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Objective We would like to know how the annual size and complexity of the procurement can affect the

implementation performance of ADP projects.

Procurement types Based on the nature, 3 types of procurement: goods (such as furniture, equipment, computers, machineries, and Land) works (or construction) & services (such as consultancy).

From our research viewpoint, we can reasonably hypothesize that the procurement of land (as a good), and procurement of construction are more challenging than procurement of ordinary goods and services. However, purchase of goods is different from the purchase of services from procurement methods perspective. Land acquisition has to confront legal battles. Construction depends on the weather condition. That is why we would like to differentiate land and construction from other goods and services. We also differentiate between goods and services. Consultancy is always a service. Always remember that any purchase that is tangible is a good, and if intangible is a servcie.

Direction 1: Include all other goods and services except land and construction under the goods and 'services' columns respectively. Direction 2: Construction may include land acquisition. If the item as stated in the document says construction, include it under construction. If it says land purchase or land acquisition or similar things, include it under Land. Direction 3: Get the budgeted (cost of goods and budgeted (estimated cost, NOT the progress or actual expenditure) cost of construction (or these may be referred as contract value) and the total project cost (NOT the revised cost or actual expenditure) For example, take financial reforms project of finance division in page 5. The original cost is BDT 21826 lakh (from table in page 5).
From page 6 & 7, BDT 21842.22 lakh was spent on serivces (local and foreign consultancy) and 2942.16 lakh was spent on goods (I included computers, and machineries/equipment). I did not include salaries, supply and services, and training into procurement. There is no land and construction in this project.

Direction 4: Only for land, get both the area and land value. So, there will be two separate columns (land_area in acres, land_value). If land area is not provided in acre, try to convert it into acres. Direction 5: Following 4 & 5, you will get total budgeted cost for goods and construction of a ministry (follow sheet 2 of ministry aggregate procurement). You will get total budget for that ministry in the document as well. Just shift these values into the appropriate column of sheet 1.

Direction 5: Always call me if you have any confusion. Never use your judgment. Please remember, our judgments are different and therefore use of it will make the whole process unstandardized. We cannot use unstandardized data for statistical analysis. CALL ME! Whenever you have a question, update the FAQ page.

Direction 6: Include project start date (start_date), original completion date (org_end_date) and revised date (revised_end_date) in sheet 2 of the excel sheet. Direction 7: Include No. of project directors (pd_N). Direction 8: Always read the project objective. This will give you an idea about what may be procured in the project. Direction 9: You need not include project name under the project column. Just include 1, 2, 3 Direction 10: you can use sheet 3 of the excel sheet to calculate the budget for goods, construction, land. Direction 11: if a procurement package value is less than 5 lakh, you can ignore it.

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