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Tech Notes

pros thet ics (pros thetiks), n. the branch of surgery or dentistry that deals with the replacement of missing parts with articial structures.

Tech Notes

This word has come a long way since Webster. It no longer means some doctor making a doll-like part to replace a missing part. It now includes an artist altering a subjects natural appearance so they look like something else. In effect, the art of prosthetic makeup has enabled actors to be more convincing, effects to be more realistic, and in general, movies to be more believable. One of the all time industry greats, Dick Smith, made many lms work by enabling an actor to age before our eyes. To truly appreciate the art of aging an actor (by applying custom made prosthetic appliances to the face), you rst have to understand the tremendous amount of delicate work involved in the process. Its denitely not easy. As a matter of fact, Dick has spent most of his life lending technical assistance to any person in need, and believe us, there are plenty. He, as well as many other artist, have helped us develop a comprehensive line of prosthetic products so you wont have to waste your time and money locating materials. The entire art form of prosthetics evolved like it did because of the vast amount of raw materials available. They started off using liquid latex and then discovered the beauty of creating light weight appliances out of foam latex. The problem is foam latex is difcult to use because its hard to control the chemical reactions. Even the most seasoned effects artist has run-ins with foam latex or any catalyzed material from time to time. It is this factor in the art of prosthetic makeup that separates the professional from the amateur. It is our advice to study as much as you can and remember there is no better way to learn than by doing. In addition to dealing with the unpredictability of foam latex, you also have to be concerned with safety. Three dimensional makeup artists use a lot of hazardous materials, and believe us, we have heard a lot of horror stories (ie: people vulcanizing their faces...developing rashes...becoming dizzy). Many of the materials we sell are not fun to work with.
As a makeup artist, professional or amateur, it is your responsibility to learn about the safety hazards accompanying the products you use and the products you apply to other peoples faces.

There is a vast amount of information available for those willing to learn about chemical safety; consult libraries, school chemistry departments, request and read Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Before you work with a chemical, investigate its hazardous factors. Use precautions when handling any chemicals. Consult local authorities on proper material disposal.

Product Warnings

We have decided to be a bit more specic about our product warnings. A product is subjected to any or all of the following labels:


Basically FLAMMABLE means it will ignite. Dont smoke when using it. Dont drive around town on a hot day with this material in the trunk of your car. Basically...use your head! RESPIRATOR REQUIRED means just that. Wear a respirator with the proper lters for the proper type of material being used. In the SAFETY EQUIPMENT Section you will nd respirators and dust masks. Although this gear is not foolproof, it does help. Always work in a well ventilated area (preferably outside during a typhoon). Install a vent system at your work bench to pull the air out. Invest in a continuous air supply system. Whatever the material calls for...do! SENSITIVE SKIN ALERT means this material may cause irritation to sensitive skin. Things like spirit gum, collodian, and latex have been known to irritate actors' skin. Always consult with the actor about skin sensitivity before applying any makeup to their face or body. Try one of the Barrier Creams listed in this catalogue. They really work! TOXIC IN UNCURED STATE means you will get a rash if you expose your skin to these chemicals when they are in a liquid state. But once these chemicals are mixed and cured, it becomes a non-toxic matter. Prime examples...Foam Latex Components, RTV Molding Compounds, and Urethane Foams. In the SAFETY EQUIPMENT Section you will nd protective gloves. In many cases thin vinyl or latex gloves provide enough protection, but certain chemicals penetrate these gloves without you knowing it. From there, the chemical runs through your blood stream. Make sure you are wearing the right glove for the right chemical. HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH means we dont recommend you use this product. Thats right...well sell it but we dont recommend it. You use these and all other products we offer at YOUR OWN RISK.

Prosthetic Makeup



Alcone Company


Life Casting Materials

Life Casting & Mold Making

Life Casting Materials
Taking a facial impression involves the following: -Have your subject sit upright and drape a piece of plastic around them. (If the shot calls for the actor to be laying down, then cast the subject laying down.)

Photography from Starlog SFX Issue #3 Article-Life Casting with Bryant Tausek Photograph by David Motok

-Apply petroleum jelly to the eyebrows and eyelashes.

-Apply an inexpensive Woochie Bald Cap. Secure edges with adhesive.

-Mix the alginate according to directions. Cold water extends the gelling time. -Apply to subjects face using your hands with your ngers pressed together like a spatula making sure you leave the breathing passage uncovered. Work quickly yet carefully. -Once the entire face is covered, begin wrapping strips of plaster bandages around and over the face. Pay attention to reinforcing the delicate areas. -Once the plaster bandage hardens, gently remove the alginate cast by jiggling it.

Alginate Impression Material

Teledyne - Getz Prosthetic Grade Cream

See the Books & Videos Section for detailed casting directions!

-Immediately brush on a thin layer of White Hydrocal making sure there are no bubbles, then pour in additional plaster. It is wise to position a handle in the back of your life cast so it will be easier to separate the molds.

-Teledyne - Getz Company, one of the major producers of the dental impression materials, has a Prosthetic Grade Cream which is a colorless, odorless, ne-grade, slow-setting alginate impression material. As Teledyne Getz Prosthetic Grade Cream has less than three percent deformation, very accurate casts can be made with it. Recently they improved the alginate by extending its setting time to between 5 and 7 minutes. Mix with water until its a creamy batter and then apply to the face. Make sure you dont block the subjects airway. Reinforce with plaster bandage. Remove. For more details see the Books & Video Section.

Woochie Bald Cap

-Excellent for casting because its inexpensive, durable and yet has thin edges. It is accompanied by step-by-step instructions on application. Made of rubber.


Descrition Shipping Wt. Woochie Bald Cap 3 oz. Woochie Bald Cap-Extra Large 5 oz.

NOT FOR USE IN MOUTH Product # Size PMPGC01 1 lb. bag PMPGC25 25 lbs. container

Shipping Wt. 2 lb 29 lbs

Algislo The 3-in-1 Alginate Retarder/Bonder/Softener

Pink House Studios Algiform Slow-Set

-A slow-setting alginate which may be mixed with warm water (even very warm water) and will still allow 8-10 minutes of working time. Is used in a slightly different way than traditional alginate. See the Books and Video Section for a most unusual Life Casting Video. -Perfect for body casts when the cold water used with traditional alginate causes unwanted goose bumps.

NOT FOR USE IN MOUTH Product # Size PMPHAS01 1 lb. bag PMPHAS22 22 lb. barrel

Shipping Wt. 2 lb 25 lbs

Prosthetic Makeup

Pink House Studios Algiform Regular-Set

Product # PMPHAR01 PMPHAR22 Size 1 lb. bag 22 lb barrel

-A cool water alginate with a working time of approximately 3 minutes. The least expensive alginate we sell.

Shipping Wt. 2 lb 25 lbs

RETARDER. Algislo is the alginate-retarding agent created especially for artists, special effects, restorers, taxidermists, sculptors, mold makers and anyone who wished they had more control over their alginate product. Algislo is the answer to all alginate users! To slow set time: in 1 6 ounces (480 ml) of water simply substitute approximately 12 ounce (15 ml.) of your water mix to 12 ounce (15 ml.) of Algislo for each minute of additional set time desired, for up to ve and even more minutes. OR for every pound of water remove 1/2 oz. (15 ml.) of Algislo to add one minute (approximately) of set time. BONDER. For best results surface to be bonded should be recently set. The longer the set, the poorer the bond. Thoroughly spray the surface of the alginate and apply your new alginate layer. We recommend spraying the surface rather than using a paint brush for more even results and to avoid pulling on a tacky area.

A REAL STUDIO BREAKTHROUGH - ArtMolds has created the 3-in-1 alginate control formula . . . a must have for anyone who uses alginate. This is an indispensable multi-use formula for all brands of alginate. USE AS A . . . RETARDER . . . increase set time up to 5 or more minutes. BONDER . . . bond a set layer to a new layer stronger than any other method available. SOFTENER . . . soften freshly set alginate to allow application of ber to the surface to rmly hold a mother mold.

SURFACE SOFTENER. When applied to a recently set surface, Algislo will soften it sufciently to allow the application of ber to secure a mother (shell) mold. For best results we recommend spraying the surface before it sets. This will act as a surface set retarder giving the lifecaster ample time to apply ber on the surface.

Silicone Impression Material

Lifeform by Mouldlife
-Lifeform can be cast in layers due to its ability to bond to itself, requires no release agent will release from hair & skin, has high elongation and tear strength, superior detail reproduction and can be used with a wide range of casting resins or silicone that can save valuable time thats better spent elsewhere. Available in Standard and Fast Speeds

Net Wt. - 16 oz. Shipping Wt. - 1.5 lbs. Product # PMAMA16 Product # PALF1KG PALF5KG PALF10KG PALF18KG PALFF1KG PALFF5KG PALFF10KG PALFF18KG Speed Standard Standard Standard Standard Fast Fast Fast Fast


Alcone Company


Size 1 kg/2.2 lbs 5 kg/11 lbs 10 kg/22 lbs 18 kg/40 lbs 1 kg/2.2 lbs 5 kg/11 lbs 10 kg/22 lbs 18 kg/40 lbs


Shipping Wt. 1.8 lbs. 12 lbs. 24 lbs. 43 lbs. 1.8 lbs. 12 lbs. 24 lbs. 43 lbs.

Moulage, Bandage & Plaster

Moulage & Silicone Impression Materials

Moulage Impression Material

-Alco moulage is an inexpensive impression material that will cast any object including props, masks and faces. It can be re-used over and over so it is perfect for beginners who are practicing. Must be heated in a double-boiler so it isnt easy to work with. By the time it is cold enough to apply to a subjects face, it starts to turn back to its original cottage cheese like state. However, just like everything else, once you learn the technique, its easy. Reinforce with plaster bandage.

Silicone Rubber Impression Material

Pink House Studios Ply-O-Life
-A non-toxic and odorless silicone rubber that may be applied directly to the skin. The advantage of Ply-O-Life over Alginate is that polyester resin and berglass may then be cast directly into the mold. No separator is needed. Ply-O-Life also adheres to itself. Unless there are extreme undercuts involved, it will not tear when positive cast is being removed, and is therefore reusable. To make the mold tear-proof, apply the rst layer of Ply-O-Life and let dry. Embed berglass screening or wire cloth on top of this layer and sandwich this with a fresh layer. -Besides resin and berglass, one may cast wax, latex, plaster, and gelatin in the mold. When casting a face, coat facial hair with petroleum jelly. Working time 7 minutes. Sets up in 11 minutes. -Molding one average size head requires 3 1/2 lbs.

NOT FOR USE IN MOUTH Product # Size PMAM2 2 lb. bag PMAM110 10 lb container

Shipping Wt. 3 lbs 13 lbs

Net Wt. - 4 lb kit (2 lbs A & 2 lbs B) Shipping Wt. - 5 lbs Product # PMPOL

Plaster Bandage

Plaster, Acryl 60 & Burlap

Plaster of Paris sets very quickly, but it is very soft and not durable, and it will not make accurate molds. Good only for brush-in latex. NOT AVAILABLE FROM ALCONE.

J & J Bandage

Dental Stone is very hard, accurate, and can be used to make foam-latex
Shipping Wt. 1 lb. 7 lbs. 1 lb. 7 lbs. 1 lb.

-For reinforcing impression creams.

molds, but it does not stand up to baking (curing) as long as Ultracal, and it is very expensive. NOT AVAILABLE FROM ALCONE.

Mold Making Material

Size Speed 4" x 5 yd roll Fast Box of 12 rolls Fast 4" x 5 yd roll Extra Fast Box of 12 rolls Extra Fast 6" x 5 yd roll Extra Fast

We will ship 25 and 50 pound bags via U.P.S. (They have a weight restriction of 72lbs.)

White Hydrocal
Product # PMWH025 PMWH050

-Fast-setting, it is not ideal for foam latex because the latex will stick to it. Very accurate. Ideal for life casts.

-Respirator Dust Mask Required

Size 25 lbs. 50 lbs.

Plaster is generally used to make molds although sometimes a exible or an indestructable mold is used such as RTV Rubber, Two Part Silicone, Epoxycal or Fiberglass. It is most important that the correct plaster is used for the specic job you are doing. Basically, White Hydrocal is used to make the positive mold because it is most accurate and Ultracal is used to make the negative mold because it can withstand curing at high temperatures. It may also be necessary to increase the strength of your mold. You can do this by mixing Acryl 60 (Acrylic Latex Cement Hardener) in place of water when mixing up the Ultracal. In most cases, the negative molds must withstand multiple bakings and you dont want them to crack. Learn to use Acryl 60. Tech notes available. Many artists reinforce their molds with loose weave burlap. The burlap costs less and weighs less than the cement, so it is an economical technique. Due to the fact that any plaster weighs a lot, you may want to purchase it locally if available.

Shipping Wt. 27 lbs. 52 lbs.

Ultracal 30
Product # PMU025 PMU050

-The best for foam-latex molds. It sets slowly and stands up to the heat of the oven.

-Respirator Dust Mask Required

Size 25 lbs. 50 lbs.

Shipping Wt. 27 lbs. 52 lbs.

Acryl 60

-Recommended for reinforcing the strength of Ultracal 30. Molds facing a lot of handling and repeated baking should be mixed with Acryl 60. Molds take many hours and hard work to create, avoid cracking with Acryl 60. (acrylic latex cement hardener)

Product # PMAC6032 PMAC601G PMAC605G

Size 32 oz. 1 gallon 5 gallons

Shipping Wt. 3 lbs. 9 lbs. 46 lbs.


-Used to reinforce plaster molds (loose weave) or large latex pieces (tight weave). Sold by the yard.

Product # PMBL

Description Burlap - loose 40" wide

Shipping Wt. 3 oz.



Alcone Company


Sculpting & Duplicating

Sculpting & Molding Clay

Let us rst point out that it is easier to cast a head rather than sculpt it from scratch. There is only one case that I know of where a sculpted head was required and that was the original Terminator. The late Stan Winston thought the roughness of the sculpt would enhance the look as Arnold turned into a Cyborg. Once a gypsum face cast is made, modeling clay is added to achieve the sculpture. More accurate face appliances can be achieved when developed off the actors life cast. If you want to create the creatures you design, it is very important to learn proper sculpting techniques. As a matter of fact, sculptors make very nice livings if they are good. A sculptor can work in many industries such as stopanimation, prototype production, and prop building, as well as the prosthetic makeup industry.

Plastic Cap Material

After youve made your life cast and have sculpted your design on it, it is necessary to coat the sculpture with cap material. It is very thin so it wont lessen your detail. This process will make it possible for you to separate your positive and negative molds.
All Cap Materials are ammable unless otherwise specied and are restricted from air shipping service. Dangerous Goods fees and handling are additional. Safe to ship less than a gallon ORM-D Ground.
Super BALDIEZ - Encapsulates Platsil gel 10 appliances and makes bald caps.formulated to be used for both encapsulating Platsil gel 10 appliances and the creation of bald caps. Super BALDIEZ edges can be blended into the skin using IPA in the same way other bald caps plastic use Acetone. This is much less likely to irritate skin when blending edges. Super BALDIEZ stronger, clearer and gives you slightly more time to create Bald Caps. Also great for laying facial hair. BALDIEZ - Regular uses Acetone to dissolve the edges.

Super Baldiez-Encapsulator & Plastic

Modeling Clay

Decription Chavant NSP Clay Medium Chavant NSP Clay Soft

-Non-Sulfurated Plastilene -Non-Sulfurated Plastilene

Shipping Wt. 2lb. 2lb.

Product # PABZS16 PABZ16

Paramount Cap Material

Product # PAPCM04 PAPCM16 PAPCM32 Product # KR2594 KR2595 Size 4oz. 16oz. 32oz.

Type Super Regular

Size Shipping Wt. 16 oz. 1 lb. 16 oz. 1 lb.

- A liquid vinyl/plastic used for repairing rips in and concealing edges of plastic bald caps.

Shipping Wt. 4oz. 1 lb. 2 lbs. Shipping Wt. 13oz. 2lbs

Kryolan Glatzan L Cap Material

PMMC2 PMMC3 Roma Plastilene #2 Soft Roma Plastilene #4 Firm
-Used by professionals. -A Non-hardening, oil based clay. Dark Green. -Used by professionals. -A non-hardening, oil based clay. Dark Green.

2lbs 2lbs

Size 16 oz. 33.5 oz.

Duplicating Material
Flexible compounds (RTV or Silicone) that are used in the makeup lab for duplicating purposes, but it can also be used to make bladders, puppet heads and stop animation gures. RTV molds are used for duplicating and reproducing break away props.

Polytek #74-55

RTV Liquid Rubber

- Clear - rm - durable excellent for casting plasters, cement, polyester, wax, and most other materials. 15 minute pour time, demold after 24-48 hours at room temperature. Most resistant to shrinkage as it is nearly pure urethane containing no oils or release agents to migrate and cause shrinkage after prolonged use. -Molds of Polytek# 74-55 often require less rubber because the increased stiffness allows thinner sides and bottoms. -Release agents sold separately. Porous models such as plaster or wood should be sealed, preferably with wax or several coats of nitrocellulose lacquers, but petroleum jelly, paint, shellac (soap on plaster) also work well. Excellent for longlasting rm molds.


Product # PMP74-55 Size Gallon kit

Prosthetic Makeup

Shipping Wt. 12 lbs.

Prosthetic Makeup

Polytek #74-30

- Opaque - soft - easy to use. Loved by those who do stop-animation because of its accuracy, durability and elasticity. Easy 1-1 mix by volume or weight, lowcost, low viscosity, easy thickening to a buttery poly gel consistency, long working time and long-lasting non-stick molds that dont creep or sag in storage are some of the reasons why this is our hottest selling RTV molding compound. -Polytek# 74-30 molds can be stored for many years with no signicant deteriorating. -Excellent for puppet skins because it is transparent tan in color and very exible. -Release agents sold separately. Porous models such as plaster or wood should be sealed, preferably with wax or several coats of nitrocellulose lacquers, but petroleum jelly, paint, shellac (soap on plaster) also works well.

-A blend of silicone oils and resins in a convenient aerosol spray. We Recommend Pol-Ease 2300, as an effective release agent, for use with Polytek 74-55 and 74-30. The use of a soft brush to distribute the release agent evenly after spraying is recommended.

Polytek Pol-Ease 2300 Release

Product # PMPE2300

Size 12 oz.

Shipping Wt. 1 lb.

Smooth-On #PMC-72


Product # PMP74-30

-Urethane rubber with plasticizer (part A & B). Easy to use for making molds. The more plasticizer you use, the shorter the life of the mold. The mold will start deteriorating in approximately 1-1/2 to 2 years. Chemicals have a short shelf life. Black in color. -Release agents sold separately. Sonile Seal Release wax, petroleum jelly or shellac (for porous casts).

120 188

Alcone Company

Size Gallon kit

Shipping Wt. 17 lbs.


Product # PMSOKIT


Size Gallon kit

Shipping Wt. 14 lbs.


Gelatin & Cold Foam

Silicone Mold Making Materials

- Sought after by special effects artists, GI1000 is an extremely high tear strength, tin-catalyed RTV-2 silicone rubber. It will cure at room temperature. Excellent for general mold making or prototype applications. Mixed in a 10:1 mixing ratio. Cure Time: 16 hours Base Color: White & Activator: Blue


Product # PMGI1000QT PMGI1000G PMGI10005G

Size Shipping Wt. Quart Kit 5 lbs. Gallon Kit 17 lbs. 5 Gallon Kit 80 lbs.

- Similar to GI1000 except it is softer and is especially good for molds with deep undercuts and for pieces where exing is important in removal. Excellent for puppet heads as well as arms and legs. It will cure at room temperature. Mixed in a 10:1 mixing ratio. Cure Time: 16 hours Base Color: Off White & Activator: Clear We sell the translucent color.


- Platinum based silicone used for mold making and special effects. Very quick drying and the cure time can be shortened with accelerator. Mixed in a 1:1 mixing ratio. Base Color: Clear & Activator: Clear We sell the translucent color.

Product # PMGI1110Q PMGI1110G PMGI11105

Size Shipping Wt. Quart Kit 5 lbs. Gallon Kit 17 lbs. 5 Gallon Kit 80 lbs.

Product # PMP656Q PMP656G PMP6565 PMP656A

Size Shipping Wt. Quart Kit 5 lbs. Gallon Kit 17 lbs. 5 Gallon Kit 80 lbs. Accelerator 6 oz.

Gelatin Foam Cubes & Kits

Used to create a moldable skin effect. You combine ingredients, heat & pour into a mold. Or let cool and apply directly to the skin to produce an effect of underlying skin tissue, muscle, or burnt skin. It can be peeled back to show more gel skin, and once you seal it, will take both water-based and oil-based make-up well.

Paramount Gelatin Appliance Kit

Cubex - Foam Gelatin by M. U. D.

Product # PMGF Size 1 lb. Shipping Wt. 1 lb.

Excellent for: - body parts - small appliances - when articulation and elasticity are not needed. Low Shrinkage! No Curing! Less expensive than foam latex! Looks very similar to esh This improved formulation makes two part gelatin systems obsolete. The pieces are less sensitive to heat than old style gel kit formulas but are still slightly sensitive to heat. Four component kit available. plus ocking.

Shapes of the cubes may vary, but you will always receive a pound.

Very easy to use cubes that you melt in the microwave. Requires a mold.

Cold Foams (Polyurethane)


Mold Releases

Size Small Medium Large

Approx. Total Mixture 1 Quart 2 Quarts 2.5 Gallons

Shipping Wt. 3 lbs. 4 oz. 8 lbs. 24 lbs.

These foam systems are composed of two ingredients (component A & B) that you mix according to the specic systems directions. Requires a release agent, two part molds, and a triple beam scale. Does not require curing in an oven. Produces a porous foam. The grade of softness can be controlled by varying the catalyst. (For denser foam, add less catalyst.) Yields approximately 7 times the volume, allowing for over spill, if mixed according to the directions. A nose will cure in approximately 20 minutes.

Separating mediums are used to ensure two materials, similar or dissimilar, can be easily withdrawn from each other when desired. The most versatile separating agent is petroleum jelly used to coat facial and body hair when taking a cast with either a rigid or a exible impression material. Cap material (Paramount or Kryolan Glatzan) is used to seal Plastalene.
Product # Decription PMSMR Dow Corning Silicon 200 Fluid PMMCMR Krylon Silicone Spray -aerosol PMPFCSR Sterate Release Size 32 oz. 16 oz. 4 oz. Shipping Wt . 3 lbs. 1 lb. 6 oz.

Kryolan Cold Foam

-Mold release included.

The Release Agent is ammable. Dangerous Goods fees and handling are additional. Safe to ship via ORM-D Ground.

Product # KR8040 KR8041

Description Shipping Wt . Kryolan Cold Foam-Pint Kit 4 lbs. Kryolan Cold Foam-Gallon Kit 16 lbs.

Prosthetic Makeup

Prosthetic Makeup

Skin Prep
Before adhering any appliance (whether cold foam, gelatin, foam latex or silicone), prep the skin with alcohol or one of the items we sell specically formulated for this purpose. It makes the adhesive stick better.

Skin Prep Pads

Less sting than alcohol. Used to clean the skin before applying adhesive. Helps remove oils and dirt on the skin and makes the glue stick better. Individually wrapped pads.

Product # PASPW50

Size 50 wipes

Shipping Wt. 6 oz.

Skin Prep Liquid

Product # PASPS04 PASPS08 Size 4 oz 8 oz.

Alcohol Prep Pads

Used to clean the skin before applying adhesive. Helps remove oils and dirt on the skin and makes the glue stick better. Individually wrapped pads.

Less sting then alcohol. Used to clean the skin before applying adhesive. Helps remove oils and dirt on the skin and makes the glue stick better.

Product # PAAP

Size 200

Shipping Wt. 4 oz.

Shipping Wt. 6 oz. 10 oz.



Alcone Company


Foam Latex Products

A very challenging product to learn to use, but once you understand how to slightly alter the formulation with regard to atmospheric variances, excellent results can be yielded. These systems require a two part mold, an oven to cure the foam in and a gram scale.

GM Latex Stabilizer

Have you ever had gels that were just too fast? Think its the temperature? Maybe the humidity? Try the GM Latex Stabilizer. Especially useful in summer, the GM Latex Stabilizer will give you that extra bit of working time you need. It youre using older Base and are afraid it will gel too fast, this will also help you. Developed to aid the user in getting consistent batches every time. -Heres how it works: Use 2 to 5 grams per 150 gram batch of foam. Add at the beginning of your run.

GM Foam Latex Products

-A superior foam latex system for the professional. The system is based on components that produce a low shrinkage, ultra-soft, microcellular, natural latex foam. This foam can be cast in Ultracal 30 molds, as well as berglass, silicone and metal molds. This foam latex system is sold in one gallon or ve gallon kits. A gallon kit is capable of 24 runs. A run is the amount of chemicals needed to produce a nose glob. Two or three runs are needed for a mask.


Size 4 oz. 16 oz.

Shipping Wt. 6 oz. 15 oz.

GM Micad

MICAD is a foam latex additive that allows whipping to greater volumes while still keeping the cells ne. Very soft foams can be achieved using this additive. Normally, high rise foams tend to get thick, and the cells become large. With this additive, the cells still remain small, and the foam remains pourable. Use 2 to 8 grams MICAD per 150 grams High Grade Latex Base. There will be greater frothing action, and the foam will rise higher in the bowl, producing a softer foam after curing.

One Gallon Kit consists of: 1 - gallon Latex Base 2 - 16 oz. Foaming Agent 1 - 16 oz. Curing Agent 1 - 16 oz. Gelling Agent 1 - 4 oz. Release Agent Product # PMGM01 PMGM05

Five Gallon Kit consists of: 4.5 - gallons Latex Base 8 - 16 oz. Foaming Agent 4 - 16 oz. Curing Agent 4 - 16 oz. Gelling Agent 1 - 16 oz. Release Agent Size 1 gallon kit 5 gallon kit 16 oz. 16 oz. 16 oz. 16 oz. Shipping Wt 15 lbs. 56 lbs. 1.5 lbs. 1.5 lbs. 1.5 lbs. 2 lbs.

Product # PMGMM08 PMGMM16 PMGMM32

Size 8 oz. 16 oz. 32 oz.

Shipping Wt. 14 oz. 1 lb. 2 lbs.

GM Cell Choke


Description GM Foam Latex GM Foam Latex


GM Components: Foaming Agent Curing Agent Gelling Agent Release Agent

GM Cell Choke is a foam latex additive that produces ner cells, and makes softer foam, even when not whipped to higher volumes. Normally, ner cells in foam make it thick and hard to pour. With GM Cell Choke, the foam still pours normally, so there is less need to worry about trapping air bubbles. The cured foam ends up softer, too. Use 2 to 5 grams GM Cell Choke per 150 grams High Grade Latex Base. Heres how it works: GM Cell Choke causes a different kind of frothing action. The cells will be smaller, and the overall look of the foam is shinier. Since it causes a bit of extra frothing action, take care to not overwhip. You may need to turn the mixers whip speed down a bit earlier to achieve normal height in the bowl. At normal whipping height, the nished foam piece will be softer than usual, and the cells will be ner. Also, since GMCell Choke has a slightly retarding effect on the gel, you may want to add about 30-seconds to your running schedule.

GM Foam Additives GM Ultra Softener

Ultra Softener when added to your foam mix will give you more working time and will strengthen the cells. The resulting foam is creamy and soft. The wrinkle patterns are also improved as a result of this softness. Use up to 15 gms per 150 gm batch.


Size 4 oz. 16 oz. 32 oz.

Shipping Wt. 8 oz. 14 oz. 2 lbs.


Size 4 oz. 16 oz.

Shipping Wt. 8 oz. 2 lbs.

Using GM Foam - The Video

GM Flow Increaser

Foam too thick? Wont pour into your mold? Having trouble getting it into your injector gun? These are common problems with high volume, uffy batches of foam. Many times such batches wont even catch all the details in your mold. GM Foam Flow Increaser provides a drastic change in the pourability of your processed foam. Your seven volume batch will ow like a ve volume batch. You can get better detail and your gelling agent will mix more consistently. The GM Flow Increaser may be added at any time during or before the processing, giving you a versatile way to control the run and the nal product. -Heres how it works: Use up to 15 grams per 150 gram batch of foam. Add at any time, or to the gelling agent.

This comprehensive guide takes you through all the important stages of foam processing. Join master foam technician Gil Mosko as he takes you behind the scenes and teaches you all the tricks to give you the competitive edge in foam processing. -In this interesting and informative video, you learn how the pros do it. From preparing your molds, to demolding your pieces, you will learn the how and the why of foam latex techniques. Gain a basic knowledge of the chemistry of foam latex and learn to use it to produce consistent results every time.



Size 8 oz. 16 oz.

Shipping Wt. 1 lbs. 2 lbs.

Format VHS PAL-European (Special Order)

Shipping Wt. 2 lbs. 2 lbs.


Alcone Company



Foam Latex Products

Paramount Foam Kits & Additives

Safety notes for using a respirator

-When running foam or using large quantities of latex, it is good to use a respirator. -It is important to use a respirator that is approved to protect against the type of chemical you will be using. Latex is an organic vapor so use a respirator designated for that. NIOSH (National Institute of Safety & Health) does not approve any air-purifying respirator for use with isocyanates because they have no smell at low but dangerous levels. If your cartridge wasnt working, you wouldnt be aware of it. Also at high levels, cartridges wouldnt lter out enough. -3M endorses their 8709 Paint Spray Respirator for specied low levels of isocyanates but can do this because that cartridge has not been rated by NIOSH yet. - It has been learned that organic vapor respirators and cartridges will lter out some amount of isocyanates and reduce your exposure. A paint spray pre-lter in front of the organic vapor cartridge gives some additional protection because some of the vapor from a polyurethane foam reaction are in the form of mist that the pre-lter will screen out, thus reducing the load on the cartridge. See our Safety Equipment Section page 181. The only type of respirator approved by NIOSH is the supplied-air kind. These give you excellent protection even in strong vapors because you are breathing contained oxygen. Unfortunately such systems are very expensive. Whenever working with any chemical, limit your exposure. #1 -Work outside where there is the best ventilation. #2 - Wear a fresh, well-tted organic vapor respirator with a paint spray pre-lter. See Respirator Fit Technote #3 - Keep your exposure brief. Have all the materials youll need ready so you can just mix, pour and walk away. -Wear gloves (latex or vinyl) when handling chemicals to avoid skin irritation.

Paramount Professional Foam Latex

-Formulated in England for Alcone. There are two different types of foaming agents, Prosthetic Grade and Animatronic Grade, so you can vary your results. The Animatronic is excellent for injection into molds because it is very stable. The Prosthetic is more delicate. -Four part system complete with release agent.

One Gallon Kit consists of: 1 - gallon High Solid Latex Base 1 - 32 oz. Foaming Agent 1 - 12 oz. Curing Agent 1 - 8 oz. Gelling Agent 1 - 12 oz. Release Agent Five Gallon Kit consists of: 1 - 5 gallon High Solid Latex Base 5 - 32 oz. Foaming Agent 2 - 32 oz. Curing Agent 1 - 32 oz. Gelling Agent 1 - 8 oz. Gelling Agent (Release agent not included with 5 Gallon Kit.) Product # PMPFAG PMPFPG Description Animatronic Prosthetic Components: PMHSL High Solid Latex Foaming Agent PMPFCFAA Animatronic PMPFCFAP Prosthetic PMPFCCA Curing Agent PMPFCGA Gelling Agent PMPFCRA Release Agent Size Gallon Gallon Gallon Quart Quart 12 oz. 8 oz. 12 oz.

Burman Foam Injection Guns

Used to force foam into a vented mold. The difference between the economy version and professional injectors is the professional version holds more, is easier to clean and very durable.

-Curing & Gelling Agent TOXIC IN UNCURED STATE

Shipping Wt 15 lbs. 15 lbs. 9 lbs. 3 lbs. 3 lbs. 2.5 lbs 10 oz. 1 lbs.

-Holds 1.5 quarts of foam. Interchangeable cone-shaped nozzle. See-thru chamber allows foam to be monitored during injection. Constructed of plastic.

Shipping Wt. - 3 lbs. Product # PMFLG

Paramount Potassium Oleate

Product # PMPPFCPO32

Gram Scale

-A High Rise Foaming Agent. Add in addition to or in place of Foaming Agent. Keep Foam Log when experimenting with Potassium Oleate.

Gram Scale

Description Size Potassium Oleate 32 oz.

Shipping Wt 3 lbs.

Prosthetic Makeup

Gram scales (whether electronic or manual) are a must for working properly with special effects materials.

Ohaus Triple Beam Scale

Product # PMS PMSW

Description Ohaus Triple Beam Scale Ohaus Weight Set

- for large foam runs - 2500 rams of extra weight

Shipping Wt 5 lbs. 2 lbs. Silhouette drawn by Mike Maddi



Alcone Company


Latex Products, Pigments & Barrier Cream

Clear Latex

Flesh Latex

Liquid Latex Products Slush Molding Latex

-Higher solid (due to the llers) and higher viscosities. Prevulcanized Filler sold separately to offer a varying degree of stiffness or hardness.


Paramount Liquid Latex - Clear or Flesh

Product # PMLL04 PMLL08 PMLL16 PMLL32 PMLLG PMLLF04 PMLLF08 PMLLF16 PMLLF32 PMLLFG Color Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Flesh Flesh Flesh Flesh Flesh Size 4oz. 8oz. 16oz. 32oz. 1 gallon 4 oz. 8 oz. 16 oz. 32oz. 1 gallon Shipping Wt. 8 oz. 10 oz. 1.5 lbs. 2.5 lbs. 9 lbs. 8 oz. 10 oz. 1.5 lbs. 2.5 lbs. 9 lbs.

-Synthetic Latex, thin bodied, prevulcanized (air cure). -Used for dipping or making thin pieces. Also excellent for aging on skin with tissue.

Product # Description PML200G Slush mold Latex #L200

Size Gallon

Shipping Wt 9 lbs.


High Solid Latex

Product # PMHSL

-Its primary use is as a base for foam latex. A very pure, high solid latex.


Description High Solid Latex

Size Gallon

Shipping Wt 8 lbs.

Latex Color Pigments

The pigments listed below are cosmetic grade and are therefore safe for use directly on the skin. When making appliances for the face, these pigments should be used. For puppet heads and props, you can use any liquid tint (ie: Universal Tints) available from a paint store. With these colors virtually any natural skin tone can be simulated. ( Of course a person with little color understanding will nd these pigments a little difcult to use at rst.)

Cosmetic Grade Pigments

-These certied cosmetic grade pigments can be mixed into most water-soluble or oil-soluble substances. For instance, they can be mixed into latex, acrylic mediums, castor oil, gelatin, Karo Syrup, urethanes, silicones, glycerin... Dont just dump the pigment in. A little goes a long way. Sift in gradually until the desired shade is achieved.

Product #

BK8710 BK8715 BK8720 BK8725 BK8730 BK8740 BK8745 BK8750 BK8760 BK8765 BK8770


Bright Yellow Bright Red (Blood) Light Flesh Medium Flesh Dark Flesh Black Brown White Mustard Yellow Blue Green

Net Wt.

2 oz. 6 oz. 1 oz. 1 oz. 1 oz. 5 oz. 4 oz. 4 oz. 1 oz. 4 oz. 4 oz.

2.5 oz. 6.5 oz. 2 oz. 2 oz. 2 oz. 5.4 oz. 4.4 oz. 4.4 oz. 2 oz. 4.4 oz. 4.4 oz.

Shipping Wt.

GM Latex Pigments Palette

-One 1/2 oz. bottle of each of the following colors: red, yellow, blue, black, esh & tan. A half ounce bottle of pigment can color up to fty batches of foam.

Shipping Wt. - 2 lbs. Product # PMLPP

GM Latex Pigments - Liquid

-Net Wt. - 2 oz. Shipping Wt. - 3 oz. Product# Color PMLP02R Red PMLP02Y Yellow PMLP02BL Blue PMLP02FL Flesh-Ruddy PMLP02TT Tantone PMLP02BK Black

Cosmetic Fluid #GP20

The GM Latex Pigment dispersions, designed especially for foam latex, are water-based and very concentrated usually 4 to 6 drops per 150 grams of latex. For darker applications, you can use as many as 50 drops per 150 grams of latex. Since the vehicle is water, you wont over plasticize the foam. No gummy edges.

Prosthetic Makeup

-A harmless, clear, slightly viscous cosmetic uid with some unusual and useful properties. Its a moisturizer, emollient and humectant all of which means it feels great on the skin. -You can use GP-20 to mix with so many cosmetic materials. Dry cosmetic pigments blend into it easily. So do ground-up cake cosmetics. If you add enough color to undiluted GP-20, youll get a base with great opacity that works on skin or latex. Run a test before you go on set with it. In an emergency, when you dont have a certain rubber mask grease color, you can mix it from other cosmetics and GP-20. You can also use it to thin creme foundations so they apply easier (ie: to loosen up Mehron Economy Rubber Mask Grease).

-Net Wt. - 4 oz -Shipping Wt. - 5 oz. Product# . PMLP04R PMLP04Y PMLP04BL PMLP04FL PMLP04TT PMLP04BK

Net Wt. - 8 oz. Shipping Wt. - 10 oz. Product # BK8700

Barrier Creams

Derma Shield


Barrier Cream creates an invisible barrier that actually seals the skin and protects the skin against discoloration from pigments and the damage from chemicals. They are non-greasy, non-toxic and can be applied to any area of the skin. Simply wash hands, dry them thoroughly, rub on a generous portion, and allow to set for 4 to 5 minutes. They guard the skin from Acetone, Ammonia, Peroxide and most hazardous chemicals.

Derma Shield Foam forms a molecular bond with the epithelial layer of the skin. The mesh-like bond actually keeps most elements from penetrating where stains, odor retention and damage can occur. The would-be problem causing elements simply stay isolated on the skins surface, where they can be more easily cleaned off when you have completed your task.

Product # PADS02 PADS12

Size 2 oz. 12 oz.

Shipping Wt. 4 oz. 1 lb.

Paramount Barrier Cream

-A lotion form.

Alcone Company


Product # PMBC04 PMBC08 PMBC16

Size 4 oz. 8 oz. 16oz.


Shipping Wt. 5 oz. 9 oz. 1 lb.

PA-X Fomula
-PA-X was developed for professional use in painting latex masks and appliances. It is a 50 - 50 mix of Pros Aide and acrylic paint (ie: Liquidex). Once combined, the PAX formula has a very strong adhesive bond. It is not recommended for direct use on skin because acrylic paint is not an FDA approved pigment for the skin. -If using PA-X formula on the skin, it is recommended that the formula be mixed 5 parts acrylic paint to 4 parts Pros Aide. The reduction of Pros Aide reduces the adhesive and makes it easier to remove from skin. It is the makeup artist's responsibility if this procedure is not a sufcient safeguard. Some makeup artists are using Barrier Cream or Dermashield on the skin before applying PA-X because this forms a protective layer on the skin to shield it from the paint and to make it easier to remove. -When removing a PA-X appliance, never tear the appliance off. Some skin will come off with it. You must soak the edges with remover, the edges will begin to lift up and the appliance will come off easily. Try Tincture of Green Soap (available at your local drug store) and warm water. For stubborn residue, try Detachol or the very popular, economical remover Bond Off by Ben Nye. We have had many inquiries regarding PA-X formula. PA-X is the number one method of painting prosthetic pieces. We are supplying this technote for informational use only. All adhesives and removers are used at your own risk. Todays adhesives are very strong and when misused can be very dangerous. -Because the use of PA-X is so common, there are a number of new products out there to make your life easier. We always want to offer you the latest and greatest products. In addition, there are several new formulas of Pros Aide Adhesive. Check out their benets in regard to the project you are doing. -Experimenting with chemicals is very dangerous. The excessive layering of adhesives (ie: latex, spirit gum and Pros Aide) may be very difcult or virtually impossible to remove because each adhesive may use a different solvent and one adhesive layer may prevent a solvent from reaching a second adhesive layer.

Pros-Aide 2 Adhesive
Product # PMPA202 PMPA204 PMPA208 PMPA216 Size 2 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 16 oz.


-A milder formula of the original Pros-Aide. Its still strong (but not as strong) and excellent for sensitive skin. It is much easier to remove and you can use ordinary spirit gum removers.

Shipping Wt. 3oz. 5oz. 10oz. 1 lb 4oz.

-All the great properties of "The Original" Pros-Aide but with less residual tackiness. It is used just like Pros-Aide for producing PAX Paint but has signicantly reduced stickiness or tack after drying. Just like The Original, No-Tack has great adhesion, water-resistance and exibility.

Pros-Aide No-Tack


Size 2 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 16 oz.

Shipping Wt. 3oz. 5oz. 10oz. 1 lb 4oz.

Pros-Aide Cream Adhesive

This is a very strong, non-toxic, waterproof adhesive for use with prosthetic appliances. It is gentle to all skin types, and will not be affected by perspiration or moisture. Requires a specic remover. -This is the material used to create PAX Paint. -Certain skin areas such as the neck, back and chest are more sensitive and must be handled with even more care. Because removal of PROS- AIDE is difcult, avoid the eye area. When removing any latex appliance, never tear the appliance off. Some skin will come off with it. You must soak it with remover as you peel it until it comes off easily. Allow the solvents/remover to loosen the adhesive. Excessive rubbing to loosen adhesive residue will only irritate the skin. Remove the latex appliances & adhesive residue with Ben Nyes Bond-off or Detachol.

Pros-Aide Adhesive The Original

-A thick Pros-Aide adhesive excellent for lling in seams or gaps in appliances and also great for repairs. It does not contain any articial llers to make it thick yet it has the properties of Pros-Aide at heavy viscosity. This adhesive can be easily colored to make thick PAX Paint for use as a ller. It can also be used to create scars or textures in molds or directly on the skin.

Product # PMPAC06

Size 6 oz.

Shipping Wt. 9oz.

Pros-Aide Go Kit


Size 2 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 16 oz. 32 oz. Gallon

Shipping Wt. 3oz. 5 oz. 10oz. 1 lb 4 oz. 2.5 lbs. 10 lbs.

-Contains every type of Pros-Aide you need and the Pros-Aide Remover with cotton swabs for applying and removing. Small bottles are excellent for on set touch ups. In a convenient vinyl pouch.

Product # PMPAGK

Shipping Wt. 13 oz.

Remember products like Pros Aide, Acrylic Paint and P-AX Formula are ruined when they are exposed to freezing conditions. We will ship in the winter At Your Own Risk! Please anticipate your needs.

Prosthetic Makeup

GM Water Based Primer

-You may think that PA-X paint sticks well to foam, but anyone who has had an animatronic skin shred before their eyes knows that the paint easily chafes off. There is an answer! GM Foam Water Based Primer allows PA-X paint (or any other paint, for that matter) to adhere to foam like gangbusters. This is not an exaggeration. A thin layer of GM Water Based Primer bonds so securely to the foam that you will be amazed. Any paint, especially PA-X, will stay where you put it.

GM PA-X Remover

Product # Size PMGMCWBP04 4 oz. PMGMCWBP 16 oz. PMGMCWBPG Gallon

Shipping Wt. 2.5 lbs.

-GM Foam PA-X Remover offers the makeup artist an easy, comfortable way to remove appliance makeup. -Heres how it works: -The GM Foam PA-X Remover is applied to the makeup and allowed to stand for a few minutes. It is best to apply the PA-X before appliances are removed. Never use myristate before using the PA-X remover, since myristate creates a barrier to the remover. A hot towel is then used to gently lift off the PA-X makeup. If some PA-X persists, simply repeat process. Never rub harshly with the towel. Works on PA-X paint, Pros-Aide 1 & 2. -As with any cosmetic product, test a small, inconspicuous area for sensitivity and/or allergy. If sensitivity or allergic reaction is produced, discontinue use immediately.


Size 4 oz. 32 oz.

Shipping Wt. .5 lb. 4 lbs.




Alcone Company


PA-X Products & Chemicals

Acrylic Tubes
-Net Wt.-120 ml -Shipping Wt.-4 oz.

-We always told you to buy your acrylic paint for P-AX some where else, but now we have it!

Product # PARLA101
Burnt Sienna

Product# PARLA102
Yellow Ochre

Product# PARLA103
Cobalt Blue

Hookers Green

Product# PARLA104

Product# PARLA105
Raw Sienna

Product# PARLA106
Lemon Yellow

Primary Yellow

Product# PARLA107

Product# PARLA108

Cadmium Yellow

Cadmium Orange

Product# PARLA109

Cadmium Red

Product # PARLA110

Naptholene Carmine Pthalocaynine Blue

Product# PARLA111

Product# PARLA112

Product# PARLA113
Primary Cyan

Dk Ultramarine

Product# PARLA114

Dk Cobalt Violet Pthalocaynine Grn Also available in Gold and Silver. They offer many other colors which we do not stock. If you want other Royal & Langnickel items, please contact a sales rep. representative.

Product# PARLA115

Product# PARLA116

Product# PARLA117

Cadmium Green

Naples Yellow

Product# PARLA118

Product # PARLA119
Burnt Umber

Product# PARLA120
Mars Black

Titanium White

Product# PARLA121

Product# PARLA122
Venetian Red

Product# PARLA123
Light Blue

Product# PARLA140 PARLA141



The Chemist
MEL PA-X Products
We stock a variety of household chemicals used by the special effects makeup artist. The alcohol products are ammable. Dangerous Goods fees and handling are additional. Safe to ship via ORM-D Ground.

The MEL PA-X Airbrush Thinner is designed to clean PA-X out of your airbrush. The MEL Adhesive Remover is formulated to remove stubborn adhesive build-up. The MEL PA-X Thinner does just that, it thins your PA-X to give you a translucent wash. The MEL Edge Rening Cream helps repair edges that are obvious.


Description MEL Airbrush Thinner MEL Adhesive Remover MEL Pax Thinner MEL Pax Thinner MEL Pax Thinner MEL Edge Rening Cream

Size 8 oz. 4 oz. 1 oz. 2 oz. 4 oz. 1 oz.

Shipping Wt. 10 oz. 6 oz. 2 oz. 4 oz. 6 oz. 3 oz.

Prosthetic Makeup

Latex Sealer
Ben Nye Castor Sealer
Product # BNKS02 BNKS08 Size 2 oz. 8 oz.
-Apply a micro-thin layer to seal all latex appliances, balds caps, and liquid latex products. Afterwards, use creme colors to color the texture. Sealer eliminates having to use rubber mask grease.

Shipping Wt. 4 oz. 10 oz.

Product # PAWH16 PAHP16 PMA7016 PMA9908 PMA9916 PMA9932 PPIG04 PPIG08 PPIPM04 PPIPM08 PMIM08 PMIM16 PMIM32 PMG08

Description Witch Hazel Hydrogen Peroxide 70% Isopropyl Alcohol 99% Isopropyl Alcohol 99% Isopropyl Alcohol 99% Isopropyl Alcohol Gelled Isopropyl Alcohol Gelled Isopropyl Alcohol Gelled Isopropyl Myristate Gelled Isopropyl Myristate Isopropyl Myristate Isopropyl Myristate Isopropyl Myristate Glycerin

Size 16 oz. 16 oz. 16 oz. 8 oz. 16 oz. 32 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. 8 oz. 16 oz. 32 oz. 8 oz.

Shipping Wt. 1 lb. 1 lb. 1 lb. 10 oz. 1.3 lbs. 1.9 lbs. 6 oz. 10 oz. 6 oz. 10 oz. 10 oz. 1.5 lbs. 3 lbs. 12 oz.

Matting Agent
-Many materials (adhesives and sealers) are shiny by nature. This, of course, is unacceptable in theatre and television. By adding a small amount of matting agent, any adhesive or sealer can have a matte nish.-RESPIRATORS

TS-100 Matting Agent

Net Wt. - 8 oz. Shipping Wt. - 8 oz. Product # PMMA

Thickening Agent Cab-o-Sil


-A thickening agent (amorphous fumed silica), used to prepare the rst layer of an RTV rubber or Silicone when making a negative mold. -Add approximately 2 Tablespoons of Cab-o-Sil per 100 gram batch of base rubber.


Alcone Company

-RESPIRATORS REQUIRED Product # Size Shipping Wt. PMCOS08 8 oz. 8 oz. PMCOS1 1 lb. 1 lb.



Rubber Mask Grease Products Alcone Rubber Mask Grease Palettes

Kryolan Rubber Mask Grease

Net Wt. - 1.7 oz. Shipping Wt. - 3 oz. Product # Color KR2582 070 White KR2582 071 Black KR2582 101 Brown KR2582 046 Red Brown KR2582 303 Chinese KR2582 033 Female KR2582 F17 Male

Rubber Mask Grease

-The best rubber mask grease we sell. For color swatches see page 24.

-Made exclusively for Alcone, these very handy palettes are economical and offer a full range of color. The Fleshtone has six shades that range from light to dark. The Bright Color has Red, Blue, White, Black, Yellow & Green.

Product # Color KR2582 517 Dark Grey KR2582 512 Medium Green KR2582 091 Blue KR2582 509 Bright Yellow KR2582 079 Red KR2582 081 Dark Red


Color Shipping Wt. Fleshtone 8 oz. Bright Colors 8 oz.

Kryolan Mini-Palettes

- All the mini-palettes contain 16 color samples in a small clear plastic palette.

Graftobian RMG Wheels

The F/X Rubber Mask Grease Wheel was developed with the assistance of an Academy Award winning makeup artist. He selected these six colors as the most useful and commonly required shades for creating a wide variety of characters when coating latex or foam latex appliances. The Derma Wheel was developed by the staff of one of the nest makeup training schools in the country - The Makeup Designory - or MUD. The Primary Wheel is as youd expect, White, Black, Red, Yellow and Blue. Ideal for Jokers and Clowns. RMG is ideal for coating latex and foam latex due to its castor oil content which both protects the latex pieces and lends them an oil content similar to your skin. This second benet becomes apparent when the latex coated area and your esh yield similar nishes once coated instead of having the latex area look chalky as would happen if you had used ordinary creme foundation over untreated latex. To treat latex for use with regular creme foundations, see Castor Sealer on page 179.

Shipping Wt. - 3 oz. Product # KR25831 Flesh Colors Product # KR25832 Bright Colors Product # KR2584 KR2586 Description 12 Shades 24 Shades

Kryolan Rubber Mask Grease Palettes

as seen in The Thriller Video

Shipping Wt. 8 oz. 1 lb.

RCMA Appliance Foundation

Product # CMAF1624 CMAF2817 CMAF3277 CMAF6205 CMAFKW2 CMAFKM2 CMAFR CMAFY CMAFB Color Ochre Burnt Sienna Warm Ochre Red Oxide KW-2 Beige KM-2 Dp Olive Tan Red Yellow Blue

-RCMA AF colors that have more viscosity, coverage and do not separate on standing. Very high pigment values allow brush or sponge application with ease and efciency. For color swatches see page 37-39. Net Wt. - 1 oz. Shipping Wt. - 2 oz.


Color F/X Derma Primary

Shipping Wt. 8 oz. 8 oz. 8 oz.

Mehron Mask Cover

Net Wt. - 1 oz. Shipping Wt. Product # ME5LMOS4 ME5LMOS6 ME5LMOS8 ME5LM04 ME5LM06

Color Black White KN-5 Dk Brwn CS-2 Counter Shading 2 CMAFKW4 KW-4 Olv Bg CMAFSHI Shinto I CMAFSHIV Shinto IV CMAFKT1 KT1 Lt Yell Tn CMAFKT3 KT3 Dp Yell Tn


- An economical formulation for covering latex rubber prosthetic pieces. The draw back with this rubber mask grease is it doesnt spread that well. Try adding a drop of GP-20 Fluid to this rubber mask grease or use a brush dipped in the GP-20 Fluid to correct this. For color swatches see page 25.

RCMA Appliance Foundation Kits

-Requested by professionals around the world.

1.5 oz. Color Mid-Lite Olive Medium Olive Mid-Dark Olive Soft Beige Light Tan


Color Bronze Tan Oriental Ebony Brown White Red Green Blue Yellow Monster Grey Black


Kit # Kit #1 Kit #2 Kit #3 Kit #5 Kit #4

Colors 1624, 2817, 3277, 6205, KW-2, KM-2 Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, White, KN-5 CS-2, KW-4, Shinto II, Shinto IV, KT-1, KT-3 Shinto I, Shinto III, Olive 1, Olive 2, Olive 3, Olive 4 Shinto I, Shinto II, Shinto III, Shinto IV, CS-2, KT-1, KT-2, KT-3, 1624, 2817, 3277, KN-5, Red, Yellow, Blue, Black

Prosthetic Makeup

RCMA Appliance Foundation Thinner

Product # CMAFT01 Size 1 oz. Shipping Wt. 2 oz.

-Specically designed for RCMA Appliance Foundations or adding shine to powdered surfaces.

Mehron Rubber Mask Grease Palette -Most of the Mehron Mask Cover Colors
(except Monster Grey) are included in a handy palette. Look for color changes in this palette in the future.

RCMA Appliance Powder

Product # CMPP03 CMPP10 Size 3 oz. 10 oz.

Net Wt. - 2 oz. Shipping Wt. - 3 oz. Product # Description ME5LMK 15 shade palette

-Specically designed for powdering latex appliances.

Shipping Wt. 5 oz. 14 oz.



Alcone Company


Effects Materials

Eyeballs & Understructure

Fake Eyeballs
Excellent for use in mechanical heads because they have a peg to accept armature wire. Sold by the pair. Shipping Wt. - 2 oz

Description Blue No Veins Blue With Veins Brown No Veins Brown With Veins Green No Veins Green with veins Fire Eye - Red only Cat/Reptile - Green only

-This themoplastic is excellent for under mascot heads because it is light weight and vented. Heat with a heat gun to shape or drip in hot water.Use dishwashing gloves so your hands can handle the heat. As a release agent for the gloves, use a little petroleum jelly. Once the pellets are heated, they become translucent. You can then mold and shape. This plastic hardens and will accept paint well. Even painted, it is 100% recyclable. Simply melt it down again, reshape and repaint. It's that simple.



Premiere Products Clear Gloss

Clear Gloss
-When applied directly to the skin, it makes the skin look shiny yet provides a matte nish. Used here by Ve Neill on the movie Articial Intelligence.

Shipping Wt. - 8 oz. Product # Description Size UNVFH Heavy 36 x 52 UNVFL Light 36" x 52"

Friendly Plastic

Net Wt. - 8 oz. Shipping Wt. - 10 oz. Product # PPSICG08

Ultra Materials
UltraTar Movie Tar
Product # PMUT16 PMUT1G
-Very stringy. -Very stringy. Cleans up with water. Low staining. Gallon is a special order.

-A very handy product. These little pellets can be heated in a microwave, in hot water or with a heat gun. Use dishwashing gloves so your hands can handle the heat. As a release agent for the gloves, use a little petroleum jelly. Once the pellets are heated, they become translucent. You can then mold and shape. This plastic hardens and will accept paint well. Even painted, it is 100% recyclable. Simply melt it down again, reshape and repaint. It's that simple.

Net Wt. - 28 oz. lbs

Shipping Wt. - 1.2

UltraWet Wet Look Stuff

Shipping Wt 1.5 lbs. 6 lbs.

Description UltraTar-Black UltraTar-Black

Translucent. Special order!

Size 16 oz. gallon

-A very thick, very shiny, self leveling liquid for super smooth, wet look effects on hair, skin, clothes and entire sets. Thin with water. Washes off in plain water. Also excellent for medical simulations. Non-toxic.

UltraPus Movie Pus

Product # PMUP32 PMUY32 PMUG32
Special Order - Allow 2 weeks.

Product # PMUW16 PMUW32 Shipping Wt 1.5 lbs. 1.5 lbs. 1.5 lbs.

Description UltraWet UltraWet

Shipping Size Wt 16 oz. 1.5 lbs. 32 oz. 2.8 lbs.

Description UltraPus-Pink UltraPus-Yellow UltraPus-Green

Size 32 oz. 32 oz. 32 oz.

UltraSculpt Opaque Face Building Gel

-Unique, opaque white, sculptable gel visually becomes part of the actor's face and body transmitting even the most subtle expression or movement for unparalleled expressiveness and realism. Use water as a sculpting aid. Water soluble and non-toxic. Color with water based pigments or mix in makeup. Apply conventional makeup over gel.

UltraSlime Movie Slime

Prosthetic Makeup

-Makes creatures look real. Super stringy consistency simulates saliva and body secretions better than Methocel. Color with food color. Non-toxic. Methocel free. Gallons are special order.

Product # PMUS16 PMUS32 PMUS1G

Description UltraSlime UltraSlime UltraSlime

Size 16 oz. 32 oz. Gallon

Shipping Wt 1.2 lbs. 2.5lbs. 10 lbs.


Product # Description PMUSP16 UltraSculpt PMUSP32 UltraSculpt

Size 16 oz. 32 oz.

Shipping Wt 1.4 lbs. 2.11 lbs.

UltraIce Clear Face Building Gel

UltraMud Movie Mud

-A nely ground mineral that, when added to water, results in an excellent mud consistency. Start with about 10 parts water to one part UltraMud. Non-toxic. (Contains no Fuller's Earth or Bentonite.) One pound makes 1 gallon. Grey in color- not brown.

-Simulates ice or color to simulate skin. Unique, clear, sculptable gel visually becomes part of the actor's face or body transmitting even the most subtle expression or movement for unparalleled expressiveness and realism. Use water as a sculpting aid. Water soluble and non-toxic. Color with water based pigments or mix in makeup. Apply conventional makeup over gel.


Product # PMUM1 PMUM23

Alcone Company

Description UltraMud UltraMud(Special Order)

Size 1 lb. 23 lbs.

Shipping Wt 1.2 lbs. 25 lbs.

Product # Description PMUI16 UltraIce PMUI32 UltraIce PMUI1G UltraIce


Size 16 oz. 32 oz. Gallon


Shipping Wt 1.4 lbs. 2.10 lbs. 11 lbs.

Respiratory Protection
3M Dust, Mist & Fume Respirators
Sold 20 per box Shipping Wt. - 1 lb Product #SE8210

Respiratory Protection

Respirators come in two basic types, air-purifying and air-supplied. Air-purifying are more common because they are cheaper and dont restrict your mobility, but the lters have short lives and can only deal with low levels of hazardous contaminants in the air. Consequently they should be used only when there is good enough ventilation to keep the contaminants at a low level. There are several other conditions for the proper use of air-purifying respirators. Every one is important to know and comply with. Otherwise putting on a mask is just fooling yourself. 1. The respirator must be tted so that all air breathed comes through the lter. Test your mask by covering the open area of the cartridges with your hands or rubber gloves, etc.; inhale gently and hold your breath for ve to ten seconds. If the facepiece collapses slightly, a proper t has been obtained. If leakage is detected, reposition and/or readjust the straps. Another test is to cover the exhalation valve and exhale. If the facepiece bulges slightly and no air leaks easily between the mask and the face, it ts properly. If not, readjust. 2. Filters or cartridges get used up as they absorb chemicals and dust/mist. Also the absorbing material begins to dissipate the minute you unseal a cartridge or mask package, so always mark the date on the item when you open it. The current guidelines for all chemical cartridges or respirators are to use them no longer then 10 calendar days after opening. Even unused but open, they are useless after 10 days and should be thrown away. If you are working with isocyanates, at low levels, the limit is 5 days. Those are maximum times. If you smell any odor while wearing a mask, there is a leak. Tighten or change the cartridge or respirator. If breathing becomes more difcult, try changing the cartridge. Dont be surprised if you have to change before 10 days are up. Actually a cartridge only provides ltration for about eight hours of cumulative use. Using old, depleted respirators is the most common mistake known. If a cartridge has not been dated or is over-age, throw it away. You might as well wear an old sock. 3. Respirators should be kept clean and disinfected (especially if not always worn by the same person) and stored in a clean place. They should also be inspected and maintained according to the instructions. 4. Always use NIOSH/MSHA approved respirators. As of July 10, 1998, NIOSH/MSHA implemented new regulations thereby making all other respirators sold before that date obsolete. Therefore, we have no replacement cartridges for old respirators and you must buy a new NIOSH approved respirator. 5. If you work in dust or mist as well as fumes, use an appropriate lter in front of the cartridge to keep it from being clogged. Change the lter when breathing is more difcult. Filters are cheaper and prolong the life of the cartridge under those circumstances.

Air-purifying Respirators

3M Particulate Respirator
Sold 10 per box Shipping Wt. - 12 oz. Product #SE8511

Protects against certain non-oil based particles Well suited for work settings that involve heat, humidity or long periods of wear.

3M Particulate Respirator

With nuisance level Organic Vapor Relief Protects against certain oil and non-oil based aerosol particles as well as organic vapors such as solvents, degreasers and resins.

Sold 10 per box Shipping Wt. - 15 oz. Product #SE8577

3M Dust Mask

Protects against nuisance dust particles Disposable, maintenance free Lightweight, comfortable, easy to breathe through

Economy pack - 20 per box Shipping Wt. - 1.5 lbs. Product # SE8000

3M Easi-Air Spray Paint Respirator

Provides relief from vapors and particles when spray painting Disposable, maintenance free Easy to breathe through Lightweight, dependable and economical

Shipping Wt. - 6 oz. each Product # SE8656ES

Cartridge Paint Spray Assembly

Safety Equipment

3M Welding Fume Respirator

Low prole - ts under face shields and hoods Provides comfort in high heat jobs Flame retardant to help eliminate burn worries Lightweight, durable construction that can be individually shaped Provides relief from welding fume fever.

Shipping Wt. - 8 oz. each Product # SE8656FM

Unique head harness cradle assembly provides comfortable, balanced, no slip support Soft silicone facepiece for worker comfort Facepiece design permits glasses and goggles to be worn comfortably Adjustable four point strap attachment with convenient front strap Low prole placement of cartridges designed to give wide eld of vision Exhalation valve cover has permanent hinge attachment so it cant get lost Cat. # Description Size SE7018S 7018S Paint Spray Small-Medium SE7019S 7019S Paint Spray Medium-Large SE7251 Organic Vapor Cartridge SE7256 Paint Spray Pre-lter SE7287 Cartridge Retainer



Cartridges are made for specic respirators. Please have respirator make and model ready when ordering.

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Protection & First Aid

Apron Clear Vinyl Aprons

25" x 38" Self Ties Cleans with a damp cloth

Gloves Latex Gloves

100 per package Not for use with hazardous chemicals Non-sterilized Better dexterity

Shipping Wt. - 1 lb. Product # PACVA

Shipping Wt. - 5 lbs Product # Description PMGLM Latex Gloves PMGLL Latex Gloves PMGLEL Latex Gloves

Vinyl Gloves First Aid

Size Medium Large Extra Lg

100 per package Not for use with hazardous chemicals Non-sterilized Use with 3rd Degree

Shipping Wt. - 5 lbs Product # Description PMGVM Vinyl Gloves PMGVL Vinyl Gloves PMGVEL Vinyl Gloves

Size Medium Large Extra Lg

Face & Eye Protection

Face Shield
Contents treat most minor emergencies Kit also contains cold pack,gauze pads, eye irritation solution, tweezers and scissors.


Shipping Wt. - 8 lbs. Product# SA19

Same as 25 but designed to support the larger job site or workplace.

Designed for protection against ying particles and sparks during woodworking, metal nishing and spot welding Adjusts for all head sizes, child to adult Window pivots, enabling worker to raise or lower as required Size: 17 x 8 x .060 Clear

Shipping Wt. - 5 lbs. Product# SA17 Product # SA478

Shipping Wt. - 1 lbs. Product # Description SA1631 Kit SA1632 Replacement Shield

I-SPRAY Emergency Eye Wash Station

Description Shipping Wt. I-SPRAY Eye Wash
Compact 101/2" x 16 3/4" plastic wall-mount holds two 16 ounce plastic squeeze bottles for emergency eye wash. Bottles are lled by user with distilled water. With quick release cap and spray-ow discharge for fast and uniform application. Bottles are easily released for quick emergency use. Sturdy wall-mount station is ready for installation.

Flexible Goggles
1.5 lbs. Shipping Wt. - 8 oz. Product# SA432

Soft vinyl frame with perforations for maximum ventilation Optical quality, distortion-free, replaceable polycarbonate lens

Hearing Protection

Lab Glasses

Disposable Foam Ear Plugs

Lightweight black nylon frames Lens wraps around to protect side of eye Fits most head sizes.

Safety Equipment

Extremely comfortable, economical protection Permits conversational noise levels 200/box

Shipping Wt. - 5 oz. Product# SA1710

Shipping Wt. - 1 lbs. Product# SA1100

Band-Type Hearing Protector

Shipping Wt. - 4 oz. Product# SA509

Light Weight Glasses

Lightweight red, white & blue nylon frames. Fits most head sizes.

Popular in moderate noise environments Blocks noise at outer ear passage

Shipping Wt. - 5 oz. Product# SA1722

Hearing Protector
Shipping Wt. - 1 lb. Product# SA1435


For moderate noise environments Cups adjust on one-piece plastic head band Designed for lighter tension and greater wearer comfort.

Lightweight black nylon frames Lens curves for a tight t Fits most head sizes.

Shipping Wt. - 5 oz. Product# SA1730


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