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ouldn'titbe nice ifyou could useyour own smartphone ortablet atworkto communicate with internal employees or external customers? Sure,whenyouwere issued that then-state-of-the-art company phone or laptop, you were excited. But now, compared to your current personal phone or table! the company model seems dreadfully cumbersome and slow. You know your employer doesn't have the budget to
replace it anytime soon.
Wouldn't it be nice if you could carry around just a single device, rather than remembering to lug around

Before impiementing BYOD, heads of IT departments will need to determine answers to questions such as: * Whathappens if an employee's device is lost or stolen? * What happens to data ifthe employee leaves the company? * Is company data interactingwith other applications on the employee's device, such as consumer depositories

multiple ones? BYOD

a growing trend among both employees and favor with businesses, is finding parking organization your As company IT departments.

BYOD, or bringyour own device,

including Dropbox?

deals with budgetary challenges and faster dissatis-

Will we allow all devices or will the employee need

to choose from a list ofcompany-approved devices? a portion of the purchase price for the employee's device or a part of their phone bill or

faction with older devices, BYOD just may be a way to save money while keeping your employees happy
at the same time.

* Will we pay for

Internet access charges? Two mainbenefits of BYOD: Before deciding to participate in a BYOD program, a Increased worker satisfaction. The employee gets to the employee may need to answer a question too: 'Am require which doesn't use a device of his or her choice, to a1low my company to delete all data on my I willing (or operating outdated) the knowledge of multiple phone at its discretion?" latest the incorporate systems and is more likely to
e company cost savings' According to the Good Tech*t,r, unor, employees can carry work with them evnology state of BYOD Report, 50 percent of companies erywhere they go. e temptation of the employer may be that have deployed BYOD require their employees to ,oih"', to work any place and at any time. "*0..,1h"pick up all of the costs' Further, companies are not Ho*.r.qb..u.,sethecityof chicagoissuedpoliceofficers required to maintain hardware support desks to field *,r"i"".*, oressured them to al-rswer work-related ""d questions such as, "How do I retrieve a fi1e on this .rtt. *a .*uits on thei. o*n time, it now faces a lawsuit device?" Users are expected to develop this kind of ;r; ;r, demand it pay the officers millions of dollars knowledge on their own. in overtime back pay. .' side, according L 1s L,t rlrarlr r I Soundsgrear.butwhatisthemainriskwithBYOD? to cro magazine: on the employee ^",r. onnnr,linoracron In a word, security. "People misplace their phones all the time, and so they'11


other concerns


professional speaker on the topic of

"Social Media for

Baby Boomers," author, and marketing consultant. He is the author of the .Socla/ Media Marketing Guide for Parking


Professionals,which is a free publication for lPl members and

can be downloaded from parking.org/ socialmediaguide. He can be reached at t*d.O ja *irsprese nlat!clr*.

Most users are, of course, not concerned with security weeks_meaning for ail that time, ' even ' iurs, iob .outJrrr, on a daily basis. Their objective is simply getting the rv" , have been compromised'" corporate data could done as quickiy and effortlessly as possible. ClO magazine states that "company-issued IT typ- Right forYou? ical1y comes with an acceptable use policy, and it is While employees can feel they have more control on how protected by company-issued security that is managed they communicate at work, BYOD can save money for and updated by the IT department." So with BYOD, the your parking organization. If your IT department hasn't
magazine advises, "Make sure you have a clearly defined considered the use of BYOD, have them be sure to do so. policy for ByOD that outlines the rules of engagement Jtist weigh the benefits versus the risks and determine




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