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Media Kit 2014

Air Cargo Industry

The outlook for air logistics industry in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia is very positive because of many factors like increased business investment in the region, growth of global GDP, conidence of safety and security aspects in the region, huge expansion projects many airports in the region are currently undertaking and the 10 per cent increase in year-over-year for air-freight.

The Middle East, Africa and South Asia the most potential emerging economies are ideally suited to complement one another in the supply chain due to their strategic locations. Air traffic between the Middle East, Africa and South Asia has witnessed a dramatic growth in the recent times by way of frequencies and thereby volumes of cargoes. Many goods that were earlier shipped by sea-freight have now been converted to air-freight or sea-air freight. Globalisation and the opening of borders and markets are more rampant, which will lead to the liberalisation of existing regulatory constraints on the operation of

international air services to areas and markets that were this far insulated from these developments. Gradual removal of restrictions on market access, on capacity and thereby on pricing is on the anvil. South Asia has a booming industry with rising exports. Trade between the Middle East and Africa is also growing at a very fast rate. There is high demand for routes between the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Currently, lot of exports coming from the Indian Sub-continent is going to Africa. The markets of Africa and South Asia have experienced growth year-on-year with phenomenal shift

into becoming major production and export markets. From electronics and garments from South Asia to flowers and other perishables coming from Africa, they are all creating their niche characteristics. The Middle East is emerging as a major transit point for imports, exports and re-exports between Europe/USA and the Far East/Asia Pacific. The region is also shifting into building and operating multi-modal facilities that will enable sea/air shipments in a seamless fashion. In the air logistics industry, the Middle East will be the gateway to Africa and South Asia will become the biggest consumer in the near future.

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Air Cargo Update

Cover Stories on the Leaders of the Air Cargo Industry in the Middle East, Africa & South Asia Features on the Latest Trends & Developments in the Air Cargo Industry in the Middle East, Africa & South Asia Region Reports on the Past, Present & Future of the Air Cargo Industry in the Middle East, Africa & South Asia Regional News on the Air Cargo Industry in the Middle East, Africa & South Asia Events Finance News Technology News Marketing News International News Industry News on Air Logistics Centres, Cities & Airport Free Zones Industry News on Air Charter & Leasing Exclusive News on Oman, Iraq, Sudan & India Quick Reference Guides for Freight Forwarders in Oman & India Quick Reference Guides for Air Logistics Centres, Cities & Airport Free Zones Quick Reference Guide for Air Charter & Leasing Companies Green Air News

Reach the most important Shippers & Freight Forwarders in the Middle East, Africa & South Asia
The booming air cargo industry has seen sudden and strong changes new players entering the market, partnerships, mergers, acquisitions and companies looking at opportunities in the global markets. Air Cargo Update is the only independent pan regional bi-monthly magazine featuring news, views and analysis of the challenges and changes faced by the fast-growing and ever-changing air cargo industry. Operations have undergone a sea change in the last decade evolving with transformations marking a world of information technology, business management, globalisation and free markets. Along with the meteoric rise of logistics companies, a new breed of highly-competent professionals has emerged to define new attitudes at the workplace. The new buzzword is quality and profits are no longer being measured purely in terms of money. Editorial Philosophy Air Cargo Update, now in its 10th year, covers leaders and provides neutral, independent news of the air cargo industry in 68 countries in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. The magazine serves as a platform for industry leaders to put forth their views on various issues pertaining to air cargo industry. Demonstrably Superior Circulation Published from Dubai, a vibrant business hub strategically located at cross-roads between the Middle Eastern, African and South Asian markets, Air Cargo Update, by virtue of its strategic location, is able to focus on the challenges facing the air cargo industry in the three important regions. Voice of the Air Cargo Industry Air Cargo Update, enjoys a reputation of being the voice of the industry as it reports latest views of industry players. With a network of dedicated correspondents, covers news briefs and updates, which include information about civil aviation bodies, airports, airlines, freight forwarders, specialised logistics service providers and all other major components of the air cargo supply chain. It also has insightful features and information about critical industry issues from recognised industry leaders.

3 Global Emerging Markets
Middle East Africa South Asia

68 Countries
By Job Title

Chairmen, Presidents, Managing Directors 10.70% Vice Presidents (Marketing/Business Development), Directors (Purchase / Operations / Transportation / Distribution Management) 22.60% General Managers, Regional Managers, Operations Managers 36.30% Sales & Marketing Managers, Logistics Managers 16.40% Logistics Service Providers/Consultants 8.10% Government Officials 3.50% Others 2.40%
10.70% 22.60% 36.30% 16.40% 8.10% 3.50% 2.40%

By Business

Manufacturers 19.30% Wholesalers, Distributors, Importers, Exporters 16.25% Air Freight, Multi-modal Logistics Companies 15.10% Companies within 11 Free Zones in the Region 12.20% GSAs 11.00% Airlines, Air Charter & Leasing Companies, Couriers, Express Integrators 7.90% Government Organisations (Civil Aviation Authorities, Airports) 2.75% Technology Providers (Bar Coding, Hardware, Software, Communication, Tracking) 3.20% Sea Ports, Shipping Lines, Shipping Agents, Shipping Charters 3.00% Service Providers 2.90% Warehousing Companies 2.40% Equipment Suppliers 2.00% Others 2.00%
19.30% 16.25% 15.10% 12.20% 11.00% 7.90% 2.75% 3.20% 3.00% 2.90% 2.40% 2.00% 2.00%

3 Global Emerging Markets
Middle East Africa South Asia

68 Countries

Air Cargo Update reaches out to over 14,785 decision makers across Middle East, Africa & Asian Countries. Bonus distribution in leading Exhibitions, Conferences and Cargo & Logistic related Events.

Unparalleled reach Beyond Just the Middle East, Africa and South Asia! Geographical Distribution
United Kingdom

Europe, CIS countries & Turkey

Air Cargo Update copies are regularly distributed to airlines, airports, freight forwarders, integrators, express and courier companies, customs, road transporters, ground-handlers, GSAs and air logistics information service providers in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Shippers in over 68 countries in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia read Air Cargo Update.
UA E Oman

African Continent
Nigeria Suda n

Kuwait Bahrai n Qatar Saudi Arabia

Middle East South Asia

Malaysi a Hong Kong

Airport and Airline Associations and Federations in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia are in the mailing list of Air Cargo Update. Readers of Air Cargo Update are senior executives of the ever-growing Middle Eastern, African and South Asian air transportation industry markets.



A high percentage of Air Cargo Update readers belong to organisations in various stages of growth in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, necessitating the need for additional air cargo services.

Reach out to the strategically targeted, key, influential executives in the Middle Eastern, African and South Asian air transport industry and gain exceptional visibility

Editorial Calendar 2014 (10 Issues / Annually)

March 2014 Issue Deadline 20th February Publication Date 1st Week of March Main Story MULTIMODAL TRANSPORTATION OTHER TOPICS How the GCC Embraces Multimodal Transportation Pros and Cons Discussed by Experts, Competition and Innovative Supply Chain Solutions May 2014 Issue Deadline 20th April Publication Date 1st Week of May Main Story THE IDEAL WAREHOUSE OTHER TOPICS Efficient Warehouse Design Points to Consider for a Smart Supply Chain June 2014 Issue Deadline 20th May Publication Date 1st Week of June Main Story E-FREIGHT & LATEST TECHNOLOGIES OTHER TOPICS How E-Freight is Transforming the Industry Updates from Major Technology Providers September 2014 Issue Deadline 20th August Publication Date 1st Week of September Main story BAGGAGE HANDLING OTHER TOPICS How to Create an Efficient BH System Cost of Lost Baggage to the Industry October 2014 Issue Deadline 20th September Publication Date 1st Week of October Main story PERISHABLES OTHER TOPICS Global Food & Perishables Industry under Focus Major Players and Latest Updates December 2014 Issue Deadline 20th November Publication Date 1st Week of December Main story THIRD PARTY LOGISTICS PROVIDERS OTHER TOPIC Rush during Festive Season Increased Role of 3PLs in the Region
Please Note This Editorial Calendar is subject to change without notice.

January February 2014 Issue Deadline 20 December 2013 Publication Date 1st Week of January Main Story AIR CARGO TRENDS OTHER TOPICS Role of Air Freight in GCC economies Updates from Major Air Cargo Carriers & Manufacturers Overview of 3PL, 4PL and 5PL providers Challenges.

April 2014 Issue Deadline 20th March Publication Date 1st Week of April Main Story AIRPORTS & AIR CARGO OTHER TOPICS Advanced Logistics Operations & Procedures Major Projects Undertaken by the Authorities

July - August 2014 Issue Deadline 2oth June Publication Date 1st Week of July Main Story EDUCATION IN SUPPLY CHAIN OTHER TOPICS Institutes and Universities Offering Degrees Challenges in Recruitment and Retaining Talent

November 2014 Issue Deadline 20th October Publication Date 1st Week of November Main story OVER-SIZED CARGO OTHER TOPICS Handling Over-Sized Cargo Challenges with Transporting Sensitive Cargo

DISCLAIMER: The topics suggested in this Editorial Calendar are subject to change without prior notice. For any specific requests or inquiries, please get in touch with our team directly: editor@aircargoupdate.com. Thank you.

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