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The End All System

You wont Need Another in Stock Options

You can say that its almost irresponsible to NOT be trading this system What you didnt know exited before is now presented to you now. We all should be taking every single CPR trade on a stock with options for the rest of our lives. We owe it to our legacy and our families

It maybe hard to believe from just a few words on a sales page but Ive released a system that I probably should not have should have kept it private. But I thought about it, and Ive been making so many breakthroughs in trading systems development over the past year that its ok. And if youre not to scared of potential dramatic long term success (and fear of success is real, and it is a problem for many) you can have this system. The Chart Pattern Riches method can be treated as a system which is ridiculously powerful or a strategy where you can hone into a extra special setup and kill it! Run as a system you can see some results example below. Youll see spans of time with even 100% winning (no Im not making that up youll be able to verify once you have the system). Run as a Strategy: there are shorter term setups which can turn into powerful swings, or power trends (usually 2 strong swings connected). Or you can go big, shrink up your charts and aim for the BIG trend moves that could last 3 months to a year (with long term options)

Youve heard about chart patterns Youve seen the umpteen books on chart patterns. And youve notice that no one seems to have the b*lls to tell you exactly how to play all of these nutso drawings on charts? Well now someone does Let me tell you something about chart patterns.

Chart patterns have become some sort of mystical, magical thing (kind of like how options strategies have) as promoted in countless books, courses and media. Ive read the books over the past couple of decades. Each chart pattern book seems to have special magical knowledge about a secret key, algorithm, with mystical hidden messages and meanings on how to crystal ball the future And its all a load of HOOEY! What a waste of time. There is no exact way of trading those magic patterns. And on that note doesnt it amaze you how weve let people claim authority who write these books and do not know what they are talking about?? Its time to wake up to the blunt reality. Fortunately, the blunt reality is a a very good thing now, with Chart Pattern Riches. And Im here to tell you here today that there is truly only ONE chart pattern, one chart pattern that is tradeable with exact entry and initial stop loss EVERY TIME. (and I happen to give you my own near magic profit trailing methods within this system). And if there is any mystical chart pattern this is it and youll be able to trade it over and over and over and over. Another massive benefit of this course: Getting on the right side of the market getting in sync with Mr. Market and his generous side making the switch from consistent loser to consistent winner, an unbelievable hidden benefit of using this system: Trading chart patterns our way has the ability to change your entire trading mindset. Rebranding (think hot iron stamping) your brain to think in terms of chart patterns can get you in to the right side of the markets and out of the loser trap set by Mr. Market for you in order to steal all of your money. Imagine now winning most of the time, avoiding lame trading times and jumping into the great trading times on a consistent basis. The problem of charting books and courses of the past is that they dont tell you where to get in, nor do they tell you where to set a stop loss, nor do they tell you how to take your profits! But I DO! If you are interested in putting a nail in the coffin of your endless search of what works in trading and what can work for you then get this Chart Pattern Riches System.

Chart Pattern Riches puts you in tune with the markets Youll feel a lot smarter and your emotions will begin to harmonize WITH the market, Mr. Market. This is very, very, very important. Once you get in tune with Mr. Market he can become your greatest friend, your most generous benefactor. (But if you go against Mr. Market and disharmonious with what hes doing, hell become your worst trading enemy and take all of your money tricking you into new levels of emotional stupidity you never thought yourself previously capable)

Youll be above the market place, smarter than 99.9% of traders and investors in the market place. Youll start to become a fan of all the talking heads on TV, various advisers and other media stupefying the masses, knowingly or on knowingly, into ramping up your profits after youre already in a trade. Youll be buying before they are buying and youll be buying puts before they start selling. The herd creates the extended run, which kicks your options profits into overdrive! Why anyone would waste their time pursuing illegal inside information is beyond me when you have many times more valuable, profitable and directionally predictable moves with my version of chart patterns. Combine Chart Pattern Riches with our MOMMS options money management system and see the wonders of what stacking up home run trades and proper options compounding can do for you

Here are results when running CPR as a system. That means we take each pattern every time as the pattern comes along. A strategy would look to optimize and even over many stocks. A system uses the same pattern over and over on the same stock:

CAT 5.32 3.28 9.62 6.38 4.29 10.03 7.28 20.16 3.09 8.21 14.08 1.87 19.17 -3.58 4.22 113.42 Jan-2011

AAPL 12.04 4.08 18.24 1.46 4.87 2.08 61.91 15.48 17.16 4.88 14.61 10.3 203.34 138.36 136.61 645.42 Jan-2011

W L T W%

14 1 15 93.33%

W L T W%

16 0 16 100.00%



HD 2.23 -1.22 0.89 1.69 3.28 1.24 6.03 0.75 -1.46 -1.48 9.64 21.59 Jan-2011 W L T W% 8 3 11 72.73%

BIDU 17.11 24.32 14.08 -4.65 21.03 13.14 23.36 12.32 18.32 -6.08 32.21 1.08 6.03 26.38 198.65 Mar2012 Jan-2011

W L T W%

12 2 14 85.71%

April 2012

The price of the course is $4497.00. It is very powerful. I dont know why we sell these systems so cheap. Try buying bricks and mortar business with never ending work, headache and risk plus little return. So lets say youre able to make a 50% to 200% cash on cash stock return (and were not even counting powerfully leveraged options!) on a regular basis. So for example, you run this on one stock and it happens to double your money each year. Come on, lets get some perspective here! So instead of investing $300,000 in a bricks and mortar franchise, which could, if successful, produce a 10% to 25% return, with a ton of work, risk and headache why not invest in a different model a trading system that has 10 minutes work, no liability (maybe some headache if you dont pay attention or screw it up) and has the potential for 100% a year? So why arent we charging $300,000 for this system??? Maybe its time we go back to the drawing board on this marketing stuff and fix that. But for now, the choice is up to you: Here is the system right here in front of you. You have the opportunity to buy it at a tiny fraction of what it is worth. Are you going to let this slip by a potential solution for many, many problems or are you going to go for it?