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Curriculum Vitae: Verity Harte Last Updated: September 2013 Contact Details: Philosophy Department, Yale University, PO Bo 20!

30", #e$ %aven, &' 0"(20)!30", US* 'elephone +1 203 ,32 1"-. /mail verity0harte1yale0ed2 Education: 1--0)1--,: PhD 3Philosophy4, St0 /dm2nd5s 6 7es2s &olle8es, &ambrid8e0 1-!-)1--0: 90Phil0 3Philosophy4, 7es2s &olle8e, &ambrid8e0 1-!")1-!-: B0*0 3&lassi:s4, ;irst &lass, 7es2s &olle8e, &ambrid8e0 Current Position 200")present: Pro<essor o< Philosophy and &lassi:s, Yale University Honorary Positions 200!)11: ;ello$ o< the =hitney %2manities &enter, Yale University 200")2011: %onorary >esear:h Pro<essor, Philosophy Department, ?in8@s &olle8e London Career History: 200()200" >eader in Philosophy, Philosophy Department, ?in8@s &olle8e London 1--")200(: Le:t2rer in Philosophy, Philosophy Department, ?in8@s &olle8e London 1--()": 72lia 9ann >esear:h ;ello$, St0 %ilda5s &olle8e, O <ord0 1--,)(: 'emporary *ssistant Le:t2rer in *n:ient Philosophy, ;a:2lty o< &lassi:s, &ambrid8e0 1--3)(: Pre)do:toral >esear:h ;ello$, St0 /dm2nd5s &olle8e, &ambrid8e0 Visiting Appointments: 7an2ary)72ne 2003: Aisitin8 Pro<essor o< Philosophy, &ornell University Research Leave External Awards: 2001: *$arded *%>B >esear:h Leave *$ard, Sprin8 term Pu lications: !ingle"authored #oo$: Plato on Parts and Wholes: the Metaphysics of Structure , O <ord: &larendon 20020 O <ord S:holarship Online 20030 Paperba:B edition, O <ord: &larendon 200(0 Edited #oo$s: Politeia in Greek and Roman Philosophy , :o)edited by Aerity %arte and 9elissa Lane, &ambrid8e: &UP 20130 Aristotle and the Stoics Reading Plato , BC&S S2pplementary Aol2me, London: Cnstit2te o< &lassi:al St2dies, :o)edited by A0 %arte, 9090 9:&abe, >0=0 Sharples, *0 Sheppard0 BC&S S2pplement 10.0 London: Cnstit2te o< &lassi:al St2dies, S:hool o< *dvan:ed St2dies, University o< London 20100 Articles: DDesire, 9emory and the *2thority o< So2l: Plato Philebus 3(&D@, <orth:omin8 in Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy / pe:ted 201,0 D'he icomachean !thics on Pleas2re@, <orth:omin8 in "he #ambridge #ompanion to Aristotle$s icomachean !thics ed0 >on PolansBy0 / pe:ted 2013

D'he Li<e o< Protar:h2s@ &hoosin8 3Plato Philebus 20b)22:4@, <orth:omin8 in 9i)?yo2n8 Lee and 9arB S:hie<sBy eds0 %rom refutation to assent: strategies of argument in Greek and Roman philosophy 0 #Y: OUP0 / pe:ted 20130 EPlatoF, <orth:omin8 arti:le <or &andbook of Mereology , edd0 %0 B2rBhardt, 70 Seibt, G0 Cma82ire, 9Hn:hen: Philosophia Aerla80 / pe:ted 2013 or 201,0 DPlato@s Politi:s o< C8noran:e@, in %arte and Lane eds0 Politeia in Greek and Roman Philosophy , &ambrid8e: &UP 2013, 13-)1(,0 DPhilebus@, in "he #ontinuum Guide to Plato , ed0 Gerald *0 Press, London: &ontin22m Cnternational P2blishers 2012, !1)30 DRepublic I and the role o< the a2dien:e in art@, Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 3!, 2010, "-)-" D=hat@s a Parti:2lar and $hat maBes it soJ Some tho28hts, mainly abo2t *ristotle@, Particulars in Greek Philosophy: "he Se'enth S()( *eeling #ollo+uium in Ancient Philosophy ed0 >obert =0 Sharples, Leiden: Brill 2010, -.)12(0 D'he >e:epta:le and the Primary Bodies: Somethin8 <rom #othin8J@, One ,ook- the Whole .ni'erse: Plato$s 'imae2s "oday, ed0 >i:hard D0 9ohr 6 Barbara Sattler, Las Ae8as: Parmenides P2blishin8, 2010, 131),00 D&ommentary on /vans@, Proceedings of the ,oston Area #ollo+uium in Ancient Philosophy IICCC, 200., edd0 7070 &leary 6 G090 G2rtler, S070, Leiden: Brill 200!, pp0 1,")(30 DPlatoni: 9etaphysi:s@, Oxford &andbook to Plato ed0 Gail ;ine, O <ord: OUP 200!, pp0 1-1)21"0 DLan82a8e in the &ave@, Maieusis: /ssays in *n:ient Philosophy in %ono2r o< 9yles B2rnyeat, ed0 Domini: S:ott, O <ord 200., pp0 1-()21(0 DBe$are o< Cmitations: Cma8e >e:o8nition in Plato@, e/ !ssays on Plato ed0 ;ritK)Gre8or %ermann, S$ansea: 'he &lassi:al Press o< =ales 200", pp0 21),20 D'he Philebus on Pleas2re: the 8ood, the bad and the <alse@, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society CC, 2003),, pp0 111)12!0 5Plato5s Problem o< &omposition5, Proceedings of the ,oston Area #ollo+uium in Ancient Philosophy , vol2me 1., 2002, pp0 1)1.0 D&on<li:tin8 Aal2es in Plato5s #rito@, Archi' f0r Geschichte der Philosophie !1, 1---, pp0 11.)1,.0 >eprinted in >0 ?amteBar ed Plato$s !uthyphro- Apology and #rito: #ritical !ssays , >o$man 6 Little<ield, De:ember 200,, pp0 22-)(-0 DL2el pri po2r la vMritMJ 3Phil1be ",a.)""d34@, 2a f3lure du plaisir: 4tudes sur le phil1be de platon 10 :ommentaires so2s la dire:tion de 9oniN2e Di sa2t, Paris: Arin, 1---, pp0 3!(),01 &o)a2thored $ith 9elissa Lane, DPyrrhonism and Prota8oreanism: &at:hin8 Se t2s O2tJ@, 2ogical Analysis and &istory of Philosophy 2, 1---, pp0 1(.)1.20 D*ristotle Metaphysics %": a diale:ti: $ith Platonism@, Phronesis ILC, 3, 1--", pp0 2.")30,0 Reviews etc% &0&0=0 'aylor Pleasure- Mind and Soul: Selected Papers in Ancient Philosophy , O <ord: &larendon 200!, Polis 2"01 200-, pp0 1"0),0 StoBes, 9i:hael0 &0 5ialectic in Action: An !xamination of Plato$s #rito S$ansea: 'he &lassi:al Press o< =ales, 200(, #lassical Re'ie/ (!02, 200!, pp0 3.2)3 BenOamin 9orison On 2ocation: Aristotle$s #oncept of Place OUP 2002, in "he Philosophical 6uarterly (3 2003, pp0 "0(). Gail ;ine ed0 Plato 7: Metaphysics and !pistemology and Plato 8: !thics- Politics- Religion and the Soul , OUP 1---, in !uropean 9ournal of Philosophy vol0 -, 2001, pp0 23!)2,2 >oslyn =eiss, Socrates 5issatisfied: An Analysis of Plato:s #rito , O <ord: OUP, 1--!, in #lassical Philology -(03 2000 pp0 3"2)3""

?enneth 90 Sayre, Parmenides: 2esson- "ranslation and !xplication of Plato:s Parmenides , #otre Dame: Cndiana: University o< #otre Dame Press, 1--", in Mind vol0 10-, no0 ,33, 7an2ary 2000, pp0 1.3)" Pa2l Prit:hard, Plato:s Philosophy of Mathematics , 3Cnternational Plato St2dies (4, SanBt *282stin: *:ademia Aerla8, 1--(, in 9ournal of &ellenic Studies , 11!, 1--!, p0 22. >0B0 Lo2den 6 P0 S:hollmeier 3edd04, "he Greeks and .s: !ssays in &onor of Arthur W(&( Adkins , University o< &hi:a8o Press, 1--", in Philosophical ,ooks, 3-, 1--!, pp0 10-)11 9ary 9ar8aret 9:&abe, Plato:s ;ndi'iduals , Prin:eton University Press, 1--,, in Philosophy, O:tober 1--( /ntries on 5/ssen:e5 and 5;orm5, /n:arta &D)>om /n:y:lopaedia, 9i:roso<t 1--. &n Preparation: 314 Paper: D* :omi: rivalryJ &omedy and &ari:at2re: So:rates and ridi:2le in Philebus ,!a)(0b@0 324 BooB: Plato Phileb2s: #onstructing the Good &uman 2ife0 Under :ontra:t $ith &UP <or series #ambridge Studies in the 5ialogues of Plato 3series editor: 99 9:&abe4 Distinguished and Plenary'(eynote Lectures 'he =hitehead Le:t2res, %arvard University *pril 1!)1-, 20130 Pleas2re, ?no$led8e and the Good in Plato@s Philebus0 Le:t2re One: 'he Goodness o< Cdle Pleas2re0 Le:t2re '$o: Cn Sear:h o< Useless ?no$led8e0 ?eynote speaBer, D=hat@s a Parti:2lar and $hat maBes it soJ Some tho28hts, mainly abo2t *ristotle0@, "he "hird Annual Western Ontario #ollo+uium in Ancient and Medie'al Philosophy , University o< =estern Ontario, 1.)1- O:tober 200! &nvited Lectures ) &nternational Con*erences: Plato Republic ACC, :o)or8aniKer, $ith Pro<0 99 9:&abe, o< Yale)?in8@s &olle8e London Republic seminar, ?in8@s &olle8e London, 10)1, 72ne 20130 DPlato@s Philebus on Cdle Pleas2res@ and DPlato@s Philebus and the sear:h <or Useless ?no$led8e@, Stan<ord Philosophy &olloN2i2m and *n:ient Philosophy $orBin8 8ro2p talB, 9ar:h 20130 D* :omi: rivalryJ &omedy and &ari:at2re: So:rates and ridi:2le in Philebus ,!a)(0b@, Plato@s Styles and &hara:ters, 10th Cnternational Seminar Archai, Brasilia 20)2, *282st 20120 *lso to: &ol2mbia University Seminar 3September 20124 and 9C' &olloN2i2m in *n:ient and 9ediaeval St2dies 3#ovember 201240 Plato Republic AC, :o)or8aniKer, $ith Pro<0 99 9:&abe, o< Yale)?in8@s &olle8e London Republic seminar, Yale, 1!)22 72ne 20120 D"echn3 in the Philebus: the sear:h <or 2seless Bno$led8e@, &hi:a8o $orBshop on techn3 in GreeB Philosophy, 30 9ar:h 2012 D'he Li<e o< Protar:h2s@ &hoosin8 3Plato Philebus 20b)22:4@, P2bli: Le:t2re, =esleyan University, ! De:ember 20110 DC8noran:e, Lies 6 Ai:e in Plato@s Republic @, &on<eren:e DCn the Steps o< the *n:ients@, University o< St0 *ndre$s, U?, ()" #ovember 20110 9i:hi8an Philosophy Department &olloN2i2m O:t 1,, 20110 Plato Republic A, :o)or8aniKer, $ith Pro<0 9090 9:&abe, o< Yale)?in8@s &olle8e London Republic seminar, ?in8@s &olle8e London, 13)1! 72ne 20110 Politeia : 9ay =eeB &on<eren:e in %ono2r o< Pro<essor 9al:olm S:ho<ield, University o< &ambrid8e, ;a:2lty o< &lassi:s, 30 9ay)72ne 3, 20110 &o)or8aniKer $ith 9elissa Lane 6 David Sedley0 DDesire, 9emory and the *2thority o< So2l@, Prin:eton &lassi:al Philosophy &olloN2i2m, De: ,)(, 20100 9i:hi8an Philosophy Department &olloN2i2m O:t 13, 20110 ;a:2lty Seminar =esleyan University De:ember -, 20120 University o< #orth &arolina 3&hapel %ill4 Philosophy Department &olloN2i2m, 20 *pril 20120 D9i ed /motions abo2t &omedy: Philebus 3(:d@, &hi:a8o *rea &onsorti2m in *n:ient Philosophy ! th Biennial &on<eren:e on >epresentation, /motion and &o8nition, 1)2 O:tober 2010

D;alsehood and C8noran:e: 'r2th and Simpli:ity@, Cnternational Plato So:iety 'riennial 9eetin8 on Plato@s Republic , 'oByo *282st 2). 20100 Plato Republic CA, :o)or8aniKer, $ith Pro<0 9090 9:&abe, o< Yale)?in8@s &olle8e London Republic seminar, =hitney %2manities &enter, Yale University, 1,)1! 72ne 20100 D9i ed /motions abo2t &omedy: Philebus ,!a)(0b@, &on<eren:e on *rt and 9orality in Plato, Le2ven and Lo2vain)la)#e2ve, 9ay ")., 20100 'o$nsend Seminar on Plato@s Philebus, BerBeley 10)11 *pril 20100 DDesire and the So2l: Philebus 3(:d@, &entral *P* 9eetin8, &hi:a8o, 1- ;eb 20100 DRepublic I and the >ole o< the *2dien:e in *rt@, invited le:t2res at ?eio University, 'oByo and at ?yoto University, 7apan, as part o< sponsored visit $ith prin:ipal aim to provide <eedba:B on $orB in pro8ress by 7apanese s:holars as part o< on8oin8 Plato Republic proOe:t0 Plato Republic CCC, :o)or8aniKer, $ith Pro<0 9090 9:&abe, o< Yale)?in8@s &olle8e London Republic seminar, ?in8@s &olle8e London, 1()1- 72ne 200-0 DDesire and the So2l: Philebus 3(:d@, =orBshop on 'ime and &ons:io2sness in Plato@s Philebus and related te ts, University o< 'oronto, 21)22 9ar:h 200>eply to *lan &ode D*ristotle on the 9atter o< &orpses in Metaphysics %(@, Prin:eton &lassi:al Philosophy &olloN2i2m, De: ")., 200! D'he Li<e o< Protar:h2s@ &hoosin8: Philebus 20b)22:@, &ornell University &on<eren:e, Sept 10)12, 200! Plato Republic CC, :o)or8aniKer, $ith Pro<0 9090 9:&abe, o< Yale)?in8@s &olle8e London Republic seminar, =hitney %2manities &enter, Yale University, -)13 72ne 200! DRepublic I and the >ole o< the *2dien:e in *rt@, Pittsb2r8h &P*S, 2( 7an2ary 200!P U0 Penn Philosophy ! ;ebr2ary 200!P &U, Bo2lder Philosophy, 22 ;ebr2ary 200!P %arvard Philosophy, 1! 9ar:h 200!P #YU Philosophy 1" O:tober 200D=hat@s a Parti:2lar and $hat maBes it soJ Some tho28hts, mainly abo2t *ristotle0@, Seventh ?eelin8 &olloN2i2m on Parti:2lars in GreeB Philosophy, University &olle8e London, .)- #ovember 200.0 D*2dien:e Psy:holo8y and *2dien:e >esponsibility in Republic I@, O <ord =orBshop in *n:ient Philosophy, ( #ovember 200. D'he >e:epta:le and the Primary Bodies@, &on<eren:e: Plato@s "imaeus: Li<e, the Universe, /verythin8Q and 9ore: #e$ =orB on Plato@, U0 o< Cllinois at Urbana)&hampai8n 13)1" September 200.0 D'he Li<e o< Protar:h2s@ &hoosin8: Philebus 20b)22:@, Cnternational Plato So:iety, 'riennial 9eetin8 on Plato@s Philebus, 'rinity &olle8e D2blin, Creland, 72ly 23)., 200.0 Plato Republic C, :o)or8aniKer, $ith Pro<0 9090 9:&abe, o< readin8 seminar, ?in8@s &olle8e London, 11) 1( 72ne 200. >eply to >a:hel Barney, &on<eren:e: Sel< and &ons:io2sness <rom Plato to ?ant, University o< 'oronto, 9ay 1")1!, 200. >eply to 9att /vans, Boston *rea &olloN2i2m in *n:ient Philosophy, &larB University, De:ember 200" DLan82a8e in the &ave@, &on<eren:e DPlato: the Divided So2l CC@, &ornell University, 13)1( O:tober 200" Ad %ontes seminar on Plato@s Sophist, &rete 1!)2" September 200(0 'riennial 9eetin8 o< the GreeB 6 >oman So:iety, &ambrid8e, 72ly 2()2- 200(, 'e t Session on Republic I 3$ith >aphael =ool<40 Cnvited parti:ipant at meetin8 o< Symposium Aristotelicum , Aeni:e 11)1. 72ly 200(, on *ristotle ! ACC D'he Li<e o< Protar:h2s@ &hoosin8: Philebus 20b)22:@, &ambrid8e Philolo8i:al So:iety, 9ay 1-, 200( DLan82a8e in the &ave@, Leventis &on<eren:e on 'he Good and the Cdea o< the Good in Plato@s Republic , /dinb2r8h, 9ar:h 2)(, 200(

D>eply to my &riti:s@, paper to *2thor 9eets &riti:s: Aerity %arte Plato on Parts and Wholes, *P* /astern Division, Boston, US* De:ember 200,0 D;ine@s Parti:2lars@, paper to Symposi2m on the Platoni: S:holarship o< Gail ;ine, *P* =estern Division, Pasadena, US* 9ar:h 200,0 D'he Philebus on Pleas2re: the Good, the Bad and the ;alse@, *ristotelian So:iety 9eetin8, 7an2ary 200, DBe$are o< Cmitations: Cma8e >e:o8nition in Plato@, 2 nd ann2al &elti: &on<eren:e in &lassi:s, Glas8o$ 20020 Aersions 8iven to *n:ient /pistemolo8y $orBshop at &ornell University, sprin8 2003P at Philosophy Department at Prin:eton University, sprin8 2003, and at ?in8@s &olle8e London, 20020 Cnvited Le:t2re 3DPlato@s Problem o< &omposition@4 6 Seminar 3on Plato@s Parmenides4, Boston *rea &olloN2i2m in *n:ient Philosophy, %arvard 20000 Aersions o< le:t2re 8iven also at Philosophy Departments at Ohio State University, She<<ield University, Bristol University and ?in8@s &olle8e LondonP and at &lassi:s Department at Pittsb2r8h University0 D/leati:ism and Ontolo8i:al Cnno:en:e: Plato Sophist 2,,)(@, 9eetin8 o< the B)&l2b, &ambrid8e University, ;ebr2ary 20000 D&on<li:tin8 Aal2es in Plato@s #rito@, &on<eren:e on Plato, *arh2s University, DenmarB 1--. D=hat PriKe 'r2thJ Philebus ",a.)""d3@, So2thern *sso:iation o< *n:ient Philosophy, &ambrid8e 1--, Editorial Roles: 72ne 2013)Present: /ditorial Board, Polis, the Oo2rnal <or *n:ient GreeB Politi:al 'ho28ht0 7an 2012)Present: *dvisory Board, Phronesis O:tober 2003)De: 2011: 9ana8in8 /ditor, Phronesis 1--.)2003: /ditorial Board o< Mind +entoring: *:ademi: 9entor to Dr ;iona Lei8h 3Le:t2rer in Philosophy, University &olle8e London4 d2rin8 t$o visits to Yale in *pril 200- and September 2010 s2pported by her a$ard o< 'he British *:ademy Small >esear:h Grant and 'he British &o2n:il >esear:her / :han8e Grant0 External PhD Examination: 72ne 2012: /mily ;let:her, Plato on Pleasure- ;ntelligence and the &uman Good: An interpretation of the Philebus, University o< 'oronto, &lassi:s Department0 De:ember 2010: >iin SirBel, "he Problem of *atholou <.ni'ersals= in Aristotle , University o< =estern Ontario, Philosophy Department0 ,raduate !upervision at -ale: &ompleted PhDs: 'im &larBe, Dissertation, Aristotle and !leatic Monism 3Philosophy, s2::ess<2lly de<ended 72ne 201240 Pla:ement: '' tra:B position at BerBeley0 9atthe$ =alBer, Dissertation, Aristotle on 2i'ing by #ontemplation 3Philosophy, a$arded 72ne 200!40 Pla:ement: '' tra:B position at Yale)#US0 &2rrent *dvisin8: Stephen O8den, >e:eivin8 and 9aBin8 *ristotle@s Cntelle:t: * #e$ *ssessment o< Cbn >2shd and *N2inas on *ristotelian &o8nitive Psy:holo8y0 3Philosophy and >eli8io2s St2dies, prospe:t2s de<ended, 7an 201340 &o)Dire:tor $ith 7ohn %are 9aya G2pta, on *ristotle@s vie$s o< p2nishment 3&lassi:s)Philosophy, prospe:t2s de<ended, #ovember 201240 &o)Dire:tor $ith Ai:tor Bers0 Sara Protasi, /nvy 3Philosophy PhD40 &ommittee 9ember0 /van >odri82eK, 3rd year, 7oint &lassi:s)Philosophy pro8ram 3Philosophy 'ra:B40 *dvisor0

L2Be Patient, 2nd year, 7oint &lassi:s)Philosophy pro8ram 3&lassi:s 'ra:B40 *dvisor0 *llison Glass:o:B, 1st year 7oint &lassi:s)Philosophy pro8ram 3Philosophy tra:B40 *dvisor0 /mily ?ress, 1st year 7oint &lassi:s)Philosophy pro8ram 3Philosophy 'ra:B40 *dvisor0 'on8Oia Rhan8, 1st year 7oint &lassi:s)Philosophy pro8ram 3&lassi:s tra:B40 *dvisor0 Academic !ervice outside -ale: 2012)201(: Pro8ram &ommittee, *meri:an Philosophi:al *sso:iation 3/astern Division4 2012: Aisitin8 &ommittee, %arvard Philosophy Department 2011)201": Cnternational *dvisory Board 9ember, Po$er Str2:t2ralism in *n:ient Ontolo8ies >esear:h ProOe:t, University o< O <ord 2010)13: #orth *meri:an >epresentative, Cnternational Plato So:iety 200-)11: Pro8ram &ommittee, *meri:an Philosophi:al *sso:iation 3/astern Division4 200!)11: *dvisory &ommittee to the Pro8ram &ommittee, *meri:an Philosophi:al *sso:iation 3/astern Division4 200()": / ternal / aminer in Philosophy, Lit0 %2m0 3Greats4, O <ord University 1--!)2000: / ternal / aminer <or 9* in *n:ient Philosophy, Bristol University 200" to present: 'en2re and Promotion >evie$s <or 3U?4 ?in8@s &olle8e London, O <ord, She<<ieldP 3#orth *meri:a4 *lberta, &hi:a8o, Dartmo2th, 9i:hi8an, #otre Dame, #YU, Prin:eton, 'oronto0 Academic !ervice to -ale: 2012)13 3on leave Sprin8 20134: ;*S >evie$ &ommittee 3&hair4 3;all4, Philosophy Senior Sear:h &ommittee 3&hair, ;all 6 Sprin84, / e:2tive &ommittee o< the =hitney %2manities &enter 3;all 6 Sprin84, / e:2tive &ommittee o< the %2manities Pro8ram 3;all 6 Sprin84, Philosophy Promotion >evie$ &ommittee 3&hair4 3Sprin84, Grad2ate *dmissions <or &lassi:s)Philosophy 7oint PhD Pro8ram 3&lassi:s 6 Philosophy, Sprin840 2011)12 Yale &olle8e 7oint &ommittee <or the 9it:hell, 9arshall and >hodes S:holarships, &olloN2i2m &ommittee 3Philosophy4 3;all only4, *P* Cntervie$ &ommittee, 72nior Sear:h 3Philosophy4, Grad2ate *dmissions 3Philosophy4, 9entorin8 &ommittee 3&lassi:s4, Cnternal Promotion &ommittee 3&hair4 3&lassi:s4, / e:2tive &ommittee o< the =hitney %2manities &enter, *dvisory &ommittee o< the Division o< the %2manities and %2manities *ppointments &ommittee, >evie$ &ommittee <or the ;a:2lty o< *rts and S:ien:es, Porter and ;ield Grad2ate PriKes &ommittee0 2010)11 Yale &olle8e 7oint &ommittee <or the 9it:hell, 9arshall and >hodes S:holarships, &olloN2i2m &ommittee 3Philosophy4, &2rri:2l2m &ommittee 3&lassi:s4, Grad2ate *dmissions &ommittee 3&lassi:s4, / e:2tive &ommittee o< the =hitney %2manities &enter, Bran<ord 9aster Sear:h &ommittee, *dvisory &ommittee o< the Division o< the %2manities and %2manities *ppointments &ommittee0 200-)10 Cnterdepartmental &ommittee <or 7oint &lassi:s 6 Philosophy PhD Pro8ram, Grad2ate *dmissions &ommittee 3&lassi:s4, *dvisory &ommittee o< the Division o< the %2manities and %2manities *ppointments &ommittee 3;all only40 200!)- Grad2ate *dmissions &ommittee 3&lassi:s4, &hair 9entorin8 &ommittee 3&lassi:s4, &hair 9orse &ommittee 3Philosophy4, Sear:h &ommittee Philosophy 9/9L 72nior Position, Grad2ate S:hool &ommittee on >e82lations and Dis:ipline, %enry ;ello$ship &ommittee, 'erm *ppointments &ommittee o< the ;a:2lty o< *rts and S:ien:es0 200.)! =hitin8 and Leylan ;ello$ships &ommittee 3Philosophy4, Library &ommittee 3&lassi:s4, Grad2ate *dmissions &ommittee 3&lassi:s4 200"). L2or2m O<<i:er 3&lassi:s4, Sear:h &ommittee PhilosophyS%2manities 72nior Position Pro*essional .rgani/ations: 9ember, *meri:an Philosophi:al *sso:iation

9ember, Cnternational Plato So:iety 9ember, &lassi:al *sso:iation, United ?in8dom 9ember, %elleni: So:iety, United ?in8dom