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What Cause Trac Jam in Cambodia?

Vutha Tim

Trac jams are currently causing boredom in many places over the world where cities are booming. And here in the Kingdom of Cambodia, especially in Phnom Penh, her Capital city, trac jams are marking boring waiting along the tiny roads too. Fortunately, the jam situations in Phnom Penh and some other crowed places are not really serous like other wider cities. Of course, when mentioning about trac jams toward Cambodian people living outside Phnom Penh, they will feel bit strange and reluctant, and it is because most of Cambodian provinces-cities are rarely faced with the jams, for it can founded in some boom towns and cities such as Phnom Penh Capital, some crowded provincial towns, markets, and business neighborhoods only.
Trac at night in Phnom Penh, Independence Monument.

Besides these above mentioned locations, you will nd it comfortable to commute along the roads crossing Cambodia to wherever and whenever you want. However, most of the roads are not really standardized and smoothed like other developed countries either that also raise another concern for commuters. But I dont think it is the serious point that cripples people to travel entire the country.
The Kbal Thnal Sky Bridge opened on 24th June 2010. The main purpose is to reduce the trac jam.

Causes of trac jams:

To my own observation, the trac jam is really a big concern for Phnom Penh, and other crowded locations in the countries, since most roads are not available for more expansion, whereas the population of city dwellers keeps increasing along with the purchasing of more motors and cars for their own travels since

public transportations are not yet available. Currently, there are about 1.5 million people living in Phnom Penh alone, while the Cambodias total population almost reaches 15 million covering her 24 provinces-cities. The population growth is increasing rapidly from year to year, the constructions are also booming by that way, and what is worst, i.e. 800,000 motorbikes, 170,000 vehicles (according to a report from the Cambodias Transportation Ministry few months a go), and probably thousands of uncounted bikes too are being commuted, lling all conned roads in Phnom Penh, and the crowded areas. On the other hand, the constant jams are also blamed to the gathering of cities like Phnom Penh where is the center of employment, schooling, business, and many other aairs that gather millions of people crossing the counties to pour in. yes, you may not nd the trac jam occurring at the rural area where job opportunities, businesses are remarkably lacked.

Occasion of severe jam in Cambodia, and especially, cities

Trac Jam in Phnom Penh on Water Festival

Regarding to the occasions of when the trac jams on daily basis can be noticedSaturday and Sunday have been spoken by most of the passengers to be the busiest day of tracking in Cambodia, and if regarding to jamming by denite hours, in the morning from 6:00 to 8:00 A.M. (people go to work, schools), 11:00-12:00 (leave works and schools in the afternoon),and evening from 4:00-6,30 P.M (leave works and schools) have been said the most boring hours to wait on the road too. Besides this regular busy time, during the national holidays or long holidays such as New Year Day, Phnom Ben day, Water Festival, and so on, you will nd the roads are busy and lled with vehicles, and passengers much greater than normal. For example, during the 3-day Water Festival to be celebrated in Phnom Penh in November annually, around 5 millions people including international tourists pouring into Phnom Penh, making the city crowded both day and night, but denitely it is really the best pleasure period to visit the city too. I do believe international visitors feel nd it a remarkable visit during this occasion as well.

Fortunately, there is plan to ease the trac jams in Phnom Penh

2nd Sky Bridge, in construction and plan to be nished beginning of 2012.

Fortunately there is good news for Phnom Penh citizens, i.e. the arrival of the public transpirations mainly bus and train lines are projected to emerge soon. Phnom Penh Mayor Kep Chuktema said on the Central Market inauguration on May, 25, 2011 that the st ve lines of buses and a fast train line running basically from the railway station to Phnom Penh International Airport will be soon emerged in order to ease trac jams which serve as a worry after the soaring population growth, and the number of motorbikes and cares has been increased sharply in recent years. According to him, the Royal Government has already approved this public transport proposal, and Phnom Penh Hall is apparently conducting feasibility studies with the French experts. The project has high possibility to get funding from the French government through the French Agency for International Development (AFD)and now the municipality is seeking a capable company [possibly from France] to hold the project while already getting assistance from France. I understand peoples boredom with this daily problem, because I myself also suer from the jam that aects my working time too. said the Mayor. Despite the fact that you have your own vehicles, the jams can get worsen, you cant reach the place on time, so the public transport agents such as the bus and train transport system must be taken place, he added. Phnom Penh keeps expanding, and without the public transports, he said the capital will denitely face a worse situation.

Phnom Penh City Timelapse


Phnom Penh independence monument by Bart Geesink Firework in Phnom Penh by Andrew Wilson Video: Phnom Penh City Timelapse by dav363