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UFO’S AND ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN— WHATS THEIR STRANGE CONNECTION? ........ John A. Keel 38 In many areas where UFOs have been sighted, mysterious monster-men have terrified local inhabitants—and it's happened too often to be a coincidence... . Area al cer seal 7 PE Og Se tee OU are driving down a lonely country road late at night, lively music from your car radio helping to keep you alert. You haven’t been drinking. You just want to get home to bed. Suddenly your headlights seem to go dim and you fiddle with the switch to no - avail. Then heavy static drowns out the music on the radio. You feel an eerie, tingling sensation and an indefin- : Z z able fear tickles the back of your head and dries your throat. Then a tall figure shambles out of the bushes alongside the road and steps in front of your fading headlights. It is at least seven feet tall, maybe more, and it seems to be covered with long hair from head to foot. It opens its mouth ‘ — -curdli ry. The face i ai ; : ; demonlike, the eyes a fiery red. You are gripped FOQTPRINTS wore discovered > in South Dakota after large hairy with terror, jam the accelerator to the floorboards “monster” was seen by several and speed off without looking back. ae Gro Deo ae Later, when you try to tell your friends about it they laugh out loud and kid you. So you don’t dare mention it again. In the past few years hundreds of people in California, Michigan, Florida, New York State, India, Brazil, Argentina and dozens of other places have had identical experiences with these monsters and freaks who appear out of nowhere and then seem to disappear again into limbo. Posses using dogs and helicopters have searched in vain for these mysterious creatures. Zoolo- gists and biologists have collected plaster of paris casts of the gigantic foot- prints they often leave behind. Early in 1969, two world-famous scientists finally discovered what might have been the actual body of one of these half- human beasts. They examined it and photographed it. And then someone stole the corpse. It hasn’t been seen since. Strangest of all, these hairy monsters have a disturbing habit of turning up in areas where flying saucers have been seen, and their brief appearances are often accompanied by manifestations which have long been associated with UFOs, such as the dimming of headlights, radio static, and the stalling of motor vehicles. Ufologists have labeled such phenomena “the electro- magnetic (EM) effect,” assuming that flying saucers are sometimes sur- rounded by powerful magnetic fields which raise (Continued on page oe