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Import, Export, manufacture and distribute natural salt crystal products (Clearing and Forwarding and transit goods)

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The Essence of life
Our Products
Natural food Seasoning
lNatural Salt lNatural Salt Crystal (SOLE) lCooking Master lSileo Natural Salt Crystal

It is becoming more popular to go for dietetic therapy than curative treatment. Sileo Company Kenya Limited offers you a range of natural salt products that when combined with clean living spring water will supplement and maintain nutrition for human body, enhance metabolisim and eliminate toxins from the body. Sileo Natural products contain an array of living minerals that your body is made of. They have no side effects and can be taken regularly.

Beauty salt Products

lNatural Bath Salt Crystal lNatural salt Crystal Bar(soap Bar) lSileo Bihada Onsen


lNatural salt sachet lNatural salt Crystal lamp lCandle Holders lInhaler Cup lEye bath glass lEnema kit

Water filtration System

Sileo Natural Salt

lSileo water Pot Purifier lCeramic Filter lFilter Cartridges lMineral Stone lMagnetic water tap

Our Vision

Water Treatment &Ionizer

lDiet Ion water Stick lSuper Ion water stick lIon water Stick for pets lCalcium water stick lDiet water bag lSlim water bag lAlkaline water stick lWatrer Machine

To make the world understand the simple ways to living younger, stronger, longer and stress-free to achieve the will of God. To support Kenyas drive for development of Agriculture and livestock, improve human health and become the market leader in providing natural salt crystal products.

Juice Extractors

lWheat Grass juicer lNash food processor


lBible Sturdy Software

Our Mission


To develop the highest quality natural salt products for animals and human consumption that meets international standard while at the same time establishing a new world health order that redefines the lives of human beings across the globe using a holistic method that gives and sustains life.

lFoot detox ion Spa lFoot Patch

Contains 84 life giving minerals that will enhance your entire well being

Sileo Natural Salt

Wooden base Contain additivesa danger to your health

Common table salt

lWooden Base for salt lamp

Sileo Animal salt Products

lSileo Stock Lick lSileo Rock Salt lSileo Natural Cattle salt lSileo High Phosphorus lSileo maziwa dairy Lick

The healthy choice for healthy living Remember that life comes from life.

Natural food seasoning

Natural salt
It is mined by hand from deep within the Himalayan Mountain range, contains84 most important minerals unlike the common table salt. l This salt has the same mineral component as one would expect in a healthy persons blood plasma and by far the cleanest and purest salt available on earth. Its uncontaminated with any toxins or pollutants. l Its array of elements forms a compaound with each molecule inter-connected. l Regular consumption of natural salt will help balance the electrolytes in fluids of the body, support proper nutrient absorption and toxins eliminations.

The difference between natural salt and common table salt.

l Table salt consists of sodium chloride and additives and has nothing to do with real, natural and holistic salt l Table salt is a dangerous cellular poison that tries to eliminated or store with an enormous energy and effort. l Natural salt is crucial for maintaining vital functions in the body. l Natural salt contains all the minerals and trace elements that the body is made of.

Natural Salt Crystal (Sole)

It is among the most efficient natural remedies. One of the best ways of experiencing its remarkable cleansing properties is to drink sole (pronounced solay). Sole is a 1% salt/water solution, the same as is found in our blood, sweat and tears. One glass of sole every morning brings amazing benefits and has a positive effect on various problems.

The Healing power of natural salt

The healing effects of natural salt are based on its specific frequency vibration that balances the bodys energy deficit. The neutralizing forces of natural

Preparing the sole (vitality) drink

Place several Natural Salt Clystals stones in a glass jar with a lid. hill j/4 ot the glass jar with clean living spring water. Aer 24hrs check to see if the crystals have dissolved. If so, add more crystals stones until the water can dissolve no more. The water has now reached its 26% salt solution level, (the sole). Scoop one teaspoon of sole in a glass of clean living spring water and drink in the morning only 30 minutes before breakfast. Remember that life is not possible without water. We strongly recommend that every three hours through out the day you continue drinking 2 glasses of clean living spring water.

The Healing effects of sole

Supplies the body with natural energy stored in the crystals Restores the bodys natural frequency paern Balance the acid alkaline imbalance and normalizes blood pressure. Dissolves and releases crystallized deposits in the body, the cause of rheumatic diseases, kidney and gall bladder stones. Weakens addictions. Cleanses the intestines and heals skin diseases Brushing teeth with sole strengthens the gums and whitens the teeth. Sinus flushing with sole is ideal for preventing runny or congested noses as well as sinus infections. Eye baths - computers, television, air conditioning units and pollen can


Natural Bath Crystal
Natural salt crystal is a salt bath in it most natural form. Its a refreshing paradise, with a mind of its own , unlike many salts bath on the shelves Sileo bath salt crystal has not been chemically treated and is rich in minerals useful for revitalizing the body. It maintains the natural protective film of the skin. Enables the skin to maintain its natural moist thus its good for dry skins. Toxics are released into the bath water through osmosis and the body absorbs the mineral Components in the salt through the skin, reducing acidity in the body as a result balancing the ph factor of the skin.

Instructions of Bath Salt Crystals

Take 500g-lkg on a full bath, Do not use any bath additives, soaps or oils, you should soak for between 20-30 minutes, Do not shower off, simply dry off with a towel, Aer the sole bath you should rest for at least 30 minutes

Natural Salt Crystal Bar

Extracted from chunks of ancient Himalayan salt crystal, its all natural, untreated, unscented and additive free. Full of vital minerals that nourishes and visibly softens the body; leaving an invisible layer on the skin that prevents body odor and protect the skin. l Our Salt Crystal bar is a natural detoxifier and it offers relief to aching, tired joints and muscles. l Its ideal for body massage and stimulates blood circulation. l Works well as a facial and body scrub to clear out pimples, rashes and kill bacteria. l Also used as natural deodorant.


Natural Salt -Sachet

The Natural Salt Sachet provides warmth where needed. For example, for ear infections, tense and sore muscles, back and joint pains. Under no circumstances should you use this application for acute, infectious rheumatic pains or for an acute gout attack!

Salt-Sachet Application

Heat the dry salt sachet in the oven (Do not microwave!) at around 120-140F and apply the sachet to the troubled area for about 20 minutes. In case you prefer cold treatment, put the salt-sachet in the freezer before placing it on the body.

Sileo Salt Crystal Lamp and candle holder (tea light)

It is beautifully crafted using the Himalayan salt crystal, available in different shapes with a range of suiting colors. It fits everywhere in your house. l Its an air ionizer that permeates the air with negative ions, neutralizing the positive ions and creating an effect similar to an ion generator. l Its purpose is to clean the air of dust, smoke; computer radiations and other air contaminants. l It helps people with asthma, respiratory problems and chronic bronchitis to breathe more comfortably. l Create a tranquil environment for the home and office to improve concentration, studying and sleep. l The emission of negative ions reduces the number of airborne bacteria, odor, smoke, dust, and other microbes.

Inhaler Cup

Has long been a widely used method of clearing the airways in case of blocked nostrils. It is cheap and easy to use by only filling the inhaler cup with hot water and a few drops of the recommended inhalants such as Menthol, Eucalyptus oil etc....

Eye Bath Glass

A large population has eye problems commonly caused by dehydration of the eyeball. This can easily be resolved by cleaning the eyeballs. Sole eyebath can alleviate these problems and reduce impaired eye sight. When applied regularly over a long period of time. The salt binds the water and the eyeball regains its natural form.


Remove all the makeup thoroughly before washing the eyes Pour a 1% sole solution into the eyebath glass and press it on your eye so that no sole can escape. Gently tip your head back, washing the solution over the eye while simultaneously opening and closing your eye repeatedly so that the sole solution can saturate your eye. While keeping your eye open roll it around for 15 minutes twice a day.

Our Salt Products characteristics l Natural l Non invasive l Immidiate effects l No side effects

Step l

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Step 3

Enema Kit
Enema kit is a solution introduced into the rectum to promote evacuation of feaces (constipation) or as a means of administering nutrient or medicinal substances. Millions of people suffer from constipation and may never even consider that the source of their problems is a toxic sluggish colon. Enema kit clears the colon of old hardened waste material and harmful toxins restoring proper PH balance to the body immune system and allows free passage of nutrients into the blood.


Clean the kit first by boiling water and put in the kit. Shake well and press the kit to release the water Mix one table spoonful of sole in a glass of clean living spring water Introduce the kit into the rectum, press it to release the solution into the stomach and hold the muscles of the anus for a few minute and this will prompt diarrhoea. This can also be used as a vaginal douche. A vaginal douche is a process of rinsing or cleaning the vagina by forcing the solution into the vagina cavity to flush away vaginal discharge and other impurities like (Candidacies).


Sileo Water Pot Pnrifier Are you aware that drinking clean water is necessary for life Sileo Company brings you the most economical method of purifying your drinking water? It gives you water similar to that original water from the spring in the Mother Nature. No more expensive mineral water, just the excellent and efficient water filter ever discovered in the recent world. It has a filtration system that comprises a ceramic filter which blends 19 natural raw materials compressed into one at high temperature and pressure, four-stage cartridge material, Mineral stone and a water magnetizer. The ceramic Filter has a diameter of 0.2 micron and the diameter of bacteria is between 0.5-0.1 microns. It filters out dirt, chemicals, heavy metals, sand and gives you water free from dangerous bacteria such as Typhoid, Cholera and amoeba while retaining all the mineral components.


Our Wheat Grass juicer is Manual and made of high quality hygienic stainless steel to extract the healthy benefits of Chlorophyll from wheat grass and odier leafy vegetable. Using a wheatgrass juicer is pre because it does not destroy the enzymes with high speed,

DVD Bible Study Software

Sword searcher is King James Version bible software with comm dictionaries and has been translated hi to various versions and languages. Its fast, easy to use, and comprehensive. Sword Searcher Bible Software has the tools you need for effective Bible study. Using this software, you will access immediately any verse by justtyping aphrase oragroup of words.

Your Benefits

Enhance your well being Help you to regain your emotional, physical and spiritual balance. Expand your consciousness and give you unlimited energy.
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