 varies from light armor, the simplest form to use and upgrade, to large motorized Exoskeletons. All have systems and protect the wearer, the power and scale of the systems is effected by the armor. Armor has built in circuitry that allows chips and systems to change the abilities of the armor. To make your armor immune to Calon energy add the right chip. To increase the protection add some circuits and some chips. Technology Combat and your Armor As characters choose and build their armor each type has Built in and chip upgrades. These upgrades increase the abilities of the Characters armor. Want your armor to be able to blend with a wall, buy a chameleon chip. Want to be able to see anyone using a chameleon in your area; buy a built in optics system for your helmet. Each upgrade, whether built in or a chip, DNA strand or enzyme adds abilities and functions to the Characters arsenal of options. When two pieces of technology come into conflict, it is called Tech Combat. Tech Combat TEF and Forces Tech Combat occurs when one player uses technology to over come another characters tech. For tech combat to occur both sides must have technology whose functions are opposed. Optics want to see everything, Chameleon Chips want to hide. Trackers want to hit the target, ECM wants to force a miss. Whatever the Technology conflict Tech Combat can resolve it. Technology bonuses affect a players Skill EF. Tech can do nothing without a user who has related skills. To do Tech Combat Compare the attacking techs Technology Effectiveness (TEF) to the defending players tech TEF. When two pieces of Tech are compared it is even possible for Complete technical failure to occur. Some Devices also list forces they use to cause their effects. The more forces a piece of tech has the more information, or detailed abilities, it is possible for a player to get from their tech. When designing your armor it is enough to understand that the higher the TEF and the more forces a device has, the better it is for your character.

Buying Starting Equipment

Sequence Personnel Armor and other specific equipment is built in the following sequence: 1. Choose your armor type Light, Frame or Glove Suit. 2. Upgrade the armor with built-in additions 3. Install chip based technologies. Remember to stay within your tech level range. 4. Buy helmet for your armor type 5. Buy Helmet Built-in in systems. Optics and Targs are very important. 6. Choose chip base technologies for your helmet. 7. QuarterMaster Stores 8. Purchase additional Personnel Weapons, general equipment, or build vehicles and scanners

Characters can choose to move from one armor type to another or a better armor within the same type. In the Case of Light and Frame Armor all systems move to the new suit, except chips that are not the same tech type as the armor slots. Glove Suits upgrade in place. If you buy a new base Glove suit all the DNA upgrades have to be bought again. ExoSkeletons and Hybrid armor can be modified, but some systems are locked in and cannot be changed.

Upgrading Armor Buying new Armor


Other Technology While all technology is based on VSIC, Nanonic, or DNA chips or strands it does not have to be part of armor. There are Bio Blocs that can be put in a body and add powers to a person. These include scanners to aid in information gathering, Artificial Intelligences can be created to work with the characters and many other technologies that can aid the characters as they move through the StrikeForce universe. Remember, if you dont buy that one piece of equipment, when you need it you may be SOL.

Buying Systems

All armor and helmets have enhanced functions built-in to the armor. These functions can be activated by adding chips and removable systems. Newer functions can be added with Built in systems. This next section explains the types of tech and systems you can buy, it also explains how to read the Stats blocks for this new tech. Technology types VSIC (Hard Tech) Game Advantages: Cheapest type of chip, larger

Armor Technology
size makes it easier to fix, Chips can be extracted at the push of a button. Built in systems can be removed and replaced while in combat. Nanonic (Hard Tech) Game Advantages: You can put more of them in your Armor meaning more abilities and hence better armor, great on leaping encumbrance values low. DNA Strands (Bio Tech) Game Advantages: DNA Tech tends to have more abilities than hard tech, easier to fix, no Encumbrance penalties, flexible use of armor abilities. Can be mixed with Hard Tech. There are 4 Strand Types from simple to Overlapping. The more complex strands have more abilities.. Upgrade Types Built in Systems More costly than other systems these systems have to be installed as they add new functionality to the armor. They tend to have a higher ENC and may even require separate power. Chips and Removable Systems Designed to activate an armor function, these chips and systems may be easy to replace, but are not much cheaper than built in systems. They do have a lower ENC and usually do not require separate power. DNA Strands These are created DNA that gives armor, Bio Blocs and even human DNA specific abilities. Usually hard to upgrade, they use no power and rarely add any ENC to armor. They are expensive to buy and the user must pay extra to have the DNA added.

Stan has decided to buy a Suit of Light armor to start. He wants to spend no more than 120,000 on his armor and decides light armor is what his FieldTech:Bio needs. He looks at the various offerings and chooses Festan -1A for 51,500 credits. It has 8 VSIC interfaces, a 380 protection, a max TEF of 50, a 5 Enc, 4 pockets, and 3 sheaths. Stan looks at the built in devices at tech level 0 and can afford several of them. He purchases the following: Armor Dose pack 1 (Enc 2, RM 1) Protective Coating (+25 Protect) Scan Shielding (TEF 3, Enc 2) Armor insulation (10 coats) (Enc: +5, RM: Add a sheath (Enc: .5, Rm:1). There are no Level 0 chips, so nothing to buy yet. The total cost of the armor is 85,400 with the following Stats: Protect:405, RM:8, Enc: 14.5, 4 pockets and 4 sheaths and a max TEF of 50. Not bad he has 34,600 left to buy a helmet, plus whatever he wants to budget for built in and chip systems for the helmet.

Example 1

Armor Design Examples

Example 2

Gloria Plans to buy a Glove Suit for her CSPY. She budgets 280,000 for the suit itself. Looking at the options decides on the 40,000 credit Simple DNA Enhanced Dermal. The Stats for this Simple Suit are: Protect: 600, DNA Strands Max: 10 Enc:2, Pockets: 3 Sheathes :2 TEF max: 30. She buys 2 DNA Tech Pouches so she can mount some VSIC built in tech on her glove suits. Each pouch costs 15,000 Credits and has a 40,000 credit insertion cost (with a 5% failure chance for each pouch, she makes both rolls) for a total cost of 110,000. Each Tech Pouch uses 1 Simple Strand in her glove suit, leaving 8 left. She also gets: Armor Dose pack 1 (Enc 2, RM 1) In a pouch Protective Coating (+25 Protect) Scan Shielding (TEF 3, Enc 2) in a pouch. There are no level 0 DNA enhancements so that is all Gloria wants right now; anything else would require another tech pouch. he total cost of the armor is 172,940. Her armor Stats are Protect:625, DNA Strand: 8 left, Enc: 6, Pockets: 3 Sheaths: 2 max TEF 150. She chooses to hold on to her money as the cost of future DNA additions will be high. She moves on to buy a Helmet with built in and chip tech).

Tech Stats

Tech Level and Description Shows the tech level the player requires to legally use the tech and describes what the tech does for the armor and user. Stat Block Shows the values that the tech adds to the armor. This with the description gives you a way to see how it is intended to effect the game. Example: Level 1 Kinetic Absorbers Adds 100 points of protection to Physical Armor. The material absorbs the energy done by kinetic impact weapons to characters. TEF: 0 Cost: VSIC: 30,000 Forces: Phys/WNF/ SNF ENC: 5 RM: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Glove Suits requires tech pouch.


Since the first 2 Strike Teams survived a Paulson attack in Supron Alloy armor, Strike Teams have been tweaking their armor for maximum use and protection. The creation of the UN and the Tech Guild have done wonders for armor production and design. In fact because of advancements like armor absorbers, reactive armor, and ExoSkeletons, the face of modern warfare has changed forever

Armor Creation

mined to increase their 35% market share in non-Exo Armor and overtake Supron.

The Armor Manufacturers

Encom/Vanders Labs Encom labs created the Centurian race for the old US government and was another key player in the Secret wars. Vanders Electronics joined with Encom at the end of the War, seeing they could not compete with other Corps such as WAT. With their unique electronics and Biotech focus EV Labs created the first prototype Glove Suit and has a strong lead in Glove Suit Technology.

Supron Alloy The oldest modern armor manufacturer , Supron alloy has been making armor since the Secret war. Originally a space materials firm, Supron created its name sake flexible armor material in 2010 and was a major force in the Corporate Wars, after the Secret War, as well. Supron has stayed in business by creating new markets, for example frame armor and ExoSkeleton system enhancements, before others can react. Matrix armor in particular has no love for Supron and they have fought wars in the past.

BioTech Corp A National Corporation of the MoaSen Collective States, BioTech is a determined competitor and some time enemy of EV Labs. BioTech is well known for their incredibly fast development stream for Glove suit enhancements (some wonder what their testing protocols are). BioTech is very aggressive against all competitors, national and corporate. UN Armor Restrictions and Ratings The UN Planning Groups have taken great care to categorize armor for the various users in 2136. From Corporate CEOs to PsiTechs Armor is in use, and its users demand the best. The five categories consist of: Light armor, Frame Armor, Glove Suits, Hybrid armor, and ExoSkeletons. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, but all make survival of its wearer possible against the advanced weapons of 2136.

Reich Armor A German Company in the New British Empire, Reich Armor is particularly aggressive in the creation of new products. They tend to innovate on others designs, while keeping prices very competitive. Their quality is always good and they have well prepared StrikeForces.

Matrix Armor

Matrix was Supron alloys only real competition in the last few years of the Secret war. Matrix was created by Timmonds Fuel , Luger Arms, and Wagner Androsyne to give these Corps leverage against Supron. Within 5 years of its founding Matrix paid back their investor corps original investments and went independent. In 2057 Matrix released the first ExoSkeleton with hard wired functions, changing the perception of armor forever. In 2058 Supron released their first set of ExoSkeleton bolt on systems, opening up ExoSkeletons to other systems producers, much to Matrixs displeasure. While Matrix is doing well they are deter-

Light Armor A flexible fabric jump suit that can deflect attacks with a solid protection, light armors advantages are in its weight and lower repair costs. Upgrades are same as frame armor, but Light armor will have fewer interfaces when compared to more expensive frame armor and glove suits. Any profession can use this armor type

Frame Armor A hard shell of light armor fabrics mounted to specially designed frames. The design allows for more protection, but weighs considerably more than Light armor. Some

Access Granted

of these systems even allow for the use of DNA strands too. While any profession can use this, many shy way due to the high weight and cost. Glove Suits A Specialty armor used by Corporate executives, C-Spies, and PsiTechs Glove Suits are literally a Living Skin of DNA armor that covers the person wearing it. Capable of using both Bio and Hard tech this armor is very flexible, but expensive to upgrade. Hybrid Armor A system created to up the protection of Frame armor by a huge amount. The process binds additional materials to the frame giving additional protection, but it adds no systems.

Stacking Armor Light, Frame, and Glove Suit armor are not designed to be worn with any other type. Combining is possible only with different types (Light Armor with Frame for example), but ENC is cumulative. The armor helmet can control systems in only 1 set of armor. Armor underneath another set can not use active defenses like reactive armor.

Using Armor Systems to Role Play

Armor in 2136 is not just another piece of equipment. The many Systems and abilities it gives a character are a gateway to role playing. A player has the ability to use these systems to overcome the conflicts in game, perhaps without combat, or if combat does occur it gives the players the ability to create combat situations that are more than just I shoot the bad guy. Instead a player might stealth and use his Optics systems to find the perfect location to ambush or other wise role play the situation. Players are encouraged, and the GM should reward, good use of a players armor technology to enhance the story and game. Pick your systems and upgrades well and with an eye on what your characters skills can do with the armor systems you buy...

ExoSkeletons Created by Matrix armor, these armor systems bolt on to light or frame armors. The ExoSkeleton adds to the protection of the user, and it drastically expands the armor systems and abilities available to the user. From shoulder mounted missiles to Sensors that mimic scanners, there is nothing you do an Exo cannot improve.


Protection in Game

Armor in StrikeForce protects against 3 types of attacks: Impact attacks, Plasma type attacks, and Energy Attacks.

Impact Armor

Protects against the transfer of energy from a moving object to the armor wearer. Such attacks include bullets, thrown weapons, melee wepons, falling damage, or explosive projectile and concussion damage and force attacks using Physical, Chemical, and Gravity Forces. Protects against high heat energy damage. Such as plasma weapons attacks, Flambue glue, Axeon and other excessive heat sources such as force attacks using Electromagnetic and WNF forces. The armor protects against concentrated attacks, but has little value in a high heat area, like standing in a blast furnace. Protects against high energy attacks that use differing light and radiation wavelengths to damage the target. This include attacks from laser weapons, high energy and radiation sources, and force attacks using SNF or Electromagnetic forces. It is especially difficult to protect against such attacks, this armor will usually be the lowest. Each type of armor has a protection value which is subtracted from any attack of that type. Armor Lowers both the damage taken and the Severity of the criticals you may take.

Plasma Armor

Laser Armor

Root 2 Access

General Chip/DNA Tech

As of the 2127 UN Technology Adoption Conference the Silicate Integrated Circuit (IC) hardware spec was officially retired in favor of the three new Hardware interfaces. The technology of 2136 is based on the Unified Field Law of 2075 (discovered by Thergod Anste of the Tech Guild). This Law has finally defined the true linking of all of natures forces, invalidating theories from the late 20th century. Mankinds science can use the force of science to directly affect the environment around him. Science today seems to be almost magic like defying the science of our forefathers in the 20th century. We have surpassed those who created our world.

and humanity, the UN/Tech Guild Medical Branch has devised the BIO Bloc system. Any Enhancement, object or human, can be added to this DNA based Bio Bloc. The Enhancement is then available to the Human as if it was in their DNA. The UN has recently released several DNA Enhancements for direct application to Normal Human DNA, these are limited as mutation is such a high risk. Enzymes Another DNA based enhancement is the Enzyme. These are cheaper, adding powerful short-term abilities allowing a specific ability increase; for a limited amount of time. DNA AI intelligences have the ability to reside in normal armor and activate armor functions using an RGN- 12 artificial nerve link. This linkage connects the electrical system of the armor to the DNA system and allows the AI to work the systems. Medical Technology Pharma to Cloning Medical technology has enhanced the healing potential available to humanity. Amazing pharmaceuticals like Haldern and Flash, drugs which heal dermal damage and nervous center damage in minutes compare to bionic limbs and grown replacement organs to heal. There is nothing medical science cannot repair on a human body, assuming they get to help in time. Death has even been beaten, many members of the Combat and Corporate sectors have clones available. Activated after a death the resurrected suffer from a loss in abilities, but they are alive. Scanners and Psi Implants Scanners are a powerful device used to gather information both for medical as well as other situations. These devices can be tailored to use many different suites of natures Forces. A scanner in the right hands can influence the world around the user as well as gather tremendous amounts of information. An extension of the scanner technology are Psi Implants, which are designed with the tech guild and help increase the power and abilities of PsiTechs around the world. AI and Cybernetic companions In 2108 AI Laws lifted the prohibition of AI programs with personality traits working with humans. This has lead to the development of AI Partners who contribute to StrikeForce and Corporation of all types. Cybernetic Companions, mechanical animal cyborgs no larger than 1.2 meters high, are also now a big contributor to the Combat, Corp and even civilian sectors. Medical and Technical knowledge is growing at exponential rates, as the System equations predicted. The Tech Guild has maintained the integrity of the discoveries for the Human race, and supporting the UN and IJC in its enforcement of the Technology Laws enacted by the UN.

VSIC VSIC The most basic of the new interfaces. Called Very Small Integrated Circuits (VSIC uses molecular level IC). This technology holds 45 trillion or more molecular silicate hybrid material circuits on a single wafer; Silicate IC standard had only 4.5 trillion. Technologies built on this spec have a minimum Enc. of .5 and can be as large as 100 Enc. Nanonic The newest hard tech adopted is the Nanonic Interface. An extension of the VSIC standard; its much smaller engraving process has an extremely low power draw. Created on a nanometer or smaller scale; VSIC designs can be shrunk to Nanonic size or new nanoTech designs can be created. Nanonic designed tech size and power requirements allows greater functionality as more chips can be mounted to do other, complimentary, functions. A down side to Nanonic circuits is that they are not very serviceable in the field when compared to VSIC Standard. Only a qualified tech with the right tools can work on Nanonic circuits. Technologies Built on this spec have minimum Enc. of .0001 and can grow as large as 2 Enc.

DNA DNA/RNA based chemical coding is the new frontier of technology. This biotech process uses Synthesized DNA to activate or add new genetic abilities. It is also used to create chemical based Artificial intelligence. DNA Enhancements can improve a person or their equipments abilities. 5 types of DNA gene enhancements are used today. The fewer abilities a Genetic Enhancement has the simpler the DNA used to add the abilities. The process to add a genetic structure to a target is also based on the complexity of the added DNA. A simple Enhancement will add only one ability to a glove suit or a person. An Overlapping Strand enhancement may add eight. Human DNA is also modifiable, but the chance for mutation is greater and the mutation types more dangerous. In order for a human to retain their basic human form


Access Granted

Armor Technology Light Armor Design

Light armor is the old standby that has been used and refined since the Conflict. This armor is light, flexible, and very capable. The styles vary from a one piece suit to multiple layers of complimentary pieces. Light Armor is highly customized and flexible. The advantage of the lower price and less hassle in configuring your armor its limitations include and its low Malfunction Threshold. Interfaces Number of spaces the Suit comes with in order to expand with chips. Uses chips made for the Interface Type.

Refigure as armor is upgraded Protection Base Protect of Light Armor Encumbrance (Enc.) Base ENC. + Helmet ENC Repair Modifier Total Protection/10 Malfunction Threshold Physical Protection/100 -2 (min of 1).

Device Stats


Type Usually the name of the armor as well. The material is the basis for what the armor can defend against in combat. Protect The value shows the ability of the base suit to absorb or block damage form any physical attack. Interface type Technology Base of the Interfaces. This determines the type and cost of the chips the armor uses to expand its capabilities ENC Weight and bulk of armor Pockets and Sheaths Each Pocket holds 10 encumbrance at no penalty to the wearer. Sheaths are Organic release cloth (RNA based) that senses users need and releases equipment at no penalty or action cost.

Body Armor Type Pressure Suit Plastic, Ablative 2A Plastic, Plated Adv. Meshing-20 Meshing-30 Webed-33 Webed-12 Plastic Adv.

Protect 25 27 31 3

Interface Type VSIC Nanonic Nanonic VSIC VSIC VSIC VSIC VSIC

Enc. 2.5 2.5 5 5 2

Pockets Sheath 0 1 1 1 1 1

Inter 4 5 7 1

Cost 24750 2500


34 38 37


Feshtron-4NN Reflecta-3BN Rastran-1S Rastan-2S Reflecta-1BN




Nanonic Nanonic VSIC VSIC

2.5 5 5 5

2 2 3

2 3 3 3

2 2 3

8 6 8 5

90000 28500 85500 112500 63500 75000 51500 37500



40 39 41



4 4 5

10 11 8

44 46 48 50 45

Nanonic Nanonic VSIC VSIC

4 2 1 2 3

4 4 6 5 5

4 5

11 8


4 5


12 8

Supron Alloy-A

Supron Alloy-B


4 5

12 8

250500 105300 90000




Armor Technology Frame Armor Design

Frame armor is a Component style armor. Each piece fits together to create a full suit of armor. The armor requires a Skin of armor over the frame and an Interface system as well. Once designed the systems are put together. Characters can add interfaces after the armor is built. You cannot combine Light and Frame armors. Number of Slots Number of installed interfaces on armor Encumbrance Adds to weight and bulk of the frame armor set. Repair Modifier Adds armor repair costs by increasing repair modifier.

Components - Frame

Frame Style Usually the name of the armor as well. The material is the basis for what the armor can defend against in combat. Base Protect The value shows the ability of the base suit to absorb or block damage form any physical attack. Encumbrance Weight and bulk of armor DNA Enhancement Armor can have this number of Simple or Basic Glove Suit Enhancements added. Pockets In 2106 Mathematical Singularity where harnessed to hold equipment and increase the equipment carry capacity of the StrikeForce. Each area of a Pocket holds 10, encumbrance, at no penalty to the wearer. Sheaths Organic release cloth (RNA based) that senses users need and releases equipment at no penalty or action cost.

Refigure as armor changes Protection Base Protect of Frame Armor= Frame Protect * Material Protect Modifier Encumbrance (Enc.) (Base ENC. + Interface ENC) * Material Enc Modifier Repair Modifier Total Protection/100 + Interface Repair Modifier (round Up) Malfunction Threshold Physical Protection/100 +5 (min of 1). DNA Enhancements Number of SIMPLE or BASIC DNA strands that can be added to the armor Max TEF Maximum TEF of any device on the armor. Any Device which exceeds this number still is used at the armor maximum.

Device Stats

Components - Materials
Type Description of the material

Protect Multiplier Rating of how the Material enhances armor protection Encumbrance Multiplier Shows the additional added by the material to the weight and bulk of the armor


Special Ability In an effort to drive market share the various materials manufacturers have added special functions to the armor materials. Make note as to what functions the special does for your material

Interface Circuitry - Frame

Type Shows the type of Chip the interfaces take. VSIC or Nanonic are the two choices as DNA does not go into chip Interfaces

Armor Technology

Tech Spot Light: Singularity Pockets

While H3 Fusion had given humanity a dependable type of power creation it required great amounts of resource and there was waste generated by the end to end process. Research into other forms of potential power generation continued. In 2106 a Mathematical Singularity was created in a controlled lab setting, by tech guild and WAT scientists. While attempting to modulate the magnetic and gravity fields of a singularity to capture energy from it, a Field tech dropped his wrench into the singularity. Without thinking he reached in and grabbed it, and the Pocket was discovered. The field created around the singularity had isolated it from the rest of time space so items were not destroyed, but suspended in time. Creation of Pockets with the unique property to isolate it from the rest of the plane was quickly investigated and UN approval of a stable Pocket soon followed. These Pockets hold great amounts of encumbrance and increase the carry capacity of anyone in 2136.

Base Armor Frame Type of Frame Solid Metal Skeleton Base Protection 30 40 45 50 55 35 Pockets Sheaths 4 2 3 4 3 Enc. 4.5 DNA Strands 1 1 1 Cost 35,000 50,000 65,000 72,000 75,000 47,500

Mesh with Bonded Plastic Skeleton Mesh with Bonded Plastic Frames

Sectioned Metal Skeleton w/ Plates

4 3

Mesh with Organic Impact Skeleton Mesh Bonded Kronus Steel Frame Molded Fabric Skeleton Mesh with Bonded Metal Skeleton

4.0 3.4 3.0 2.8 2.5 3.2 3.8


2 3

Molded Fabric Frame Bonded Plastic RNA Hardened Frame

Molded Fabric Skeleton with Plates

48 62 63 70 72 75 65


2 3 3

2 2 2 2 2 3 3

4 2 3 3 3

2 3 3 3


Molded Fabric Frame w/ Metal Plates

2.4 2.0 2.3 2.1 2.2

Kronus Steel/RNA Frame Metal Plates Frame Armor Materials Type Synthetic Titanium Protect bonus +40 +48 +52

RNA Hardened Frame Absorbic Plates

4 4 4

120,000 160,000 136,000





Enc +6 +5

Special ability VSIC Circuits can be embedded in armor DNA Additions only Cost to insert All pockets hold 12 Enc., not 10 Adds 5 penetrations

Cost 27,500

Blended Sythn Kronus DNA Improved Plastic DNA Bonded titanium

+5.5 +3

Costs to repair at 100 credits per points

30,000 42,000 64,000 80,000 105,000 92,000 75,000 50,000 38,000

Kronus Titanium Blend

+60 +65 +75 80

DNA enhanced Kronus DNA Absorbic Skin

DNA Impact Skin simple

+4.5 +5 +5



DNA Impact Skin Enhanced





Impact Weapon 2 Successes from 1 attack. DNA AI controls all Armor devices passively All hits

Adds 2 to TEF of all armor Devices

+2.5 +4

As simple but at a 3 Successes from 2 attacks

Armor Technology

Frame Armor Interfaces Type VSIC EPROM Interface VSIC EPRAM Interface VSIC RWDBC Interface Armor Interfaces 5 6 5 Repair Modifier 10 12 20 30 35 5 5 15 15 Enc. 2.0 1.8 .5 .5 .2 .1 2.5 Cost 48,000 62,000 85,000 78,000 56,000 35,000

Nanonic Static Matrix Interface Nanonic Variable Matrix Nanonic Bio-Charged Interface

12 20 25 10 12 8 15

VSIC/Nanonic Matrix Chip Interfaces VSIC/Nanonic Ionic Matrix interface

Nanonic Digital Bio-Charged Interface

VSIC/Nanonic Charged Matrix Interface

1.6 1.5 1.5

90,000 100,000 150,000 95,000


Combat Shields
While not a common sight, many StrikeForce members have started to use high Tech shields as a quick an easy way to boost their armor; though creating a shield that can take a plasma or Fireball ammo attack is certainly not cheap. Seeing this as a niche, but profitable, market many Corps have created High Tech shields that have been received warmly by the Combat Sector. Tech Level 1 Beryllium Bracers A basic parry/blocking device that has been on the market for years. You can get these anywhere. TEF: 5 Cost: 5,000 Forces: Physical Protect: 20 ENC: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A SP: n/a Tech Level 4 Styer Hann Combat Bracer A light weight bracer with advanced VSIC programing allowing a better protection for a fairly low price. Usually made of a light weight good SP metal TEF: 25 Cost: 150,000 Forces: Physical Protect: 50 ENC: 2 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A SP: n/a Special: +2 successes to Defense SkillSet Matrix Armor Simple Shield A smaller basic combat shield designed to take a help for a bit before failure. These Shields are cheap and easy to find, called throw aways by gang members who use them all the time. TEF: 10 Cost: 25,000 Forces: n/a Protect: 125 ENC: 6.5 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: n/a SP: n/a Special: none

Tech Level 5 Supron Alloy Ionic Tower Shield A huge combat shield designed to take a huge amount of punishment before failure. These tower Shields are ionicly bonded to ones armor when in use, requires a power cell. The Shields are very distinctive and used to show off stratus for some STO types. TEF: 20 Cost: 500,000 Forces: Physical Protect: 500 ENC: 15 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Pack SP: n/a Special: ionicly bonded to user cannot be dropped Matrix Armor Flexi Shield Matrix armor major product in this market, the flexi shield is meant to last for many combats. While its Blended Titanium materials are a bit lacking in protection the design and construction are the best around. TEF: 35 Cost: 750,000 Forces: Physical Protect: 532 ENC: 3 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: n/a SP: n/a Special: Penetration raise Bcc by +5 not 10. Tech Level 8 EV Labs Glove Suit Shield Strand A basic strand designed to have 2 modes, a bracer and a buckler. The bracer adds to ones agility when defending, with a lower protection. The Buckler has a much higher protection, (it changes its material to Kronus Steel), but agility remains normal. TEF: 20 Cost: 500,000 Forces: Physical Protect: Bracer: 150 Buckler: 450 ENC: 1 Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: DNA Requires: n/a SP: n/a RM :1 Strand Type: Basic Strand Size: 1 Human Mod: None Special: Passive action to switch modes.


Armor Technology Glove Suit Design

This armor is a thick skin that literally is like a second skin on the wearer. it has a great ability to expand its capabilities, making a powerful combat and technology system. The Glove suits protection and its lower Malfunction Threshold of Physical Protection/100 + 2 (min of 1) are a limit. Luckily both can be improved with systems upgrades.

Components - Glove Suit

Glove Suit Style Usually the name of the armor as well. The material is the basis for what DNA strand the armor can be updated with. Base Protect The value shows the ability of the base suit to absorb or block damage form any physical attack. Max DNA Chain Length A glove suits DNA chain can only have so many strands. Adding 50 of one type limits your ability to add other abilities. When a chain has added it maximum number of strands out that Glove suit cannot be expanded any more. Encumbrance Weight and bulk of armor Pockets In 2106 Mathematical Singularity where harnessed to hold equipment and increase the equipment carrying capacity of the StrikeForce. Each area of a Pocket holds 10 encumbrance at no penalty to the wearer. Sheaths Organic release cloth (RNA based) that senses users need and releases equipment at no penalty or action cost. Max TEF The maximum TEF any DNA strand additions can achieve

Glove Suits A History Created in late 2128 by the Free Merican Company Medicon, the glove suit technology was originally a synthetic skin for burn patients. By 2131 dermal regenerators like Haldern had killed the market. Desperate to save their company, they searched for other applications and the Glove suit was born. The Glove suit is a living DNA chain inside a thick flexible dermal layer (skin). The Glove suit is designed to increase its abilities by upgrading the DNA chain. There are five types of DNA strands: Simple, Basic, Enhanced, Complex, and Overlapping (Humans have complex DNA). The more complex the new ability, the more complex the DNA strand injected into the Glove suit. Medicon developed the five types to allow a greater flexibility in price points and better licensing deals with companies like EV Labs to develop new and greater abilities. Medicon did not create any chip interfaces for the original Glove suits. They felt that all needed abilities could be added using DNA add-ons. EV Labs created the RG-12 Advanced interface in 2132, originally for DNA Artificial Intelligence partners to control normal light and frame armor types. With this new enhancement, Glove suits can use VSIC and Nanonic chips designed for normal armor. As the glove suits DNA type is improved the types of enhancements that can be added improves. However, the ability of the enhancements to defeat technology is limited by the Strand type. The better the strand, the higher TEF the enhancements can achieve. The UN made immediate moves to restrict the use of Glove suits and only C-Spies, BioTech, and PsiTechs are allowed to purchase and have Glove Suit enhancements installed in Glove Suits.

Refigure as armor changes Protection Base Protect of Glove Suit Encumbrance (Enc.) Base ENC. + Helmet ENC Repair Modifier Total Protection/100 Malfunction Threshold Physical Protection/100 +5 (min of 1).

Device Stats


Armor Technology

Base Glove Suits Glove Suit Type Simple DNA Base Dermal Simple DNA Enhanced Dermal Simple DNA JDA Black Skin Protect 60 50 45 Max Strands 5 10 8 5 7 Enc. Pockets Sheath 2 2 2 3 1 2 3 2 Cost 40,000 28,000 30,000 32,000 32,000 25,000 27,000

Simple DNA Advanced Material

40 60 42 65

Simple DNA Reich Suit Advanced Simple DNA Supron GS Alloy Simple DNA Matrix Enclosure 1

2.5 1.5 3 4


9 8

4 2 2

4 4 2 3

Glove Suit Strand Upgrades Glove Suit Upgrade Matrix Basic Matrix Enhanced Max Strands 15 60 70 35 30 Protect Bonus 10 20 30 12 13 15 15 5 Tech level 2 4 6 3 5 3 DNA Insertion Type 2 Type 4 Type 2 Type 4 Type 4 Type 2 Type 3 Type 2 Type 3 Type 3 Type 3 Type 1 Cost 150,000 90,000

Matrix Complex

Matrix Overlapping Supron Complex Reich Enhanced


250,000 245,000 325,000 275,000 165,000 140,000



Reich Overlapping JDA Overlapping JDA Complex

Reich Complex

140 130 40 60 75


18 22 18 13

4 6 5 7

EV Labs Complex

EV Labs Enhanced

500,000 240,000


The armor systems of 2136 are flexible platforms capable of giving their wearers immense power and abilities. These armor systems can protect from a stream of super heated plasma, while adding the ability to climb walls, track multiple targets, hide amongst the shadows, and many other marvels. The upgrade path of any armor is limited only by the wearers Rank, tech level and their cash flow, which is how the Planning groups and the System equations want it. Unless an add on says it cannot be used with another type or specific device; IT CAN BE. Upgrade Types All Upgrades are either Hard tech (VISC or Nanonic Spec) or are Bio tech (DNA Strand based). There are 3 types of upgrades: Built-in, Chips, and DNA Strands. Built in systems are physically added to light and frame armor. Chips, either VSIC or Nanonic, activate functionality within light and frame armors. Glove Suits can add strands, some multiple times. Built- in Hard Tech may be added to a Glove suit using Technology pouches and DNA based chip interfaces allow the use of Nanonic and VSIC chips. Armor Types: An Analysis Physical Armor is always the best type of protection, but it is heavy, bulky and can be too restrictive in its requirements. Reactive electric Armor has helped close the gap, but even with these advancements overall protection still lags behind. After careful research and interviews with STOs in the field it has come to our attention that the System requires increased protection to compensate for the new plasma and burst laser type weapons. We have devised a system of damage absorption materials. These materials may prevent a majority of damage from actually hitting and severely damaging the target from shock. The materials are lightweight and very advanced in their ability to disperse and absorb damage that gets through Physical armor. The absorbers even expand into smaller armor penetrations and can affect Plasma and laser ammo, providing full protection from all types of damage including Criticals. The wearer is allowed to increased their overall protection without sacrificing weight and bulk. This will be an important growth for both the Combat and Corp sectors. Tech Guild Armor Study group 12

Armor Upgrades

Glove Suit

Accessories and Expansions Once a characters Glove Suit is chosen, the next step is to upgrade and improve as much as possible. The characters Tech Level, cash, and the current location can play a role in availability. The accessories listed below are in order of tech level. To upgrade a Glove suit, you must add DNA enhancement levels in order. So a Glove Suit with a simple DNA Strand must be upgraded to a basic strand, then an enhanced, then a complex, and finally and Overlapping Strand. Should an application fail on a Glove Suit, it must be reapplied. Most vendors only charge 20% of normal cost for a second try, the third is at full price again.

DNA Strands and DNA chain Types

Upgrading your Suits DNA Chains Each glove suit type has a limiter as to how many different abilities it can have. This limiter is the DNA Chain length of the Glove suit. Each chain can have so many strands attached. The more complex the DNA base strand, the more strands it can have. Each added ability lists the number of strands it takes up. When a chain has added it maximum number of strands out that Glove suit cannot be expanded any more. No more abilities may be added.

Light and Frame Armor

Accessories and Expansions Once a Characters armor is in place, the next step is to upgrade and improve the armor. Built-in accessories and chips increase the armors abilities and protection. While the characters Tech Level, which is rank based, is the primary limiter, cash and the current location can play a role in availability. The accessories listed below are in order of type and tech level.

Root 2 Access

Armor Technology: Upgrades Armor Upgrades Built in Systems Level 1

Armor Dose Pack I A Mechanical Drug injector system, shaped like a flat pack, which holds 8 doses of drugs. The doses are manually loaded and injected manually by use of a mechanical switch. Takes 1 active action to load and 1 passive action to inject dose. The pack may be on any part of the users body, but switches must be accessible to use. TEF: 3 Cost: VSIC: 900 Forces: none ENC: 2 RM: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A Protective Coating for Personnel Armor Adds 8 to any Armors protection value. Glove Suits can use without tech pouch. TEF: 3 Cost: VSIC: 20,000 Forces: none Protect: 8 ENC: 0 RM: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Max Apps: 1 Requires: N/A Hypo Spray This small gun shaped device holds 4 separate doses of drugs. Takes 1 active action per dose to load and 1 passive action to inject the dose. The gun has four separate triggers to select which dose is injected. TEF: 3 Cost: VSIC: 50 Forces: none ENC: .5 RM: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Requires: PowerPac Scan Shielding These sheets of ultra thin film increase the armors resistance to optic and scanner detection. TEF: 5 Cost: VSIC: 2,000 Forces: Elect ENC: 2 RM: 0 Max Apps: 3 Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A Armor Insulation This ultra thin coating grounds and protects the wearer from a 100 Power Unit Charge per application. TEF: 0 Cost: VSIC: 900 Forces: none ENC: .15 RM: 1 Max Apps: 100 Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A Pressurized Armor Protects wearer from G-forces equivalent to 21 gravities. Has air for 3 hours then must reset to clean CO2, 1 minute to clean 1 hour of air. The Essential requirement for all pilots, but handy for anyone in a squeeze. Pressurization is lost when armor takes a specific malfunction to pressurization, not before. TEF:10 Cost: VSIC: 500 Forces: Phys ENC: 2 RM: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A

Level 0

Kinetic Absorbers Adds 5 points of protection to Physical Armor. The material absorbs the energy from kinetic impact weapons to characters. TEF: 5 Cost: VSIC: 30,000 Forces: Phys/WNF/SNF Protect: 5 ENC: 5 RM: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Glove Suits requires tech pouch. Ionic bonding boots Allows player to lock on to any surface with 500 KG of pressure. Maximum 1,000 Kg weight TEF: 7 Cost: VSIC: 25,000 Forces: SNF/WNF ENC: 1 RM: 0 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A Armor Dose Pack II Similar to the Armor Dose Pack I, this pack has two distinct differences. First it holds 10 drug doses. Second, the Pack is linked into the armor electrical system. The slots do NOT report what is in each slot so activation still Costs the user, not AI, a Passive action to inject (Must remember what slot is the flash, where is that list) TEF: 3 Cost: VSIC: 1500 Forces: none ENC: 1.5 RM: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Glove Suits requires tech pouch Spidron Integrity Bond This is a chemically treated web strand from a common thread that is as strong as steel and as flexible as cloth. When added to armor it allows the armor to be less likely to malfunction. Increases malfunction threshold by 2 per application. Glove Suits cannot use. TEF: 3 Cost: VSIC: 25,000 Forces: none ENC: 0 RM: 1 Max Apps: 1 App per Rank Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A Kronus Steel Plating This is a thin sheet of flexible Kronus steel that is added to armor to increase its protection. Increases protection of armor by 5. Can be used with any armor additions. TEF: 0 Cost: VSIC: 15,000 Forces: none Protect: 5 ENC: 1.5 RM: 2 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Glove Suits requires Tech Pouch Reactive Electric Armor An electronic lattice that sends an Electromagnetic blast at any impact/projectile attack. The base unit adds 6 protection. Reactive armor does not effect Plasma or Laser attacks. The effectiveness of the blast can be increased with additional targeting chips, maximum of 9 chips. Armor insulation increased by 2000 PU when added TEF: 8 Cost: VSIC: 900 Forces: Grav/Elect/WNF Protect: 6 ENC: 1 RM: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Glove Suit requires tech pouch


Add a Pocket This process adds an additional pocket onto a players armor. No more than 5 can be added on any one armor. TEF: 3 Cost: VSIC: 3,500 Forces: none ENC: 2 RM: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A Add a sheath Increases, by 1, the number of sheaths on a characters armor. TEF: 0 Cost: VSIC: 2,000 Forces: none ENC: .5 RM: 1 Max Apps: 10 Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A

Armor Technology: Upgrades Manufacturer Spotlight

uses satellites to track the images magnetic footprint. The scale of the search determines the cost. For each 100 KM it Costs: 5000 credits. Continents cost a flat rate of 100,000 credits and a planet search is 1,000,000 crds. Searches take 1-6 hours for a 100-km search, Continent searches take 1-6 days and a planet search takes 2- 20 weeks. TEF: 7 Cost: VSIC: 250,000 Forces: WNF/ Elect ENC: 2 RM: 4 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A Solid Rocket Boosters Mounted on Armor these rockets propel the wearer at 110 KM/h (30 m/sec). User uses PR to control the flight. PR roll must be by a minimum of thirty. Roll once every phase and on landing. Should user fail PR roll; roll 2d10 percentile on the Vehicle crash table for effect. Has 2 phases of fuel. TEF: 25 Cost: VSIC: 150,000 Forces: none ENC: 7.5 RM: 2 Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A Additional Armor chip interfaces These additional chip interfaces may be used only for chips other than reactive armor chips. A max of 10 more chip interfaces may be added. May be added to armor with base Nanonic or VSIC slots, chips are not interchangeable. Interfaces may not be transferred to a new suit of armor. TEF: 1 Cost: VSIC: 5,000 Nano: 8,000 Forces: none ENC: .5 RM: 1 Max Apps: 10 Tech Type: VSIC/ Nano Requires: N/A

Wagner Androsyne Technologies (WAT) One of the largest electronics firms in the world, holder of an ESC seat for over 25 years, WAT makes built in armor systems for all types of armors. WAT is well known for their penchant of skirting the laws and rules of the UN to create a slightly better product. They have a strong reputation for all their built in systems, especially VSIC ones. WAT has a storied history being one of the corps who worked inside the Cartin Consortium. One of their greatest accomplishments was the stopping of a corporate war between AvCorp and the Free Merican Confederation, where WAT is headquartered. The Free Mericans had refused to grant AvCorp any discounts in their EZones. AvCorp was about to blast one or two FACOMs to smithereens with 2 StrikeForces, to demonstrate who was the boss. WAT discovered the plan and negotiated a truce between the two. WAT got concessions from both sides, on example of the shrewd business sense of WAT CEOs.

Level 3

Level 2

Ionic Bonding Gloves Like the boots, these gloves will allow the user to grip any surface. The gloves can be used to hold weapons so they can not be dropped. User can parry with these gloves and, when used in conjunction with the boots they allow the user to suspend up to 200 kg from their hands, if no boots 100 kg. This is not changeable. TEF: 7 Cost: VSIC: 30,000 Forces: SNF/ WNF ENC: 1 RM: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A Plasma Absorption Harness An addition to Kinetic Absorbers that breaks up plasma streams, adding the ability to protect against plasma and 5 to the absorbers protection. Total absorption is now 10 for impact and plasma attacks. TEF: 0 Cost: VSIC: 40,000 Forces: WNF/ Elect Protect: 5 ENC: 1.5 RM: 2 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Glove Suits requires tech pouch. Magnetic Resonance Image Tracker Allows a character to take a magnetic image of a person or object. The recorded image (passive action) can be used by AvCorps satellite system to track the target. The system

Personal ECM panels 1 3 Panels that emit a constant wave of electronic and Physical interference, that obstruct an attackers ability to target the wearer. The panels TEF effects attackers to hit; even if no targeting devices are used. The interference is visible to the eye making it hard to get a clear shot. The panels have three Slots for ECM chips. ECM chips are allowed to boost a panel system based on the chips TEF Bonus. TEF: 8 Cost: VSIC: 480,000 Forces: Grav/Elect/Phys ENC: 3 RM: 3 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Glove Suits require tech pouch Advanced Kinetic Absorbers - This device is added on to the Kinetic Absorbers to make them more efficient. This device absorbs damage as it hits adds an additional to 10 protection. Total absorption bonus to protect is 20. Does not affect Plasma. Adds on to existing Absorbers; uses those tech pouches for Glove Suits. TEF: 0 Cost: VSIC: 75,000 Forces: none Protect: 18 ENC: 1 RM: 3 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Kinetic Absorbers Anti - Scan Coating When applied to armor interferes with any optics or other scan devices. TEF: 12 Cost: VSIC: 40,000 Forces: Phys ENC: .5 per app RM: 1 Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A


Armor Technology: Upgrades

Security Panel Bypass System This System uses a narrow energy blast directed at a security panel to cause a tech nullification and open. The user can use Security Systems: Bypass SkillSet to increase the TEF of the Chips attack. Every success increases the Chips TEF by 1. Can be used 4 times, and then must recharge. Must be fully discharged before recharge starts. Takes 4 hours to recharge. Has a 1m range. TEF: 8 Cost: VSIC: 135,000 Forces: Elect/Grav/WNF ENC: 2.5 RM: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Glove Suits requires tech pouch Advanced Reactive Targeting A new system for targeting attacks at the wearer. This system is more accurate also uses the power of the base more effectively. The system adds 3 to the reactive armor base and adds Gravity force; allowing reactive to now affect Plasma attacks. Burst Lasers are not affected. Adds on to existing reactive armor base, uses those tech pouches for Glove Suits. TEF: 7 Cost: VSIC: 85,000 Forces: Grav/Elect Protect: 3 ENC: 2 RM: 3 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A Armor Dose Pack III An advanced version of the Dose pack II. This version has a chip (Armor or helmet slot) to keep track of drugs in each slot, detects it when inserted, and if the dose has any impurities (Poisons). This version works with voice or AI commands and Cost: a free action to use as long as the chip is functional. Should chip fail, pack works as the II version. TEF: 0 Cost: VSIC: 2500 nanonic: 8000 Forces: none ENC: 1.5 RM: 3 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Glove Suits require a Tech Pouch. Also requires a Chip Slot. Personal ECM panels 2 5 Panels that emit a constant wave of electronic and Physical interference, that obstruct an attackers ability to target the wearer. The panels TEF effects attackers to hit; even if no targeting devices are used. The interference is visible to the eye making it hard to get a clear shot. The panels have five slots for ECM chips. ECM chips are allowed to boost a panel system based on the chips TEF Bonus. TEF: 11 Cost: VSIC: 615,000 Forces: Grav/Elect/Chem/Phys ENC: 5 RM: 5 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Glove Suits require a Tech Pouch Armor Electronic Jamming System A system that uses TEF from other Built-in systems (not Chips) to jam targeting or optics systems. The System grows in effectiveness as more Armor TEF is diverted to it. Any built in system with a TEF can be diverted. Add all TEFs to the Jamming systems TEF. The diverted systems are off line while the Jamming system is using the system for jamming. Passive action to re-configure the TEF usage. TEF: 10 Max TEF: 50 Cost: VSIC: 500,000 Forces: Grav/Elect/WNF/SNF ENC: 3 RM: 4 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Glove Suit tech pouch Static Field Discharger Using Electromagnetic and Sound (SUHF), this device causes a fear response in 1-5 targets in a 10m range. The effects are that the targets must roll against EM every round they are in the field. Should they fail they remain panicked until the field is removed. TEF: 9 Cost: VSIC: 120,000 Forces: Elect/ Phys ENC: 3 RM: 2 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Glove Suit requires a tech pouch Regulon Star Plates This circuitry is installed in Kronus Steel plates. Using refractive crystals to affect the Physical, Gravity and Electromagnetic Fields of Reactive armor adding 10 to protection. The crystals may be added 7 times. Each application adds weight to the Armor. This boost from the Regulon Start plates allows reactive protection to be counted as protection for Lasers. TEF: 8 Cost: VSIC: 95,000 Forces: Grav/Elect/Phys Protect: 3 ENC: .5 RM: 3 Max Apps: 7 Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Kronus Steel Plates. Glove Suit requires a Tech Pouch

Level 4


Adv, Plasma Absorption Harness An addition to Advanced Kinetic Absorbers that breaks up plasma streams and allows the Advanced Kinetic Absorbers to absorb an additional 8 damage. Total Absorption is 28 pts. Adds on to existing Absorbers and uses those tech pouches for Glove Suits TEF: 0 Cost: VSIC: 40,000 Forces: SNF/WNF/Phys Protect: 8 ENC: 2 RM: 6 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A

Supron FlexiCoat An ionicly bonded Super dense Coating of thin metal that increases the Malfunction threshold of armor by 1. TEF: 7 Cost: VSIC: 50,000 Forces: WNF/Phys ENC: 0 RM: 1 Max Apps: 30 Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A

Armor Technology: Upgrades

Targeted Reactive Discharge I This armor system allows the user to target a burst of reactive armor at 1 target within 5m. Burst has equivalent Power Units of 10 x users reactive protection. Cost: 1 action to use. TEF: 7 Cost: VSIC: 165,000 Forces: Elect/Phys ENC: 2 RM: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Glove Suits requires tech pouch Supron Strand Infusion A process that infuses a stranded Supron alloy. This process can only be used on Non-plate type armor (Light armor). It adds 5 to the armor per application, a maximum of 4 times. Each addition adds 3 Enc. Not usable on glove suits TEF: 5 Cost: VSIC: 133,500 Forces: WNF/SNF/Chem/Phys Protect: 5 ENC: 3 RM: 5 Max Apps: 4 Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A Personal ECM panels 3 8 Panels that emit a constant wave of electronic and Physical interference, that obstruct an attackers ability to target the wearer. The panels TEF effects attackers to hit; even if no targeting devices are used. The interference is visible to the eye making it hard to get a clear shot. The panels have 8 slots for ECM chips. ECM chips are allowed to boost a panel system based on the chips TEF Bonus. Glove Suits requires tech pouch. TEF: 12 Cost: VSIC: 850,000 Forces: All ENC: 8 RM: 8 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A Karlyle Micro-Lacing Additional modification for light and Frame armor, no glove suits. The lacing adds 2 to the base protection each time it is added. May be added 4 times. TEF: 5 Cost: VSIC: 65,000 Forces: none Protect: 2 ENC: .5 per app RM: 5 Max Apps: 4 Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A Advanced Karlyle Plating An addition to Regulon Star Plates that increase all reactive armor protection and adds large flexible plates of Karlyle Lacing II to light and Frame armor. No glove suits. The Plates are too large and not stable enough for an Exo skeleton to lock onto. Also, the plates cannot survive the Hybrid armor fusing process. They must be removed before Exo or hybrid upgrades can take place. The plates add 10 Enc and increases RM by 5. The total protection (All Armor; Impact, Plasma, Laser) of the armor adds 72. TEF: 10 Cost: VSIC: 258,000 Forces: SNF/WNF/Phys Protect: 72 ENC: 10 RM: 5 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A

Level 6

Molecular Absorption Layer Similar to the ExoSkeleton Molecular absorbing Shocks. However, this is a Nanonic layer of material that absorbs even laser photon impacts that penetrate a persons armor. The Layer adds 20 points to armor protection through its absorbers. Can be used with any other Non DNA absorber system. TEF: 25 Cost: VSIC: 15,000 Forces: All (No Calon) Protect: 20 ENC: 3 RM: 4 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Tech pouch for Glove Suits. Particle X Absorber Enhancement Adding the Particle X to any absorber system adds 16 to the Absorption system. If multiple systems are in use, effect is NOT cumulative adding it to three absorbers still only gives +16 absorption. Does not require tech pouch for Glove Suits. TEF: 0 Cost: VSIC: 522,000 Forces: SNF/WNF Protect: 16 ENC: 2 RM: 10 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A Impact Shield A specially designed material that absorbs Impact and redistributes it to minimize effect. The Shield has 500 Structure Points that any Kinetic/impact/ concussion hit must penetrate first. Damage hits wearer as soon as 500 points of damage are taken by shield. The armor must be fixed to bring Impact shield back to effective levels. Available for Glove Suits 250 points of damage max. TEF: 2 Cost: VSIC: 650,000 Forces: Chem./Phys ENC: 10 RM: 10 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: tech pouch required

Level 5

Level 8


Armor Technology: Upgrades

TEF: 12 Cost: VSIC: 40,000 Nanonic: 60,000 Forces: Elect/WNF/SNF Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Reactive Armor, Type 2 chips As reactive armor, but chips that are more efficient. Each chip adds 5 to armors protection rather than 10 as original chips. You can intermix chip types but only nine chips maximum. TEF: 5 Cost: VSIC: 7500 Nanonic: 11,250 Forces: Grav/Elect/WNF Protect: 5 per chip Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Chips:10 Requires: Reactive Armor base (Built In)

Tech SpotLight: McGovernTrask Configurable Circuits

First developed in the Corporate Wars era by DNA Fusion, these circuits are the heart of modern armor. Simply insert a Chip into the circuit and it will reconfigure itself to perform that function. The flexibility this gives both the armor and the user is unparalleled in the history of warfare. While there are limitations to these functions, a booming chip based modifications market has developed. Even so more and more systems are adapted for these remarkable Semi Organic circuits.

Level 3

Chips and Other Removable Systems Level 1

Temp Chip 3 Allows a pressurized suit of armor to become resistant to temperatures from -1000 degrees to 2000 degrees Celsius. No Effect on Plasma Attacks. TEF: 15 Cost: VSIC: 100,000 Nanonic: 150,000 Forces: Chem./Phys Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic

Level 4

Chameleon Chip I Allows armor to blend in with surroundings. Aids the Stealth skill. TEF: 8 Cost: VSIC: 20,000 Nanonic: 30,000 Forces: Elect/WNF/SNF Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC/ Nanonic Requires: N/A Static ECM Chip Each chip aids against any tracking system. The Chip blocks Electromagnetic and Gravity forces only. Maximum of 5 Chips in Armor. TEF: 5 Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Cost: VISC: 95,000 per chip Nanonic: 142,500 Max Apps: n/a Forces: Elect/ Grav Temp chip I Allows a pressurized suit of armor to become resistant to temperatures from -100 degrees to 500 degrees Celsius. No effect on plasma attacks. TEF:8 Cost: VSIC: 10,000 Nanonic: 20,000 Forces: Chem./Phys Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Reactive Armor Type 1Armor Chips A set of chips that more efficiently generates the electromagnetic field used to stop attacks. Each chip adds +2 to the users protection, a maximum of 10 chips. Works also with Advanced targeting base. No Mixing different power chips. Reactive will fail to function. TEF: 3 Cost: VSIC: 5,000 Nanonic: 7500 Forces: Grav/Elect/WNF Protect: 2 per chip Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Chips:10 Requires: Reactive Armor base (Built In)

Temp Chip 4 Allows a pressurized suit of armor to become resistant to temperatures from 2000 degrees to 3000 degrees Celsius. Ne effect on plasma attacks. TEF: 20 Cost: VSIC: 225,000 Nanonic: 337,500 Forces: Chem./Phys Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Wave Static ECM Chip Each chip aids against any tracking system. The Chip is designed to block Electromagnetic, Gravity, Chemical, and Physical forces. 8 Chips maximum in armor. TEF: 10 Cost: VSIC: 580,000 Nanonic: 870,000 Forces: Elect/Grav/Chem/Phys Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Calon Disrupter Field A base field of Calon energy that is continuously switching polarity. This continuous switch makes it harder for attacking PsiTechs adding additional interference. The field adds to the PsiCon of user before a parry is rolled. Non- PsiTechs may exceed a 100 PsiCon with this; the field is always up and has a 5m range. TEF: 20 Cost: VSIC: 120,000 Nanonic: 180,000 Forces: Calon Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Chameleon Chip, Type 3 As normal chameleon, simply more effective. TEF: 18 Cost: VSIC: 60,000 Nanonic: 90,000 Forces: Elect/WNF/SNF Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Reactive Armor Type 3 Chips Adds 10 to armor instead of 10. Max addition to armor is now 100 plus the base unit. Ten chips max. Mixing is allowed. TEF: 10 Cost: VSIC: 10,000 Nanonic: 15,000 Forces: Grav/ Elect/WNF Protect: 15 per chip Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Chips:10 Requires: Reactive Armor base (Built In)


Level 2

Temp Chip 2 Allows a pressurized suit of armor to become resistant to temperatures from -500 degrees to 1000 degrees Celsius. No effect on Plasma Attacks. TEF: 10 Cost: VSIC: 50,000 Nanonic: 75,000 Forces: Chem./Phys Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Chameleon Chip, Type 2 As its level one counter part, allows user to blend in with any type of area.

Level 5

Temp chip 5 Allows a pressurized suit of armor to become resistant to temperatures from -3000 degrees

Armor Technology: Upgrades

to 4000 degrees Celsius. No effect on plasma attacks. TEF: 12 Cost: VSIC: 350,000 Nanonic: 525,000 Forces: Chem/Phys/WNF Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Nuclear Static ECM Chip Each chip aids against any tracking system. The Chip blocks all forces, excluding Calon. 5 Chips maximum in Armor. TEF: 13 Cost: VSIC: 740,000 Nanonic: 1,110,000 Forces: All (No Calon) Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Chameleon Chip, IV As the others, very effective technology. TEF: 23 Cost: VSIC: 80,000 Nanonic: 110,000 Forces: Elect/WNF/SNF Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Reactive Armor Type 4 Chips A new set of chips that more efficiently generates the electromagnetic field used to stop attacks. Each chip adds 15 to the users protection, a maximum of 10 chips. Works also with plasma enhanced base. Mixing different power chips is allowed. TEF: 12 Cost: VSIC: 135,000 Nanonic: 202,500 Forces: Grav/Elect/WNF Protect: 15 per chip Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Chips:10 Requires: Reactive Armor base (Built In) Calon Disrupter Field II Chip A more focused low power field similar to the level I field. The level II adds TEF to the users PsiCon for defense only at all times. The defensive field can be switched to a new modulation of Calon energy frequencies; this adds TEF + 10 to their PsiCon and is a passive action lasts whole phase. Can switch the modulation the field 2 times every turn; due to the power required. TEF: 25 Cost: VSIC: 135,000 Nanonic: 202,500 Forces: Calon Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic +1 Reaction Chip An armor chip that uses the armor to boost how fast a person can react. The boost is only for a microsecond and adds one to a person reaction roll. No more than 10 chips in 1 suit of armor. Requires no action to use, and counts towards total reaction for number of actions. TEF:5 Cost: VSIC: 150,000 Nanonic: 225,500 Forces: Phys Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic 225,500 Forces: Grav/Elect/WNF Protect: 20 per chip Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Chips:10 Requires: Reactive Armor base (Built In) Chameleon Chip V As others with all forces. TEF: 25 Cost: VSIC: 120,000 Nanonic: 180,000 Forces: all (No Calon) Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic +2 Reaction Chip An armor chip that uses the armor to boost how fast a person can react. The boost is only for a microsecond and adds 2 to a person reaction roll. No more than 10 chips in 1 suit of armor. Requires no action to use and counts towards total reaction for number of actions. TEF: 5 Cost: VSIC: 200,000 Nanonic: 300,000 Forces: Phys Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic

Level 7

Chameleon Chip VI The pinnacle of armor chip stealth is even protects against calon scans. TEF: 32 Cost: VSIC: 200,000 Nanonic: 300,000 Forces: All Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Reactive Armor Type 6 Armor Chips A new set of chips that more efficiently generates the electromagnetic field used to stop attacks. Each chip adds +25 to the users protection, a maximum of 10 chips. Works also with plasma enhanced base. Mixing different power chips is allowed. TEF: 15 Cost: VSIC: 150,000 Nanonic: 225,500 Forces: Grav/Elect/WNF Protect: 25 per chip Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Chips:10 Requires: Reactive Armor base (Built In)

Level 8

Level 6

Calon Pulse Field Chip A chip using the armor electrical system to generate a pulse field which interferes with Calon Energy. The field must be focused on one target, range 200m. The field disrupts the Calon energy as the Psi Generates it and 100 from the attack. This chip range can be boosted by ROM and PROM chips. However, it can only be used 5 times in an hour period. Each use lasts 10 minutes. TEF: 25 Cost: VSIC: 360,000 Nanonic: 540,000 Forces: Calon/Elect Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Reactive Armor Type 6 Armor Chips A new set of chips that more efficiently generates the electromagnetic field used to stop attacks. Each chip adds 25 to the users protection, a maximum of 10 chips. Works also with plasma enhanced base. Mixing different power chips is allowed. TEF: 15 Cost: VSIC: 325,000 Nanonic: 450,000 Forces: Grav/Elect/WNF Protect: 25 per chip Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Chips:10 Requires: Reactive Armor base (Built In)

Temp Chip 6 Allows a pressurized suit of armor to become resistant to temperatures from -4000 degrees to 5000 degrees Celsius minimum temp. Can be programed to 1/2 EF of plasma attacks, Electronics Program must raise Chip TEF to 60 for bonus. TEF: 12 Cost: VSIC: 500,000 Nanonic: 750,000 Forces: Chem/Phys/WNF/SNF Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Reactive Armor Type 5 Armor Chips A new set of chips that more efficiently generates the electromagnetic field used to stop attacks. Each chip adds +20 to the users protection, a maximum of 10 chips. Works also with plasma enhanced base. Mixing different power chips is allowed. TEF: 15 Cost: VSIC: 150,000 Nanonic:


DNA Strands Level 0

DNA Technology Pouch A pocket of DNA Skin that is designed to surround a piece of VSIC or Na-

Armor Technology: Upgrades

nonic Built in Technology and in a 10 minutes period the puch takes on all the function of the tech. The Hard tech is useless garbage now. This allows the device to work with the Glove suit. This does not change the functions or TEFs; but RNA strand Enhancer may not be used to increase or change the Technology pouches. TEF: 5 (Until tech is absorbed) Cost: Strand: 15,000 Insertion: 40,000 (5% failure chance) RM: 1 Max Apps: 10 Forces: none Strand Type: Simple Strand Size: 1 Human Mod: None Mod: None Glove Suit RNA Strand Enhancer DNA Strands can be improved to work more effectively against Technology by enhancing their effectiveness. This RNA injection modifies any Strand with a TEF, so it is more effective in combat. Each application adds 1 TEF to Glove Suit TEF max, a specific DNA Strand, or adds 1 Force to that the strand. It adds no other bonuses. Adding a Force costs 24,000 per strand. If Calon Force is added cost is 60,000 per strand. TEF: 5 Cost: Strand: 8,000 * new TEF Insertion: 40,000 (5% failure chance) RM :1 Max Apps: n/a Forces: none Strand Type: Simple Strand Size: 1 Human Mod: None DNA Chameleon Virus This will allow the wearer to adjust the coloring of the Glove Suit to become highly detailed camouflage. The wearer will still cast shadows. TEF: 8 Cost: Strand: 90,000 Insertion: 40,000 (5% failure chance) RM :2 Max Apps: n/a Forces: WNF/ Chem/Phys Strand Type: Basic Strand Size: 2 Human Mod: BioBloc Glove Suit Bio Electric Armor A Bioelectric field that works like reactive armor, but is a DNA strand; not VSIC or Nanonic technology. Reactive armor uses a different combination of Electromagnetic Forces and CANNOT work with Bio Electric Armor (Their forces cancel each other out). The base DNA Strand adds 50 to the armors base protection. This field affects both Plasma and ChemProject weaponry. Burst Lasers are not affected. The base adds 500 PU insulation. TEF:5 Cost: Strand: 120,000 Insertion: 40,000 (5% failure chance) RM :2 Max Apps: n/a Forces: Grav/ WNF/SNF/Elect Protect: 50 Strand Type: Simple Strand Size: 1 Human Mod: None

Level 1

Dermal Absorption Layer Simple Strand This dermal enhancement allows a thick inner membrane to separate the user from any damage that might penetrate the user. Similar to Kinetic absorbers the Strand has the ability to absorb damage that penetrates the armors outer skin. Additional strand upgrades, when added, increase the absorption and the complexity and size of the strand. Impact Absorb 3 Plasma Absorb 0 Laser Absorb 0 Strand Complexity 1/Simple

The numbers listed above are the totals for each strand, and are not cumulative. These strands can be used with Kinetic Absorbers with a Plasma Harness, or a Molecular Harness NOT both. TEF: 5 Cost: Strand: 20,000 Insertion: 40,000 (5% failure chance) RM: 1 Max Apps: 1 Forces: Phys Strand Type: Simple Strand Size: 1 Human Mod: None

Level 2

DNA Weapon Skin A tailored DNA sequence that turns into a hardened Melee Combat weapon. The DNA lives in the Glove Suit until activated. The DNA can become one specific weapon, determined when purchased. This base weapon has no additional abilities. Weapon lasts for 5 minutes then must recharge (eat) for 2 minutes until it can reform. The weapon has the base Stats of a Steel weapon. Multiple weapons can be kept in the Suit at one time. TEF: 10 Cost: Strand: 135,000 Insertion: 40,000 (5% failure chance) RM :1 Max Apps: n/a Forces: none Strand Type: Simple Strand Size: 1 Human Mod: None

Level 3

DNA Dermal Layer Enhancement This enhancement increases the ability of the skin suit to take damage. The dermal layer thickens and is made more flexible. The change adds 10 to the protection of the suit. Adds 500 PU insulation. This strand also increases the Malfunction level of the armor by 2. TEF: 6 Cost: Strand: 75,000 Insertion: 40,000 (5% failure chance) RM :2 Max Apps: n/a Forces: Phys Protect: 10 Strand Type: Simple Strand Size: 1 Human Mod: None


RG-12 DNA interfaces These are additional nerve endings designed to work as VSIC or Nanonic Chip Slots. Each slot can adapt to whatever form of chip is interfaced to these strands. They behave as normal slots. Each Strand has 4 slot connections for either VSIC or Nanonic. Each slot can hold 1 VSIC or 2 Nanonic chips. Glove Suit can have its RM/10 in available slots, 16 minimum. These slots do not support reactive armor chips. TEF: 3 Cost: Strand: 15,000 Insertion: 40,000 (5% failure chance) RM :1 Max Apps: n/a Forces: none Strand Type: Simple Strand Size: 1 Human

Armor Technology: Upgrades Manufacturer Spotlight

Dermal Absorption Layer Basic Strand This dermal enhancement allows a thick inner membrane to separate the user from any damage that might penetrate the user. The second layer of this strand adds protection from Plasma and Laser weapons. It also increase the size and complexity of the Strand. Impact Absorption 8 Plasma Laser Strand / AbsorpAbComplextion sorption ity 8 3 2/Basic

Encom Vanders Labs (EV Labs) The Creators of the Homo Centurian Race this company sprang from the Military programs of the Old United States. Encom was the only lab to hold on to a copy of the entire Human Genome, when the Russian Darkness destroyed most of the data. With this data compiled from the Old United States, Encom had a huge jump on its competitors. In 2029 the Paulson units manipulated a large force of MoaSen to attack the labs in the newly formed WAC. As the attack began a large force of Strike Teams from Vanders Electronics defended Encoms lab for almost 28 hours. Encom immediately moved to join Vanders and combine their resources in the Secret War. Vanders accepted, while not really knowing what to do with the labs. Vanders Teams were to have the lowest causality rate because of the advanced meds that Encom Provided to Vanders Teams. When the UN was on the verge of being reinstated, EV Labs offered a copy of the Human Genome to any joining company or Country. AvCorp paid a large lump sum to Encom/Vanders Labs for this. The large infusion of cash and resources allowed EV Labs to move into the market of new medicine, DNA research, and BioTech. The DNA and BioTech research was not very lucrative until 2127, when the UN began to relax restrictions. The UN and the System opened the BioTech areas in 2128 and EV registered 350 new technologies, many were process oriented research that EV had done since 2050; which saved humanity almost 30 years of ramp up time in BioTech. Due to this AvCorp and the UN infused a Bonus of 3 trillion credits into EV which helped them expand and meet the new demand for their biotech products. Encom Labs has been known as a house of the devil, and many leaders in the MoaSen states would go out of their way to attack them. EV Labs has created hundreds of useful drugs to help eradicate such diseases as; AIDS/HIV, Ebola, Diabetes, and how to spawn new muscle from fat cells. Though rumors abound EV has steadfastly denied that they are looking to create another race like the Homo Centurian; however they have many high security areas were anything could done. EV has stated that their only desire is to continue to improve the quality of human life, not to create it.

The numbers listed above are the totals for the upgraded strand, and are not cumulative. These strands can be used with Kinetic Absorbers with a Plasma Harness, or a Molecular Harness NOT both. TEF: 0 Cost: Strand: 60,000 to upgrade Simple Insertion: 40,000 (5% failure chance) RM :2 Max Apps: n/a Forces: WNF/Phys Strand Type: Basic Strand Size: 2 Human Mod: None DNA AI Link Allows DNA AI Intelligence inside a Glove Suit to control the functions of a glove suit; all use by the AI is considered a passive action. The AI can adjust TEF of DNA Strands down if it wishes and costs a passive action for each strand lowered. TEF: 15 Cost: Strand: 60,000 Insertion: 40,000 (5% failure chance) RM :2 Max Apps: n/a Forces: Chem Strand Type: Basic Strand Size: 2 Human Mod: None Light Bending Invisibility This will make the suit and wearer transparent. It can mask up to three items, expandable with the RNA enhancer strand, on the suit, not including pockets and sheaths, which are masked automatically. The suit absorbs light, so unless the person is in a Dark area or has chameleon abilities the TEF is halved. The wearer will not cast shadows. In technology combat if the TEF difference is -30 or greater, the user has disappeared off all scanners and the attacker gets no skill roll. The TEF of the LBI is the only TEF considered for this disappearance ability TEF: 6 Cost: Strand: 100,000 Insertion: 40,000 (5% failure chance) RM :2 Max Apps: n/a Forces: WNF/ Chem/Phys Strand Type: Simple Strand Size: 1 Human Mod: None DNA Morphing This will let the wearer take on the appearance of something roughly the same size and shape as the wearer. If he is curled into a ball, he could look like a rock, or he could even make himself look like another person. To use this ability to look like someone specific would take at least a few rounds of study and a scanner, or the AI can generate a random appearance for the situation. Takes passive action to activate. TEF: 7 Cost: Strand: 60,000 Insertion: 40,000 (5% failure chance) RM :2 Max Apps: n/a Forces: WNF/ Elect/Phys/Chem Strand Type: Basic Strand Size: 2 Human Mod: BioBloc


Armor Technology: Upgrades

Doppelganger By increasing the size (and encumbrance) of the suit, this mod allows part of the glove suit to detach from the back and do simple movements on its own. The doppelganger can also use the DNA Chameleon devices, but can only move within 20 meters of the Glove suit. It can do only basic movements, and no skills rolls can be made. While a doppelganger is deployed, the Glove Suit is unable to use any DNA Abilities greater than Simple Strands in the suit. Since it is just a shell of DNA material, any shots incurred tend to pass right through it. Damage is done only if the suit malfunctions. Then both parts of the glove suit will suffer the malfunction. The doppelganger has no offensive capabilities. Doppelgangers cast a shadow. Works 2/day for 5 minutes max (10 turns). TEF:8 Cost: Strand: 500,000 Insertion: 50,000 (2% failure chance) RM :3 Max Apps: n/a Forces: Grav/ WNF/Phys Strand Type: Complex Strand Size: 3 Human Mod: None es: Grav/WNF/SNF/Elect Strand Type: Simple Strand Size: 1 Human Mod: None DNA Drug Injector This DNA Enhancement allows the user to inject up to 20 doses into the holding area this creates. The Doses remain in stasis until activated by either the AI or a Voice command; The injector will then use the requested drug on the wearer. It is a free action to use this device TEF: 3 Cost: Strand: 10,000 Insertion: 40,000 (5% failure chance) ENC: 3 RM :1 Max Apps: n/a Forces: none Strand Type: Basic Strand Size: 2 Human Mod: BioBloc Glove Suit Retinal Optics An enhanced DNA strand that allows a glove suit user to use optics without a helmet. The optics are placed in a technology pouch and then linked to a set of Retinal Optics. The optics work as normal and can use 10 chip upgrades as normal. Detection of the Retinal Optics is difficult and they have a TEF to conceal the optics. TEF: Detection: 12 Optics Bonus: 5 Cost: Strand: 250,000 Insertion: 40,000 (5% failure chance) ENC: .5 RM :1 Max Apps: n/a Forces: Elect/Phys Strand Type: None Strand Size: 0 Human Mod: None Requires: Tech Pouch and Helmet Optics. Works with VSIC chips only

Level 4

Bioelectric Armor DNA Strand Upgrade An addition to Bio Electric Armor that adds 7 new DNA strands to the Base Bio electric armor. This adds 10 to (5 from each strand) the armor protection. Requires the Bio Electric Armor strand. This may be added 6 times, 2 times per rank upgrade. Each strand adds 20 PU insulation (100 total). TEF: 0 Cost: Strand: 60,000 Insertion: 40,000 (5% failure chance) RM :4 Max Apps: 6 Forces: Grav/WNF/ Elect Protect: 10 per app Strand Type: Enhanced Strand Size: 2 Human Mod: None Glove Suit Prowess Enhancement A DNA strand that adds the following abilities while wearing the Glove Suit: 1) Adds 5 to the wearers PR (No Max) for 1 minute three times a day. 2) Adds 5 skill levels to the dodge skill (Unlimited uses). 3) Increases users reaction by 5 (May exceed Human Max). TEF: 6 Cost: Strand: 160,000 Insertion: 40,000 (5% failure chance) RM :3 Max Apps: n/a Forces: Phys Strand Type: Basic Strand Size: 2 Human Mod: None

Level 5

Bioelectric Absorption Field A BioElectric Field that boosts the ability of the Dermal Absorption Layer by adding 2 to its absorption ability. The stronger the field, the larger the boost to the Absorption Layer; the field may be upgraded 10 times for a maximum of +20 to the absorption layer. TEF: 7 Cost: Strand: 250,000 Insertion: 50,000 (2% failure chance) ENC: .5 RM :3 Max Apps: 10 Forces: All (No Calon) Protect: 2 per app Strand Type: Complex Strand Size: 3 Human Mod: None Requires: n/a Advanced Chameleon Virus This Upgrade to the Chameleon Virus allows the wearer to exactly match the environment that he is in. The upgrade takes the TEF of the Chameleon Virus and allows the glove suit to look like the area the suit is in. Can create up to 100 specific images at once (10 images used for 1 scene (1 scene is one ability of the virus; 10 scenes max)). If he is looked at from the side, he will not be seen any different. The wearer will still cast shadows. TEF: 12 Cost: Strand: 250,000 Insertion: 50,000 (2% failure chance) ENC: 0 RM : 4 Max Apps: 1 Forces: All (No Calon) Strand Type: Overlapping Strand Size: 4 Human Mod: None Requires: n/a


Glove Suit Manipulation Strand A DNA strand that allows the manipulation of the Glove suits appearance at all levels. The Suit can be changed to look like any type of Frame or Light Armor. User can even specify what insignias and damage appears to be done to the armor. The Strand can maintain this shift for 30 minutes every 24 hours; minutes can be broken up. When used with other stealth enhancements add TEFs together. Mass is added to the glove suit with this enhancement to allow the changes. TEF: 9 Cost: Strand: 120,000 Insertion: 40,000 (5% failure chance) ENC: 5 RM :1 Max Apps: n/a Forc-

Armor Technology: Upgrades

chip will activate these functions only if certain predefined circumstances occur (Active action in the case of an analysis strand). TEF: 7 Cost: Strand: 300,000 Insertion: 50,000 (2% failure chance) ENC: 0 RM : 3 Max Apps: 1 Forces: Chem/WNF Strand Type: Complex Strand Size: 3 Human Mod: None Requires: n/a Calon Disrupter Field Strand A more focused low power field than the Chips Generate. The DNA Strand adds TEF to the users PsiCon, for defense only, at all times. The defensive field can be switched to a new modulation of Calon energy frequencies; this adds an additional 25 to their PsiCon and is 1 passive action, last for whole phase. The user can modulate the field 3 times per turn. Wearer of a Glove suit can detect any use of Calon energy with in 200m regardless of the target. TEF: 25/50 Cost: Strand: 90,000 Insertion: 40,000 (5% failure chance) ENC: 0 RM : 2 Max Apps: 1 Forces: Calon Strand Type: Basic Strand Size: 2 Human Mod: BioBloc Requires: n/a +1 Reaction Strand An armor strand that allows a Glove Suit to boost how fast a person can react. The boost is only for a microsecond and adds one to a characters reaction roll. 10 strands max. Requires no action to use, and counts towards total reaction for number of actions. TEF: 50 Cost: Strand: 150,000 Insertion: 50,000 (2% failure chance) ENC: 0 RM : 3 Max Apps: 1 Forces: Phys Strand Type: Complex Strand Size: 3 Human Mod: BioBloc Requires: n/a

Tyrex Incorporated A home grown Republic of Texas company dedicated to electronics of all types. Tyrex has the reputation of a much larger company, because of their determination to do what they think is right. They make Chips and even some built in helmet systems as well, all with very high quality. Tyrex has recently added a division dedicated to Psi Defense for all, Combat and Civilian alike. The CEO has spoken recently about the grave potential threat that Active Psis are to normal humans. The CEO has labored continuously in the last 5 years to find a way to allow the Psi to grow, while protecting normal humans in any way he can. Their StrikeForces are truly a reflection of the company, doing what right regardless of the cost. One example is the attack on the city of Chicago by a Corporate executive, formerly of BioTech. An illegal StrikeForce called the Nazgul (after the Tolkien characters) attempted to blow the city into slag. The Immortals blasted 5 of the 9 in a running gun battle on Level 1, the remaining 4 were captured by police or killed by others. The Immortals were not even supposed to be in Chicago, but they went when they found evidence of the plot.

Manufacturer SpotLight

Level 6

Advanced Glove Suit coexistence DNA This device allows two completely independent Glove Suit DNA Strands to occupy the same Glove suit. Both strands of DNA can be used by a single AI Intelligence. So it is like having two Glove Suits in one. After the link is purchased, the DNA strand must be planted; pick the type of strand from the list of glove suits at the beginning of the section. Then apply enhancements and Abilities as normal to both sides. You must buy double if you want both to have the same function. Control of the strands can be split; An AI can run one set while the user runs the other set; or the AI can run all the functions (Considered passive actions for the AI). C-Spys may get a DNA Analysis program (See Analysis Chips) to control certain functions, however the

Weapon Skin DNA Strand Upgrade (DSU) Allows the user to upgrade a DNA Melee Combat weapon. The upgrade can do two things. The first is to increase the statistics of the weapon to a better metal than steel. The minimum is steel, and each metal above steel is considered a strand. So to go to titanium statistics it would be considered to have added four strands (no weight modifiers apply). The other is to add design options from personal weapon design. Each ability is considered a separate strand. So two abilities would be two strands. The DNA design can only be done once, so pick wisely or buy the weapon again. Add to base weapon as described in personal weapon design. TEF: as weapon Cost: Strand: 250,000 Insertion: 50,000 (2% failure chance) ENC: 0.5 (regardless of weapon RM : 6 Max Apps: n/a Forces: Phy/SNF Strand Type: Overlapping Strand Size: 4 (+1 per material and design upgrades) Human Mod: None Requires: n/a Glove Suit Adv Dermal Enhancement An Enhanced DNA strand that stays dormant until activated. When activated, the glove suits Enc increases by 10. All TEFs drop by 25 while the Enhancement is active. The Physical Armor (DO NOT include: Reactive/Bio-electric Based or absorbers) is increased by *2. The Enhance-


Armor Technology: Upgrades

ment can be used to defend against all the attacks in 1 phase, 4 times in a 24-hour period. TEF: 8 Cost: Strand: 531,000 Insertion: 40,000 (5% failure chance) ENC: 0 RM : 3 Max Apps: 1 Forces: SNF/WNF/ Chem/Phys Strand Type: Basic Strand Size: 2 Human Mod: None Requires: n/a Advanced Doppelganger An upgrade to the Doppelganger Strand, this upgrade allows an AI to go with and control the doppelganger. Both suits have full control of all DNA enhancements. Only in the main suit has Chip interfaces and the AI can use any applicable Skill to control the doppelganger. Can be used an unlimited number of times for 20 minutes max, must recharge 1 hour. TEF: 8 Cost: Strand: 650,000 Insertion: 40,000 (5% failure chance) ENC: 0 RM : 2 Max Apps: 1 Forces: SNF/Chem/Phys Strand Type: Basic Strand Size: 2 Human Mod: None Requires: n/a Doppelganger DNA Replication Virus This virus allows the Doppelganger to replicate all DNA strand abilities at a TEF of 3. The virus replicates all DNA strands, and if the virus is not correctly tailored to the suit the entire suit could be destroyed. The replicated strands in the Doppelganger can be upgraded with RNA Strand Enhancement. The Doppelganger cannot have a higher TEF than the Prime suit and cannot exceed 50 TEF maximum. Should the glove suit be upgraded with a new strand a new Virus must be tailored again and the complete cost. Including RNA upgrades, must be paid again if you want the two suits to match. TEF: 12 Cost: Strand: 800,000 Insertion: 50,000 (2% failure chance) ENC: 0 RM : 3 Max Apps: 1 Forces: Chem./Phys Strand Type: Complex Strand Size: 3 Human Mod: None Requires: n/a Dermal Absorption Layer Complex Strand This dermal enhancement allows a thick inner membrane to separate the user from any damage that might penetrate the user. The final upgrade brings the Strand to a complex DNA and increase the absorption to 500 for all weapon types. Impact Absorption 15 Plasma Laser Absorp- Absorption tion 15 15 Strand / Complexity 3/Complex

Armor repair costs increase as penetrations and malfunctions increase. To repair Penetrations use the below formula. Each Penetration costs a minimum of 5 credits to fix. The more complex the armor the greater the Repair Modifier (RM) (5 * Armor Penetrations)* Armor RM

Armor Repair Penetrations

Repairing Complications
Hard Tech Complications To fix hard tech armor systems with complications players must pay a cost equal to (10,000 * #Complications) * Armor RM) Bio Tech Complications These systems are repaired using gene viruses and other medical treatments. While less costly to fix there is a chance fix will fail and have to be done again. Glove Suit repair costs are (5000 * # of Complications +1) *Armor RM) There is a 15% chance the repair fails and has to be run again, at full cost. Time to Repair Armor takes time to fix The more damage the more time it takes. Penetration Repair Time (Armor Penetrations * 15 minutes) Hard Tech Repair 30 minutes per Complication BioTech 10 Minutes per Complication


The numbers listed above are the totals for the complex strand, upgrades are not cumulative. These strands can be used with Kinetic Absorbers with a Plasma Harness, or a Molecular Harness NOT both. TEF: 0 Cost: Strand: 94,000 Insertion: 50,000 (2% failure chance) ENC: 0 RM : 3 Max Apps: 1 Forces: SNF/WNF/Phys Strand Type: Complex Strand Size: 3 Human Mod: None Requires: n/a

Helmet Technology Armor Helmets

The nerve center of modern armor, helmets are an essential component. Whether controlling armor or built in helmet functions helmets allow the wearer to access these powerful systems. The more you spend on a helmet the more flexibility and growth you get with the many systems available today. and repair businesses. The growth is steady and their equipment on par with all their competitors.

UN Armor Restrictions and Ratings

The Manufacturers

Supron Alloy The oldest modern armor manufacturer , Supron alloy has been making armor since the Secret war. Originally a space materials firm, Supron created its name sake flexible armor in 2010 and was a major force in the Corporate Wars as well. Supron has stayed in business by creating new products, such as frame armor and ExoSkeleton system enhancements, before others can react. Matrix armor in particular has no love for Supron and they have fought wars in the past. Reich Armor A German Company in the New British Empire, Reich Armor is particularly aggressive in the creation of new products. They tend to innovate on others designs, while keeping prices very competitive. Their quality is always good and they have excellent StrikeForces. Matrix Armor Matrix was Supron alloys only real competition in the last few years of the Secret war. Created by Timmonds Fuel , Luger Arms, and Wagner Androsyne to give these Corps leverage against Supron. Within 5 years Matrix paid back the original investments to all the Original corps and went independent. In 2057 Matrix released the first ExoSkeleton with hard wired functions. In 2058 Supron released their first set of ExoSkeleton bolt on systems, much to matrixs displeasure. While they are doing well they only have a 35% market share in non Exo Armor. Matrix is determined to overtake Supron Alloy. AvCorp AvCorp moved into the Helmet sector soon after the creation of Matrix armor. Seeing the growth of armor functionality, AvCorp guessed that helmets would become the control center. They were right. AvCorp uses its helmet business to support and grow its electronics

The UN Planning Groups has limited helmet ratings to 2 types: Hard and Glove armor helmets. The abilities and control functions of helmets is the real difference between the helmets. The looks are also critical to many a StrikeForce member trying to project an image. Custom looks with similar functions is normal for any type of helmet. Hard Armor Helmets Designed to match the armor it is mated with, hard armor helmets can deflect attacks with protection that matches it armor. Multiple redundant Nanonic links connect hard armor helmets to their armor. These linkages allow control of both helmet and armor Chips and built in systems. System and Chip upgrades can improve many of the core helmet and armor functions. The outward appearance of the helmet is usually customized with paint and moldings. Any profession can use these helmets. Glove Armor Helmets A DNA skin with a hard dermal shell, glove armor helmets merge with a glove suit. Unlike Hard armor helmets which are a separate system, glove armor helmets really do become a part of the armor. These helmets have RG -12 nerve clusters, connections that can connect either a VSIC or Nanonic chip. Glove armor helmets and their systems truly expand the armor. Any hard tech systems mounted in a Tech pouch, anywhere on the glove suit, can be used by the helmet or armor. A glove suit and its helmet are a wonder of design and function.


Supron Alloy Protector Helmet Circa 2015

Helmet Technology Hard Armor Helmets Components

Device Stats Encumbrance (Enc.) Add to armors total for total ENC Interface Type The technology underlying the interface slots. Repair Modifier Add to armors total for total of the armor

Images The number of independent images the skin of the helmet can display. Helpful for multiple programing or to make the helmet project another design. Voices Number of voices the helmet can be programed to speak as. Must have a sample of the voice to be duped. Type The name of the helmet. Repair Mod The value shows how much the helmet adds to overall complexity of the armor, hence increasing cost of repair Interface Type Technology Base of the Interfaces. This determines the type and cost of the chips the armor uses to expand its capabilities. Inter Number of Armor Interfaces the Suit comes with in order to expand with chips. Uses chips based on the Interface Type. Encumbrance Weight and bulk of helmet

Custom Matrix Vista Kazkan Skull Helmet

Type Hayward IL

Images 0 2 4 10 4 3 1

Voices 1

Enc. 1.5 1.5 1 1.5 1

Inter Type VSIC

Interfaces 2 4 5 5 2

Repair Mod 2 3 2 3

Cost 2,000 3,000 5,000 7,000 3,500

Matrix Vistel -Q Handarn Vii

Matrix Vistel IIQ Hayward WF Reich Armor Helm 1 Hayward Base Handarn FV

2 3 3




4 6 9 2 3

.8 .5 .5

Matrix Full View Helm 1

20 10 12 9



10 16 6 8 12

10 12 5 5


6,000 15,000


Hayward Ninja

1.8 1.7 1.7

25,000 14,000 18,500

Matrix Vista Euro Knight Handarn XIII LF Helmet WAT Full View 12

Matrix Vista Kazkan Skull

Reich Hayward Skin Helmet WAT Partial View Attack WAT defender Skin Metal

12 20 24 26 25 22 15

4 5

4 6 8

2.0 2.4 2.5 2.7 2.3


10 14 16 20 18 15 12

6 12 8

28,000 35,000 27,000


JDA Partial Skin



14 15


32,000 38,000 35,000

14 15




40,000 45,000

Helmet Technology Glove Suit Helmets Components

Device Stats Encumbrance (Enc.) Add to armors total for total ENC Interface Type The technology underlying the interface slots. Strands The number of RG-12 strand interfaces in the helmet. Each one can hold chips either 1 VSIC or 4 Nanonic. A helmet with a listing of 4 strands can use 4 VSIC or 16 Nanonic chips. Repair Modifier Add to armors total for total of the armor

Images The number of independent images the skin of the helmet can display. Helpful for multiple programing or to make the helmet project another design. Voices Number of voices the helmet can be programed to speak as. Must have a sample of the voice to be duped. Type The name of the helmet. Repair Mod The value shows how much the helmet adds to overall complexity of the armor, hence increasing cost of repair Interface Type Technology Base of the Interfaces. This determines the type and cost of the chips the armor uses to expand its capabilities Inter Number of Armor Interfaces the Suit comes with in order to expand with chips. Uses chips based on the Interface Type. Encumbrance Weight and bulk of helmet

Reich Armor Helm 1G (customized antlers)

Type Hayward IL -DNA

Images 1

Voices 2

Enc. .5

Inter Type RG-12

Strands 1

Repair Mod 5 5 5

Cost 3,500

Matrix Vistel - QGS

Hayward WF GSx

Handarn Vii - R/D

Matrix Vistel IIQ GSA

Hayward Base - GS

Matrix Full View Helm 1GS

Reich Armor Helm 1G

Handarn FV - DG

4 5

2 2 3

.5 .5

RG-12 RG-12

1 1

4 4 9 6

.8 .8 .8 1 1

RG-12 RG-12 RG-12 RG-12

2 2 4 2 3 3 3

16 16 4 2 7 7 3

6,000 8,000 6,500


20 10 12 12 20 28 32 25 15 9


Hayward Ninja - GS

12 14 15 12

Matrix Vista Kazkan Skull - RG Matrix Vista Euro Knight - RG Handarn XIII GS Helmet WAT Full View 12-G Reich Hayward Skin Helmet II WAT Partial View Attack - ADNA

14 14 16 18

1.5 2 2 3 5


RG-12 RG-12 RG-12 RG-12 RG-12 RG-12

30,000 27,000 31,000 32,500




4 4 5 3

8 10 12 15 8

30,000 34,000 42,000 50,000 38,000


2.5 3 5



WAT defender Skin DNA JDA Partial Skin - AGS





RG-12 RG-12

4 5




Helmet Technology Helmet Upgrades Helmet Built In Systems Level 0

n/a Tech Type: VSIC Range: 100m Requires: n/a Upgrade: Digital Optics V

Helmet Light A Super Halogen LED that lights a scalable area. Can light from 1 meter to 20 meters. 180 degree arc. No sight penalties for user; however, +50 to target user in the dark. TEF: 1 Cost: VSIC: 200 Forces: none ENC: 1 RM: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Range: 20m Requires: PowerPac Upgrade: none Base Digital Optics A basic scanning system that uses Physical Force wavelengths to see in dim or dark conditions. Good for finding Stalkers. TEF: 6 Cost: VSIC: 3,000 Forces: Phys ENC: 1 RM: 1 Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC Range: 30m Requires: n/a Upgrade: Digital Optics II Helmet Tracker Targ A basic system for targeting opponents in FIRE COMBAT only. Does not work in Melee combat. Works on One target per phase. TEF: 7 Cost: VSIC: 2,000 Forces: Phys/Elect ENC: 1 RM: 1 Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC Range: 150m Requires: n/a Upgrade: n/a Digital Optics II As Base Digital Optics, allows user to scan an item/area in any conditions. User can center on a target (Passive action) to get 2 extra successes. TEF: 12 Cost: VSIC: 50,000 Forces: All (No Calon) ENC: 2 RM: 1 Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC Range: 50m Requires: n/a Upgrade: Digital Optics III

Level 5

Digital Optics V As other optics but 20 TEF at all times for any scan. TEF: 20 Cost: VSIC: 120,000 Forces: All (No Calon) ENC: 1 RM: 2 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Range: 150m Requires: n/a Upgrade: Digital Optics VI

Level 6

Alternate Wavelength Optics An addition to existing optics system. The new systems add additional wavelengths on all the forces; adding to the existing optics system. TEF: +7 Cost: VSIC: 225,000 Forces: All (No Calon) ENC: 1 RM: 3 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Range: 100m max (no ROM Chip Bonuses) Requires: Optics System Upgrade: none Manufacturer Spotlight Perigrine Technology Peregrine Technology is a smaller company that specializes in built-in electronics. Whether for armor, vehicles, or cities Perigrine makes it and makes it well. Perigrine is also well known for its willingness to take on other corps militarily, to increase its market share. Perigrine actually attacked and took over control of a FACOM manufacturing plant from Simmons Circuits, in the African Country of Mali. Perigrine then renegotiated the lease with the host country and effectively kicked Simmons out of the EZone. Simmons responded by sending 2 StrikeForces to attack and destroy Perigrines main research facility in The Empire of The Aztecs. Perigrine had the two Strike Forces intercepted and beaten back long before they crossed the Ocean. Simmons was beaten in a matter of 12 hours, losing one of their best production facilities. Almost all of Perigrine actions, military and economic are done with this type of precision planning. Perigrine has a great reputation for quality products and better than average customer service.

Level 1

Level 2

Additional helmet chip interfaces Any chip may be placed into the helmet (as long as they are for a helmet). Max of 10 more may be added. TEF: 3 Cost: VSIC: 25,000 Nanonic: 80,000 Forces: none ENC: 1 RM: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Range: 0m Requires: Light or Frame Armor Helmets Upgrade: N/A Special: New interfaces cannot be moved.

Level 3


Digital Optics III As other optics, TEF bonus is automatic on the front 180 degrees of the helmet. User must center (Passive Action) to get the bonus in back. TEF: Front: 12 Back: 5 Cost: VSIC: 75,000 Forces: All (No Calon) ENC: 1 RM: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Range: 75m Requires: n/a Upgrade: Digital Optics IV

Level 4

Digital Optics IV These optics add to perception with no action costs. TEF: 18 Cost: VSIC: 100,000 Forces: All (No Calon) ENC: 1 RM: 1 Max Apps:

Digital Optics VI As other optics but TEF works at all times for any scan no action cost. Base range is 100m, plus ROM chips. TEF: 25 Cost: VSIC: 200,000 Forces: All (No Calon) ENC: 1 RM: 3 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Range: 200m Requires: n/a Upgrade: none

Helmet Technology Helmet Chips

VidChip An important chip for any armor in 2136. This chip allows you access to the UNIWeb from any device it is installed in. The VidChip is the most common access technology to the 220 billion channels network that makes up the UNIWeb. Allowing detailed info searches and UNIWeb communications between players. TEF: 10 Cost: VSIC: 2,000 Nanonic: 3,000 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Requires: n/a Max: 1 Targeting Chip Adds to any targeting system in the helmet. TEF: 3 Cost: VSIC: 25,000 Nanonic: 37,500 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max: 4 Requires: n/a Translator Chip Allows user to understand any earth language spoken and reply with a helmets voice. Translation will be 90% correct when dealing with obscure languages. TEF: 10 Cost: VSIC: 8,500 Nanonic: 12,500 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max: 1 Requires: n/a Security Decoder Chip I This helmet chip aids a person in deactivating, locating, and by passing security systems. TEF: 4 Cost: VSIC: 5,000 Nanonic: 7,500 Forces: Elect Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max: 1 Requires: n/a es: Elect Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max: 1 Requires: n/a Targ Chip I The Targ integrates with the armor Optics. The Targ adds the combined TEF to an attackers SkillSet. Can Track 2 targets. TEF: 7 Cost: VSIC: 84,000 Nanonic: 126,000 Forces: as Optics Tech Type: VSIC/ Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: Mounted Optics

Level 0

Level 3

Level 1

Polygraph Chip Allows a person to detect an attempted lie. Must be activated (Passive action) before lie is spoken. TEF: 7 Cost: VSIC: 30,000 Nanonic: 45,000 Forces: Phys/Chem Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max: n/a Requires: n/a Special: Chip halves minimum success needed to detect a lie. Must state when activated. Bio Med Chip Adds to any medical skill roll. TEF: 10 Cost: VSIC: 35,000 Nanonic: 52,500 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max: 1 Requires: n/a Threat Analysis Chip, Type 1 Allows user to scan any target within 10 meters (not ROM chip extendable) and determine what, if any, electronics or weaponry that are on the scan target. The Chip knows only about levels 1-3 and can give basic system type. Weapons can give caliber or type and materials of the weapon. If the system scans a device higher than level three it will notify the user of an unknown Technology type. This also happens for personalized electron ics of any level. TEF: 6 Cost: VSIC: 40,000 Nanonic: 60,000 Forces: Elect/Phys/SNF Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max: 1 Requires: Mounted Optics Special: The target may make a perception roll, and if made by 2 succeses or more they know they have been scanned, but not by whom Helmet Programming Chip This chip allows the character to program Chips in their armor or helmet for active tweaks. Programs can also be made to run on the UNIWeb or even between different devices, with same tech base (VSIC to VSIC). Active tweaking use requires characters to make a programming roll using binary, Nanonic, or DNA programming. TEF: 10 Cost: VSIC:15,000 Nanonic: 22,500 Forces: Elect/Phys Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max: 1 Requires: n/a PROM Chip The next level above the ROM chip. These chips do the following: 1) Allow user to add 200 meters in range to any optics system in Helmet (Max of 1 KM). 2) Allows user to use 3 multiple voices of the helmet at the same time. 3) Allows user to scramble one personal communication on the VidChip, if the other person also has a ROM or PROM. 4) Adds two targets to any tracking system. 5) Allows user to make 10 images on their helmet vi-

Level 2

ROM Chip These are powerful chips that allow you to add abilities to your helmet. ROM chips do the following: 1) Allow user to add 100 meters in range to any optics system in Helmet (Max of 1 KM). 2) Allows user to use multiple voices of the helmet at the same time, in any combination. 3) Allows user to scramble one personal communication on the VidChip, if the other person also has a ROM chip. 4) Adds one target to any tracking grid. 5) Allows user to make multiple images on their helmet visor. 6) Allows user to record 30 minutes of visuals. 7) Adds 5 to AI maximum ranks. These abilities increase by the number of ROM chips in the Helmet. Each ROM chip adds the same abilities again. Three ROM chips would increase optics range by 300 meters, enable the use of three separate voices from your helmet, scram ble three communications, add three targets to any tracking system, or you could display three images; say to look like someone else, and record 1.5 hours of visuals. TEF: +1 to Programing Chips Max TEF: +5 Cost: VSIC: 25,000 Nanonic: 37,500 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max: n/a Requires: n/a Security Decoder Chip II This helmet chip aids a person in deactivating, locating and by passing security systems. TEF: 8 Cost: VSIC: 10,000 Nanonic: 15,000 Forc-


Helmet Technology
sor. 6) Allows user to record 60 minutes of visuals. 7) Adds 10 to AI maximum ranks. These abilities increase by the number of PROM chips in the Helmet. Each PROM chip adds the same abilities again. Three PROM chips you would extend the range of Optics by 650 meters, able to use three voices of your helmet, scram ble three communications, add six targets to any tracking system, could make thirty images, and record 3 hours of visuals. TEF: +2 to programing Chips Max TEF; 15 Cost: VSIC: 35,000 Nanonic: 52,500 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: n/a Virus Analysis Chip An Analysis chip designed to send a virus back to anyone in communication with the user. The Virus has a TEF of 140. A user can pick 10 pts from the below list to determine what Virus does: Effect -10 TEF from all Armor Systems -25 from all Attack Systems Auto Fail of any system 50% for 1d10 -4 phases TEF 18 attack to destroy 1 chip 1/day Ghosting on all Visual Devices (Force does not matter) - 25 TEF Cost 5 3 7 the Program has. It also can give the searcher composition and elements of target if it wins Technology Combat. TEF: +10 to optics Cost: 75,000 Forces: none Tech Type: Program Max Apps: n/a Requires: Mounted Optics Security decoder chip III This helmet chip aids a person in deactivating, locating and by passing security systems. TEF: 16 Cost: VSIC: 20,000 Nanonic: 30,000 Forces: Elect Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: n/a Advanced Targ Chip I An advanced Targeting system that adds to Fire Combat attacks. The Targ adds to TEF of any Targ. Adds 4 targets to other trackers. TEF: + 25 to Targ Cost: VSIC: 525,000 Nanonic: 727,500 Forces: Grav/Elect/Phys Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: Mounted Targ HontiWen Uni-Target Optics Targ Chip An improved Chip version of the optics tracker, this allows armor optics to track one target per phase. TEF: Optics TEF + 5 Cost: VSIC: 15,000 Nanonic: 22,500 Forces: Elect Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: Mounted Optics

10 3 5 2

Power surges cause all electrical systems to go off for 1d10 phases. All armor systems send beacons every 3 seconds to whole UNIWeb

Level 4


If the target system has an AI Intelligence or the target Character makes a Computers:Debugging roll greater than 200, technology combat occurs. AIs can use Perception: detail search and Computers: Software/Hardware interface, and/or Computers: Debugging, Computers: Encryption to fight the virus. Humans can use any combination of Tech family skills Should the target lose the fight the virus takes effect and must be cleaned by a professional (GMs call on cost). The virus chip can make one virus a day and deliver it 5 times. The chip must then redesign its design software for 12 hours to make a new untraceable signature. TEF: 12 Cost: VSIC: 175,000 Nanonic: 262,500 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: VidChip UNIWeb Intercept Chip I Allows user to attempt to intercept and listen to any UNIWeb conversation regardless of encryption. Technology combat determines success, if successful the targets DO NOT know the interceptor has succeeded. TEF: 8 Cost: VSIC: 135,000 Nanonic: 202,500 Forces: Elect/Phys Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: VidChip Visual Scanner Analysis Program I This program adds TEF to any Perception: Detailed search roll

Threat Analysis, Type 2 As the type 1 threat analysis but can tell levels 1-4. TEF: 12 Cost: VSIC: 50,000 Nanonic: 75,000 Forces: Elect/Grav/WNF/SNF Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: n/a Special: target must make their perception roll by 5 or more successes to detect scan. Masking Field Chip, Type 1 This chip will mask any device, includes custom devices, or weapon of level 3 or less from any Threat analysis of any type. ROM Chip Programing Chip Bonuses do increase TEF. TEF: 8 Cost: VSIC: 100,000 Nanonic: 150,000 Forces: Elect/Grav/WNF Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: n/a UNIWeb Intercept Chip II Allows user to attempt to intercept and listen to any UNIWeb conversation regardless of encryption. Technology combat determines success. If successful the targets DO NOT know the interceptor has succeeded. TEF: 8 Cost: VSIC: 175,000 Nanonic: 262,000 Forces: Elect/Phys Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: VidChip Security Decoder Chip IV This chip aids a person in deactivating, locating and by-passing security systems. TEF: 24 Cost: VSIC: 50,000 Nanonic: 75,000 Forces: Elect/Phys Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: n/a Optics Targ Chip I A basic Targeting system that

Helmet Technology
adds to Fire Combat attacks. The Targ has a TEF: equal to the Digital Optics TEF. TEF bonus applies at all times. Can Track 2 targets. TEF: Digital Optics TEF Cost: VSIC: 325,000 Nanonic: 487,000 Forces: As Optics Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: Mounted Optics Back Feed Chip A helmet chip designed to take an incoming COM signal and use signal feedback to damage or destroy the sending VidChip. To use create a SkillSet based on Electronics. Every 2 successes of the attack, 1 chip slot is destroyed. The more chip slots destroyed the greater the chance the wearers helmet is destroyed by explosion. Chance = (# of slots destroyed *10). Attack EF Explosion chance and damage = explosion chance * 5. All Criticals are to head of wearer. TEF: 16 Cost: VSIC: 135,000 Nanonic: 202,,500 Forces: All (No Calon) Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: Mounted Optics Level 5 Optics Targ Chip II A Targeting system that uses armor Optics. Can Track TEF/10 targets. TEF: Digital Optics TEF +5 Cost: VSIC: 650,000 Nanonic: 975,000 Forces: As Optics Tech Type: VSIC/ Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: Mounted Optics Threat Analysis III Chip Has data on Levels 1-5 equipment and target must make perception roll by 100 or more. TEF: 16 Cost: VSIC: 135,000 Nanonic: 202,,500 Forces: All (No Calon) Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: Mounted Optics Masking Field Chip II Will mask any Tech level 4 or lower equipment from a threat analysis Scan. ROM Chip Bonuses will increase TEF. TEF: 14 Cost: VSIC: 150,000 Nanonic: 225,000 Forces: All (No Calon) Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: n/a Optics Filter Chip A chip which uses filter programs to increase scan details with optics. TEF: +5 Cost: VSIC: 150,000 Nanonic: 225,000 Forces: As Optics Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: 6 Requires: Mounted Optics Level 6 Masking Field Chip III Will mask any Tech level 6, includes custom devices, or lower equipment from a threat analysis Scan. ROM Chip Bonuses will increase TEF. TEF: 20 Cost: VSIC: 150,000 Nanonic: 225,000 Forces: All (No Calon) Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: n/a Threat Analysis IV Chip Has data on Levels 1-7 equipment and target must make perception roll by 150 or more. TEF: 20 Cost: VSIC: 200,000 Nanonic: 300,000 Forces: All (No Calon) Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: Mounted Optics Visual Scanner Analysis Program II This program adds to any Perception roll with optics. Gives the searcher composition and elements of target. TEF: +16 to Optics Cost: 150,000 Forces: All (No Calon) Tech Type: Program Max Apps: n/a Requires: Mounted Optics Security Decoder Chip V-- This helmet chip aids a person in deactivating, locating and bypassing security systems. TEF: 30 Cost: VSIC: 75,000 Nanonic: 112,500 Forces: All (No Calon) Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: n/a Advanced Optics Targ Chip I An Advanced Targeting system that adds to Fire Combat attacks. Adds 4 targets to any other tracker. Works with all Digital Optics. TEF: Digital Optics TEF + 10 Cost: VSIC: 850,000 Nanonic: 1,275,000 Forces: All (No Calon) Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: n/a Level 7 Advanced Optics Targ Chip II Advanced Targeting system that adds to all attacks. Adds 6 targets to any other tracker. Works with all Digital Optics. TEF: Digital Optics TEF +15 Cost: VSIC: 2,000,000 Nanonic: 3,000,000 Forces: All (No Calon) Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: Mounted Optics AI Digital Input Program AI unit will gain all pertinent information on the object, provided the perception roll is successful. Uses one Helmet slot if armor mounted. TEF: 25 Cost: 135,000 Forces: All (No Calon) Tech Type: Program Max Apps: n/a Requires: Mounted Optics EPROM Chip These are the most powerful chips that allow you to add abilities to your helmet. ROM chips do the following: 1) Allow user to add 400 meters in range to any optics system in Helmet (Max of 15 KM). 2) Allows user to use all multiple voices of the helmet. 3) Allows user to scramble one personal communication on the VidChip if the other person also has a EPROM chip. 4) Adds one target to any tracking grid and +1 TEF to any optics. 5) Allows user to make 3 images per chip on their helmet visor. 6) Allows user to record 2 hours of visuals. 7) Adds 20 to AI maximum ranks. These abilities increase by the number of EPROM chips in the Helmet. TEF: +3 all Programing Chips Max TEF: 25 Cost: VSIC:125,000 Nanonic:87,500 Forces: none Tech Type: Program Max Apps: n/a Requires: Mounted Optics


Helmet Technology Advanced Armor Design

In 2136 those who excel can find additional armor build options, assuming they can afford it.

Step 2 Pick EXO Systems

Hybrid Armor MK II Design

Pick the EXO Systems that you wish to add to the base frame material. With the following limitations: No System may have more than 5 Mech points and must have at least 1 mech point to be used. Systems that have multiple adds, boosting their bonus may be used; each add counts as a hybrid system. Total mech points added are added to the RM and effects the final weight of the Hybrid armor.

Step 3 Hybridization Process

Since the conflict ended the StrikeForces continual demand for improved armor materials has been staggering. ExoSkeletons high cost, but capable systems drove the design of Hybrid armor. The MK I used a combination of lightweight materials to improve the base Frame Armors protections. The Combat sector pushed back looking for armor with at least some of the functionality of an EXO, if not the flexibility. The UN, Supron and Matrix armor corps has created the MK II version, which mounts locked in EXO systems and a limited protection boost making Hybrid armor MK II an even better value. Hybrid Armor is Tech Level 3.

Hybrid Armor Design

The added Protection and EXO systems are fused in layers, one at a time. Hybrid armor takes time to generate enough power to use the systems they have. Power requirements are listed in Mech power. A Hybrid armor with 5 mech power can active 5 Mech points a phase or save the power and activate a 10 mech point system in 2 phases When the armor has enough power built up systems can be activated. Activated systems run for 1 minute (2 turns) before they shut down. Building mech power takes time, the EXO systems start drawing as they are activated. Example Hybrid armor with 3 systems; 1 with 5 mech Points, 2 with 3 mech points and a Mech Power of 3. On the first phase of combat the PC activates the 5 point Chameleon System, which will take 2 phases to power up. On the third phase the PC can activate either of the 3 Point EXO systems that phase.

Upgrading Hybrid Armor EXO Systems

Step 1 Pick Fusing Method

Hybrid Armor, and the added EXO systems, are bonded onto existing frame armor. The process adds additional kinetic batteries to hold power for the new Systems. Pick a Fusing method to determine how many EXO systems can be added with that method. The Protection is a system, but separate from the EXO Systems total; it is a free add. Fusing Method Maximum EXO Systems 4 4 5 5 3

Cannot be done. While external applications and systems specific to Hybrid armor can be added after the armor is completed, no new EXO systems may be added. To change Hybrid armor it must be rebuilt from scratch. The IJC, MAC, and Corps are always looking for those who might be tweaking or other wise be manipulating the designs of existing Hybrid Armors.

Mech Power 4 4 3 5 2 5

Protect Bonus +50 +80 +75

Enc. Mod MP*1.25 MP*1.0 MP*.8 MP1.0 MP*1.5

Cost Multiplier *1.25 *1.5 *2 *3 *5


Blaron Compound Fusing Kronus infusion Fusing Supron Sub Atomic bonds E-R Theoretical Bonds Tyna Hydrogen Bonding Theories Matrix Black Infusion

Ionic Level Fusing

+120 +130 +110

Maron Pulsed SNF Bonds

Adv. Calon Infusion Bonds

4 5

4 7

+200 +150


MP*.30 MP*.25



*4 *5.5 *6 *8

Helmet Technology

Refigure as each Layer is Fused. Failed Fusing means 1 System is lost. Protection Base Protect of Hybrid Armor= Frame Protect + Fusing Protection bonus + EXO System Bonuses Encumbrance (Enc.) Base Frame ENC + ( Mech Points * Fusing Enc Modifier) Repair Modifier Frame Armor RM + EXO Systems Mech points added. Malfunction Threshold Physical Protection/100 +3 (min of 1). EXO Systems Effects Work as listed adding abilities, changing armor values like Protection or ENC. Cost Frame Armor Base Cost (No systems) + EXO System Costs * Hybrid Fusing Multi Example

Hybrid Armor Stats

Hybrid Armor Gravelectric Reforging A reforging process that realigns the placement of electronics and infuses Gravelectric created graviton particles into the Hybrid metal. This process lowers the weight of the hybrid by 25. The graviton have a TEF of 18, but can be influenced by tech combat to lower the ENC benefits temporarily. The re engineering of the electronics systems also lowers the Repair Mod of the armor by 20. TEF: 18 ENC: 5 Cost: 136500 Credits. Forces: Grav. RM: 3 Hybrid Armor Neutron Coating A much thinner coat of the material used in the Exoskeleton version. This adds 10% of the Hybrid armor starting protection (Frame Armor + Hybrid protection) up to a maximum of 35 protect. TEF: 6 Cost: 375,000 Credits. Enc.: 7 Forces: Chem./Phys/WNF RM: 2

Hybrid Armor Upgrades Level 5

Frank, an STO, has Frame armor with a 175 Protect and a 6.7 ENC. Upgrading to Hybrid Frank chooses to use E_R Theoretical Bonding, with 5 EXO Systems, For his 5 Systems he chooses are : ExoSkeleton Chameleon Skin (MP 5) Rolls Ferrari Gravelectric Exo Jets (MP 3) 2 x 25 mm Guided Rockets (MP 2) EVLabs Neural Muscular Enhan x 2 (MP 4) Hybrid Protection Bonus (Free System) The final hybrid armor looks like so: Protection (175 + 110 = 285) ENC ((14 x .8) =11.2 + 6.7 = 17.9) RM ((20 + 14) = 34) Malfunction Threshold = (28+3=31) Mech Power: 4 EXO Systems ExoSkeleton Chameleon Skin Rolls Ferrari Gravelectric Exo Jets EVLabs Neural Muscular Enhance x 2 2 x 25 mm Guided Rockets Hybrid Protection Bonus (+150) Cost = 330k(Frame) + 292 K (EXO) = 622 *4 = 2.488 million credits


Helmet Technology ExoSkeleton Technologies

The three basic advantages of an ExoSkeleton are the additional encumbrance they add, the additional protection and the extra abilities that can be added to the Exo itself. The ExoSkeletons weigh nothing while functional, as they are powered and compensate for there own weight. Should the ExoSkeleton become damaged or lose power (you must recharge with 8000 PU. Takes approximately 5 minutes per 1600 PU, which is a 4 hour charge. 8000 PU charge gives the Exo a full 24 hours of use). An ExoSkeleton has an Enc. Equal to its Mech Pts *2. Device Stats The technology underlying the interface slots. Mech Points ExoSkeleton systems require Mech points. When an ExoSkeleton is out of Mech points no new systems may be added. Encumbrance (Enc.) Add to characters total ENC rating. Weight is the actual weight of the Exo. This is here for reference during game play. The ExoSkeletons motors keep the weight from encumbering the wearer, but they are still quite heavy. Cost 25,000 45,000 70,000 100,000 140,000 190,000 165,000 120,000 85,000 55,000 35,000

Wearers Prowess 60 80 70

Mech Points 12 14 15 15 13

Protect 90

Enc 20 15 17

Weight/ Size 200/norm 250/norm 300/norm 350/norm 380/large 375/large 325/norm 275/norm 225/norm 175/norm

100 140 160 180 170 150 120


90 95

20 12 15 17 17 17

ExoSkeleton Repair Modifier and Malfunctions Repair Modifier = (Protection/100 + Mech points in use + (.5* RM of Base armor)

100 110 115 112

16 17 17



Malfunction Conditions taken to Exo Armor should effect Exo Systems before they affect Armor systems. An Exo ESA should be assigned a condition before the Armor Optics are assigned one.






200 240 220


15 15




ExoSkeleton Interfaces

Exos also have 5 interface slots, these are NOT armor interfaces, They are for EXO specific chips. The user may upgrade the number of interfaces on an ExoSkeleton to a maximum of 15. However, they may never be used for any form of reactive armor. ExoSkeleton Expansion To Expand an ExoSkeleton you use Mech Points. Most additions built into the ExoSkeleton take up Mech. Pts. When the owner gains the next Tech level, the maximum Mech points available increases by 5. At TL 7 Believers and Supporters of the System get 10 mech points per level. When all Mech points are used no more additions can be made. There is a Maximum of 10 power drawing systems regardless of remaining Mech points. ExoSkeletons make noise, they are powered by motors that compensate for the weight of the Exo. Unless the user purchases Stealth mode for the Exo they cannot use ANY chameleon devices.


Advanced Armor: Upgrades Exoskeleton Upgrades

Neural Muscular Reaction Enhancement A more basic form of the DNA Prowess enhancement from EV Labs. This system uses the Neural muscular tissue to detect a persons reaction type moves and boosts the speed of these movement. The tissue is less bulky because it is only moving the Exo itself. Mech Pts: 2 Forces: Phys/Chem. Max Apps: +2 Mech pts per +5 reaction additional Tech Type: VSIC TEF:15 Costs: 6,000 per app. ExoSkeleton Chameleon Skin The Chameleon skin is a detailed Nanonic skin capable of 16,000,000,000 different images on the surface of the skin to hide the exoskeleton from detection. The system also can create sounds and tactile impressions along with the images. The System Does protect against Calon the TEF of the system determines how effective against Calon it is. The system can be increased by 1 by applying additional layers of the skin to the Exoskeleton. Maximum TEF: 20 Calon TEF: TEF- 15 TEF Upgrade Costs: 50,000 per TEF Pt. TEF: 10 Tech Type: VSIC Mech Pts: 5 Costs: 150,000. Rolls Ferrari Gravelectric Exo Jets These Small Gravelectric engines mount on the back of the Exo and allow the user to fly at 30 m per phase for up to an hour. Maximum altitude is 200 m, gaining altitude, 10 meters up or down and lowering altitude count as 1 minute towards the hour. Use Piloting skills or PR to control flight. Max Apps:1 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: 10 Mech Pts: 3 PUTO: 2500/hr Requires: power cell Costs: 100,000 Crd Energy Absorption Boots These boots have a series of Nanonic Shock and Energy dissipaters. They allow the user to fall up to 50 m without taking damage. User must make a PR roll by 10 for every 10 m they fall or an acrobatics roll by 30 EF for every 25 meters they fall (50 m fall means 60 EF to land on their feet). Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: 12 Mech Pts: 3 Forces: Phys Costs: 15,000 Crd Exoskeleton Base Security System A chip based system that locks down an Exoskeleton and all systems until appropriate code word is spoken. Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: 15 Mech Pts: 0, 1 EXO Chip Slot Forces: Phys Costs: 5,000 Crd

All Mech points are for initial application, additional Applications (Apps) DO NOT increase Mech points.

So a Chameleon skin with 35 full Apps still uses 5 Mech points.

Level 3

Supron Alloy Exoskeleton Layer A super thin layer of Supron Alloy B fused like frame armor to the Exo Skeleton that adds 6 pts of protection. Max Apps: 5 Tech Type: VSIC Forces: Physical/ WNF Protect: 6 Costs 10,000 per application. Max Apps: 5 Mech points: 1 Special: Does not count towards 10 System Max. Build in Fire Arm Firearm or Melee weapons of any Type (excluding Level 5) may be directly attached to the ExoSkeleton. The weapons ACC is increased by 50 and adds +10 to reaction for that weapon only. Weapons can be retracted when not in use. Mech Points Used: Weapon Type/2 (Round Up). Max Apps: 6 Tech Type: VSIC Costs: 15,000 Crd per weapon. Special: Does not count towards 10 System Max. Enhanced Ionic Bonding Skin This system maximizes the abilities of the Gloves, Boots, Knees, Elbows and Back to Ionicly bond to any surface. The System adds 1000 kg to max weight per application; has a Max weight of 6000 kg. The user can turn on any of the above locations with a Passive action. Mech Pts: 3 Max Apps: 6 Tech Type: VSIC Forces: Phys/WNF TEF: 18 Costs: 5,000 Crd per Apps Stealth Mode System Exoskeletons are powered by hundreds of small Nanonic motors which make 20 45 decibels of noise when being used normally. This is due to their moving the heavy ExoSkeleton, the noise doubles or triples when moving fast or in combat. The stealth mode system uses Noise cancellation and Abatement technologies to lower the Decibels to 5-8 when running or in combat. This allows the Exo to work with any type of Chameleon system or chip. Mech Pts: 1 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: 10 Forces: All Costs: 35,000 Exoskeleton Plating Enhancement A denser synthetic Supron alloy coating (superior to its earlier cousin) that adds density to the Metallic body of the ExoSkeleton. The added density makes it much harder to penetrate and highly resistant to heat making it effective against all types of weapons including Burst Lasers, Plasma and ChemProject. Enhancement adds 10 to armor per application. Max Apps: 4 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: 0 Mech Points: 0 Forces: None Protect: 10 Cost: 100,000 per application Special: Does not count towards 10 System Max.


10 mm Unguided Rockets Requires Skill Fire Combat: Heavy Weapons. These explosive rockets do damage as grenades fired from a launcher. They have a accuracy /power of 15/35 and come in pods of 5,10,15. If the attack roll is missed by less than 50 EF target is hit by total attack. Attacker may fire one or all rockets at a single target, one attack roll is made regard-

Level 4

Advanced Armor: Upgrades

less. Damage is done as an Indirect Fire weapon. No limit on tracking system. Has a range of 500 m. Each rocket weighs .7 Enc. when not in pod. Max Apps: NA Tech Type: VSIC TEF: 0 Mech Pts: 5 rocket pod (3), 10 Rocket Pod (5), 15 Rocket Pod (10) Forces: none TEF: 0 Costs: Pod: (# of Rockets * 7000) Rockets: 1000 each. Exoskeleton Electronic Sensor Array The ESA is an advanced digital optics system with the flexibility to do limited targeted scans less powerful than a scanner. This upgrade adds the main ESA hardware and software. The ESA is very detailed and collects tremendous amounts of information, which can be analyzed. The ESA replaces any Helmet Optics; Built-in or Chip based. Upgrades increase Current TEF and System overall maximum TEF. Max TEF: 25 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: 10 Mech Pts: 5 Forces: All (No Calon) Costs: 20,000 TEF Upgrade Costs: 20,000 Crd per 1 TEF pt. Range: TEF - 5 meters ExoSkeleton Targeting System I (EST I) An Additional set of trackers and a new targeting program are added to the ExoSkeleton Sensor Array (ESA). The TEF of the EST I is (.5* ESA TEF) for attacks. Targets 4 separate targets. Attacking with Multiple Weapons requires Weapons Links. Targeting Program Special: EST adds 1 additional success per attack success. Range: TEF - 5 meters Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: ESA TEF - 8 Mech Pts: 2 Forces: As ESA Costs: 60,000 Crd Weapons Mount Allows the mounting of ONE weapon, permanently, on one shoulder of the ExoSkeleton; 1 per shoulder. It adds 20 to reaction, but user can only fire one weapon at a time. AI may use weapon, but only if specific release has been given, per AI rules. Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: 0 Mech Pts: equals Weapon Type or 2 which ever is greater Forces: None Costs: 25,000 Crd Special: Does not count towards 10 System Max. AI Exo Defense System I Allows the AI chip to control any of the following system to help make the ExoSkeleton harder to hit and destroy. The AI has complete control over these systems: ExoSkeleton Jamming System Acts as ECM, cannot be used with other ECM systems TEF = TEF of ESA + 5 (round up) ExoSkeleton Calon Wavelength Barrier Throws High Wavelength energy around Exo Disrupts Calon Patterns PsiCon Boost = TEF of ESA The AI or Human User can activate one or other system. Considered an Active action to switch between. These bonuses will make the ExoSkeleton a harder target to kill, perhaps enough to save the Exo and characters life. Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: As Above Mech Pts: 5 Forces: None Cost: 175,000 Crd Manufacturer SpotLight Matrix Armor As Supron Alloy Corp was pushing out expensive and high quality Armor there was a huge demand for lower quality equipment. Matrix filled this niche from 2008 until the turn of the century. They were and are interested in only the amount of profit they can generate. They have influenced wars since the 2010s. They have sent bad armor to forces in the middle of battle, changed the terms of contracts at the critical moments whatever they can do to increase profits. There is a saying that the only solution to Matrixs matrix was dollar signs. In 2074, Matrix released the first series of ExoSkeleton armor. This was Matrix big move into the high quality armor. Unfortunately, the costs of designing the systems to mount on the Exos cost more than Matrix could support. In 2089, Matrix was forced to sell the rights to subsystem design for exoskeletons. While they did this, Supron Alloy finished up a huge marketing campaign that setup Supron Alloy armor as the Light armor of choice. This move infuriated Matrix as they lost 25% of their light armor revenues in 6 months. They were forced to expand their business into several new markets including electronics and improved mineral detection. The attitude of Matrix is that Supron Alloy is forcing them to fail. Their ability to control their destiny is being slowly taken away. With the release of Frame Armor Matrix has at least a chance to recover some of their lost reputation. Matrix has also denied rumors it is looking to capture a major target from Supron. Matrix has declared war on three corporations in the last 10 years, some how they always seem to infiltrate the company long before they attack and catch them defenseless. This is one of the only reasons that Matrix is viable, the profits from the wars keeping them flush. The Matrix board believes that with Frame armor sales remaining solid there is plenty of time to sell a lot of high profit ExoSkeleton systems. Until then Matrix has no plans to stop their build up of forces or developing new and devastating corporate release systems to aid their forces in whatever goal Matrix has.


Advanced Armor: Upgrades

Ammo Storage System Allows the storage of 50 Enc. Of Ammo in the Chest of the ExoSkeleton. The System direct loads any designated weapons system. Multiple ammo types can be kept, 4 different types max. Non automatic Systems take 1 round to reload. Automatic systems load continuously. Should the ammo storage malfunction 4 times the unit is designed to release all remaining ammo so it will not explode. Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: 3 Mech Pts: 1 Forces: None Costs: 65,000 Crd Retinal Security Chip II System locks down Exoskeleton until appropriate Retinal scan is made. Must uninstall Security Chip and reinstall (25,000 Crd to do), if 3 failed attempts are made. Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: 10 Mech Pts: 1 Exo Chip Slot Forces: None Costs: 50,000 Crd Molecular Absorption Lining A series of Nanonic linings protects at the particle level. This allows the lining to remain cohesive under any kind of attack, even Lasers. The lining will stop up to 5 wounds every phase. The Lining is integrated into the Exoskeleton and linked to its power; no other absorbers can be used with the lining. Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: 10 Mech Pts: 5 Forces: All ( No Calon) Costs: 330,000 Crd EVLabs Neural Muscular Enhancement A complex Bio- Nanonic system that adds artificial muscle tissue and Nanonic systems to the exoskeleton frame. This will allow the user to boost their strength (Passive action to activate), not their reaction, by 10. The system takes 5 Mech points and can be increased to a maximum of +50 to prowess. Max Apps: 5 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: 5 Mech Pts: 5 Forces: Phys/Chem Costs: 30,000 Crd per 10 prowess pts. ExoSkeleton Chameleon Skin Upgrade I The upgrade increases the TEF of the Chameleon Skin by 25 TEF. The System does protect against Calon, TEF is limited. The system TEF can be increased by 5 by applying additional layers of the skin to the Exoskeleton. This upgrades the processors in the skin making it more effective. Upgrades increase current TEF and System overall maximum TEF. Max TEF: 32 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: +2 Mech Pts: 0 Forces: All (Limited Calon) Calon TEF: TEF 10 Costs: 15, 000 to upgrade base Skin; TEF Upgrade Costs: 40,000 per TEF Pt. ExoSkeleton Power Box A separate power system that can power up to 15 Mech Points Independent of the exoskeletons maximum. With this box, it is possible to exceed the maximum Mech. Points by 15. The Power box charges when the Exo does; requires 3000 PU of its own. No partial charges takes 10 minutes to charge and is out of power when the Exo is. Each Mech. Point above the EXOs maximum adds 2 Enc. To the wearer. If power box is drained, Exo is too Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: 50 Mech Pts: 3 Forces: None: Costs: 300,000 ExoSkeleton Tachyon Shield Using advanced Tachyon field technology; Light waves and their Photons are disrupted in a small area around the Exoskeleton. This acts like light bending invisibility for an exoskeleton and can be used while the Exo is moving. The system requires 15 Mech. Points and uses 800 PUTO for 2 minutes of use. Acts a nullification attack to any optics; if successful user has disappeared off all scanners. The total TEF of the Tachyon Shield and the Chameleon Skin is the only TEF considered for this disappearance ability. Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: Nanonic TEF: 14 Mech Pts: 15 PUTO: 800 for 2 minutes of operation Requires: Power Cell (Nanonic) Forces: ElectroMag/ WNF Costs: 500,000 Additional EXO chip interfaces These additional chip interfaces may be used only for EXO chips. A max of 10 more chip interfaces may be added. The interfaces may not be transferred to a new suit of armor. (Once they are put in, that where they stay until destroyed). Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: 3 Mech Pts: 0 Forces: None Costs: 75,000 Credits.

Level 5

25 mm Guided Rockets Required Skill Fire Combat: Heavy Weapons . These rockets have a power of 450 and 0 accuracy (-/450). A powerful addition to the ExoSkeletons offensive capabilities the rockets use the ExoSkeleton Tracking System for accuracy. So the TEF of the EST gets added twice: once for the rocket Accuracy and once for the EST itself. The Rocket moves at 200 m/s, has a max range of 1000 m. The rockets are fully guided, capable of a 90 degree turn. The rockets are designed to self destruct should they be jammed or miss the target. Treat this as a grenade explosion. The launcher comes in 1 shot, 2 shot, and 3 shot versions. These rockets do damage as an explosive. The rockets fire one at a time unless linked (see Weapons link) Link is not lost unless launcher is destroyed. Must be shoulder mounted with a Weapons Mount. Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: 0 Mech Pts: (Number of Launcher Shots* 2) ENC (Rockets): 1.5 Forces: None Costs Launcher: 30,000 Costs Rockets: 3,000 per shot. Range: 1000 meters ExoSkeleton Reaction Chip +10 The ExoSkeleton senses impending movement by the user, using this system. As they tense muscle groups and nerves, these chips fire boosting the Exo and moving the character faster than normal for 1 second. Each Chip uses a Nanonic PowerPac 4 or less.


Advanced Armor: Upgrades

Max Apps: 5 Tech Type: VSIC\Nanonic TEF: 5 Mech Pts: 1 Exo Slots per chip Requires: Nanonic PowerPac 4 Forces: None Costs 30,000 Weapon Type 5 Upgrade A highly effective upgrade to traditional ChemProject weapons, this allows an extremely high ROF to be directed at a single target. The design of these weapons requires a Weapon Type 4. The Type 5 process upgrades the base level 4 to a Weapon Level 5. This means additional barrels and magnetic boosting to in crease velocity of the projectiles to well over 7,500 meters per second. The shots are powerful it is almost impossible not to be effective with one of these weapons, assuming it hits. ExoSkeleton Targeting System II (EST II) An Enhanced set of trackers and a new targeting program are added to the ExoSkeleton Sensor Array (ESA). Replaces EST I Targeting Program Special: Adds 2 additional successes per attack success. Targets 6 separate targets. Attacking with Multiple Weapons requires Weapons Links. Max Apps:1 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: ESA TEF - 5 Mech Pts: 3 Range: ESA Range - 5 Requires: ESA Forces: As ESA Costs 250,000

Magnetic Repulsion Field A multi purpose armor field that can be used in one of two ways, it can be used to lower a shooters accuracy or add to ACC/EF EF Mech Weapon Style ROF Cost a defenders armor total. It can only be Bns Bns Pts used on exoskeletons and requires huge Reciprocating Cannon 200/400 +250 8 40 75,000 amounts of power; hence other systems must be shut down to increase its power. Pocket gun 250/350 +300 10 50 85,000 The more systems shut down the more Gattling gun 300/450 +350 12 60 100,000 powerful it becomes. However, it costs: 10,000 to link another system to the MRF To determine ACC/PWR add the additions (power the system adds is equal to by its Mech points) listed above to the Type 4 Final Accuracy and to the base MRF system. YOU MUST LINK ALL A Power. SYSTEMS MECH PTS. There is no player action cost to This is the Final power for the Weapon Type 5. The EF engage the system but it does take 1 phase to power up. Bonus is added to any shot that hits a target, in addition to When powered up the systems strength is determined any ammo EF Bonuses. like so: These weapons must be Shoulder mounted, Built in weapon costs are included with the Level 5 Mech pts and Setting one is used then lower any shooters SkillSet cost. They must also have a Multifeeder interface and be within 50 m by 20 for each Mech point used in the sysfed by an ExoSkeleton Ammo Storage System. ROF is tem. listed to show how much ammo is fired each time. These Setting two adds 2 to all defenders protection with in 5 guns can fire once per Phase and take a phase to reload, so m for each Mech point used. Mech pts must be allocated before the attack and systems they cannot be fired in 2 consecutive phases. they came from are considered shutdown and do not Cost = Cost of Type 4 + Type 5 upgrade Cost. function until reactivated, which takes 1 phase. MRP bonuses fall when a dedicated system malfunctions. Exoskeleton Electronic Sensor Array Upgrade Improves the Sensors and Software for the ESA. The TEF: 12 Tech Type: VSIC Mech Pts: 5 ESA functions as normal, but TEF increases and max TEF Cost: 500,000 Special: Systems bonus increases as more Mech pts are added. The system does get its 5 Mech pts is raised by the new systems. added into the modifiers. RM: 8 Max TEF: 45 TEF Tech Type: VSIC TEF: +3 to ESA Mech Pts: 0 Forces: All (No Calon) Range: TEF - 3 meters Costs: 10,000 to upgrade ESA TEF Upgrade Costs: 30,000 Crd per TEF pt. Neutron Coating A synthetic metal created in 2110 by Reich Armor Inc to enhance exoskeleton design. This metal proved so dense that only small amounts can be used or else the weight becomes incredible (it weighs approximately 300 kg for a solid 10 cm2 cube hence its name). It can be added to exoskele tons in thin coatings adding protection but lowering the players Enc. Bonus. One coating may be added at each level at a Each coating adds your base protection (Base Armor + Exo Base protection/10+(30*# of coats)) (do not include Non Physical, reactive and absorbers) armor again, but lowers Enc. Bonus by 5. Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: 6 Mech Pts: 5 Forces: Chem/Phys/WNF Costs 200,000. Special: Does not count towards 10 System Max.


Advanced Armor: Upgrades

AI Defense System II Allows the AI chip to control any of the following system to help make the ExoSkeleton harder to hit and destroy. The AI has complete control over these systems: ExoSkeleton Jamming System Acts as ECM, cannot be used with other ECM systems TEF = TEF of ESA + 10 (round up) ExoSkeleton Calon Wavelength Barrier Throws High Wavelength energy around Exo Disrupts Calon Patterns PsiCon Boost = TEF of ESA + 5 The AI can activate one or other system considered a Passive action to switch between. Human action cost is Passive action. These bonuses will make the ExoSkeleton a harder target to kill, perhaps enough to save the Exo and characters life. Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: As Above Mech Pts: 5 Forces: None Costs: 375,000 Weapons Links Allows any mounted ExoSkeleton weapon to be fired simultaneously with a Hand held or Built in weapon. Create 1 SkillSet for both weapons, use the highest ACC and SubSkill (Fire Combat IV is lower than Fire Combat V) in the SkillSet. Max of two weapons per link. Links may not be linked. It is a passive action to re-configure links to fire different weapons. Max Apps: 8 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: 5 Mech Pts: 2 each link Forces: None Costs: 80,000. ExoSkeleton Chameleon Skin Upgrade II The upgrade increases the TEF of the Chameleon Skin by 25 TEF. The System does protect against Calon, TEF is limited. The system TEF can be increased by 5 by applying additional layers of the skin to the Exoskeleton. This upgrades the processors in the skin making it more effective. Max Apps: 42 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: +2 Mech Pts: 0 Forces: All (Limited Calon) Calon TEF: TEF - 15 Costs: 25,000 to upgrade base Skin with Upgrade I; TEF Upgrade Costs: 50,000 Crd per TEF pt

Level 6

Exoskeleton Electronic Sensor Array Enhanced Improves the Sensors and Software for the ESA. The ESA functions as normal, but TEF increases by 15 and max TEF is raised by the new systems. Max TEF: 50 TEF Tech Type: VSIC TEF: +4 Mech Pts: 0 Forces: All (No Calon) Costs: 10,000 to enhance an upgraded ESA ; 30,000 Crd per TEF pt.

Exoskeleton Neural Shunt Similar to the Scanner shunt, but much more powerful, this device allows the user to control ALL devices on the exoskeleton by thought. This device adds 70 to the users reaction (max 170 and refigure characters number of actions) and adds between 1-4 bonus actions. The shunt clarifies electronic systems data transfers and increases the rate by more than half; adds 5 to ALL TEF ratings for Electronic systems. Mechanical Systems add 3 to their TEF. Doubles reaction chip bonuses. Any ExoSkeleton device that requires a passive actions to use or activate are now Free Actions. The User must undergo Brain Work to implant the neural shunt. Should the brain work roll be successful, then roll against the players INT. Every 30 EF the INT roll is made by add 1 Bonus Action. If the roll is by more than 90, the player gains the maximum 4 additional Bonus actions total (May exceed 15 actions). The surgery costs normal prices and 500,000 for the neural shunt. Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: 10 Mech Pts: 2 Forces: None Costs: 500,000 Requires: 1 week recovery AI Defense System Saver Program Allows the AI in the ExoSkeleton to take control and actually move the ExoSkeleton out of harms way. The ExoSkeleton may return fire if fired upon, however the shots will be wild (1/2 Tracking system TEF) and only if the CONFIRMED Firing opponent can be seen, else the attack will not happen. The goal is to get the User and The Exo out


Advanced Armor: Upgrades

of danger and then the AI Must Shut down the Exo and send help requests. Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: 15 Mech Pts: 10 Forces: None Costs: 1.3 million ExoSkeleton Reaction Chip +20 This allows the ExoSkeleton to sense impending movement by the user As they tense muscle groups and nerves, these chips fire Boosting the Exo to move the character faster than normal for 1 second. Each Chip is capable of boosting the speed of the Exo (and wearer) three times at +20 per chip. Each Chip uses a Nanonic PowerPac 4 or less. Max Apps: 5 Tech Type: VSIC\Nanonic TEF: 5 Mech Pts: 1 Exo Slots per chip Requires: Nanonic PowerPac 4 Forces: None Costs 150,000 ExoSkeleton Chameleon Skin Upgrade III The upgrade increases the TEF of the Chameleon Skin and does protect against Calon with a limited TEF. The system TEF can be increased by applying additional layers of the skin to the Exoskeleton. This upgrades the processors in the skin making it more effective. Max TEF: 52 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: +2 Mech Pts: 0 Forces: All (Limited Calon) Calon TEF: TEF - 25 Costs: 35,000 to upgrade base Skin with Upgrade II TEF Upgrade Costs: 75,000 Crd per TEF pt.

Level 8

ExoSkeleton Chameleon Skin Upgrade IV The upgrade increases the TEF of the Chameleon Skin and does protect against Calon with a limited TEF. The system TEF can be increased by applying additional layers of the skin to the Exoskeleton. This upgrades the image library enabling more realistic, with many more textures to use. Max TEF: 75 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: +2 Mech Pts: 0 Forces: All (Full Calon) Calon TEF: Skin TEF Costs: 70,000 to upgrade base Skin with Upgrades IV TEF Upgrade Costs: 125,000 Crd per TEF pt. Exoskeleton Electronic Sensor Array Ultimate Improves the Sensors and Software for the ESA. The ESA functions as normal, but TEF increases by 30 and max TEF is raised by the new systems. Additional Sensors and power supplies also added. Max TEF: 75 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: +5 Mech Pts:5 Forces: All (Half Calon) Costs: 75,000 to upgrade a Boosted ESA TEF Upgrade Costs: 125,000 Crd per TEF pt.

Level 10

Level 7


ExoSkeleton Targeting System III (EST III) An Analysis program for tracking and targeting are added to the ExoSkeleton Sensor Array (ESA). T Replaces EST II. Targets 8 separate targets. Attacking with multiple weapons requires Weapons Links. Targeting Program Special: Adds 3 additional successes per attack success. Targets 6 separate targets. Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: ESA TEF - 3 Mech Pts: 4 Requires: ESA Range: ESA TEF Forces: As ESA Costs: 600,000 ExoSkeleton Chameleon Skin Upgrade IV The upgrade increases the TEF of the Chameleon Skin and does protect against Calon with a limited TEF. The system TEF can be increased by applying additional layers of the skin to the Exoskeleton. This upgrades the projection crystals in the skin making it more effective. Max TEF: 65 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: +2 Mech Pts: 0 Forces: All (Limited Calon) Calon TEF: (Skin TEF - 15) Costs: 50,000 to upgrade base Skin with Upgrade II TEF Upgrade Costs: 75,000 Crd per TEF pt. Exoskeleton Electronic Sensor Array Boost Improves the Sensors and Software for the ESA. The ESA functions as normal, but TEF increases by 25 and max TEF is raised by the new systems. Max Apps: 60 TEF Tech Type: VSIC TEF: +5 Mech Pts: 0 Forces: All (No Calon) Costs: 50,000 to Boost an Enhanced ESA TEF Upgrade Costs: 60,000 Crd per TEF pt.

ExoSkeleton Gauss Field Enhancement: using multiple forces this system lightens ChemProject ammo and adds 125 to the weapons damage. Plasma Weapons are increased by 100 however can only fire to short range. Needs 10 Mech points to power. Also adds 50 to guns ACC. Must Be applied to each weapon separately. Costs: (Weapon Type * 15000) + 250,000 Max Apps: 1 Tech Type: VSIC TEF: 13 Mech Pts: 1 Forces: WNF/Gravity/Elect

Advanced Armor: Upgrades

Equipment General TL 1 -5 Weapons Stock

Tech Guild *.1 *.05

Black market *.05 *.1 *.35 *.4 *.5

Legal *.1

Illegal *.25 *.5 *.5 *.5 *2 *3 *.75

General TL 6 -10 *.2 Complete Armor Exotic Tech Banned Tech *.3 *.5 *1 *1


Weapons Custom *.25

*.15 *.2 *.25 *.4 *.5 *1 -----

Historical Value Low Historical value High



*1.25 *1.25 *2

*.5 *1.5

Vehicle Combat Salvage Vehicle combat only requires the pilot to defeat their opposition, not destroy them. Vehicle combat can be a quick way for a StrikeForce to gain big cash, while building a reputation for vehicle combat. Damage is usually expensive and vehicles can only take a few hits before they need to bug out, an out matched vehicle can quickly become a flaming wreck, so Combat Insurance is a must have. Equipment Destroyed Ezone emplacements EZone Droids EZone Vehicle 20,000 Build Pts 10k Damaged 30,000 Build Pts Victory Bonus 25k 30K 40K 50K 55K 60K 65K 70K 80K 100k 100K 50,000

15,000 + cost 25,000 + cost bns bns 40,000 100,000 175,000 200,000 325,000 750,000 1.25 Mil 100,000 * rating 125,000 65,000 125,000 200,000 250,000 500,000 1.0 mil 2.0 mil 250,000 * Rating 90,000

Combat Salvage
Whether in personnel or vehicle combat the dead dont need their stuff. Characters who take others equipment can find that it is protected by Technology Branding, viruses, or psi spins to prevent one for claiming salvage. Personal Equipment Salvage Players have multiple options when selling generic equipment back to the black market, the Tech Guild, national Military, or Corps. Basically the characters are selling back to either a Legal or Illegal organization. Each has risks and impacts on the system, impacts that could effect a characters attitude should they become aware of what their actions caused. That said there is no direct attitude effect for selling guns or tech to an illegal organization.

Custom vehicle (50k)

Custom vehicle (250k)

Custom vehicle (500k) Custom vehicle (1 mil) Custom vehicle (2 mil) Custom vehicle (3 mil)


Zone Control Fort

Pirate Vehicle

Custom vehicle (4+ Mil)

Fire Combat Weapons

The combat weapons industry has been crucial to humanities survival since the Conflict ended. Corporations such as Barrett, Styer Hann, Luger and Colt have driven the technology for years. Newer Corporations like JDA and Blackton have found new ways to improve and expand the market. The UN Planning Groups are always watching this industry and its contributions to the growing library of new science and discoveries. The System is dependant on these corps and the drive they bring.

Blackton Blackton is a midrange price company, who creates powerful guns. Blackton believes in selling weapons with a high power, at the expense of accuracy, for midrange prices. Colt and Blackton are fierce competitors. Tech Level vs Weapon Types There is NO link between Weapon Type and Tech Level restrictions. Weapon Type is simply a way of categorizing the skills required to use the weapons. All Fire Combat weapons are Tech Level 0. You simply need the appropriate skill to use them.

The Major Corporations

Luger/Barrett Barrett industries helps the Cartin Consortium win the Secret War. However they Corp failed to keep up with it competition, even changing its name to Barrett Arms, and was eventually bought by Luger Arms Corp. Luger hopes to use the brand name of Barrett Arms to sell its less effective, yet reliable weapons. Colt Focused on ChemProject weapons colt has a strong following among users of the type. Colt make plasma and laser weapons, but they seriously lack in their designs when compared to their ChemProject weapons. Styer Hann Styer Hann is another company whos contributions to the Secret War could never be quantified. Their weapons can be described with one word; ELITE. Styer weapons are pricey, but only JDA can equal or surpass Styer in quality and customer loyalty. JDA A newer company, started only in 2109 JDA has managed to capture 25% of the market in a very short time. A major reason for their rise to such stature is their HQ in the jungles of brazil. Considered one of the best designed and protected HQs in the world. This plus their dual line of low cost and high cost weapons put JDA weapons in many StrikeForce Hands.

Weapon Classifications by Type

In the early 2070s the Combat Sector Sub Group found that many weapons manufacturers were flooding the market with guns that were part pistol, part machine gun. StrikeForce members found themselves buying guns that looked great on the demo floor, but they really could not use when they were in the field. Some were issues with the weapons themselves, most were an STO getting a weapon that was just beyond them. The fact that technology made it possible to make a one handed weapon with a cyclic rate of 800 rounds per minute, with no barrel changes or recoil issues, made telling a pistol from a Rapid Fire Support Weapon more difficult every year. The sub group determined a formula which used range, ROF, Accuracy, and overall complexity of a weapon to determine the TYPE of weapon it was. Weapon Types are universal in 2136, easily separating a smaller pistol type weapon from sub machine guns and more powerful weapons. The consumer now knows what they are getting when they buy a 1 or 2 handed weapon.


Access Granted

Report by Tasker delnao and Triska Uberkroft Planning Group 3, Combat Sector. Major System supporter: Barrett Luger Arms

Analysis requested 2135 by UN ESC

The weapons of 2136 are based on the idea that massive damage is the best kind. The design of the System focuses on creation of weapons so effective they can take on any enemy. While research into Disc projectiles and Long range beam weapons continues, three predominate hand weapon types have evolved since the end of the Conflict. These weapon types are: ChemProject, Plasma, and Burst Laser. Each type has advantages and disadvantages which are discussed below. All hand held weapon designs have 4 styles; from pistols (Type 1) to Rapid Fire Support Weapons (Type 4). The higher the weapon type, the damage increases at a geometric rate.. ChemProject Weapons The history of ChemProject Weapons is long and glorious. These weapons have been a primary tool for man to kill, maim, destroy, and otherwise dominate their enemies throughout the world. By the year 2104 the latest, and some say final, versions of the ChemProject weapon came into being. Created by a Joint JDA and WAT technology project the newest type of repeating rifle is capable of firing at a Cyclic rate of 2400 Micro Meter (mM) Projectiles per minute from Types 3 and 4. This is further enhanced by the fact that even a minimally skilled person can place 20 of those rounds in the center of a 1cm target. The effect of so many projectiles hitting a single small area causes a huge breakdown in the cellular structure of any target regardless of composition. This type of weapon is effective only when the dispersion of the projectiles is held to .25 mm or less, which allows for a much greater breakdown in the materials cohesion. Conversely if the shot has a dispersion of greater than 1 cm the impacts are lessened to almost no effect. These weapons, especially at Type 3 and higher, are deadly due to the low cost and special abilities ammo may have.. The Type 3 and above systems use a magnetic envelope to keep the bullets clustered when they first leave the barrel. Though this envelope dissipates quickly, the longer it stays, it can allow the higher Type weapons to maintain a shot rate of 40 projectiles a second (1 action = 2 shots). Though Type 3 weapons have a negative to fire a second time, due to the weaker magnetic field and a smaller frame footprint, they still do very effective damage. The pinnacle of this type of weapon is the Level 5 which can have a cyclic rate of up to 6000 projectiles per minute in the same 1 cm diameter making them effective even against Vehicles. Plasma Weaponry While the release of plasma was delayed until 2132, due to the Kiltanni / AvCorp plasma war, when finally released these weapons have had a huge impact on the Combat sector and the System. Plasma weapons work on the principal of sending super heated plasma streams to a target at high velocities. The plasma is stored in a solid state in the

Weapons of 2136

magazine, loaded and lazed into an active state (super heated) and projected out at the highest velocity the frame can support. The propulsion is caused by a combination of the laser and igniting the compressed gases trapped in the firing chamber. The Plasma is contained by a Magnetic field generated by the ammo energy cap on the shot. These weapons do spectacular damage, but are capable of a fire rate of only 1. Levels 3 and 4 can boost the limited ROF abilities with an enhanced fusing chamber, 2 shots can be lazed within milliseconds of each other and each fired at separate targets. These weapons are also silent (EF 75+ to hear) Burst Lasers Burst Lasers are an old technology that has been revived with the release of plasma weapons. While plasma attacks can be stopped with redesigned reactive armor and new materials that are resistant to heat, lasers are very hard to stop. Only reflective surfaces and dense materials can stop them, and reactive armor has no effect. This gives laser a big punch when used correctly. Several companies have taken the risk and invested in the older laser technology. The burst laser is based on technology developed during the Conflict and the Secret War. The burst laser has a generator that uses Cyanide/Argon chemicals to generate a laser beam. The light stream is then collected, focused and boosted by a synthetic crystal assembly. When the Magnetic field around the Crystal assembly is fluxed, a focused release of energy occurs. The resulting beam is a short but concentrated burst of laser energy. The laser generator has a maximum cyclic output of 200 kilowatt beams per/second. The Focus assembly collects this discharged energy, most assemblies can collect up to 600 kilowatts of energy before the controller chip de-energizes the assembly using a bleed off circuit. This discharge occurs every 30 seconds. The faster the collector assembly charges, the sooner a more powerful beam can be discharged. The size of the generator excludes weapon Type 1 and shotguns as a viable style for burst lasers. Depending on the design; Weapon Levels 3 and 4 can fire lower power beams more than once in a round.


Future of Weapons Development There are many different weapons companies working on improvements for all the standards. The focus for future ammo is effective penetration of armor. Improved armor piercing ammo for Chem Project Nanonic ammo, Higher strength magnetic shielding for plasma and a longer charge for laser generators are some of the things the sector is improving on. These developments show great promise for setting the System far ahead of its targeted ammo effectiveness goals. In addition, Long range burst laser and disc projectiles hold great promise for the next step in weapons development. In a note of concern from the planning committee to the UN ESC, we must state the following: Corporations with views like those of Jensen Dega Arms (JDA) need to be watched. Their known distaste for the current goals of the UN and the changes they would make to the System could severely impact the long range goals of the design if they are not carefully monitored and controlled.

Root 2 Access

Character Weapons Weapon Type 1 Weapon Type 5

Massive Fire Support Weapons An expansion of Weapon Type 4, this ChemProject style weapon is an ExoSkeleton mounted gattling or pocket style ChemProject weapon. Insane rates of fire, with multiple cluster fields create a weapon with devastating impact and punch. This weapon type is even capable of damaging vehicles.

Pistols These weapons trace their beginnings to start of modern gun powder warfare. In 2136 pistols are usually very accurate weapons using either ChemProject or Plasma Ammo. Type 1 weapons have a smaller magnetic field generator, used to keep the shots clustered. The smaller generator does limit the range as well as the power of type 1 weapons, but the can still do a great job if they have to.

Weapon Type 2

Sub Machine Guns and Shot guns An Upgraded magnetic field and increased projectile velocity mark this weapon type. Weapon Type 2 are larger than Type 1 weapons and pack a bigger punch. Type 2 is also the first classification that has Burst Laser weapons.

Weapon Type 3 Automatic Weapons

Type 3 weapons are marked by a Coupling Field almost twice as strong as Type 2 weapons. ChemProject, with tweaked ammo, increased ROF to allows 2 shots to be fired in a 5 second span. Plasma lasers and laser generators increase the potency of their shots as well. The improvements make Type 3 a completely different class of weapon. Type 3 weapons are the minimum weapon to penetrate heavier armor.

Weapon Type 4

Rapid Fire Support Weapons Type 4 weapons increase in size allows for a more stable second shot from ChemProject and Plasma weapons. Burst lasers hit their best levels of damage and show the power of this Type of weapon. Restricted in access this Weapon Type is the pinnacle of standard Combat Sector Weapons.


Character Weapons Stock Weapons

While weapons manufacturers make most of their profit making prototype weapons, stock weapons were needed for starting StrikeForce members to equip themselves with. In 2103 the UN ESC mandated that all weapons manufacturers had to create multiple stock models. 33 years later these weapons are all over the planet, in the hands of Gangs, Pirates, Security Forces, and anyone else who needs a gun, but does not have the money for a custom weapon. Weapon Stats Rate of Fire (ROF) ChemProject bullets or laser pulses fired per shot Caliber -- Bullet size/Type of shot Accuracy/Damage (ACC/DAM)-- guns accuracy and damage it does. Weapon Type -- Fire combat level needed to use weapon Encumbrance (ENC.) -- Shows bulk and weight of weapon Hands (HND) -- Number of hands needed to fire weapon without penalties Needs -- Show extras that weapon needs to operate Range (RNG)-- Maximum range of weapon Shots/DSR Number of internal Shots or the Max Discharge Rate of a Laser Cost-- cost in Earth Credits

Magnetic Cluster Fields The most recent advance for both Plasma and ChemProject Weapons was the Magnetic Cluster field. Originally designed for Plasma type ammo, this magnetic fields generated by the lasing process and keeps the plasma ammo tightly compacted when it leaves the weapons barrel. The use of a magnetic Cluster Field was first tried by a joint JDA/WAT task force to improve ChemProject Weapons. Each ChemProject round has a small amount of a magnetic alloy inside it. The field is strengthened by an electrical blast as the rounds leave the barrel. This field allows the rounds to hit the intended target in an area as small as 1 cm, devastating the target.

Tech Spot Light:

Weapon Type 1 Blackton Plasma SemiAuto Colt Plasma Smash Styer-Hann Plasma Pistol Luger-1345

Cal SM/E 10 mM Proton Sabot 10mM Grenade Hy/C

ACC/ DAM 30/410 140/140 30/480 60/180 10 /-60/490

ROF 1 5 1 5 1 1

Enc. 5.1 5.5 5.5 4 1.5 5

HND 1 1 1 1 +1 1

Needs A A A A A *

Range 40m 105m 125m 85m 255m 200m

Shots NA NA NA NA 3 NA

Cost 43,700 40,250 9,155 18,350 20,378 500

Colt 10mm Sabot Auto Pistol 2CM Grenade Launcher

Notes: *Weapon has two Laser Barrels, counts as two separate shots at one target EC = Enhanced Fusing Chamber allows multiple shots with one trigger pull. ChemProject and Burst Laser Weapon types 1&2 and all Plasma cost one action to fire once. Type3 and 4 plasma can have an Enhanced Fusing Chamber. Then it fires as a ChemProject Type 3 and Type 4; 2 shots for one pull of the trigger. 2 cm Grenade launchers can be mounted under a Weapon or used standalone. Multi Handed weapons and Tri and Bi pod Any weapon with a hands requirement greater than two requires either a bi-pod or tri-pod. If the number of hands is 3 a bi-pod costing, 5% of the weapons cost is required. If the number of hands is 4 +, then a tri-pod costing 10% of weapons cost is required. Both pod types must be placed on a stable and reasonably flat surface to fire the weapon normally. If a weapon with more than 2 hands is fired with out a tri or bi-pod half the Accuracy and minus 500 from the Power of the weapon.


Character Weapons

Weapon Type 2 Styer Hann Plasma I/X 12 JDA Laser Snipe Luger 40PL2 Plasma Sniper Styer-Hann Snipe II Plasma Luger .40 D Sub Gun

Cal SM/E LASER H/A Rigia

ACC/ DAM 60/490 190/340 140/380 100/330 1


Enc. 7.5 5.5 7.5 6.5 5.5 7 5 8 3 10 2

HND 1 1 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1

Needs A B B C A C A A B

Range 40m 970m 425m 315m 250m 445m 90m 40m 420m 45m 1035m

Shots DSR NA 400 NA NA NA NA NA 10 NA 14 400

Cost 94,600 61,110 119,360 114,843 31,668 54,063 72,500 94,905 1,895 60,400 2,050

1-2 1 1 12 12 1* 2 10 2 1-2

.40 mM 100/250 3 mM Deut J-2ES Sa J-4 LASER 80/360 130/390 20/490 60/210 90/350

Carbine Needler 3

Blackton Laser Sub Blackton 15 Plasma Shot Gun Blakton Combat Shotgun-18

JDA Auto Shot Gun

Styer Mod-17 Combat K-10ES 60/210 Shotgun

Weapon Type 3 Styer-Hann M-250 BerretMAG-66 JDA Needler Assault (1 double capacity needle Mag Incl) Carbine Over Assault JDA Heater Assault Blackton Plasma Heater Colt Laser Plume 1256 Blackton Laser Rifle

Cal 7.62mM 7.62mM 10mM Needles

ACC/ DAM 170/520 90/440 90/590

ROF Enc. HND 20 15 6.3 11 1 2 1 1 2 1 1

Needs C C B A C C C B

Range 475m 445m 490m 500m 250m 250m


Cost 409,100 104,275

20 20 1ec 1ec 1-2 1-2

12 9.5 7 11.5


122,800 360,210 1,400,000 269,010 190,334 526,467

.357 mM 180/490 Boosted Hy/C Positron LASER LASER 50/520 70/500

140/400 180/400



1495m 1175m

400 400

Weapon Type 4

Cal 10mM 5mM P/P Hy/I


Styer-Hann MK-82 RFSW 6mM Carbine FAW-56 JDA ChemDeath 1

ACC/ DAM 170/680 150/570 50/650 80/590 120/560

ROF Enc. HND Needs Range 20 20 2.8 5.8 6 6.4 12 9.4 4.6 2 1 2 1 2 2 C B C C B 730m 770m 650m 325m 280m 1845m 1625m

Shots Cost DSR NA 778,000 NA NA NA NA 600 918,000

Styer-Hann Mk 1 Plasma Support Luger Plasma IV JDA Laser Blaster 1

20 1EC 1EC 1-3 1-3

1,051,800 1,096,650 1,581,750 2,148,000 1,425,750

Carbine Burst Cannon

LASER 200/460 LASER 190/450


Character Weapons Weapon Clips and Ammo Weapon Clips

Added Enc. per Clip .2 .2 .2 .2 .2 .2 .5 .5 Cost Multi Per Clip *3.5 *4 *5 *3.25 *3 *3

Plasma Gaseous Ammo Deuterium (Deut) Helium (He) Hydrogen (Hy) Proton (Proton) Positron (Posi) Electron (Elect) Sodium Matrix/Electron (S/E) Tritium/Proton (T/P)

After you purchase the weapon, the next step is to buy Clips and Ammo for it. Weapons list a Need which describes the type of magazine the weapons uses. The codes are defined as follows: Then buy the specific type Clip Type Needof Magazine Magazines Code ed may be reloaded once empA Jet Clip tied. However, the cost to Multi clip reload is the same as a new B magazine. To figure cost C Multi feeder of a magazine for ChemP* Mounted on Type 2+ roject or Plasma take the base cost of the magazine and multiply it by the cost of the ammo. Internal wells take 1 active action per 4 shots to load. Mag Type
Jet Clip Type 1

*4.25 *3.5 *4 *5

Potassium Matrix/Proton (P/P) Spin Coupled Neutrinos (SCN) Hydrogen/ammonia (Hy/A) Hydrogen/Chloride (Hy/C) Nitrogen/Chloride (N/C)

.2 1 1


*4.75 *5.5 *5.25 *5.8 *6

.1 .05 .15 .2 .3 .2 .3 .3 .4 .5 .6 .6

Plasma Laser
2 4 5 6 8 10 15 8 10 15 20 25 N/A N/A 10 sec 20 sec 25 sec 30 sec 35 sec 40 sec 45 sec 50 sec 60 sec 60 sec

CP Cost
10 20 10 30 60 30 60 30 60 70 80 100 30 45 45 150 200 250 325 350 375 400 550 700

Hydrogen/Cyanide (Hy/Cy) Oxygen/Iodine-232 (O/I) Riga-10z

1.25 2 2 3 Added Enc 0 1

Multi Clip Types 3/4

Multi Clip Types 2-4

Multi Clip Types 2/3

Jet Clip Types 3/4

Jet Clip Types 2-4

Jet Clip Types 1-4

Hydrogen/Iodine-232 (Hy/I) Laser Magazine Charged Standard Change, any magazine ChemProject Enhancement 7.9 mM 10 mM 9.2 mM 7.62 mM

*6.5 *10 Cost multi 2.5

Enc Cost per Per mag Clip 2 *3 2 3 *2.5 *4 *3

Multi Feeder Type 2 Multi Feeder Types 3

Multi Feeder Types 3/4 Multi Feeder Type 4

Multi Feeder Types 3/4

7.62 mM Sniper rnds* 5.45 mM 6 mM Needles 3 mM Needles .45 mM .40 mM

4 3 3 1

*2.5 *1.5 *2 *3 *2

2 3

A note about Laser Magazines These magazines come fully charged and must be recycled after full discharge. The recharge process takes 48 - 72 hours using special equipment; cannot be done in the field.

.375 mM boosted 10 mM Needles

2 4 3 5 1 3

*2 *4 *2 *3 *3


5 mM

Weapon Ammo

Sabot 10 mM

Ammo costs are determined by multiplying the clip cost by the ammo multiplier. Clip Type determines how many shots ( or time for lasers) is available for that price. Enc of the Ammo + the clip Enc is the total Clip Enc.

J-2 explosive Shell Sabot J-4 Shell

K-10 explosive Shell Sabot Boosted K-10

2 4 3

*2.5 *2 *3


Character Weapons
Example Cost Mod Per Mag *3 *2.5 *3.5 *4

So a Jet Clip Type 1 with 7.9 mm ammo would cost 60 ECD, have an ENC of and have 10 shots. A Type 2 Multi Feeder of Tritium/Proton (T/P) ammo Plasma would have 8 shots, Enc of .8, and a cost of 1400 ECD.

Plasma Gaseous Ammo Magnetic Field Enhancement Deuterium (Deut) Helium (He) Hydrogen (Hy) Electron (Elect) Proton (Proton)

EF modifier +23 +21

Ammo Upgrades

+22 +23 +20 +19 +16 +16 +17 +17 +18 +21 +21

Specialty Ammunition To improve the effectiveness of an attack, improve the ammo that you use. From Enhanced magnetic, Armor piercing or other specialty ammos any weapon can be made better with the right technology.

Positron (Posi)

Level 0

Potassium Matrix/Proton (P/P) Tritium/Proton (T/E) Spin Coupled Neutrinos (SCN) Hydrogen/Chloride (Hy/C)

Sodium Matrix/Electron (SM/E)

*4.75 *4.3 *3.5 *6 *8 *7 *5


Enhanced Magnetic Ammo Enhanced magnetic ammo increases the power of a shots magnetic cluster field, keeping a ChemProject or Plasma shot much more densely packed for much more effective attacks against a target. Only ChemProject and Plasma ammo can be modified this way; which increase weapon Damage and its success range for criticals. This bonus is added after the attack roll is made, making a close shot or critical much more lethal. To determine the increase in the attacks EF, which effects the damage and critical severity use the below:

Hydrogen/ammonia (Hy/A)


Hydrogen/Cyanide (Hy/Cy) Nitrogen/Chloride (N/C) Oxygen/Iodine-232 (O/I) Riga-10z

Hydrogen/Iodine-232 (Hy/I)

*9.5 *16 *9


+16 +15



EF Bonus = Ammos EF BNS X Weapon Type.

ChemProject Enhancement 7.9 mm 10 mm 9.2 mm 7.62 mm Cost Mod per mag *3 *2 *3 EF Modifier +24 +22 +21 +23 +25

7.62 mm Sniper rnds* 5.45 mm 6 mm Needles 3 mm Needles .45 mm diameter .375 boosted 5 mm

*12 *4 *2



.40 mm diameter

*30 *4 *3 *3


+20 +19 +18 +17

So a Type 2 Helium Plasma weapon with Magnetic Field Enhancement ammo would add 176 (88*2) to its EF to any attack with that ammo. This means its damage could increase by 176 and its Critical Severity would be boosted by 17. To figure cost multiply the cost per magazine by the cost mod per magazine listed for the enhanced ammo below. This is the cost of enhanced ammo for that weapon. Enhanced ChemProject Ammo Materials One of the advantages of a ChemProject design is the ability to tweak and design specialty ammo. Any STO or CSPY with Personal Weapons Design can create ammo with enhanced materials. Ammo made out of advanced materials increases the range, accuracy, and power of the weapon. Weapon range is increased by the type of material used. Carbon Steel adds 50 m, each material above carbon steel the range is increased by 50m. Weapons accuracy is increased by the materials ac-


10 mm Needles Sabot 10 mm

J-2 explosive Shell Sabot J-4 Shell

*4 *3 *3


+22 +19 +15


K-10 explosive Shell Sabot Boosted K-10

*4 *4

+60 +80 +75


Character Weapons
curacy mod. It is added directly to the Weapons accuracy. Weapon DAM is increased by (DAM mod * ROF)/10= DAM Bonus Material Carbon Steel Carbonized Beryllium Titanium
ACC Mod DAM Mod Range Bns Cost Mod Availability

Level 4

+5 +10 +16 +20 +25 +15 +25 +30 +50 +15

+70 +65 +70 +75 +80 +85 +90 +95 +100 +250

+50m +100m +200m +250m +300m +350m +400m +450m +500m +150m

*2 *1.25 *4 *3 *1.5 *2 *5 *8 *60 *3

90% 85%` 80% 75% 70% 60% 50% 45% 02% 80%

Blended Titanium Ceramic NanoLatice

Reinforced Ceramic Edge Quad Heated Ceramic Core Kronus Steel

ChemProject Armor Piercing Ammo: These are armor-piercing versions of any NORMAL ChemProject Ammo, Not enhanced. This ammo is coated in Supron Ally - XV a super Dense Super light coating that is chemically inert. Ammo when coated with this alloy will not even shatter. The ammo is designed with a small charge inside that shatters the bullets after impact to keep damage high. Increases attacks breach by 1( Small to normal, normal to massive) and penetrations by +5.. These bullets nullify all known types of armor, absorbers, and Electromagnetic Fields. Attacks against vehicles with this ammo increases BCC by 5%. TEF: 7 Cost: VSIC: Magazine Cost * 25 Forces: Phys/WNF ENC: +3 to magazine RM: 0 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: ChemProject Ammo

Level 5

Improved Kronus Steel Iridium

So a ChemProject weapon with a rate of fire of 10, using carbonized Beryllium adds 65 to DAM. The down side of enhanced material ammo is the extreme cost and lack of availability of the materials. The cost multiplier increases the cost of the magazine, so the Carbonized beryllium ammo would increase the cost per magazine by *1.25. Roll 1d100 one time for availability. Each material has a listed availability chance, if the roll is below the listed availability chance the material can be used. So a roll of 52% would allow the use of Quad Heated Ceramic Core or below.

Tracer Ammo: Ammo is treated with low level emitting Photons. These photons can be detected by any TEF 5 or better tracking system. The tracer ammo adds 25 to SkillSet of the attacker. Works only on ChemProject Weapons, both vehicle and personnel. TEF: 25 Cost: VSIC: Magazine Cost * 15 Forces: WNF/SNF ENC: 3 RM: 0 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: ChemProject Ammo ChemProject Armor Piercing Ammo: These are armor-piercing versions of any NORMAL ChemProject Ammo, not enhanced. As a level 4 round with a bigger charge and denser coating. Level 5 increases attacks breach by 1( Small to normal, normal to massive), adds +1 Combat Influence, and +10 penetrations. These bullets nullify all known armor materials and reactive. Attacks against vehicles with this ammo increases BCC by 5%. higher TEF: 9 Cost: VSIC: Magazine Cost *30 Forces: Phys/WNF ENC: + 3 to magazine RM: 0 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A

Backfire Ammo: This is specialty ammo designed to short out electronics in target armor. The ammo carries a small electric charge that when it impacts a target shocks the armor. Each bullet is charged with energy to cause malfunctions. These shots simply have to hit the target to have a chance to cause malfunctions. The final attack determines how the malfunction threshold of the target is lowered. Every 1 success decreases the Malfunction Threshold by 1. Insulated armor lowers the successes of the BackFire ammo by 1 for every 100 PU of insulation. TEF: 12 Cost: VSIC: 10,000 per magazine Forces: Elect/Phys ENC: +1 to mag RM: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: ChemProject Ammo

Level 3

Level 6

ChemProject Armor Piercing Ammo These are armor-piercing versions of any NORMAL ChemProject Ammo, and are not enhanced. As a level 5 round with a bigger charge and denser coating. Level 6 increases attacks breach by 1( Small to normal, normal to massive), adds +2 Combat Influence, and +20 penetrations. These bullets nullify all known types of armor materials and Electromagnetic Fields. Attacks against vehicles with this ammo increases BCC by 15%. TEF: 12 Cost: VSIC: Magazine Cost *25 Forces: Phys/WNF ENC: +3 to magazine RM: 0 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: ChemProject Ammo


Character Weapons Level 8

-15% availability roll. So 1 Kilo of C-16 would cost 1575 with an availability of 74% and have an ENC of .1 (1*.1)

Fire Ball Ammo ChemProject Ammo hollow Points filled with an Air Fuel explosive. The ammo hits as a small explosive, boosting Breach by +1 and targets must roll EM. Combat Influence works as normal. Must use a full load of Fireball ammo for ammo to work. It effects only the target hit by a FULL load, no splitting the attack. TEF: 5 Cost: VSIC: 135,000 per magazine Forces: Chem./Phys ENC: +1 to magazine RM: Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: ChemProject Ammo

Explosive Materials

Fire Combat Upgrades Level 0

Terenax C -16 Terenax Corp was destroyed in 2065 during a Corporate War with Barrett Arms. Barrett won, but the formula for Terenax was claimed by their partner Jevin Chemistry. Jevin later sold the formula to a number of companies and cashed out, making Terenax C-16 the most powerful and widely used explosive in 2136. Wt Mod: .1 ACC:79 DAM:1009 Avail: 94 Cost:*4.5 C-8 Improved The last major release by the NATO countries, before he russian darkness. C-8 has held its own for over a century because of its low cost and strong destructive profile. Wt Mod: 1.6 ACC:59 DAM:438 Avail: 82 Cost:*2.5 Axeon Gel Created originally by a long dead Brazilian Corp to clear rainforest for farming, Axeon Gel can burn anything and is cost effective at doing it. Wt Mod: 1 ACC:47 DAM:96 Avail: 94 Cost:*3.5 Spec: Starts Fires on anything for 1d10 phases. 10,000 Celsius temp. Axeon Gel White Phosphor MAC requested this upgrade to Axeon Gel to make it more useful in combat, meaning more deadly. Styer Hann and BioTech labs were happy to help. Wt Mod: 1.5 ACC:53 DAM:201 Avail: 84 Cost:*3 Spec: Starts Fires on anything for 1d10 phases. 15,000 Celsius temp. Explosive Charges Each kilo of explosive can be sub divided into 4 pts. So a Kilo of C-8 Improved has 4 pts with a 438 DAM. Each point requires a detonator.

Weapon Harness Allows a person to lower the number of hands required to hold the weapon. Can lower no. Of hands by one or two (minimum of one hand). TEF: 3 Cost: VSIC: 10% of weapon cost per hand Forces: Grav/Phys ENC: + 1 RM: 0 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A

Level 1

Improved Gun Accuracy Active Sighting system that adds 10 * Weapon type to the ACC of any personnel Gun. TEF: 7 Cost: VSIC: 75,000 Forces: Grav/ WNF ENC: +1 to weapon RM: 0 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Fire Combat Weapon, no indirect fire

Explosives are controlled by the UN IJC and MAC as the destructive potential of 10,000 Strikeforces all blowing tghings up could lead to too many destabilizing situations. The UN currently restricts the amount of explosives to a charcters rank in kilos. This dose not apply to prefabricated explosives such as grenades, juts the raw explosive materials.

Base Cost of Explosive materials

The source of the explosive sets the base cost to get an explosive, which is then modified by the type of explosive material being purchased. Social Combat and role play can of course effect these base costs. Source Employer Nation Guild Base Cost -100 450 500 650 Avail. Mod -20% -45% -35% +5% UN Reported Y Y Y Y

Explosive Kits and Detonators



Any explosive requires a detonator. Demolitions kit has materials that make a Demolitions roll more effective; Kits are not required to use c16, detonator not required. Smoke grenades subtract 100 from any non-technology enhanced perception. Demolitions Kit: Standard kit with materials to shape and contour Plastique for demolitions work. The kit adds 50 EF to any demolitions roll. Has 5 uses then must buy again. TEF: 3 Cost: VSIC: 500 Forces: none ENC: 1 RM: 0 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A Detonator, Remote: A Voice activated charge. Connected to the UNIWeb the user programs in a special

Blackmarket Int. Smugglers

375 ( or a Favor)

250 (or a favor)

-20% -25%


So if your employers was a corporation, the base cost of explosive materials is (450* material cost mod) with a

Character Weapons
voice code, tuned to their voice print. The Charge takes an active action to set the voice code and a Demolitions roll to set. The range of the Detonator is unlimited (UNIWeb access is required), no security encoding provided on communications. TEF: 5 Cost: VSIC: 500 Forces: none ENC: .5 RM: 0 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Demolitions Detonator, Timed: A Time activated charge. Connected to the UNIWeb the user programs in the time code of the region they wish to use. The Charge takes an active action to set the time code and a Demolitions roll to set. TEF: 5 Cost: VSIC: a weapon Forces: Chem/WNF/ SNF ENC: As weapon RM: 0 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A Detonator, Motion A movement activated charge. The charge senses movement in a range of 1 -5 meters, set by the user. The greater the range the quicker the charge tends to explode. A range of 1 would have an explode chance of 10% per action, a 5 meter range would have a 50% chance. The Charge takes an active action to set the range and a Demolitions roll to set. TEF: 5 Cost: VSIC: 500 Forces: none ENC: .5 RM: 0 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Demolitions Detonator, Sound: A sound activated charge. The charge is set to a decibel range between 10 -50 decibels. Chance the detonator goes off is like Motion above. The Charge takes an active action to set the voice code and a Demolitions roll to set. TEF: 5 Cost: VSIC: 500 Forces: none ENC: .5 RM: 0 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Demolitions Detonator, Impact: A Force activated charge. The user sets a number of Force Units to detonate between 100 -500. A door closing (Non Hydraulic) has a force of 100, a weapon discharge has a force of 250, another explosion has a force of 500. If there is no set trigger, use percentages as above with motion and sound. The Charge takes an active action to set the voice code and a Demolitions roll to set. TEF: 5 Cost: VSIC: 500 Forces: none ENC: .5 RM: 0 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Demolitions

Accuracy/Damage (ACC/DAM)-- Explosives accuracy and damage it does. Encumbrance (ENC.) -- Shows bulk and weight Special -- notes any special abilities of the device. Range (RNG)-- Primary radius of the device. Availability (Avail)- percent change the character can find the device for purchase. Cost-- cost in Earth Credits

Combat Explosive Stats

A powerful infantry weapon for over 200 years, the grenades of 2136 range from simple to advanced delay with specialized shrapnel patterns.

MAC Combat Explosives Grenades

Delay Fusing

Some grenades have a delay of a set number of active actions. The delay must be declared before the attack; once that number of actions has past the grenade explodes. TEF shows how hard it is to overcome the fuse. Fragmentation (Frag) Grenade A basic, not too powerful, grenade that goes off as soon as you throw it, dont drop it. ACC:40 DAM:525 Avail:89 Cost:450 RNG: 3m ENC.: 2.5 TEF: 0 Delay: 0 actions Improved Fragmentation Grenade A powerful infantry weapon for over 200 years, the grenades of 2136 range from simple to advanced delay with specialized shrapnel patterns. ACC:140 DAM:1400 Avail:86 Cost:1707 RNG: 2 m ENC.: ..8 TEF: 5 Delay: 3 actions Micro Shard Grenade An improved fragmentation pattern, this boosts the range and damage of a Frag grenade. ACC:70 DAM:1600 Avail:89 Cost:2048 RNG:3m ENC.: .8 TEF: 10 Delay: 3 actions max Concussion Grenade A basic, not too powerful, design to knock an opponent down when it hits. ACC:130 DAM:640 Avail:71 Cost:895 RNG: 2 m ENC.: .4 TEF: 5 Delay: 1 actions Special: Any target hits is considered knocked prone. Axeon Grenade Designed to create fires when thrown and confuse and distract the enemy. Anything burns ACC:110 DAM:610 Avail:90 Cost:1167 RNG: 3m ENC.: .7 TEF: 25 Delay: 5 actions Axeon Phosphor Grenade A redesign of the Axeon grenade to take advantage of the Axeon Phosphor material. ACC:130 DAM: 830 Avail: 81 Cost: 1025 RNG: 3 m ENC.: .8 TEF: 25 Delay: 5 actions


Character Weapons Explosive Upgrades Personnel Combat use of Rigia - 19x

Requires: N/A 25 mm Missile Stick -- A 25 mm single shot launcher that can be reloaded. The 25 mm missiles have a DAM of 1000. The missiles ACC is determined by the users targeting system, must be a TEF 5 or better. Attacks hit as an explosive, but because of the shaped charge the attack DOES get combat influence. Reloads cost 3000 per missiles. Take 2 actions to reload and 1 action to fire. TEF: 3 Cost: VSIC: 75,000 Forces: As Targ ENC: 3.5 RM: 0 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Fire Combat Type 1 or Heavy Weapons

A powerful additive to any munition. Which adds both destructive power and range to the explosion. Rigia - 19x boosts an explosive so its attack is multiplied by several times, depending on the successes of the attack. The amount of Rigia added is called its charge force and limits the damage a Rigia Enhanced weapon can do. Adding Rigia to personnel explosives is Illegal, dangerous and an obvious upgrade, usually resulting in massive damage or death of all involved. The Black market will of course do the work of mixing the additive; a delicate and dangerous operation (generally (225 x CF) EF, Demolitions as primary skill is required, but GMs discretion rules). See the combat section for its effects in combat. Use of Rigia - 19x explosives in a city is expressly forbidden and usually punishable by loss of rank, tech and cash. Rigia - 19x used as a plasma Ammo is inert and cannot be mixed to create CF weapons. Cost = 50000 x CF rating being added.

Level 6

Level 3

Cracker Jack Grenade -- A grenade that distributes 4 bomblets in a circle around the grenades impact area. The grenade does damage as a normal improved flack grenade. The location of the bomblets is at the points of the compass, distance determined by rolling 1d10 -5. Attack Successes 2 4 5 3 Distance from Grenade target 4m 2m 3m

Flambue Glue Minor: A sticky Highly Flammable glue that will not dilute or be removed except by burning it off. The all the glue burns for 6 seconds (1 full phase). Reactive armor has no effect on the glue, however it will ignite the glue. Each dose does 250 pts of damage, and burns at 4000 degrees Celsius. The damage is cumulative, so 3 doses would do 750 points of damage. Can be placed in axeon grenades, however they lose 50 damage per dose added; can hold up to 3 doses. Each success is 1 dose hitting the target. TEF: 7 Cost: VSIC: 15,000 Forces: Chem ENC: 1 per dose RM: 0 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A

Level 10


The bomblets have a power of 500 and are designed to confuse more than hurt. All EM rolls are at a 4 when a bomblet goes off. Bomblets may be fused with a detonator, just add cost of detonator to Cracker Jack grenade. TEF: 3 Cost: VSIC: 2500 Forces: none ENC: 3 RM: 0 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A

Flambue Glue Major: A sticky Highly Flammable glue that will not dilute or be removed except by burning it off. All the glue burns for 5 seconds (1 full phase). Glue is immune to Reactive armor, however it will ignite the glue. Each dose does 500 pts of damage, and burns at 6500 degrees Celsius. The damage is cumulative, so 3 doses would do 1500 points of damage. Can be placed in axeon grenades, however they lose 50 PWR per dose added and can hold up to three doses. Each success is a dose that has hit the target. TEF: 15 Cost: VSIC: 30,000 per dose Forces: Chem ENC: 1 per dose RM: 0 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A

Level 4


Scanner Pulse Homing Grenade An improved flack grenade with a specialized VSIC seeker head. The seeker is designed to detect active scanner pulses and guides the grenade to the active scanner. The Grenade must be fired from a grenade launcher and the shot must be within a 90 degree arc of where the scanner is. The Seeker head adds its TEF to the attacks EF. A successful nullify attack can shut down the seeker head, if so treat as a normal grenade attack. If no nullify the TEF of the grenade is added to the success range of the attack. TEF: 10 Cost: VSIC: 2500 Forces: Elect/WNF/SNF ENC: 3 RM: 0 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC

Created, again by System design, as Low power, minimally effective weapons, to drive creative custom design. These basic Stainless Steel weapons get the job done, but custom weapons are much more effective. Weapon Stats Accuracy/Damage (ACC/DAM)-- Weapons accuracy and damage it does. Encumbrance (ENC.) -- Shows bulk and weight Hands (HND) -- Number of hands needed to fire weapon without penalties Needs -- Show extras that weapon needs to operate Range (RNG)-- Maximum range of weapon Shots Number of internal Shots Cost-- cost in Earth Credits

Melee Weapons Stock Weapons

Character Weapons
3000 kg and works for 1 hour then spear is normal. TEF: 3 Cost: VSIC: Hnds Enc. Shot Cost 345,000 Spears: 15,000 each Forces: Elect/ 2 5.5 1 200 WNF/SNF ENC: Gun: 2 7.0 1 300 3 Spears: 2 RM: 0 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: 1 3.0 65 VSIC Requires: Power 2 2.0 50 Pac, one use regardless of 1 2.0 150 size.0 2 1 4.0 0.5 0.1 1.0 1 300 50 10 12 15 2 50

Name Comp. Bow Comp. Crossbow War hammer Quarterstaff

ACC/ DAM 14/19 10/30 15/20 11/30 30/5 0/1 0/1 4/8 16/10 16/25

RNG Needs 200 Melee 300 Arrow None Bolt

Sword,1 handed Combat knife Blow Dart Blow Tube


Sword,2 handed



Melee 25 ---



None Dart


Arrow, Quality Bolt, Normal

Arrow, Normal

Tube Bow Bow

0 1 1 1 1

5/5 0/1


Bolt, Quality 5/5 +30 Bow All Stock Weapons have 14 Structure Points.



0.4 0.5 0.5


5 5

5 5


Melee Weapon Upgrades

The table below lists 3 upgrades available on the open market for Melee weapons. Custom weapon design is a powerful and System controlled privilege, which is further defined in Section 8. These upgrades have a tech level of 0 Final Design Additions (No limit) Stun Blast - Electric Stun Blast - Sonic Vibrating Blade*

Effect - 3 Em roll/ 25 End damage/ Electrical Insulation 501 + PU stun No effect. TEF 50 +5 for 10,000 Credits

Enc. +1 +1.5 +2.5

Cost Cost * 4 Cost * 8 Cost * 2

- 6 Em roll/ 20 End Points damage/Sound Insulation stun No effect TEF:25 +5 for 15,000 Credits. -150 ACC/+450 PWR

Level 4

Fandal Spike Combat System: A specially designed melee combat system that retracts into the wearers armor until needed. Takes one action to activate. The spikes break off during combat and lower the cost to get combat Influence Points to 150 EF. The max is still 5. The system can be used in 5 combats, then it must be replaced. TEF: 6 Cost: VSIC: 105,000 Forces: Phys ENC: 4.5 RM: 0 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: N/A


Level 6

Ionic bonding Spear Gun: A cruel Fire Combat I weapon with an ACC/DAM of 100/25. It will bond with organs on any critical hit; this destroys the organ. Head Criticals are instantly fatal. Limbs are rendered useless should a critical do any damage, the limb is considered destroyed. Target is in extreme agony. All EM rolls at 4, must make one when hit. Bonding is rated at

UN Tech Guild Technology Restrictions and Guidelines Subject: Current Status Technology Review Groups Restrictions: Tech Guild Council and UN Planning Group members only
Report Follows: The United Nations Economic Security councils third edict gave the Tech Guild both Legal Status as an independent guild and the legal responsibility to catalogue and record the technology of the human race. With the creation of the UN Planning groups another responsibility was give to the Guild, to restrict technology availability to the Combat and Civilian sectors, to help keep the System equations in balance. It is the status and effectiveness of this responsibility that this report is about. To restrict technology as the system equations require the Tech Guild created the Tech Level ratings. All technology is rated based on ability and cost. The more powerful and less expensive an Item is the higher the tech level will be, thus limiting the number of Combat and Corporate sector users. This rating system has been in place since 2065 and has done a most effective job of controlling the effects of new technology as it is released. The Tech Guild reviews all technology in their Technology review groups on a constant basis. Any new technology must be reviewed a minimum of 30 days before any planned release. The Tech Guild will review the technology and rate it accordingly. Technology that seems to unbalance the System equations is submitted to a joint Tech Guild/Planning groups review. This review can and has stopped the release of technology for a time, some is still restricted to this day due to its unbalancing nature. Since the early 2100s the planning groups and Corporate sectors have petitioned for several exception ratings for technology. While the Tech Guild has to this date created several of these exceptions, it has been only with the most detailed review, political disputes, and power sharing agreements with the Planning Groups. The new release categories still have tech level ratings, however the exception releases tend to ignore them: Restricted Release: This technology is restricted no one in any sector may have access to it or use it without UN ESC or Planning group authorization. Users of such technology are usually agents of the UN or using such Technology illegally. Tech level restrictions are ignored. Corporate Release: A specific corporation has the release of the Tech Guild and the UN to use the technology. Only agents and employees of the Corporation in question may use such tech. Anyone caught using the tech will be investigated by police and UN forces to make certain of their legal status to use such tech. Tech level restrictions are ignored. Guild Release: Guild employees may use specific technology from a Corporation or other entity by the authority of the UN. Such release is rarely given to any of the more illegal guilds. Tech level restrictions are ignored. General Release: This Technology is available to all sectors based on Tech Level restriction by rank or corporate level. The Tech Guild has seen an increase in Corporate and Guild release that have seemingly undermined the general release strategy. It is our fear that further categories of exceptions would even further dilute the technology pool available to the Corporate and Combat sectors. Such Dilution would seem to unbalance the System equations and put the goals of the Phoenix society in jeopardy of delay or even failure. It is our hope that a more detailed review for this effect is started immediately to mitigate any such effects. Secti Nast Tech Guild Master MNT, MBT,MHE


Access Granted

Scanner Technology Natures Forces Scanners Scanner Design

Nano and Medical Techs need to interact with the forces of nature to aid and perform their duties and work with their StrikeForce. To interact with natures forces, Techs have access to a specialty device called a scanner. Only Techs may purchase, use scanner bases, and suites. Scanner suites work only with scanner bases. They will not work in Armor or Glove Suits There are three ways to mount a scanner. It can be mounted on a Hand Held Base, mounted in a characters armor (Non Glove suit only), or BioMount where the Scanner is built in to the body of the user. A Scanner Base ( Interface type is owners choice) Sensor suites Connection between the Scanner and the human using the sensors.

Hand held Scanners

Bio Mounted Scanners

A DNA BioBloc in Human Host A Bio Mountable Scanner Base Scanner Suites (DNA type) Connection between the Scanner and the human using the sensors. The Bio Bloc used for the DNA Base determines the number of DNA suites, or other DNA abilities, the scanner can have. So a scanner mounted on a simple DNA BioBloc can have 4 suites, a scanner on a complex Bloc 10 suites, or other DNA additions.

Armor Mounted Scanners

A base that can be mounted on armor (Interface type is determined by the armor interface type, if armor has both VSIC and Nanonic scanner can be either, not both, choose one) Sensor Suites Connection between the Scanner and the human using the sensors.

This theory explains mechanics of elemental interactions in the universe. All matter is a form of energy in a state. When energies interact states change. The melting of an Ice cube to the exploding of a sun into a black hole, both are examples of energy changing states. All Natural elements have a vibration, which effects other elements and their states. These vibrations are categorized into 5 Forces: Physical Forces, Strong Nuclear Forces, Weak Nuclear Forces, Electromagnetic Forces, and Gravity forces. Each force is made up of hundreds of elemental vibrations which cause specific state effects on any exposed matter. The effects are can be categorized; allowing them to be used directly. Simply this means that the chemical interaction of acid on metal can be duplicated, without actually applying acid. An energy field with the elemental vibrations of the acid would cause the weakening of the metal as well as etching patterns. Likewise if an ice cube is in a freezer and a energy field with the vibrations of hot air surround it, it would melt. The vibrations from the energy field are localized around the object and cause the effects as if it was 30 degrees Celsius. The vibrations in the energy field directly effect the energy state of the target matter. Power is required to create the energy field with the vibrations and the larger the area effected greater and greater quantities are needed. However I believe it reasonable that a potable device could read or even project force data in the future. My team and I recorded vibrations from the base elements of iron melting and sulphur igniting on paper using a Vulcron Zone Control Fort tracking system. Later we used the tracking system to cause iron to melt and Sulfur to burn paper (down to the smell) in the lab using nothing but energy. To date over 15,000 basic vibrations, each categorized into one of the specific forces have been categorized. Force science, as I have come to call it, will change humanities way of life. An example of the potential of this science comes from a model of a star going nova. Using the force model of our sun as abase line, this model shows how the internal star processes lead to the black holes creation. As elemental vibrations of all 5 forces change, the production of dark matter and energy increases. The vibrations of the dark matter and energy cause a warping of localized space time eventually creating a black hole. My staff and I have seen potential in this model for a type of engine that could provide thrust based on the correct use of certain gravity forces. We also believe that smaller less powerful Singularities could be created and their time/ space warping harnessed if the correct vibrations could be configured Force Science is real and will change science forever, I am again humbled by the universe and the depth of its amazement. Angst Thergoode Tech Master Rank 6

Unified Force Theory of 2075


Scanner Technology
Device Stats TEF Base TEF + Sensor Suite Bonus Slots Total size of Scanner Suites Chips the Base can hold. So an 8 means a total ENC. Base ENC. AI Can mount an AI chip, if no only Analysis Chip must be used. Cost Base cost + (Scanner Suites Cost * Hardware Multiplier) Speed Scanner TEF /200 Power Units Output Scanner TEF * 2 is max PUO Scanner Bases Type Tasit Starter VSIC Slots 6 8 5 6 8 8 8 5 5 Nanonic Slots 20 20 22 TEF 1 Enc. 1 Bio Mount N Y N Armor Mount N N Y N Y Y Y AI Support N N N Y VSIC Cost 5,000 10,000 15,000 17,500 26,000 34,000 30,000 32,000 35,000 19,000 18,000 28,000 22,000 12,500 7,500

Basin Handheld I Tasit AdvScan II Vulcron Analyzer II Basern HandScanner AvCorp Handheld Basern Adv. III Vulcron Scanner Tasit AdvScan

Vulcron Analyzer

1 1

24 20 24 26 35 26


2 3

1.8 1.3 2.0 1.4 1.6





2 3

Vulcron Adv. Scanner PCT Mobile Scan Basern Sweeper Tasit Mount 1 WAT BackScan

10 9 8

24 32

AvCorp Handless 1 Basern Adv. Mount I WAT Touch Tone PCT Magic Hand Vulcron MateScan

10 12 11

34 30 38 35 32

2 2 2 3 2 2 1

2.0 2.2 .5 1 1 .5 1.8



Y 2xAI Y Y


N N Y Y Chip Size 1 Y Y

12 15 15

44 42






24,000 26,000 25,500



Suite BioElectric Comparison Suite

Forces used in Scan Elect/Chem

SkillSet EF Bonus (TEF) +10 (+3) +15 (+6) +17 (+5) +20(+7) +25(+6) +30 (+8) +27 (+7) +15 (+5) +5 (+2)

Hardware Mod V-*3,N-*4,D-*5

Cost 15,000


Cellular ElectroMag Probe

Cellular Aural Probe

DNA Analysis Advanced Probe Magnetic Imaging Med Analysis Biorhythm Medical Analysis

Elect/Grav/Chem Elect/Grav/WNF


V-*4,N-*5,D-*6 V-*5,N-*6,D-*7 V-*5,N-*6,D-*7


SNF Pulse Med Sweep Medical Analysis Full Force (All) DNA Analysis Silent Probe

SNF/Chem/Elect/Grav/ Phys All All



2 3 3 3

30,000 40,000 50,000 65,000 75,000 90,000 80,000 35,000

V-*6,N-*7,D-*8 V-*6,N-*7,D-*8 V-*6,N-*7,D-*8 V-*6,N-*7,D-*8

4 5

Scanner Technology

These suites are designed specifically to add TEF and forces to a scanner base. They only work in scanner bases and any attempt to modify them to work in other interfaces would be extraordinarily difficult (TEF *8 Minimum difficulty) and they would only work for a limited time. Suite Superiority When a scanner has 2 suites of the same Force, only one can be used by the scanner. The player can choose which ones to use. So having 4 Type III EM Suites would not give you a +28 TEF. It would be +7.

Sensor Suites

Type I Suites

TEF Bonus

Chip Size

Hardware Cost Modifier


Electromagnetic Scanner I Gravitational Scanner I Weak Nuclear Force I

+3 +5 +5


Strong Nuclear Force I

Chemical (thermodynamics) I Physical (Matter States) I

Type II Suites

+4 +3 +3
TEF Bonus

1 1



VSIC-*3,Nan-*4,DNA-*5 VSIC-*3,Nan-*4,DNA-*5 VSIC-*3,Nan-*4,DNA-*5

VSIC-*3,Nan-*4,DNA-*5 VSIC-*3,Nan-*4,DNA-*5
Hardware Cost Modifier

9,000 8,000 7,000 5,000


Chip Size


Electromagnetic Scanner II Weak Nuclear Force II Gravitational Scanner II

Strong Nuclear Force II

+4 +6 +6 +5 +7



2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 3
Chip Size

VSIC-*3,Nan-*4,DNA-*6 VSIC-*3,Nan-*4,DNA-*6 VSIC-*3,Nan-*4,DNA-*6


19,000 18,000 17,000 15,000



Chemical (thermodynamics) II Physical (Matter States) II

Type III Suites

Hardware Cost Modifier

TEF Bonus

Chip Size


Electromagnetic Scanner III Gravitational Scanner III Weak Nuclear Force III Strong Nuclear Force III

+8 +8 +6 +6
TEF Bonus

VSIC-*5,Nan-*5,DNA-*5 VSIC-*5,Nan-*5,DNA-*5


26,000 29,000 28,000 27,000 25,000


Chemical (thermodynamics) III Physical (Matter States) III

Type IV Suites


VSIC-*5,Nan-*5,DNA-*5 VSIC-*5,Nan-*5,DNA-*5 VSIC-*5,Nan-*5,DNA-*5

Hardware Cost Modifier


Electromagnetic Scanner IV Gravitational Scanner IV Weak Nuclear Force IV

+10 +9 +9 +8


Strong Nuclear Force IV



Chemical (thermodynamics) IV Physical (Matter States) IV

Type V Suites

5 5 5



VSIC-*7,Nan-*8,DNA-*9 VSIC-*7,Nan-*8,DNA-*9 VSIC-*7,Nan-*8,DNA-*9



40,000 48,000 47,000 45,000


TEF Bonus

Chip Size

Hardware Cost Modifier

Electromagnetic Scanner V Gravitational Scanner V Weak Nuclear Force V

+12 +15 +15



Strong Nuclear Force V




Chemical (thermodynamics) V Physical (Matter States) V



59,000 58,000 57,000 55,000






Scanner Technology: Upgrades Scanner-Human Interfaces

.5 Forces: none Tech Type: Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: Scanner and Brain

These Interfaces are for connection from the scanner to the human user of the scanner. Without this interface the Scanner is useless. The user has no way of getting data from the device. An AI interface may be used if an AI is mounted in the scanner or armor. The interfaces may not be transferred to a new suit of armor. (Once they are put in, thats where they stay until destroyed). Users may have more than one interface: one for the human user and one for the AI user or more. Portable Broadcast A UNIWeb broadcast is used to communicate information to the human partner after it is converted from Binary. There is no security on this transmission. However, there is no range limit either. TEF: 3 Cost: VSIC: 10,000 Nanonic: 15,000 ENC: .5 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Built in Max Apps: n/a Requires: Scanner Screens A modification to the helmet of the user which allows the display of the converted data from a scanner on its internal Shield. The screens cannot be moved, but can be dissolved as needed, and costs a passive action to reactivate. 4 images per screen required from helmet. Communications from the scanner have a TEF 3 encryption. TEF: 5 Cost: VSIC: 25,000 Nanonic: 30,000 ENC: .1 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Built in Max Apps: n/a Requires: Scanner Advanced Screens As the above, however the Screens can be moved with an eye movement so as to not obstruct the users view. No action cost to move screens, TEF: 12 Encryption Cost: VSIC: 40,000 Nanonic: 60,000 ENC: 1 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Built in Max Apps: n/a Requires: Scanner Chemical Neural Shunt Can only be used with DNA AI to scanners. Allows the connection to the scanner as normal for the AI. Humans cannot use it as the chemical consistency changes are too complex to use in the Human brain without causing a tumor in 1-3 weeks. TEF: 15 Cost: VSIC: 35,000 Nanonic: 50,000 ENC: .5 Forces: none Tech Type: DNA Simple Strand Max Apps: 1 Requires: Scanner and DNA AI

Scanner Upgrades
Level 2 Additional Scanner Interfaces These additional chip interfaces may be used only for Scanner Suites in hand held and Armor mounted scanners. Max of double starting slots. TEF: 3 Cost: VSIC: 75,000 Nanonic: 200,000 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: scanner Reciprocal Signal Tracking suite I (RST suite) A suite designed to independently search for a jamming signal and track that signal. The Suite adds 5 to the TEF of a scanner to detect the physical location of any transmitter that is jamming the scanner. Technology combat is performed against the tracking scanner and the jamming signal. Should the tracking scanner and user overcome target transmitter, the location is detected. If jamming from multiple points; 1 point is reveled for each 10 EF they win the combat. If the signal is moving the scanner may attempt to track the source, simply do technology combat 3 times, win 3 times and target is triangulated. TEF: +5 Cost: VSIC: 25,000 Nanonic: 37,500 Forces: All (No Calon) Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: Scanner Level 4 Reciprocal Signal Tracking suite II (RST suite) A suite designed to independently search for a jamming signal and track that signal. The Suite adds 5 to the TEF of a scanner to detect the physical location of any transmitter that is jamming the scanner. Technology combat is performed against the tracking scanner and the jamming signal. Should the tracking scanner and user overcome target transmitter, the location is detected. If jamming from multiple points; 1 point is reveled for each 10 EF they win the combat. If the signal is moving the scanner may attempt to track the source, simply do technology combat 3 times, win 3 times and target is triangulated.. TEF: +10 Cost: VSIC: 75,000 Nanonic: 112,000 Forces: All (no Calon) Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: Scanner Level 5 Phantom Signature Source Suite (PSS Suite) Allows a scanner to setup a phantom signature to confuse outside scanning sources. Cloaks the scanners signal and sets up a phantom signal. This does not make a scanner immune to an area effect jamming signal, but in order to jam it the Jamming scanner system must do technology combat against the PSS. If the jamming system loses it jams the wrong frequency, should the attacker win the PSS has no effect and the target is jammed. This de-


Basic Energy Shunt Used with any AI it allows standard use of the scanner. Use in the human brain will cause Alzheimers to begin accelerated effects with in 2 weeks. TEF: 15 Cost: VSIC: 10,000 Nanonic: 15,000 ENC: .5 Forces: none Tech Type: DNA Basic Strand Max Apps: 1 Requires: Scanner and AI Adv. Energy Shunt Allows human brains to use scanners as normal (requires brain work to install). All AI with this type of connection get a +2 to all TEF levels due to the detail of the scan information. TEF: 20 Cost: VSIC: 10,000 Nanonic: 15,000 ENC:

Scanner Technology: Upgrades

vice requires a ROM chip and takes an action to create the false signal. TEF: +5 Max TEF: 11 Cost: VSIC: 250,000 Nanonic: 375,000 50,000 to increase TEF by 1. Forces: Elect/Phys Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: 6 Requires: Scanner AI Digital Input Program A detailed digital program that adds +50 to any AI perception roll on a specific non- moving object. AI unit will gain all pertinent information on the object, provided the perception roll is successful. Uses one scanner chip slot if scanner mounted. TEF: 8 Cost: VSIC: 135,000 Nanonic: 202,500 Forces: Elect/Phys Tech Type: Program Max Apps: n/a Requires: AI and Scanner

Level 6

Suite Signal Booster (SSB suite) Allows a specific Suite scan to be boosted over a jamming signal. The booster adds 30 to TEF of the scanner for one scan only. The scan can only cover a 5-meter Diameter and must be looking for a specific set of parameters. The scan acts as a Nullify attack against any jamming signal. Regardless of the success of the nullify attack, the boosted scanner must roll percentile below its TEF. If the percentile roll is below the TEF (i.e. the TEF is 25 and the roll is a 24 or lower) the scanner is out for 1d10 actions resetting itself. Should the roll be higher than the TEF the SSB is out for 15 phases resetting and re-calibrating. TEF: Scanner TEF+30 Cost: VSIC: 50,000 Nanonic: 75,000 Forces: As boosted Signal, Can boost All Forces (No Calon) Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: Scanner Reciprocal Signal Tracking suite III (RST suite) A suite designed to independently search for a jamming signal and track that signal. The Suite adds to the TEF of a scanner to detect the physical location of any transmitter that is jamming the scanner. Technology combat is performed against the tracking scanner and the jamming signal. Should the tracking scanner and user overcome target transmitter, the location is detected. If jamming from multiple points; 1 point is reveled for each success they win the combat. If the signal is moving the scanner may attempt to track the source, simply do technology combat 3 times, win 3 times and target is triangulated. TEF: +20 Cost: VSIC: 125,000 Nanonic: 187,500 Forces: All (No Calon) Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: Scanner Reciprocal Signal Phantom Signature suite III (RSPS suite) Once a jamming signals source has been determined this suite can be used create a phantom signal to be jammed while the scanner switches to an alternate. This Suite will then run a phantom signal that continues to be jammed, while scans now function on a different frequency. To do this the jammed scanner must win two technology combats against the jamming signal. The first creates the phantom signal used to fool the jammer. The second determines if the new scan frequency is detected. If both combats are successful then the Jammer must do an active (takes and action) tech combat against the scanner to realize they are jamming the wrong signal. TEF: +8 Cost: VSIC: 150,000 Nanonic: 225,000 Forces: Elect/ WNF/SNF Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: ROM Chip, RST Suite, AI and a Scanner LEVEL 7

Vulcron Scanners Incorporated Many armor abilities are either activated or boosted by chips added to the armor. Vulcron started out as a small Droid and Targ chip assembler. When a scientist on staff created a handheld, and more powerful, version of an ExoSkeleton sensory array; the scanner was born. Vulcron had more investors in one week, after the UN and the Tech Guild approved the use of the device, then they had been able to get for the last 3 years. Even AvCorp simply paid the ridiculous patent fees to make the new scanner bodies. Scanners usually come complete with chips for expanded capabilities. Vulcron now has three divisions making chips for Scanners, armor, and Exo systems. They have high quality merchandise and a very strong set of StrikeForce. One of their StrikeForces was directly responsible for the destruction of an illegal chip processing plant in an Afganistani shanty town. The destruction resulted in half the shanty town, and the national defense forces defending the town, being vaporized. Vulcron took the matter further and asked for ESC sanctions against the Afganistanis. The ESC refused, without proof the Nations government was really in charge of the site. Vulcron produced the needed files in less than 24 hours, resulting in sanctions that damaged Afgan trade for years. 3 Warlords were also beheaded by the ruling council for their illegal role in the conspiracy. Vulcron defends their status vigorously.

Manufacturer SpotLight


Psi Implant Technology

trates the more it helps. TEF Bonus is boost by the PsiCon rolls successes. TEF: 5 + 1 for each PsiCon success Max TEF: 25 Cost: VSIC: 20,000 Nanonic: 30,000 Forces: Calon Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: BioBloc Targeting Eyes PsiCon is added to the ACC of any weapon or Psi Direct attack. Can only be used as many times as Psi actions a day, but does not cost the actions (considered a free Psi Action). Biotech Device requires Brain Work to implant. TEF: PsiCon - 125 Cost: 200,000 Forces: Calon/WNF Tech Type: Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: Brain Work and Calon Converter Calon energy Storage Cells After it was discovered that Calon nodes could only survive in human neural strata a young MedTech started experimented with the idea of modifying Meningitis, a bacterium, which attacks the nervous system. The result was the ability to graft Calon nodes to the nervous system. However, the natural nodes in the Brain dictate the power of the Psi tech, the nervous system nodes act as batteries storing energy for extra Psi actions with in a 24-hour period. Treatment doubles Psi actions per day. This is a virus treatment not a DNA enhancement. TEF: PsiCon -150 (min 5) Cost: 230,000 Forces: Calon Tech Type: Medical Procedure Max Apps: n/a Requires: Advanced Medicine Roll of 100 EF or more for success.

PsiTech Implants
It was immediately apparent when the new science of Calon Energy was developed that there was no way to artificially generate it. These nodes reside only in the brain of humans; not even our closest primate cousins have the special genetic code that produces Calon energy. These small nodes (there are billions in the active PsiTech brain) appear to generate and channel the energy needed for the seemingly magical feats Psis perform. The Calon Nodes are recharged from social interaction. Science has yet to explain the transformation from Calon energy to physical force or astral projection; regardless of the scientific formulae used. Even AI analysis of the three-dimensional mathematical models showing the process needed for these transformations fail to explain the Calon energy patterns. These implants are based on the conversion of Psi energy to power VISC devices, they are potent enhancements that work with the Calon nodes to increase a PsiTechs Power and abilities with Calon energy.

Level 1

Calon Converter Changes Calon energy to standard Power Units. Must be installed in a Bio Bloc to work. VSIC chips only. TEF: 5 Cost: 80,000 Forces: Calon Tech Type: VSIC Max Apps: n/a Requires: BioBloc Psi Skill Booster Chip Increases energy produced by specific Psi Patterns. This results in a +2 skill ranks to one specific Psi Skill. May have multiple chips per skill. TEF: 5 Cost: 30,000 Forces: Calon Tech Type: VSIC Max Apps: n/a Requires: BioBloc Psi Armor Booster Allows a solid wall of Psi force to be generated, protecting the user from Hyper Velocity Projectiles. Does Not affect Laser or Plasma attacks. Use PsiCon and add to total protection for Physical attacks. Armor boost is always on. TEF:15 Cost: 20,000 Forces: Chem/Phys/WNF Tech Type: VSIC Max Apps: n/a Requires: BioBloc and Calon Converter

Level 3

PVVRI Mk II Pattern Visualization Virtual Reality Interface. This provides a focusing environment using a Virtual Reality interface to create Psi Patterns. Adds TEF to any Psi SkillSets. The better the user concentrates the more it helps. TEF Bonus is boost by the PsiCon rolls successes. TEF: 5 + 2 for each PsiCon success. Max TEF: 35 Cost: VSIC: 80,000 Nanonic: 120,000 Forces: Calon Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: BioBloc

Level 4


Psi Targeting Booster Allows PsiTech to focus on targets with their mind and use as a Targ. Psi action per target, all actions are lost at end of Phase TEF: PSiCon /2 Cost: 25,000 Forces: Calon Tech Type: VSIC Max Apps: n/a Requires: BioBloc and Calon Converter

Level 2

PVVRI Mk III Pattern Visualization Virtual Reality Interface. This provides a focusing environment using a Virtual Reality interface to create Psi Patterns. Adds TEF to any Psi SkillSets. The better the user concentrates the more it helps. TEF Bonus is boost by the PsiCon rolls successes. TEF: 5 + 3 for each PsiCon success. Max TEF: 45 Cost: VSIC: 200,000 Nanonic: 300,000 Forces: Calon Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: BioBloc

PVVRI Mk1 Pattern Visualization Virtual Reality Interface. This provides a focusing environment Adds TEF to any Psi SkillSets. The better the user concen-

Level 5

Psi Tri Barrier Booster An ablative coating of Psi

Psi Implant Technology

Energy covers the users armor. Psi energy adds to protection against Calon, Plasma, and Coherent light weapons. Add PsiCon to total protection for Plasma, Laser, and Psi direct attacks armor. Armor is always on. TEF: 25 Cost: VSIC: 60,000 Nanonic: 90,000 Forces: All Including Calon Tech Type: VSIC/Nanonic Max Apps: n/a Requires: BioBloc and Calon Converter Calon Pulse Defense A Basic DNA Enhancement that allows a Psi to create a pulsing field that blocks all scanning energy directed at them. Cost an active Psi action to use. TEF: PsiCon - 150 ( min of 10) Duration: phase Cost: Strand: 225,000 Insertion: 40,000 (5% failure chance) ENC: 0 RM: 0 Max Apps: n/a Forces: Calon Strand Type: Basic Strand Size: 2 Human Mod: Direct or BioBloc Requires: n/a

Psi Guild Since its creation the Psi guild has paid the tech guild billions of credits for research into the nature and power of Calon energy. While many of these projects are classified and unseen by the general public more than half of these projects have released data to scientists around the world. This had lead to a new industry in both active Psi boosting and defenses for Latents around the world. In fact the Psi Guild is dedicated to providing capital for anyone who wants to create Calon based technologies. Many corporations are suspicious of the Guild and it real intentions with all the data which has not been released. Corporations like Tyrex have dedicated themselves to checking the Psi Guilds mind powers with Anti Calon and Psi Disruption technology where ever they can. Regardless this new market is growing quickly and many new smaller corporations are rising to the challenge the Psi guild has present to the System.

Guild SpotLight

Medical Technology Drugs

The drugs below are a short list of the more commonly known drugs in the StrikeForce universe. They are not a comprehensive list of all drugs available. These drugs are powerful and can save a life, usually at the cost of making you an addict. Drugs may not be mixed to gain multiple bonuses. Mixing drugs causes a poison that does 100*number of drugs END damage to the user and 1d10 severity 5 critical hits, roll for location, EF is damage *10.

Healing Drugs

FLASH (Polyasorbatedychloride81) Nicknamed FLASH for its incredibly fast passage through the circulatory system, this drug isolates the brain and nervous system after fatal damage is done to the body. As long as the brain and central nervous system are still connected FLASH has a chance to regenerate any wound inflicted on the user. When this drug is taken, it has a base 80% chance of completely restoring the body to perfect health. This roll is modified down 10 % by each wound the character has. If a character has 5 wounds the chance the drug works is a 30%. Once the modified success percent has been figured the character must roll under that number on 1d100. Failure means instant death with no possible recovery (see cloning). If the roll is successful the character gets 1d10 wounds healed. All other injuries heal based on an END roll. The base time to heal is 10 phases. Each success lowers the time by 1 phase, min of 1. FLASH is legal, addictive, Cost: 8,200 credits a dose, and has a 40% availability. Haldern 12 A regenerative drug that instantly heals 3 wounds per dose. Addictive. Haldern 12 is legal, Cost: 10,850 credits per dose and has 25% availability.


Medical Technologies
Haldern 6 A regenerative drug that instantly heals 1d10- 4 (min of 1) wounds per dose. Mildly Addictive. Haldern 6 is legal, Cost: 5,300 credits per dose and has 50% availability. Methyline C Isolates a limb from the central nervous system in cases of extreme trauma. If a limb is severely damaged in combat it will be cut off from the CNS and put into stasis for 1d10 hours. After this initial period of preservation, the cells in the limb will begin to break down as if the tissue were dead. If twice the initial time of the initial 1d10 roll elapses (after the drug stops working) and the limb is not being treated it decomposes beyond repair. While this drug is being used the limb is useless, but the users body cannot become ill from toxic buildup in the limb either. Methyline C is legal, Mildly addictive, Cost: 4,100 credits a dose, and has a 60% availability. Morphine The old standby, Morphine relieves all pain for 3 hours. No emotion rolls are needed from damage or other pain, situational stress can still cause EM rolls, while under the influence and the character suffers from no minuses up to -100. Morphine is Addictive, legal, Cost: 9600 credits a dose, and has a 25% availability. Methyline Phosphate Much like Methyline C, Methyline Phosphate puts the entire body into stasis. No matter what damage has been done to the body; Methyline Phosphate will hold it in a state where it can be repaired for 24 hours. After the 24 hours are up the body will decompose at 4 times the normal rate, rendering it un-savable in just 4 hours. This drug will only work once every 3 days. It is legal, mildly addictive-addictive, Cost: 3,700 credits a dose, and has a 70% availability. Calcium Trichloride Will repair all fractures in one specific body area (Torso, limbs etc..). Takes 1d10 phases to work, any minuses remain until drug is finished. Mildly Addictive. This drug legal, Cost: 4,200 Crd/dose and has a 60% availability Spine Miric -- (Rivilyn Virus 3) Medical Nano bots invade any are of damage in the spine, knitting it back to health. The NanoTech devices are suspended in Rivilyn (a nerve regenerator). Time to heal is a base of 1 hour. Roll against Current End. each success lowers time by 15 minutes ( min o 10 minutes). If missed add 1d10 hours to heal time. Addictive due to Rivilyn, legal, Cost: 8,400 crds a dose and has an availability of 35% TEF: 75. Organ Fix -- (Durhan Di Helios) Works as Spin Miric, however time base is 30 minutes (minimum is 5 phases). Will regenerate destroyed organs in half the time if the character makes an END 30 roll. This drug is Addictive, Legal, Cost: 7,950 crds/dose. Availability is 30% and has a TEF: 75

Ability Addition Drugs

Tineostyne This drug will double a persons natural reaction (150 is still max) for 1 phase per success of a Prowess roll. The user must roll after a dose is taken and after each reaction roll while the drug is working. Wound and other modifiers do count. If the prowess roll is not made, the character has severely pulled a muscle. Roll 1d10*6 to determine the negative at which the character is operating and 1d10*2 for the number of action they are at a minus. This drug is Mildly Addictive, legal, Cost: 5,100 credits a dose, and has a 50% availability. Crystal F (PolyDiCarbideSparian) -- This drug causes the users reaction to increase to super human levels. The downside is the high level of addiction. The drug adds 1d100 - 40 to a persons reaction, it either adds a bonus or nothing happens. The length of the effect is 1 action for each 10 points of Endurance the character has. This drug is addictive, legal, Cost: 6750-crd dose and has a 40% availability. Amphet 12 There are two current forms of this drug. One is addictive and one non-addictive. The non-addictive version of this drug causes a feeling of invincibility (+3 to PR, +10 to END, and EM rolls are made only after user has 20% of his END left). The addictive version of this drug also causes a feeling of invulnerability (+5 to PR, +20 to END, and EM rolls are made when 10% of the users END remain). Every 1dose of the addictive version reduces the EM by 1 (Can be lower than 4 max of 1). If an EM roll for addiction is not made the target is addicted at High addiction rules. If more than five doses of either type are taken in 1 week, user will be hypersensitive for 3 months Triple Addiction chance of both types.. Addictive version is illegal, Cost: 600 credits per dose, and has 20% availability. Non-addictive version is legal, Cost: 8550 credits per dose, and has 30% availability.


Destructive Drugs

Malternin Quite possibly the most destructive drug ever synthesized, Malternin is an outlawed DNA modification and any person caught with it will be executed immediately. Scientists working for Lasiter Corp created

Medical Technologies
this drug during the Secret War as a means to destroy AvCorp/ESA. In a 24 hour period after injection the person injected will go through three biomorphic stages. Immediately after injection, the subject must make 3 emotion rolls at +2 to EM or pass out for 1d10 hours. If the subject does not pass out, they go through the first phase awake. Their bodies become supersensitive to all stimuli for the next 1d10 hours. All but the dimmest lights and quietest sounds are unbearable. If the person was unconscious, they wake up at the beginning of phase two. For the next 1d10+2 hours the subject will watch, as his or her body slowly lose all skeletal integrity. They will begin to transform into a giant invertebrate. Skin becomes rubbery and takes on a greenish hue. All bones slowly become cartilage, making the subjects only means of movement sliming. During this phase, the subject will divulge any information in hopes of an antidote. At the end of this phase, the subject must make 2 intelligence rolls by 50 or more. Failure means total gibbering insanity. Success means the subject gets to scream in horror as the final phase occurs. Roll emotion 4 times at +5. If all four rolls are successful, the subject stays awake while their bodies lose all cohesive properties and they turn into a hellish soup of blood, bile, and pieces of organs. If they fail their rolls, they pass out before the final transformation. This drug was designed for torture and there has never been a more effective drug for this purpose. It is also considered the most destructive synthesized compound of all time. There is no antidote. Malternin is illegal, Cost: 10,350 credits a dose, and has a 2% availability. Cocaine Causes high sensation in about a minute. Stimulates nervous system and adrenal glands (25% normal fatigue). Causes loss of coordination (-40 to PR rolls) Cocaine lowers EM to 1. Adds 25 to Base Skill. Cocaine is Addictive and effects last for 30 minutes. Cocaine Cost: 11850 credits a dose and is illegal and is Highly Addictive Cocaine availability is 25%. form. The organic version is no longer used in developed areas because it is easily detected. Opium A will eventually cause the user to fall into a gentle sleep (takes end 50 in minutes). Lowers EM to 2 in stressful situations (i.e. combat). Opium A is legal. It is Addictive. Cost: 7100 credits a dose. 40% availability. Cry Dust A complex chemical that affects the emotion centers of the brain. A person inhaling even a minute quantity of this drug will have uncontrollable mood swings for 3 hours. Roll 1d10 to find the persons beginning mood: 1-2 is euphoric, 3-4 is manic, 5-6 is depressed, 7-8 is calm, 9 is terrified, and 10 is enraged. The mood is rerolled every minute. Every hour 2d10 percentile is rolled. At 20% or lower, the user stays in his current emotion until the remainder of the 3-hour period is up. This drug is illegal and anyone caught holding it will be stripped of all rank and material possessions and either jailed or killed depending on circumstances. Cry Dust is illegal, Highly addictive Cost: 6,100 credits per dose and has a 50% availability. Alcohol (90 to 190 proof) The number of drinks a person can imbibe is equal to END/10 per 2 hours. If this number is, exceeded -20 EF is subtracted from all rolls PER DRINK cumulative. Time needed to sober up under normal circumstances from a drunken state is number of drinks over the limit x 2 hours. Prowess of 100 or lower means 2x the allocated number of drinks per 2 hours will cause the character to pass out. Prowess of 110+ can have 3x their drink allowance. All characters can remain standing with three successful high EM rolls in a row. A drunken person is more likely to divulge information they would normally consider confidential (+500 EF to persuade). A drinks cost is highly dependent on the area. Alcohol is a Mildly Addictive drug. Alcohol in some form has a 95% availability. Contour Blue A synthetic mixture of PCP and LSD originally discovered in super warrior research, Contour Blue frees the user to act out his most aggressive fantasy. When the drug is injected, the subject must roll under their END on 1d100. If the roll is made by more than 20, they do not act out a violent fantasy. Instead, they will either (50% chance) sit on the ground and dream for 2 hours or act our a relatively harmless fantasy (i.e. Purple guy, Mysterious Defender of the Happy People or John the Hyper kinetic Naval Lint). If the END roll is not made the drug effects the user like so: +5 PR, No EM rolls are required, +150 END. Also add an hour to the duration for every 5 points of failure. The fantasy is acted out violently and at anyone within 10 meters of the user. Everyone in line of sight is considered an enemy. After 3 doses in a week, the user is addicted and will fly into a rage if he doesnt get 1 dose a day. Contour Blue is illegal, Cost: 64,850 credits a dose, and has a 10% availability Highly Addictive (3 dose Threshold). Hysteria (Illegal Drug Maximum penalties for

Cocaine B -- Causes high sensation in about a minute. Stimulates nervous system and adrenal glands (25% normal fatigue). Causes loss of coordination (-40 to PR rolls). Adds 10 to Base skill. Cocaine B is slightly bluish in color while uncut Cocaine is white (easily dyed, however). Cocaine B lowers EM by 4. Duration is 15 minutes, it is Mildly Addictive. Cocaine B is legal and Cost: 6000 credits a dose. Cocaine B availability is 50% Opium A Causes minor hallucinations that are predominantly non-violent. Non-addictive in synthetic


Medical Technologies
possession) -- A chemical gas that causes any one who breathes it to attack the closest person to them. The attack will be with the biggest and best weapon the attacker had on hand. Effect lasts for 1d10 hours. Highly addictive Illegal Cost: 15,000 per dose, airborne only. Availability: 2% Hydron II (Illegal Drug Maximum penalties for possession) A drug that relieves the shock effects of piercing attacks (Bullets, Knives etc). Heals 1/2 of all wounds taken ( Max of 5) these hits. EM rolls are also at +2. Highly Addictive. If a healthy person) ( No wounds) takes this they will take 1d10 wounds within 25 seconds. Beneficial effects last for 5 phases. Highly Addictive, Illegal Cost: 9000 per dose Availability: 5%. Addiction Level Non Addictive Mildly Addictive Addictive Threshold 1000 15 8 4 Addiction Detox Chance Modifier 1% +10 to Roll 5% 10% 20% + 2 to Roll + 0 to Roll +4 to Roll rolls are at a cumulative -50 EF for each month they are addicted. In game terms every 4 playing sessions increase the negative by 50 more. This continues until the modifiers hit -500 EF or the player is out of cash. At -500 or when they are broke the character is in a sublevel somewhere with the armor on their backs, with 1d10 penetrations, and 1 clip of ammo for their weapon. They have this one shot to get help or die trying to get some cash together to score a hit. They are indifferent to the System. Like I said playing an addicted character is really no fun.... Character Detox The System hates to lose, especially to a factor like drug addiction which no plan can ever overcome. The Tech Guild and the Planning groups have created a fail safe treatment. It is not pleasant, nor is it gentle but after 1 week you come out clean and ready to rock. The down side of the treatment is the character cannot use the drug they were addicted to for 1 month after the treatment. In game terms, they cannot use the drug for 4 playing sessions (GMs discretion). To enter Detox and cure the addiction, the character needs to make an EM roll by 2. Modifiers from the Addiction charts indicates any bonus or negative for this roll. Characters can detox for addiction any number of times. Should a character go to detox more than 4 times, begin to hate the Tech Guild. On the 5th time the character gets the passion Destroy the Tech Guild at normal passion targets. Every time they enter detox after that, lower the passion by 2. When the passion hits 2 or lower they must make EM rolls for detox by 4 instead of the normal 2.

Highly Addictive

Character Addiction
Drugs are a necessity the characters require to survive the lethal combat of 2136. Such advantage comes with risk; characters who take too much of any drug run the risk of addiction. In game terms running a drug addict has no upside they are hard to play, harder to keep alive and certainly not as much fun. As the addiction continues more and more of their money goes to the drugs. At the academy, StrikeForce members are trained to resist addiction, so they have a better than average chance to stay clean in the course of their duties. Determining addiction Each drug type has an addiction rating: Non addictive, mildly addictive, addictive, and highly addictive. When taking drugs each type has a threshold, the number of doses in 24 hours before the character has a chance for addiction. In order for a character to have a chance at getting addicted to a drug they have to take 1 more does than the threshold number of doses in a 24 hour period in the game. So to even have a chance to get addicted to a Mildly addictive drug, the character would have to take 16 doses. They must roll under the Addiction chance on 2d10 percentile. If they do, they are addicted. Characters must roll after every dose over the threshold limit. Effects of addiction Any Character that is addicted immediately loses 30% of any cash on hand to buy their stash. The stash will last 1 week. So basically every time the player sits down to play, they lose 30% of their cash to buy drugs. In addition, all

Organ/Limb Replacement
When a character takes a critical, which causes a loss of limb, organ destruction, or some sort of brain damage and the damage must be repaired or replaced. The below technology is what medical science has to repair or replace such damage. Normal Bionic Limbs: costs 100,000 Earth credits in addition to any medical costs. The limb will have a prowess of 80. Arms may have different prowess values, but legs must be the same. They cost 5000 credits for each point above 80 prowess. The limbs are normally made of steel, the Arm takes damage as a gun does when it is shot. However limb Criticals have the same affect on the limbs as normal. The UN does NOT allow medical Bionics to have above average strength 110 PR max by law.


Medical Technologies Manufacturer SpotLight

can take 150 SP damage, lungs can take 300 SP, other organs can take 150 SP. No critical hits have effect until SP gone, then the organ works as a normal organ. Damage from any critical is applied to the organ, not Endurance. 75% chance to not be rejected, or else the player must use a cloned organ. Brain Work: costs 100,000 Earth credits. It can only be done at UN Military Hospitals. Doctor must have at least a 160-Advanced Medicine: Brain Surgery. Doctor must make roll by 400 or more. This is used to add some Nanonic devices, as well as implanting numerous biotech Devices. If successful, patient rolls against endurance. If the roll successful a second time, healing brain damage or other desired effect is achieved. If roll is failed, there is a 25% chance the character is brain dead, a 50% chance the patient falls into a coma, and a 25% chance the character will die. (GMs note, characters that are in a coma or are a vegetable are usable as adventure bases to save them.)

Basern BioTech Basern is a respected worldwide company dedicated to saving lives, no matter the cost. The company has several divisions dedicated to healing Pharma, Bionic, artificial organ transplants and any other research that would end the suffering of the world. Not Even AvCorp has ever raised a finger towards Basern. Their Bio Tech, Hard tech designs, and research is well known for breakthrough work on every topic. Whether it was the first healing enzyme to advanced drug packs Basern is on the cutting edge of healing technology. Their StrikeForces are as well equipped and dedicated to saving lives at any turn. Basern tends to watch corporate wars and send in its StrikeForce post assault to render what aid they can. On One such mission a DNA Fusion StrikeForce waited and when the Basern force landed to help the wounded, DNA Fusion attacked. The Basern StrikeForce was called the Scalpel StrikeForce and they curt the DNA Fusion StrikeForce to ribbons. Basern takes care of its family and friends with a vengeance.

Human Augmentation Devices

The following devices have been approved for use by anyone of the correct tech level. While they do in spirit change the basic body of the human using them, none are obvious or grotesque changes, which the UN and the Tech Guild will normally deny.

DNA Enhancement Insertion

GloveSuit, BioBlocs, and Human DNA Modification These are the types of insertion that can be used to insert DNA Strands into Tech or a human body. Unless the devices specifes an insertion type any can be used. DNA Type 1 insertion Plasmid insertion of normal Cells. Used for Simple or Basic DNA strands. Costs 20,000 credits per strand. 10% chance for Simple failure 25% chance for basic strand failure within 1d10 days. DNA Type 2 insertion Modified Cell Insertion and replication. Used for Simple, Basic and Enhanced DNA strands. Costs. 30,000 credits per strand 10% chance of Basic or Enhanced strand failure with in 1d6/2 weeks DNA Type 3 insertion Lipids insertion to change DNA of cells. Used for All Except Overlapping Strand DNA Strands Costs 40,000 credits per strand 5% chance of Complex or Enhanced strand failure within 1d10/3 weeks (round down). DNA Type 4 insertion Protein Sheathed Modified genetic structures. Used only for Complex and Overlapping Strand insertion. Costs 50,000 credits per Strand. 2% chance patient gets Cancer. Cancer requires 5-week drug regimen to cure and costs 75,000 credits. Enzyme Injections Direct injection of enzymes for temporary ability gain. Costs 250 per injection or use your own hypo/drug injector. No cancer chance.

Improved Materials

Using better materials allows a Bionic Limb to sustain more damage in combat. Material StainLess Steel SP 125 BCC 125 Crit 6 4

Kronus Steel






Cloned Organs or Limbs: Costs 35,000 Earth credits Plus surgery costs. The organs or limbs are identical to the replaced one. 99% chance of no rejection or procedure must be repeated. Two failures means subject must have normal transplants, 15% chance donor organ available or user dies in 1d10 weeks of hospitalization (activate clone). Artificial Organs: costs 75,000 Earth credits and normal medical expenses and they behave like the real thing. Made out of plastic and steel normally. The heart


Medical Technologies Level 1 Level 5

Enzyme Skill III An Enzyme package that gives the user a main Skill at 30 ranks. The skill lasts for 30 seconds. This is accomplished by adding specific neurochemical enzymes and transmitters to the users brain stem. The enzyme takes 1 minute to activate after injection. The user must specify skill at time of purchase. TEF: NA Failure chance: 2% Cost: 100,000 per dose

Level 2

Bionic White Hand This bionic hand has a Nanonic White Noise generator built in. Any scan or detection equipment is at a base 60 on top of any Technology combat modifiers. This hand is made of titanium, but looks normal. The user must use a helmet slot to exempt themselves from the negatives. TEF: 10 Cost: 500,000 Crd Material: Beryllium Tech Type: Outer hand: VSIC Generator: Nano Bionic Muscle Enhancement This surgical process (surgery additional) adds Nanonic implants that stimulates muscle tissue to react stronger and faster than normal. Adds 15 to Prowess ( No Maximum). Requires limb surgery. TEF: 5 Cost: 120,000 Forces: Chem./ Phys DNA Immune System Boost A DNA modification that boosts the immune system of the user. All EM rolls are at +1 and the user heals 1 wound every phase. TEF: 0 Cost: 125,000 Forces: none Strand Type: Basic Human Mod: Direct Nanonic Thin Armor A flexible Nanonic material made of organic and ceramic materials. The Nanonic system is housed in a Bio Bloc and inserts this material between the first and second layers of skin. The Bio Bloc holds the Nanonic repair cells for use when the armor is damaged. Nanonic thin armor adds 30 to a characters END when calculating wounds. This bonus is added regardless of any Wound negatives. So a Character with 40 END would have a 70 before any negative mods. When the character become incapacitated due to wounds, the armor must be repaired; bonus is lost until fixed. Repairs take 2 hours to complete. TEF: 50 Cost: 342,500 crds., repair: 30,000 Enc.: 8 Forces: Phys/ Chem RM: 0 Perception Enzyme Boost This enzyme boosts the sensory processing of the human brain. This enzyme adds 30 to any type of perception roll. Lasts for 10 minutes. TEF: 40 Cost: 75,000 Forces: Chem. Requires: Enzyme delivery system.

Nanonic Skill Chip V A Nanonic chip implanted in the brain (surgery required), that gives the user knowledge of one main skill at 25 ranks. The user can increase this skill at double commendation cost . The chip acts as a neurotransmitter. However since it is artificial it can harm the user If the chips skill is used more than 5 times in a 24 hour period. After the 5th use the user must roll 1d10 and subtract the number of uses over 5. This is the possible Criticals severity (So a user who used the skill 8 times would subtract 3 from the d10. If they roll a 6 it is a level 3 critical should they roll a 1 it is a 1 critical which rounds up to a 1(the lowest possible critical)). The power of the critical is determined by multiplying the d10 roll by the number of uses over 5 (So the above critical would have a power of 18). The Criticals may not be to debilitating unless the user really pushes the limit. No PSI Skills or PsiTechs may use this device. TEF: NA Enc.:0 Cost: 60,000 (Nanonic only) Double Jointed Legs A bionic enhancement (surgery required in addition to cost of item) that has the following abilities: User may bend legs backward 3/day or may jump 10x normal distance or may run at 10x normal speeds for 10 seconds. Requires a power cell, lasts 4 uses. TEF: 3 Cost: VSIC: 200,000 Materials: Titanium Tech Type: VSIC

Level 3

Bionic Cats Eyes These Eyes add 20 to normal perception rolls or 30 to Infrared scans. TEF: 8 Cost: 450,000 Enc.: 0 Forces: Elect Tech Type: VSIC Bionic Cats Claws These claws are retractable under persons fingernails. They add 10 to any melee combat attacks THP. TEF: 3 Cost: 150,000 Materials: Titanium Enc.: .1 Tech Type: VSIC

Level 8


Level 4

Bionic Crowbar Hand A bionic hand designed the aid in the picking of mechanical locks. The finger tips have a multiple of tools designed to help with the picking of locks. The picks and drills will work 4 times a day adding 50 to the skill chance, then the battery needs to recharge. TEF: 9 Cost: 470,000 Materials: Titanium ENC: 0 Tech type: VSIC

Detailed Enzyme Skill V This enzyme gives the user 40 skill ranks of any SubSkill, determined when purchased. The enzyme is injected and takes 2 turns to start working. The enzyme also lowers EM by 2, and adds 20 to PR. All bonuses last 3 phases. If a user takes more than 1 dose in a day, they will take excessive damage; user takes 1d10 wounds per dose (cumulative) dose. So if a user takes it 3 times, the user can take a max of 30 wounds. TEF: 0 Enc.: NA Cost: 200,000 Failure Chance: 9% Level 9 DNA Combat Enhancement Drug A shake of drugs and enzymes designed to enhance the combat

Medical Technologies
skill of the user. Does the following: Adds 20 to reaction (125 max regardless of additions) Lowers EM by 5 (1 max) Increases all coordination skills by 15 ranks. Fire combat, Acrobatics, Melee Combat etc. Raises END by 10. The effects last for 5 phases. Users must sleep for three hours within 1 hour after the enzyme wears off. When taken one dose of the drug counts as two doses towards high addiction. The enzyme has a failure chance of 8%. detox is twice as long and half all rolls. TEF: 0 Cost: 300,000 Crd. Forces: Chem. Highly Addictive Note: While this shake does have enzymes and drugs the combination makes it a drug, with more abilities than a normal drug would have, and a much higher addiction quotient.

Level 4

VSIC BIO Bloc This bloc holds 5 VSIC chips. The bloc must be located in a limb or in the chest cavity. Adding or switching chips takes 4 full actions. A power cell powers the Bloc. A person can mount 5 of these Blocs maximum on their Body. Cannot use Chips that require built ins ( No reactive Armor) TEF: 3 Costs: 415,000 credits Insertion : 30,000 Forces: None ENC.: 0 PUO: 50 per use of 1 chip Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Cell Wound Max: 3 Simple DNA BIO Bloc DNA Enhancements can be held in one of these. The type of Bloc determines what complexity of DNA Enhancement can be added, how many, and the cost. These blocks use a persons body fuel for energy, like a tapeworm. However, they cause no harm. Once an Enhancement is added, it cannot be removed unless the Bloc is destroyed. TEF: 3 Costs: 500,000 crds Insertion: Type 1 DNA Forces: None ENC.: 0 PUO: 0 Tech Type: DNA Strand Types: Simple Strands: 4 Requires: n/a Wound Max: 4

BIO Blocs

Nanonic BIO Bloc This bloc holds 15 Nanonic chips. The bloc must be located in a limb or in the chest cavity. Adding or switching chips must be done with a Nanonic Field Generator available. A power cell powers the Bloc. A person can mount 10 of these Blocs maximum on their body. Cannot use Chips that require built-ins ( No reactive Armor) TEF: 5 Costs: 2.4 million Insertion: 50,000 Forces: None ENC.: 0 PUO: 10 per use of 1 chip Tech Type: Nanonic Requires: Nanonic Power Cell Wound Max:

Level 5

Created in 2086 as a temporary way to give patients drugs and other medical care on an out patient basis, these devices have changed in the last 60 years. BioBlocs now allow a person to mount Chips, DNA enhancements, or other technology inside their body. The BioBloc for Scanners is specially designed and described in the scanners section. The cost of the Scanner block is built into the cost of the DNA scanner itself. The remaining blocks are described below. Blocs are completely independent of each other unless linked using Bio Links. Should a person with a VSIC or Nanonic Bloc take an Organ critical or a Limb critical, there is a 25% chance the Bloc is destroyed, roll for every bloc in the body. When a bloc is destroyed, so are any links attached to it. DNA Blocks are destroyed when the Central Nervous system is destroyed. This is instant so even if Flash saves the Human, the DNA Blocs are gone. It is possible to mount and intermix different types Bloc types.

Basic DNA BIO Bloc DNA Enhancements can be held in one of these. The type of Bloc determines what complexity of DNA Enhancement can be added, how many, and the cost. These blocks use a persons body fuel for energy, like a tapeworm. However, they cause no harm. Once an Enhancement is added it cannot be removed unless the Bloc is destroyed. TEF: 5 Costs: 750,000 crds Insertion: Type 2 DNA Forces: None ENC.: 0 PUO: 0 Tech Type: DNA Strand Types: Basic Strands: 6 Requires: n/a Wound Max: 6 Nanonic BIO Link This BIO Link allows Nanonic or VSIC Blocs to be linked. Linked Blocs can share slots together, an AI could use ROM chips in any linked Bloc. One Link links two Blocks together, so to link 5 VSIC Blocs it would take 4 Links (The links are parallel so A can talk to C through B etc..). The Link requires Advanced Bionics Surgery to be implanted. Adding or replacing links must be done with a Nanonic Field Generator available (See above). BioBlocs power the links; a person can mount 10 of these Links maximum on their body.


Medical Technologies
TEF: 5 Costs: 1.3 million Insertion: 8,000 Forces: None ENC.: 0 PUO: 0 Tech Type: Nanonic Requires: Nanonic Power Cell DNA BIO Link This BIO Link allows Nanonic or DNA Blocs to be linked. Linked Blocs can share slots together, so an AI can use ROM chips in another bloc with this link. One Link links two Blocks together, so to link 5 DNA Blocs it would take 4 Links (The links are parallel so A can talk to C through B etc..). The Link requires Type 4 DNA delivery to be implanted. The Blocs power the links. A person can mount 20 of these Links maximum on their body. TEF: 7 Costs: 1.3 million Insertion: Type 1 DNA Forces: None ENC.: 0 PUO: 0 Tech Type: DNA Requires: n/a

Level 2

Med Scan 2: Complete self diagnostic kit. Contains combination drugs and bindings. Adds TEF to Field Surgery main skill TEF: 12 Cost: VSIC: 15,000 Forces: none ENC: 3.5 RM: 0 Hnds: 2 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Pac DNA Splicer Allows the user to create DNA or Enzyme samples for testing of DNA enhancements. This device can create the spec for the DNA, but not the actual DNA coded cells for delivery. Must make EF roll by at least of Enhancement Factors to make a viable sample if EF roll is missed all Costs and time are lost. Takes 1 hour per 10 factors of enhancements to create sample. DNA Materials for the enhancement cost Factors * 50 in Crds per sample. TEF: 16 Cost: VSIC: 5,000 Forces: none ENC: 2 RM: 0 Hnds: 2 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Cell PUTO: 800 per use

Level 6

Enhanced DNA BIO Bloc DNA Enhancements can be held in one of these. The type of Bloc determines what complexity of DNA Enhancement can be added, how many, and the cost. These blocks use a persons body fuel for energy, like a tapeworm. However, they cause no harm. Once an Enhancement is added it cannot be removed unless the Bloc is destroyed. TEF: 8 Costs: 1,000,000 crds Insertion: Type 4 DNA Forces: None ENC.: 0 PUO: 0 Tech Type: DNA Strand Types: Enhanced Strands: 8 Requires: n/a Wound Max: 7

Level 3

Med Scan 3: Complete self diagnostic kit. Contains combination drugs and bindings. Adds TEF to Field Surgery main skill TEF: 20 Cost: VSIC: 25,000 Forces: none ENC: 3.5 RM: 0 Hnds: 2 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Pac DNA Basic Portable Lab: Allows for the creation of Type one and Type two DNA enhancements. Enhancements must be sampled and take 30 minutes per 50 factors of the enhancement to create. Must make EF roll by at least 1/2 of Enhancement Factors to create viable enhancement. If EF roll is missed, all Costs are lost as is time. DNA Materials for the enhancement cost Factors * 250 in Crds per single delivery (Delivery costs not included). TEF: 22 Cost: VSIC: 50,000 Forces: none ENC: 3.5 RM: 0 Hnds: 2 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Cell PUTO: 1200 per use Enzyme Cooker Lab: Allows for the creation of Enzyme or Drug based enhancements. Must make EF roll by at least 1/2 of Enhancement Factors to create viable enhancement. If EF roll is missed all Costs are lost as is time. Enhancements must be sampled and take 5 minutes per 100 factors of the enhancement to create. DNA Materials for the enhancement cost Factors * 100 in Crds per single delivery (Delivery costs not included). TEF: 18 Cost: VSIC: 35,000 Forces: none ENC: 3.5 RM: 0 Hnds: 2 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Cell PUTO: 1600 per use

Level 7

Complex DNA BIO Bloc DNA Enhancements can be held in one of these. The type of Bloc determines what complexity of DNA Enhancement can be added, how many, and the cost. These blocks use a persons body fuel for energy, like a tapeworm. However, they cause no harm. Once an Enhancement is added, it cannot be removed unless the Bloc is destroyed. TEF: 9 Costs: 1.5 million crds Insertion: Type 4 DNA Forces: None ENC.: 0 PUO: 0 Tech Type: DNA Strand Types: Enhanced Strands: 10 Requires: n/a Wound Max: 8

Enzymes may NOT be applied to BIO Blocs. A person can have their END/20+2 DNA BIO Blocks in their Body.


Med Scan 1: Complete self diagnostic kit. Contains combination drugs and bindings. Adds TEF to Field Surgery main skill TEF: 8 Cost: VSIC: 5,000 Forces: none ENC: 3.5 RM: 0 Hnds: 2 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Pac

Medical Lab Equipment Level 1

Medical Technologies Level 4

will retain the same rank but will lose 1d10*2 (Characters choice) skill ranks. These ranks will affect only Skills, not Attributes. The new clone also has a 2% chance to lose 1d10 INT points. When a character achieves Tech level 6 access the System wishes to keep these warriors or Corp sector personnel alive and well. The second plan is for those with Tech Level 6+ and allows the UN and Tech Guilds to create a more detailed and well adjusted clone. These characters pay only (5000*character rank), however the character also has the device below implanted to minimize skill loss and help the new clone assimilate as quickly as possible.

Med Kit 4: Complete self diagnostic kit. Contains combination drugs and bindings. Adds TEF to Field Surgery main skill TEF: 25 Cost: VSIC: 50,000 Forces: none ENC: 3.5 RM: 0 Hnds: 2 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Pac DNA Advanced Portable Lab: Allows for the creation of lipid and Protein Sheathed Insertion of enhancements. Enhancements take 1 hour per 20 factors to create. Must make EF roll by at least 3/4 of Enhancement Factors to create viable enhancement if EF roll is missed all Costs are lost as is time. DNA Materials for the enhancement cost Factors * 500 in Crds per single delivery (Delivery costs not included). TEF: 32 Cost: VSIC: 75,000 Forces: none ENC: 5.5 RM: 0 Hnds: 2 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Cell PUTO: 1100 per use.

Level 6

Level 5

Graviton Flux Generator: A small Generator that fluxes gravity to cause false and misleading reading in scanners of all types. There are three main ways to use the generator. 1) Flux gravity to make it appear that multiple targets are present; 2) increase the mass of any target by up to 200%; 3) Mask the gravity of multiple targets, so they do not appear on scans. The base generator can affect two targets and has a range of 20m. TEF: 15 Cost: VSIC: 150,000 Forces: Grav ENC: 2.5 RM: 0 Hnds: 2 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Cell PUTO: 2000 per 2 minutes of us. Grav flux Expansion Chassis: An expansion part for the Graviton Flux Generator. The chassis adds 1 target and 20 m of range. The chassis increases the generators TEF by 5. Each chassis added requires its own power pack, maximum of 10 chassis per generator. TEF: +5 Cost: VSIC: 150,000 Forces: none ENC: +1 RM: 0 Hnds: 2 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Pac

Nanonic Chemical Mapping Chip:. This chip maps the chemistry of the brain at the time of signal and sends updates to the nearest Tech Guild Tower. The chip is inserted into the brain, using Brain Work rules (Character pays costs), and works from that point on. The updates happen regularly. However, the chip takes time to do that mapping and only a complete mapping can be used. When a character dies they lose only 1d10 skill ranks because of the Chip. TEF: 5 Costs: 50,000 Forces: None ENC.: 0 PUO: 10 per year Tech Type: Nanonic Requires: Brain work to insert/ Nanonic Power Cell Should the characters brain be destroyed they lose an additional 25 ranks, due to the, loss of any data transmitted at the time of death. Note the remaining END is BEFORE any drugs may be applied. As soon as the Tech Guild is provided proof (The Body), or a UN MRI WORLD Scan is done to prove the subject is not on the surface, they will activate the clone. Activation takes 3 hours, player must designate location of clone (major city or base). Should a clone and a Natural human exist at the same time, they will both be captured, and the clone killed (DNA Tests can prove the clone from the Natural). If they both cant be captured they will both be killed. The UN will NOT tolerate multiple copies of a person on the planet at the same time. The UN reserves the right to refuse cloning to any person at any time.

Human Cloning

The UN has approved the use of cloning as a way to continue and strengthen the Military Advancement Command forces on earth. The Tech Guild Medical branch has two programs for the various professions to use for cloning. The first program is for Characters approved for Tech Level 1 or better. The System considers all StrikeForce members a valuable resource and has created this program in cooperation with the Tech Guild. This program allows characters to purchase memory and DNA cloning as soon as they achieve Tech Level 1. The cost is (10000 x character rank (LT Commander is Rank 4 ). The cost must be paid every time the character goes up in rank. Due to the fact that much time can pass between memory dumps and clone activation, any clone when activated

Artificial Intelligence
AI are like a second character with skills and a personality the player controls. AI programs learn Attributes such as intelligence just as they learn skills, by converting Skill Ranks every time they learn. They have a hardware limit, which is a matter of physics, not of law. The AI is considered a supplement to the character in the case of game play. AI Units are designed with a special VidChip Chip that allows the AI to connect to any network within 50 m. The chip has the same TEF as the AI.


Algorithm Chips

Algorithm chips are the simplest form of intelligent programs and they have no programed personality. They have one specific skill at a certain TEF. The Chip provides the user with data specific to the situation. It is a passive

Artificial Intelligence
action to request data from an Algorithm Chip. The request must be specific; How do I use computers to break this code? Or What small arms tactics can help me here. The GM then assigns the target EF and Tech Combat begins. The Algorithm Chip aids a through Technology combat. The Character rolls against their Intelligence. The TEF of the Algorithm chip is compared to any opposing TEF on its own. It cannot be combined with any other technology TEF. The skill roll is then made. If the Tech Combat caused complete technical failure double the targets EF. Algorithm Chip Example
For example an Algorithm Chip with Security Systems: Lock Pick has a TEF of 75 was trying to overcome a digital Lock with a TEF of 160. The tech combat ends with the lock having a TEF of 320 (Doubles due to complete tech failure). The character rolls their skill and gets an 120 EF. The character misses the attempt because his algorithm chip gave him such bad information.

VSIC AI Tech Level: 1 VSIC AI begin with 4 Main or Sub Skills. They take 1 Helmet/Scanner interface. VSIC are basic technology limited growth potential. Beginning Intelligence 60 (80 max) Beginning Base Skill 25 (85 max). Beginning Reaction (# of SubSkill ranks *5) max of 175, TEF -- INT/10 + 1 per 5 skill ranks. A VSIC AI may increase Attributes or skills by 5 ranks for 10,000 Crds . Hardware maximum 40 Skill Ranks total. Attributes do NOT count towards total ranks SubSkill max: 35 multiplier Chance to learn 60% 1d10 - 3 (round up) Skill ranks Costs 55,000 + plus skill costs.

Algorithm Chip Design Tech Level: 1 An algorithm chip has ONE Main Skill and ONE SubSkill. The chip does not have skill levels however; the ability of the Chip is based on its TEF. Cost: VSIC Chip 30,000 Crd, 1 slot per 5 TEF Nanonic Chip; 50,000 Crd. 1 Slot per 12 TEF DNA: 65,000 Crd, 1 strand per 15 TEF Chip TEF starts at 5 each additional TEF level costs 1,000 for a VSIC chip, 1500 for a Nanonic, and 3000 for a DNA Basic Strand.

Characters who whish to design an AI must be a minimum of tech level 1 to create a VSIC based AI or as high as tech level 5 to create a DNA based. When creating an AI be aware that in game terms you will be running a second character who will aid your main character, so it will add some record keeping and role play as you game. Step 1. AI Design Choose Technology Choose the type of technology the AI will be made of. The technology base of the AI must match the tech base of its repository. If a VSIC AI is in armor, the armor interface type must be ASIC as well. To build a DNA AI you must build a Nanonic AI first and then upgrade it. You cannot purchase Skills for DNA AI.

AI Design

Nanonic AI Tech Level: 3 VSIC AI units may be upgraded to Nanonic, user may purchase increases to existing skills or add additional skills during the upgrade all Nanonic purchasing limits apply. Nanonic AI may also be created from scratch. They begins with 8 Main or SubSkills. They take 1 Helmet/Scanner Interface. Beginning Intelligence 80 (105 max) Beginning Base Skill 50(105 max) Reaction (# of SubSkill ranks*10) max 350. TEF -- INT+ highest skill ranks/5 Nanonic AI chips can increase Skill Ranks at the cost of 20,000 per 5 skill or attribute ranks. Nanonic systems cannot purchase additional skills after they are built due to the complex pathways that develop after activation. Even other AI units will not try this as it is likely to destroy the Intelligence. Hardware maximums 100 Skill ranks total Attributes do NOT count towards total ranks SubSkill Max: 50 multiplier max Costs 100000 plus initial skill costs. Chance to learn 75% 1d10 - 2(round up) Skill ranks.


Artificial Intelligence
DNA AI Tech Level: 5 DNA AI units must be created from a Nanonic AI unit. They have to have a Nanonic Matrix from which to build the DNA Personality and Intelligence. The DNA units take 2 chip slots in normal armor (this includes the RG-12 Synth nerve adapter) per 75 levels. In a glove suit, it takes 1 DNA slot per 100 Ranks. Beginning Intelligence 90 (120 max) Beginning Base Skill 75 (120 max). Beginning Reaction (# of Skill ranks*20) max of 600. TEF -- INT/4 + 1 per 5 skill ranks. Hardware Maximums -- 300 Skill Ranks Attributes do NOT count towards total ranks SubSkill Max: 80 ranks Costs -- 200000 + Nanonic AI/2. Chance to learn: 90% 1d10 (round up) Skill ranks.

Vanders AI Impact
Vanders style AI s have been growing and developing in leaps and bounds for the last 132 years.. From the Jester of 2120, the first DNA AI created since the death of Romulus and Remus, to Nanonic AIs as released in 2130. This field is growing and the superb AI that have shown their value in their acts. There is no way we could have won against the Paulsons without the help of the Vanders AIs. It is the opinion of this historian that the UN should consider a package of basic rights for these Intelligences so that the value of this relationship continues to grow. AI Programming Rules All AI intelligences are created under the revised Vanders Rules. These programs include rules of behavior, an immediate release to attack any confirmed Paulson units and the following Rules (Revised as of 2100):

1.No AI will be engineered with Psionic Abilities or skill; when such technology becomes feasible. Penalties include destruction of the AI and imprisonment or death for the owner. AIs are programmed to resist such implantation. 2. The AI may not harm a human, unless a human designated a controller to the AI at the time of programming designates a target. The target must be specific and clear to the AI. 3. The AI may not attack a Designated Target if it could harm any other Human target. 4. The AI may refuse to do any action if the intelligence feels it violates any part of its programming. 5. All AIs must be programmed with a shutdown code (be it numeric or alphanumeric), that the controller or duly appointed officials may use to stop the Designated AI.
Step 2. Pick AI Skills AI Skill Use AI have no direct connection to the human world. Other than the visual and perception hardware listed below, an AI is like a blind person when relating to the human reality around it. AI use of skills against objects in the human world requires some sort of technology interface usually specific to the task the AI wishes to do. When using a skill to determine information or a course or action, AI skill use works just as characters use skills. For example, an AI could make a Genetic Engineering roll and determine the correct sequence for an enzyme and pass that data on. Should the AI wish to use their skills to affect a piece of simple unintelligent technology on the UNIWeb or a different network (Say one in a fort or


Artificial Intelligence
other defense zone), they can attempt to link to the Network system. At that point technology combat occurs between any unintelligent technologies protecting the network, be it an access protocol where straight technology combat occurs, or an attempt to circumvent a door security lock through the zone network. An AI can use more than one applicable skill to increase its TEF against unintelligent technology. Multiple AI units can combine to increase their total TEF for defense or offense by simply adding all the skill EFs together. When an AI uses its skills to overcome another piece of Intelligent programming, either from another AI or Human the technology combat and Skill combat occur as normal. The TEF of the AI are usually only used when they are attacked by another program. AI Skill Depth = TEF/10 Step 3. Pick AI Default Perception Default Perception The player of an AI Intelligence must designate a Perception Default for the AI. This Perception Default is the default way the AI looks at the Universe. The default perception is based on ONE main skill, i.e. Security Systems or Electronics. The AI may still be asked to do specific things regardless of their default perception; however if the player has made no active statements as to what the AI is doing, the Perception Default is what an AI focuses. So an AI with Security Systems as Perception Default would be looking for any security-based action or system with in its realm of Perception. This Perception Default drives the kind of passive perception roll the AI would get. So when the any AI with Security Systems or Advanced Traps as a Perception Default would also get a roll to see a trap or Guard waiting in ambush. An AI with Medical as is DP would get no roll. The medical AI could make an Active perception roll, but this is more difficult as the player has to ask the AI to look for a specific thing like a trap. Players may ask the AI to act at any time. However, they must specify what that action is. Players, however, cannot ask something like Does my AI get a perception roll? The player needs to say the AI is using perception to see if there is someone beyond the door. As a general rule if the AI is not directly involved with the situation, it gets no action. The user must ask the AI to monitor the situation; the AI gets Passive rolls only if the AIs Perception Default is related to the situation. der the DC the AI is not distracted. If over the DC (or a 95 or higher is rolled) the AI is distracted and will get no actions until their human companion asks them to join the human world (a free action for the human). Step 4. Record AI/Human Interface and Distraction chance Step 5 record all details of your AI.

AI /Algorithm Chip User Interfaces

After the AI or Algorithm chip is bought, the user must choose a communications link. This allows the AI or chip to communicate with the user. The methods listed are standard; characters may have other methods designed and built as with any other technology.

Level 0

Vocal Limited Vocab (VLV) A limited vocabulary of 1000 words that the user and AI build together in the first weeks of working together. AI speaks to user using printed words on internal screens in helmet or other designated place (Cockpit screen, Scanner screen etc.). The cost is based on the type of AI Hardware you have and adds or subtracts to the total cost of the AI or Algorithm Chip. Cost: VSIC: - 30,000 Nanonic: +25,000 DNA: +40,000 Action use type: Active Ocular/Touch Menus(OTM) A series of Menus are generated by the AI, giving the user choices. The communication is much more detailed than Limited Vocabulary. Ocular uses eye movement to make choices and adds 2 to reaction rolls when giving orders to the AI. Touch has touch screens and gives no Reaction bonus. Costs VSIC: -15,000 Nanonic: +15,000 DNA:+25,000 Action use type: Active Full Vocab(FV) Fully vocal system speaks through internal or external speakers on helmet or other platform. Full discussion with AI is available. Speaking must be at a Normal Volume for microphone pickup. Costs VSIC: -7,500 Nanonic:+7,500 DNA:+12,000 Action use type: Passive Sub Vocal Full (SVF) As the Full Vocal System but speaking volume can be at sub vocal level and AI can hear. Costs VSIC: +5000 Nanonic: +0 DNA: +7,500 Action use type: Passive Neural Shunt (NS) A DNA enhancement that allows the AI to speak to the user at a Neural Chemical level. The conversation is complete, and completely silent. No Eavesdropping by PsiTechs is possible because it is done at the chemical Level. Costs VSIC: +15000 Nanonic: -5000 DNA: + 0 Action use type: Passive


AI Distraction AI units exist in a totally different plane of perception. The world of the AI is an electronic world of data and programs, one that human language lacks the ability to describe. Due to this, it is more than possible that an AI would be other wise occupied in their electronic world, rather than focused on the world of their companion. This possibility decreases as the AI grows, however there is always a chance. The chance an AI is distracted is based on the TEF of the AI. This distraction Chance is the AIs (TEF). The GM or player rolls 2d10 percentile if un-

AI Visual Systems

Artificial Intelligence
In order for an AI to interface with the Physical universe of humanity they require devices to see and convert those sights into data. The systems below allow the AI to perceive the human world, and work more closely with their owners. with humanity. To backup an AI, one simply needs to contact the Tech guild via the UNIWeb. Backups can take place AT ANY TIME, as long as there is a UNIWeb connection. The Backup takes place on an encrypted UNIWeb Channel that has a TEF of 625, plus the attacker needs a minimum 375 TEF programming: hardware to attempt to break the encryption. Backups take (TEF of the AI /5) in seconds to complete during which the AI can take NO actions. The backup is a snap shot at a certain time, but since AI experience new things and learn quickly so no backup is ever complete. This effect is show by the fact that a restored AI will lose ranks when they are restored. Restores take (TEF/5) seconds to restore and also may be done as long as there is a UNIWeb Connection. General Equipment AI Type VSIC DNA Ranks Lost on Restore 1d10*2.5 1d10+8 1d10+5 Cost to backup/ Cost to restore TEF * 30/ TEF * 10 TEF * 50/ TEF * 15 TEF * 25/ TEF * 5

AI units with out these systems can do actions relating only to the UNIWeb and the armor or Vehicle they reside in. Level 0

Thermal Scanning System: a basic system that uses thermal imaging. The AI gets Perception at level 1 (or a bonus of 10 if they have the skill already). They get no SubSkill and SubSkills cost double with this perception. Costs: 10,000 Action use type: Active TEF: 5 + AI TEF (Max 50) Visual Scanning System: Detailed-scanning system using multiple spectrums allows the AI to get perception at Level 1 and SubSkill Detailed search at a multiplier of 1. Cost: 50,000 Action use type: Passive TEF: 10 +AI TEF (Max 50) Scanner/Optics interface: Allows an AI to use a scanner or helmet optics for perception. Action use type: Active (Scanner/Optics TEF 30 or less) Passive (Scanner/Optics TEF 31+) Cost: 75,000 Crd. TEF: (Scanner/Optics TEF + AI TEF (Max 60))


General Equipment
Hand Held Optics: Hand held Optics single screen display. Scans in Optical and Infrared modes TEF is the same for both modes. Has 3 slots for ROM chips. TEF: 3 Cost: VSIC: 300 Forces: none ENC: .5 RM: 0 Hnds: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Pac Hand Light: Small hand light. Ionicly bonds to metal only, TEF:15 to override. Illuminates 5 meters. Cost: 200 TEF: 75 (override Ionic bonding sensor) TEF: 1 Cost: VSIC: 200 Forces: none ENC: .5 RM: 0 Hnds: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Pac Hand Held terminal: Audio/text interface to the UNIWeb as well as 30 band UFH/FM/AM radio. TEF: 5 Cost: VSIC: 600 Forces: none ENC: .5 RM: 0 Hnds: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Pac Wrist terminal: Audio/text interface to the UNIWeb as well as 30 band UFH/FM/AM radio. Worn on wrist accepts voice input. TEF: 6 Cost: VSIC: 600 Forces: none ENC: .5 RM: 0 Hnds: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Pac Laser Sight: Laser beam Targ adds TEF to skill as normal. Target can make Perception roll; with a 50 EF or more gets a free reaction to dodge before attack. Reaction roll must be 100 + to dodge at double EF. TEF: 3 Cost: VSIC: 500 Forces: none ENC: .5 RM: 0 Hnds: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Pac

Level 4

AI Vehicle Link Interface: A link that allows a vehicle mounted AI to work with a users armor. The link is encrypted at a TEF of 100. It allows the AI to copy itself to the armor for use as normal on any Chip or system in the armor. The copy in the armor sends data back to the Vehicle mounted AI to grow. Should the link be cut off the AI in the armor can merge with the vehicle AI when the link is re-established. Copied AI must merge with in 48 hours or learning is lost, as copied program fails. Use of any System not in the armor counts as an active action. The AI must make the connection to the chip an Active action for the AI. Use in a scanner of other similar device is possible, but the chip must be placed in that device. No range limit as it uses the UNIWeb. TEF can be increases by to match TEF of AI with a successful computer roll of 150EF. Cost: 105,000 Crd (VSIC Chip). Uses a Helmet interface. VSIC/Nanonic (*3 cost for Nanonic)

AI Backup


As an AI increases its skills and intelligence, the AI Nation backs it up numerous times in a day. This backup is NOT available to humans however unless something very unusual takes place. The nation is unconcerned with backups related to AI copies working directly with humanity. Hence, the Nation never backs up AI for return to the UNIWeb. The UN and the Tech guild has therefore created a unique system to backup the AI units that work so closely

General Equipment
Reaction Chamber Silencer: Device covers reaction chambers of ChemProject and Plasma weapons. Subtracts 100 from any perception (to hear) where a shot came from. TEF: 4 Cost: VSIC: 250 * weapon Type Forces: none ENC: + 1 to weapon RM: 0 Hnds: 0 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: n/a Security Kit: basic tools required to access a hard wired security system and attempt such skills as a bypass or can short out the system. All basic tools; De-locker, board scanner, heat gun TEF: 10 Cost: VSIC: 750 Forces: none ENC: .5 RM: 0 Hnds: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Pac Homing Device: A self powered homing beacon. Homing device is tagged with certain UNIWeb tracking or Radio frequency. Range with UNIWeb unlimited. Radio range 5 KM. Active Action to set before using homing device. Self Adhesive Coating 20 Perception to detect. PR roll with 25 EF of better to remove. TEF: 5 Cost: VSIC: 500 Forces: none ENC: .5 RM: 0 Hnds: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Pac Advanced Homing Device - Has a 16km range or Unlimited UNIWeb range. Ionicly bonds to any surface. Perception roll of 45 below or better to detect the homing device. PR roll with a 200 EF or better to remove. TEF: 5 Cost: VSIC: 500 Forces: none ENC: .5 RM: 0 Hnds: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Pac Ionic Bonding Grappling Hook - Hooks to any surface when a prowess roll three or more below is rolled. Cannot be moved unless shut off by using the security system, holds 1000 Kg. TEF: 12 Cost: VSIC: 5000 Forces: WNF/Chem/Phys ENC: .5 RM: 0 Hnds: 1 Max Apps: n/a Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Pac to non-DNA and DNA armor for each application. The EF of the repair roll determines how long it takes to fix; the base is 20 phases. For every 2 successes the tech takes 1 phase less. There is enough material in the kit to repair 40 penetrations. TEF: 3 Cost: VSIC: 25,000 Forces: none ENC: .5 RM: 0 Hnds: 2 Max Apps: 4 Tech Type: VSIC Requires: n/a VSIC Electronics Repair/Design Kit When armor takes a TEF malfunction this kit is used to fix them in a VSIC interface system. For every malfunction the armor has the Tech must roll against an opposed EF of 2* malfunctioning Devices TEF to repair. Each success repairs one level of malfunction. So armor with TEF 5 device at malfunction 2 would require a 10 EF to succeed and a success range of 2 to repair both malfunctions. Time to repair is a base of 10 minutes 1 minute for every 10 successes. The kit also contains the necessary tools to create any device of 450 Factors or less. Materials Cost and Time are as described in Black Book. Minimal use for vehicle repair; only 10 points of 1 Systems Damage can be repaired. TEF: 5 Cost: VSIC: 20,000 Forces: none ENC: 3.5 RM: 0 Hnds: 2 Max Apps: 5 Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Pac Nanonic Electronics Repair/Design Kit When armor takes a TEF malfunction this kit is used to fix them in a VSIC interface system. For every malfunction the armor has the Tech must roll angainst an opposed EF of 2* malfunctioning Devices TEF to repair. Each success repairs one level of malfunction. So armor with TEF 5 device at malfunction 2 would require a 10 EF to succeed and a success range of 2 to repair both malfunctions. Time to repair is a base of 45 minutes 1 minute for every 15 successes. The kit also contains the necessary tools to create any device of 800 Factors or less. Materials Cost and Time are as described in Custom Design Manual. TEF: 0 Cost: VSIC: 40,000 Forces: none ENC: 3.5 RM: 0 Hnds: 2 Max Apps: 15 Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Nanonic Matrix Field Generator Portable Nanonic Matrix Field Generator This device creates a field that allows the repair or creation of a Nanonic Matrix on Nanonic chips. The Generator uses a power cell and uses 350 PUTO per 10 minutes of use Should the field die during the creation the Nanonic device is destroyed. The field is large enough to cover 5 Chip slots or a total TEF: 8 Cost: VSIC: 35,000 Forces: Phys/WNF ENC: 4.0 RM: 0 Hnds: 2 Max Apps: 5 Tech Type: VSIC Requires: Power Cell PUTO: 350 per use

Armor repair Kits


Light Armor patch Kit -- A collection of materials that can be used to repair Light armor with malfunctions that affect protection or Skill EF only. The patches are full repairs when applied. Every success repairs 1 penetration. The Tech can use Mechanical: Metallurgy or Engineering: Material Analysis as primary skills to apply the patches. The EF of the repair roll determines how long it takes to fix; the base is 10 phases. For every 2 successes the tech takes 1 phase less. There is enough material in the kit to repair 40 penetrations. TEF: 3 Cost: VSIC: 25,000 Forces: none ENC: .5 RM: 0 Hnds: 2 Max Apps: 4 Tech Type: VSIC Requires: n/a Frame Armor patch Kit -- A collection of materials that can be used to repair penetrations to Frame armor with malfunctions that affect protection or Skill EF only. Every success repairs 1 penetration. The Tech can use Mechanical: Metallurgy or Engineering: Material Analysis as primary skills to apply the patches. to apply the patches

Equipment Power Sources

These are Industrial grade hydrogen Power cells and Fuel Packs. They can take a beating, wont explode if you put a plasma shot into them, and will give you the power you need reliably. Packs work on lower power devices that

General Equipment
use a variable amount of power with each use. So a device with a pack has limited uses and then the pack must be replaced. Devices that use Power Cells have a rating called Power Units To Operate (PUTO). Cells have a set Power Units Output (PUO). Each use of a device drains the PUTO from the Cells PUO. A device with a PUTO of 800 would drain a Power Cell 8a in one use or a Power Cell 4T could power that device 5 times. Power Device VSIC Power Pack Type1 Enc (not in use) 1.5 2.5 4 10 12 Enc (not in use) .02 8 3 2 Uses (packs Only) 2 1 PUO (Cells Only) NA NA 1 point of damage (Un-insulated SP devices take 1 SP damage). Target takes ((PU/10) -1)Critical hits; which occur automatically, do not roll. Spending 1 luck can negate 1 critical. The Critical severity equals the number of (Power Units/10) Damage equals damage taken by the target. So a Person who takes 250 PU attack would take 250 damage (25 wounds) and 2 Criticals. The criticals are Severity 3 and damage is 250.

Cost 150

Electromagnetic Pulse

Power Pack Type 4 Power Pack Type 8 Power Cell 8a Power Pack Type 10 Power Cell 2x

Power Pack Type 2

4 10 8


Power Cell 4T Power Device Nanonic NanPac 4



4000 PUO (Cells Only) NA




6000 2400 5000




10000 Cost 8000

Defending against EMP All devices uses any laser protection as armor Nan Pac 6 .02 12 NA 10000 against such an attack. Laser armor protection is added to the devices TEF. Attackers must exceed the Nan Hybrid Cell .1 8 500 15000 TEF + protection in power units to damage the tech. Nan Cell A .015 NA 1000 15000 So a TEF 30 targ in armor with a 400 Protection Nan Cell B .01 NA 2500 20000 would require a 430 Power Unit attack to damage it Enc. Penalties apply only when Power Pack or Cell is not with EMP. Tweaks and luck can be used to increase the devices TEF being used in a device. 4 Nanonic Power Sources Nanonic devices require Nanonic power packs and cells. The Nanonic spec is essentially the VSIC spec shrunk down to the sub micro level. Power sources work the same, the materials and conductive designs are simply redesigned at a much smaller scale. Nanonic power sources must be put in place using a Nanonic Field generator. EMP Damage This is considered a Technology Combat. The attackers Power Units verses the Defenders TEF. Damage to the defender is done as normal and it suffers TEF negatives until repaired.

Uses (packs Only)

The knowledge of Electromagnetic forces has improved both the ability of a devices to resist Electromagnetic attacks, while also increase the ability to create such attacks without the use of nuclear weapons. These attacks are treated as technology combat with the below differences. Attacking with EMP Generation of a non Nuclear EMP blast requires a device which uses the electromagnetic force and appropriate science and electronics skills to create the pulse. The Power unit out put of the attack is limited by the devices output. Normal Device output is usually not lethal nor an EMP attack. You must create an EMP attack using skills and a device.

Channeling Power Directly

Using the power of natures forces Characters might get the idea that they can hurl lightning bolts out of a power socket. They are not wrong. It is entirely POSSIBLE to use natures Forces to create a conduit of electromagnetic and physical forces to channel power directly at a target. The issue is that working with power units, which is what this effect is working with adds 2 per power unit to the opposed EF. This means a channel of 250 PU adds 500 to the opposed EF. Working with Power directly is difficult; channeling it through ones scanner or other tech device with a PUO rating limits this modifier to the opposed EF.

Power as a Weapon

When a human takes electricity to their body they take damage. Electrical current has been standardized to the Power Unit. This represents a .005 amp with a 1 volt charge. Whether lightning or someone is plugged into a generator, only insulation can protect you from the sheer damage of a Power Unit. Insulation Effects Insulation is the only protection against direct power applied to a target. Normal Armor is not designed to stop pure direct power units from effecting the wearer. Damage From Power Power Damage to organics means 1 Power units does


Gravelectric Design and Engines The Tech Guild created and designed the Gravelectric engine on orders from the ESC to find a more space worthy drive system for all vehicle types. The UN saw the current generation of H3 Fusion drives as lacking in the needed power and flexibility. The result was the Gravelectric engine; an engine designed to use gravity fields to propel vehicles forward at great speed. Converting energy derived from a pulse wave that pushes against the gravity well of the Earth, or any other massive gravity well. The engines generate so much force Mach speeds can easily be achieved. Gravelectric engines are focused using a distortion circuit creating a counter wave which pushes the vehicle along the vector the vehicles pilot wishes. Understand that gravelectric engines do not generate an Anti-gravity field; rather the engines use a distortion circuit to create a force called NegGravity. This NegGravity pushes the engine (and the vehicle that is attached to it). So design of vehicles has not changed, Jets still need wings, Helos use Helo Grav units to push them up and forward, just like with old style rotors. Scouts and boats use the engines to power heavy transmissions and screws. The uses of the technology are increasing every day as these unusual, yet powerful, designs become better. This technology has applications in Space travel as well as in large-scale transport, wherever there is a gravity well present.

Society Note

Technical Note: Jensen Dega Arms / Rolls-Ferrari Tiberius Project 2128/3/04
--- Creation of Missile Gravelectric Engines The recent discovery and use of Gravelectric Engines in Vehicles has caused a huge gap in current Missile technology. Vehicles have the ability to outmaneuver the current arsenal making it useless. Booster Engines are too inefficient for these weapons to compete against vehicle Gravelectric engines. JDA has created a specialized version of the Gravelectric engine that will eliminate the disparity that has been created. The new Missile Gravelectric Engine causes a microsecond NEGgravity pulse so strong that the resulting acceleration curve increases at a rate do high that it called for a complete redesign of missile technology. These new engines are fully capable of minor maneuvering, without Control Surfaces, having an acceleration of 127980 m/s/s (or 42,000 Gs a second (approximately Mach 8.2 in less than 2 seconds). This acceleration is possible only when all the energy is equally distributed among the missiles sub atomic particles, thus maximizing the gravelectric drives thrust. This is the only way to achieve accelerations high enough to hit a Gravelectric powered vehicle. At this time, the sub atomic balance of gravity cannot be maintained for more than 400 milliseconds. This speed requires that the missile have no moving parts. All guidance must be relayed by the targeting vehicle through an algorithm chip or VCI. The chip

controls the maneuvering of the missile using minor Gravelectric field fluctuations. Construction of the missile must be extremely tough. We have found a skin made from an alloy of Carbon steel and Supron Alloy12b with a combination of energy and chemical shielding works best at this time. The shielding is needed to keep the missile intact from additional stresses caused by particle friction and air pressure at hypersonic speeds. Negations of these stresses requires a large amount of power and chemical additives in the skin. The more shielding, the longer the range and heavier the missile. The largest missile created to date only has enough power and skin to shield a missile for a 20 KM (317 milliseconds) range. The energy and chemical shielding failures occur at a fixed rate, dictating that the missile can only maintain integrity for a maximum 317 milliseconds or 20KM range. New power and shielding research has indicated that larger missiles could achieve ranges of up to 40 KM or greater in the next few years; in atmosphere of course. Any missile that does not strike a target in 330 milliseconds (approx. 21 KM from launch point) will be shredded by pressure and friction. This redesign means that much of the damage done to a targets structure is by sheer kinetic force of the impact, rather than any explosive payload. These designs have a smaller explosive payload and focus on penetration and shrapnel creation at the time of impact. Double shot Missiles have a shorter range than other Air-to-Air Missiles and are designed to hit within 78 milliseconds of launch. They carry a modified Double Shot Algorithm chip that adjusts course at 50 milliseconds of flight should it detect that it will miss the original target. The miss cannot be more than a Kilometer away (Missed by 150 EF or less) and the second shot occurs at 100 milliseconds after launch at the same target. We at Jensen Dega feel that this design change can only further improve all types of missiles and the effectiveness of STO and other vehicle users. We also see tremendous use for weapons of this type in space and underwater applications as those markets and areas of technology expand. We hope the UNT board sees fit to accelerate the changes outlined here for future use by the world community. Tam Kalern. Project Research Head: JDA Tiberius Project


Access Granted

Vehicle Technologies Constructing Vehicles

Vehicle construction is a point system, players pick specific parts and then traits related to their vehicle. Each choice increases the points the vehicle has to buy the game stats for the vehicle. The key to designing a vehicle is to describe what you think you want, the more traits and powerful selections you make the more costly and powerful the vehicle will be. tough as any tank. The Gravelectric revolution has allowed the lifting properties of such extreme wing designs as the V slick channel and the Variable Geometry Ellipse. Wings can be much shorter and weapon bays can hold much more. Combat in a jet at such speeds is beyond any description. The Jets, Gravelectric Hull, and the bodies engines combine to power lift and forward vectors in one combined system. Gravelectric technology allowed weight and power to explode off the design sheets and saved the Jet. Today UN System planners are refocusing on the Jet and what it can do for the future of the UN Plan.

What makes a StrikeForce vehicle

A vehicle is strikeforce, like a character, has several key stats which define how good it is in combat or other maneuver situations.

The Gravelectric Helo

Main Vehicle Attributes

Maneuver Points how much the vehicle helps it pilot maneuver Structure Points How much punishment a vehicle can take. All Structure Pts are divided between the Four Systems; Body, Controls, Weapons, Engines. Defense Rating Ability of the vehicle to absorb and negate damage Remaining Vehicle Tonnage Current weight a vehicle is carrying Repair Modifiers indicates how difficult it is to repair the vehicles many systems. Cost of Vehicle Alt (Max Altitude) determines how high or deep a vehicle can go. Speed maximum speed a vehicle can travel at. Detection value ability of the vehicle to avoid detection by Forts or other VCI. PUO Amount of power the vehicle has to power systems. PUTO Amount of power a system needs to work on the vehicle

As the Jet was beginning to lose favor, the Helo had entered a renaissance. Newer power plants, extensive design of newer skin types and extra Mach engine boosters had propelled the Helo into the next step. The Gravelectric revolution simply expanded this growth in the Helo industry. The same factors that saved the jet simply expanded the platform of the Helo. Combat is a tad slower in a Helo, but the ability to hover and carry great payloads has truly expanded the platform.. It has replaced the Transport jet and the transport industry blimps are seeing competition from large scale platform Helos for the first time in many years. The Helo has become the most versatile of all the platforms changing, from a weapons to a transport platform. The Helo is a center piece of the System and looks to be one for many years to come.

The Gravelectric Scout Tank

Other Attributes

Crew (Pass) number of people vehicle can carry Armor Weight (subtract from body total) weight of tech armor on the vehicle Total Tonnage maximum weight a vehicle can carry in cargo, weapons, and ammo. GE Efficiency Gravelectric Efficiency displays how long it takes to reset a vehicles Power Plant.

Starting in 2050 the art of making jet aircraft was peaking. Technology had hit a wall on engine power and body strength. These jet craft were capable of Mach 3+ and could actually take two or three hits from missiles twice as powerful as those used in the past. The U.N. and its System planners had decided the jet was a lacking platform ,not as flexible as the Helo; which had become the combat vehicle of choice. The day of the Jet appeared to be ending. Then, in 2107 the Tech guild changed the propulsion method of all vehicles by creating the Gravelectric engine. Jets can now travel at Mach 4.5 and have armor as

Vehicle Design Types The Gravelectric Jet

The history of the Scout tank is a glorious one, starting in the Secret War. The scout tank was one of the original ways to destroy a Paulson unit. StrikeForces were focused on creating a force that could take out a Paulson Unit in one or two strikes. The scout tank became that force. After the secret war, EZone defenses became the new obstacle and the scout again rose to the occasion. Expanded power plants and transmissions and weapons made them a crucial part of any EZone attack. As the Corporate wars of the 2040s gave way to the GPPI era of the New UN System, attacks by STOs in scout tanks became legends. Tate W. Russel used his tank, the Jester, to attack a series of EZones over a month and did incredible damage. The Gravelectric age has simply moved the tank up in stature as payloads and weapons increase in damage.

The Gravelectric Attack Boat

The age of the attack boat rose again in the early 2100s. EZone expansion into coastal areas increased use of the coasts of infiltrations by StrikeForces and Pirates. Attack boats really drove the creation of Defense Force boat squads and then StrikeForces escalated arming and creating the attack boat. The Attack Boat is like a tank on the water, and with careful weapon selection, is even capable of a great off shore bombardment, often with no EZone defenses that can retaliate. This ability plus the UN efforts to restore wetlands, rivers and lakes throughout the world


Vehicle Technologies
has made the attack boat a viable platform form many StrikeForce missions. UN System Planners have been monitoring the use of the boat and its effects on the development of both strategies and weapons in the coming years. Rumor has it that the success of the boat may bring about new releases of technology like min.. Subs and mobile Sea Platforms run by the UN.

Vehicle Design Steps

Step 1 Describe Vehicle Step 2 Pick Vehicle Type Step 3 Pick max weight Step 4 Pick Vehicle Traits Step 5 Pick Armor Step 6 Pick Power Plant Step 7 Pick Vehicle Control Interfaces Step 8 Total Points and Figure values


Unmanned combat and surveillance platforms used in EZONEs to supplement the automated emplacements, drones are powerful technology. Drones have a higher max speed threshold, Mach 6, than other vehicles and have no spaces for crew. Gravelectric and advanced weapons tech have made these a very cost effective and powerful tool.

Step 1 Describe Vehicle

Describe what your vehicle looks like, what it can do any feature it should have.

Step 2 Pick Type

Vehicle Type Helo Tank Boat Jet PTS 50 50 50 50 25

Pick the type of vehicle that matches your vision. Max Wt 75,000 Modifier +1 Speed, + 2 MP +50 SP, +5 k Wt +25 SP, +4 MP


Used to move the many good and working populations around the planet, these large vehicles ply the trade routes in the air, on land and in the sea. Transports range from smaller personally owned craft to larger Corporate owned vehicles that carry dedicated resources and the occasional secret cargo.

200,000 500,000 1 mil+ 125,000 150,000 250,000 250,000


Transport Large Hulled Vessel Drone Shuttle Blimp

+10 Crew, +5k wt +100 Crew, +25k Wt, -10 MP, +250 SP 0 crew, +10 Mp, + 100 SP

+100 SP, +2k Wt


Used to ferry CEO, Presidents, and VIPs for Corps, Nations and Guilds; shuttles are a luxury combat vehicle. Designed with a larger crew area, defensive and weapons systems, shuttles are much more expensive to build and equip. Corporate shuttles are also a sign of status, the better the shuttle the more status it brings.

90 20 80 50


+250 SP, +15 Crew

+25 MP, +50 SP, +5 Crew

Advanced materials and gravelectric propulsion have made the Blimp an excellent transport, for large cargo and vacationing Crop Sector citizens. These blimps have multiple designs and cruise at blue attitudes or better.

Step 3 Pick Maximum Weight

Weight 10,000 25,000 75,000 15,000 5,000 PTS 20 25 35 10

Pick the type of vehicle that matches your vision. Starting DR -14 -12 -9 -8 -5 -7 -13 -15

Large Hulled Vessel

Used primarily by the Sea Lords, these large vessels ply the seas carrying supplies and other good for the Sea Lords. Several corps and Nations have leased these from the Sea Lords, with Sea Lords crew, Large Hulled Vessels tend to be defended by automated weapons and can carry in excess of 100000 KG.

50,000 100,000 150,000 125,000

40 45 50 70



60 80

200,000 500,000 1 mil + 250,000

100 150


-4 -2 0 1

Vehicle Technologies Step 4 Pick Vehicle Traits

Speed by 1.

A vehicle can have as many traits as its designer wants. Traits that seem to contradict or exclude each other must have their function explained in the description. Adds +1 Speed each time added

Low Profile VTOL

Adds 25 to Detection value

Built for Speed

Built for maneuver Resilient Design Cargo Holds

Flight capable craft can take off straight up no runway needed

Adds 5 MP per add to a vehicle


Adds + 100 SP to 1 system per Add

Craft can go under water (reverse alt for depths) for up to 3 hours.

Low Orbit Capable

Can hold 50,000 KG in Cargo,counts against vehicle weight.

Craft can enter low orbit for up to 3 hours, then runs out of atmosphere

Cargo Spaces

All Terrain Chassis

Can hold 500 KG in Cargo, Counts against vehicle weight Vehicle can mount Weapons and Armor Vehicle can mount Armor and defensive systems. Vehicle can enter space or mid level ocean depths

Vehicle can maneuver on any terrain, lower max speed by 1. Vehicle Propulsion ( Must pick at least 1) A vehicle with multiple Propulsion traits, must figure out each types Speed maximums. Only 1 can be at a time. Vehicle can fly horizontal vectors using control surfaces to go vertical. Top of green altitudes. Additional adds increase to blue and then red. Max Speed -800 KMPH (requires short runway)

Combat Design

Defensive Design

Flight Propulsion: Horizontal thrust (jet)

Pressurized (5 Atmos) Multiple Engines

Each engine Allows the vehicle to whether damage better, adding + 1 Success per engine for any crash piloting roll. Also increases max speed by 1 per engine.

Flight Propulsion: Mixed Vector Thrust (helo)

Hardened Structure Sluggish Ugly

Adds +100 Sp to Body

Vehicle can fly vertical and horizontal vectors at the same time. Top of green altitudes. Additional adds increase to blue and then red. Max Speed -320 KMPH (requires short runway)

Lowers MP by 5, adds 50 SP lower max speed by 2.

Ground Propulsion: Hoover

Land or Water Travel , +10 MP Max Speed: 120 KMPH

Vehicle loses 1d10 +15 DV because its oddly shaped and - 25 Pts

Ground Propulsion: Tracked Ground Propulsion: Skids

Land Travel Only, Max Speed: 80 KMPH, -5 MP, +75 SP.

Crew Spaces

Adds space for 2 crew/passengers

Land Travel only Max Speed: 70 KMPH, -8 MP, + 150 SP.

Weapons Platforms Amphibious

Ground Propulsion: Wheeled Water Propulsion: Hydrofoil


Adds weapons to non combat vehicle

Land Travel only Max Speed: 90 KMPH, -6 MP, + 50 SP.

Heavy Armor

Can maneuver on water or land, Max Speed 70 KMPH Can take 2 Armor traits for the cost of 1. Lower Max

Water travel only Max Speed: 60 KMPH, -8 MP, + 50 SP.

Water Propulsion: Catamaran

Water Only Max Speed: 100 KMPH, -5 MP, + 50 SP,

Vehicle Technologies Pressure Bonded

Material is seamlessly added to the vehicle. Adds +5000 to Final Weight, +70 SP, and + 25 pts

Metron Bonded

Material and frame are one molded material. Adds +1 DR ,+3000 to Final Weight, +120 SP, and +30 Pts.

Metron Charged Step 5 Pick Armor Materials

Armor Materials The armor used by all vehicles is extremely dense, heavy, and the better it is, costly. The weight factor of the armor is directly related to the weight of the vehicle it is protecting. A 10,000 kg vehicle with Meta Plastic armor would carry 2500 kg in armor (10,000 * .25 = 2500). The cost of that Meta Plastic would be the Final Total Weight of the vehicle x .75 added. So a vehicle with a final weight of 10,000 Kg would add 7500 crds to the cost. That same vehicle with iridium would add 760,000 crds to final cost. Armor Materials Meta Plastic Carbonized Beryllium Titanium Plastic Pts 10 Cost Multi +(*.75) +(3.5) +(*3) +(*4) +(*4) +(*8) +(*76) +(*.5) SP Bns +20 +21 +22 +44 +68 +70 +10 Weight Mod .25 .9 .7 .2 .4 .5 .1 .5 .15

Material is charged at the Sub atomic level bonding on one side repulsion on the other. Adds +1 Max DR ,+2500 to Final Weight, +200 SP, and +40 Pts

Bi-Polar Ion Bonds

Material and frame are one molded material. Adds +1 DR, +1 Max DR, +3500 to Final Weight, +400 SP, and +50 Pts

Step 7 Pick Power Plant Core Main Power Plants

Carbon Steel

20 30 50 75

These Fusion Power Plants are extremely safe and use a water/Deuterium mix to create sustained energy. The better the GE Efficiency (lower is better) the greater longer a vehicle can go without having to shutdown the engine for cooling. Type Base Gravelectric Maron Gravelectric Tachyon Maron Hybrid Maron BI - Gravelectric PTS 20 40 45 50 25 PUO 9000 GE Efficency 8/1 6/1 8/1


Military Ceramic Kronus Steel

10000 14000 20000 22000 25000 15000 12000

Improved Kronus Steel Iridium

100 200 500


+131 +351

Walmers Gravelectric Pulsed Walmers Hybrid Walmers

60 100 80

4/1 2/1


4/1 2/1

Step 6 Pick Armor Traits

A vehicle can have as many traits as its designer wants. Traits that seem to contradict or exclude each other must have their function explained in the description.

Step 8 Pick Power Plant Traits


A vehicle can have as many traits as its designer wants. Traits that seem to contradict or exclude each other must have their function explained in the description.


Material is in Plates. Adds +20 SP and +5000 to final Weight.



Designed to do up to 150% of a normal Power Core. 1.5 x PUO = Bonus PU, +2 GE Efficiency and +30 Points

Material is Layered. Adds +30 SP and +2500 to Final Weight.

Old Design

Infusion Process

Body and armor are melded together using a natures Forces forge. Adds +40 SP, +1500 to Final Weight, and + 20 pts.

Been around forever, it always works, even if its not as good as the new stuff. -10% PUO -2 GE Efficiency and +10 Points

Battle Worn

Repaired several times, it works surprisingly well. Bonus PUO = 1d10 x10 + PUO, -1 GE Eff. and +20 Points

Vehicle Technologies Prototype

resents a 360o sensor sphere around the vehicle. The better the TEF the more powerful of the VCI. All VCI have the Electromagnetic, and WNF Forces for the purposes of Information Points and questions. Additional forces may be added by adding scanner suites that match the technology trait of the VCI. VCI without such a trait cannot take Scanner suites. Type Early Detection System Infrared Scanning System PTS TEF PUTO 10 20 30 25 15 20 40 45 50 55 30 12 1000 2000 3000 5000 5500 2500 1500

Its new its shiny and it might fail. Bonus PUO= 2d100 x10 + PUO, -2 GE Efficiency, - 150 SP from Engine Systems, when it takes a critical, and +45 Points

Proven Design

Designed rock solid it always seems to work. -2 GE Efficiency, +150 Sp to engines, and +30 Points

High Quality

Made by the best, its dimply flawless. +1d100x10 PUO, -1 GE Efficiency , + 100 SP to engines and +25 Points

Digital Scanning Detection System Fiber Control System Advanced Maneuver System

Liquid Base Control System Optic link Controls System Multi Base Control System

60 90 80


Analyzing Digital Detection System


60 70


Step 10 Pick VCI Traits VSIC

Uses VSIC technology Has 4 slots; +10 TEF and +500 PUTO


Uses Nanonic technology Has 4 slots; +15 TEF and +1200 PUTO


Uses DNA programing and systems has 4 Simple Slots. +25 TEF and +800 PUTO


Adds slots and functions to a system. + 4 Slots, +20 TEF, + 1000 PUTO, and + 30 pts


Its new and shiny and works most of the time. + 2 Slots, +30 TEF, -100 SP Controls when they take a critical, and + 500 PUTO

Step 9 Pick Vehicle Control Interface Vehicle Control Interfaces

Proven Design

Been around forever and it just plain works. + 1 Slots, +10 TEF, +100 SP to Controls


All vehicles use Vehicle Control Interfaces (VCI) a more advanced control and radar system than were used in the Conflict. The VCI of 2136 are more compact, using natures forces scanners to detect targets. VCI can mount scanner chips using multiple forces to increase their TEF. The pace of modern combat, on land and in the air, makes it impossible to hit a non tracked target; because of speeds in excess of mach 2 or more. The TEF of the VCI rep-

Advanced Design

The newest thing well built and boy its pretty. + 2 Slots, +30 TEF, a+ 250 SP to Controls, + 1500 PUTO, and +25 Pts

High quality

Built by the best for the best, and it costs. +4 Slots,

Vehicle Technologies
+50 TEF, + 2000 PUTO, and + 50 Time to Upgrade Trait upgrades are requested and paid for at the start of the gaming session. Once paid for, and new values figured, they are available in that and all future sessions

After you have finished step 9, total up the vehicles total points and the number of traits. The more points and traits it has the more expensive it will be, but the better its values will be. Points are spent on traits like MP, SP and DR, as you spend them you have fewer points for the next value. Each descriptive sentence lower the final cost by 2000 Crd. The description flies like a dream, hits like a battle axe would lower the cost by 4000 crd

Step 11 Figure Vehicle Final Values

Vehicle Base Speed

Each Vehicle type has a maximum speed set by its traits and technology. Most land an sea vehicles max start around 100 KMPH while flight can start at 320 KMPH and break the sound barrier at Mach 4. Each plus to speed

Maneuver Points = 5 pts for 2 MP Structure Points = 1 Pt for 10 SP All Structure Pts are divided between the Four Systems; Body, Controls, Weapons, Engines. Defense Rating = 10 pts for 1 DR + Weight DR mod

Spend Values (Build Points are spent until at 0)

Figured Values (Use total build points to figure these values)

Power Units to Operate: Pts x 50 + VCI PUTO Crew (Pass) = Base is 2 + Trait bonuses Armor Weight (subtract from body total)= Body Max weight * Armor Wt. Modifier Total Weight = Chosen value + Trait Bonuses Remaining Vehicle Tonnage = Total Tonnage (Armor Tonnage + Pts x 10) Maximum Defense Rating = Pts/100 (rnd Down)+ (# armor traits) GE Efficiency -- Power Plant GE - Trait Mods Repair Modifiers = 1 + Pts /100 (round up) Altitude (Alt) = Determined by Flight/ Submersible trait Speed Modifier = Propulsion Trait + Power Plant Traits - (1 Per 10000 Kg over 40000 Kg armor weight) Detection value = DR + 50 Cost of Vehicle = (Pts x 250) + (#Traits x 5000)+ (Armor Weight* Armor cost mod) - (# Descriptions x 2000) Final Vehicle Assembly After all values are figured, the Structure Points (SP) must be divided between the main systems. The Body of the vehicle must get 1/2 of the Structure Points. The remaining half are divided up between Control, Engines, and Weapon systems. When these systems hit 0 various malfunctions and failures occur, until the system is fixed. increase this one row on the speed chart in section 4.

Starting Base Critical Chances

Upgrading Systems and Traits


Buying or upgrading after a build is done by using choosing the new system or Trait. Only the Armor, Power Plants, and VCI systems can be upgraded. Any Trait can be added or replaced by a better similar trait; for example: Proven Design must be replaced by any other design trait. Cost of upgrades is ((5000 x total number of vehicle traits)x #Trait added this session.) Total number of traits includes the newly added trait.
A vehicle with 5 starting traits which adds 2 traits Trait 1 cost = (5000 x 6 ) x 1) = 30000 Trait 2 cost = (5000 x 7)x 2) = 70000 Total cost = 100000 crds

Vehicle weapons are devastating in the damage they do. The chance for a hit that does critical damage is much more dependent on how well put together the target is than the hit itself. Each vehicle type starts with a uniform Base Critical Chance. As the vehicles are improved, this chance becomes unique to the vehicle. Lowering BCC BCC can be lowered by raising the DR. of the Vehicle or buying technology that specifically lowers the BCC. Each point of DR over 0 lowers BCC by 5. Vehicle Type Jet Helo Boat Base Critical Chance 120 110 90 95 85 Min.. BCC 60 40 80 80 30 50 55

Scout Drone


Upgrade Effects The new System and Trait points are added to the Vehicles Total Points. ONLY THE NEW POINTS are used to buy additional MP, SP and DR; Max DR CANNOT be exceeded using traits. The new total points (and weights) are used to refigure all other stats.

Shuttle Blimp

Transport Large Hulled

150 175 80



Vehicle Technologies Vehicle Story Points

Each system has a Repair Modifier that begins at 1 and increases with each addition. Some additions add more than 1 to the repair Modifier (RM) and are listed as such. To figure base cost of repair, divide the damage taken to each system by the total damage the system can take. This is the Percentage of Damage. The cost to repair a point of damage is ((Damaged SP * Vehicle Points) * Systems RM) this is the total repair cost for each system. Time to repair is determined by the amount of damage you have taken. Base time to repair a vehicle is the same for 1 percent or twenty percent damage. If you wish to rush the job, it will take half the time, but double the cost. Time takes as long as the longest repair time, not added together. You may repair as much of the vehicle you want. The entire vehicle does not have to be repaired. Cockpit repairs cost double body costs.

Vehicles can also get story points, assuming its a vehicle with a history or quirks, whether its a new build or a purchases (stolen) vehicle. Vehicles are designed and you tailor the story points to the vehicle you see your character using. Story Points equal to 1 quarter (minimum of 1, round down) of their Players starting story points are used to add these quirks. Each Story has an associated Value or System and a roll with a modifier for that target. Minimum for any roll is 10, even rolls are positive odd, while rolls indicate a negative modifier. These story points indicate the vehicle, its builder, or its parts came from such history or situations. Negatives may indicate it was not well taken care of or repaired, while positives can indicate that the vehicle is advanced. Players are encouraged to use the story sectors listed below for some ideas in creation of additional Vehicle story points, with their GM. Players may take any open category, but only 1 type of history. Tech (open) Experiment Tech (PUO 1d100 - 25) Over Armored Structure (SP 1d100 + 5 ) Corp History Corp CEO Transport (Cockpit 1d100 - 50) Stealthy Design (DV 1d100 - 40 ) Combat (open) Blasted in Combat (SP 1d100 + 25) Legendary Reputation (Repair Mod 1d10 - 60) Guild History Secret Design (Total Tonnage 1d100+10) Ghosts of Older Times (Specify what era) (Maneuver Points 1d100 -80 ) Family (Open) Family Members Ride (SP or PUO 1d100 - 40) Lost for years (Determine time and reason) (1d100 SP to Controls) Civilian History Part of an Exodus (1d10+6 Crew (No min)) Defense Zone Vehicle (Specify Country) (SP 1d100+10) Disenfranchised History Shanty Town vehicle (specify where) (1d100+35) Smugglers Vehicle (Tonnage 1d100+40)


Vehicle Repair
Vehicles all must be repaired at some course in their lives. This, of course, will cost you money or favors.

Cost per Point of Vehicle Repair

Each addition to a vehicle has a system listed after its description, this is the system that the addition is added to.

Vehicle Technologies Vehicle System Upgrades Level 0

be purchased or the vehicle may not carry Missiles. Hard point weight is calculated from the REMAINING weight of the vehicle, NOT the total weight. TEF: 5 Costs: 1000 Crd per hard point. RM: 1 weapons per 10 hard points. Weight: 100 kg per point PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Internal Missile/Rocket Hard Point Pylons: These represent mounting points inside the frame of the vehicle for Missiles and Rocket. These must be purchased or the Jet/Helo may not carry Missiles. Allows a vehicle to exceed Mach 1. Hard point weight is calculated from the REMAINING weight of the vehicle, NOT the total weight. TEF: 5 Costs: 3000 Crd per hard point. RM: 1 weapons per 10 hard points. Weight: 250 kg per point PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Fixed Gun Mount: Each mount holds 1 gun. Aspect (front, rear, side) of the gun must be declared at time of install. TEF: 3 Cost: 500 crd per 100 Kg of guns. Rm:1 Weapons per mount. Weight: 1/4 gun weight. PUTO: weight *.05 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Rear Defense Port: The system fires an ElectroMag/3000 power missile with a 5 kilometer range and no launch altitude restrictions. It is not usable against other missiles, but does a hell of a good job against other vehicles. Replacement missiles cost 4,000 Crd each and the port holds three missiles. TEF: 10 Cost: 85,000. RM: Weapons Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Afterburner: A Gravelectric wave compression devices which allows Jets to increase current speed by 4 steps with one active action, but Power Plant GE Efficiency drops by 4. When activated, all attacks THP are halved and all Fire points at this vehicle are decreased by 1 (it is possible to lower the attackers Fire Points to 0). Effects last for 3 phases TEF: 10 Cost: 75,000 RM: Engines Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/ Protective Hardening: Allows a vehicle to increase total structure points by 150 each coat. You can only double your beginning Structure Points. TEF: 5 Costs 100,000 each coat RM: Body Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Pulsed Helo Grav-Electric: Allows a Helo to achieve Mach speeds (attack only). Power Plant efficiency increased by +1 and the new max speed is modified by 1 Mach. Can have afterburners. TEF: 10 Costs: 75,000 Helos only RM: Engines x 2 Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Super Charger: This option doubles power units output of any engine type, but reduces its normal life to five years and adds to the engine weight. TEF:10 Costs: 75,000 RM: Engines Weight: 500 kg PUTO: 0

Advanced Vehicle Gravelectrics: Adds 2 speeds to vehicles top speed when used. TEF: 3 Cost: :50,000 RM: Engines Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: + 2 to GE mod

Improved Cockpit Protection: Adds 150 more to cockpit structure points per application. Max protection is +2000 for Jets, +2500 for Helos, +3500 for scouts and boats. 6 applications per level. TEF: 3 Cost: 20,000 * Level. RM: +1 to Cockpit per Application Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Improved Ejection System: This system automates parts of the ejection system so it is easier to use. Adds 25 to both reaction and piloting rolls to eject. 2 applications per level. Maximum of +200 to roll. TEF:3 Cost: 15,000 * Application number. RM: Controls Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Bomb Bays: Adds an internal bay that can hold bombs or missiles on a jet or Helo. When installed the Bay has a set number of pylons (hard points) based on its starting SP/25. Every 15 Hard Points, original or added, increases the vehicles BCC by 2. After installation hard point pylons can be added as normal to the bay with the following restrictions: Max hard points is equal to the starting hard points in the bay*2 and Vehicle weight restrictions are still enforced. Weapons are fired in the order placed in the bay, so you must keep track of the order they are put in. TEF:5 Cost: 5000 per hard point. RM: Body Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Internal Rotary Magazines: Rotary magazine are mounted in a bomb bay allowing weapons to be fired in any order. When installed the Bomb Bay pylons are removed and the Rotary Mags Hard Points replaces them. You do not have to place all hard points on the rotary magazine. A 30 point bomb bay could have 20 rotary and 10 fixed hard points TEF:5 Costs: 2000 for magazine, 5000 per hard point replaced. RM: Weapons Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: You do have to purchase bomb bays to have an internal rotary magazine. Magazine can be no more than 1/2 total vehicle Hard Points. Grav Tanks: Grav tanks increase the efficiency of Gravelectric engines. These tanks fit on hard points and smooth out the wave forms decreasing the power plants GE Efficiency by 1. TEF: 13 Costs: 10,000 Crd RM: 1 weapons per 10 hard points. Weight: 100 kg per point PUTO: 100 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Missile/Rocket Hard Point Pylons: Each Point weighs 100kg. These represent mounting points for Missiles and Rocket pods on the Vehicle. These must


Vehicle Technologies Upgrades

Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Reinforced Superstructure: This doubles total weight a vehicle can weigh and requires a Super Charger or else it halves the vehicles maximum speed. This has no effect on purchasing costs of armor. TEF: 3 Costs 150,000 Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Ammo Pod: This doubles shots at half weight. If weapons system is hit pod is destroyed on a 1-4 1d10. No more than 2 pods per gun are allowed. TEF: 3 Costs: 10,000 * (Gun Caliber /2) RM: Weapons (adds 1 to explosion chance per 50 salvos) Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Armor Protection: This raises the DR of the vehicle by 1 and lasts until the body is out of SPs. This does not add any weight to the vehicle. The maximum DR is +7. TEF:5 Costs: 100,000 RM: None Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Turrets: Jet turret guns have a 90o arc at all times. Scout and boat turrets allow a vehicle to put up to 1/2 of their Maximum tonnage in a 360o universal turret. Helo turrets have a 180o Arc and can hold up to 1/4 of the total hard points of the Helo. Turrets can be enlarged later. The Turrets also weigh something in addition to the weapons. Turrets weigh 20% of the total weight of the weapons carried in addition to the weapons. TEF: 5 Costs: 10% of total cost of weapons in turret RM: (1 * # of guns) to Weapons. Weight: n/a PUTO: weight*3 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a systems allow your Engine, Control, and weapons systems to take additional damage. Adds 50 SP to each system per application. May be added up to double the total starting SP of all three systems. TEF: 5 Cost: 50,000 per application. RM: Controls Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Backup Hydraulics: All control hits are at half damage. Destroyed when controls gone. TEF: 5 Cost: 50,000. RM: Controls x 2 Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a GE Power Plant Modifications: Changes the internal of a Gravelectric Power plant. Each Modification lowers the GE rating by 1. TEF: 5 Cost: 30,000 per application. Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Max Apps: 6 or 1/1 GE Rating. Radar Booster Chip: This chip doubles a control systems radar points. TEF: 10+VCI TEF Cost: 10,000. Weight: n/a PUTO: 500 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Gravelectric Braking System: Allows a vehicle to slow up to six speeds in 1 second. Normal Piloting roll to achieve. TEF: 3 Cost: 35,000. RM: Controls Weight: n/a PUTO: 1500 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Super Conducting Electrical System: Using better wiring and contacts PUO of a vehicles Power Plant are increased by 1.5 (Multiply Existing PUO by 1.5 for the new PUO). Increases Engines Repair Modifier by 4. TEF: 3 Cost: 120,000 RM: Engines Weight: 1500 kg PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a

Level 1

Palm scan security system: Unless the correct palm is used, vehicle will not activate. TEF: 15 Cost: 20,000 no wt. RM: Controls Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Advanced auto pilot: A VSIC AI program with the ability to take verbal commands when activated. Commands must be basic i.e. left Southeast Cannot fire weapons. Will follow commands if not dangerous (GMs discretion) TEF: 10+VCI TEF Cost: 45,000 no wt. will not get lost. RM: Controls Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Plane/Helo Efficiency Chip: Allows Plane and Helos to lower Gravelectric efficiency by 1 For all vehicles. Destroyed when engines hit 0. TEF: 10 Cost: 60,000 no fuel cost RM: None Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Titanium struts: add 75 to SP of any vehicle. TEF: 5 Cost: -20,000 no wt. one time only. RM: Body Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Digitally Controlled Backup System: These

Level 2

Advanced VCI subsystem: adds 25 to a vehicles VCI system at the cost of 4 hard pts. However when a planes weapons pts. are gone Subsystem is considered destroyed. Cost: - 20,000 no action to use. TEF: 60 RM: Weapons/Controls Forces: Elect Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Extended conductivity circuits - add 1/3 more power units to vehicles power factors. 1/2 ton TEF: 5 Cost: 70,000. RM: Engines x 2 Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a AI Computerized Controls: lowers fuel consumption modifier by 1/2 due to AI program. Also allows vehicle to maintain max speed up to 1/2 damage of engine systems. TEF: 8 Cost: 55,000 Weight: 1/2 ton, RM: Engines x 3 Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Armor Strengthener: A process that adds steel and ceramic plating and fibers to armor. This process lowers your BCC by 5 and adds 30 SP to the body of the vehicle. Vehicle BCC minimum is 80 for jets and Helos, 70 for


Vehicle Technologies Upgrades

scouts and boats. After minimum is reached, applications effect only the body. Can be added to body till double total beginning SPs of vehicle. Add 20 Crd per point to any body repair Cost: . TEF: 8 Cost: 10,000 per application RM: One Body per 5 Applications Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Heat Coating: Allows Jets to travel at speeds in excess of Mach 3.0 without taking damage. Level 2 allows Mach 3.5, level 3 Mach 4.0, and level 4 Mach 4.5. TEF: 5 Cost: 20,000 * level. RM: +1 to Body per Application Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Vehicle Chameleon Chip, Type 1: Allows a vehicle to try and mask itself and prevent others from seeing it. Type 1 will shield the vehicle from perception rolls while it is moving, TEF: 6 Cost: 100,000 Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Requires holographic body shield. programs from being blanked should the controls be shot out. Adds 15 to base chase to succeed and save program. TEF: 14 Cost: 10,000 RM: Controls Weight: n/a PUTO: 500 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Improved Turret Protection: Adds 100 SP to a vehicles weapons if they have a turret with any type of weapon. TEF: 5 Cost: 40,000. RM: Weapons Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Radar Jammer, Type 1: This device adds 5 to a vehicles detection value. The device also has a 30% chance to confuse any Radar Threat Analysis and cause the wrong information to be detected. TEF: 5 + VCI TEF Cost: 40,000. RM: Controls PUTO 1500 Weight: .5000 kg Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Master Lock Helmet System: This is a system that integrates a player with his vehicles sensors. Must have some type of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The system takes up one Helmet interface. Player may command vehicle from 1 KM away. Commands are subject to AI constraints. TEF: 7 Cost: 200,000 RM: Controls PUTO 500 Weight: 250 kg Tech Type: VSIC Additional: Vehicle responds only to helmet interface. If lost must be replaced at a cost of 50,000 Vehicle Chameleon System II -- Same as Vehicle Chameleon system. However, this version allows the use of the holographic body shield TEF while moving. TEF: 7+ Holographic Body shield. Cost: 180,000 Weight 1.5 tons Forces: Phys/Elect/Grav RM: +2 body PUTO: 5500 VSIC/Nano.

Level 3

Vehicle Tachyon Shield: A field of Tachyon particles that bends light photons so as to distort light and make a vehicle to appear invisible. The Field is generated to make detecting the center of the Tachyon emissions difficult to detect. All scans must do technology combat to detect center of Tachyon emissions. Shield can be used for 6/1 minute periods per day. The Tachyon generator needs to be recharged after that; Recharge takes 12 hours. Cost: 750,000 TEF: 14 Forces - Grav/Elect/WNF/SNF RM: +1 Body +2 Engines. Weight: 5000kg PUTO: 18,000 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Holographic Body Shield: Allows a vehicle to blend in with an area or look different. TEF: 20 TEF Upgrade Cost: 25,000, each additional VSIC chip Cost: 8,500 Max TEF: 100. RM: Total number of chips to Controls Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Stealth Materials: Allows a vehicle to increase Detection Value by 30 for each application. Maximum of 6 applications, 2 per level. TEF: 12 Cost 90,000 per application. RM: One to Body per App. Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a

Level 4

Vehicle 3-D Holo Heads Up Display: Adds 15 to all driving/piloting rolls for human pilots only. If vehicle has Masters Lock System adds 25. TEF: 10 Cost: :35,000 RM: Controls Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Star Cross Engine Mounts: A heavy synthetic metal sheath that adds 200 SP to any vehicles engines. This metal may not be used to create new alloys it is too unstable. TEF : 3 Cost: 200,000 Weight: 1.5 tons Forces: none RM: +4 engines Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Vehicle Ram Shield: Allows any boat or scout to take damage from any frontal collision. Uses a super dense synthetic material. However it has no effect on weapon hits. Gone when Body SP reach 0. TEF: 2 Cost: 300,000 RM: +4 Body Weight: 3000 kg PUTO: 0 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Radar Jammer II: device adds 20 to Vehicles detection value. Has a TEF of 25 versus Radar Threat Analysis. TEF: 12 + VCI TEF Cost: 200,000 Weight: 500 kg


Improved Vehicle Materials: Allows a character to cover their vehicle parts in metals better than stainless steel. For each metal above stainless steel add 50 Structure Points (Kronus steel would add 300 Structure points cannot use ceramic). Each system may have it applied once. TEF: 10 Cost is equal to the systems SP/20 * the multiplier of the metal. RM: Metal Multiplier to system applied to Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Vehicle Electronics Bay: Protects any computer

Vehicle Technologies Upgrades

Forces: Elect/Phys RM: +2 controls PUTO: 5000 VSIC/Nano Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Improved Radar Pulse Circuits: These circuits add 20 to VCI for detection regardless of other modifications. TEF: 5 Cost: 200,000 Forces: Elect/Phys/SNF RM: +3 controls Weight: n/a PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Self Repairing Computer Circuits: This allows your controls to repair any damage they take in combat at the rate of 5pts. per minute. Will repair up to 200 points. TEF: 15 Cost: 150,000. RM: Controls Weight: n/a PUTO: 5000 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Digital Cockpit Screens: Must have AI in control systems. Adds 10 MP to vehicle and 100 SP to the cockpit, because all glass is removed and armor and digital screens are put in its place. This effect both human and AI pilots. TEF: Same as VCI Cost 75,000. Forces: All Weight: 2000 kg PUTO: 0 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a

Level 9

Power Plant Booster: This booster adds 4500 PUTO using new super conducting materials. Adds 100 to engines SPs. Also adds + 10% to any engine critical chance. TEF: 14 Cost: 150,000 RM: 3 Engines Weight: 2000 kg PUTO: 3000 Forces: Phys/WNF/ Grav Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a

Level 5

Vehicle Chameleon System III: Same as Vehicle Chameleon II system. However, this version allows the use of the holographic body shield TEF while moving. TEF 10 + Holographic Body shield. Cost: 540,000 Forces: Phys/Elect/Grav RM: +3 body Weight: 3000 kg PUTO: 7500 Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Phased Energy Absorption Process (PEAP): A complex Metal treatment that makes metal more flexible, without hurting its strength. This process makes it harder for kinetic attacks to penetrate the metal. Lowers Vehicles BCC by 20 (New Min.. BCC with PEAP is 40 for jets and Helos, 35 for scouts and boats). May apply 2 times per rank. TEF: 10 Cost: 150,000 per application. RM: Body Weight: 3000 kg PUTO: 0 Forces: Phys/ Chem Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Vehicle Impact Shield -- This chemical applied to Armor absorbs 10 points of Power damage before it hits the body. This only effects Impact attacks. When 10 Pts absorbed its gone. TEF: 25 Cost: 150,000 Weight: 4 tons Forces: Phys RM: +4 Body PUTO: 500.

Vehicle Weaponry
This section of vehicle weapons contains basic weapon systems used for attack. The next section lists additions for vehicles to enhance its combat worthiness. The weapons used by the Vehicles are also basic, but are better than the personal weapons, the margins in non-custom weapons for vehicles is pretty good. However the market for custom weapons is also doing very well. NOTE: In order to carry missiles or rockets, Plane and Helos must purchase hard points from the previous section.

Level 6

Radar Threat Analysis: This device requires Artificial Intelligence in order to use fully. The device instantly evaluates any target on radar and gives the following information in addition to normal info: Targets Total SP, Targets main weapons), and any normal electronic or mechanical defenses. The device can evaluate personalized weapons and devices only if it makes an appropriate skill roll with an AI unit. TEF: 9 + AI TEF Cost: 60,000 RM: Controls Weight: 2000 kg PUTO: 3000 Forces: Phys/WNF/Grav Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a


Vehicle Technologies Upgrades Guns

Large Caliber Guns Types 140 mm Laser Main ACC/ PWR 78/76 95/60 Range 43.5 KM Weight/Salvo Wt 9800 Kg/650 Kg 7000 Kg/0 Kg PUTO 19,500 Cost 1,425,000

75 mm Plasma Auto Cannon Coaxial Guns (Type 5) 7.62mm Coax pocket gun

80 mm Laser Chain

90 mm Gauss Auto Cannon

100 mm Smooth Bore

125 mm Plasma Main

60/41 ACC/ DAM 109/364 80/373




26.75 KM

35.8 KM

22.25 KM

20 KM

34 KM

3850 Kg/0 Kg

3850 Kg/300 Kg

4550 Kg/450 Kg

4900 Kg/265 Kg











6mm Needle Gattling

730 M

675 M

2.8 ENC

3.3 ENC





Guns Vehicle -- Types of vehicle that can use the gun Caliber -- Caliber of the weapon Location -- Where gun is placed on vehicle Weight -- Weight of the gun in tons (000s of KG) Accuracy/Power (ACC/PWR) -- Ability of the weapon Number of Shots -- How many shots the gun comes with Range -- Maximum range of gun Power Units to Operate (PUTO) - Power consumption Gun Ammo Vehicle ammo is done by salvos. Each Salvo is a pull of the trigger. So whether its a 60mm chain gun or a 100mm Smooth bore Main gun you get the same number of trigger pull for that ammo type. Pick the ammo based on your weapon type; If you have a rifled gun you must buy rifled ammo, etc. Bonus power increases the damage done based on the ammo type Blazer ammo uses a chemical reaction to burn through its targets armor. Hard case ammo is extremely dense to punch through. Shredder is designed to accelerate to higher velocities. Sabot Shredder is capable of over 1500 m/s impacts at maximum range, ripping through armor. Salvos is the number of trigger pulls you get regardless of caliber. Example
A 100 mm rifled salvo weighs 450 kg per salvo regardless off the ammo type. Cost is by ammo type so blazer ammo costs 250 Crd for 15 salvos; power increases by 425. Sabot Shredder ammo for the same gun is 1625 Crd for 2 salvos with a 5 increase in power.

Ammo Types Blazer Smooth Bore Blazer Rifled Blazer Gauss

Power No. of Bonus Salvos 4 4 4 5 4 4 4 4 5 5 6 5 4 5 6 10 15 5 2 10 15 5 2 10 15 5 2 10 15 5 2 20

Cost per Salvo 50*Caliber/10 25*Caliber/10 75*Caliber/10 80*caliber/8 120*caliber/8 60*caliber/8 40*Calliber/8 100*caliber/6 50*Calliber/6 75*Calliber/6 150*Calliber/6 130*Calliber/4 65*Calliber/4 200*Calliber/4 100*Calliber/4 80*Caliber/6 40*Caliber/10

Blazer Caseless

Hard Case Blazer Smooth Bore Hard Case Blazer Tank Rifled Hard Case Blazer Gauss Hard Case Blazer Tank Caseless Shredder Smooth Bore Shredder Rifled Shredder Gauss Sabot Shredder Smooth Bore Sabot Shredder Rifled Sabot Shredder Gauss Sabot Shredder Caseless

Shredder Caseless 6


Plasma Anti-Vehi----cle Shots

Vehicle Weapons Other Vehicle Weapons

Missiles Name -- name of missile Max. Launch Altitude -- maximum altitude missile can be launched at Range (RNG) -- maximum distance missile can travel after launch Cost -- cost in Earth Credits HP Size -- shows how many hard points the missile takes up. PWR -- Destructive capability of Missile Missiles
Missile Name Power Altitude Hard Pts Range Costs Rocket Pod Types Caliber Number HP Size Vehicle Cost



40mm 57mm 75mm 57mm 57mm 75mm

10 10 10 20 20 30 30

2 3 5 5 7 5


2000 3000 4000 4000 6000 9000 2000




Red Dog Falcon SS-4A


90 60 20

G-4 G-6 B-3 B-3

7.5 7.5 6.5 10 4

TAN-12 D-120



100 40 60 70

17 KM

11 KM

8 KM

14500 14000 12500 17500 5500

B-4 B-4 B-4 B-5 B-5 B-5 B-5 B-6 R-1 B-6


9.5 9.5 11 9

20 KM 25 KM 27 KM 25 KM 27 KM

20 KM

17 KM

20500 18500

FLY-1242 Sidewinder Phoenix R-12

100 40 90 50 50 40 80 70 70 70

22500 18000 15000

Rockets Name Name of rocket Caliber Size of required launcher PWR Destructive capability of rocket Range(RNG) Maximum distance rocket can travel after launch BCM (unguided) Base Chance to miss is subtracted from total attack Cost cost in Earth Credits Blast Shows range where targets take full damage.

7.5 10.5 8.5 10.5 7.5 10 12 9

Unguided Rockets
Rocket Types Caliber Range Pwr BCM Blast Cost

30 KM 30 KM 35 KM 37 KM 35 KM

20500 16500 19000 14500 19500 17000


TAN-21 Phase


Shredder Shredder Blazer Blazer


40mm 57mm 75mm

1.5 KM 2.5 KM 2.5 KM 3 KM 1.75km 2.25km 2.75km 2 KM 2 KM

20 20 22 27 25 27 30 25


25% 25% 25% 5% 5%

2m 4m 6m 3m 4m 5m 5m 3m


40mm 57mm 75mm

900 675 875 750 850 950 775



Falcon AG Bolt-12

R-2 R-3

40 KM 45 KM



Blazer Shredder


40mm 57mm 75mm

15% 15% 15%

Rocket Pods Name -- name of rocket pod Caliber Size of required rockets Number Maximum number of Rockets pod can carry rocket can travel after launch HP Size -- Shows how many hard points the rocket pod carries Vehicle Shows what vehicles can carry that pod. Cost Cost in Earth Credits

Blazer Shredder

Blazer Shredder


Vehicle Weapons
Bombs Max. Drop Altitude -- Highest altitude a bomb can be dropped from To Hit Modifier-- lists any modifiers to you attack modifiers. PWR-- amount of damage a bomb does HP Size-- how many hard points the bomb takes up Cost-- cost in Earth Credits Range-- maximum distance from target Minimum Altitude -- Minimum altitude bomb can be dropped from internal bay. A Missile with a 6 HP size means the vehicle needs 6 HP to mount 1 or 1q2 to mount 2.

Overloading a Vehicle

Overloading a vehicle makes it difficult to maneuver. For every 500 KG over the vehicles weight limit the pilot is at a -50 to all Piloting rolls.

Max Unguided HP Drop Bombs Size Alt IB-12A SBI-1A XBUG Guided Bombs GB-X EBI-2 3.6 1.8 3 6 NOE G-2 G-1 NOE

Power 20

ACC -500 -500 0 0

120 Power 105



Max HP Drop Size Alt 5.8 8 7 G-4 G-6 G-5 G-2

ACC 200 400 450 300

Rigia-19x additive A powerful additive to any munition. Which adds both destructive power and range to the explosion. Rigia - 19x boosts an explosive so its attack is multiplied by several times, depending on the successes of the attack. The amount of Rigia added is called its charge force and limits the damage a Rigia Enhanced weapon can do. Each point is worth 1 Charge Force (CF). Forces Cost Rigia -19x has been approved to be added only to vehicle weapons where the increase in 0 3200 explosive power and range makes sense. The only Vehicle gun ammo that can be boosted 0 1000 with Rigia - 19x is blazer ammo. 0 1500 See the combat section for information on 0 2100 damage of a Rigia enhanced weapon. Costs: ((Power * 20,000) * Points of Rigia added) credits per shot/warhead upgraded. Forces Cost Adding rigia - 19x is a dangerous 2 4 3 1 3000 4100 1900






Loading your Vehicle Vehicles all have limited space to load weapons. As long as your total tonnage is below maximum, you may place more ammo in your vehicle. Record on your sheet how many shots for each weapon. To carry missiles and rockets the vehicles must add Hard points.

Mounting Vehicle Weapons


After vehicle enhancements is the section with weapons for vehicles. Starting vehicles have no mounted or hard points for weapons, they must all be purchased. Mounting Guns Guns can be directly mounted or added to a turret. Guns weight is subtracted from the remaining free weight of the vehicle. Adding a turret further lowers the free weight, whil allowing for a better arc of fire for the gun or guns in the turret. Mounting Missiles, Bombs, and Rocket Pods These weapons all use the Hard point system, as they require a detachable interface to the VCI for firing. Hard points must be purchased (see vehicle additions) and they take free weight to add, Once free weight is gone no more normal hard points may be purchased. Missile, Rocket Pods and Bombs all have a hard point size that requires that many Hard points to mount on a vehicle or in an

Vehicle Weapons
with missile bays, not usable on rails. TEF: 3 Cost: 10,000 RM: Weapons Weight: 10 kg per link PUTO: 0 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Proximity Fused Rounds: Allows any ChemProject gun or missile shot to explode and do damage even if they miss. If roll misses by 200 or less target takes 1/2 normal damage (no roll difference). TEF: 10 Cost: 2500 Ammo 4000 missiles RM: n/a Weight: 0 PUTO: 0 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Laser Guidance System: This is a system that allows rockets to be more accurate. A low power laser with a range of 4 KM must lock onto the target. This laser has an accuracy of 60. Player must roll to hit for laser first. If to hit roll is made, target is locked on and rocket Accuracy becomes 100. The rockets may be fired either way. TEF: 14 Cost: Laser: 20,000 Rocket Sensor: 700 RM: Weapons Weight: 100 kg PUTO: 0 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Magazine Switch: Allows firer to choose ChemProject ammo, if more than one type is carried. You need one switch for each additional type of ammo. TEF: 5 Cost: 2500 RM: n/a Weight: 0 PUTO: 0 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a ARLOS Seeker Chip: Missile guidance system that allows any missile to lock on to the ECM of the emitter of the target vehicle. The ECM has no effect on the missile it tracks as normal. Vehicles not emitting ECM get NO additional bonuses against this system, missiles track as normal. TEF: 15 Cost: 60,000 RM: 0 Weight: 0 PUTO: 0 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Missiles smart locks: add 20 to all BASE data loads for accuracy. TEF: 10 Cost: 15,000 RM: n/a Weight: 0 PUTO: 0 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Anti-Air computer lock: allows Scouts and Boats to fire at planes and Helos while target is at Mach speed. TEF: 25 Cost: 60,000 RM: Weapons Weight: 10 kg per link PUTO: 0 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Synthetic Titanium Sabot Shredders (STSS): A powerful shot that does +200 PWR and raises the BCC of the Vehicle by 30. Also, if it hits an unarmored target double damage and BCC is 200%. TEF: 3 Cost: 85 x Caliber per 10 salvos RM: n/a Weight: 0 PUTO: 0 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Chaff Jammer - When used against VCI the Grav, Electromagnetic, or WNF data is jammed. Subtract from of any attacking missile SkillSet. TEF: 5 *1d10 Cost: 15,000 RM: Weapons Weight: 100 kg PUTO: 0 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Max Apps:1

Tech Spot Light: Rigia - 19x Explosives

2002 was a very good year for the Military Industrial sector of the old US empire. The Paulson Units were well on their way, good progress was being made to crush their old enemy the Soviet Union, and Rigia - 19x was accidentally discovered in a weapons lab. Two researchers decided to see what the effect would be if they exposed an experimental form of Tritex 3 explosives to a particle accelerator. It resulted in an explosion that destroyed 1/2 the research facility. 2 years later Rigia - 19x weapons were used with devastating effect. The explosive created a scaled expansion of explosive power and range. An irradiated hydrogen base designed to violently expand an explosion, Rigia gives all the punch of a tactical nuclear weapon without the devastating radiation. The first use of Rigia-19x was on the front in Poland, and it broke the soviet lines wide open. The time needed to make the material in quantity was the only thing that stopped the NATO forces from overwhelming the Soviets. Today Rigia - 19x is a costly component of the combat sector, giving them extra punch with Charge Force weapons. The use of enhanced personnel weapons has slowed since 2102; it was discovered that the violence of the explosions could even pierce the astral plane for limited damage. Thus having a PSI drop these enhanced grenades is a dangerous proposition. Sub Planning Group 12, Combat Sector

Level 1

Vehicle Weapon Upgrades Level 0

Weapon link: allows any two guns to be fired at a single target with the greater ACC. for both weapons to hit. Links may not be linked. TEF: 5 Cost: 20,000 no wt. Missiles do not need to be linked, but rocket pods do. RM: 1 to Weapons per Link Weight: 10 kg per link PUTO: 0 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: 1 action to fire any combinations of links, roll once. Additional Hard points: Adds 10 more hard points per application at no wt. One application per level. Maximum hard points that can be added using this technology is: Jets +100, +80 for Helos, and +60 for scouts/boats


Vehicle Weapons

Sunburst Jammer - This device deters Electromagnetic, SNF, Chem. Data from VCI 60% or less (1d100 percentile) those forces are confused and the missile has bad data loaded Subtract -350 from the attack. TEF: 5 Cost: 30,000 RM: Weapons Weight: 100kg PUTO: 0 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Max Apps:1 Scout /Boat Missile Bay - An internal missile bay which holds offensive missiles used for attack. VLS Launcher system required to actually fire missiles at a Target. TEF: 5 Cost: 20,00 per 4 Hard Points RM: Body/ Weapons Weight: 250 kg per 4 hard points PUTO: 0 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: 1/3 of Vehicles total weight Vertical Launching System - Must be used in conjunction with a scout missile bay. Allow scouts to fire missiles. The missiles are all in vertical launchers in the Scout Bay. Hard points must be linked to fire multiple missiles. TEF: 10 Cost: 80,000 RM: +2 to Weapons Weight: 2000kg PUTO: 800 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Anti-ECM Seeker Chip - Allows missile warhead to track any vehicle emitting ECM at double to hit ACC. If ECM is not activated -90 to warhead ACC. TEF: 15 Cost: 1,000 RM: n/a Weight: 0 PUTO: 0 Forces: All (No Calon) Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a

High Density Ammo ChemProject Weaponry: Adds 30 to the Base critical Chance of any Vehicle the round hits. 10% chance the round fails to explode (affects only explosive warheads). TEF: 5 Cost: 35,000 RM: n/a Weight: 0 PUTO: 0 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Multi Excited Photon Tracking System; This tracking system bathes the target in excited photons in multiple states. Active Range of the system to bathe the target with the Photons is equal to VCI. The photons can be targeted from up to 60 KM away after Vehicle has been hit (normal attack roll) with the photons. Any Vehicle with this system can track the target. Photons last for 6 seconds. Adds +75 to hit to all shots. TEF: 15 Cost: 2.1 Million RM: +1 Weapons +2 Controls Weight: 500 kg PUTO: 1300 Forces: WNF/Elect Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Hard Case Shredder Shells: A shell modification that increases the Base Critical Chance of the Shot by 20% and adds +250 true damage. TEF: 3 Cost: 6,000 for 10 salvos RM: n/a Weight: 0 PUTO: 0 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Smart Missile Chip -- When added to a missiles BASE data load, accuracy is quadrupled and adds .5 KM to the range. One chip per missile. TEF: 3 Cost: 25,000 RM: n/a Weight: 0 PUTO: 0 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Advanced Vehicle Combat Program- This device allows the weapons of the vehicle to increase the quality of missile data load by adding 25 to ACC. TEF: 5 Cost: 30,000 RM: Controls/Weapons Weight: 10 kg per link PUTO: 0 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Vehicular Smart Ammo A process that modifies Ammo for 75mm and larger caliber guns. The ammo has a smart chip and fins added to them. The chip allows the shot to use a vehicle targeting laser system (see rockets) to correct its shot in flight. To hit as laser guided rockets. Adds 1000m to max range of shot. TEF: 10 Cost:120,000 per salvo RM: n/a Weight: 0 PUTO: 0 Forces: Elect/Phys Tech Type: VSIC Additional: requires targeting laser

Level 3

Level 2

Smart Missile Lock: When added to a missile BASE data load accuracy is doubled due to smart programs which also add .5 KM to missiles range. 1 per missile. TEF: 8 Cost:15,000 RM: n/a Weight: 0 PUTO: 0 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Rocket Assisted Vehicle Rounds - This modification to vehicle gun rounds doubles the effective range of the round by placing a rocket booster on the shell. If the salvo is fired at the original ranges, Double the gun ACC and add 2 to its power. If at the extended ranges, gun damage and ACC is normal. TEF: 5 Cost: 2500 per salvo RM: n/a Weight: 0 PUTO: 0 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a


Electronic Counter Measures Nullifier (ECMN) This is an add on system for a VCI designed to nullify ECM and its effects. This system has the same range as the VCI. ECMN, like ECM, assumes the base TEF of the VCI and the Forces of the VCI. The ECMN TEF must be divided among the available forces at a Tech shop as chips must be added and replaced. ECMN does not add to combat THP it only lowers ECM minuses. TEF: VCI TEF Max TEF: VCI TEF *2 Cost: Base unit: 75,000 Cost to upgrade TEF: 10,000 per +1 TEF Chip RM: ECMN TEF to controls Weight: 1000 kg PUTO: 500 per 50 TEF Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a

Vehicle Weapons

Vehicle Heat Converter Lattice -- A Crystal Structure that subtracts 200 from the EF of any explosive hit. The BCC of the vehicle is lowered by 15 for explosive and Plasma hits. The lattice can survive 5 hits and must then be replaced. Adds 25 SP to body. TEF: 7 Cost:1.5 million RM: Weapons Weight: 1000 kg PUTO: 500 Forces: WNF/Chem/Phys Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a

Level 4

Vehicle Tachyon Targeter A complex system of WNF equipment that streams Tachyon to a specific target. This Targ adds +100 to hit. The system is designed to work with Projectile weapons, not missile types. Each gun that you want to use with the Tachyon Targ needs a separate unit to do so. TEF: 15 Cost: 150,000 Max Apps: 5 RM: +2 Body Weight: 1000 kg PUTO: 250 Forces: Chem./ Phys Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Vehicle Composite Armor -- This layering system reallocates armor and places a synthetic poly-carbon fluid in between the layers. The fluid slows down and dampens explosions and kinetic force. The system may be added 4 times. The system 25 EF from any attacks and adds 100 SP to the body. TEF: 5 Cost: 15,000 RM: Weapons Weight: 10 kg per link PUTO: 0 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Directional ECM -- Allows any vehicle with ECM to apply its VCI force TEFs on additional targets. Cost: an action to activate per target, max of 2. The system allows the target range to be forward radar range of the Vehicles controls. So a vehicle with a radar range of 20 KM could add its ECM to an ally within 10 KM. TEF: 10 Cost: 150,000 RM: +3 Controls Weight: 1500 kg PUTO: 5000 Forces: As VCI Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a

Improved Ammo Storage - Adds 50 SP per ton/ Hard point. to vehicle weapon systems per salvo of Ammo carried. This stays even if ammo is fired. However, the number of salvos carried total should drop so do SP and may only be purchased once. TEF: 5 Cost: 25,000 RM: Weapons Weight: 0 PUTO: 0 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: maximum of 10,000 kg additional storage Laser Re-director System A vehicle system that when used against laser targeters, creates a false return. The false return has a 50% chance (Laser Guided Bombs, Laser guided ChemProject ammo, and Laser Guided rockets only) to make the Attacker the target, or else the shot misses. The attacker may make a normal perception roll, if they make it by 50 or more the missile or racket misses them. Should they not detect the redirected attack, the Attacker rolls as normal. TEF: 6 Cost: 165,000 RM: Weapons Weight: 2500 kg PUTO: 2000 Forces: Elect/SNF Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Vehicle Reactive Armor Boost -- Allows vehicle reactive armor to be tripled for 1 action every three phases. This can be used a maximum of 8 times a day then plates must recharge (normal reactive is fine). Doubles range of reactive armor so all attacks are at 80EF TEF: 15 Cost: 450,000 RM: +2 Body Weight: 500 kg PUTO: 2500 Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a


Level 5

Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) This addition to a vehicle VCI is designed to block VCI scans to generate tracking data for a VCI guided attack. The system, utilizing the available VCI forces, creates blocking signals against any other VCI scan. The base system has a TEF equal to the VCI, but the TEF must be divided between the available forces. So a Base VCI with ECM and a TEF of 30

Vehicle Weapons
would have Physical, Electromagnetic and WNF and would divide the 30 TEF between the three forces (10 TEF each or 7 TEF to 2 and 16 to the other etc..). ECM does not add to hit, only subtracts from the THP of an attacking vehicle. The configuration cannot be changed in the air, only on the ground as physical Chips must be added and removed to change the TEF of the system. Base ECM add on TEF: VCI TEF Max TEF: VCI TEF *2 Cost: Base unit: 60,000 TEF Upgrade Chips: 15,000 +1 TEF RM: ECM TEF /30 to controls Weight: 1000 kg PUTO: 500 per 50 TEF Forces: none Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Vehicle Reactive Armor - This system, like personnel reactive, sends a burst of electricity to stop ANY type attack. The body must have a sensor web built in to it at a cost of 50,000. Then to make the system work you must purchase chips at a cost of 15,000 each. Each chip sub tracts 25 from the true damage done by any attack. The maximum is 10 chips. TEF: 20 Cost: Body Web: 50,000 Upgrade Chips: 15,000 RM: +3 Body Weight: 1000 kg PUTO: 6000 Forces: As VCI Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Vehicle Projected Sound Disintegrators A concentrated Pattern of sound is directed at a non-moving target. Each round the target takes 50 SP (PWR 10 to soft targets) to all systems. The BCC of the target is at +40. Should target move faster than 130 kmph the Projector will become ineffective. Has a range of 3.5 KM.TEF: 40 Cost: 500,000 RM: n/a Weight: 5,600 kg PUTO: 5000 Forces: Elect/SNF/Phys Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a Explosive Reactive Armor -- A more basic form of reactive armor that uses small explosive packets of Rigia-19x enhance explosives to disperse an attacks energy. The bomblets go off when the vehicle is hit and 200 SP from any damage the attack does. The multiple packs of explosives also add 50 SP to the vehicle body. Explosive reactive armor works against 3000 SP, before it needs to be recharged. Recharge cost is equal to cost of repairing 50 SP of body damage. TEF: 10 Cost: 450,000 RM: +2 Body Weight: 7,500 kg PUTO: 0 Forces: Phys Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a

Rumors IJC Investigations Compiled by Miranda Delgari 2136/04/28

BioTech Corp is rumored to be creating a new type of armor/weapons system. They say it combines Exo and vehicle tech to create an oversized EXO that can destroy vehicles.

Corp Sector

Civilian Sector

Threats of old fashioned war between countries seems very real as the MoaSen continue to martial defense forces at the borders near EZone 48A-FMR. The Free Mericans say they will defend with everything they have.

Combat Sector

StrikeForce Golden Force reported combat with numerous Bio Horrors in the jungles of the Empire of the Congo. Tech Guild thinks an illegal research Center may have been compromised.

Disenfranchised Sector

A Shanty Town in Argentina has become a clearing house for a number of illegal tech items stolen from JDA and other South Ameracan Corps.

Illegal Tech Use

Reports of Corrupted vanders AI taking control of Droids to reek havoc on Corporate Offices ahve increased in the last 6 months. Rumors of an individual or entity named Vincent being behind the increase cannot be confirmed.

Level 6


Analysis Chip Missile Guidance Mount -- Allows user to add an Analysis chip in a Missile. The Analysis chip must have Piloting: Vehicle Weaponry chips TEF is added to THP of attack. Mount has ECMN All forces at a 10 TEF and may add to planes ECMN. When targeting any missile with this chip, addition is cumulative. Adds 3 pts to missile size. TEF: analysis Chip Cost:135,000 RM: n/a Weight: 0 kg PUTO: 0 Forces: As VCI Tech Type: VSIC Additional: n/a

Taking Risks
homas Ernst was looking out the cargo Helos open door, as they flew towards the large and looming building that was corporate Headquarters of AvCorp/ESA. The desert was quiet for now, the defensive emplacements placed throughout the ruins of Riyadh and the country side were tracking the Helo, but it was a confirmed friendly, and did not fire at it. There was no way for those remote emplacements to know that a Strike Team had killed the pilot and taken control of the vehicle. No way could AvCorp and its infamous security teams know that the Death Vipers were in route carrying the most advanced weapons of the 22nd century. Henderson, check all the plasma weapons and make sure everyone has sufficient ammo. Henderson nodded, moving to the other STOs in the Helo; checking their Type 4 plasma weapons. The new plasma weapons looked different with a much wider and shorter barrel while weighing the same as ChemProject weapons. Thats where the comparison ended; the damage that a bolt of searing hot plasma could do was a different level. While Ernst was not sure this move would get Kiltanni Plasma the results they wanted, he really wanted to use these weapons in combat. Showing the world the incredible potential of these weapons could back fire on them; Ernst did not really care. The DeathVipers had just come off a really hard year, losing a member in a fire fight with some Defense Zone legs outside of a FACOM. Denny had been a new and young STO with promise; Ernst stopped that line of thought, the pain was still pretty raw. After that a run in with Air Pirates over some cargo they had stolen; had cost Henderson her vehicle, a perfect Jet called The Smash. Yeah it had been a bad year and this was the mission to change it all thought Ernst. All we need is to succeed at this mission, then we can punch our ticket and work for anyone; yeah anyone.

You saw the analysis we did of these weapons; Supron Alloy Light Armors and their new Frame Armor melted the layers like it was cloth. The elegant frame of the Tech Master shifted in her chair as she leaned forward. Weapon Type 5's with armor piercing rounds are not as effective. Better defenses are needed, that's all there is to it. Syra grimaced, remembering the report, no current armor could stand up to an experienced user of the plasma weapons. I really think that by the time experienced users hit the field the defenses could be ready, even Wagnaer said that in their last status. The Tech Master shook her head We cannot take that risk, I am sorry. The UN Minister for Technology cleared his throat Well I think thats all we can do for now. he paused checking his notes and not smiling as he looked back up Ms Tacis I will be in touch. I will see if the UN cannot help you find some investors to hold you over until the defenses catch up. Thank You for your time. The video on the terminal on her desk ended, the screen simply scrolling investment numbers and other useless business data. damn it we are ruined if we dont get these out the door, RUINED! The small glass figurine, an STO in the act of firing a weapon, flew across the room shattering into a million pieces. Just like daddys dream the young woman thought, looking at the shattered pieces of glass.

AvCorp Headquarters was a resplendent tower of metal and glass rising from the desert floor. A large oblong disc resting on a gigantic tower, it rose up 400m from the large collection of buildings below it. The facility was built over the last 100 plus years, now made up of many areas including; Flenders Tower, the Future Business campus, logistic support and military HQ. Taking up over 15 square KM, ending just a few KM from the ruins of the pre-conflict city once called Riyadh. In the air and on the ground surrounding the campus automated drones and emplacements tracked any vehicle with-in 30 KM of the campus. Scattered throughout the desert, the wreckage of vehicles who had violated the air space of the Tower lay rusting, blasted warnings for those foolish enough to try and attack AvCorp. The Helos approach was normal. Speed, weapons, flight path; everything looked normal to approach controllers in the Tower. The Helo suddenly began to fly erratically, its altitude changing as it started to drift toward the main tower; away from the cargo landing area. Cargo Flight 82 this is AvCorp Control what is your status? Please return to your confirmed flight path or you risk being destroyed. The encrypted UNIWeb communications was direct to the pilot, the panicked reply would have alarmed any other controller. AvCorp Control, Flight 82 declaring an emergency , Gravelectric engines have malfunctioned, controls are fighting the engines. I am working on it give me 2 minutes. Please DON'T shoot me down. The immediate response Pilot you have 30 seconds to return to your original flight path or you will be shot down. The controllers voice was clear of any emotion, her job was very clear and nothing the pilot said was going to change it. Cargo Helo 82 swung up and closer to the main tower


Minister Tyaki, Master Tech Diesga, I appreciate your concerns, but Kiltanni Corp created these weapons with the understanding that we could release them immediately. We have invested a tremendous amount of money into this project, to not release could bankrupt us. Our investors will not tolerate a 12 month delay. Syra Tacis, CEO of Kiltanni Corp spoke emphatically, trying with all she had to save the company her father had founded. Ms. Tacis we understand the issues this delay presents, however the defenses we at the UN and the Tech Guild require for these weapons to be released are simply not ready. Supron Alloy and Wagner Androsyne are both significantly behind on the physical and reactive armor upgrades required to defend against the ejected plasma. Tech Master Didre Diesaga looked at Syra with a faint smile, body language suggesting she had sympathy for the younger woman in front of her. Her words did not match that however, Quite frankly you and your teams did too good a job. You have a created a weapon that could wipe out the Combat Sector in a matter of months. It simply cannot be allowed. The Tech Guild Master continued, her voice calm and firm.

Root 2 Access

of AvCorp HQ, still flying erratically. In response the automated emplacements started tracking their guns and missiles towards the helpless Helo; three drones also flew up, primed for action. The Helo jerked upwards, a sudden and aggressive move directly towards the middle of the Towers Disc. The Toiwers defenses reacted, as if the helo had crossed some sort of invisible line, 4 tree trunk sized, red bolts of power exploded from the outer skin of Flenders Tower. The powerful bolts, comprised of electromagnetic and gravity force, hit and stopped the Helo in mid air a second later. The skin covering the Helos frame rippled from the force of the bolts. Following the reactive armor attack, 4 automated emplacements and 2 of the 3 drones fired guns and missiles at the Helo; their impact further shredded the Helo. On fire the Helo shattered into small book sized chunks disappearing in to the darkness. The 3rd drone flew close to the tower searching for any sign of damage or unusual activity on the surface of the tower. The drone flew sweeps for 5 minutes over large section of both the Tower and Disc. Its controller, finding nothing returned the drone to its normal patrol route. It had been a very bumpy leap from the Helo to the skin of the tower. They had barely gotten out of the Helo before it was vaporized. The automated program flying the Helo had moved as close to the Tower as it could before the helo was destroyed. Having moved closer to the Tower than originally planned, the jump parameters had changed due to the wind and the Helos explosion. Jumping across the 10 meters to the tower, had become a free for all and desperate lesson in survival. Ernst was unsure where the rest of the StrikeForce was, the exodus from the Helo having scattered them across the disc of the Tower. Death Vipers reports status. Ernst waited as all 4 of his team checked in. Chameleon systems and ionic bonding kept the hiden and secure on the Disc, they were too small for the towers reactive armor to detect them. The last Drones had just flown away; they were safe for now. A few meters to Ernsts' right was a large conference room window, at least they had landed close to one of their targets. Henderson, get up here and set the charges. Yep Tom, I am on my way. Ernst watched as a large clump of plastique appeared on the window casing, put there by a ghost named Henderson. Well no one thought we would get this far, I think its gonna be ok Ernst smiled at the thought.

make up my own mind! Picking up a terminal pad, Felix activated a program. Suddenly a familiar voice was speaking in the room. Bob, AvCorp knows you have a lot invested in these plasma defenses. We are not asking you to shelve them, just hold them up for a few months. Ya know long enough for Kiltanni and AvCorp to come to a reasonable deal on the patents. Of course we can help you deal with the cargo companies. Syra Yelled at Felix TURN IT OFF! Obviously shaken no one could read Syras thoughts. One argument with father makes me CEO and he does not seem willing to forgive. I offered him everything he wanted and he still just left, I will stop him or destroy him. Looking at the pained faces of Cradic and her assembled department heads, Syri knew what had to be done as badly as it hurt her. She would not let her brother destroy her greatest achievement, her fathers legacy. She spoke quietly to everyone in the room. My brother gets one chance, then we find a way to take it all back. Cradic, contact our usual StrikeForces see who might be available for a difficult penetration mission. Syra nodded to her directors and walked out calmly. Everyone in the room followed her out just moments afterwords, each one had the same thought when she gets in a mood like that someone dies.

The DeathVipers had been bonded to the skin of the AvCorps tower HQ for almost an hour. Buffeted by extremely cold and powerful winds, it had been a challenge to hold on. Henderson had taken longer than planned to plant the charges around the window in the pitch black night, because the passive defense systems of the Tower threw up so much interference their helmet optics were only working about half the time. It was treacherous work for Henderson to plant the charges around the window. Even with the armored casing these were the easiest way in because of their size. Any conference room would have done, Ernst was just happy they had made it close to one. Crawling for long distances on the surface of the Tower would have been a huge risk. Finally Hendersons voice crackled over the data net Charges are planted guys, we go in 2 minutes. No one asked Henderson if the explosives were going to do the job, it was her job to know. The DeathVipers were all Special Tactics Officers so combat skills, melee or fire combat oriented, were a major focus of all team members. Each person also had a secondary role and skills to manage it. Samatha Henderson was the teams heavy weapons, traps and demolitions expert. Tommy Acton was their computer, electronics, and science guy. Shari was the teams social engineer; lying, cheating, and quoting police procedures as the team needed. Thomas Ernst was a generalist and in charge of medical stuff, while also being the de facto leader of the group. Brace yourselves, here we go said Henderson, 12 charges around the window casing blew in a synchronised explosion. Henderson had designed the explosion to destroy enough of the casement around the window, hoping it would look like the Helo explosion had caused the damage. Henderson held her breath, the cracked window stayed in

Damn it Syra will you listen to me! I have proof that Hyri caused this! Why won't you listen? Cradic Selz was so angry his face was red, his spit making small spots all over the table. I have not worked here for 15 years to see us destroyed by a spoiled child, even if he is your brother and my god child. You have to listen to the audio I have. Syra looked at all the department heads , these people around the table deserved to know the truth, no matter how bad it hurt her. I take it this audio has been verified? By someone other than you Cradic. Yes Ms. Tacis I had the R&D section make certain it is a clean data stream. Felix Davies, head of R&D had a pleading tone in his voice. This convinced her more than anything Cradic had said, this had to be finished. Fine Felix play the track, but I will


Access Granted

place even as huge chunks of the casement ripped away into the dark night sky. Time stopped as the DeathVipers held their breaths. 10 full seconds passed the window had not moved. Ernst began to panic, when a large jagged piece of casing bar flew away; the wind was working on the cracks and holes in the broken frame. The window ripped out of the remaining casement, the loud groan lost to the swirling winds, spinning away into the black night sky. Ernst was the closest to the Conference room window, moving into the room with painstaking carefulness. Scanning the room with his optics from the windows edge he rolled in to the building. Standing in the conference room Ernst continued sweeping the room with the barrel of his plasma rifle, looking for any threat. Ernst was impressive in a skull shaped helmet, black and red layered frame armor, which hid complicated protection and functional systems. Seconds after entering the room Ernsts' activated one of those systems; light blurred around the edges of Ernst armor and then he disappeared from sight. Even his boots prints, imprinted deeply in to the rooms carpet, disappeared. All clear lets get moving. Repair folks will be up here in no time. Ernst sounded calm; but he was on the ragged edge of worry no one had ever gotten this far before. Three more figures entered the room, two wearing frame armor and Shari wearing skin tight light armor covering her body in a very distracting way. Shari looked ready to party or kill, which ever was the better offer. The rest of the team activated their chameleon systems as they entered the room and disappeared. Shari and Tommy moved up to the conference room door, focused opening the door without setting off any alarms. Tommy announced sheepishly Well, its gonna open, but I have no real idea if the sensors are bypassed. Shari thinks we are good. Everybody ready for the worst? Cause here we go. The door swung into the room and nothing changed. No blaring alarms or voices announcing intruders, the corridors stayed quiet. Okay we need to get to Office 8316 four levels up on level 8, stairs are 125 meters on the left, lets move Thomas Ernst finished his sentence by sending a map to the helmet displays of his companions. They StrikeForce moved quickly down the corridor without disrupting their chameleon technology. As they moved, Sharis' finally succeeded in accessing the local network, on her 8th attempt. Root0 of the network had little data in it, what she found was not good. Guys I am Root0 of the network indicates the whole net locked down 30 seconds ago. I think they are on to us.

the wall. Hyri ended the transmission; his face and voice disappearing from the terminal pad Syra was using. She saw the smug smile on his face as it faded away; a smile that screamed father made a mistake. WELL FUCK YOU TOO! Syra screamed at no one in particular, turning her foul mood on her assistant, she screamed again Get Cradic in here! Now! The older man arrived quickly, he had been waiting around the corner for her summons. Yes Syra what can I do? What did your brother say. Syra looked at him contempt and anger seething in her eyes and voice Nothing worth repeating. I want you to find me a StrikeForce willing to use plasma weapons to break into AvCorp HQ in the Industrial Zone. As soon as possible. Cradics eyes went wide as his brain tried to comprehend what her plan might be. He could not see anything that made any sense. Syra attacking AvCorp would be a huge mistake! Syra glared at him, her whole body shaking with rage at the world. NO! We are going to get the data we need to prove to the UN what AvCorp has done. We take it from Hyris' office, get him thrown out on his ear and release the weapons. Syra, her body still trembling with rage in a quiet voice laced with fury. Get me a StrikeForce that can do this job and do it now! Tell me it is just business. This is AvCorp wanting to dominate a market that is ours. I will not let it happen again! Hyri I will stop them and you will pay the price. The thoughts were accompanied by images of her throwing her brother from the roof of the Kiltanni HQ. She smiled and went to work on her plan. No one bothered Syra for a long time, and that was just what she wanted.


The DeathVipers had picked up speed once Shari announced they had been detected. Running towards the stairs, then up 4 levels to their target; office 8316. Approaching the door Henderson and Ernst took up defensive positions on either side, while Shari and Tommy again disconnected the door from the network. Crap Tommy, did the other door have that circuit? Shari sounded very surprised Ya know Shari I think it did, but we bypassed it, I remember doing it. Shari stood up ripping the door open. We are done sneaking, they knew we opened the last door, that circuit is a dead mans trip. Touch it and it sets off alarms. We need to get up the 4 levels fast. I can only guess how many security folks are on the way. Shari turned, running up the stairs, two at a time. The rest of the DeathVipers followed as fast as they could; Tommy stopped to lock the stairway door and was now bringing up the rear. As Shari approached the third landing, the door exploded off its hinges slamming into the opposite wall, blocking the stair well. A large Droid, designed like a tank with tracks and bristling with weapons, entered the stairway. Spinning its multiple turrets towards the DeathVipers, it opened fire. Sharis dodge was 2 parts instinct and 1 part skill as she reacted, leaping over the Droid just as it fired 2 ChemProject weapons at where she and her team were standing. Missing Shari, Ernst and Henderson who also managed to dodge the shots, both contorting and diving to the ground to avoid being hit. Tommy did not react fast enough tak-

Hyri tell me why you would do this to me, your own sister? Syra was trying so hard to speak calmly her knuckles were white from the tension in her clenched hands. AvCorp has screwed Kiltanni 3 other times; we need these plasma weapons to go out on time. Syra's voice, strong and proud trailed off as her brother started laughing. MY GOD! Could you be any more self absorbed? This is business, it has nothing to do with you. I left Kiltanni for a reason; which was to get rich. This is my first step in getting rich. AvCorp has taken what they want from you before and this time will be no different, I saw the writing on

Root 2 Access

ing 2 blasts to his upper torso, 2 other blasts ripped holes in the walls. Tommys armor exploded with gravity enhanced reactive blasts which broke up the attacks as they hit. Several holes appeared in Tommys armor, even with the protective systems trying to stop the attack. A large quantity of blood splattered on the stairs and walls; Tommy lost his balance, falling forward onto the upper landing. Ernst heard the hissing of Tommies drug pack go off as he fired his new Plasma weapon at the huge Droid. The bright red bolt of super heated plasma struck the Droid dead center in its armored torso, which flash melted, hissing steam and sparks. The Droid had a smoking hole in its chest, but it was still functional. The Droids weapons still tracked the DeathVipers looking for new targets and fired again, hitting Ernts, doing only superficial damage to his armor. Shari placed her plasma rifle against the hull of the Droid and fired, point blank. The blast shattered the metal container body of the Droid, sparks and flames shot out of every seam. The plasma blast shot through the Droid and its right track was hit by the penetrating shot, melted tread flew everywhere. The Droid shuddered, made a screeching noise and died, its weapons no longer moving. Tommy you ok? Ernst asked, worried they had just lost a quarter of their fire power Yeah. Drugs kicked in, I feel fine. Shari grabbed the door covering the stairway and threw it out of her way. Shari covered the 2 sets of stairs, calling out Then lets get moving kids. Time is short. Running the last few flights of steps, Shari threw open the door to level 10. The Office is to the right 4 down, cover me! Shari activated her Chameleon system and disappeared, moving in the direction of the office. The rest also activated their Chameleon systems and moved up looking for another threat.

sions that made careers, he and his StrikeForce had to try. As long as we can keep these little beauties after? I think that could be arranged as well. Syra knew she had them So we will see your DeathVipers here tomorrow for their first round of training right? Ernst was still enthralled with the test Vid replaying behind her as he nodded .

Shari was a few meters ahead of the rest of her StrikeForce, kicking in doors to offices. She had destroyed 4 doors with martial arts kicks, on the 5th she found her target. She entered quickly, transmitting everything she saw back to her team mates. Her luck held out, finding a terminal pad still logged in to the users personal root 5 network location. Quickly she hooked up her helmet and downloaded all the data she could to a ROM chip. Then she found several pieces of static paper (thin plastic sheets which displayed electrostatic images until replaced by another image) with notes on the state of Plasma weapons defense. Grabbing the sheets Shari looked up, something was wrong she could feel it, standing in the doorway looking right at her was an ExoSkeleton clad STO, with AvCorp badges. The huge Armor system, sporting a shoulder mounted gattling cannon and a hammer striking a mountain with lightning bolts symbol. Thors Hammers! Screamed through her brain We are so dead! Her Chameleon still active, Shari tried to use the terrain to hide from the threatening mountain of metal and weapons looking for her. The person in the Exo paused for only a second and the spoke to theseemingly empty room. I see you, now show yourself or die! Knowing she was caught, Shari deactivated her chameleon system, her hand in the air. A red and blue bolt of plasma melted the helmet of the EXO and the head off the STO standing in front of her. Shari was stunned at how fast the Plasma shot had ended the ExoSkeleton and its human wearer. The ExoSkeleton, even with its metal plating had done almost nothing to stop the attack; the shot had made no noise except for a loud hiss, which became the scream of air and metal being vaporized at super high temperatures. Ernst voice snapped her out of her shock Shari move out now. We have to get going Shari did not need to be told twice, she knew more ExoSkeletons were coming closer by the second. Dropping all pretense of stealth the Death Vipers ran for the west side of the building, hoping their escape was not blocked.

Captain BlackStar Ernst, we need your team for this. We believe that no one else can get this done. I promise you money is no object. Ernst looked at this CEO like she was crazy and told her so You want us to steal a memo and all the data from this Hyri person? Inside AvCorp HQ? For 300,000 and some fantasy weapon? Lady even I am not that nuts. Syra smiled Its not a fantasy, plasma weapons are real. Let me show you, and if you are not impressed you can leave with no hard feelings. The STO looked sceptical, the large glass wall behind the CEO began scrolling a Vid. The vid was of a man blasting huge holes in 4 obviously active ExoSkeletons. Each multi colored shot from the rifle was seemingly immune to the reactive armor and very effective against the plating systems of the Exo armor. Causing multiple penetrations and explosions as it hit , one of the Exo's even collapsed as it fell apart from only 3 hits. Ernst had never seen such firepower before, his eyes were wide; leaning on the edge of his seat watching each hit and the damage it did. We would have to be trained and have some time to use them in real conditions. Perhaps my team and I could clean up some of the gang problems on Sublevel 4? Syra smiled I think we can arrange for that, assuming of course you accepted the mission. Thomas Ernst knew a gamble when he saw it, but these were the kind of mis-

Syra what happens if they fail or piss off AvCorp somehow? Cradic asked Syra as they watched the 4 vehicles streak away from Houston, traveling east at hypersonic speeds. Syra was silent, staring at the fading streaks in the night sky. Cradic give all non security staff the rest of the week off. Tell Security to go to highest levels of alert at all 7 of our facilities. Distribute all the plasma weapons and ammo to security as well. Tell legal to draw up a Declaration of Corporate War against AvCorp. Then you go home too. Syra used her most official voice to give the orders, but it cracked under the strain. I think this works or Kiltanni Weapons has a very dark future. Cradic thank you for all the advice and your dedication, this decision is on


Access Granted

my head. Cradic put his arm around this girl whom he thought of as his daughter Syra, you know I will be by your side however this comes down, good or bad. Do you really think it will go that bad? Syra looked at Cradic and smiled I think it will be fine Cradic, but its better to be prepared. I am getting far to good at lying to those closest to me. This plan has little chance to succeed, but I am not going to let AvCorp do this to us again. Never again.

The DeathVipers ran for their lives as alarms began to sound throughout the Tower. Second Stage Alert. Enemy Combatants in the Tower all Forces to Level 10 alertness. The electronic voice repeated its warnings again, the DeathVipers smashed into a larger office on the west side of the Tower. The sound and shrapnel of ChemProject ammo blasting the wall and the door behind them followed them into the office. All four STO's dove for the floor, turning around and firing at those behind them. The running battle with at least 12 ExoSkeletons had evened out, on 3 were left. Only the DeathVipers quick reaction, bolstered by drugs and luck, and the power of the plasma weapons had saved them. The had wounded or killed at least 17 AvCorp Security and StrikeForce personnel as they had run. Many of the ExoSkeletons from StrikeForces much more experienced then they were. The Plasma shots flew down the corridor, to Hendersons satisfaction screams mixed with small explosions floated down the corridors. Okay lets blow out the window and get outta here. Thomas Ernst knew this mission had gone bad, very bad. He figured unless they could get the window opened in the next 10 seconds, they were dead. Everyone fire at this target! A targeting solution from Hendeson popped up in everyones targ and they blasted the window. The shots all hit the same spot, causing a massive crack which shattered the window. A loud explosion of glass, plastic and wind heralded the Vipers escape. GO! GO! yelled Shari as she leapt out the window into the turbulent air. As the Vipers fell from the tower a modified glider parachute erupted from their armor, allowing them to steer towards an old industrial complex on the outer boundary of the AvCorp HQ EZone. It was 10 KM away, but all the Vipers were projecting sensor ghosts, confusing any defense response. Gliding southwest as fast as they could, even as the EZone defenses went crazy, emplacements and Drones tracking and firing all over the sky. The sensor ghost, jamming, and chameleon systems on the parachutes and the StrikeForces armor made it impossible to find the 4 escaping STO's. AvCorp scrambled combat vehicles a minute later, but the Vipers were gone. Hours later the DeathVipers piled into a single Helo with the name The Invisible and Shari took them out. The Helo's cockpit was silent, filled with tension; this was the worst part of the mission. Shari was flying at most 30 meters off the ground, doing her best to keep the Vehicles, Drones, sensors and emplacements from seeing her Helo. 4 hours later, when they had reached the ocean did she gain any altitude. a few hours after that, Tommy looked at the data they had stolen, then the DeathVipers contacted the CEO of Kiltanni and

told her of their success. ** Sir there were 4 of them, they were using the new plasma weapons from Kiltanni, they ripped through Col. Trashars ExoSkeleton like it was not even there. The trooper giving the report paused to collect himself, he had never briefed a CEO before. They also killed another 15 troops in the tower and 25 or more at the cargo base where they stole the Helo from. From what we can tell they only took some data from Mr. Kiltannis office, sir. Chandler Varsta looked out the window, sighed and turned around Thank You trooper Harris, you are dismissed. The trooper left the room as fast as he could, this was not his scene. Hyri, I was in this room with you 3 months ago when you assured me that your sister would not take any drastic actions, should we try to delay the release of the plasma weapons. Hyri looked at the floor I am sorry sir, I must have miscalculated. I am not sure how, but I Varsta raised his voice to a low yell, it felt like he was screaming to everyone else in the room You were WRONG! YOU OVERESTIMATED YOURSELF AND UNDERESTIMATED HER! Varsta paused reigning in his emotions, And now my friend is dead. Killed by a weapon he had no chance to defend against. Hyri, you are released from AvCorps employ. But Sir, please let me. Hyri whined, as his whole life collapsed around him. Get out! Hyri if I have to repeat myself you will leave in a body bag! Varsta's was speaking in a low growl; it was a threat. Hryi Kiltanni left the room with the air of a dead man; within 15 minutes AvCorp personnel had him at a UN Base with passage booked to London. Hyri's life at AvCorp was over. Gentlemen please have legal get me the documents for declaring war on Kiltanni Corporation. Have them brought up when they are ready. Varsta turned his back to his staff, the 10 people in the room who did his every command without question. Get Pauls wife and kids up here ASAP. I want to tell them how AvCorp plans to take care of them. Varsta had stopped listening to anything they were saying to him, he was remembering how Paul had helped him deal with the death of his whole family so many years ago Sport, what Timmonds did was wrong plain and simple. Killing your whole family is the worst kind of crime and I will do whatever you think we should do. But make no mistake you have a choice to make; let them get away with it or show the world that this sort of behavior won't stand. Varsta nodded to himself. 20 years ago I made sure they knew what would not be tolerated, apparently I have to do it again. The 10 people in the room left to do Varsta's bidding. A bold move Syra, if you had simply not used the plasma weapons behind I might have let it go, but like my family Paul never had a chance and that I will not stand for.


Syra I am holding a Declaration of Corporate War in my hands. You have one choice, give me the StrikeForce and yourself for execution and your corporation lives. Else I submit this document to the UN ESC and your days are numbered. Syra just smiled at the world most powerful corporate executive Chandler his death is on your

Root 2 Access

hands, if you and AvCorp had not been so greedy this would not have happened. You forced my hand and people died, thats the world we live in. She sighed I have enough info here to get even you in serious trouble with the ESC. Lets meet and come to a resolution that works for both companies. Varstas image was silent, contemplating her offer; his voice was cold and hard like steel when he replied. You violate my HQ, kill my friend with illegal weapons that he had no chance to defend himself against! You think I am going to go meet with to find an equitable solution, because you have some paperwork. Syra started to speak, but Varsta cut her off No. I think we will take your company apart piece by piece and then take the plasma weapons as well. All your data has been delivered to the ESC last night, we explained how your brother went beyond his authority and has been let go. Your data means nothing! You should have used it when you had the chance Syra grimaced, not because she was surprised, because there was no way out of this now and she knew it. Chandler, please lets come to an agreement and no one has to die. Varstas face betrayed nothing Except Paul. No I think we will simply take you over, my earlier offer is rescinded. Good Day. Syra stared silently at the black screen on her desks built in terminal. Slowly she activated a COM link and spoke Cradic. AvCorp is coming to take us out. Lets make sure we make it tough, maybe we can survive this. FACOM 8625 in the MoaSen Collective States was the first Kiltanni resource to fall. A small production facility for ammo and clips business, Kiltanni had only a floor in the FACOM. The battle between the Kiltanni security and the 2 AvCorp StrikeForces had lasted 15 minutes. All the Kiltanni troops were killed. Logistics control forces were moving in to take ownership of the spaces at last report. The second facility lost was a research facility in the Free Merican Confederation it fell in 25 minutes, even with the use of plasma weapons. 2 weeks and 2 facilities lost, security simply does not have the man power to defend. Syra stopped reading the report, it depressed her. Looking at the two men in her office made her feel better; not 100%, maybe 50% better. Hyri, her traitorous brother, was bound and gagged on the floor. He was awake and aware of his surroundings; and the panic was starting to win. Thomas Ernst stood there waiting for Syra to speak or dismiss him. Back again I see Captain Ernst? And with an offering. You think thats enough for me to let you stay? Ernst had the air of a trapped animal, his tone sounded desperate We can go no where else. No one will hire us, the bounty on us is so high we get attacked getting out of our vehicles. We took your job, now we are well and truly over, so yes I think bringing you your brother should get us something. Syra looked hard at the STO, then slowly shook her head There is nothing I can offer you except a chance to fight AvCorp. Syra paused not wanting to send more preople to their deaths. Ernst saw her pain, knowing there was no other choice for his people. The DeathVipers had already

decided their only way out was to fight their way out. Can you beat an AvCorp StrikeForce now that they have pulled out the all the stops? Ernst nodded; this is what they wanted We could beat them, with Plasma weapons. We want this fight; it is our only way back from this place you put us in. Syra laughed You knew the risks Captain, I take no blame. You want to fight fine. Pick one of our remaining FACOMs and organize the defense. Do your best. Show the world how great you are, but I think we both know the final outcome. Ernst glared at the woman who had destroyed his life I know one thing, we are a great StrikeForce, we will show all the bastards after us what it means to fight a DeathViper. Thomas Ernst spun on his heel, leaving her office for the last time.

Half the FACOM was in flames, AvCorp had dropped in 3 StrikeForces and 500 Defense troopers to make sure the DeathVipers did not escape. They had destroyed Strike Force Heavens Gold as they entered the FACOM; the human body just did not react to fusion exhaust well. They had pinned down the second StrikeForce, Dark Force, in a lab below them and Ernst and Henderson were sniping at them and some AvCorp Defense forces who were with them. Shari and Tommy were a level below mopping up StrikeForce Rippers, who had stumbled onto a second trap, who looked for pits filled with molten metal in a FACOM? Shari had made it just for them. Tom, I just lost my scanners! My optics just show black behind us. Ernst nodded Yeah it looks like they got past the fusion jets, it was a matter of time. Time for plan C. Switching to the data net that linked the members of the DeathVipers, Ernst called Shari and Tommy back. He received no reply from either. Shit, I think we lost Shari and Tommy, lets get down there. The 2 armored figures ran down a crumbling stairway to the next level, their optics still showing only black, like the corridor was not there. Using their eyes was not much better. The lighting was so damaged, they could barely see 1 meter ahead. When the raspy voice statrted whispering around them, it sounded of death and dying. Ernst and Henderson both started to feel fear. You bastards like the sound of my voice? You took it and my friends. I am going to kill you for what you did to my friends! Ernst looked at Henderson, shrugged and amplified his voice Fine! Come get us asshole! Neither saw or heard the burned and charred ExoSkeleton step out of the shadows directly in front of them, just a few meters from the bodies of Shari and Tommy. Obviously damaged its left leg dragging, its occupant wounded; its Chameleon system was still working just fine. The gaping holes in the backs and chests of Tommy and Shari a testament to abilities of the Rippers leader. They had never seen this guy coming, paying with their lives. Ernst and Henderson saw the Exo only when it opened fire on them neither had time to react. A Type 5 Gattling gun ripped into Henderson, damage ripping her in half; her screams of horror lost in the noise of the dying FACOM. Ernst managed to raise his plasma weapon as the Exos arm mounted gun fired at him. The clumped armor piercing projectiles



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shattered his armor and body in multiple places. Falling to his knees, Ernst knew he was dying; he fired twice. Ernst fell forward living long enough to see the effects of his plasma shots. The ExoSkeletons torso and head took the shots, the imposing armor unable to stop his plasma shots. The large armor stumbled and fell backwards. Ernst started laughing Well thats one more AvCorp Bastard. I got...! Ernst died not seeing the Rippers Exo start to stand up.

The Houston police were keeping the civilians away from the Kiltanni Building on City Level 4. AvCorp StrikeForces were swarming the HQ. It was the last refuge, all other Kiltanni assets having fallen in the last five weeks. Kiltanni had mounted a surprising defense in the seven weeks since the war had started. One FACOM in china was basically slagged by all the fighting, but even that had not been enough to stop AvCorp. Ohhh cried the crowd 2 blocks back, a window exploded outwards, a body falling to the ground below. A large Police SWAT vehicle pulled up, 4 men obviously Corporate sector Executives exited the vehicle. That's Varsta! Is it over? The crowds excitement was palpable, the police just pushed the crowds back further. Chandler Varsta walked into the large conference room at the top level of Kiltannis HQ looking the scene. Syra Tacis sat in a chair along with the 5 directors of her board who had not resigned. These folks agreed with her decision to send the DeathViper on their fool hardy mission. Varsta had taken news of the DeathVipers demise with little emotion One down one to go. Syra's brother Hyri lay on the ground, his brains blown all over the back wall. The surprised look on his face showed he did not expect the killing shot. Chandler I killed the traitor. My own brother! Syra looked crazed for moment and then pulled herself together. We are even. A Dear life for a Dear life. Now let us go. You have won Syra tried to pretend that killing her brother had been hard, it had not. Varstas tone as he spoke she knew it had failed. Killing your brother does not change the facts. You killed a man who had no chance to defend himself, then you refused to own up to it. You killed Hyri out of hate and spite! Nothing has changed; you have not sacrificed anything, that is about to change. Varsta turned to the small man on his left. Minister Davies AvCorp officially notifies the ESC of its intent to execute this CEO and her board for crimes against our corporation, which include the Killing of a MAC Col. without any provocation. Have you or the ESC any objections? Varsta said the last word like a threat; he would teach this lesson again. Anyone who tried to stop him would pay. No CEO Varsta no objections from the UN. You may proceed. Varsta nodded to the members of Thors Hammer StrikeForce, they raised their weapons and opened fire. CAN'T DO IT YOURSELF! YOU COWARDLY BASTARD! Syra stood there watching the last of her directors die at Varsta order. She watched as the men and women closest to her died; Cradic took three shots to kill. A proud and noble example thought Syra as he died. Syra finally broke, great wracking sobs shaking her small frame. Now perhaps you understand why this behavior cannot be allowed.

Chandler Varsta said quietly as he drew a Plasma pistol and shot her point blank in the head. Varsta looked on as she screamed and died, her face and skull a melted mess. I always finish what I start Syra. he turned to the other men in the room A tragic situation gentlemen, Minister AvCorp claims all the tech owned by Kiltanni at this time, including the plasma weapons. A terminal began to beep, An ExoSkeleton Clad STO picked up the terminal, reading the text scrolling on it. Sir, I think you should see this. Varsta took the pad from the STO, also reading the scrolling text. His laughter echoed loudly, he should have seen this coming but he had been distracted. His determination to show the world what behavior would be tolerated had made him too single minded. Syra had out maneuvered him in the end, it was laughable. Fine Syra you won the battle, but lost the war. I am a patient man I can wait a few years. Handing the terminal pad to the UN representative Varsta left the room chuckling. The Minister looked down at the text. This document is a contract that sells all Plasma weapon technology to Wanmer Tech Clearing Inc. All Patents and right transfer to Wanmers from Kiltanni for the sum of 1 Earth Credit. Further this document denys Wanmers the right to sell to AvCorp any plasma technology for the 10 year duration of the patents. Should Wanmers violate this agreement all rights shall revert to the Tech Guild. Signed this day 175 CEO of Kiltanni and CEO of Wanmers. The UN Minister shook his head and said aloud Was all this necessary? So much damage and loss for a technology that no one will get for at least 3 years. In his ear a voice replied Yes it was. We needed to see what Varsta would do, now we know. Varsta will have to be watched closer by the planning groups. He has too much power and wealth, he directly effects the direction of the Planning groups and our Systems ultimate goal. The Minister sighed, walking away from the conference room, wondering how it was that Shakespeares Hamlet was so applicable even in these advanced times.

Root 2 Access

Data Root/0
Commerce in 2136 Economic Zone Layout  The Society of the System Defense Zone Ratings: A History City Level Societies Other social influences in 2136 AI Growth of a Sub race 178 178 181 181 183 186 191

Paper monies and other hard currencies disappeared during the Russian darkness. The Cartin Consortium created a computerized transfers system to track transactions between its members. The system evolved into a virtual network of accounts for every entity in the planet to track their worth. The system uses palm or retinal scan security combined with an 8 character code to access their account, making it a very secure system (EF 500+). The 8 digit code consists of a 2 digit alpha (612 possible)- 3 digit numeric(1000 possible)- 3 digit Symbol (800 symbols) and is in excess of 512 trillion codes. To break the combination of the biometric and code data before a monitoring AI detects the attempt would be impossible. Security is further increased as all transaction information is processed and stored in Root7 of the UNIWeb and are AI checked at random nanoseconds for irregularities. ECD Terminals are everywhere, City and Sublevel streets, in places of business, gangs even have portable terminals making it easy to do business transactions anywhere at any time.

Commerce in 2136 Earth Credits

standard of payment in Shanty Towns and SubLevels. Each Dinar is worth 10 credits and the exchange rates are strictly controlled by the Black Markets. Dinars are accepted by the Black markets, most gangs, the Shanty Towns and in the sublevels. City level Businesses, most Corporations and Government officials will not accept them at all. Some merchants in City Levels 7 or 8 or unscrupulous government officials might accept them if nothing else is available.

Economic Zone Layout

During the secret war the need to protect the newly built productions centers of the Cartin Consortium lead to the creation of EZones. Large areas were cordoned off around the world, hundreds of abandoned cities like Chicago, Brussels, Brazillia, and Kiev were demolished for raw materials. Huge defense areas were created around the factories as they were built. These factories and transport centers expanded as production and material demand increased because of the Secret War. Semi permanent camps sprang up to house displaced civilians on the edges of these EZones. As time moved forwards these camps became the new cities. The new global economy, developed on the model used during the Secret War, depended on the EZones and teh cheap laboir from the cities. The gap between poor and rich became a gulf. The EZones became the greatest asset a Corporation could have, a symbol of their power. Attacks on the EZones to damage or destroy enemy defenses and economic targets in an EZone started immediately. The global economy sputtered to a halt, shattered by these attacks. Repairs took years leaving Corps and the civilian populations without critical production facilities and goods. In the 2050s the System took control, giving Nations control of the EZones in their borders. The goal of EZone attacks changed. Attacks, with or without vehicle forces, were now to disable a sectors defenses and show the weakness of the host Nation or Corp. attacking economic assets like FACOMs fell out of favor. The new attack strategy was to discredit the Corp or National owner by destroying defenses and infrastructure. Defenses became more dispersed; spread out EZone sensors, defending troops, and emplacements are now more effective at preventing attacks. Zone outposts and Forts must be disabled or destroyed to degrade the autonomous sensors and emplacements; the heart of the EZones offensive power. The EZone of 2136 is a comprehensive zone of layered defenses, using both human and automation. In an Economic sense the FACOMs and DISCENs and even the shanty towns are the key to any EZone and a Nations power base, destroying one is a good way to effect the owners power.

Go where The Money is, Right?

The StrikeForce Lost Daemons tried to rob a Corporate VP of some cash they believed they were owed. They had the VPs hand and his code, only took them 4 hours to get that much. After placing the hand on the scanner and entering the code things went wrong. A monitor program in root6 detected multiple variations in the hands blood flow from previous scans and the transaction was kicked to a monitoring AI who used city security to send police to get the StrikeForce. The Lost Daemons escaped during transport and are believed to be independent pirates at this time. Stealing from the ECD is not a good idea, ever. ECD Value The value of the ECD is controlled by the UN. Price controls and other Planning Group actions limits the growth of financial markets and the ECD value. The ECD is worth about 1000 United States dollars, prior to the conflict. Average salaries for lower and middle class workers is 3000 - 10,000 credits for a 6 month stint in an EZone. Upper middle and entry level corporate executives make from 15,000 to 30,000 a year. Upper level executive makes in excess of 75,000 credits a year. StrikeForces and CEOs can make 5 times these values in a few months. These disparities show where the system places value, such control is a major reason the UN keeps such tight control on the economies of the world. The Gold Standard Driven by the Black Markets a second semi legal tender has surfaced, called the Dinar. This .5 ounce solid gold coin (Enc .1)started in the Black Markets and quickly became


Major Structures - Production

FACOMs These huge facilities are the backbones of the global economy. The UN discourages direct attacks against FACOMs

Root 5 Access

paying very high bonuses; even though FACOMs can take immense damage. While FACOMs usually have minimal external defenses and strong internal defenses. FACOMs tend to be a minimum of a Level 4 Internal defense Zone or as high as Level 10. Usually multiple corporations share FACOM security assets, especially in the research labs which may have a higher IDZ level than the rest of the FACOM. FACOMs are divided into three sections, each with 5 to 10 levels. The lowest section is used for Mining , Fishing, Drilling, and Foundry operations. The security sections and access elevators allowing entry into the FACOM are in this section as well. These areas are dirty, covered in soot, and generally lightly populated. The production section is used to produce goods and the processing of raw materials. This densely populated area, has workers on assembly lines, both VSIC and Nanonic, Drug baths, DNA processing vats, and other types of manufacturing areas. The 24 hour day is divided into 4 8 hour assembly shifts. Similar product from multiple Corps can be assembled together, based on the master schedules. Main offices and Security barracks are also in this sector. The the research areas are generally at the top of the FACOM. These areas are usually on their own security integrated with normal FACOM security. Unlike the rest of the dirty and loud Sections, the Research area is clean and fairly quiet. FACOMs are full of opposition to challenge and even attack the characters if they are doing something they shouldnt. DISCENs After a product is built or raw materials are processed they are shipped from the FACOMs to the Distribution Centers (DISCENS) scattered throughout the EZone. Transport is done either through armed convoy on the roads or on the Cargo monorail. These large warehouses store multiple products from many FACOMs in the EZone. Divided into sectors, the lowest sector holds the raw materials and minerals for shipment. The second sector holds finished goods, and is usually the largest square footage. The third sector is specialty shipments; better guarded and the smallest square footage. All sectors are linked with a cargo elevator system of 3 -10 platforms allowing movement of any sector product to the Large Scale Cargo Platforms. These platforms are used to load Cargo Blimps, Gravelectric Cargo Ships, Sea Lords Container Ships of many types of cargo. Personnel cargo pickup is done in the landing bays. Security is usually rather lax in the Human controlled areas, while Droids are used to patrol the higher security cargo areas. Shanty Towns As the System came into force most peoples lives got better. A small percentage of civilian, combat, and Corp. sector people found little happiness in the System. Their lives were either destroyed or so fundamentally changed that they chose to leave the system. These people were classified the Disaffected Sector; they were first factored into the plan in 2056 after the first

Shanty Town was founded. Shanty Towns are settlements based on the type 3 maze Arcology; the layout is generally centered around an Economic Center. The center has numerous buildings focused on trade and other economic activity. Government buildings which run the town surround the town. Larger Shanty Towns may have several Economic Squares. All Shanty Towns are self sufficient, having farmers, power generation, and even police functions. Most bars are Everyday, rarely will you find an Upscale bar, but cesspools are also very common. Shanty towns are focused on trade and commerce. The governments of these Shanty Towns make deals with EZones and governments to get the tech and resources they require to build and grow their towns. The UN will NOT help or defend Shanty towns in any way. Recently attacking or destroying a Shanty town is considered helping the System. Since the people living in Shanty Towns have abandoned the system the Planning Groups hope that this will bring them back to the System and the Civilian sector.

Layout and Major Structures Defenses

Defense Outposts Used by the defense zones as outer range sensor farms, these outposts are large multi room buildings with 5-15 defense zone guards and Droids. Used for smaller short range defense, they are used to investigate any incursions in their sector of the zone. They usually have 3-4 sparse rooms including a kitchen and bunks. The troops are fairly well trained and in focused. Troops are based here for months at a time, but a good effort can lead to transfers; so they tend to work fairly hard. Zone Control Forts The heart of the Economic Zone or EZone, these massive buildings are usually a Pyramid shape with a hollow center and no point, though other designs are used. Originally Zone Control Forts were a bristling weapons platform, like a land bound battleship, with attack vehicles to enhance their defense responses . The ZCF has evolved since their introduction in 2098. Originally designed to be the center piece target of all the attackers; the ZCFs of today work with other defense systems giving layered coverage to their sectors of the EZone. Imposing 8 Floor oversized building have room inside for 100s of Guards, Droids, Drones, and Defense Vehicles. The main assets of a Fort is the sensor and computer systems that integrate all the Emplacements, Droid, Drones, and human forces of the EZone. The force rating of the ZCF defines the size and quality of its sensors and other systems. A Force 1- 4 ZCF is about 1 square KM at its base, rising up about 80 meters. Level 5-8 are 2 square KM at the base and rise up 100 meters. Levels 9 and 10 are rare, huge city like complexes with a base of at least 3 square KM and rising 150 to 200 meters in the air. Characters who choose to enter a ZCF will be in the


Access Granted

heart of a powerful military machine, usually well commanded and deadly in their use of force. Should a character be caught in a Fort, the full resources of the EZone will be used to capture or kill the intruder. Successfully sabotaging a Fort is worth big money. UN Bases In every EZone there are at least 2 UN Bases. These are a collection of 4-6 permanent buildings that surround a landing field. Most bases can house 100 - 200 vehicles at any one time. All UN bases are considered neutral ground, no EZone Forces can enter or attack on a UN Base. Should such an attack occur the Nation controlling the attacking forces would be harshly penalized by the UN and MAC. The UN Base has defenses, usually supplemented by MAC troops using vehicles and the UN will also press into service any StrikeForces on the base at the moment. The UN Base has a full collection of services. All branches of the UN have offices at every base, MAC, IJC, ESC (Planning) and SC. In addition there is always a Tech Guild presence for design and repair. The Mastrin Underwriters also have a representative for mission and salvage payments. Quarters are available for up to 500 StrikeForce members and each base usually has one Upscale and one Cesspool bar. (Everyday bars tend to fail as the clientele changes to often). The UN base is a great stepping off point. It is also a great place to hide, but EZone forces have waited for a targeted StrikeForce to try and escape.

non existent. A 10 indicates the strongest Zone money can buy. The stronger the Defense Zone the higher the bonus pay to enter it.

The UN believes the future is one of conflict and struggle. To keep major populations centralized and defendable, the UN and the Tech Guild have designed massive multi level Arcologies. These technological marvels, from their extensive defensive grids, self sufficient power grids, and centralized transport systems connecting all levels.

The Society of the System The Cities

Defense Zone Ratings: A History

In 2108 the AvCorp Corporate War against Timmonds Fuel revealed that the System was failing to train advanced infantry concepts; the Combat sector was geared towards vehicle combat. The advanced automated defense of Timmonds Fuels HQ were so good, that AvCorp StrikeForces had to fight through the defenses, rather than disable them. This method caused horrific casualties and the loss of 3 of AvCorps best StrikeForces. Chandler Varsta immediately went to the planning commissions and demanded a plan to improve the effectiveness of StrikeForces against such Fortress Buildings. The planning groups did audits of every Automated defense system they could find. The research took years and the development of the Field and Psi Techs further slowed down their work. In 2128 the UN ESC implemented the sweeping changes the planning groups recommended. The changes defined the scope of defense zone rating system. Using the same rating system as the Economic Zones, they quantified and regulated the use of droids, anti personnel emplacements and sensors in an IDZ. The refinements took almost 3 more years and in 2131 the current system was locked down. They are like no cities humanity has ever created before. The Nations, whose power is kept under the foot of the UN and the Corps, seem to have little to brag about. The splendor of their cities has become the one direct reflection on their power in the world. The UN and Tech Guild have tried to mandate city designs, The Nations fight these restrictions to show their independence. The result has been that Nations tend to follow the broad designs of the Tech Guild, while still creating cities reflecting their differing social styles and values. There are 3 major Arcology designs in used today, with the Nations controlling administration, layout, and security in their cities.


Transport in an EZone

All economic entities in an EZone are linked via a cargo rated monorail and a combat oriented roadway system. This heavy duty transport system connects all FACOMs, ZCFs, DISCENS, and even Shanty Towns. They are the arteries that keep the EZone working and producing. Monorail links are defended by the ZCFs very seriously; keeping the monorails and roads open are a key job of the Zone Defense Forces.

Internal Defense Zones

Internal Defense Zones are used to rate the defenses inside of a building from infiltration and attack. An IDZ consists of a command structure, network, security officers, Droids, automated sensors and emplacements. The IDZ is designed to either destroy or capture intruders. The better the command structure and the connecting sensor and communications network, the better the Droids, human defenders and other opposition that can be thrown at intruders.

UN Defense Zones Ratings

Defense Zones, Economic and Internal, are rated by the UN PG and MAC. Zones are compared, the Zone being evaluated is matched up against other zones that have already been rated. Based on the defense systems and the quality of the controlling troops a Zone rating between 1 -10 is derived. 1 means that defense is either weak or

Root 5 Access

StrikeForce: 2136
Military Advancement Command Unit Analysis

A strange grouping of ultra violent and over thinking STOs the Immortals had a strong effect on the UN Plan. Their exploits against a rogue AvCorp VP, who was trying to create a sub sector economy that he controlled. The immortals stopped the attempt in its tracks. This StrikeForce and its inventive use of Violence and technology is legendary. Their employer, Tyrex, was raised considerably in the world stage because of this StrikeForces exploits.
Opera tions of Note:

Chicago Sub level defense of a Black Market; Destruction of invading StrikeForce into the City of Chicago; Defense of Tyrex HQ from MoaSen troops
Comba t Analysis

The Immortals are an all STO StrikeForce with old style traditions. They believe strongly in the use of violence to complete their missions. Their use of violence is always well thought out and extremely effective and usually backed up by interesting and innovative uses of technology. The immortals were one of the first strike forces to have a Cybernetic Companion trained as a medic. STOs such as Elroy Goering bring a new dimension to the word weapons master and Calvin Thanatos has a mind that seems to work in 4 dimensions. These talents combine to give the Immortals a combat punch that will leave the strongest opponents reeling or dead.
Skill Analysis

The Immortals all had one major function besides combat, from electronics to medical, these folks all knew their main job was to beat the enemy with every skill they had. Aware that newer StrikeForces were beginning to expand with FieldTechs and PsiTechs, the Immortals always took the time to expand their technology base to be better and more innovative that their opponents. It speaks volumes that this StrikeForce was able to convince Chicago AI control that they could be trusted to enter the city with vehicles and stop an Moa Sen assault force from taking the city. Their skill set was more than enough for any problem.
Equipment Analysis Personnel Analysis


STO -- Calvin Thanatos

Wearing a Tech Level 6 ExoSkeleton. Armor Ra ting : 9

-- Calvin Thanatos

A dedicated STO Thantos knows was the most diverse skill wise in the StrikeForce. He took his job as the Electronics and Computer lead very seriously. He also took the time to keep the group grounded, focused and together on some of their most challenging missions.

Primary Systems:
ExoSensor Arrays, Exo T argeting System, ExoPla ting, Steal th System, Exo Chameleon System, Cybernetic Companion Chester

1 arm mounted BBM 2000 ChemProject


Zontar was the strong, silent, and deadly type, a master with his hands and also quite good at conning his way through a situation, Zontar was a go to guy for the Immortals. Many times when the mission seemed lost, Zontar would make that one in a million move to save the day and the mission.

STO -- Zontar Rasputin

Wearing a Tech Level 6 ExoSkeleton. Armor Ra ting : 9

-- Zontar Rasputin

Primary Systems:
ExoSensor Arrays, Exo T argeting System, Steal th System, Exo Chameleon System, Ammo System, AI Czar

2 arm mounted BBM 2000 Chemproject Kronus Steel Ka t ana with iridium edge

STO -- Elroy Goering


Known for his rash violent streak this half Diaxtron lived up to his violent heritage again and again. He was always prepared for the worst and one of the most effective fighter of his time. His marksmanship was legendary.

Wearing a Tech Level 6 ExoSkeleton. Armor Ra ting : 9

-- Elroy Goering

Primary Systems:
ExoSensor Arrays, Exo T argeting System, ExoPla ting, Steal th System, Exo Chameleon System, Ammo System

2 arm mounted BBM 2000 ChemProject Shoulder mounted 25mm Missile launcher and port able grenade launcher

STO - Fantana Dover

An out of the box thinker Fanata knew when to fight and when to use her considerable stealth skill to the best advantage for the group. Many a time her ability to disappear at the right time made all the difference in a missions outcome.


Wearing a Tech Level 6 ExoSkeleton. Armor Ra ting : 9

-- Fantana Dover

Primary Systems:
ExoSensor Arrays, Exo T argeting System, Steal th System, Exo Chameleon System,

1 arm mounted Plasma gun

STO - Andy Gartrell

A dedicated Jet Pilot Gartrell was known for his crazy maneuvers and even crazier attacks. Reputed to have blown 4 helos out of the sky in one attack, while inside Chicagos reactive dome. Gartrell helped cement the Immortals reputation for getting the job done.


Wearing a Tech Level 6 ExoSkeleton. Armor Ra ting : 9

-- Andy GaRtrell

Primary Systems:
ExoSensor Arrays, Exo T argeting System, Steal th System, Exo Chameleon System, AI Blaster

1 arm mounted BBM 2000 ChemProject

Access Granted

Type 8 Test Arcology

Domed Cities (Arcology Type 13)

Domed Cities, which include London, Paris, Berlin, Chicago, Vancouver, Tokyo, Beijing, are monuments to the abilities of the System. Each Arcology type 13 has 16 habitable levels. All have monorail transport and elevator links joining the various levels of the city. Each Domed City or Type 13 Arcology is divided into 8 main city levels. This is done for administrative reasons and as a visible method of social stratification In these Arcology cities the nicer levels are higher up in the city, with level 1 being the highest, richest, and most exclusive level. The opulence of the Upper levels reinforces the attitude of superiority the residents have. Ranging from CEOs of companies, upper level executives, UN officials and support staff who support their work. The mid tier levels hold small business, migratory workers, traders, mid level executives, small Corp CEOs and other support positions who fuel the global economy. Highly technical work product, consumer goods and services are sold here. The remainder of the Arcologies population consists of hard laborers and menial employees with minimum education. These people work the mines, production lines, and furnaces powering the FACOMs and the worlds economy. Many of this lower caste live in the lowest of the city levels, deep in the bowels, above and below the generators and maintenance levels that keep these cities functioning. The deepest and most notorious area of the cities are the sublevels. Far below the city levels, deep underground, these dirty, crime infested areas have minimal police protection. These wide open areas house giant columns which support the upper city. These columns have been adapted, now providing housing for the population of the sub levels. The disenfranchised of the system, from free thinkers to violent gangs, and the lost of the Phoenix Society reside here eking out a living as best they can. The Sub levels also house the black markets, smugglers, and organized

criminals. Many contract workers and mid come to the sublevels for entertainment, few live here though. Skyscraper Buildings may span multiple levels in these cities and the city level where the building ends shows the amount of power its residents have. A Sky Scraper may start at level eight, but end at level one. Such a massive building, spawning levels and social spheres would have many different Corporations all with different access to resources and power. When describing the City Levels think levels of clean. Level 8 is clean, but the details are missed, some areas are even dingy. While an Arcology level 1 gleams, a blinding monument to humanities technological growth. Police response in any of these levels is usually fast, figure 20 seconds x level (so a level 5 response is usually 100 seconds or 3 turns + 2 phases). The Police are very protective of city civilians and they will use whatever force is necessary to end any threats to civilians. Security in city level buildings is generally based on the status of the Corp. or organization who controls it. A City Level 7 building will usually have an Internal Defense Zone of at least a 1 but no more powerful than a 2.


Arcology Defenses

Type 13 Arcologies are not enclosed within a physical dome. Instead these cities are protected by a large-scale reactive electrical armor system. Four large generator arches use the cities central spire to focus the system which looks as elegant as it is deadly. The system generates an electrical shield with the power to stop any man sized, or larger, target within 2 KM that is not cleared to be around the city. The blast of energy from these defenses will destroy most targets in 1 or 2 hits. Vehicles can be cleared to enter the city dome, however this is extremely rare.

City Level Societies Upper Level Society

The social status of those who live in the upper levels of an Arcology are considered the upper upper to middle upper classes. Usually city levels 1-3 are the domain of the ultra wealthy and powerful. These folks are the head of the System; all whom believe or support the system completely. A person who is fighting the System in these levels are either very clever, has a needed skill, or is stuck in a dead end job and been overlooked. The people of these upper levels show respect to StrikeForce members by ignoring them. Citizens of a city level 1 will not even acknowledge the presence of a StrikeForce. Should a StrikeForce member speak to them, a subordinate will attempt to run interference. Most executive types wear Corporate Glove Suits, no weapons, but lots of defensive strands.

Mid Level Society

City levels 4 - 6 houses people in the lower upper and upper middle social classes. People at these levels are the

Root 5 Access

minions of the upper levels. They work as executives for the many Corps, Nations, and Guilds and dream of they day they will reach the upper levels. People fighting the System are more common, usually older folk who were passed over or missed their chance to ascend to the higher levels. Folks here give StrikeForces a wide berth, but will help if they can find a way to turn it to their advantage. Everything at these levels is just a tad less clean and advanced when compared to the upper levels, and those who live here know it. The people at these levels tend to shy from visible armor of any type, a sign of their comfort and belief in the System.

The level usually has 4 vehicle entrances A StrikeForces STO can store their vehicles here for a few hundred credits while visiting a Domed City. There are also free 2 person billets for StrikeForces to stay if they dont want to sleep in city. The security on the vehicles is quite high (EF 300+), The billets have minimal security. The size and staff of this level shows the Systems dedication to the Combat sector. Level 10 is dedicated to the AI and Computer systems that run the City. From Large Scale Hardware Frames to algorithm chips multiple systems are in place to protect and operate the 1000s of automated systems in a Domed City. Levels 11 and 12 are underground and dedicated to the more Mechanical functions of the Arcology; sewage treatment, recycling, and Gravelectric power generation. These ares are as secure as any location on the planet and have at least a IDZ of 8 or above.

Lower Level Society

City levels 7 and 8 house most of the middle and some lower class populations. Either demoted from the mid levels, or low level workers who never made it, many of these workers travel for months at a time to Economic Zones. There they manage or work in FACOMs for Corporations or Nations. Fighters are even more common here, as are disgruntled workers for any local corporation. Talk of unions and taking back ones quality of life are not unheard of here; but the constant travel of the population makes it impossible to sustain such organizations. This population wears armor, like a badge of their wealth and power. They will help a StrikeForce when it suits them or enough money is offered.

Civilians in these levels are workers for the city, are paid well, and take their jobs seriously. Most Police forces tend to reward good conduct and work here with promotions and better jobs up top, which tends to offset any morale problems. No one, but Police and dedicated service personnel are allowed into or live in the Services levels. Sub Levels Directly below the main city and the City Services sections are the sublevels. All Arcologies are built on top of 4 Sublevels; Sublevel 1 is the best maintained, while Sub Level 4 houses the dregs of society. These Sub levels provide no direct access to the outside world, they use fluorescent sun (UV) lights provide natural lighting for the limited populations here. Sub Levels have a 15m Ceiling to floor height. Filled with massive city support Pylons, usually 100m x 10m x15m in size and made of a super dense synthetic material. These pylons support the upper city. Over the years, as people drifted down into the Sub Levels escaping the influence of the system, these pylons were modified by authorized construction firms. These firms have created a booming industry. They build apartments, shops, hotels, and bars into the outer casings of the massive pylons. These subdivided pylons still support the upper levels; the construction is limited to the outer edges of the pylons dense material. The walls inside on such constructed areas are at least

City Services Society


City Services levels

All cities in 2136 have 4 levels dedicated to city services and processes, including Sewage delivery, recycling, power generation, Artificial Intelligence City Control, and StrikeForce storage and billets. Security in all of these levels is extremely high. Each level has dedicated Police and SWAT teams on patrol as well as a Level 10 Internal Defense Zone complete with the best Droids and Sensors a Nation can afford. Level 9 is the StrikeForce billet area and vehicle storage.

Access Granted

4m thick (attempting to blast one is ridiculous; each wall has at least 5,000 Structure Points (SP), some have more). Sub Level buildings make perfect hide outs and last stand areas. Sub Levels are laid out in concentric circles with physical lighting marking the boundaries of each sector. In the center is the Central Elevator core which leads to the upper levels and houses the main electronics shaft for the Sub Levels. Each Zone is divided into 4 sub zones. Sub Level locations are listed by its zone and sub-zone. The higher the sub-zone the farther from the center. So Zone 2 sub zone 4 would be in the upper right farthest from the elevators. Locations are further refined by column and building numbers. This coordinate system makes it easy to find a location in the Sub Levels. The overall appearance of a Sub Level is that of a filthy area covered in paper, damaged equipment, and even dead bodies. The deeper/farther out in the Sub Level the more of each players will find. City services are lacking here, most of the denizens are squatters of one sort or another. Poverty and crime are rampant on all the Sublevels, just the level of violence differs. Most Nations have the will, but not the resources, to fix the many social and economic issues in these levels. The UN and the Corps just do not want to invest in fixing these areas. Even the police avoid the areas unless there is a major fire fight or enough residents call in (a cause of long police response times). Even those who have legal documents allowing them to be in the sub areas only have such documents so they can call police without a hassle. The SubLevels are not for the faint of heart, one act of weakness can get you killed here.

here. Even for the workers who are just there drinking, Sublevels 1 and 2 are dangerous for anyone not paying attention. Sub Levels 3 and 4 The words vile and cesspool best describe these areas. There may be pockets of good folks trying to make a living here, but few survive for more than a few months. Many of the outer pylon areas have been built out by construction companies trying to make business, with few customers. Much of the real estate is empty or used by gangs, organized crime, or System entities doing work they want kept secret. The bars and other entertainment venues do very well, as long as the entertainment is vile and sick enough for the patrons. There are even rumors of gang hunts of upper level civilians who might have missed a payment or two. Only the most desperate or tragic from the upper levels visit these areas. StrikeForces here are respected as long as they show strength, at the first hint of weakness the attacks begin. Sub Levels have one redeeming fact for a StrikeForce; they pay well and dont ask questions when it comes to salvage. Maze City (Arcology Type 3) The first attempt to create Arcology type cities the Tech Guild used pre-Conflict maze city designs as a base; with plans to build upwards as populations grew. The wars over EZone ownership stopped this dream, these Arcologies were built too close to the war areas. So the Tech Guild moved on to other places and these cities were left to grow as they would. Designed using planning phases to control their growth, maze cities have developed differently than the Tech Guild intended. Certain sectors grow and prosper while other languish with insufficient social and city services. Public transport, from moving walkways to monorails, is available in sectors going to the many central hubs throughout the cities many sectors. The Police in maze cities tend to be less effective because of the large amount of territory they must cover. The AI LSHF that manage the city are never as well connected in the poorer zones, even as many private companies try to make up the gaps. The police tend to focus on the better sections, so in all sublevel type sectors double response times listed for an Arcology and time in normal and upscale zones. Major Differences from an Arcology Type 13 While the Maze cities are well defended, they lack the reactive shield and layered EZone defenses around these cities is certainly less extensive than Arcologies. The people are more open and sectors tend to blur at the borders, so more social classes mix. This can lead to either a more relaxed social relations or extreme tension along class lines. The poorer sectors are home to some of the best deals and shadiest dealers in the world. The Black Markets and International Smugglers guilds do not have large installations here, rather they use local independent dealers. Police here are more involved with the community


Sub Level Society

The Sublevels are full of gangs and other criminals; some violent, some slick, all out to profit at some others expense. Even the children are taught at an early age to live this lifestyle of crime and graft. However at every level there are good folk trying to create something better, if the evil around them does not get them first. Sub Levels 1 and 2 The people in these Subs are the low class. Many here are simply good folk trying to find a way to make a decent living. Those good folk tend to band together and work to keep the bad folk away. The remainder are either organized crime, petty criminals, violent gangs, or workers spending their cash. The criminals, organized or not, are out to take whatever they can from the good folk. Their methods are usually brutal and violent. Those workers who come to these levels are usually in the sublevels spending their earnings from their last 6 months at the FACOM or other EZone job. Many folks who live here are indifferent to the system, the visitors tend to be supporters. The people, criminals and good folk alike, give StrikeForce members great respect. The criminals are still happy to try and get one over on anyone they can, even a SF member. People tend to wear armor, anything they can get their hands on, down

Root 5 Access

and even may buck the system to do what they think is the right thing to do. Government is also very community focused, however the poorer sectors do tend to get ignored unless the sector itself raises hell. On the whole, the Maze City is much poorer and less organized than an Arcology Level 13. On the plus side the Maze cities have almost a shanty town like economy, very few government controls and an population that tends to be more involved with the city and its upkeep. Maze City Services City services are dispersed between the many city hubs in each of the cities zones. Each zone has its own landing field as well as power, sewage, and other vital services, independent of other Zones.

outlets on multiple Platforms, a Large Corporate presence on many platforms. Over all the Platform Cities seem to be the best layout from a social economic perspective, however their fragile designs makes their defensibility questionable, even with a large EZone to defend them. The Tech Guild has refused to help build anymore of this design and the UN and the TECH guild have much to say to. Platform City Services Like maze cities, services are dispersed between the many city hubs on the various platforms. Each zone has its own landing field as well as power, sewage, and other vital services, independent of other Zones.

Platform City (Arcology Type 9)

Other social influences in 2136 The Role of Religion


Platform cities are a failed Arcology design that smaller nations will not give up on. Existing platform cities are destined to be replaced, the design is simply too unstable to last. The original design was built to grow a city like a tree. A Center trunk rises hundreds of meters in the air, platforms extend out from the center. These cities were be built in areas where the ground or terrain will not support an Arcology. Brazils capital is a beautiful platform city in the trees of the regrown rain forest. The Vatican continues to expand the platform city that rises up over St. Peters square. The platforms are placed at pre planned positions along the center trunk, some at ground level some hundreds of meters in the air. Each platform is considered a zone of its own, where city services and police response are directed from a central hub on the platform. This hub is linked into the center trunk. Transportation links between platforms are excellent regardless of the zone type. Even the poor platforms are critical to the function and support of the whole city, so services and infrastructure tend to be good on all platforms. The Police in platform cities tend to be the most effective as they can pull resources from other platforms as needed. The Platforms themselves are laid out like maze cities. However, the majority of buildings are built at the same time as the platform. Though the platforms can expand and new buildings are built, the planning in these cities is meticulous to make sure they use of all the platform space. Expansion of a platform is very costly, so it is always over planned. The cities defenses rival those of the Arcologies and their protective EZones are usually well defended. Major Differences from an Arcology Platform Cities are an interesting mix of Arcology social policy and maze city economics. The very nature of the platforms stratifies the social and economic classes. Yet the maze city like qualities of the individual platforms seems to attract denizens from all social classes. U.N. Planning group scholars think this may be due to the fact that each platform is so critical to the survival of the city, that even the poorer sectors are in relatively good shape and can attract business from all over. This Economic equality allows for many thriving small businesses, smaller Black market

There are many major religions in 2136. The churches each use their StrikeForces to do good deeds and protect the civilians of the world using the UN, and by extension the System, to increase their power. The major churches of 2136 include the United Catholic Church, The Pan Catholic Church, The True Islamics, Judislam, and the Moa Sen. The United Catholic Church was a reunification of the surviving factions of Christianity. The Churches goals are to control and influence as much of humanity as they can, to save them. The Pan Catholics refused to even meet with the Catholics after the Secret War ended. Their power base is in the Latin Ameracan spheres and they dominate the Empire of the Aztecs. The Pan Catholics want the same thing the Catholics want, but they despise the Catholics as heretics and a false religion. The True Islamics are descended from the Taliban of Afghanistan. Driven to power by the Paulson Units during the Secret War, the True Islamics are fundamentalists to the core. Controlled by a Supreme Imam who kept in power by the various warlords who control the real power in the Afganistani Empire. The True Islamics attack anyone who is not a believer in their brand of Islam; they plan to eliminate anyone who is not a believer. The warlords are in no rush to push the Imams holy war at this time. The united religion of Juda-Islam was created in the Secret War, soon after the limited destruction of Israel and the Palestinian territories. The political joining of the two peoples came a better understanding of both peoples, leading to a merging of both religions. In truth Juda-Islam has no real goals other then the betterment of humanity and the various societies. The Planning Groups watch this religion with much suspicion, its motives do not fit into the Planning groups equations. The MoaSen are the last of the Paulson inspired religions. A joining of a Peaceful Buddhist sect and a refugee movement driven to violence. The MoaSen are the most abhorrent religion on earth. They believe theirs is the only true path to enlightenment. The

Access Granted

Every church claims a moral duty to change human society into something that matches their particular brand of scriptures. Understand the churches are not bad; they provide great comfort in areas like shanty towns or poorer Nation where the GPPI has not been the boon it has been to others. When they are helping, the churches all rise above any expectation the System could ever have. The issue is they fight as much as they help. Crusades, small scale wars in the name of God, happen often. Churches send StrikeForce out to do a good deed and also make sure the opposition churches fail to get any credit. Yes, religion in 2136 is an opiate for the people, and a very bad hangover for those who run and maintain the system.

religion blends perverted Buddhist philosophies with combat training. Unlike the True Islamics the MoaSen consider any non MoaSen person a threat to be converted or killed now, and each MoaSen is on a crusade to convert or save (kill) the world. The UN and the Planning Groups have to work overtime to contain the unreasoning actions of the MoaSen and their church dominated society.

leagues, many localities play sports of their own design or choosing, the interest is always high and many a fight will brake out over which team one supports. Gambling, that most profitable sin, never took a vacation. Since the middle of the Secret War the Black Markets and the various banking alliances have worked together to make sure gambling was controlled and available for those who wanted it. After the Secret War, banking alliances grew and so did their control of the various local gambling markets. By the 2050s and later the UN was content to allow the banking alliances and the black markets control all gambling, as long as a service fee was paid to the UN. Nations have almost no control over the gambling that occurs. Those Nations that try to change this will see military activity against them increase; everybody owes some bank somewhere. So sports and gambling are big business both at a local and global level, the only folks who really win are the banks and sometimes the fans.

Everyday life

Sports and Gambling in 2136

With the coming of the Russian Darkness global sports died. Local sports with local variations evolved over time. By 2050 the sports of football and Ameracan slam ball both had achieved a world wide following again. Football had its headquarters in the New British Empire, Slam ball was Headquartered in the Monarchy of Finland and the Western Ameracan Confederation. Slam ball is derived from the old Ameracan Empires style football. Football, also called soccer, had world wide popularity prior to the conflict. Football continued to grow in such newer countries as the NBE and the Pan Ameracan League started in the Empire of the Aztecs. Slam Ball is different from its parent game because advanced technology is allowed to be used by certain players. Slam ball was actually started in Finland by the remnants of the Ameracan Army in Europe. The rules were exported back to the North Ameracan continent where it caught on and replaced old fashioned football every where, but the Moa Sen Collective States. The Moa Sen and the Republic of Texas play old style Ameracan football and do not participate in slam ball. The addition of higher tech to slam ball made it an instant hit, forcing regular football to allow glove suites with defensive systems only. In addition to these 2 global

The quality of a persons life in 2136 really is dependent on their class and professions. For the lower and middle classes it is a life of hard work with minimal rewards, but nothing like the upper classes have access too. The upper classes see more wealth and privilege in a week than a lower class worker can dream of in their whole life. Those working for National governments or the UN tend to be more privileged and well off. Then there are the CEOs and the StrikeForces living a life that only could be dreamed of by the civilian side of the System. The reality is the majority of folks could never become CEOs. They have a chance of getting into a StrikeForce, thats the way to a new life. Thats a goal many people from all walks of life might pick, and it is a choice the System encourages.


The Police

The times of 2136 are violent ones to say the least. The police have a rough job and some very informal rules about such things as street fighting and bar brawls. The attitude of the police is to protect the average citizen from the military walking around. Solution one is to keep the citizens away from the STO and his cohort. The other way is to stop the STO from any violent act that he is in the process of committing. To do this, they are extremely well equipped. All city levels have a Nanonic sensor net built into every surface of every level. The net has a TEF of 85 in the sub levels and a TEF of 150 in the security levels and the upper city levels, adding to anyone who can access it. The entire net is controlled by the AI intelligences that operate the cities. The Police have Analysis Chips in their helmets which links to a Special AI controlled connection (which uses

Root 5 Access

AvCorp/ESC Active Wall encoding) The chip allows the Police to have a virtual reality view of up to a 300m area. The AI can also overlay up to 6 different views of any situation to the police. The system gives patrol officers a huge advantage in combat. The System designed it this way to make certain that all cities are firmly in their control and stay that way. The Police are oppressive to those who try to undermine or even seem against the System. Even the police forces have their disaffected members, but they learn to stay very quiet or they end up very dead. Police strategies are based on controlling violence, not making arrests. If a cop can stop a fight without getting out of his vehicle, he will. A cops personal weapon is their own choice and most carry Weapon Type 4s. All police armor is tailored to its wearer and cannot be worn by any one else. In fact many police forces use wipe branding to make certain that no one has a reason to attack an officer. Dirty cops are rare and when found, are given to civilian boards to prosecute, assuming they even make it to trial.

kets across the globe. In the 2050s the UN began the UNIWeb project, a living network to connect humanity across the globe once more. Accessed using a 220 millionchannel wireless broadband communications backbone, the United Nations Information Web (UNIWeb) has over a trillion AI Large Scale Hardware Frames and Terminal devices linked together. It is the largest living repository of data ever created by humanity. Technical Data on the UNIWeb Wireless connections to the UNIWeb rotate bands and frequencies based on a changing random pattern determined by the supporting AI. Devices use embedded transmitters, signal boosters, and satellite connections extending coverage to every square meter on the planet. While frequencies can be jammed, the sheer bandwidth available makes jamming difficult. The UNIWeb sub net design is based on a 25 character alphanumeric hardware scheme that does both name and hardware resolution at the protocol level. This allows multiple systems to have the same Alpha name and still exist on the UNIWeb at the same time. All devices; Terminals, VidChips, and AI have a 25 character Alpha Numeric ID called a NetID. The Net ID is assigned to the devices physical ID when it connects for the first time. The full address is the combination of the Alpha name and the NetID. The UNIWeb backbone adds this Full Address to packets allowing them to be routed to their destination. All packets have the sending users name and Net ID attached as well. Sending an e-mail to Slasher01, without having their netid, means over 1,000,000 Slasher01 names could get the mail. NetIDs are recycled if a device does not connect in a year. Media, News, and the UNIWeb The UNIWeb holds information and enough bandwidth to carry vid and text based media. VidMedia consists of every sort of programming; dramas that recount the life in pre conflict times, old movies from Pre conflict times, new dramas that show the daring life of StrikeForces and evil corporate villains, and a consistent stream of informational and reality vids as well. The UN has also broadcasts specials geared towards education and social adjustment (nothing subliminal just yet). The constant stream of media, whether fantasy or informational, dominates modern society at all levels. The Media today is a constant stream of information, global news has recovered from the Russian Darkness. During the Secret War local news was limited to newspaper and radio. During the Corporate Wars private communication networks came back and with it video and active text news, slanted to the owners point of view. News is again on a 24 hour cycle with local news focused on National governments. The UN has a small presence on local news and they like it that way. All this data is carried around the world on the UNIWeb. Every person has an access device to the UNIWeb and can access any of the thousands streams at any time. The

Crime and Punishment


The legal systems in all countries are modeled after their local customs and traditions. The IJC however has broad powers to take control of any case that has international or implication that would effect the UN Plan and its Systems. Most countries have a penal work program where those convicted of minor felonies can work those crimes off in EZones or other city programs. Those convicted of major felonies are usually given the choice to join the defense forces as a lowest level trooper or death. This keeps the defense forces flush with bodies to defend the Nations most precious resource, the EZone.

The UNIWeb

Creation and History The destruction of the Internet, and most electronics, with the EMP Explosion of 2005 (called the Russian darkness), ended interlinking of computers and trading mar-

Access Granted

UNIWeb is a two way medium, where any one can put up their own videos, text or other data on the public access Root0, for all to see and access. The UNIWeb and the data it stores and streams is available 24x7, always to a hungry audience. Fighting and Rebellion against the System It is important to note that there is no organized resistance to the System, the UN or any of the major corporations. While there is minimal resistance by individuals in the Combat Sector and the Corp Sector. Those resisters in the Corp Sector are not against the System so much as they feel it is mismanaged, its end goals are wrong, they see no value in those goals, or they simply want more power. Combat sector troops are against the System have turned because it let them down in some way and they are in a position to do some hurt back. Regardless of this one fact remains true; no one is really trying to destroy the system. There is no rebellion. Could there be? Sure anything is possible. This is a Role Playing Game. If the characters feel they are the ones to kick off this revolution, they should feel free to try. Remember there is NO help. Perhaps the pirates or a rogue Nation might sign on, but even an indifferent company like JDA, for all their complaints about the system, know what side they are on. The UN might even find a rebellion a curious test of the system. Whatever occurs the UN ESC and MAC would never let it get out of hand. This is what the game is about. If you as a player see armed revolt instead of peaceful actions to cause change; then call up the Sea Lords and see if you can get them to join your characters against the system. As Max said I havent decided if I want to die yet. Perhaps you can make a decision he could not. Remember there is no rebellion, except in the hearts of brave men and women.

It is even possible the IJC would send a StrikeForce against such violators. As long as characters dont drastically overstep these guidelines, they should generally only be investigated a few times. If they go berserk, the IJC can prosecute and take items, fine the player, reduce ranking, etc... 1) Do not overstep your authority. Kill when necessary, and always know how much backing your boss will give you. 2) If not on a mission, and attacked, make sure you can prove your innocence or at least not get caught. 3) Brutal or unnecessary killings tend to attract authorities in multitudes. 4) If, during the course of combat, a civilian is killed expect a direct investigation. So be especially careful whom you kill. Contract Missions These are assigned by the Characters (or StrikeForces) current employer. The missions can range from Infiltration of a base, kidnapping, assassinations, theft, reprogramming a computer, stealing data, or anything else he employer requires. Missions tend to compensate the StrikeForce starting in the mid 20,000 credits per member for a simple mission. Payments as high as the millions of credits for in-depth multi part mission are not unheard of. For those lucky enough to get steady employment from a Corp or other System entity, Contract Missions are the bread and butter of a StrikeForce. These missions give them ample chances for salvage, Subcontracts, and defense zone bonuses. Freelance Jobs Should a StrikeForce take a mission from a non-employer, it is called a Freelance Job. The work can happen inside another mission or be a separate mission entirely. The same rules for missions apply, however some employers require notification when their StrikeForces are on Freelance Jobs. It is entirely possible the employer could pull a contract if a free lance job conflicted with their interests. The players must decide if the risks of the freelance are worth the possible consequences. Sub-Contracts Sub-Contracts are governed by the Mastrin Underwriters Guild, the same entity that insures vehicle combat. Mastrin guarantees the payment and commendation recognition for ANY type of Sub-Contract. This guarantee is made possible because the alliance has the backing of AvCorp and the UN ESC. Any entity or person, even ones considered illegal (like the Black Markets or the Air and Sea Pirates) can SubContract a player to provide a service. A Sub Contracts goals are usually related to the current contract or freelance mission. The player may be asked to do simple things like show the subcontracting entity a piece of technology before they show it to the Mission Contractor, or kill the target of a kidnap mission so they dont talk, but blow the mission. There are 4 types of Sub-Contract.


Missions and other Contracts

Mission Types The primary job of StrikeForce is to complete missions. Whether the mission is to kidnap a scientist or save a CEO, the mission is usually the start of a story. There are many different types of missions that StrikeForces can be hired to complete. Various mission types include: Contract missions, Freelance jobs, Sub Contracts, or Government Assignments. Compensation is based on the risks and the opposition you must overcome to complete the job. The mission is your source of income. The more SubContracts or Free lance jobs you can find while on a contract mission, the more money you can make to pay for those upgrades and repairs. There is one thing a StrikeForce learns quickly, you can never have enough credit on hand. While on a mission, the Characters can get away with almost anything, provided they follow the Guidelines the IJC has setup. The IJC has worked hard to make all StrikeForce personnel aware of the guidelines for behavior when on a mission or just sipping a beer when a fight starts. Should characters violate any of these in a blatant way, it is almost guaranteed that the IJC will investigate and prosecute.

Root 5 Access

Legal A legal Sub-Contract means the Mastrin Underwriters has confirmed that the Sub-Contract does not violate any local or U.N. laws. These contracts have the least chance to subvert the System. Grey A grey Sub-Contract means that while not illegal the Underwriters believe that a major entity in the System will be unfavorable to the completion of the contract. Believers will take grey contracts only if they think the Sub-Contract will not harm the overall System. Illegal An illegal Sub-Contract means that the UN, local laws, or both would not want this contract fulfilled. It is the belief of the Mastrin Underwriters that such a mission would harm the System. Believers and supporters of the System will try to stop such missions. It is possible they can be convinced otherwise through a passion conflict. Fighters and those against the system would regularly seek out such contracts to help further damage the system down. A player cannot be prosecuted for an illegal Sub AFTER it is completed. Authorities can prosecute anyone they find to be breaking the law during a mission. They must prove the actions taken were NOT required to complete the mission, not the Sub that has no bearing, Both the Player and the Contracting entity will be prosecuted to show how the SubContract violated local or UN laws. Government The contracting entity is part of a Government. This may or may not give specifics as to who the entity is, but the Mastrin Underwriters Alliance is required to show if the entity is a Government entity.


Access Granted

AI Growth of a Sub race

At the turn of the 20th to the 21st century, Artificial Intelligence had reached its humble beginnings. The Old empire of the United States had been increasing resources to develop a working AI system for both its combat vehicles and also for a potential Android combat troop. The AI for the combat vehicle was a rousing success, first being deployed in the US M5 Hover tank. A basic silicate IC AI, using the same rules of AI governance as is used today. The father of the AI was a man named Carl Vanders. At the release he stated that he had been extremely careful to create an AI that was immune from the HAL Syndrome (this syndrome is still undefined; it is not listed as any virus released during or after the Conflict). The other attempt was by a colleague of Vanders named David Inver. Inver was, by all accounts, a madman. The AI he created was a DNA AI (beyond all tech of the time, a true breakthrough) based on his own brains neural patterns. The result was a series of unstable and mostly inferior AI developments. In 2002, Inver created Troop Unit Paulson, named after his dead son. The Paulson Unit, as it came to be called, was a smashing success. The two prototype units, called Romulus and Remus after the Roman gods of that name, became almost conspiratorial while in non combat training courses. Soon after, Invers was able to duplicate the process, enabling the delivery of thousands of the devices, the problems started. The Military of the United States had deployed Paulson Units to Border Patrol and Riot duties, due to the lack of troops at home. The four complete Divisions (30,000 Paulson units with Humans in command of each division) worked fine for a few months. Then, the Paulsons started to use excessive force to quell riots and stop border incursions. One platoon even killed their Human Lt.. and Sergeant after being ordered to stop firing on civilians. The platoon was hunted down and killed quickly by a human Tank division. Interestingly enough, a Platoon of Paulson units was caught and killed when they captured an M-5 Tank and tried to corrupt the Tanks AI. Inver and Vanders were both brought in to determine two things: 1. Why the Paulson Units reacted the way they did 2. What were they trying to do to the Tank AI and why did it fail. The results of the two-week inquiry were staggering. Vanders and Inver interviewed the one surviving Paulson unit separately; the reports turned in were completely different. Invers report stated that the units had behaved correctly perceiving the orders as a threat to their main mission. They eliminated the threat and then proceeded to complete the mission. Invers further explained that the reason the Paulsons attacked several established towns was that they confused these towns as Border villages and eliminated the threat. He had no explanation as to their behavior towards the tanks except to suggest they were displaying initiative, and trying to increase their strength to better carry out their mission. Vanders report is best summed up by his ending paragraph: After this extensive 3-day interview, I have determined

three things about these android troops created by Doctor Inver. Primarily they perceive us as we perceive cattle. The reason they have been killing humans is because Paulson units considered us such low life forms. I also believe they consider us lower life forms as a way to ignore the fact that a human created them. They have a sense of superiority based on the very real facts that they are faster and stronger then humans. That was one thing the unit named Calron (original name Carl23) was very clear on. Second, Calron stated that the original units, Romulus and Remus, have disappeared and plan to further their race on this planet. They claim we have failed in our stewardship of the planet and they will take over and show us how its done. The subject was very open about this and stated that there was no way we inferior humans could stop them. Lastly, I allowed the subject to work on one of my AI version II to see if Paulson Units could corrupt them. After 26 hours straight, my AI Version II asked for release to destroy the Paulson unit, or itself, as the confusing logic streams were taxing its own patience. At this point, the Paulson flew into a psychotic rage and had to be shut down. I believe these units are a tremendous threat to humanity as a whole. While Dr. Inver is to be congratulated for creating a completely new race, the recklessness that he employed in controls, or lack of controls, is criminal and represents a threat greater to the survival of the Human Race than the current crisis in Europe. All Paulson Units must be found and shut down as soon as possible. This threat transcends national boundaries and needs to be a focus for the entire human race. Unfortunately, the Military at the time, like all their counterparts, failed to see the threat that Vanders so brilliantly described. The United States ceased to exist a few years later when the MKII Paulsons turned on their commanders (Inver put similar controls as the Vanders AI had. All the MKI units were not shut down and they Freed their brothers from bondage and began the secret war in 2004.). Vanders and The Cartin Consortium were as prepared as anyone could be and began the fight to save humanity; albeit, with a lacking set of tools. New silicate IC AIs were created in Japan and Corporations such as WAT, AvCorp, and Barrett working together were able to stop and destroy the Paulsons. Remus was found and killed, Romulus was lost at sea and presumed dead in a hurricane off Tokyo Bay. Vanders style AI s have been growing and developing in leaps and bounds for the last 132 years.. From the Jester of 2120, the first DNA AI created since the death of Romulus and Remus, to Nanonic AIs as released in 2130. This field is growing and the superb AI that have shown their value in their acts. There is no way we could have won against the Paulsons without the help of the Vanders AIs. It is the opinion of this historian that the UN should consider a package of basic rights for these Intelligences so that the value of this relationship continues to grow. Tech Guild Classified Report 2058/06/13

Root 0 Access

Data Root/0
The Heart Of Conflict 193 Actions, Tracking, and Time 195 Phased Turn Actions 196 Technology in StrikeForce 197 Other Program Types 198 Natures Forces 198 Artificial Intelligence Partners 201 Character Influence 205 Game Movement 208 Healing 210 SkillSet Example 213 Tech Use Example 213 The Art of Healing 214

The Heart of Conflict Will You Fight It?

Conflict with the System The setting of the StrikeForce RPG is controlled by the UN and the Planning Groups, otherwise known as the System. The System is, at some level, watching the character and the choices they make. The more often a characters choices fight the System, the more often they will be tested with greater obstacles. Continuing to fight the System with the tools at hand or convincing themselves it is easier to support the System, is the heart of the characters conflict. This conflict is reflected by the characters Attitude and the passions they have to defend. This is a complex conflict that cannot be solved with just a gun, they are solved by making many choices and taking actions, and use of a gun may well be one part of the final solution. Characters taking an action against the System using all their skills and technology, these rules explain how track what the effects are of those actions and how to track what the world does back. locked door, finding data on a secure web, or telling if a person is lying, you determine what skills you want to use The Heart Of Conflict to do it. The Goal of StrikeForce What this means; there are benefits to spreading your It has always been my goal to bring the characters to the characters skill growth around. Min/Maxing will work, forefront. Its about them, what they can do with the skills but you limit your characters flexibility. Characters with and equipment they have. Its about the story you and your multiple skill families have more option to blend their group create around them. This is a world that is against skills and create a better chance for success. everything the characters stand for, regardless of what that Anything is POSSIBLE in StrikeForce. Get creative, Playis. The System is designed to push humanity and its values ers and GM, dig deep into your characters to create a story, to the breaking point; all to create a better humanity. The and the role play experience will falls right in. Conflicts your group creates as you tell your stories should be interesting and draw your players into the world and The Conflict Mechanic their characters, the game system is designed to help with There are 4 steps to resolving any action a character takes. this. The conflict system is designed to create a depth of Depending on the actions the player takes a SkillSet and a character and play that is fast, enjoyable and compelling roll may or may not be required. stories.

Resolving Conflict -- The Idea


The mechanic I wanted needed to be more than just a Its a difficult task, take a - 40 and roll 1d100. I wanted to highlight each characters uniqueness; from the skills they knew, the equipment they used, and the enemies they make as you play. The game system also had to draw players into these characters they are playing. I wanted a system that makes you think about what a character can do, but also what a character would do. So the conflict system has evolved into a system where a player can do anything, you just need a plan, the skills, and tech. Every time the player rolls the dice they are taking action. The success or failure of the action depends the characters abilities beating the world around them. Every action is fought by an obstacle in the world around them. Whether a simple lock or another StrikeForce out to kill them, the Characters must over come these obstacles. Players create a SkillSet, as powerful as they can and after rolling the dice they get their Effectiveness. The effectiveness shows how well they used their skills and tech to overcome the opposition, the players EF is compared to the opposition and the GM describes the actions effects in game.

1) Declare Actions 2) Conflict Declaration 3) SkillSet Creation 4) Roll For Effectiveness 5) Action Effects Declare Action

This is what your character is attempting to do. It can be any effect you want. Improving Tech or functions, try to jump the grand canyon on a pogo stick. Whatever you want you can try to do. Players have to explain how the character is doing the action. Actions which require tools, tech, or something to do the action with, require you have that item.

The Double or Half Rule

Players may use action effects to boost values like attributes, skills, TEFs, or other non EF values in the game. The EF of such an action is added to or subtracted from the value. Values effected by such an action can only be doubled or halved, NO MORE OR LESS.

Conflict Declaration

Skill Use In StrikeForce

Skills use in StrikeForce is about choices. Every situation is open to using skills and the skills that are used effect what happens. The player tells the GM what skills your character will use to over come the situation and what effect you are attempting. Whether opening a

The GM must determine if the action you want to take is opposed by anything. Walking across a room is not something you should have to roll for, unless of course its a mine field. The GM will either narrate the actions effect or tell the players to build a SkillSet.

Characters Taking Action

The Opposed EF When the GM declares opposition to an action, the GM creates an opposed EF. Characters SkillSet must be higher than the Opposed EF. This EF is never reveled to the Players, so they never know what their target is. An Opposed EF of 70 requires the Characters EF be a 71 or greater. A Note on Opposed EF Values The nature of the Conflict System is to combine skills together. Since skills of high level characters can exceed 100 it is possible to have a SkillSet Total in excess of 600. Skill Depth, Situational modifiers, Technology, and the EF roll are designed to keep the maximum EFs in the 600-700 EF range. The system uses such high values, in part, to keep the players guessing about the opposed EFs against them. This forces players to consider everything about the situation as they build a SkillSet, drawing them into the situation as they try to maximize their chance of success. This is makes the game different and fun. accuracy, using PR as the primary skill An END SkillSet could be used to stay awake for an extended time. While these SkillSets have a lower total, Attribute SkillSets are powerful to use when skill alone will not suffice. Attribute SkillSet Skill Depth Attribute based SkillSets use only the attribute, no Base Skill, and Skill depth is equal to 1 for every 50 pts in the attribute. A 125 PR would have a Skill Depth of 2. Base Skill This secondary attribute is added into every, non attribute, SkillSet. Tech TEFs The most basic function of tech is to aid the user with more knowledge and abilities. The TEF of any tech is added directly to any skill related to its functions. So a VidChip would add to any Computer related SubSkill. Optics would add to Perception rolls or perhaps science skills to analyze data. Tech is as flexible as you can find a way to use it. However Plasma weapons, for example, really are only good for killing folks (dont get crazy people.) SkillSet total Add the Skill Ranks of the Primary, any Secondary Skills and their related Technology TEFs. This is the total of the SkillSet.

SkillSet Creation

The goal of a SkillSet is to combine skill, tool and modifier values creating the greatest chance of success. The player adds together any relevant values that may apply.

The GM must approve all skills, tech and mods in a SkillSet.

The Advantage of SkillSets SkillSets allow a character to combine their knowledge, maximizing their chance at success. At least one Skill, Main or Sub, or one Attribute plus the characters base Skill is used to create a SkillSet. Primary Value The player chooses the first value for the SkillSet they are building. This is the most relevant Attribute or SubSkill for the declared action. Should there be no applicable SubSkill then a more general Main Skills can be used. Secondary Values Characters can add other skills to the SkillSet, limited by their skill depth (see below). Players must indicate how the secondary skills will be used with the primary value. All Secondaries are subject to GM approval. Skill Depth This attribute shows how adept the character is combining different skills to create a SkillSet. The characters Skill Depth limits the number of skills used in a SkillSet. A Skill Depth of 2 means 2 skills total can be used by that character. A character must roll 1d100 against their Base Skill equal to or under for success. A failed roll means the character could not combine the skills; only the primary value can be used for the SkillSet.

Roll For Effectiveness

This is that element of fate, the dice. A 1d100 roll is subtracted from the SkillSet; giving the player their Effectiveness (EF). Add in any Luck or Situational modifier rolls to the EF as well. Be aware that a bad roll could put your EF below the opposed EF. A close EF could cause complications. Whatever the results the GM narrations and answers to your questions will effect your next action. Extraordinary Success If a character should roll a 1, it is considered an extraordinary success. This represents that one moment when a character is in the zone, they exceed their normal skills. The Characters EF is double the SkillSet, nothing subtracted. Note that this is not an automatic success, just a much higher EF than normal. Catastrophic Failure Should a character roll a 100 on the dice or have a negative EF, it is a Catastrophic failure. This represents that one moment when the character just blows it. They player cannot re-roll with the same SkillSet, another SkillSet must be used to roll again. Situational Modifiers Players and the GM can use the environment around them to try and increase a SkillSets effects. The GM assigns Situational Modifiers for each skillset. Players may also ask for or take actions to gain situational modifiers. The maximum number of Situational Mods for any


Attribute SkillSets

It is possible that the most likely skill for an action to be an Attribute. A Character might drop something with no

Characters Taking Action

player or NPC is 3. Each modifier has a specific effect on the situation, so picking the right modifiers can be important. Situation Modifiers have a direct effect on any situation in the game, and are meant to help draw a picture of the situation. See the list of suggested modifiers in Section 6. Successes and Limits The GM uses the Success Range to set limits on anything related to the Effect. Psi Pattern durations, technology ranges, wound durations, or anything else that requires a limit uses Success Range. So a Psi Power with a duration in minutes and a success range of 3 would last for 3 minutes. Some situations do not specify the unit used; in this case Players specify a certain unit as part of the effect, The GM should increase the target EF, using any modifiers based on the desired effect and the opposition. Values should never last longer than the gaming session they were created in. Example
A character uses their material analysis skill, Structural analysis skill, and an armor repair kit to boost their armors protection of 340, before they attack a combat Droid in the next room. The character has a SkillSet of 337, rolls a 92 for a 245 EF. The armors protect is increased by 245, but the GM rules it will last for 3 penetrations, 1 hit per success .

Action Effects

An actions effects in StrikeForce are a straight comparison between the opposed EF, which the GM sets, and the Characters Skill EF. The higher EF succeeds, the lower EF Fails, ties go to the characters.

Narration of Effects

When a characters action is resolved the GM Should not just say you succeed or fail. A Success, the players EF beats the opposed EF, indicates the declared Effect occurs A failure opposed beat the characters EF, and the effect fails. The GM should narrate a short description of what the final effects are. Add some flair and description, dont just say the player succeeds or fails.. Complications The GMs job is play the role of the System, throwing conflicts at your characters as you play. One way to do this is to add complications; changes to the situation that make the characters question whats going on. This enhances the story and players can role play to eliminate these complications. When a complication occurs is decided by the GM; using a limited pool (see section 7); so the GM is not constantly throwing wrenches in the players plans and the story. The purpose of complications is to add tension to the story all the players are telling. Good complications, not abusive ones, improve the story. The GM section has more details on the complication mechanic. Complications should force a character to react to its effect and gives players a chance to gain bonus commendations.
A Skill roll can give a player the map of a building they want, but a complication might mean they are not entirely sure of its quality. A lock is picked, a failure is rolled, the door should stay shut. A complication could be the door opens, but the characters dont know it was opened by the Defense zones AI.

Information Points When Players use a SkillSet to get information about a situation, the opposition, or any other details; it is a role play moment. Information points allow the player to ask additional questions about the target of the search. Each success gives the player 1 Information point. The player may ask for more detail on any aspect of the target of the action. This is not limited to UNIWeb searches. Anytime they try to get information on something, regardless of the method, information points should be awarded. Failures Any roll that fails has a range of failure equal to 1 for failing and +1 failure for every 50 below the target. Example
A character rolls a SkillSet EF 250 against a 400 EF opposition. Being 150 points below the target gives them 4 failures, 1 for failing and +3 for each 50 below.

Actions, Tracking, and Time

Game Time - Real World Terms I use these terms to describe what the group is doing, are you running a single adventure or a long running campaign? Just so we re clear on what those mean in this book. Plot - A story created by the GM in which the characters must overcome conflicts to complete the story. Adventure - The actual game time you play in a when you sit down at the table. An adventure consists of at least one plot and can take place over many adventures to complete that plot. Campaign - Multiple adventures and plots that combine into a long term story involving your characters and their choices.


Success Range

The Success Range is used to set limits on SkillSet effects or complications as the story evolves. A successful roll indicates 1 success for the character or NPC. The SkillSet EF can increase the success range beyond one. Every 100 EF adds 1 bonus success, so a 300 EF adds 3 Successes, for a total of 4. An EF opposed by an intelligence has its Successes lowered by the oppositions successes a min of 1.

Game Time - In Game Terms

StrikeForce game time is managed in 2 ways: Free Form time and Phased Turn time. The phased turn is used

Characters Taking Action

when each action and the time they take have to be tracked, because time can effect the outcomes of conflicts in play. Free Form time is where the group is almost having a conversation. SkillSet rolls are made and effects occur, but the time frame is not so important. Free Flow Turns When the group is talking and role playing their actions, move the story forward using free flow turns. There is no need to track actions spent or other detailed tracking , like in a phased turn. Only a few SkillSets are rolled and the GM tracks the passage of time and use of actions in a free flow manner; after a certain number of actions have been completed that X amount of time has past. A good rule of thumb is that for every 5 or 6 major actions and/or NPC interactions; 5 minutes or so passes in game time. During Free flow time it is the GMs call to determine how much time has past in game. The Phased Turn When the effects of each action can influence or even stop another action; such as in combat, the phased turn is used. The Phased turn is a 5 phase, 30 second turn. Each phase is 6 seconds in duration and each character can normally do one active action and multiple passive actions.

Passive Actions

Passive actions affect only objects or devices on the character. The character may do as many passives in one phase as their maximum number of actions allows.

Free Actions

Free actions occur when one effect changes an existing result. Anyone or anything affected by the change gets a free action to recover and reset the result back. Free actions are awarded by the GM based on the situations. Active versus Passive actions The basic rule is a Passive action cannot stop an active action from occurring. A Passive action can effect or modify an active EF, but it cannot stop the Active action.

Determining order

Each player and NPC rolls 1d100 and adds it to their reaction. The highest number, or the fastest, goes first. Ties go to the character or NPC with the highest reaction, else re-roll.

Tracking Actions

In each phase every player can do one active action. So if there are 3 Characters and 2 NPCs there are 5 active actions in that phase, one for each character. Active actions are taken in order and after each one all players may take passive actions. This means that after the first player goes, the GM should ask if anyone wants to take a passive action and resolve them, before the next active action. This allows changes of equipment, movement, or effects that change a value to occur as active actions occur around them. The Phase alternates between active and passive actions until all active actions have occurred. Then the next phase starts.

Quickness Effects

Phased Turn Actions Active Actions

Characters with quickness can choose to either take 2 active actions in 1 phase or double the EF of a successful skill attempt. The character is so fast they can apply additional time in the phase to increase its effectiveness. This doubling effect can be done 1 time per phase maximum and it does not work if the base EF is NOT successful.

Any action which will directly effect an object, person, or other target not on the users person is an active action. Shooting some one, picking a lock, conning someone out of a diamond, all are active actions. Normal Characters may only take 5 active actions per Turn, 1 per phase regardless of their total number of actions. (Note some abilities allow characters to exceed the number of Active actions per phase, BUT not the 5 maximum per turn). Losing Active Actions In the course of the game, a character may lose an active action to a critical or Psi Power or other effect. If so the Player gets to determine in which phase that loss will occur.

Action Time

Time required to do an action in a phased turn is the 6 seconds in a phase. Whether opening a door, shooting a target, breaking into a Web, or any other SkillSet used in game. in a Phased turn time is compressed due to the high stress and focus of the characters. Sometimes the story in a Free Flow turn requires knowing how long a task took. The GM converts the Opposed EF to Successes, 1 per 100 EF. Each Success is 60 seconds of game time or 1 minute. Opposed EFs below 100 , 0 successes) take 30 seconds of game time to complete.
A 50 opposed EF (0 Successes) would take 30 seconds to overcome, a 500 EF (5 Successes) would take 5 minutes.


Characters Taking Action

Success Takes Less Time Characters who succeed, beating the opposed EF, may subtract any Successes from the base time, lowering the time it takes. So each success of a successful action lowers the time by 30 seconds. The lowest time possible is 30 seconds. Failure Time Should the character fail against the opposed EF, time passes equal to double the time to complete before the attempt can be tried again. ence from the game. Example

A character uses their material analysis skill, Structural analysis skill, and an armor repair kit to boost their armors protection of 340, before they attack a combat droid in the next room. The character has a SkillSet of 337, rolls a 92 for a 245 EF. The armors protect is increased by 245, but the GM rules that will only last for 2 penetrations, 1 hit for each 100 EF.

A failure against a 300 Opposed EF, 3 minutes to complete normally, would cause 6 minutes to pass before they can try again.

Normal Tech Use

In the course of the game, characters may encounter situations where they can become stressed. Stressed Characters have to roll emotion or experience negative modifiers. An action fails and the failure is apparent

Situational Stress

Repeated Failures at the same action A failure at a critical time

Multiple tries to open a door

Picking a lock and setting off an alarm

Techs has functions and TEF Values, both of which can be used during game play. Tech Functions are used to enhance character actions and role play at the table. The TEF value of any relevant tech is added to the SkillSet as described earlier. The TEF is added directly into the skill using it. The skill total plus any tech TEF is added to the SkillSet. Tech can only be used by and to help the character whose person it is on. Example
The Chameleon Chip, for example, adds its TEF to a characters Stealth skills and gives the ability to blend in with the surroundings. Technology devices can be programmed, TEFs increased, and new functionality could be added.

Situations where the character is unable to act. Character dies and is revived.

Unable to open a door as security closes in. Restrained as a civilian they care for is killed. Dying is unnerving and definitely causes stress. Character has to hide and move repeatedly.

A character uses all actions before the turn ends

Stacking Tech Multiple tech TEFs can be used in any SkillSet, as long as the player can explain what each piece does to aid a Skill in the SkillSet.

When these situations occur the GM can ask for an Emotion (EM) roll by the character. Characters roll 1d10 and it must be above the attribute. If the EM roll is missed the character loses 1 action and cannot add their base skill in to any SkillSet. This lasts for 1 phase per point missed.

Tweaking Tech

Quick Summary

So that is the Conflict system, every roll you make follows the rules described above. Combat uses SkillSets, increasing the ability of a weapon; guns, grenade, katana, or hand to do damage to a target.

Characters can use skills or programs to improve the TEF or functions of a piece of tech. A Character could program his Kinetic Absorbers to make them absorb more damage against them. Skill Tweaks To tweak tech using skills players create a SkillSet and roll for EF. The opposing EF is the devices TEF, the EF must be higher than the TEF. TEF values can be doubled at maximum. Example
A Character has a SkillSet of 120 and wants to make his Kinetic Absorbers work better. The roll is a 30 for an EF of 90. The Kinetic absorbers absorb 10 pts of damage normally, which is increased to 20, The 9 Successes let the GM set a 9 minutes duration in game when the effect is lost and the Absorbers return to normal. This would be a passive action.

Technology in StrikeForce
Technology is a powerful tool in game. Characters can use Tech to both role play and increase a SkillSet.


Using Tech for Role Play

Techs great strength is how its functions and the abilities it adds to the characters enhancing a role playing situation. Whether it is using tech to detect a lie, a chameleon skinned ExoSkeleton sneaking past a guard, or scanning a potential target with a threat analysis chip. The EF result and the Techs ability influences, changes, or expands the players options in the game. Tech can also lie or even adding confusion to situations, increasing the suspense and difficulty. Players who maximize their use of tech abilities usually have more fun and get a deeper role play experi-

Program Tweaks Characters can create Programs to tweak instead of using skill tweaks. The advantage of a programing tweak is that the player must add a programming Skill (Must match the tech type; Nanonic tech needs Nanonic programming). Other skills can be added as normal to the SkillSet. Program SkillSet have no opposed EF. The EF is added to the tech, double max value. Programming time is as a stand

Characters Taking Action

alone program.

Natures Forces
Natures Forces allows the creation of fields of force to create effects of the universe. The fields force changes in the Calon energy that make up everything in the universe. Power and a Field, with specific aspects such as Chemical or physical, are use with tech and Science skills to control natures forces and change the world around you, for example one could make iron rust away to dust in minutes.

Other Program Types Stand Alone Programs

Stand Alone Programs do a specific effect, based on the SkillSet used to create it, and are a passive action to create. The program can do 1 effect per Secondary Success, each effect is based on the creating SkillSet. The program does its specific effects and then it is gone. All Programs are specific to the situation, no saving them for later (See Shell Programs). SkillSets can be used; the primary skill must be a Programming skill that matches the tech. The total Successes rolled is the programs TEF. Programing Time Time to create a program is determined by the Final EF in minutes. Every success lowers the time by 30 Seconds. Stand Alone Programs are treated like an action effect. Programs do a specific effect and then they are gone.

Natures Forces Effects

The below list gives you an idea of the types of effects each force can be used for.
Electromagnetic Force Source of Electronic Emissions, Type of Emissions, Human Body Scans (MRI), Radar type Information Gravitational Force Detect Objects by Mass, Detect Mass (size) of Object, determine Object density. Weak Nuclear Force Detect Subatomic makeup, Analyze particle interactions, Sense particle changes Strong Nuclear Force Detect Emissions from particle interactions, determine effects of interactions, Determine makeup of new materials from Such interactions Chemical Force Chemical/Elemental composition of target, Chemical interaction effects, Thermodynamic interaction of chemicals, Thermodynamics. Physical Force Audio (sonar) Location Detection, Matter States (gaseous, Liquids, Solids, plasma), state interactions.

Program Shells

Creating a program shell means the character is creating simple code to speed up the creation of a program. The advantage is that creating a program from a shell is faster, but it limits how good the final program will be.. Creating shells uses only a programming skill in its SkillSet, no Secondary Skills. Creating Programs from Shells When the character creates a program from the shell, use the Shells TEF as the base and cut all time to phases. So a Shell of TEF 15 could be boosted to a 30 TEF, but takes phases, not minutes, to create. Tracking Program Shells Rather than players creating a list of 590 shells the character is carrying, at the beginning of each session any character can create a Shell for each programing skill they have. Each player should note the TEF and tech type of each shell.

Science Skills in Game Science skills are limited because of the nature of the game. The skills are used to program the scanner and its suites to create effects. SkillSets use the science skill that relates best to the effect being attempted. An effect based on velocity would require physics. An effect that modifies the chemical or physical makeup of an object would use chemistry as a primary skill. Science skills that are missing can be incorporated using a SkillSet. Doing archeology research on a Kazkan artefact could be covered by a SkillSet using; Science: Scientific Analysis, Languages: Kazkan, Engineering: Material Analysis, and Perception: Select Recall. The resulting information points could give an understanding of the artefacts abilities and stats. Power Units and Natures Forces Natures forces require power, referenced in Power Units, to effect a targets Calon energy. The TEF of a Device determines the number of power units it can output. Power output must equal the target EF, for the attempt to be successful. Tech that outputs power can boost its power output.


Characters Taking Action Scanner Effects Energy is Mass: Thermodynamics in 2136

It requires a huge amount of power to create gold out of thin air or transmute lead. Can it be done? Yes, but you need energy (Power Units) equal to the opposed EF + 1d100. The gold you ant to create has the equivalent of 5 ENC, adding 50 to the EF. The Tech uses 3 forces: WNF, Chemical and Physical, for +75. To create the gold the target is 125 EF and PUO of 125 + 56 (1d100 roll) for a total 181 PU. That would require a Scanner with a TEF of 61 or more, unless one chose to tweak it or overload it.

Scanners are devices design to project natures forces. There design is modular allowing the power of a scanner to grow over time, however lower TEF scanners are more limited in how much they can project and effect. These rules are to help GMs and players determine what a scanner can do and how to resolve their effects in play.

Scanners are a powerful technology that can be used to do powerful things. Characters use the considerable TEF of the scanner to work science based effects that seem like magic. These effects, when they cause no intentional damage to the target, are resolved with a standard EF to EF compare. The effects last for set amount of time based on the Success Range. Increase Attributes or SkillSets Scan for specific information based on Natures Forces Nullify attacks against Tech Nullify a specific tech ability using a natures force Imbue a target with an ability based on a natures force. Create a specific effect based on one or more natures forces attributes. Scanner effects can be created to use the scanner like a direct damage weapon. Scanners are not weapons and have a PEN rating equal to their PUO, and a DAM of PUO/10. Using a scanner as a weapon is not easy and the attacker gets NO combat Influence when doing so. Scanner Effects Opposed EFs Using Natures Forces to cause an effect, imbue an ability, or change a target value is always opposed by the target. The Tech needs to declare a specific target of the scanners effect. Targeting non living tissues is much easier than targeting living tissue; because of the lower amounts of Calon to affect. The modifiers listed below are added to any SkillSet EF used to oppose the Scanner. This creates a Target EF. Additional modifiers for organic targets and situational modifiers can also increase the target EF and are mentioned below. Non Organic Targets Each Force Used or is part of Target 100 pts of Armor Protection 1 Vehicle DR 100 SP or 10 ENC EF Value 25 20 100 50 5

Scanner Values

Scanner Speed Scanner speed indicates how many targets and forces a scanner can use for effects. Multiple effects can be concurrently done. Scanner TEF The Scanner TEF is added into each effect or program that is run. Add TEF into the SkillSet as normal for each effect attempted. Scanner Range A Scanners range is equal to its (50 + TEFx5), rounded to the nearest 20. A TEF 10 scanner has a range 50m. A TEF 35 scanner range is 150m. Power Units Output (PUO) TEF also show the power output, in power units, of the scanner. The Power Units Output (PUO) is equal to scanners (TEF *3). This values effect what a scanner can do and to what.

1000 SP or 50 ENC 5000 SP 100 ENC Power conduit/other Power based target

2 per PU



Power Overloads Overloading a scanners power output means exceeding its TEF in Power Units Output when attempting an effect. Scanners can safely take power up to double their TEF. Should the power units be increased beyond double the TEF, there is chance the scanner will shut down. There is a 10% chance for the scanner to shutdown for 1d10 actions for every 25 PU over double. Rolling a 100 on this roll means the scanner takes 1d10 malfunctions until repaired (see tech repair at the end of the section).

Organic Targets EF values

An organic target of a scanner effect has a greater amount of Calon energy to affect. Organic targets add either their PsiCon (or Base Skill if they have to PsiCon) + (50 per scanner effect). A successful scanner effect that modifies an organic target forces the target to make an END roll at -25 per Effect. A failed roll means the target rolls once on the mutation table at the end of this chapter. Situational Modifiers Can be used to change out comes as required by the situation. See the above description.

Character Influence
Increasing Scanner TEFs Follows the rules for Stacking tech or increasing values. Create a SkillSet and increase the value as normal. Increasing the TEF will increase Power output Determining Effects SkillSet EF must be above the opposed EF, like any other SkillSet. The Effect described by the player occurs, however the GM can apply complications or other descriptions as the situation in game warrants. Failed SkillSets have no effect but the user loses an action Scanner Action Costs All actions using as scanner that have an EF below 100 or directly damage, interfere, or mess with a target are considered Active actions. Scanner actions with a passive effect, so they dont damage, interfere, or mess with a target, and have an EF of 100 or more are passive actions. Scanning Out of Order This means that anyone using a scanner can attempt to do a scan out of order (not in the order of rolled reaction) in a phased turn. The attempted scanner action CANNOT directly damage, interfere, or mess with a target, it must be passive in effect. The EF must also be 100+ for the action to be passive. An EF below 100 means the attempt costs an active action, the player can determine when in the turn the active is lost (like active dodges). Player can continue to do scans out of turn, until they roll a scan that costs an active. When an active scan is rolled they cannot do scan out of turn until the next phase.

Scanner Attribute or SkillSet Increases

When a scanner effects an attribute or a SkillSet on a target the scanners EF is the value added to the target; remember the double rule.

Scanner Failure

Scanners are a complex technology, manipulating forces and programs that can do amazing things. Scanners have a starting failure of 90 - 100. The failure chance decreases by 1 for every 15 TEF of the scanner; so a TEF 35 Scanner has a failure chance of 92 - 100. Scanners always fail on a roll of 99 - 100. When a scanner fails roll 1d100 and reference the roll on the scanner failure table.

ExoSkeleton Sensor Arrays

These systems are very powerful and act as a scanner with a speed of 1. This means they can affect target, whether the user or another, only 1 target can benefit from

Failure Failure Results Roll 1- 20 Effects are successful scanner takes 1 malfunction 21- 35 61-75 36 -60 76 -84 Effects fail, scanner unusable for 1 phase takes 2 malfunctions Effects Fail, scanner takes 3 malfunctions. Effects Fail Scanner needs to be rebooted, takes 1 phase per 15 TEF. Effects Fail, scanner takes 4 malfunctions.

84 - 90 91-92 93-94 95 -98 99-100

Scanner takes 6 Malfunctions, effects fail on a roll of 75 + until repaired.

Scanner energy erupts like a plasma grenade, does TEF * 5 total attack to every one in a range of 1 m per 20 TEF. As an explosive attack. Scanner that are attached to armor or internal wearer takes TEF * 10 total attack. Scanner rips a hole into the astral plane. Everyone within 1m per 10 TEF is sent into the astral plane and cannot leave for 1d100 hours.

Scanner energy release creates a small plasma sun at the point of the effects target. Target takes a total plasma attack of TEF x 100, every one in 100 m range takes a TEF x 50 Plasma attack. Then the sun disappears Scanner destroys itself in a huge conflagration. Effects of 91 - 98 rolls all occur. Attacks are doubled, ranges are 1m per 5 TEF, durations are 1d100 * 2 days.

Scanner Time

Time to create an Effect Scanners lower the time to do an action by 1 minute per success. Also the user can use 2 successes to lower the time units down 1, say from minutes to phases or hours to minutes. Duration of effects Scanner effects last 1 phase per Success, 2 successes can be spent to increase this to turns, 4 to minutes, 6 to hours. etc. Effects can also be stopped at will by the user of the scanner.

the actions effects. Exoskeleton malfunction rules apply to ESAs, not the tech damage rules at the end of the section.
So FieldTech: Nano Mike Gohr uses his scanner out of turn to make it easier to target a Droids weapons system. His SkillSet is a 234, but ECM and armor on the Droid lowers it by 115, making it a 118 SkillSet. He rolls a 48, for a 70 EF. The GM informs him he failed to boost the targeting (not beating the opposed EF). The scan costs him an active action (less than 100 EF). Mike Can do no more out of order scans until next phase.



Character Influence
technology to create the interface to the human world. AI reaction is only rolled against other AI, against Humans the AI always goes first. Passive AI Actions Passive actions only effect, the AI itself, data it has access to, or systems that are linked to the AI, including devices that specify passive action to use. AI have no limit on how many passive actions they can do in a phase, however the GM can allow other actions to occur before multiple AI actions, depending on the situation. Active AI Actions Active actions are actions that require use of external communications links, like a scanner, ROM or VidChips. The use of any outside links, to effect the human world, means the AI is now linked to human speeds and subject to the 1 active action per phase rule. The moment a player says their AI performs an Active action, the AI is finished for that phase Free AI Actions Work just as they do for Humans. An AI with a free action after an Active action could do 2 active actions in a row.
So, an AI can passively analyze a situation and communicate to the user. However, if that communication requires an Active action, the AI is done until the next phase. AI use of a device require an active action to use unless otherwise specified.

Calon Energy and Scanners It is theoretically possible to duplicate a Calon pattern with a scanner. The factors * 5 of the Psi pattern are the minimum PU needed to create the power; Direct attack powers require *10 the power to create. This assumes the scanner has some sort of Calon energy suite,to create Calon not just influence it, which currently does not exist. This lack of such a suite is a Direct result of pressure form the Psi Guild, who feel that such technology is a direct threat to their species. Their have been attempts, by Corps and others, but no one is known to have succeeded or lived to speak of it.

Artificial Intelligence Partners

As the characters progress, they will have the opportunity to purchase or simply work with AI units. These intelligent computers can have a profound impact on play. Characters can purchase or build their own AI which reside in their armor, scanners, or vehicle. These AI are like a supplemental character, that the player uses in addition to their character. While much less time is spent on these secondary programs, they can add much to the game and a players character. This section defines how to use an Artificial Intelligence during play.

AI Direct Interfaces

AI Programming Rules

All AI intelligences are created under the revised Vanders Rules. These programs include rules of behavior, an immediate release to attack any confirmed Paulson units and the following Rules (Revised as of 2100): 1. No AI will be engineered with Psionic Abilities or skill; when such technology becomes feasible. Penalties include destruction of the AI and imprisonment or death for the owner. AIs are programmed to resist such implantation. 2. The AI may not harm a human, unless a human designated a controller to the AI at the time of programming designates a target. The target must be specific and clear to the AI. 3. The AI may not attack a Designated Target if it could harm any other Human target. 4. The AI may refuse to do any action if the intelligence feels it violates any part of its programming. 5. All AIs must be programmed with a shutdown code (be it numeric or alphanumeric), that the controller or duly appointed officials may use to stop the Designated AI.

An Ai can directly interface into a technology device, rather than using a program to boost its TEF. An AI that is directly interfaced into a device adds its TEF to the devices and that is the opposed EF for any action against that tech or Tech Combat against it. An AI can interface with 1 device per 15 TEF, adding its TEF to any number up to its max.

AI Skills

AI Skill Depth AI Partners are not as flexible as humans when it comes to combining similar skills into a skill set. AI Skill Depth starts at 1. AIs can increase depth by 1 when their TEF reaches 100, and by 1 again for every 100 after. AI Skills AI learn and use knowledge in much more detail than humans do. Because of this only Main Skills are needed to track the AIs knowledge of a subject. All Main Skills available to a Human are available to an AI.


Artificial Intelligence Actions

AI Growth

AI actions are different than Human actions. AI can take as many Passive actions in a phase as they wish, so long as no effect of those actions is outside the AI or the computer system (or armor) it resides in. AI can do one action per phase outside of this network in the human world, using

As AI use skills they grow and learn. They do not get commendations, they gain learning chances. The learning chance is based on the type of AI; the more complex the greater chance to grow. Each learning chance is a percentile chance to gain skill ranks. These ranks can be spent on any attribute or Main Skill. The chart below shows the

Specialized Technology
rank purchase cost: Each Attribute point Cost: 1 rank Each new Main Skill at 0: Cost 4 ranks Every Main Skill Rank <=80: Cost 1 rank Every Main Skill Rank =>81: Cost 2 ranks Every Main Skill Rank <=120: Cost 3 ranks Every Base Skill point = 1 rank This is how an AI grows. Each technology has a maximum number of ranks. While ROM chips can be used to increase the maximum number of ranks, Each type has a maximum total rank. will do everything they can to stop their PsiCon from going below zero. It is a horrible experience for a Psi. It is like a normal person holding their breath for an hour.

The AI Human Relationship

AI Thinking

Nanonic and DNA AI intelligences use a process called thinking that clutters up the Calon wavelength. AI thinking was developed in late 2076. The process allows AI units to broadcast collections of data, called thoughts, rather than actually have to fill memory locations. The thoughts are Pure Computer code and the wavelength is at 221.765 gigahertz UHM. Thoughts are broadcast into the ether on an EM frequency an last for a second or two. AIs can grab each others thoughts as they wish. AIs can also destroy the data instead of sending them out. The broadcasting of AI thoughts is a subconscious process. All Thinking and thought processes done by AI units are done in a form of binary computer language called Medlin Binary. In order for AI units to communicate with humans, they must convert their data into a Human Compatible Format. This can be language, written or spoken, math formulas, pictures or a combination. While the act of conversion is subconscious, it creates much larger data streams, which at times can slow even the immense bandwidth of the UNIWeb. Note the UN has no plans to change this function of AI units as it is a truly beneficial part of the AI and the UN has decreed that only the AI NATION has the right to punish or change the functions of their race.. PsiTechs have an aversion to close contact with any other than VSIC AI.

Humans and AI work together for the benefit of both personalities. They build a strong relationship, most based on friendship and respect, some abusive and inhuman. Each relationship adds to the knowledge both the human and AI races use to build a stringer relationship. When an AIs Owner/Partner is killed, one of two things occur. The first is the AI Nation and the AI will determine if the AI wishes to enter the Nation and cease working directly with humans. Should this happen the skills and abilities of the AI are absorbed into the AI Nation. The Nation analyzes the AI to make certain that it will help and not hurt the Nation. Of the roughly 1000 AI that have the chance to enter the Nation, 1% are refused. The second situation is for those that are refused by the Nation or wish to continue to work with humans. The tech guild will pay (20,000 * AIs TEF) to any StrikeForce member who turns an un-partnered AI into them. The Tech Guild will attempt to salvage the AI so it can eventually join another human partner or the AI Nation at some time in the future. At any one time the tech guild has twenty five to one hundred AI, all being rehabilitated for eventual use in a Corp or for the AI Nation. So strict is the Tech guild about the finding of rejected AI, any person or entity that takes an AI and tries to black market it will be cut off from the Tech guild forever. The AI Nation keeps close track of all AI and when they track of an AI, the Nation alerts the Tech Guild appropriate actions to recover or destroy the lost AI, based on the AI Nations request at any cost.

PsiTechs and AI Intelligences

As active Psi have become common in mainstream society it has become apparent that they and AI have a serious issue. This issue prevents PsiTechs from using any AI more advanced than VSIC technology. The waveform of thoughts matches the waveform of Calon energy. This causes the Thinking of AI units to invade the PsiTechs mind when they concentrate on anything at all. PsiTechs train years to overcome this jumble of thoughts from the AI units. However if a Nanonic or DNA AI is kept on their person it is impossible for them to concentrate enough to project Calon energy. VSIC AI thinking is minimal due to the technology and the hardware limitations which dont allow these AI to have in-depth thoughts as Nanonic or DNA AI. Should a PsiTech have a Nanonic or DNA AI on their person subtract the (AI TEF/2) from the PsiCon of the PsiTech. This modifier is cumulative. Psi Techs

Networks in 2136

In mid 2063 the UNIWeb became the main source of data communications in the world. People began calling networks, both connected to the UNIWeb or private unconnected networks, Webs. People connect to Webs using a Hard or Open Connect (wired or wireless). All connections use one of the many transport methods available, all have built in security to prevent unauthorized access, shown by its TEF value. Any character who wants to connect to a Web must


Specialized Technology
access a private or public access connection. Public access is open with no TEF, and can be intercepted easily. Private access has to be granted to the user or they have to hack an access point, by beating its TEF. Connections can be monitored and players may have to spend actions to not be detected by Web AI or security programs. Once connected a Human or AI can take actions as normal that effect the Web UNIWeb and Private Web Security Secrets of 2136 Security on all webs works on There are actually 2 more layers Root6 the root system. and Root7, which have active secuWhile the UNI- rity using AI in Large Scale Hardware Web is based on Frames to stop unauthorized access. a 5 root system, Rumors abound of combined attacks in many Private excess of 1000 EF on these Root levels Webs can have failing. Root6 is used by the ESC and many more lev- the Planning groups. Root7 contains els. AvCorp is the base code and commands that adrumored to have min AI use to run the UNIWeb. You 25 Roots in one can guess what happened to those who of the their Pri- attempted to gain access to these levels. vate webs. The minimum EF required to access a Web root is Root level * 100; so a root 5 security level requires a 500 EF to break the security. The Mythical root 25 would require a 2500 EF to break into; and since it was created by one of the oldest AI units in the AI Nation it is possible it really exists. Computer skills must be part of any SkillSet created to break Root security. trol of the doors, communications, to Zone Control Forts with control of drones and emplacements in a Defense Zone. Any function of a web can be co-opted, destroyed, taken control of using a control program, or what ever else a character wants to do with a connected attack. Linked Webs The UNIWeb literally is a web of interlinked networks, where the UNIWeb is the center and linked in private networks use it for communications with the rest of the globe. Whether a corporate, national, or Guild network, any private network has some sort of link to the UNIWeb. Access to these linked networks is usually through Root25. Once in the Root access to these networks is usually additionally protected by whatever defense zone systems are in place. In game terms to break into a linked Net, you must make at least 2 computer rolls to break in, one for the UNIWeb root where the network connects and at least one more to crack the linked networks Root 0.

Data Transfer Devices

Terminals A basic link to the UNIWeb these devices are every where. Some are mounted on walls, others are handheld. Terminals can do searches on data of any sort. Terminals can also do Financial transactions using Earth Credits. VidChip This chip allows a direct connection to the UNIWeb. Any device that has a chip slot can use a VidChip to connect as if they were a terminal. The Chip responds to voice commands, as well as visual interface and pre-programed commands. Unified code of the UNIWeb The UNIWeb is a globe spanning network that serves as a link for all other Webs to communicate. The UNIWeb was created in part with Vanders AI units and is based on a specialized mathematical code that standardized the code for networking, hardware, security, and software requests in software. Called Basic Integrated Foundation Code (BIFC), any device or program on the web uses this codes objects and standards. While Private Webs exist, if they want to link to the UNIWeb they have to use BIFC, and a Private Net without BIFC has no access. BIFC code and math are designed to upgrade on the fly, and the AI Nation drives fixes on a millisecond basis.

Connecting to Webs

Any Player wishing to connect to the UNIWeb or a private web can do so without a roll, assuming they have security access or their is no security. Any connection that is against a Webs security system requires a SkillSet with some sort of Computers Skill as the primary. The Opposed EF of these attempts uses the TEF of the Network + any opposed Programs and SkillSets to create the final Opposed EF 1 roll is made and connection is made or refused. Additional attempts can be made, but they will get harder as more security programs are used. for defense.


Network Type Laser Pulse Radio LFM

Network TEF 64 67 75

Availability 100% 95% 75%

Sound resonator Digital Burst Light Connectors

Floor Web

UNIWeb Searches



45% 25%

The UNIWeb is a huge data warehouse geared towards limiting data access. To achieve that it is subdivided into 6 security layers. These layers are called Root0 through Root 5. Root0 is considered Public Domain and is a TEF

Function of Webs on the UNIWeb Webs can have functions from a data repository, con-

Specialized Technology

Uplink Hardware

Any direct connection to the UNIWeb or other network is called an Uplink. Physical connections used by the UNIWeb were also standardized using BIFC. There are numerous types using various technologies which allow for secured links. Most of these links are Open using connections like airborne chemical coding or light waves. Hard wired connections exist, but still used the same network types, just within the wire to make connecting location specific.
0 security to access. Root1 is semi Public and has a 200 EF security. Root2-5 security increases by 100 per level until Root 5 which has a security of TEF 500. Access to a Root level can be granted by request to an access holder of that level (AvCorp has Root5 access). Access simply gets you in to the Root 0 level, from there users can search to find the location of data, i.e. Root 5 is where the file you want is. Since any user can create multiple roots locations under their Full Address name finding a file can be a daunting task. In addition files are further encrypted by their owners, making finding a file sometimes easier than opening it. Open Search Results A user does an open search of the UNIWeb the information comes from Root0 and Root1. the information is basic and can be controlled by the owning entity. A Example search on a corporation might provide the following information. Each Bullet would be an information point, based on the searches successes. Number of employees, world location, products made, and some restricted products. The following are restrictions on Root0 and Root1 searches: Any person or organization can restrict some or none of the requested information. No Security programs interfere with the searches of these Roots. The owner of the info can trace all information sent to the inquirer if they wish. To search the UNIWeb for restricted or other wise inaccessible data, users must access the Root where the data they need is. Data in secured Roots (2-5) is unsearchable until the Root is accessed. So to find data that is in Root4, you must first access that Root and then search. An Uplink to the UNIWeb or Web and a connection is required for such searches. custom interface and a costly add-on.

Unsecured COM Methods

Instant Messages When people communicate in 2136 they use one of three Instant Message formats. The first is Full Message Format (FMF) that has live feed video, audio and 1GB/S data streamed. The second is Full Audio Format (FAF), which is full duplex audio and 2GB/S data streamed. The last is Full Text Format (FTF), which has up to 4GB text data per message and 5GB/S Streamed Data. All have quantum 45 bit encryption (EF 225). In addition, all users have access to UNIWeb mail, which can hold 100 GB per message and 150 GB/s Streamed Data (Mail has 2048 bit reversed encryption (EF 675). Most corporations tend to use UNIWeb Mail although many have additional encryption mechanisms.

Secured COM Methods

Virtual Reality Interfaces

While Virtual reality interfaces are available, the design of the UNIWeb does not require it and the software does not usually make searches more effective. The use of avatars and other immersion software has never caught on due to the sheer number of voice and ocular commands a person can use to access the UNIWeb. The avatar interface is simply not needed. Public demand is also limited since most everyday data is on Root0 or Root1. VR software can increase the TEF of a device, but usually it is a

UNIWeb Encryption and Access Protocols All characters can do searches on the UNIWeb. Assuming a character can access the Root where the data is, normal security would have the data encrypted. Searches for specific data usually end up in a linked Web where information is encrypted. Webs traditionally use multiple types of encryption to increase security and further deter searches. Encryption and Access Protocols are all based on a quantum key design in 2136 making them very difficult to even attempt to crack. Encryptions in 2136 are intelligent programs; their strength comes from their ability to create a different encryption matrix every time they are used. All standard, and most custom, Encryptions are built from custom quantum keys. Corporations and their executives have their own personal, and unknown, Keys as well. Breaking encryption on a Root 5 file means figuring out the key, not the encryption. So Decryption attempts can benefit from social data or information used to get the key info, thus widening the skills that can be used in a decryption SkillSet. This Quantum Key method also means that breaking encryption from one source does not mean that encryption on all files is broken, just files using that particular key. Encrypted Uplinks Any character with a VidChip can initiate an non encrypted Uplink to another VidChip or terminal. Characters can make a SkillSet roll to Encrypt this connection as normal, active action.


Specialized Technology
ROM Chip links Any character with a ROM chip can initiate a direct encrypted uplink to another ROM chip or VidChip. To encrypt the signal the character or AI must make a computer roll, with encryption. AI Initiated Uplinks (Active Action) have a TEF equal to the AI TEF or its SkillSet EF players choice. Psi Intuition in use When a situation arises where the GM feels the characters might get a flash of insight the GM rolls against Psi intuition. A good guideline is if something is happening within a few meters of the character roll intuitions. The GM rolls 1d100 for each players intuition. The roll must be below the Characters listed Psi Intuition. Should the roll be equal to or below the character senses something. Characters who sense something should then roll 1d100 and that number is the strength of the Intuition. Characters may not request Psi Intuition rolls. Example
For instance, should a character walk into a room and see the bad guy, the GM would roll Psi Intuitions for any character that sees him. If the roll is below the Characters Psi Intuitions, the player gets to roll. Depending on how good the roll is the GM could say; You get a general feeling of unease as you walk in. a higher player roll might get The whole place feels like a trap and you get a feeling of hatred from a hooded figure the far left corner.

Character Influence
During an adventure there are moments when the players want to influence the plot. This section details the tools players have to influence the plot, using tools other than skills and role playing. These tools include Psi Intuition, Luck Points, Passions and Attitude checks, and Story Points.

Psi Intuition

Psi intuition continues to perplex scientists. Intuition is the most common skill among Latents (non PsiActive) and PsiTechs (Psi actives). Latents and PsiTechs both can receive flashes of insight that warn them of danger or hostility. These flashes give the character information to take action. The player could duck down an alley to avoid a fight or spin left to see a surprise attack. Psis and Latents alike have learned to listen to these flashes of uncontrolled insight, and it has saved many a life. A characters or NPC Psi Intuition gives them information that something feels wrong about the situation or person they are dealing with. Sometimes the feeling is more detailed and other times it is only a vague sense of unease.

The characters, and some NPCs, are considered luckier than most people and have the ability to influence the game with that luck. A characters luck is represented by Luck Points. A characters maximum luck is equal to their commendations divided by 5000, Plus 1 for each passion a character has. So a Character with 10,000 Comms and 4 passions would get 6 luck. Luck points reset at the beginning of every adventure and reset at the next adventure. Luck points are used by players to modify rolls during an adventure, possibly changing the outcomes and direction of the plot. The list below shows how luck can be used. The down side to luck points is those who are opposed to your goals may have them as well. Less skilled Opponents could have between 5 -15 luck points (GMs Discretion). Exceptional Enemies could have 30+ luck points, making it a real challenge to beat them.

Luck Points

Intuition Effect of Psi Intuition Sense Roll 1-20 General bad feeling No detail but the whole thing just feels wrong. 21-45

Knows any immediate threats are present, but no idea what they are or when they might strike. General Info of what is going on around them. Aware they might be attacked. If they can see the source of danger or malice towards them, they are 50% sure of the source. Is not aware of the direction of the attacks. Info more Specific to what is going on around them but still very vague.




Aware of any evil or bad intentions from any one with in 10m. Unaware of any specific actions, but knows attacks are coming and 50% sure of direction. Cannot be surprised in combat. Also aware of any one who has plans that interfere with theirs, but not who that person is. Info more very Specific to what is going on around them but no knowledge of specific actions that might hinder the characters.


Aware of Malice, anger or general bad intentions directed at them by any one specific person. Cannot shake the feeling there is something wrong with the person. Aware of what direction they are being attacked from, but not when. I have got a really bad feeling Info specific to what is going on around them they even have and Idea who might be behind the changes around them..

Specialized Technology
whatever else may occur to someone during a game. Example 1 - Story Points in action

Luck Uses

1 luck point to allow the use of Secondary Skills in a skill Set, even if you failed the base skill roll. 1 luck point to add or subtract 1d100 to any rolled EF. A rolled 1 a luck die doubles the EF. 1 Luck may increase or decrease an EM roll of the player or one specific target, by 1 point. 1 luck point to remove 1 Combat Influence. Must be allocated before Combat Influence is declared. Player may ignore any complication their character has for 1 phase. Player may not ignore the same one consecutively.

Tim announces to the GM that his character Elroy Goering has studied physics under doctor Flemming, a renowned scientist. The player then tells the GM that he contacts Dr Flemming for help with the problem the party currently has. The GM rules that Dr Flemming gives them an idea to overcome their problem, and they can roll with a +20EF against certain skills. Paul declares a Story Point as he enters the Chicago Black Markets. His C-SPY once worked here at a booth for a small company, doing work and security. The GM says thats fine and asks what effect that has on the current situation. Paul replies he wants Jeris to know the Security patrol schedules. The GM replies that he can roll Perception:Select recall for any security questions they have while in the black market.

Example 2 - Story Points in action

Story Points

These are used by players to directly influence the plot and ongoing campaigns. It is a limited way for the whole table to be involved with creating plots and contribute to the direction of the plot. Getting the players more Involved is what the Conflict System is all about. Story Points expand the game and make it more fun, but the GM has final say. Players use story points to expand character back stories, while gaining some advantage in the immediate role play situation. The overall effect is to expand the ideas being exchanged at the table. Story Point Basics Each character gets 1 Story point for every 2 Passions they have. As characters gain more Passions in play, the number of story points grows too. Story points can be used once per adventure. A player can use a story point at any time. Each time a character implements a story point the character receives experience (commendations) for good role play. Any player who can link the story point to a characters passion, also gets an additional good passion use commendation bonus. Story Point Effects When a player uses a Story Points 2 things occur; first the player describes the additions to their characters backstory. Second the player explains how this new history effects the current situation in the adventure. The player can ask the GM for any type of effect; a bonus, special roll, or other consideration based on the additions to their backstory. The GM and Player negotiate on the details of what gets added to the characters backstory and the effect it would have on the current situation. The GM and player need to come to an agreement on both the history and the effect for the Story Point to be spent or it is not spent. The GM has final say on any effects, however players must be specific as to the desired effect, which the GM can modify as needed. The added back story information is permanently added to the public record. This means the GM or other players can use the new history to create new adventures, to add to other character back stories, or

Recovering Story Points Story Points recover automatically at the next adventure, after the character has spent them all. So a player who spent his last of three story points this adventure gets all 3 back at the next adventure. The player with 2 story points, having only spent 1, has only 1 to spend until he zeros out and resets at the next adventure.

Role Playing Conflicts

Character Passions The setting of the StrikeForce RPG is controlled by the UN and the Planning Groups, otherwise known as the System. The System is, at some level, watching the character and the choices they make. The characters are tested with greater and more objectionable obstacles with each plot and adventure. The characters must decide if the effects of these system borne obstacles must be fought or make excuses for them by adjusting their beliefs. The decision to make excuses for society or to fight to really change society is the heart of the characters conflict in StrikeForce. The characters perception of the world is reflected by their attitude towards the system. Each adventure offers complex conflicts that the player, through their character, chooses to deal with or to ignore. The player must make choices and take actions based on their vision of their character. Once they have chosen the action to take, they hope the result is what they desire. The outcome of a character taking action to right or prevent a perceived wrong determines whether they will continue to believe in the System or start to fight it. Passion Checks and Adjustment plans are the way the Conflict system tracks the results of these choices.


Specialized Technology
Passion Checks During the course of an adventure information or actions may take place that violate a Characters passions. The GM or player may suggest that such a violation has occurred. The Player decides then how to deal with the situation. They may choose to roll to avoid the violation or accept and choose to adjust. Passion Check Failure When passion checks occurs a player can roll or choose to defend that passion. A roll check is done when the player does not necessarily want to defend. The player may not feel the situation has violated a passion, so the character gets to roll. A successful roll indicates the character can ignore the situation for now. A failure means they care and must do something about it. The player rolls 1d10 under the listed passion target. Passion checks fail when the roll is equal or over the passion rank. A player can choose to simply declare the passion check a failure. When a character fails a passion check, the passion they failed on lowers its target by 1 and the player must do an Attitude Check. come a supporter, a supporter becomes indifferent and so on. Attitude change effects When a characters attitude changes, a check must be done to determine if the characters rank has changed. Should their rank change, either up or down, the player must divest any technology they can no longer have, as well as immediately pay back any money they may owe above their new debt level. Failure to do so will result in immediate suspension from all Mission and Sub-Contract eligibility, meaning the character could go to jail or worse. The UN is deadly serious about this, choose to fight the system and you will reap the benefits of that choice.

Attitude Checks


A character who fails a Passion check is in danger of becoming disillusioned with the System and its methods. Players must decide if they can fix the situation or choose to change their attitude away from the System. Characters who do not want to change their attitude must create an Adjusting plan; taking some kind of action or actions that justifies or fixes the wrong they just saw or received. Characters receive bonus commendations for attempting and completing plans. Characters who fail see their characters attitude towards the system turn towards fighting the System. This is a players choice and the GMs only role is approving the Adjusting plan and of course creating the plot and related adventures. Adjusting or Fighting Once a player has chosen an Adjustment Plan to right the wrong for each passion they missed a check on must be created. A plan can be anything the player and GM are satisfied rights the wrong. Plans must be figured out and at least started within the adventure where the passion check failure occurs. They must be finished within 3-5 adventures and always within the same plot. An Adjusting Plan cannot hang out there for 6 adventures and onto a new plot, with the player doing nothing to resolve it. If the player(s) are actively working on a resolution fine; else the GM should call it a failure and the characters suffers the consequences of the failure.

One of the driving forces of the System is the creation of new tech and scientific theories. The System Planners, using a special set of equations, sets priorities forcing the creation of new technologies. This forced creation is responsible for many of the systems greatest discoveries. The Planning groups math shows we will continue this pace of innovation. The creation of the Field Tech, was driven as the creation of new technology fell short of System expectations. Many ideas are researched, much of it vaportech and never brought to market. This Sub group (#18) believes that new tech must be forced into the open. Based on studies from the past 18 months, The System must increase demand. This increase will come from increased conflicts between Corps , nations and Guilds, while mandating that ALL System entities must provide a Tech to the Tech Guild for direct release. This will force various social sectors to start driving demand, even at inflated prices. This will spur the pace of development; especially as conflict rises increasing demand on the Combat sector. Spurring the design of new tech, weapons and PSI abilities.
Thank You for your time in this matter Planning Groups 282 Fighting The System Characters who are fighters of the System have 2 major differences from believers. First their bonus commendation rewards come from hurting the system, not protecting it.
So while a Believer might want to simply knock out the guard, a fighter would be happy to kill or scare the hell out them so bad they quit.

Tech Creation Analysis

Success and Failure

Characters who successfully complete an adjusting plan, get Bonus commendations and their Attitude does not change. Bonus Comms are awarded by the GM at the end of the session when the plan succeeded. Characters who fail at their Adjusting plan may still gain some bonus Comms for trying, their attitude moves down one to the next lowest attitude. So a believer would be-

Second it takes more Commendations to achieve the next rank and get access to new technology. A Fighting character is meant to take actions that hurt the system or fall behind the rest of the believers in their StrikeForce. It also drives more conflict, both inside and outside the StrikeForce, giving the players more opportunities to role play. A Fighter must take actions which fight the System or they must find a way back to believing in the System.

Specialized Technology
Changing an Attitude back to the system To bring a characters attitude back to the system, a character must take an action to help the System, linked to a passion they specify. By taking such an action, the passion is raised by 1 and an attitude shift towards the System can occur. The player must complete a GM approved adjusting plan to do this. The plan must be the character doing something that affects one of their Passions, and the results of the plan must have positive consequences for the System and other believers. Success in the plan is required to increase the passion and change ones attitude. While this improves ones passion target; targets can never be higher than their racial starting target. Even if a Character does swing back to Believing, it is more than likely the character will swing back against the system when that next piece of information crosses their path. Once your illusions have been shattered, it is very hard to go back. Goes 24 hours without sleep Using active movement for 3 consecutive phases. Using more than END/20 actions in 1 phase, free actions still cost towards fatigue. Fatigued Characters half all SkillSets! The only way to recover from fatigue is to rest. Resting means using no more than 1 passive action in a phase; for 1 phase per action over their limit. So 4 phases of active movement would require 1 phase of rest. Spend 7 actions in a phase, when ones max is 4 would require 3 phases of rest. A successful END roll lowers this by 1 per success (min of 1). Example
A character in combat uses 10 actions in phase 4 and fatigues. The character has an end of 80 meaning they went 6 actions over. The character must rest for 6 phases. The player rolls END, getting 2 Successes, lowering it to 4 phases of rest.


Game Movement
All movement in a 6 second phase is a based on a characters Prowess and type of action they use to move, active or passive. Characters get an active and passive rate; set at creation. Active Movement: Using an active action to move is going all out running, jumping back flips or a combination. Active movement moves the PCs PR in meters; active movement can be used 1 time per phase. A PR 50 means 50 meters is moved in that phase. Character moves the distance before the next active action is taken. Example
A character with an active move of 100m (100 PR) could spend 1 active action to move 100m in a phase. The Character arrives at the 100m before another active action is taken.

Encumbrance and Actions A characters encumbrance can modify how many actions they can take. The below chart show the Enc modifiers on characters actions. Curent ENC At ENC or less Over ENC by 5 or less Over ENC by 12 or more No effect -1 action per ENC over, max of 3. Cannot use Active movement, lose 1 action per 2 Enc over max. no max. Modifiers

Passive movement: Passive movement is waliking, creeping, crawling or any combination. The PC moves slower, the passive rate is 1/10th their PR; passive movement can be used multiple times in a phase. Characters with a 50 PR would have a 5 meter passive move. Character arrives immediately in the phase the passives are used, regardless of how many actions are spent. Example
A character with a passive move of 10m (100 PR) could spend 4 passive actions to move 40m in a phase, moving immediately and then take an active action.

Position Changes StrikeForce Characters and NPCs can switch between three positions; Standing, Kneeling or Prone. They can do this multiple times in a phase. Position Change Standing to Kneeling Kneeling to Prone Standing to Prone Prone to Standing Action Cost 1 Passive 1 Passive 2 Passive or 1 Active 2 passive or 1 active

Tracking Movement in Game

In game tracking movement does not need to be a math moment. Players declare their movement and move them, unless they want to do some sort of stunt or special move, then a SkillSet roll might be needed. The more actions a character spends on movement, fatigue becomes an issue. Fatigue and Rest As Characters take actions without rest they will could fatigue. In free Form time fatigue is not usually tracked, as characters take many pauses. Fatigue is tracked more closely in the phased turn; setting in when a character:

Climbing, Jumping and more These activities are based on the Prowess SkillSet; measuring the characters innate strength and agility. Technology for climbing and swimming for example can improve the characters SkillSet. Should the attempt result in failure damage is possible, which role play or other actions could mitigate. 1 wound is taken per 2 failures (round down). So a swimmer who starts to drown misses his Prowess (PR) by 5 would take 2 wounds when he slips under the water. His next PR roll to recover would be at a minus, because of the wounds, as discussed in the damage section.


Specialized Technology
Falling Damage Players who fall from a height greater than 2 meters will take falling damage. Only Physical and Absorber armor can be used against this. The fall is considered an attack. The Total Attack is the distance fallen *100 and 1 crit per 500 Total Attack, severity equal to the distance fallen. So a Character falls 32 meters would take a 3200 Total Attack and 6, 32 severity criticals. Altitude and Range Each altitude between an attacker and their target adds 2 KM to range. Vehicle Base Speed Each vehicle type has a Base Speed. Each component that adds speeds increases this to the next speed on the chart. A scout with devices that give it +4 speeds has a top speed of 140 KMH. Start at 100 KMH (base for a scout or a Boat) and count up 4.

Vehicle Movement Action Costs

Altitude is tracked not in KM above the ground, but what sector of the atmosphere the vehicle is at. The below chart shows the zones used and what types of combat can be done in those areas.
AA Air to Air attacks can be done at this altitude. AG Air to Ground attacks can be done at this altitude. Nape of the Earth (NOE): Adds Maneuver EF to Detection value. All maneuvers are at double EF targets.


Vehicle Movement

Anyone Piloting a vehicle must spend an Active Action to do so. Vehicle movement takes place over the course of a Turn, there is no need to track how much movement occurs in each phase, even in a chase. A Vehicle Traveling at 60 KPH travels 486 meters in 1 Turn (5 Phases) or 30 Seconds. Whether just cruising, in a chase, or in Combat, vehicle combat steps (Section 6) are used to track piloting and vehicle movement effects in a Phased Turn. In free form time the distance can usually just be calculated.
Speed (KM/h) Meters/ Minute Meters/ Turn

10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 120 130 140 150 160 170

162 324 486 648 810 972 1.1km 1.3km 1.5km 1.6km 1.8 KM 1.9 KM 2.1 KM 2.2 KM 2.4 KM 2.6 KM 2.8 KM

81 162 243 324 405 486 550 650 750 800 900 950 1050 1100 1200 1300 1400
Speed (KM/h) Meters/ Minute Meters/ Turn

Altitude Sector
NOE Green 1 Green 2 Green 3 Green 4 Green 5 Blue 1 Blue 5 Blue 2 Blue 3

Height in KM
> 250 M 1 KM 3 KM 5 KM 7 KM 9 KM 11 KM 13 KM 15 KM 17 KM 19 KM 21 KM 23 KM 25 KM 27 KM

Combat Types

320 Helo 480 620 800 Jet 1.0 Mach 1.5 Mach 2.0 Mach 2.5 Mach 3,0 Mach 3.5 Mach 4.0 Mach 4.5 Mach

5.2 KM 7.8 KM 10.0 KM 13.0 KM 15.6 KM 23.5 KM 31.3 KM 39.0 KM 46.9 KM 54.7 KM 62.5 KM 70.3 KM

2600 3900 5000 6500 7800 11750 15,650 19500 23450 27350 31250 35150


Blue 4 Blue 5 Red 1 Red 2 Red 3

Excessive Speed Damage Vehicles cannot go faster than Mach 2 without at least 1/2 of their hard Points internally mounted. Exceeding Mach 3 without special devices results in 90 points of damage to Body every Action. Damage doubles at Mach 4 and again at Mach 4.5.

Changing Altitude Planes and Helos can normally change 1 altitude per phase. Some maneuvers will allow greater changes in altitude.

Gravelectric Engine Alignment

The Gravelectric power plants which create the negative gravity wave are precise instruments. The basic design of a GE Power Plant says they will fall out of alignment

Specialized Technology
within 20 hours of use. When a vehicle enters combat the hard maneuvering tends to drive the engine further out of align, sooner. The efficiency of a Vehicles Power Plant shows how long it can operate before the engine falls out of alignment and must reset. A Power Plant with an 8/1 efficiency will shut down after 2 1/2 hours (20/8). A 2 /1 Power Plant will function for 10 hours (20/2). Power Plant Resets Power Plants must be shut down for the various magnetic parts and equipment to realign. All Power plants will reset themselves automatically, based on the efficiency rating of the engine. Every point of efficiency means 2 hours of reset time. So an 8/1 engine takes 16 hours to reset, while a 2/1 takes 4 hours. Vehicle Repair skills can reset an eng