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Galvanic therapy method : The specialty for this type of therapeutic system is applying Direct Current (Galvanic current)

for treating problems, using direct current is important because of its effect to increase the stimulation of the sensory neurons

(nociceptors) , in this wise the direct current helps to stimulate the smooth muscles..

(Galvanic current) is the current that its intensity and direction doesnt change with time,and appear ions movement in the current direction.. and the current used is very low nearby (0.2 mA - 15 mA) Galvanic therapy method generally use in treating FACIAL NERVE PARALYSIS.. The galvanic current that applied to the skin surface helps to coming some ions up into the human body and The basis of successful ion transfer lies in physics principle like poles repel and unlike poles attract. and the other therapeutic effect is helping in transporting the big molecules from the membranes such as blood cells ,protein,fat and etc ,and this process named as Iontophoresis therapy .. The current required for iontophoresis is continuous direct galvanic current, which can be obtained from standard low-voltage generators. The treatment is not the current itself, but rather the ions introduced through that current. The completely non-invasive concept of iontophoresis became very attractive to physical therapists because of the minimal ionic concentrations required for effective administration..

Actually, ion penetration does not exceed 1 mm, with subsequent deeper absorption through the capillary circulation. The bulk of deposited ions is found at the site of the active electrode, where they are stored as either soluble or insoluble compound, to be depleted by the sweep of circulating blood

Sensitivities and allergic reactions to ions in the Galvanic therapy method:

Although they are rare, they cause systemic effects in contrast to chemical and heat burns, which cause local effects. Some instructions have to be followed in such cases: - If the patient is allergic to seafood, iodine should not be used. - Patients with an active peptic ulcer or gastritis, react poorly to hydrocortisone. - Patients, who have problems with aspirin, react poorly to salicylates. - Patients sensitive to metals may react to copper, zinc or magnesium.

Goals of using Galvanic therapy method:

1) To educate / reassure the patient about the condition. 2) To relief pain. 3) To establish the bases for re-education of muscle and nerve conduction. 4) To re-educate sensation if involved (sensory integration: touch, 2 point discrimination, temperature) 5) To facilitate / improve muscle contraction. 6) To facilitate / improve facial symmetry. 7) To prevent complications.