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Operations Committee Meeting

Marin County Board of Supervisors Chambers 3501 Civic Center Drive San Rafael, CA February 11, 2009

Back to the Future (December 1996)

Who is Siemens Active in three Business Sectors

Cross-Sector Businesses




Automation and Drives Industrial Solutions and Services Siemens Building Technologies Mobility Systems OSRAM

Power Generation Power Transmission and Distribution

Medical Solutions Siemens IT Solutions and Services Siemens Financial Services

External sales of Sectors excluding Other Operations (as of September 30, 2008)
51.3% 27.8% 14.2% 6.7%

Mobility Division: Integrated transportation and logistics solutions from a single source

Rolling Stock

Road & Air Traffic Solution

Public Transit


Integrated Services

Traffic Solutions

Airfield Solutions

Infrastructure Networks

Infrastructure Logistics

Turnkey Systems

Rail Automation


Postal Automation

Airport Logistics

Turnkey Systems

STS Sacramento Facility Commitment to the North American market with 300,000sq ft of Manufacturing Floor Space

Siemens is the number 1 light rail vehicle supplier in North America with over 1,000 vehicles sold
Edmonton LRV Portland LRV Calgary LRV Boston HRV

Sacramento LRV

Utah LRV Pittsburgh LRV

Los Angeles LRV

Denver LRV St. Louis LRV Houston LRV Charlotte LRV

Escondido - DMU

Valencia LRV San Juan PR HRV

San Diego - LRV

Siemens has a long heritage of building DMUs through the ownership of DUEWAG A.G.

Potential DMU offerings for the SMART Project from Siemens

Desiro Classic European based DMU technology

Siemens DMU built to North American Standards

Desiro Classic NCTD Sprinter DMU

NCTD Sprinter DMU Desiro Classic General Dimensions

FO 575

1 900 16 000

2 650 16 000 41 200 41 700


3 320 4 600 250


1 435 2 830

3 300

535 1 480 850 1 650


1 350


1 085 8 250

1 085 1 650

1 085 6 600 20 350

866 3 650





Oceanside-Escondido General Arramgement Drawing

Drawing 7 T01Z 13049870 Doschil , 03.07.03




NCTD Sprinter DMU Desiro Classic Spec Sheet

Desiro Car Structure

Carboby - large size extrusions, AlMgSi Carbody - plates, AlMg4,5Mn

Fiberglass-reinforced plastic with a rigid PVC foam core Front skirt fully laminated Noise reduction skirt, basic aluminium panel with an intermediate sound-absorbant layer

NCTS Sprinter Carshell component Manufacturing

NCTD Sprinter DMU Carshell Manufacturing

NCTD Sprinter DMU Desiro Classic manufacturing in Krefeld, Germany

NCTD Sprinter DMU Desiro Classic Shipping to the U.S.

NCTD Sprinter DMU at the NCTD Maintenance Building

NCTD Sprinters began revenue service December 2007

NCTD Sprinters operate over 23 miles between Oceanside and Escondido, CA

Siemens North American DMU (Full FRA Compliance)

The Basic Concept for FRA Compliant DMU and EMU Platform
Will meet all applicable requirements of US Regulations for Tier 1 passenger rail vehicles (e.g. FRA, ADA, AREMA) The basic configuration will be the Married-Pair (MP) 51 floor height for high level (48) platform service, steps for low level platform service Maximum operating speed will be 79 mph Vehicle dimensions governed by AMTRAK clearance limits (85 feet long, 10 feet wide) Car shell constructed from stainless steel material Doors will be electrically powered sliding plug doors Bridge plates and/or wheelchair lifts when required for ADA accessibility DMU will have diesel-electric power generation DMU and EMU will have the same propulsion system

Carshell Concept Design Evolution

x4 x4




Carshell Concept Design Evolution

Modules Modified for FRA Dimension

FRA Modules Integration

Carshell Concept Compliance with FRA 49 CFR 238 Tier 1 and APTA SS-C&S-034-99
Static Worst Case - preliminary reviews confirm existing Siemens' designs can be reasonably modified to comply with FRA requirements (800,000 lbs draft gear load)

Possible next in house FEA steps, Fatigue Response i.e. Hot Spot Method Buckling Stability Further Crash Dynamics Heavy Equipment Loads, 5g long., 3g vert., 2g lat.

Dynamic Rules of 01 August 2007 will have a major impact on traditional walk through cab and forward step well. Preliminary calculations have begun to determine design impact on carshell and cab arrangement.

Power Distribution Overview

Diesel Engine Concept Modular Power Pack with Alternator and Rectifier

Cummins MTU

DEUTZ TCD 2015 V6 Diesel Engine 360 kW / 482 hp, 1,900 rpm

DMU Married-Pair A-Car View 1

DMU Married-Pair A-Car View 2

DMU Married-Pair B-Car View 1

DMU Married-Pair B-Car View 2

Trucks Candidate Truck - TSBG SF500-DSW Power Truck

Renderings Traditional Walk Through Cab

Renderings Traditional Walk Through Cab

Renderings Aerodynamic Full Width Cab

Renderings Aerodynamic Full Width Cab

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