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MCROWAVES Microwave heat therapy is done by placing large microwave heated "applicators" at proximity of the body.

"With a good penetration of the fatty tissue especially the underlying muscular tissue becomes heated. On the other hand there is an additional warming up of the skin and therefore an improvement of the blood flow of deeper lying organs via the cutisvizeral reflex paths. One of the most frequently used deep heating or diathermy machines currently in use is the microwave diathermy machine.

Microwavae are located on the right of infrared in the electromagnetic spectrum since the wavelength is longer than that of infrared rays but shorter than the wavelength of electromagnetic waves ,which can supply mechanical power .Mcrowave are found within the radiowave field frequency. A microwave machine consist of a generator ,which is operated by electrical power ; the director,which emits the microwave ; and a spacing gauge. The generator is a magnetron responsible for generating high frequency electric energy, or microwaves .no part of the machine comes in contact with the patient. The distance of the director from the body part being treated is of importance. It must be calculated accurately by the spacing gauge .the director should be perpendicular to the treated part .the intensity of the microwaves reaching the part to be treated decreases with the square of the distance between the microwave director and the body part. Prior to microwave application, the skin of the area to be treated should be clean and dry since moisture and grease would increase the skins resistance, thereby causing a burn .As with other heating agents, the optimal temperature elevation is obtained within twenty minutes. Microwaves should be never applied to a patient with a cardiac pacemaker. Since the pacemaker rests beneath the patient s skin continuously sending out electrical impulses to the

heart in order to maintain a regular heartbeat ,microwave could seriously interfere with the function of the pacemaker and lead to a serious complication or even death. Heat from diathermy penetrates deeper into the body than radiant and conductive heat, thus it is useful for internal heating and has been used in: 1- The treatment of inflammation of skeleton, bursitis, and neuralgia. 2- It is used in fractures, sprains, strains, injuries to tendons. The frequency used in MCROWAVES is 900MHz, which is found more effective than other frequencies in therapy. It causes more uniform heating around bony region.