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HIRING TOOLS Interview Preparation Form

To prepare for a hiring interview, review the job profile and make a list of the key responsibilities and tasks of the job, associated training and/or experience, and personal attributes re uired to do the job well! For each of the areas you need to explore with the candidate, prepare several uestions in advance! "fter the interview, rate the candidate in each of the key areas on the #ecision $aking $atrix!
Job Management Trainee-HR Title: Key Responsibilities and Tasks " All HR related activities from # Recruitment to Retention $ Required to bring in improvements/ innovations # in his work related area.

Associated Training and/or !perience " Internship will be preferred # $ #

Ability to interpret, understand and relate complex policies and procedures and must have good sense of humor emonstrated leadership and decision making skills
Research knowledge and analytical skills

% Must take decision on time and lead the team # effectively and efficiently & !ased upon the pro"ect, trainees need to submit # the report 'ersonal Attrib(tes to Look )or:

% # & #

Fresh Graduate/M A!Final "HR# from a premier Institute/$niversity% &illingness to develop e'pertise in all aspects of Resources% (emonstrated leadership and decision making skills% )eam!oriented thinking and action% *'cellent and dynamic personality with good sense of humor% +trong organi,ational% communication% and interpersonal skillsKey Areas to !plore
" # $ # % # " # $ # % # " # $ # % # " # $ #

*(estions to Ask
&hat are your speciali,ed courses in M A. &hy did you choice only HR then the other. How will you manage your work with your education &hat is your task in your internship program. &hat type of pro/ect you have done. In which areas you have a high interest of doing work. &hat are the activities you have done. Research work related 0uestion





Job Acco,plis-,ents

Have you ever had a difficult work/pro/ect situation than how you handled it.
1an you work in a team. 2r you like to work individually. &hy do you think you will be successful

Skills and Kno.ledge

at this /ob. % # )ell me about a time when you were faced with conflicting priorities- How did you determine the top priority. If you were the 1*2 of this company what would be the top two things that you would do.

& #

'ersonal Attrib(tes

" # $ # % # & # / # " # $ #

&hat is your strength. 1an you work under pressure? &hat ma/or challenges and problems did you face. How did you handle them. &hat are your future goals. Are you a risk taker.

're+io(s Appraisal or Rating

% #