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Puff Pastry Recipe

YIELD: @ 2 LBS OR @ 910G WORT O! P"!! P#STRY

Best Puff Pastry

T$is recipe is %ase& 'ff 'f (T$e Pr'fessi')a* Pastry +$ef( %y B' !ri%er,


%utter %*'c- i),re&ie)ts 1 *% . / 102 T 1210,3 c'*& u)sa*te& Butter 2 t 1104*3 Le4') 5uice pi)c$ 'f Sa*t 1 c 11/0,3 Brea& !*'ur &'u,$ i),re&ie)ts / c 1600,3 Brea& !*'ur7 approximately / 102 T 122,3 s'ft u)sa*te& Butter 2 t Sa*t 1 c 12604*3 c'*& Water directions:

Make Butter Block 1. I) 4i8er 90 pa&&*e attac$4e)t7 9'r- %utter *e4') :uice7 sa*t7 a)& f*'ur i)t' a s4''t$ paste; 2. O) a s$eet 'f 9a8 paper7 r'u,$*y f'r4 a) appr'8; <( s=uare 9it$ t$e %utter %*'c- 4i8ture; Lay a)'t$er piece 'f 9a8 paper ') t'p a)& s4''t$ 'ut t$e s=uare > strai,$te) t$e si&es; Pee* %ac- eac$ 9a8 paper s$eet > re?*ay as it 9ri)-*es t' -eep a s4''t$7 e@e) surface; #fter %*'c-As t$ic-)ess > si&es are e@e)7 refri,erate u)ti* fir4;

Make the dough 1. Sift f*'ur ')t' y'ur 9'r- surface 1prefera%*y s'4et$i), c$i**y *i-e ,ra)ite 'r 4ar%*e s*a%3 Pi)c$ %utter i)t' c$u)-s a)& p*ace ') t'p 'f f*'ur; +')ti)ue pi)c$i), %utter i)t' f*'ur u)ti* it rese4%*es c'arse cru4%s; 2. B'9 itAs -i)& 'f *i-e 4a-i), fres$ pasta; S$ape i)t' a 4'u)&7 t$e) 4a-e a 9e** i) t$e ce)ter 'f t$e 4'u)&; #&& t$e sa*t > c'*& 9ater i)t' t$e 9e**7 t$e) 9it$ a f'r-7 use a 9$is-i), 4'ti') t' ,ra&ua**y i)c'rp'rate t$e 9e**As si&es i)t' t$e 9ater; W$e) it starts t' f'r4 a s'*i& 4ass7 fi)is$ i)c'rp'rati), t$e f*'ur %y -)ea&i),; I)c'rp'rate :ust u)ti* it is sti** stic-y a)& $as a r'u,$ te8ture; #&:ust t$e 9ater > f*'ur as )ee&e&; Try t' -)ea& as *itt*e as p'ssi%*e; Puff pastry *i-es *aCy -)ea&ers; 3. !'r4 &'u,$ i)t' a %a**7 re4e4%er?-)ea& as *itt*e as p'ssi%*e; !*atte) t$e %a** a %it7 t$e) cut a cr'ss $a*f9ay t$r'u,$ t$e &'u,$; Wrap it up > *et rest i) fri&,e f'r /0 4i)utes; You'll want the Butter Block to have approximately the same consistency as the Dough, after the dough is rested. You don't want the butter rock hard, but not mushy soft, either. A dough that is softer than the butter will stretch while the butter doesn't. f the butter is softer than the dough, it will be pushed out the sides. !ither suck to some degree. You may have to ad"ust chill#resting times for either dough or butter block so they are about the same. $itchen temp., how long it took to make the dough, fridge temp., all affect the consistency of the Butter Block % Dough. &igure out ad"ustments to make so they'll work together homogeneously. t may take a time or two, but you'll get the hang of it. 'hile everything is chilling, get to work. (lean that kitchen up. )hen relax % get ready to assemble.

Assembly square

slash the top pull stretch into a

1. Pu** t$e c'r)ers 'f t$e cuts 'ut 'f t$e &'u,$ %a** t' 4a-e a s=uare s$ape; R'** t$e &'u,$ 'ut t' a s=uare s*i,$t*y t$ic-er i) t$e ce)ter t$a) ') t$e si&es7 a)& s*i,$t*y *ar,er t$a) t$e %utter %*'c-;

2. P*ace t$e %utter %*'c- &ia,')a**y ') t$e &'u,$ s=uare7 s' t$at t$e %utter c'r)ers are p'i)te& at t$e 4i&&*e 'f t$e &'u,$ si&es; !'*& t$e u)c'@ere& &'u,$ c'r)ers '@er t$e %utter %*'c- t' c'4p*ete*y e)@e*'p t$e %utter; Pi)c$ t$e sea4s ti,$t*y t',et$er t' sea* i) t$e %utter; 3. Dust y'ur 9'r- surface 9it$ f*'ur7 a)& r'** t$e &'u,$ i)t' a recta),*e a%'ut 102( t$ic-; Re4e4%er t' -eep &usti), 9it$ f*'ur 9$e)e@er )ee&e& t' -eep t$e &'u,$ fr'4 stic-i), > teari), t$e *ayers; 4. SiCe up y'ur recta),*e @isua**y i)t' /; !'*& ')e t$ir& '@er t$e 4i&&*e7 t$e) f'*& t$e 'pp'site t$ir& '@er; 5ust *i-e a tri?f'*& %r'c$ure; Try t' $a@e e@eryt$i), as e@e) as p'ssi%*e; #** t$e e&,es s$'u*& 4atc$ fair*y c*'se*y; Put ') a p*ate7 c'@er7 a)& refri,erate f'r a%'ut /0 4i)utes; Re*a87 rea& t$e paper7 c$ec- e4ai*7 9$ate@er y'u *i-e; 5. R'** 'ut t' 102( t$ic- a)& repeat t$e f'*&; D')At f'r,et t' f*'ur as y'u r'**; P*ate7 c'@er7 a)& refri,erate f'r /0 4i)utes; Repeat t$is f'r a t'ta* fi@e r'** > f'*&s; 6. #fter t$e *ast f'*&7 r'** t$e recta),*e 'ut t' a%'ut /06(; If it is &ifficu*t7 put &'u,$ i) t$e fri&,e f'r a %it t' re*a8 t$e ,*ute); If usi), i44e&iate*y7 c'@er7 rest i) fri&,e f'r a%'ut /0 4i)utes7 t$e) use as )ee&e&; If itAs f'r *ater7 cut i)t' secti')s %i, e)'u,$ %ut t$at sti** fit easi*y i) y'ur freeCer 1usua**y :ust i) $a*f37 *ayer 9it$ 9a8 paper %et9ee) secti')s7 freeCer %a, it7 > st're u)ti* )ee&e&;