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Rail to River

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Metro is leading a Feasibility study For a potential
intermediate active transportation corridor along the
Metro-owned Harbor Subdivision Right-oF-vay {ROv)
in South Los Angeles. 1he 8.3-mile corridor generally
parallels Slauson Avenue and can provide connectivity
to the Silver Line, Blue Line, Future Crenshaw]LAX Line
and Los Angeles River. 1his corridor could provide saFe
dedicated walking and cycling transportation options to
promote healthy neighborhoods and linkages between
local communities, schools, shopping, employment
centers, transit hubs and other key destinations.
1he study will develop key goals and objectives For the
active transportation corridor project while looking
at key issues such as right-oF-way access needs, and
construction and maintenance costs. Additional Factors
For consideration include potential use, impacts on streets,
adjacent land uses, conceptual design and maintaining
adequate space For Future transit iF desired by Metro. 1he
study will identiFy potential Funding sources and next
steps iF the Metro Board oF Directors seeks to advance the
project For environmental review and advanced engineering
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Fall 2013
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1he Rail to River Feasibility Study will accomplish
the Following objectives:
IdentiFy alternatives For successFul integration
oF an intermediate active transportation
corridor in South Los Angeles, an area
characterized by higher transit use
Fxplore options For providing greater
countywide connectivity to the Los Angeles
Improve and enhance linkages between
Metro Blue, Silver and Crenshaw]LAX transit
Provide saFe 6rst and last mile options
Include alternatives that provide improved
and saFe connectivity to surrounding
Promote collaboration among stakeholders
to identiFy corridor opportunities and
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Stakeholder involvement is essential to assess
the Feasibility oF implementing an active
transportation corridor. vith that in mind, the
Project 1eam will hold brie6ngs with elected
oF6cials and staFF, engage technical proFessionals
From the impacted jurisdictions through a
1echnical Advisory Committee {1AC), and hold
Study Brie6ngs with interested parties. 1hese
meetings will be held at key milestones in the
next Few months.
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Alice 1olar, Project Manager
Los Angeles County Metropolitan
1ransportation Authority
One Gateway Plaza, 99-22-6
Los Angeles, CA 90012
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` Schedule subject to change