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Globalization begin and development Modelos empresariales Universidad de la Salle Essay N# 1

15/03/2010 1

The begin of globalization is an enigma and over time in different aspects such as culture, economy, the government we have seen a very marked development, especially in the last decade, by that reason is important to look at different points on the past and present of globalization . His story begins when we learned that the world was nt plane there was a globe, in this part star the history of globalization, although it is in the First world war, the second world war or industrial revolution where start the economic development, technological and socially globalized, we have seen development of the countries was continuing. Globalization seeks to develop a new process into the global economy through means such as media and supranational organizations like the ONU. Offering different economic and social help to various countries for their development. The culture around the world had many changes, globalization members has been increasing over time just society loses the identity of a country by copying a "superior" or these countries need to strengthen the sense of belonging by the community to be seen to the world. Several studies have concluded that globalization has benefited both poor countries and rich countries. But everything is unified trade increasingly, the various agreements between countries to raise awareness in the market, or have higher incomes as FTAs or economic unions came that the economy focus on a few countries and development of the poor is slower. And important thing is the technology, but a great and most important discovery to the globalization is the internet, Internet is a network of networks of millions of people worldwide who live in the present, it is a whole network of computers able to communicate, is a means of communication, interaction and social organization. The Internet has come to handle much of the economy, politics and culture, is much more than a means of communication and social relations, this is already formed as a network society, Also an important factor is the change in the functioning of capital, virtual money taken much of the financial market, electronic commerce and payment for different types of Internet have made great alternative to companies who choose to work with these types of payment. In conclusion, the globalization since its begin is to seen as a change or development of society in different aspects such as culture, trade or technology, for the countries in course of development is good but we need to know how to manage that growth to come as a country and not lose our identity.

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