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Hannah Reeves ICP 1. State your career objective. The career objective I have is to become a doctor of veterinary medicine.

2. Select an alternative career objective. My alternate career choice would be to become a high school teacher. 3. List your values, interests, personality, skills, and aptitudes contributing to you career choice. I am a fun person to be around and get along with both people and animals. I love to help both and am very patient when working with both. I love the challenges that being a vet gives you due to the work that you have to do to find out what is wrong with the animal and how to work with the owner to treat their pet. 4. What are the duties and responsibilities of your career choices per GCIS. Veterinarian: The responsibilities of this career are to evaluate the animals and see what is wrong with them. You also treat the animals to prevent various diseases such as rabies. It also requires that you have good people skills because you have to work with the pets owner to get their pet back to the shape they need to be in. Teacher: Teachers provide advice to student, they participate in faculty meetings. They also take care of the classroom and keep up with materials and work with the students from ages 13-18. They also take attendance of the students and make lesson plans for their classes. 5. What specific schools offer the kind of education required for your career choice. Veterinarian: University of Georgia University of Tennessee Teacher: Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Brenau University 6. What are the admission requirements for the post-secondary schools of your choice from above. On papers attached. 7. What is the location of each school Veterinarian: University of Georgia: Athens, Georgia University of Tennessee: Knoxville Tennessee Teacher: Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College: Tifton, Georgia Brenau University: Gainesville, Georgia 8. What finances are needed for your education? Be specific.

On papers attached. 9. What is the employment outlook for your two career choices. Veterinarian: Very Few Teacher: Very High 10. What are the special skills, training, or certification needed? Veterinarian: Communicate effectively, reason and problem solving skills, know math and science, manage oneself, people, time and things, know how to work with people, work with things, and perceive visualization. Teacher: Communicate effectively and clearly, reason and problem solving skills, management of oneself, time, people, things, and work with people. Have to have certification by school. 11. What are other related careers could your education and training prepare you for? Veterinarian: Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Sciences Veterinary Assistant Veterinary Technician Teacher: Special Education General Education Agricultural Education Middle School Education 12. What graduation tests have you passed? Math EOCT Biology EOCT History EOCT History Graduation Test English EOCT High School Writing Test 13. Have you taken a college placement test? If so, list the date you took the college placement test, and which test it was. SAT: May 4, 2013 ACT: March 8, 2013