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BE IT 2003 COURSE (414442) ADVANCED DATA BASE MANAGEMENT Teaching Scheme $ec"%&e' 4 Hrs./ Week E!

amina"i#n Scheme The#&( 100 Marks

O)*ec"i+e To learn & understand advances in Database System Im lementation. To learn & understand various database arc!itectures and a lications. ,&e&e-%i'i"e' "elational D#MS. $isual %ro&rammin&. Uni" I 'entrali(ed systems) overvie* o+ main+rames) evolution +rom main+rame to client server systems) client server arc!itecture) transaction server and data server) %arallel database arc!itecture) arallel systems) arallel ,uery evaluation) in ut out ut arallelism) inter,uery arallelism) intra,uery arallelism) intero eration arallelism) intra o eration arallelism) arallel ,uery o timi(ation. Uni" II Distributed system arc!itecture) distributed databases) Homo&eneous and Hetero&eneous databases) +ra&mentation and re lication tec!ni,ues) Distributed catalo& mana&ement) &lobal directory) Distributed Transaction and -uery rocessin&) Distributed concurrency and recovery Uni" III Web based systems . /vervie* o+ client server arc!itecture) Databases and *eb arc!itecture) 0.tier arc!itecture) #usiness lo&ic. S/1% 2M3 4 Introduction) 2M3 DTD5s) Domain s eci+ic DTD5s) -ueryin& 2M3 data. Uni" IV Data *are!ousin& 4 Introduction to Data *are!ousin&) arc!itecture) Dimensional data modelin&. star) sno*+lake sc!emas) +act constellation) /31% and data cubes) / eration on cubes) Data re rocessin& 4 need +or re rocessin&) data cleanin&) data inte&ration and trans+ormation) data reduction

Uni" V Data Minin& 4 Introduction to data minin&) Introduction to mac!ine learnin&) descri tive and redictive data minin&) outlier analysis) clusterin&. k means al&orit!m) classi+ication 4 decision tree) association rules 4 a riori al&orit!m) Introduction to te6t minin&) #aysian classi+iers. Uni" VI S atial databases) ty es) a lications) inde6es) inde6in& based on s ace +illin& curves) &rid +iles) " trees) issues in !i&! dimensional inde6in& Deductive Databases) "ecursive -ueries) T!eoretical +oundations) "ecursive ,ueries and ne&ation) 7valuation o+ recursive ,ueries. Main memory databases) 8IS) Mobile Databases) Multimedia Databases) Tem oral and se,uence databases Te!" B##.' 1. Database system conce ts) 4t! edition) 9ort!) Sudars!an) Silbersc!at() :Tata Mc8ra* Hill; <. Database mana&ement system) <nd edition) "a&!u "amkris!nan :Tata Mc8ra* Hill; Re/e&ence' 1. %rinci les o+ distributed database systems) <nd edition) M. Tamer /(su) %atrick $aldurie() %earson 7ducation <. Database Systems