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Nursing Superintendent Grade I, Title: Nursing Superintendent Grade I

Educational Qualifications a. General: As prescribed for staff nurse. b. Professional: As prescribed for staff nurse c. Registration: As prescribed for staff nurse. d. Experience: Should have experience as nursing superintendent Grade II.

Standard Norms
There should be one nursing superintendent Grade I for 200 bedded hospital, one nursing superintendent Grade I for 2 t0 4 nursing superintendent Grade II.

Job Summary
Nursing superintendent is responsible to the medical superintendent, in a hospital having 200 or above bed strength. She is accountable for the safe and efficient running of the various nursing departments in the hospital. She is assisted in carrying out her duties by the Deputy Nursing Superintendent/ Assistant Nursing Superintendent, ward supervisors and clerical, linen room and domestic staff.

Nursing Services
1. Participates in the formulation of the philosophy of the hospital in general and those specific to the nursing service. 2. Determines goals, aims, objectives and policies of the nursing services. 3. Implements hospital policies and rules through various nursing units. 4. Decides and recommends personnel and materials requirement for running various nursing services departments of the hospital. 5. Interviews and recruits nursing staff. 6. Assists in students selection and recruitment of other auxiliary staff whose duties are related to nursing. 7. Ensures the safe and efficient care rendered in the various nursing departments of the hospital. 8. Makes regular visits in hospitals and wards. 9. Checks if standard of care is maintained and patients are nursed in a clean, orderly and safe environment. 10. Takes hospital rounds with Medical Superintendent.

11. Selects and secures proper equipment needed for the hospital of nursing home. 12. Looks after the welfare of the patients, their relatives and the nursing staff. 13. Prepares budgets for the nursing services department. 14. Functions as the members of the condemnation board for linen and other hospital or nursing home equipments. 15. Prepares duly roster, plans staff leave and disburses salary. 16. Gives counseling and guidance to the subordinate staff. 17. Maintains discipline among nurses and other auxiliary staff. 18. Enforces implementation of the hospital rules, regulations and policies. 19. Participates in hospital and interhospital meetings/ conferences. 20. Investigates complaints and takes necessary steps. 21. Evaluates confidential staff reports and recommends for promotion of higher studies. 22. Plans staff development program and arranges for inservice education and orientation programs, etc. 23. Inspects hospital kitchen and dietary services of the hospital. 24. Arranges students clinical experience and councils examinations. 25. Initates and participates in nursing research. 26. Supervision, guidance and control of group D employees of the hospital.

General and Office Duties

Attends to general correspondence. Maintains necessary records concerning the nursing staff, students, confidential reports and health records, etc. Submits annual reports of the nursing service departments of Medical Superintendent, India Nursing Council and Nurses Registration Council. Participates in professional and community activities. Maintains, cordial relations with public and voluntary.