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Daniel Cox December 17, 2013 Citizen-Technology Essay US Government and Politics Citizen Technology Material expertise undoubtedly

influences governments further than companies and private entities. Mostly, businesses drive and progress technology. Consumers formerly barricade the embracement of new and superb advancements and ideas. Governments, instead, usually delay themselves from these technological advancements and are then driven to play a game of catch-up to rehearse such implementations. The involvement is a two-way process that is later entitled to the parties at stake that then conforms to the overall trend within the society to which it affects. The negative impact upon the implementation of technology in regards to the government becomes a vulnerable aspect in this instance. We as individuals are oblivious to how far we have come in our modern society, as much of what we have created has not even been introduced yet, as it wont for the next couple decades as companies and higher institutions sought after these technological advancements. Although when it comes to the political processes, much of what has been introduced yet furthers our involvement in this progression as a whole. On the behalf of involvement, a lot of individuals feel as though they are underrepresented by society and by the individuals who hold such powers. Technology has helped us see what is going on around the world when it comes to television and the media itself. We are individuals do not see it in this perspective as we live in a first person dimension. Albeit the entities at stake are

represented by the media, and what we see becomes second hand nature, and even first in some cases. In the instances of second hand nature, we do not personally become affected by what else is going on in the world rather than our society by which we live in. In regards to this second hand nature, our government uses this information which becomes knowledge management, and we are entities learn from the mistakes of others, as it is engraved within our perceptions. The response to which we actively engage in our political progression becomes a radicalized effect by which sociologists, anthropologists and other specialized scientist call the domino effect, or the ripple effect. The ripple effect (domino effect) is seen throughout nations who are either developed, or developing and later institutionalized somewhere else in the world, as there is no ending effect as previously stated; history repeats itself. We as citizens actively engage ourselves throughout a series of representation through political ideology by which we embrace our beliefs and the nature we abide by. The first hand nature falls into the category of what we see and what effects us personally. This most commonly regards intercontinentally. The intercontinental connection is stated upon by media and is shown to the rest of the nation, as it becomes biased throughout media, we pick and choose what we wish to entitle ourselves to. Media and television play an important role as they depict what or who is speaking of in any certain instance or case that becomes entitled to the nation within itself. Whenever there is an important discussion, hearing, or even a debate,

we as individuals will turn on the television and make our assumptions based upon what we see and hear. This is an aspect of the technological advancements made in progression to the political process as a whole. Agencies use this as a way to progressively enhance their ideologies and attain members throughout the United States to join their causes, as it then becomes an effect to the nation as a whole. This is an example of the presidential nominee debates. The other half of this issue is the advancement of depiction. Depictions are made time after time throughout newscasters and other progressive enhancements that tie into political facets. This involves news events, organizations, natural events and many more. Another great example of the way citizens use their rights to become involved within these processes is the use of technology in regards to computers, phones and other internet based materials. Computer users now have the ability to even vote online for nominees that even involve presidential elections. This entitles users to not step foot outside of their house, and even involves the rest of the nation that intertwines throughout the web. Users may even spread their own personal bias and propaganda among social networking users to grab their attention and follow their ideological set of beliefs. Many websites are created in forms of forums, blogs, social networks etc. to enhance ones ability to be seen through the web. This creates a huge gap among people who are less fortunate, and less entitled to such technological advancements. Although the ones who are fortunate enough have the ability to follow another ones nature and set of beliefs which then is represented as a controversial issue because

it is set upon opinionated data. Many entities throughout the US have become too oblivious to what is seen on the web and later entitle themselves to a handful of controversial matters to which they believe are true, and some by which are of the opposing nature. To come to a conclusion, there are many points of view to which you may entitle yourself to, although the entitlement becomes first hand nature based upon the advancements that fluctuate your set of political ideologies. This is the modern day of advancements, and we will see a large progression within the aspects involved in the near future. Entities need to know what is at stake and choose upon their own nurturers.