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Volume 119, Number 13 Wednesday, December 25, 2013 Maple Lake, MN 55358 maplelakemessenger.com $1

County board discusses gas-price decline

by John Holler Correspondent

As part of the Dec. 17 county board meeting, one of the items up for approval was setting the mileage reimbursement for employees who travel as part of their job. The action in front of them was to inform the county that the federal reimbursement rate will rise to 56 cents a mile as of Jan. 1. While the county kept its rate at 50 cents a mile, Board Chairman Pat Sawatzke asked how quickly the county can lower its rate because, from what the commissioners heard the previous week at the Association of Minnesota Counties annual meeting, gas prices are expected to stay the same or drop in the future. When we were at the AMC meeting, there was a legislator from North Dakota who was talking about the massive oil reserve that theyre tapping into and how that will potentially impact Minnesota as they ship the oil out, Sawatzke said. Theyve known for a long time that there were tremendous amounts of oil underground in North Dakota, but they didnt have the technology to get it out of the ground because it was buried under a layer of shale that they couldnt get through. While still in the early stages of tapping into the new technology, Sawatzke said the technological advance could create an oil boom in both North Dakota and Texas, where similar technology is being used to bring up oil previously unavailable by conventional drilling.

Maple Lake Elementary students are ushered across Highway 55 during a school evacuation due to a bomb threat at Maple Lake High School on Wednesday, Dec. 18. Elementary students were sent to St. Timothys School gymn and St. Timothys Church basement. (Photo submitted by Kelly Edmonson)

Bomb threat disrupts school day

by Gabe Licht Editor

A message written on a restroom wall in Maple Lake High School ended school activities in the district on Wednesday, Dec. 18. The threat was reported to Prin-

cipal Dave Hansen, who discussed the issue with fellow administrators and law enforcement. "We being myself, Dave, (Elementary Principal) Kris Harlan, (School Resource Officer) Jeff Fox and his boss, Sgt. Eric Leander

talked about our options and what we should do," Superintendent Mark Redemske said. "After thinking it through, someone has to make a decision. I thought the best thing was to evacuate and send kids to our cold-weather evacua-

tion sites." High school students were sent to Bethlehem United Church of Christ, kindergarten through third graders walked to St. Timothy's School gym and fourth through sixth graders went to St. Timothy's

Church basement. "I sent out a SchoolReach automated call so parents knew what was happening," Redemske said.

Bomb threat
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Producer presents avenues to indie film industry

by Katie Friedman Correspondent

Inheritance sponsors Haunted Holidays

by Gabe Licht Editor

County board
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Holiday deadlines and office hours

The Messenger office will close at noon on Tuesday, Dec. 31, in observance of New Years Eve and will remain closed until 8 a.m. Thursday, Jan. 2. The advertising deadline for the Jan. 1 paper will be 4 p.m. Friday, Dec. 27, and the deadline for classified ads and editorial content will be Monday, Dec. 30.

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Bridget Cronin and Paul von Stoetzel, executive producer and director of Inheritance, a thriller feature poised for filming in Maple Lake, introduced themselves and an assortment of investment opportunities to the Maple Lake City Council Tuesday, Dec. 17. A community-based business model, Cronin said, creates a winwin scenario for both filmmakers and host cities alike. Independent films can be made locally and for less money than a lot of studio films are, she said. And so weve partnered with communities that are interested in having a film made there. A handout distributed to council members listed economic, civic and business reasons for a communitybased film, including short- and long-term benefits, such as money injected into a local economy during the shooting period and potential dividends coming back to local investors over a period of many years. Its important to understand that the life of the film is usually 30 to 40 years, she said. So, this is not just a short-term investment. Its a long-term investment. Cronin walked the council through a set of sales projections and a comparative chart of continuing financial returns for low-budget classics including Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween. Distribution, she said, has

already been lined up, explaining that theatrical, DVD, video-on-demand, streaming and digital download merchandizing are all in place. But Cronin was careful not to promise the next indie hit or an instant deluge of profits. The chances of a widespread national release on a movie like this are not huge, she told the council. Id say 10 percent. Id look more at a limited national release. You always have the chance of a breakout film. You always have the chance of a Blair Witch Project, or a Paranormal Activity, or something like that. But, most of the time, the middle of the road is whats most likely going to happen. Having secured her lead players, she assured the council, I already know the performances will be good, I already know the script is good, so I think all those pieces are in place. Local residents are offered five avenues to participation: individual or vendor trade-out investment, corporate promotional sponsorship, product placement or a community investment fund for small donors. To learn more, visit facebook.com/InheritanceMovie or contact Cronin at 651-231-3364. Outlining the movies production schedule, Cronin said principal photography in Maple Lake would likely take place Feb. 10-28. Citing some great participation already, she said the Maple Lake Bowl and The V by HH are both on board with trade-out invest-

ments, and that Maple Lake Lumber, the Costume Shoppe, the vet clinic and several individuals have also stepped forward with various offers of support. All of these things really help, Cronin said. They make a big difference. And Ive been on the radio a couple of different times now, talking about what a great partner Maple Lake has been so far. Because being able to come home to my home area and make this work this particular movie, especially has been a great experience so far, and I hope that we continue it. John Barrymore III, Analiese Miller, Timothy Murphy and Lisie Krohn will play the lead parts, and smaller roles are still being cast. Local casting for specific parts will take place in February, said von Stoetzel. In other business, the council: Heard from council member John Northenscold that the Planning Commissions informational open house had been well-attended and that hed heard no negative comments regarding the commissions methods or site selections. Adopted resolutions to dissolve the Storm Sewer Fund and two water debt service funds, effective Dec. 31. In 2007, the city established Storm Sewer Fund 603 to perform maintenance on storm sewer ponds and ditches, collecting fees from residents and businesses on monthly utility bills.

City council
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"Inheritance," the movie set to be filmed in Maple Lake in February, has two new featured extras, thanks to the storytelling abilities and creativity of local residents. Heather Blahut and Tom Disbrow won their roles as a result of stories they shared at the Haunted Holidays Storytelling Contest on Tuesday, Dec. 17, at The V by HH. Director Paul von Stoetzel, Executive Producer Bridget Cronin, lead actress Analiese Miller and post production head Marlee MacLeod judged the stories. "Any story that starts with evisceration is a winner with us," they said on the "Inheritance" Facebook page about Blahut's story. Blahut received points for her creativity as she said she had written the story about a family that died graphically and mysteriously. Disbrow spoke of his experiences as a teenager in California. His first story detailed an encounter with a suspected Bigfoot. In his second story, he shared his experiences with a girl and her family. "I met a girl in California and, one day, we were on her couch kissing. Later, her mom said, 'You shouldn't kiss my daughter on my couch.' I didn't know how she knew I had been kissing her daughter on the couch," Disbrow said. "Then her sister said she had a dream about being at a party and the house caught on fire. She was invited to a party, but it was the house she had seen in her dream

and suddenly said she had a headache and left. That house caught on fire that night. "Later, I was staying with them and sleeping and heard breathing in the room, even though everyone's doors were shut," Disbrow continued. "I asked my girlfriend and she said, 'Didn't you hear the story about a ghost looking in the window?' I moved out." Ten others shared their experiences about premonitions, ghosts and other paranormal legends. Mark Hayes told stories of working at D.B. Searle's, a haunted bar in St. Cloud. "The owners lit candles and at the end of the night, they'd blow out the candles," Hayes said. "We cleaned up, locked up and looked back and saw the candles on the third and fourth floor were always lit. So, we'd call the cops, they'd do a sweep of the building, find nothing and blow out the candles." His coworkers blamed the phenomenon on ghosts. One of his coworkers allegedly encountered a ghost in the basement of the bar and followed it into a wall, breaking his nose. Other people have seen a vision of a woman hanging when they open the elevator doors in the building, though Hayes said he never experienced that himself. His daughter, Maya, also shared stories about creepy experiences she had in her family's first home that drove them to move to the area.

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A year in review: Looking back at 2013

January Ryan Barnes, a 2009 Maple Lake High School graduate, won the Reuse category of the International E-Waste Design competition with his concept, the digitizer, which enabled film cameras to take digital photos. Lynn Kissock was sworn in as mayor of Maple Lake. Bart Lauer was sworn into Kissocks former city council seat. Christine Husom, Mark Daleiden, Mike Potter and Charlie Borrell were sworn in as new Wright County Commissioners. Grace Heying, a fifth grader at St. Timothys School, and her teammates on the PSA Sprints C1 U11 soccer team won the National Sports Center Holiday five versus five soccer tournament on New Years Day at the National Sports Center in Blaine. Rev. Luke Baehr was ordained at Silver Creek Community Church. Crews worked to remove rubble left behind by the demolition of a house at 26 Maple Ave. S. next to Maple Lake City Hall. Maple Lake Fire Department had conducted a controlled burn at the site, which the city had purchased to be used for future expansion of city hall. Former Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch closed on the purchase of Maple Lake Bowl and The Pines Bar and Grill. Schlenner Wenner & Co. hosted an open house at their new office at 220 Highway 55 N., Suite No. 4. Annandale-Maple Lake Lightning 170-pounder Teddy Erickson earned his 100th win. Monticello-Annandale-Maple Lake boys hockey coach Sheldon Weston earned his 300th win. Hannah Haegele and Neal Wagner received the Academics, Arts and Athletics award.

Ugly Christmas sweater contest winners: page 8

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Year in Review
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The Irish Washerwomen once again won the distinction of best parade entry during the 2013 St. Patricks Day Parade. (File photo)

Maple Lake Messenger Page 2 December 25, 2013

which apparently is too heavy for the ice. Local fishermen have run into that problem in the Park Rapids area using 4-wheelers and havent been able to get where they wanted to fish. The slush also does a number on the ATVs in the cold weather. Mille Lacs and Leech lakes both have slush which hampers travel, but both lakes will improve with continued cold weather. The DNR has this to say: Warning, ice is not strong enough for vehicles (released December 19, 2013). With recent reports of vehicles breaking through the ice from Douglas to Beltrami counties, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is cautioning everyone about driving on the ice. Ice is never 100 percent safe, said Capt. Greg Salo, DNR enforcement manager. Winter recreationists need to think twice before driving out on the ice because the ice in many places is still not strong enough to support vehicles. No fish is worth your life, he added. Last winter (November to April), six people died in Minnesota from breaking through the ice. All the deaths involved either a snowmobile or vehicle. If a vehicle breaks through the ice, the owner is responsible for removal and must report it to the county sheriff. If the vehicle is not removed within 30 days, the owner is subject to fines. The DNR recommends anyone heading out on the ice should check with a local bait shop or resort ask about ice conditions and measure the ice. The DNR clear ice thickness recommendations are: 4 inches for walking, 5 inches for a snowmobile or ATV, 8-12 inches for a car, 12-15 inches for a medium-sized truck. * * * If youre thinking spring, consider applications for the 2014 turkey hunt will be accepted at license vendors and online through Friday, Jan. 10th. The spring hunt will consist of six 5-day and two 7-day seasons. * * * If memory serves me right Sunday was the beginning of our days getting longer, which means weve turned the corner on sunlight, but not necessarily on cold weather. December was a cold one, but as long as the furnaces keep running it was tolerable. And a Happy New Year to each of you.

by Harold Brutlag
Last week Wednesday seemed like a good day to chase rooster tails so the three of us, Anna, Vana and myself, decided to head southwest toward Montevideo with temps predicted for the middle 30s. The roads were ice- and snow-free and about 9:15 a.m. we spotted our first rooster of the day, one that was pecking for grain or grit along the railroad south of Willmar. We didnt stop considering there wasnt any cover close by and the Hwy. 23 right-of-way was filled with snow drifts. This was just west of Raymond and we spotted two more roosters and a hen just east of the same town, again along the tracks in the wide-open spaces. We didnt even hesitate for those two. After a late breakfast in Montevideo we hunted a WMA south of Clarkfield which we knew contained a corn food plot. By then it was after 11 a.m., but we spotted a hen pheasant in the corn rows as we walked along the north end. We flushed two hens out of the standing corn and they promptly flew into some cattails just beyond the WMA on private property. We continued heading south and got into Lincoln and Lyons counties and looked at some Walk-in Plots as well as other public ground. I picked out smaller swamps that contained cattails and we continued to flush hens, but no roosters. I suspect the roosters had been chased enough to head for cover in the larger swamps. We saw one more rooster, this time next to a farm yard grove but too close to the buildings to hunt. We ran into several other hunters, some were solo and others were in pairs. It was a fairly quiet day, but we didnt hear anyone shooting and assumed they werent doing very well either. One other thing that slowed us up was the snow drifts on some of the north/south township roads that made them impassable for our low-clearance Focus. There was definitely more snow down in that area with standing corn, grass and ditches blown full. * * * Anyone thinking about fishing up north should be concerned about the flooding that has taken place because of the snow depth


Its in your court: Why

questions during jury selection are so personal

by Judge Steve Halsey
Recently I hosted a lunchtime seminar for attorneys on jury selection. In preparing for it I discovered that some of the seemingly-improper questions asked during voir dire were found by Minnesota appellate courts not to be improper. For example, in a homicide case it was not improper for an attorney to ask: Have you ever asked someone if they would kill your mother and offer them money?. The questioning of jurors is called voir dire, Latin for to say what is true. So why are the questions asked of jurors so personal? The parties to a lawsuit, whether civil or criminal, are entitled to a fair trial by a panel of impartial jurors. The seriousness of jury duty is initially displayed at the beginning of the trial when the jurors stand and swear an oath to answer truthfully the questions put to them by the judge and attorneys during jury selection. The oath is not something we take in everyday conversation. Ones significant other does not ask for an oath before inquiring how he or she looks in their new outfit. This does not mean that the jurors must know absolutely nothing about the case, parties or witnesses. This also does not mean that jurors must have no biases, prejudices, or preconceived ideas. We all have them based upon our life experiences. What is important is that a juror is honestly able to set aside those biases, prejudices, and preconceived ideas and decide the case solely on the evidence and the law as instructed by the judge. The purpose of voir dire is, frankly, not to choose the best jurors, but rather to de-select those who the judge determines cannot or will not set aside their biases, prejudices, and preconceived ideas in deciding the case. Studies have shown that most jurors find the process extremely boring, repetitious, demeaning, and embarrassing. Hence, the purpose of the seminar I discussed above. One of the duties of the judge is to insure that the privacy of the jurors is protected. Therefore, very delicate and intrusive questions are usually asked in a written questionnaire, as well as questioning the jurors individually outside the hearing of the other jurors. For example, in a criminal trial on a charge of domestic assault or criminal sexual conduct, the questionnaire asks if the juror or anyone close to them has been either the victim of violence or has been accused of perpetrating violence on another. It can be quite shocking to find such a high percentage of our fellow citizens, or their loved ones, have been the victims of violence. Dredging up long-forgotten painful experiences can be distressing, but it is necessary when a persons freedom is at stake. The issue then becomes whether the jurors experience will unfairly color their decision-making process if they serve on the jury. If one of the attorneys concludes that a juror cannot be fair and impartial, despite their assurances to the contrary, the attorney makes a motion to the judge, outside the hearing of the jury, to excuse the juror for cause. A recent very interesting Florida appellate decision reversed a burglary conviction and ordered a new trial because the judge denied a defense motion to excuse a juror for cause after she said she couldnt be fair based on a childhood experience of a Christmas night burglary. The appellate court concluded that the judge and prosecutor basically embarrassed the juror into saying she could set aside those experiences and be fair. The defendant was denied his constitutional right to a fair trial when the juror was not excused by the trial judge for cause. Technology is working its way into the courtroom during jury selection. Lawyers are using software that allows them to scan dozens of social media sites looking for postings by prospective jurors. For example, in a DWI case a defense attorney would try to find comments by jurors on social media sites or blogs devoted to incarcerating DWI offenders or passing legislation for harsher penalties. These tools may also be used to find if any jurors are violating the judges instruction not to discuss their jury service or the case on Facebook or other social media sites during the trial. If a juror is not excused for cause, they may be excused by the attorney striking the juror from the panel without having to give a reason. This is called a peremptory challenge and each attorney has a limited number (2-5) of strikes depending on the type of case. Any juror being so stricken should not conclude that the attorney concluded they could not be fair and impartial. The attorney may not have a reason. However, the peremptory strike cannot be based solely on the jurors race or gender. In summary, who is the right juror? Someone who is neutral, open-minded, and fair, who will decide the case based solely on the evidence and the law. Probing questions are necessary to exclude from the jury those who do not have those attributes. Submitted by Judge Steve Halsey, Wright County District Court, chambered in Buffalo. Judge Halsey is the host of The District Court Show on local cable TV public access channels throughout the Tenth Judicial District. Excerpts can be viewed at WWW.QCTV.org. Go to Community and click The District Court Show. Judge Halsey may also be heard on Legal Happenings on KRWC 1360 AM (Buffalo) on Saturdays at 12:30 p.m.

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Maple Lake Messenger Page 3 December 25, 2013


On Dec. 16, Robert Steven Pryzmus, 39, of Delano, was arrested in Franklin Township on the charge of second-degree DWI refusal. On Dec. 16, Matthew Richard Minnich, 32, of Rockford, was arrested in Hennepin County on a Wright County warrant for first-degree burglary. On Dec. 17, Brad Michael Cargill, 34, of Maple Lake, was arrested in Buffalo on a Wright County warrant for methamphetamine paraphernalia in the presence of children. On Dec. 17, Darrell James LaPlant, 45, of Waverly, was arrested in Buffalo on the charge of driving after cancellation inimical to public safety. On Dec. 17, Gregory Scott Broker, 56, of Buffalo, was arrested in Maple Lake Township on the charge of domestic assault. On Dec. 17, Nancy Gervaise Gleason, 41, of Monticello, was charged with felony third-degree controlled substance possession. On Dec. 17, Jessica Lavay Streich, 28, of Buffalo, was charged with felony motor vehicle theft. On Dec. 18, Brady Scott Jones, 34, of Buffalo, was arrested in Buffalo on a Wright County warrant for terroristic threats. On Dec. 18, Trent Rory Benson, 21, of Buffalo, was arrested in Hennepin County on a Wright County warrant theft. On Dec. 19, Brandon Allen Wirgau, 27, of Annandale, was arrested in Southside Township on the charge of fifth-degree assault and a Wright County warrant for fifth-degree controlled substance violation. On Dec. 19, Aaron Arthur John Bethke, 32, of Albertville, was arrested in Buffalo on an apprehension and detention order from Wright County. On Dec. 20, Michael David Stumpf, 27, of Maple Lake, was arrested in Maple Lake on an apprehension and detention order from Wright County. On Dec. 20, Michael John Koenig, 27, of Otsego, was arrested in Otsego on the charges of domestic assault, fifth-degree assault, and disorderly conduct. On Dec. 20, Derek Joseph Marx, 35, of Monticello, was arrested in Stearns County on a Wright County warrant for domestic assault. On Dec. 20, Joseph Harrison Baynes, 25, of Buffalo, was arrested in Buffalo on the charges of obstructing the legal process with force and disorderly conduct and a Wright County warrant for probation violation. On Dec. 20, Jessica Sarah Kast, 35, of Albertville, was arrested in Albertville on the charge of third-degree DWI test refusal. On Dec. 21, John Merle Goins, 44, of Buffalo was arrested in Rockford Township on the charge of second-degree DWI. On Dec. 21, Kathryn Prakseta Reynolds, 37, of Buffalo, was arrested in Buffalo on the charge of second-degree DWI. On Dec. 21, James Jacob Lundquist, 30, of Delano, was arrested in Delano on a Wright County warrant for probation violation. On Dec. 21, Matthew Alan Bergeron, 29, of Buffalo, was arrested in Buffalo on a Hennepin County warrant for malicious punishment of a child. On Dec. 22, Franke Lewis Hardie, 58, of Waverly, was arrested in Waverly on the charge of second-degree DWI. On Dec. 22, Tracey Denise Davidson, 45, of Annandale, was arrested in French Lake Township on a Wright County warrant for second-degree DWI. On Dec. 22, Ryan Patrick Lamarche, 20, of Buffalo, was arrested in Buffalo on the charges of fifth-degree assault and domestic assault. On Dec. 22, Brandon Joseph Thuney, 31, of Albertville, was arrested in Otsego on the charge of 3rd degree DWI. On Dec. 22, David Robert Penner, 27, of Otsego, was arrested in Monticello Township on the charge of 3rd degree DWI. There were 52 property-damage accidents, six personal-injury accidents, three hit-and-run accidents and 22 car-deer accidents. There were 11 arrests for DWI, no underage-consumption arrests, no school bus stop arm violations and 98 tickets for miscellaneous traffic violations reported this week.

County board
continued from page 1 The impact of the new technology could have far-reaching implications and end Americas dependence on foreign oil. It could be amazing what ends up coming from this, Sawatzke said. Analysts are projecting that in eight years we will no longer have to import oil and in 10 years we may actually be exporting oil. I dont know how that will impact gas prices, but I would have to think it would keep prices down since we would have the supply here to meet the demands we have. The board was informed that, if the federal government lowers its mileage reimbursement rate, the county can reduce its own rate accordingly. In other business, the board: Set 2014 salaries for elected department heads as follows: County Attorney Tom Kelly, $120,640; Auditor/Treasurer Bob Hiivala, $113,990; and Sheriff Joe Hagerty, $113,990. By a 4-1 vote, approved the county board salaries at $36,982, a 1 percent increase from the current rate. During the economic downturn, the county board had frozen its own salaries. The commissioners havent had a pay increase since 2008. Commissioner Mark Daleiden voted against the increase, saying that the commissioners should keep their salaries at the same level, but understood that they havent been increased in six years and his objection was more symbolic than a strong belief that the commissioners should freeze their own salaries. Approved an addendum to the countys contract with the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities to allow the county to use some of the YMCAs facilities as the Bertram Chain of Lakes Park becomes more operational in the coming years. The addendum allows the county to use facilities and equipment beyond the original agreement signed several years ago when the park land purchases began. Set the per diem rate for attendance at committee and advisory board meetings at $50. Approved the non-union salary schedule, which calls for a 1 percent cost of living increase to wages across the board. Set the final cutoff date for claims to be paid in 2013 for 3 p.m. Monday, Dec. 23. Any claims for payment made after that wont be processed and approved until the first board meeting in January. Approved increasing the countys contribution toward nonunion employees with family health insurance by $50 a month, effective March 1, 2014. Set a transportation committee of the whole meeting for 10:30 a.m. following the Dec. 31 county board meeting. Among the items to be discussed are reviewing of federally-funded road projects and the countys 10-year highway construction work plan. Tabled discussion of a contribution to the I-94 West Corridor Coalition. Last year, the county made an $8,000 contribution to catch up its commitment to the I-94 coalition with contributions that had been made for the Highway 55 coalition. The board received a letter from the I-94 coalition referring to the countys contribution for 2014 as membership dues. Sawatzke said he thought the money paid in 2013 was a one-time contribution and didnt constitute annual membership dues to be paid each year. The item was laid over to get more information. Made a pair of appointments to the Great River Regional Library Board. The county appointed Wayne Rebischke, of Buffalo, as a new member to the board and reappointed Jim Shovelain. Both will serve three-year terms. Authorized signatures on a 2014 contract to have Dr. Quinn Strobl provide medical examiner services for the county. Wright County has contracted with a multi-county medical examiner service based in Anoka County for the last several years. Approved final acceptance of the contract with Omann Brothers Paving, of Albertville, for the Montrose Safe Routes to School Trail Project.

City council
continued from page 1 But the fund has never had adequate money for the costs it was established to cover, and as of Dec. 13, a remaining negative cash balance was approaching $17,000. The council approved closing out Fund 603, with the negative cash balance to be transferred to an account in the General Fund. Water Debt Service Funds 321 and 322 were set up to record bond principal and interest for debt associated with bonding for the water treatment plant and a second filter. Each year, the council approves year-end transfers from Water Fund 601 to pay for the bond principal and interest in these debt service funds. Staff contacted the citys auditors regarding the matter and has determined that an account for the principal and interest payments could be set up within Fund 601 to record the debt for these bonds. Conducted a public hearing on amendments to the fee schedule, and as no one was in attendance to comment, approved the following changes: A $100 filming fee was added, and the pay rate for special meetings of park board or planning and zoning commissioners was changed from $50 to actual cost. Petitioners cost for special planning and zoning meetings has been similarly adjusted, from $500 per meeting to actual cost. Street-vacation charges have risen from $350 to $500. At the airport, a hangar rent surcharge of 7 cents per square foot has been dropped, and hangar rent has been raised from 33 cents to 40 cents per square foot. Basic sewer charges have been set at seven dollars for residential properties, $9 on commercial. Usage fees have been set at $7.85 per thousand gallons for 0-2,000 gallons, $8.10 for 2,000-5,000, $8.35 for 5,00010,000, $8.60 for 10,000-20,000, $8.85 for 20,000-30,000 and $9.10 for 30,000 or more. Adopted a resolution approving plans and authorizing advertisement for bids for the 2014 Street Improvement Project, which includes Linden and Park avenues, as well as portions of Division Street. Proposed work includes street improvements, water main replacement and sewer repairs. Total estimated project cost is $1,498,000. Bids will be opened Feb. 4, contracts will be awarded March 18, and construction is slated to begin in May. Approved payment No. 5 of $2,464.30 to SAK Construction for work on the 2012-2013 sewer inflow and infiltration improvement project. This payment covers estimated work completed in November, and final documentation on some items needs to be submitted by the contractor before determining actual final payment quantities. A 5 percent retainage is included in the request, which is typically not released until final project acceptance. Adopted a resolution approving a 2014 maintenance agreement with the Wright County Highway Department for an estimated cost of $2,388.70, based on an average of the years 2010, 2011 and 2012. Accepted a promissory note from the Maple Lake Lakers for $25,000 for improvements to Irish Stadium, payable in annual installments of $2,500, beginning April 1, 2014. Voted to promote maintenance staffer Andrew Johnson to full-time hours beginning with the first pay period in January. Clarified with Wright County Sheriffs Deputy Jason Sievert that the citys winter parking ordinance bans on-street parking 2 a.m.-7 a.m., or until streets are plowed curb-to-curb. Approved a consent agenda that included the following yearend transfers: $6,500 from the Ambulance Fund to the Fire Relief Association Fund; $6,500 from the Fire Department Fund to the Fire Relief Association Fund; $5,000 from the Ambulance Fund to the Fire Department Fund; $10,000 from the General Fund to the Airport Fund; $45,075 from the Water Fund to Water Treatment Plant Fund (2009A); and $77,982.50 from the Water Fund to Water Treatment Plant Fund (2009B). The councils next meeting is Tuesday, Jan. 21, at 7 p.m.


Bethke, Aaron Arthur John, age 32, of Albertville, sentenced on 12/20/13 for Felony Controlled Substance Crime in the Fifth Degree to a stay of imposition for five years on conditions of probation, serve 60 days jail, pay $75 public defender co-payment, have no use or possession of alcohol or non-prescription drugs, submit to random testing, obtain permission before leaving the state, complete chemical dependency treatment and follow all recommendations, have no same or similar violations. Sentenced by Judge Tenney. Bruneau, Jacob David, age 26, of Buffalo, sentenced on 12/16/13 for Probation Violations for Felony Violation of No Contact Order and Gross Misdemeanor Assault in the Fifth Degree to 60 days jail. Sentenced by Judge Tenney. Cashin, Jon Scott, age 58, of Gross Misdemeanor Third Degree DWI to 365 days jail, $300 fine; 355 days stayed for three years on conditions of probation, serve 10 days jail, pay $300 fine plus surcharges, serve 28 days on electronic home monitoring, attend Awareness Panel for Impaired Drivers, have no use or possession of alcohol or non-prescription drugs, submit to random testing, attend a support group, remain medically compliant, undergo chemical dependency treatment and follow all recommendations, have no same or similar violations. Sentenced by Judge Tenney. Clanton, James Russell, age 33, of Monticello, sentenced on 12/16/13 for Gross Misdemeanor Third Degree DWI to 365 days jail, $300 fine; 363 days stayed for two years on conditions of probation, serve 2 days jail, pay $300 fine plus surcharges, pay $75 public defender co-payment, complete a Level I driving program, serve 28 days on electronic home monitoring, have no same or similar violations. Sentenced by Judge McPherson. Hanson, Timothy Allen, age 47, of Otsego, sentenced on 12/13/13 for Gross Misdemeanor Possession of Pistol/Assault Weapons to 365 days jail; 281 days stayed for two years on conditions of probation, serve 84 days jail, pay $85 surcharges, have no use or possession of alcohol or non-prescription drugs, submit to random testing, have no use or possession of firearms or dangerous weapons, have no same or similar violations. Sentenced by Judge Strand. Jackson, Javaris Earl, age 34, of Buffalo, sentenced on 12/17/13 for Felony Terroristic Threats to a stay of imposition for five years on conditions of probation, serve 90 days jail, complete the Wright County Domestic Abuse Batterer's Intervention Program and follow all recommendations, have no use or possession of alcohol or non-prescription drugs, submit to random testing, provide a DNA sample, obtain permission before leaving the state, have no use or possession of firearms or dangerous weapons, have no same or similar violations. Sentenced by Judge Halsey. Klosterman, Stephen Nicholas, age 22, of Monticello, sentenced on 12/18/13 for Gross Misdemeanor Third Degree DWI to 365 days jail, $300 fine; 355 days stayed for two years on conditions of probation, serve 10 days jail, pay $300 fine plus surcharges, serve 20 days on electronic home monitoring, attend Awareness Panel for Impaired Drivers, have no use or possession of alcohol or non-prescription drugs, complete a Level I driving program and follow all recommendations, have no same or similar violations. Sentenced by Judge Tenney. Kujawa, Arleen Kay, age 51, of Monticello, sentenced on 12/18/13 for Misdemeanor Fourth Degree DWI to 90 days jail, $300 fine; 87 days stayed for two years on conditions of probation, serve 3 days jail, pay $300 fine plus surcharges, pay $75 public defender copayment, complete a Level I driving program and follow all recommendations, attend Awareness Panel for Impaired Drivers, have no use or possession of alcohol or non-prescription drugs, submit to random testing, attend support group, have no same or similar violations. Sentenced by Judge Tenney. Pfeifle, Scott Allen, age 48, of Otsego, sentenced on 12/20/13 for Felony Controlled Substance Crime in the Fifth Degree to a stay of imposition for five years on conditions of probation, serve 60 days jail, undergo a chemical dependency assessment and follow all recommendations, have no use or possession of alcohol or non-prescription drugs, submit to random testing, undergo a psychological evaluation and follow all recommendations, provide DNA sample, obtain permission before leaving the state, complete cognitive skill training, have no same or similar violations. Sentenced by Judge Halsey. Schaefer, Jessica Nicole, age 23, of Monticello, sentenced on 12/12/13 for Gross Misdemeanor Third Degree DWI to 365 days jail, $300 fine; 350 days stayed for two years on conditions of probation, serve 15 days jail, pay $300 fine plus surcharges, pay $75 public defender co-payment, undergo chemical dependency treatment and follow all recommendations, have no use or possession of alcohol or non-prescription drugs, submit to random testing, serve 30 days on electronic home monitoring, have no same or similar violations. Sentenced by Judge Halsey. Stucky, Bryant Patrick Russell, age 19, of Maple Lake, sentenced on 12/13/13 for Felony Controlled Substance Crime in the Fifth Degree to a stay of execution for ten years on conditions of probation, serve 180 days jail, have no use or possession of alcohol or non-prescription drugs, submit to random testing, provide DNA sample, obtain permission before leaving the state, have no use or possession of firearms or dangerous weapons, complete cognitive skill training, undergo a chemical dependency evaluation and follow all recommendations, undergo a psychological evaluation and follow all recommendations, have no same or similar violations. Sentenced for Probation Violations for Felony Controlled Substance Crime in the Fifth Degree to 90 days jail, concurrent. Sentenced by Judge Tenney. Walker, Joshua Alan, age 24, of Rockford, sentenced on 12/17/13 for Misdemeanor Domestic Assault to 90 days jail, $300 fine; 80 days stayed for two years on conditions of probation, serve 10 days jail, pay $300 fine plus surcharges, have no use or possession of alcohol or non-prescription drugs, submit to random testing, register as a sex offender, provide DNA sample, have no use or possession of firearms or dangerous weapons, complete the Wright County Batterer's Intervention Program and follow all recommendations, have no same or similar violations. Sentenced by Judge Tenney. Zeidler, Joseph Daniel, age 25, of Annandale, sentenced on 12/17/13 for Felony Possession of a Pistol/Assault Weapon to 27 months prison. Sentenced for Probation Violations for Felony Controlled Substance Crime in the Fifth Degree to one year and one day prison. Sentenced for Probation Violations for Gross Misdemeanor Giving False Information to a Peace Officer to 365 days jail. Sentenced by Judge Tenney.

1207 Hwy. 25 North Buffalo, MN


Maple Lake Fire Department Report

Maple Lakes Volunteer Fire Dept. and Ambulance Service responded to the following emergencies during the past week: Dec. 22, 4:03 a.m.: Medical. Patient transported by Maple Lake Ambulance to the St. Cloud Hospital ER. Dec. 19, 3:46 p.m.: Medical. Patient transported by Maple Lake Ambulance to the Buffalo Hospital ER. Dec. 18, 1:08 p.m.: Medical. Patient transported by Maple Lake Ambulance to the Buffalo Hospital ER. Dec. 17, 5:40 p.m.: Medical. Patient transported by Maple Lake Ambulance to the Buffalo Hospital ER. Dec. 17, 2:14 a.m.: Medical. No ambulance transportation. Dec. 16, 4:35 p.m.: Medical. Patient transported by Allina Ambulance. Dec. 16, 9:02 a.m.: Medical. Patient transported by Allina Ambulance. Maple Lakes Volunteer Fire Dept. responded to a welding shop structure fire at 6270 State Hwy. 55 in Albion Twp. on Dec. 21 at 5:40 p.m. The shop was on Les Lemieuxs property just west of Maple Lake and the fire was burning through the roof when the firefighters arrived. Seventeen firefighters responded and extinguished the fire with water and foam. New Years Eve Bowling


Open Daily at 11 a.m.


3 Different Times to Party!
3-5 p.m. 5:30-7:30 p.m. 8-10 p.m. Includes 2 Hours of Cosmic Bowling, Pizza, Pop, Hats, Noisemakers & More!

Family Parties for

10:30 p.m. - 1 a.m. $45 per lane Up to 6 people Includes: All-You-Can-Bowl for 2.5 Hours, Cosmic Bowling & Shoe Rental

Reservations Required - $85/Lane (Up to 6 Lanes)

December 26th, 27th, 30th 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday, Jan. 6th

Dancing in the Daylight

Senior Dance 1-4 p.m. $8 Cover Includes Light Lunch

per Lane per Hour Shoes Included


Open House 90th Birthday Party!

FREE Rental for 3 Days with Repairs of $1,000 or More! $75 OFF Any $1,000 Repair!
Must Present Coupon Expires 2/28/14

In honor of

Floyd (Bud) Marquette

on Saturday, Jan. 4th at the Maple Lake Legion from 2-8 p.m.
Supper will be served at 5 p.m. with music by the Wagon Wheelers


Visit us on the web at

Happy New Year!

Theres no better time than now to thank you for your support and to wish you a very happy & prosperous New Year!


Best Wishes for a Happy & Prosperous 2014 to you!

Fuller Concrete & Masonry, Inc.

Stan: 612-366-0910 Office: 320-963-5522 fuller@lakedalelink.net

Maple Lake Messenger Page 4 December 25, 2013

Programs & Events
December 25th Puzzle
113. Dec. 30: S.A.M. quilting group, 8 a.m., St. Timothys Church basement. Dec. 30: Al-Anon and Mens 12 Step Group, 7:30 p.m., Buffalo Evangelical Free Church, 2051 50th St. NE, County Roads. 25 & 113.

Dec. 26: Knights of Columbus, 7 p.m., St. Timothys Church. Dec. 26: AA & Al-Anon, 7:30 p.m., Buffalo Evangelical Free Church, 2051 50th St. NE, County Roads. 25 & 113. Dec. 28: AA, 7:30 p.m., Buffalo Evangelical Free Church, 2051 50th St. NE, County Roads. 25 &

WCHS Book Club event is Friday

The Wright County Historical Societys upcoming Book Club event will be held Friday, December 27th, from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m. The book club meets quarterly at the Wright County Heritage Centers Activity Room (2001 Hwy. 25 N, Buffalo) and does not require previous attendance or pre-reading of the topicit is open to all who are interested in books with a historical and local connection. This quarters presentation will be moderated by Connie Carlson, Buffalo, and highlights the creation of the Saint Johns Bible project. Attendance is free and everyone is welcome. Light refreshments will be served. For more information about this presentation and all upcoming projects, programs and events, please visit www.wrighthistory.org, WCHS Facebook page, or call Sally Stevens at 763-682-7323.

And thats the way it was . . .

Jeannie Fobbe retired after 37 years of volunteering for community service projects and participating in senior citizen activities in Wright County. ... The home of Ron and Donna Edmonson was selected as the winner of the annual Holiday in Lights contest sponsored by the Maple Lake Chamber of Commerce. ... Maple Lake graduate Lindsey Smith was selected as Defensive Most Valuable Player for the UW-Eau Claire womens volleyball team. ... And thats the way it was five years ago this week. Michael T. Pagel was killed from injuries sustained in an industrial accident at the Kelly Driscoll Bldg. when a fork lift/loader fell on top of him. ... The Minnesota WorkForce Center in Monticello scheduled an open house as part of the KARE 11 TVs annual On-Air Job Fair. ... Wildlife in Wright County received help from members of the Pheasants Forever Chapter when the members manned their corn cribs with scoop shovels and sacks to provide ear corn for them. ... And thats the way it was fifteen years ago this week. Karen Kramer, Roxanne Bryant and Jennifer Thomsen were selected to perform in the 34th Annual Dorian Music Festival at Luther College in Decorah, IA. ... Paul McAlpine resigned from the Wright County Board of Commissioners. McAlpine then assumed a position on the Maple Lake City Council. ... Wright County Deputy Sheriff Steward Wirth and his K-9 were awarded the Police K-9 of the Quarter which is a national award for conspicuous duty issued by the United States Police K-9 Association, Inc. ... And thats the way it was twenty-five years ago this week. Margaret Mooney was voted as a contestant for the Miss Date Setter U.S.A. for Seventeen Magazine at the age of 14. ... Miss Janet Lee Hinz of Kimball was chosen among thousands of entrants for Miss Liberty of Minnesota. ... At Daytons Furniture Store in Annandale an electric clothes dryer could be purchased for the low price of $99.95. ... And thats the way it was fifty years ago this week.

Blood donations could be the gift of life

This holiday season, the American Red Cross encourages eligible donors to give something that means something a blood donation. Upcoming blood donation available in Wright County: Jan. 4 from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints, 3933 Highway 25 North in Buffalo. January is National Blood Donor Month, and the American Red Cross invites those who are eligible to join the millions of blood donors across the country in helping ensure a stable blood supply for patients in need. January can be a difficult month to collect donations due to inclement weather and seasonal illnesses. To donate blood, simply call RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) or visit http://www.redcrossblood.org to make an appointment or for more information. All blood types are needed to ensure a reliable supply for patients. A blood donor card or drivers license or two other forms of identification are required at check-in. Individuals who are 17 years of age (16 with parental consent in some states), weigh at least 110 pounds and are in generally good health may be eligible to donate blood.

Heres How It Works: Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column, and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle! Answer on Page 12

Spencer Richard Graham

22-month-old son of Katie and Chris Graham, of Hastings. Grandparents, Sheila and Rick Benson, of Buffalo, and Holly and Jim Graham, of Two Harbors. Great-Grandmother Kitty Winter, of Maple Lake.

Sign-up for Blizzard Ball Tournament

Diamonds and Dreams will host the third annual Irish Diamonds Blizzard Ball Tournament on Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014, at Bolduan Park. Sign up today by calling Shelley at 320-260-7237.

Maple Lake Ambassador applications due Jan. 1

The Maple Lake Ambassador Organization is accepting applications from prospective ambassadors until Jan. 1, 2014, or until the first 17 applications are received. An individual must meet all of the following requirements to be eligible to participate in the MLAO candidate and/or ambassador programs: Be a female, be at least 17 years of age and no older than 20 years of age as of Jan. 1, 2014, live in Maple Lake (or be enrolled in and attending Maple Lake High School, or live within the boundaries of Minnesota Independent School District #881). Interested individuals should email the following information to mlqueens@gmail.com: First and last name, age as of January 1, 2014, email address and phone number.

55+ Driver Improvement Program

The Minnesota Highway Safety Center will be offering 55+ Driver Improvement Program courses on the following days: January 15th (4 HourRefresher Course); 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Buffalo Community Center, 206 Central Ave., Buffalo The Driver Improvement course is open to the public; preregistration is required. A MN Highway Safety & Research Center certified instructor teaches this class. By utilizing the most up-todate research in the field, participants will be provided the latest information in regards to driver safety, new laws, and vehicle technology. This class has something for everyone. The fee for the four hour refresher course is $20.00 and the eight-hour course is $24.00. For more information or to register, visit www.mnsafetycenter.org or call TOLL FREE 1-(888)-234-1294. Persons age 55 and older who complete the course qualify for a 10% discount on their auto insurance premiums for three years, according to Minnesota law. First-time participants must complete the initial eight hours of training and a four-hour refresher class every three years to maintain the 10% discount.

Best start to winter recreation since 2010

Anyone eager to get out crosscountry skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling will find an abundance of opportunities at many Minnesota state parks and trails. "The recent snowfalls and the forecast for sustained cold temperatures offer prospects of substantial, enduring snow cover deep into the month," said Greg Spoden, state climatologist at the DNR. "It will be the best start to the winter recreation season since 2010." Staff from the DNRs Parks and Trails Division and local clubs will be busy grooming trails in preparation for the upcoming weekend, but the DNR advises prospective park and trail visitors to check the website for trip planning tips before heading out to a winter recreation destination. Snow depth and trail conditions are updated every Thursday after 2 p.m. throughout the winter months at www.mndnr.gov/snow. Many state parks rent snowshoes, and several rent cross-country skis. For rental locations and prices, check out the winter activities guide found at www.mndnr.gov/winterguide. For a schedule of upcoming programs and special events at state parks and trails, including the popular candlelight ski and snowshoe events, you can visit: www.mndnr.gov/ptcalendar, or pick up one of the new Programs and Special Events brochures at park offices. As always, the DNR urges outdoor enthusiasts to exercise caution around lakes and wetlands, because the snow might act as a blanket over thin ice. Snowmobilers, in particular, should exercise caution and be alert to conditions. For more information, you can contact the DNR at: info.dnr@state.mn.us, 651-2966157 or toll-free at 888-646-6367, between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

WC Parks host lantern cross country ski on Jan. 3

The Wright County Parks Department is hosting a free lantern cross country ski event from 6 to 9 p.m. at Robert Ney Regional Park in Maple Lake on Friday, Jan. 3. Lanterns will light a groomed trail, but head lamps are encouraged. The nature center will also be open for refreshments, and a fire will help warm visitors outdoors. Ski rentals are available.

U of M Raptor Center presents Birds of Prey Jan. 4

The University of Minnesota Raptor Center presents Birds of Prey from 2 to 3 p.m. at Robert Ney Regional Park in Maple Lake on Saturday, Jan. 4. This free event will explore birds of prey, their role in the environment, and will feature three raptors.

Dog sledding in Robert Ney Regional Park in Maple Lake registration is required by Jan. 10
Enjoy moonlit dog sledding from 4 to 6 p.m. and 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Robert Ney Regional Park in Maple Lake on Friday, Jan. 17, and daylight dog sledding during three time slots on Saturday, Jan. 18. times are from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m., from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 to 4 p.m. Learn about the sport of dog sledding from speaker Dutch Steffel Reitsma then head to the trails to experience the thrill of being pulled on a sled by a team of siberian huskies through the moonlit woods. End your outing with a cup of hot cocoa or cider. Registration is required by Jan. 10 by calling the Wright County Parks Department at 763-682-7693 or emailing marc.mattice@co.wright.mn.us. There is a fee, and the class size is limited.

60+ and Healthy Clinics

The 60+ and Healthy Clinics, provided by Wright County Public Health, provides foot care for the senior citizens of Wright County. Toenail trimming is offered to meet the needs of those seniors who have a health condition such as diabetes or are unable to trim toenails themselves. The 60+ and Healthy Clinics will be charging a $15 fee for foot care services. This fee is necessary because the clinics are no longer being funded by grant money. However, if you are unable to pay the fee, you will not be turned away. The clinics are hosted from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. If you have any questions, please ask clinic staff or call WC Public Health at 1-800-362-3667 or 763-682-7456. Upcoming dates: Tuesday, Jan. 7: Buffalo Community Center, 206 Central Ave., Buffalo Tuesday, Jan. 14: Howard Lake Community Center Public Library, 617 6th St., Howard Lake Tuesday, Jan. 21: Annandale Senior Center, City Hall, 30 Cedar St. E., Annandale Tuesday, Jan. 28: St. Michael Ridge Apartments community room, 698 Ridge Drive, St. Michael To see the full schedule, you can visit the website at: www.co.wright.mn.us/forms/humanservices/60%20Plus%20and %20Healthy%20Schedule.pdf

Cokato Historical Society Open House is Jan. 5

The Cokato Museum & Historical Society invites the public to its 14th annual New Years Open House on Sunday, January 5th, 2014, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Centennial Room of the Cokato Public Library. As a part of this open house, a demonstration of the Finnish custom of melting tin will be held. Small pieces of tin are melted in an iron lathe then cast into a pail of cold water, where the tin forms unique shapes. Tradition holds that these shapes will foretell the upcoming year. Area residents familiar with this custom are especially encouraged to attend. This event is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served. For more information, please contact the museum at 320-2862427, on the web at www.cokato.mn.us, or check out their Facebook page.

Wellness on Wheels

Senior Dining menu Dec. 30 - Jan. 3

Offering a nutritious meal in a warm, caring atmosphere with friendship and fun. Everyone welcome. The Senior Dining Center is located at Maple Manor West, 555 2nd St. W. For more information, call 320963-5771. MONDAY, Dec. 30 Hamburger Stroganoff, Peas, Wheat Dinner Roll, Warm Fruit Compote TUESDAY, Dec. 31 Roast Beef w/Horseradish, Whipped Potatoes w/Gravy, Broccoli Normandy, Dinner Roll, Carrot Cake WEDNESDAY, Jan. 1 Closed THURSDAY, Jan. 2 Parmesan Chicken Breast, Baked Potato w/Sour Cream, Squash, Wheat Bread, Cherry Torte Bar FRIDAY, Jan. 3 Egg Bake, Tri-Tator Patty, Orange Juice, Blueberry Coffeecake, Baked Apple Slices

Wright County Public Health offers cholesterol testing in the Wellness on Wheels (WOW) van. For WOW van sites, appointments or questions, call Rosemary at 682-7717 or toll free, 1-800-362-3667, Ext. 7717. Wellness on Wheels Services include: Adult and Child Immunizations; Health Screening: Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cholesterol (by appointment), Pregnancy, Health and Wellness; Child Car Seat Check (by appointment); Information about: Healthy Lifestyle - Exercise, Nutrition, Recommendations for Routine Medical Care, Safety Individual, Home, Car Seat, Pregnancy, Childbirth, Parenting, Child Health, Growth & Development, Reproductive

Health & Family Planning, Infectious Diseases, Chronic Illness, Unhealthy Lifestyle Behaviors, such as Smoking, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Unsafe Sex; Information and Assistance in Accessing Resources. For appointments or questions, call 763-682-7717, or tollfree at 1-800-362-3667, ext. 7717. For immunizations, bring past immunization records to the van, if available. * Van hours Monday through Thursday are from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Upcoming dates: Monday, Jan. 6: Coborns, Clearwater Tuesday, Jan. 7: DJs, Albertville Wednesday, Jan. 8: Walmart, Buffalo Thursday, Jan. 9: Cub Foods, Monticello The complete WOW van schedule is available online at: http://www.co.wright.mn.us/department/humanservices/wow

Krinkie at Tea Party Patriots meeting January 7th

The Wright County Tea Party Patriots, on Tuesday, Jan. 7, will be hosting U.S. Congressional candidate Phil Krinkie to answer questions about his bid for Minnesota's 6th District congressional seat being vacated by Michele Bachmann. Krinkie is an eight-term member of the Minnesota House, which included roles on the Taxes, Government Finance and Capital Investment committees. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. and is open to the public. It will be at the Buffalo Airport meeting room, located at 1309 County Road 134 (north of Menards). The meeting will also be available at www.youtube.com/user/WrightCountyTeaParty .

Submit community programs and events to news@maplelakemessenger.com

The Maple Lake Messenger reserves the right to edit entries and does not guarantee publication of community events. Space limits the size and number of articles. Programs and Events deadline is 4 p.m. Monday. If your information must be published, please consider placing an ad.

Maple Lake Messenger Page 5 December 25, 2013

HOLY CROSS LUTHERAN CHURCH 5460 63rd St. NW, Box 462, Maple Lake Ph.: 763-463-9447 www.holycrossmaplelake.com Pastors: Steven King and Culynn Curtis Visitors Are Always Welcome! SUN.: 8 a.m., Traditional Service; 9:15 a.m., Education Hour; 10:30 a.m., Contemporary Service. MON.: 11 a.m., Staff Meeting; 1 p.m., First of All Prayer Group, Quilters. CHURCH OF ST. TIMOTHY 8 Oak Ave. N., Maple Lake Ph.: 320-963-3726 www.churchofsttimothy.org Pastor: John Meyer School Principal: Deacon Mike Medley SAT.: 3:30-4:15 p.m., Confessions; 4:30 p.m., Mass. SUN.: 8 & 10 a.m., Mass. BETHLEHEM UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST Ph.: 320-963-3118 www.uccml.org Pastor: Dr. Jeffrey Palmer revjbpalmer@gmail.com SUN.: 9:30 a.m., Worship; 10:30 a.m., Fellowship; 10:45 a.m., G.I.F.T.; 11 a.m., Confirmation. TUES.: 10 a.m., Bible Study at Irish Blessings; 7 p.m., Bible Study. 1284 Keats Ave. N.W., Annandale Ph.: 320-963-3284 Pastor: Marianne Zitzewitz SUN.: 9:30 a.m., Worship. ST. JOHNS LUTHERAN CHURCH 331 W. Harrison St., Annandale Ph.: 320-274-8827 www.stjohns-annandale.org Pastor: Dave E. Nelson SUN.: 8:30 Traditional Worship; 10 a.m., Contemporary Worship. BUFFALO SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH 200 2nd Ave. NE, Buffalo Ph.: 763-682-3582 Pastor: Devin Locati SAT.: 9:45 a.m., Bible Study; 11 a.m., Church Service. HOSANNA LUTHERAN CHURCH 1705 Hwy. 25 N., Buffalo, Mo. Syn. Pastor: Rob Jarvis Ph.: 763-682-3278; www.hosannalcms.org SUN.: 9 a.m., Worship Service; 10:30 a.m., Bible Study and Sunday School. TUES.: 8 p.m., Young Adults Group. WED.: 10 a.m., Bible Study; 7 p.m., Confirmation Class. BUFFALO UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST FELLOWSHIP WED.: Discussion Group Meets the 2nd & 4th Wednesday, Sept. thru May, 7:30 p.m., at Buffalo Community Center, Across the Street from the Post Office at 206 Central Ave. (Hwy. 25). For More Information, Call Luke at 763682-4616 or Visit www.buuf.us. Everyone is welcome. BUFFALO EVANGELICAL FREE CHURCH 2051 50th Street NE, Buffalo, MN (corner of Hwy. 25 N. & County Rd. 113) Ph. 763-682-6846; www.buffalofree.org info@buffalofree.org Senior Pastor: Brian Thorstad THURS.: 7 p.m., Small Groups; 7:30 a.m., AA & Al-Anon. FRI.: 6 a.m., Mens Small Group; 7 p.m., Small Groups. SUN.: 9:30 a.m., Worship Service, Coffee Fellowship, Childrens Church; 11 a.m., Sunday School for All Ages; 6 p.m., Youth Groups; 7 p.m., Small Group. MON.: 7 p.m., Womens Bible Study; 7:30 p.m., Al-Anon. TUES.: 7 p.m., Knitting Ministry; 7:30 p.m., Mens Small Group, AA, GA. WED.: 6:30 p.m., Awana, Choir Practice. BUFFALO COVENANT CHURCH 1601 Hwy. 25 N., Buffalo Ph.: 763-682-1470 www.buffalocov.org Lead Pastor: Max Frazier SUN.: 8 a.m., Traditional Worship; 9:30 & 11 a.m., Contemporary Worship; No Sunday School Classes. MON.: 9 a.m., Prayer Group. WED.: Office Closed. THURS.: 6:30 p.m., Purity Platoon, Worship Team Practice; 6:45 p.m., Choir Rehearsal. FAITH LUTHERAN CHURCH LCMC 12449 Clementa Ave. NW, Monticello Pastor: Jim Tetlie, 763-878-2092 www.lutheran-faith.org Secretarys office hours are: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Tuesdays, Wednesday & Thursday SUN.: 10 a.m., Worship Service. CELEBRATION COMMUNITY CHURCH Affiliated with Evangelical Free Ch. Box 171, Montrose; 763-675-3003 Interim Pastor: Dawson Grover; 612978-2766 SUN.: 10 a.m., Worship at Montrose Elementary School Gymnasium. TRI-COUNTY ALLIANCE CHURCH 8464 160th St. N.W. Clearwater, MN; 320-558-2750 Interim Pastor: Bob Morton SUN.: 10:30 a.m., Worship Service.

Richard Cleveland, South Haven
Richard E. Cleveland, age 78, of South Haven, died Thursday, Dec. 19, 2013, at the St. Cloud Hospital. Memorial Services will be at 11 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 26, at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Maple Lake with Rev. Culynn Curtis officiating. Burial will be at a later date at Ft. Snelling National Cemetery. Friends may call from 9:30-11 a.m. Thursday at the church. Richard Earl Cleveland was born May 2, 1935, in Taunton, to Ralph and Elizabeth (Goslar) Cleveland. He graduated from Marshall High School with the Class of 1953. Dick attended college in South Dakota and at the University of Minnesota until he joined the U.S. Army in 1954, serving in the Korean War. On June 15, 1957, he was united in marriage to Vonne Wik at First English Lutheran Church in Marshall; their marriage was blessed with three children. Dick started in the grocery business by packing ice cream and potatoes at a small family-owned store. He was able to move up the corporate ladder of Red Owl and eventually finished a 50-year career in the grocery industry as the owner and operator of Cleves Red Owl and Super Valu. Dick enjoyed playing cards and he enjoyed all outdoor activities, including fishing, ice fishing and hunting. He was a member of the Shakopee American Legion, Shakopee VFW and Holy Cross Lutheran Church. Dick is survived by his wife, Vonne, of South Haven; sons, Mike and Mark Cleveland, both of Bloomington; daughter and her husband, Shelly and Randy Weckman, of Shakopee; three grandchildren: Jake, Jeff and Jackie; and two great grandchildren McKenna and Shelby. He is preceded in death by his parents; sisters, Ruth Stolp and Phyllis Regnier; and brother, Paul Cleveland. Honorary bearers for the service will be Mark and Todd Palmer, Jake and Jeff Weckman, Greg Sotobeer and Kip Stolp. Becky Unger and Greg Sotobeer will provide the music for the service. The Maple Lake American Legion Post 131, Maple Lake VFW Post 7664 and the MN. National Guard Honor Guard will provide the military honors for the service. Arrangements are entrusted with Dingmann Funeral Care Burial & Cremation Services of Maple Lake. Obituary, guestbook, video tribute and funeral webcast are online at dingmannfuneral.com

continued from page 1 Another storyteller spoke of her grandmother who had always given her pennies. "I buried her with a penny and, ever since, I see pennies in weird places," the narrator named Maddy said. On one occasion, she felt a hand lift her up and a warm rush go through her body. When she looked in front of her, she found a penny. Nearly every person who attended the event shared some sort of story in hopes of impressing, and perhaps inspiring, the makers of "Inheritance." That plot line features Kiera, played by Miller, who moves herself and her daughter to a rundown farmhouse she inherited in order to escape her abusive husband, played by John Barrymore III. Her newfound peace is soon shattered by disturbing events at the house. Some footage has already been shot, but the bulk of it is set to take place in Maple Lake. For more information, visit www.facebook.com/InheritanceMovie.

Thank you for your continued patronage in 2013. I look forward to serving you in 2014 and beyond!


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Maple Lake Messenger Page 6 December 25, 2013

for the miracle this Christmas

Senior high choir presents concert St. Tims students get ready

The Maple Lake High School mixed choir presented An Evening of Holiday Music Monday, Dec. 16. Selections included The Star Spangled Banner, May Joyful Music Fill the Air, Loch Lomond, Excultate Cantamos Festivo, Bethlehem Procession, Fum, Fum Fum, Celebrate the Newborn King, Beautiful December and Wassil Song. The choir was directed by Sue Nelson and accompanied by Wendy Clark. (Photo by Charlene Wurm)

Letters to Santa Claus

from Maple Lake Elementary students
Dear Santa, What is your favorite kind of cookie? How many do you want? How do your reindeer fly? Ive been good at school. Could you bring me a faster bike. Red with lights on it. Can you bring me an ipod to play games and Im not going to watch inappropriate shows. Just wrestling and games. Love, Dalten Kuperus Dear Santa, I like your reindeer. You can make toys. I like your sleigh. Thats all. You can wrap toys. I want some Mario and Sonic monster trucks. Love, Joe Rudolph Dear Santa, Does Rudolph have a red nose? How is the North Pole doing? I wont be naughty ever again. I want Angry Birds for android or tablet and an Angry Birds blanket with all the birds and the pig. Love, Kenny Reimer Dear Santa, How are you? I would like a blue car and a plane for Christmas. Are the reindeer coming to town with you? See you soon. Love, Paxton Fobbe Dear Santa, How many elfs do you have at the North Pole? I would like a barbie and Polly Pocket. Love, Mackenzie Ruud Dear Santa, I like your reindeer. Im glad they can fly. Who feeds them supper? Do you have a puppy? What is its name? Love, Delaney Haglin Dear Santa, I want a furby. I want a remote control helicopter with four rings. And an elf on the shelf. How is Rudolph doing? How do you deliver all of them presents in one night? Love, Ralph Krohn Dear Santa, I want to come to your house. I want to ride the biggest reindeer. Will you please bring me a camera helicopter. Bring me an I-Pad. Love, Blake GageMorton Dear Santa, Can you please bring me a Teenage Mutuant Ninja Turtle set? Can you please get me something special. My elfs name is Tigger-McGee. He is magic. Today he wrapped toilet paper around my Christmas tree. Love, Katelyn Hagen Dear Santa, I want to move to my Grandmas house. Will you bring me an eagle for my dad? I am wondering if Mrs. Claus could get my mom money? Love, Ellie Hanson Dear Santa, Can you bring Nerf guns? I love reindeer. Can I ride your sleigh? Love, Kade Heaver Dear Sata, Do we have to buy a toy? Your sleigh is very cool! I would like a Lego Star Wars. how is Rudolph? Love, Logan Jacobson Dear Santa, What things are at the North Pole? I want to know whats really there. I would like Star Wars Legos and Spiderman Legos. They are awesome! Spiderman and Star Wars guys can escape because the bad guys almost got them! How are the reindeer doing? Can I feed them? Love, Maverick Johnson Dear Santa, I would like an American Girl doll. How can your sled fly? How do you get your elves? I really like getting toys for Christmas! Im going to leave you chocolate chip cookies! Luf, Anna Lipinski Dear Santa, How do you fit down the chimney? I would like a telescope to look at the stars. Im going to leave you some chocolate chip cookies! My favorite thing about Christmas is getting presents! Love, Landon Marsicek Dear Santa, Im getting early presents for Christmas! We have an elf in our classroom, he hid the telephone today! Santa, you have magic for reindeer so they can fly. I would like a baby husky for Christmas. Love, Alyssa Martinson Dear Santa, May I please talk to my elf, Frankie? I love to open presents! Can I fly? How do you get to all the houses in one night? I would like a doll house and an American Girl doll car. Love, Allie McClory Dear Santa, How do you make the reindeer fly? I would like a clock so it can wake me up. I want an iPad too. I would like to be an elf. Merry Christmas Santa! Love, Landon Holland Dear Santa, What is your reindeers name? I love you Santa. I want a minecraft pick ax. Please will you give me what I want? Please get there in time. Say hi to Rudolph. Love, Ethan Erdahl Dear Santa, How is Rudolph? I want a remote control helicopter becase my other one, it broke - the wing broke off. I love you Santa. Merry Christmas. Love, Joey Novotny Dear Santa, How do es Rudolphs nose work? How does Rudolph fly? I want a remote control airplane, a remote control helicopter. Thats it. How does your sleigh go? Merry Christmas Santa! Love, Joey Schaefer Dear Santa, I want a bike. I want a prize to go to the waterpark. I want a big giant stuffed animal at the store thats Twilight. I like his reindeers. Merry Christmas! I want a new Barbie house. Love, Makkal Tessman Dear Santa, I want a new coloring book for Christmas. Santa, I want a gumball machine. Santa, please thank Taylor for giving the presents to her. Say hi to Rudolph. Merry Christmas! Love, Taylor Walhowe Dear Santa, I would like everything I see on TV like those things that can climb. I like Rudolph. I have a lot of things on my Chirstmas list. A blue dog robot and I think thats all. Love, Winston Workman Dear Santa, I love you and I really like your elves. Chippy ate too many cookies and then he got sick. Please dont eat too many cookies or you will get a tummy ache. I really hope you eat all the cookies in the town. I want angry birds game for the Wii. Love, Charlie Walhowe Dear Santa, How are the reindeer doing? Is it cold in the North Pole? I would like iPad. I would also like Barbie dole. I like at Mape Lake. My name is Kayln Schons Dear Santa, How are the elves? I want a motor scooter and an iPad for Christmas. And a new elf for Christmas to keep as a pet. I need a pet for my house. Love, Seth Gage-Morton Dear Santa, Your elf Giggles is funny. She hung candy canes up like a ladder and climbed it. I have been good and I would like glitter boots pink! Love, Reaghan Fobbe Dear Santa, I have been good. I would like hot wheels for Christmas. I would like a Barbie for my sister. I would like Legos for my cousin. Thank you, Ryan Fertig Dear Santa, How are your reindeer? I have been nice this year. I would like Legos. Love, Hayden Dirks Dear Santa, I want a new basketball. I also want a new toy car. I want you to tell me a story Santa. I have been good. I also want Barbies. Love, Alana Idelburg Dear Santa, How are your reindeer? I have been good this year

(Above) Kindergarten through third-grade students kicked off the St. Timothys School Christmas program with a variety of Christmas songs and several youngsters knelt at the manger as they concluded their portion of the program. Students in fourth through eighth grade performed the play Getting Ready for the Miracle. (Below) Kate LaTour, Anna Olsen and Olivia Paumen portrayed the three wisemen in that play, while Nathan Galles and Alexis Stai depicted Joseph and Mary. (Photos by Gabe Licht)

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Call the Messenger office at 320-963-3813 and share it with us!

District 881 menus

Breakfast THURSDAY, Jan. 2 Breakfast pizza or choice of 2 cereals, whole wheat toast, jelly/margarine, fruit selection, milk, fruit juice FRIDAY, Jan. 3 Papettis cheese omelet, potato triangle or choice of 2 cereals, whole wheat toast, jelly/margarine, fruit selection, milk, fruit juice Lunch THURSDAY, Jan. 2 Chicken salad sliders, chef salad or pancakes, syrup, sausage patties, hot turkey on a bun; hashbrowns, cherry tomatoes, sugar-snap peas; fresh fruit, canned fruit, milk FRIDAY, Jan. 3 Turkey sub, chicken Caesar salad or fish sandwich w/cheese, homemade cheese bread w/marinara sauce; roasted broccoli salad, lemon garbanzo bean salad, shredded lettuce; fresh fruit, canned fruit, milk

Letters to Santa
continued on page 7

Bomb threat
continued from page 1 He was careful to explain the situation in light of recent events at schools throughout the country. "I thought it was important to say bomb threat because we hear of so many things happening in schools," Redemske said. "I wanted them to know exactly what it was, otherwise you create questions and confusion." Law enforcement officials were able to respond to the situation in a timely manner. "By the time most of the school resource officers in the county were here, we went through the school with keys and opened the lockers so they could check them and went through the different rooms. The Wright County Sheriff's Department completed a search of the building and found nothing of concern." That search concluded shortly after 3 p.m., about four hours after the message was found at 11:10 a.m. After-school activities were also canceled, Redemske sent out an updated SchoolReach message, updated the message on the school's main phone line and added a message to the district's website. Redemske asked school staff to meet with him at 7:30 a.m. Thursday to debrief the situation. "We've never practiced it and thought it (the evacuation) went well," Redemske said. "Administratively, we've discussed it a lot." While Redemske apologized for any inconvenience caused by the day's altered schedule, he did not suspect many parents thought of the evacuation in that way. "I don't think people are too concerned about inconvenience when they know we have their children's best interest and safety in mind," Redemske said. "A lot of kids didn't have their backpacks, but the kids were in good spirits in the high school." Students could experience more of an inconvenience if a similar occurrence happens again. "If something like that happens again, I'll go to the school board and request additional school days," Redemske said. He wants students, parents and patrons of the district to know that threats are not a joke and, consequently, will not be treated as jokes. "This has never been acceptable," Redemske said. "With some of the things that have happened across our nation, we can't accept any of this kind of behavior. We won't tolerate it." He noted that Fox and the Wright County Sheriff's Department would be investigating the situation and filing charges as appropriate. "As soon as it was reported, we treated it as a crime scene and we'll process it like any other crime," Leander said. "We'll do investigations and interviews. If someone is named as a suspect, we'll proceed and look at criminal charges and turn it over to the county attorney." Leander said law enforcement takes such threats very seriously. Charges could range from a gross misdemeanor to a felony, in addition to disorderly conduct charges and monetary fines as well. "The days are gone when you can do things like this and say, 'Haha, sorry, I was kidding,'" Leander said. "Students have been advised enough to know not to do this. You don't cause fear and panic and not have consequences for your actions." Despite the chaos, the day ended with a sigh of relief. "Things aren't going to go perfectly, but I believe our staff did well thinking on their feet," Redemske said. "In the end, every student and staff member got home safely. That's important to me. That's our top priority."

Maple Lake Messenger Page 7 December 25, 2013

Letters to Santa
continued from page 6 and would like a 3-DS for Christmas. And an army helicopter. How you have a merry Christmas. Love, Kieran Williams Dear Santa, How cold is it at the North Pole? Is it colder than Minnesota? For Christmas, I would like a toy money, 3-DS with games. A iPod would be nice too. Love, Danny Reilley Dear Santa, Are the elves doing a good job this year? Are they keeping up? Its really cold here. For Christmas I would like toy airplane and a vidio game. I will leave out cookies. Love, Ben Nelson Dear Santa, I love you Santa. How have you been? I would like a real size monster truck and a control and batterys. Have a great Christmas. Love, Landon Salmela Dear Santa, Is it cold in the North Pole? Have you been good? I would like a toy oven for Chirstmas. Hope you have a good Christmas and give toys to every-one in the world. Love, Miley Oravetz Dear Santa, How are the Reindeers? How is Mrs. Claus? For Christmas, I would like guitar, Barbie and the pink shoes, Doctor McStuff and a Barbie pony. Thank you. Love, Grace Ronnenberg Dear Santa, Have you been good? Santa do you bring the elfves here with you? I would like a DS and a toy truck. Love, Remington Daluge Dear Santa, Are the reindeer ready to go? I would like a kitchen for Christmas and a princess house. And a new princesses. Love, Emily Jurgens Dear Santa, Why do you live at the Norh Pole? Why do you have so many toys? I would like an iPad for Christmas. Why do you have reindeer? Love, Gentry Helgeson Dear Santa, How are the reindeers? For Christmas, I would like a doll and a picture of Santa to keep in my room. I would like a iPod. Love, Brooklynn Skreen Dear Santa, What can you give me? I want it to be a surprise. Can you give me presants and take my brother (to be a joke). Have a great Christmas! Love, Andrew Marquette Dear Santa, I like your elves! I want one of your reindeer. I hope you get me a toy reindeer. I also want a My Little Pony stuffed animal. I also want a baby doll so I can feed it. I will say Thank you. Love, Avery Cline Dear Santa, I like your sleigh. I liek your reindeer, and the elves. May I have some army guys? Also some Ninja Turtles. Love, Michael Boe Dear Santa, I would like some Duck Dynasty toys. Do the reindeer like Duck Dynasty? I would like some toys. Love, Nick Hughes Dear Santa, May I have an iPod and some tractors? Can I ride with you in the sleigh sometime? I would also like a wagon for my tractor. Love, Calvin Berndt Dear Santa, I would like a mermaid barbie, an American Girl dol, and a bike. Merry Christmas Santa Claus! Love, Mia Mattila Dear Santa, I would like an American Girl doll, a barbie doll and a pony. Love, Violet Byman Dear Santa, How do the reindeer fly? I would like an iPad. I would also like a Barbie. Love, Gemma Wall Dear Santa, May I have a toy kitchen? How do the elves have magic? My elves were on the table eating cereal today. From, Analisa Novak Dear Santa, I want Skylander Swat Force and all the other Skylanders that go with it. How many elves do you have? How old are you? I would like my own iPad and a DS. And one more thing, also Wipeout for DSI. Love, Evan Geyen Dear Santa, I dont know if the glow pillow and glow blanket start on fire, but if they dont I want those. Well I really do want a scooter, pink and a pink pogo stick. Am I on the naughty list? Sometimes Im naughty at home. I love Santa and Mrs. Santa and the elves. I saw your wife at the carnival. Love, Alana Weiss Dear Santa, I want a Doc McStuffins doctor bag. I want Lamby and Chilly and Stuffy whos a blue dragon. I want a Doc McStuffins doll and a Sophia ambulance. I want a small toy with Sophia in the box and clover and a DS. Love, Alyxis Strzyzewski Dear Santa, I want the Barbie pack please. And a rock collection and some new running shoes, Sketchers and green please. Can I have a marker pack please? A new butterfly mask and a new hat that will be My Little Pony. And a new tiara, please. And a new horsey please. Pink please. I want a stuffed monkey. Love, Brynn Ortiz Dear Santa, I would like a farm animal puzzle, V-tech ABC toy and Thomas the Train toy. Love, Sam Purcell Dear Santa, I can have some unicorn or pnies. I might want an Easy Bake like my friend Malana. Any kind of games for my Inno tab. Thats what I want for Christmas. Love, Carley Frost Dear Santa, I want an airplane witha remote and I also want Doc. McStuffins clothes for me and a Lamby doll. Its a white sheep with a pink bow, pink dress and pink shoes. Im not usually good at home, but I am good at school. Love, Mack Preisinger Dear Santa, Will you bring me colorful candy canes and a remote control helicopter. I liked your secret shop at my school. I would like a red kickball please. Thanks Santa for all the stuff. Love, Gage Woolridge Dear Santa, Remember when I saw you at Santas shop? I want a car. Blue. I would drive it around. And a small Santa toy. I want a little reindeer hat and a little reindeer toy. Love, Henry McLaughlin Dear Santa, What kind of cookie do you like? What kind cuz I thinks its chocolate. What kind of elves make the toys? For Christmas I want a racecar track with some cars and another toy, a circle track with a lot of different color cars. Whats your favorite kind of Christmas? Mine is regular Christmas. Love, Dusty Sherfey Dear Santa, I have tractors. I need a planter for corn and soy beans. A red kind cuz we dont like the John Deere. They dont make the red kind so a John Deere chopper. Love, Kody Uecker Dear Santa, Could you get me Lego Batman? I really like X-Box Lego Batman. Go really fast with your sled. Love, Dylan Fritz Dear Santa, We have an elf in our classroom. She was hiding in the tree. I would like Doc McStuffins for Christmas. Also, Sophia the 1st. Love, Olivia Jerome First grade Dear Santa, Could I please get a Priesis. Thank you, Brandon Anderson Dear Santa, Is Rudolph rede. Mitchell Fehn Dear Santa, Could I please get a Ipad for Christmas, thak you. Felicity Fischer Dear Santa, Plees give my hole famley prasint. Thank you, Ashley Gaffaney Dear Santa, Haw are your rain deer. Thak you, Love, Kaya Hendrikson Dear Santa, Could I please get a pitchre of Rudolph and a hors for Christmas? Are your deer redy to fly. Thank you, Kyra Hendrickson Dear Santa, Ipad, drt bik, could I go to the Noth Pol. Is Rudolph ral. Thank you, Ben Holland Dear Santa, Could I give you a gifte for Crismise. Thank you. Love, Lydia Jostock Dear Santa, Could I please giv my famile a prass. Thk you. Love, Vince Karvonen Dear Santa, Could you git a toy to kids who do not have toys. Thank you, Skyler Marschel Dear Santa, Could I please geta Ipod for Cchristmus? Thank you, Kaydi Muller Dear Santa, I want a new snowmo beell, drat bike, for weeler for Christmas? I hope all the kids get presins this year. Thak you, Mathew Ness Dear Santa, Haw is chet and I like the north poll. Thank you, Joe Neutz Dear Santa, Could I please get a Ipod for Christmas? are you redy for Christmas. Is Rudoloph redy. Thank you, Madilynn Norgren Dear Santa, I wot a grl bick and a stufe and I will be gud. We love you Santa. Thank you, Izzy Ogilvie Dear Santa, Could I please get a bow an arow this year. Is yor rander ready. Thak you, Tessa Pribyl Dear Santa, May I git a ried on your sla. Hi rudolph. Love, Drake Strzyzewski Dear Santa, Ples get a teen nage mutant nj turtles for Christmas. Thank you, Victor Swanson Second grade Dear Santa, I want a new tablet for Christmas. Love, Mady Payne Dear Santa, For Christmas I want Skyladrs Swopfors. from, Shawn Jones Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a game and a remote control helircopter. Love, Sawyer Ogilvie Dear Santa, For Chistmas I want a new puppy, candycanes and a mini trampoline. Love, Makenna Jude Dear Santa, I want a new badu loom kit and lots of othr stof, Love, Lilly Girard Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a Ipod case, toys and one of your elfs and fair dust, From, Kelsi Jude Dear Santa, I would like a Amaracen doll with long stright them, stright curly hair that is at the spa siting in the spa chir in a pink pokodotdid dress. Love, Ellie Fuller Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a tablet and iPhone and Skylswat foree and disney infinity and Legos and head phones and a waton and shoos and a new sleh and new game for the 3DS and 2DS. Gabe Jurgens Dear Santa, For Christmas I want gigi grant, I also want Howleen wolf and Twyla. I also want the monster high school. I also want raindeer for Chrismas. I also want rudof on the shelf for Christmas and a elf and the frozen dolls and the Barbie House and the Glow Pets for Chrismas. From, Sadie Purcell Dear Santa, I want Boxers. I also want a football, a Ipod, a Ipad. From, Ashton Daluge Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a new pair of cute boots, a drum set, an ipod, a rainbow loom kit, a Monster high set,all Monster high dolls, a Monster high make-up kit, a lalaloopsy doll, and xbox 360 Skyroom and an ipad. Love, Ashlynn Johnson Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a xbox 360, and a air hog and a elf on the shelf and 2 slap breclets. Love, Alan Haglin Dere Santa, This is wut I wuld like for Christmas, a doll house. Love, Maddy McLeod Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a ipad and a worthog and a star wars lago sit and a remote control helicopter and a remote control centipede. Love, Jeremiah Skreen Dear Santa, I would like a xbox 1 and a phone and call of duty just for xbox 1 and lagos. From, Ryan Cranston Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a monster high doll, dracula, hot chocolate, a pink D.S. with super mario bro on it, and braclet from M.L., coffee shop, carmel hair blue eyes frecls amercan girl doll, gymnastics set, saiges parade set and a real flute. Love, Abbie Lipinski Dear Santa, For Chrittmas I would like transforers and a xbox 1 and lego and a remote control helicopter and a ds and a remote control boat and a pupey and 100000 $ and a robot and a plae and a limow and an ipad and a shake. Love, Ty Rollings Dear Santa, I want all of uor randear pleas and thank you and 4 dottls of pikse dust fro all. Love, Kaylan Ennis Dear Santa, I want a aquisterial girl. Love, Haley Nelsen Dear Santa, I would like a kindlefire and a Iphone 5 and a I pod to and B tuf shrts sis 8, B tuf pants sis 8 to and a relye living pupey to and a relye living hors to and a Ipad to pleys. Love, Colton Kolb Dear Santa, I wouid like a toy cm punk, a toy airplan, a new wii with Superman, a toy car. From Ethan OBrien Dear Santa, Tommy was notey he drew all over the smart bored. I would like a ipd for christmas and a kittin and a stuft anuml bred hues and a barbey. Love, Ali Schaefer Dear Santa, I would like a game colled life on the farm and I would like a I phone and I would like some head gear and a set of racs cars. Love, Devon Larkin Dear Santa, I want a 4 wheelr for Christmas, I want a ipod for Christmas, I want a phone for Christmas, I want a ipod touch for Christmas, I want a hot tub for Christmas. Love, Samuel Ryan Hughes Dear Santa, I would like a game called Life on the farm and a ipod and a ipad and if you could get me a elf on the shelf for Christmas. Love, Logan Salmela Dear Santa, Tommys being naughty. This year I would like a white board with markers. I would also like gaktoo but most of all I want a butterfly neckelis. Love, Olivia Hendrickson Dear Santa, I have been good this year. I would like a puppy for Christmas. Love, Sarah Jensen Dear Santa, I would like a dog and a cat and my family to get a dog. Love, Anonymous p.s. tommy is good and bad, merry Crishmis Dear Santa, I want a elf on the shef and easy bake oven and a abby bomitabal and a star wars DS and a monster high gigi grant and tommy is a little naughty. Love, Dakota Zielsdorf Dear Santa, For christmas i want a toy space ship and a ramote control helokopter. And Tommy has bean noty for a long time. Love, Nick Jost Dear Santa, I would really like a kindle. My brother Landon would really like eather a diger or a crane, Mom would really like a coffee maker and apple cider maker and Dad would really like a tool kit. Love, Kenlyn Marsicek Dear Santa, For christmas I would like a Irish draft horse. And high heel boots from target. A blanket, kiten set, cloths, a puppy, a sister, esy bake. Love, Grace Carlson Dear Santa, i wot ipod, iphone, kindle fir and dog, From, Ian Helget Dear Santa, I would like a football for Christmas. Love, Tyler Condon Third grade Dear Santa, thanks for the ipod touch last year. Im surprised you knew I was In Florida. this year I will be home. I would like a cat and the 2013 topps baseball complete set. If I got a cat it would be the best Christmas ever. (totaly serious) It would be a good Christmas if I got the 2013 mlb topps complete set to. if you bring one of those it would be fun. Injoy your cookies! 3rd grade student, Carter Jostuck Dear Santa, I love the mini Hockey set I use it all the time. And on St. nikkis Eve I love the loom! And the hockey table oh my gosh I love it! And the a p jersey well its too small Now but I loved it. So how are ou, Mris Claus and the elves? And elves how do you guys and girls make the toys? Well what I want for Christmas is a Xbox 360, and the games for madden 25 and just more games. and I also want a corderlle Patterson football jersey #84. and greg jennings football jersey #15 vikings addition. and sports complete set Hockey complete set and football complete set that is all I want this year thank you for everything! Love, Blake M. Jarman Dear Santa, Thank you for th dirtbike. I really enjoy it. How are Dasher and Danser doing? I want justice stuff, a make up kid. And I also want earings and candy. One more thing I want a bounse chair. How do you fit in the chimny/ Are the elfses nice. How old are you and how do the reindeer pull your slay. Do you love giving presents to the kids? Do you like the reindeer? Have a wonderful Christmas! Love, Sydney Staloch Dear Santa, Thank you for the new wii when ours was broken and the game that came with it. Heres my most favorite things that you got me those 2 lego Atlantis sets, the Battle axe, mace, the big lego advetere quest lego set, thats all and Heres the things I want this Christmas. PS4, PS3, call of duty ghoust, xbox one, assasins creed 4 black flag, tadlet, thats all and your not the only one giveing presents out. I Am giveing presents to my dad and sister and hope you have a safe trip giveing presents to peaple and hope you never fall of a roof and dont wake anyone up. Love, Reagan Mattila Dear Santa, I moved this year. I am at Maple Lake now. How is your day? How is Mrs. Clause? I want a new kindlefire please., and I want a new Monster-High set please. I will give you cookies on Christmas eve. From, Yvette Johnson Dear Santa, Thank you for all of the stuff you have brought me. Like the Amarican girl doll. For Christmas I would like an eazle, with wight bord on one side and a chalk bord on the other. If you can I want some wight bord markers too. I have some questions, how do you get to all the kids in one night? How are your raindeer doing? Dose your slay ever run out of magic? How are you doing in the north pole? Is it cold? do your elves keep you compony? Please write back. An 8 year old girl, Audrey Beffel Dear Santa, thank you for givining me rollor skats last year. This year I would like a kindlefire, Earrings, my own IPad and a Phone please. are you ceaping warm. I heard up at the North pole you set a record for the werther is was 103-0 you and the elfs must be cold up there have a wonderful Chrismas. Love, Madi Clapp Dear Santa, Thank you for battle ship. Can you get me skis, a snowbord, football cards, baseball cards, games, electerctrain, electerc car, a direry. and can I have nineja turtle stuff. Sunserily, Travis Gaffaney Dear Santa, Thank you for the soccerball and the life doll. I would like a Ipad, mittens, makeup, a white board, white board markers, and white board eraser. I wish you could fix my nitendo ds. Sinserly, Audrey Lee Dear Santa, Thank you for the family ipad. Santa dose Rudolph the red nosed raindeer railly has a red nose and do your raindeer really fly? What I whant for Chrishtmas is the series of Barkley school for dogs, and a geko and a cage for the geko. from, Grace Tolletson Dear Santa, Thank you so much for, the stuff animal I love it so much. I would like my own ipod if you, cant you can give me a d.s. I love you so much. Love, Jolie Uecker Dear Santa, Thank you for the eletoric scooter. Can you please bring me a wiiu and a ipod touch. Plus an baseball and football cards. Again thank you. Third grade student, from Marcus Weimer Dear Santa, Thanks for the toys play with them every day. How are you? How old is Ruduf? Can I have a movie I want Epic. Love Bennett Lewison Dear Santa, Thank you for the bow and arrow. The toy big foot thank you for everything. Your a very good person and I like that about you. From, Wesley Zuelke, Dear Santa, thank you for my puppy and all my uther presents! I want to warn you my sister has been noty! I have been very very GOOD!!!!! I wonder if you will give my sister Anahi the noty one cole?! from Ashanti Blahut Dear Santa, Thank you for getting me a stuffed animal and a CD player. This year I want a skate bourd and a ipod, lots of bools, nail polish, ear-muffs and a water botle. If you can get me all thouse things I would be so happy. Oh! and a stuffed animal would be fun too! Please and thank you, Audrey Miller Dear Santa, thank for the eight person tent for my faimly. My sister used the tent for her party. it is realy big it is the best tent ever. If my Faimly ever went camping we could use the tent. I would like some school stuff for Chritmas. from Gwen Geyen Dear Santa, Thank you for giving my family the xBox 360. And thank you for giving me sports cards. This Christmas I would like you to bring me a PS3 and a IPod and sports cards and madden 25. from, Carter Scanlon Dear Santa, Thank You for those awesome football gloves and every thing else you have gotten me. This year I would like an x box 360. Really bad. Also a corrderrelle Patterson Jersey. And madden 25, NCAA football 14 for the xbox 360. Also the topps complete set. Jingles is being very good. How are your raindeer? sincerely, Layton Johnston Dear Santa, My name is Rily. How are you doing? Do you like any special kind of cookie? How is Rudolph doing? I would like a guitar. I am a good boy. Sincerely, Riley Hall Dear Santa, How are you? I am going to give you alot of cookies this year. These are the things I would like the most for Christmas A Furby, and a slide phone. See you Christmas Eve. Thank you! Love, Skylyn Johnson Dear Santa, This season I would like the new maga nerf gun. Also for xbox 360 I will like Disney Infinity, mine craft and skylanders Swap-Force. Then I would like NHL 14 and madden 25. Also I would like a Nintendo 3DS with two games those are super Mario 3D land and Scribble Nauts. Then I will like a Payton Manning Jersey. Also I would like Hockey cards and Hocke gear. Last but not least I would like a zach Presie Hockey stick that is cut out for my size. Love, Hunter Dallum Dear Santa, Am I on the nice or naughty list. I want a horse for Chrimas and alot of other things. How are you and Mrs. Claus? Love, Jordana Jude Dear Santa, what I want for Christmas is a horse, a robot dinosaur, an Ipad, a german shepard, and a golden retriever. How are the reindeer? How is Mrs. Claus? Am I on the naughty list or the nice list?. The one thing I want the most is two red bone hounds and an eletric scooter. Love Sandy Casady Dear Santa, Hi, my my name is Kaylynn. On the 4th of December it was my older brothers birtday. For Christmas I dont want any boxed up gifts. What I want for Christmas is to be with my family, friends my older brother and sister and most of all please let daddy come home from truck driving. Love, Kaylynn Sherfey Dear Santa, I hope you and the elfs are doing o.k. I hope I am on the nice list. What I wud like for Crismas is madden 25 or a Patterson Jersoy or wwe 2k14. I Like wwe 2k14 because I can be my cozin eric rowan and the wyatt famlie. Sinserly, Austin Morton Dear Santa, May I please have a puppy? I will take good care of it for you. I would like a pikaxe for christmas to. Also I would like an Ipad too thank you. for all the junk. May I also have a elf oh the shelf. Merry Christmas to all Love, Zachary Carlson Dear Santa, I am so glad you are here. Im sorry some kids dont believe in you, but I do! And Im sorry for doing things not good sometimes but I dont try! Well anyway these are somethings I want for Christmas: 1. the purpleish pink mangoose bike I saw at target, 2. You probly cant get this for me but you can try, its a puppy. 3. head phones, like real head phones. 4. an I pad 2. 5. fun looms, there little rubberbands and a loom and you can make braclets, anklelets and necklesses! Any way lets get back to the actulle note. So I hope I have been good most of the year. Oh and I want an Elf on the Shelf. You are really nice and all but I really hope you bring me all the things I want. Love, Erika LaTour Dear Santa, How are your reiendeer? How is Ms. Claws? What kind of cookies are your favorite? I want you to bring me a surprise. I like surprises they are cool. From, Derek Rose Dear Santa, I would like the movie called, Fast and Furious 6, and a game called, Skilader Swapforce for PS3. Howa re your raindeer especially Rudolph? From, Jacob Weese Dear Santa, I am so glad that you are coming to my house soon. How is Mrs. Claus doing? How is Rudolph doing? May I please have a Flutter by Fairy and a Furby and I would also like a surprise. Thank you and I have been pretty good this year From, Sydnee Peterson Dear Santa, I have been good. I have done better since I started my meds. I have more friends now. I am happier now with my friends. I wish I could have my brothers set of guitars and the anp. for christmas. Love Sean Hazzard Dear Santa, What is the north pole like? what do elfs look liek? how are the raindeer doing? am I on the nouty or nice list? what I want for chrismas is mouny, a amaran doll, a i pad two and candy. What do you look like? do you like warm milk or cold milk? What kinds of food do raindeer like? Sincerely, Kali Uecker Dear Santa, How are you? Im good How is Mrs. Claws? For Christmas I want a Ipod, stuffed animals, cute clothes for me, a D.S. Game called Moshie Monster. Moshling Zoo and anything youd think Id like. Can you tell me when St. Nick will come? Oh, cna you also get my cat a gift and something for my soon to be puppy? Thanks! Love, Grace Fritz Dear Santa, How are you? Im making cookies for you. Would you please bring my dad a new rifle? I would like a new nerf gun. Have safe travels. Love, Corbin Golby

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Maple Lake Messenger Page 10 December 25, 2013

by Ashley Becker Intern

ANML caged: Wrestlers Moose out-brawl Eagles suffer losses before break
Fans packed the stands on Saturday, Dec. 21, for the nonconference game between the Monticello-Annandale-Maple Lake Moose and the visiting Becker/Big Lake Eagles. By the time the puck dropped, the arena was filled to the max with parents, students and alumni players returning to watch their team battle it out. Just three minutes into the first period, the Moose took the lead as Monticello senior Brook Evans scored off a pass from Monticellos Mason Vetsch, who just rejoined the team after having to sit for a number of games, and Annandales Mark Rieger-Borer. Even with the momentum and the scoreboard in MAMLs favor, Becker/Big Lake was not discouraged and with only a few minutes remaining in the first period, the Eagles tied up the game at 1-1. The second period was intensified compared to the first as players began to play dirty to win the puck. This type of playing resulted in two Moose penalties: Maple Lakes Justin Wilson for cross-checking and Monticellos Sam Johnson for tripping. However, before any penalties occurred, Johnson was able to score on the Eagles goalie and make the score 2-1. After some dirty plays in the second period, the third period was nearly out of control. It started with Monticello senior Oliver Winsor scoring to bring the score to 3-1, then penalties

Holden Youngs, a 106-pounder from Maple Lake, wins a 12-3 major decision over Hutchinsons Brock Luthens. (Photo by Mary Christen)
by Hunter Hicks Sports Writer

The Lightning went into the last event of 2013 in New London-Spicer as underdogs, a commonplace for the boys thus far this year with their grueling schedule. Unfortunately, the State AA 5th-ranked Hutchinson Tigers and challenging GlencoeSilver Lake Panthers managed to hold off the Lightning's brawlers in two thriller matches. ANML had prepared all week for their two accomplished opponents, and as usual took their business to the mat against Hutchinson's stellar bunch. However, the Tigers' elite upper-

weights gave them an edge the Lightning couldn't compensate for, losing 20-43. ANML would need to lick their wounds quickly, because the Glencoe-Silver Lake Panthers would offer them a new set of difficulties. Coached by ANML alumni and two-time state champion Lance Wurm, the Panthers had taken leaps and bounds to offer the Lightning an impressive set of wrestlers. Both teams battled intensely, trading off wins and suffering close losses. The Lightning boys' tremendous effort was not sufficient however, and in the last match they were had by the

more experienced and mature GSL, losing 30-31. Head coach Jason Bartels had his own opinion on the boys' performance, "I'm very proud of how we wrestled tonight, but we definitely have a long way to go before I feel we have reached our full potential. We can take something away from these losses, and use them to motivate us for Febuary." Needless to say, ANML had their hands full Thursday with the strong opposition they faced. Hopefully the grapplers can use this holiday break to ice their bumps and bruises, and come back strong for 2014.

Justin Wilson, of Maple Lake, controls the puck in a win against the Becker/Big Lake Eagles. (Photo by Ashley Becker) seemed to take over the period. The Eagles had a total of 8 minutes of penalties and the Moose had a total of 17 minutes of penalties in the final period alone, which started out with a five-minute major penalty assessed to Monticello senior Tyler Mros for boarding. In one last desperate effort to get back in the game, the Eagles pulled their goalie while the Moose were short-handed making the player count six on four. Even with the Eagles efforts to score, Monticellos Drew Brockman managed to steal the puck and score on the empty Becker/Big Lake net and make the final score of the game 4-1. The Moose play again starting Dec. 26 at the M.A.C. in St. Cloud for the annual Christmas tournament.

Correction: In the Dec. 18 edition, wrestler Spencer Ogden was incorrectly identified as Hunter Malachek. The Messenger apologizes for the confusion and any inconvenience.

Reid is Bemidji Axes co-director

On Monday, Dec. 9, Kristi Reid signed as the director of the Bemidji Axes Dance Team. Reid is a 2011 graduate of Maple Lake High School and is a junior at Bemidji State University pursuing a degree in elementary education with a math endorsement. During Reids time at Maple Lake High School, she was a football cheerleader, on the gymnastics team and also danced at the St. Cloud Just for Kix. The Bemidji Axes Dance Team is a professional dance team that will be performing at the Axemen football games at the Sanford Center in Bemidji. The Axemen are part of the Indoor Football League and will be kicking off their first season on Feb. 7, 2014. I am excited to continue my dance career at the professional level, Reid said. Especially being so young, I feel so grateful and blessed to have been given this opportunity. Reid and her co-director Cassandra Schram, originally of Bemidji, have just concluded tryouts and plan to start practice soon. Interested individuals may stay informed about more upcoming

Irish boys fall in Holiday Tournament

by Kari Reid Sports Writer

Kristi Reid, right, of Maple Lake, is co-director of the Bemidji Axes Dance team with Cassandra Schram. (Photo submitted) events on The Axes Dance Team Facebook page along with the Bemidji Axemen website, bemidjiaxemen.com.

On Thursday, Dec. 19, the Maple Lake boys basketball team hosted the annual Holiday Tournament. Participating teams included the Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity Bulldogs, Foley Falcons, Mayer Lutheran Crusaders and the Irish. The Irish started in the second game of the tournament playing the Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity Bulldogs. The Irish started off the game strong. Maple Lake took the lead in the first half with a score of 3620. In the second half the Irish let the Bulldogs catch up with the Irish scoring 21 points and the Bulldogs scoring 37. That brought the game to a 57-57 tie. The teams had to battle it out in overtime where the Bulldogs scored 8 points and the Irish scored 5. The Irish picked up a hard loss by a score of 65-62. The first half was the best basketball we have played all year, head coach Tim Staloch said.

Unfortunately we didnt shoot very well in the second half and let them back in the game. I was proud of the way our guys battled and played together. Senior Zach Johnson and Junior David Stokman led the team scoring 13 points each. Johnson and Stokman also both grabbed seven rebounds and dished three assists. Pts Rebs Stls Asts Z. Johnson 13 7 - 3 A. Schonnesen 10 2 - 3 T. Goelz 3 5 1 D. Stokman 13 7 1 3 E. Hertwig 2 1 1 L. Caughey 10 2 - 4 N. Paumen 4 2 1 1 S. Graham 5 2 - B. Borell 2 2 - On Dec. 20, the Maple Lake Irish continued in the Holiday Tournament, playing against the Foley Falcons for third and fourth place. It was a close game with a total of 8 ties within it but the Irish came out on
ticello/Annandale/Maple Lake vs. TBA @ St. Cloud MAC, Time & Team TBD. Saturday, Dec 28: TBD Hockey:Girls Varsity Tournament Buffalo (coop) vs. Centennial @ Centennial High School, Time TBD; TBD Hockey:Boys Varsity Invitational Monticello/Annandale/Maple Lake vs. TBA @ St. Cloud MAC, Time & Team TBD. Thursday, Jan 2: 3:10pm Basketball:Girls 7th Grade Practice Begins vs. TBA @ Maple Lake High School; 3:10pm Basketball:Girls 8th Grade Practice Begins vs. TBA @ Maple Lake High School; 5:15pm

bottom, losing the game 69-60. The Irish started out the game on top. At the halftime buzzer the Irish were in the lead by a score of 34-31. The Falcons took the lead in the second half scoring 38 points while the Irish only scored 26. David Stokman was the lead scorer with 34 points. Zach Johnson led the team with 10 rebounds in the game. In the Holiday tournament, Maple Lake received fourth place, Foley received third place, Mayer Lutheran received second place and the Lester Prairie/Holy Trinity Bulldogs won the tournament. Pts Rebs Stls Asts Z. Johnson 13 10 - 1 A. Schonnesen 1 4 - 3 T. Goelz - - 2 2 D. Stokman 34 1 1 2 E. Hertwig - - 1 2 C. Olson - 3 1 L. Caughey 2 2 1 1 N. Paumen - 2 - S. Graham 2 3 - B. Borell 8 2 - Hockey:Boys JV Game Mound Westonka vs. Monticello/Annandale/Maple Lake @ Moose Sheritt Arena; 6:00pm Basketball:Girls JV Game vs. St. Cloud Cathedral @ Maple Lake High School; 6:00pm Basketball:Girls C Game vs. St. Cloud Cathedral @ Maple Lake High School; 7:00pm Hockey:Boys Varsity Game Mound Westonka vs. Monticello/Annandale/Maple Lake @ Moose Sheritt Arena; 7:30pm Basketball:Girls Varsity Game vs. St. Cloud Cathedral @ Maple Lake High School.


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This weeks Maple Lake Irish activities

Thursday, Dec 26: TBD Hockey:Boys Varsity Invitational Monticello/Annandale/Maple Lake vs. TBA @ St. Cloud MAC, Time & Team TBD; 4:00pm Hockey:Girls Varsity TournamentMoorhead vs. Buffalo (coop) @ Centennial High School. Friday, Dec 27: TBD Hockey:Girls Varsity Tournament Buffalo (coop) vs. Centennial @ Centennial High School, Time TBD; TBD Hockey:Boys Varsity Invitational Mon-

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47 Ronin (PG-13) 11:40am, 2:05, 9:30 47 Ronin 3D (PG-13) 4:30, 7:00 Grudge Match (PG-13) 11:30am, 2:00, 4:25, 7:05, 9:25 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (PG) 11:35am, 1:55, 4:20, 6:55, 9:20 American Hustle (R) 11:45am, 2:25, 6:30, 9:10 Walking With Dinosaurs (PG) 11:50am, 2:10, 9:05 Walking With Dinosaurs 3D (PG) 4:10, 7:10 Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (PG-13) 11:25am, 1:50, 4:15, 6:50, 9:15 The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (PG-13) 11:15am, 2:20, 5:40, 8:45 Frozen (PG) 11:20am, 1:45, 4:00, 6:45, 9:00

Out & About

(that have never played organized hockey)

Wednesday, January 1:
Happy New Year! - Closed

Annandale/Maple Lake Rink Rat Hockey is Back!

For Boys & Girls Ages 3 Thru 8 Starts: Saturday, January 4th

WEEKLY Bottle Beer) - NO DRINK CHIPS Wednesdays: 7-11 PM 12oz. Tap Beers - $1.25 Specials Thursdays: 6-11 PM $1 off Large Pizzas (Dine-in Only)
Friday Night Meat Raffle proceeds: Irish Paths & Spanish Club

2 for 1 Tuesdays: 7-11 PM (Bar Rail, Tap Beer & Domestic

This Weeks Donations

Introduction to Hockey: Will learn basic skating skills and the game of hockey

and will run Tuesdays & Saturdays Location: Annandale Outdoor Rink Low Cost: $25.00

100 1ST AVE NE (763) 682-3000

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Maple Lake Community Theatre presented Bye Bye Birdie in February. (File photo) Nathan Carlson, a 106-pounder from Maple Lake, and Tanner Vasser, a 113-pounder from Maple Lake, did not place. The Maple Lake Chamber of Commerce hosted the Irish Gala, where Linda Rassat was named the Chamber Member of the Year and Cedar Lake Engineering was named the Chamber Business of the Year. Hypnotist Terry Davolt provided entertainment. As the Maple Lake Library turned four years old, volunteers reflected on the history of the library and the community, with an emphasis on the electronic archive at the library. Wright Technical Center hired Raymond Przekurate Jr. as the new director. The Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Association brought its Lonely Pines Concert Series, featuring Alan Bibey Grasstowne from North Carolina and Minneapolis-based Blue Wolf, to Bethlehem United Church of Christ. The Maple Lake School board cut several positions to reduce a projected $882,000 deficit by about $501,000. Between 3,000 and 4,000 people attended the St. Patricks Day Parade. A total of 512 runners competed in the Irish Scamper 5K. Beckers Nick Jamnick broke his record by nearly 15 seconds with a time of 15:48.09. Chelsey Trettel, Carissa Knott and Lauryn Aanerud were named Maple Lake Ambassadors. Judy Martin won the $1,000 St. Patricks Day raffle. Ken Hennen was recognized for 60 years of service to the Maple Lake American Legion. More than 100 kids participated in the Maple Lake Lions Candy Scramble on Palm Sunday. Cody Richard LaFave, 19, of Maple Lake, was killed in a snowmobile accident in Corinna Township. Shelby Rachel won a $1,000 jackpot while playing the Maple Lake Lions bingo at Madigans Pub and Grill. Warren and Charles Krause, and their family, were named the Dairy Farmers of America Members of Distinction for their work and innovation with Krause Holsteins near Maple Lake. The Maple Lake High School mixed choir received three Superior ratings at the Large Group Vocal Contest. The Irish boys basketball team defeated Foley 79-73 in the first round of the playoffs, but lost 75-40 to the Annandale Cardinals. Keith Rossberg, 46, of Annandale, was found guilty of first-degree premeditated murder of 63-year-old Devan Hawkinson. Jay Elsenpeter, Tyler Mooney and Aaron Mooney became Eagle Scouts.

The 38th annual Maple Lake Ice Fishing Derby drew thousands of anglers and spectators to the area, as shown in this aerial photo by Eagle Eye Photography. An estimated $20,000 was raised for the Maple Lake Property Owners Association. To be eligible, the two earned a grade point average of at least 3.25 and were involved in an arts activity and at least two sports activities. Teachers Marty Kiebel and Ben Youngs worked with photographer Dan Zahler, shop teacher John Donohue and maintenance worker Greg Helmbrecht reframed and reorganized the photos of state qualifying teams and individuals. Maple Lake High School presented the one-act play titled Do Not Go Gentle. It took first place at subsections. The school board began discussing school security in light of the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. The Blizzard Ball tournament raised more than $1,500 for the Diamonds & Dreams Organization, which supports the new Irish Diamonds softball and baseball complex. Bart Lauer was named the 2012 Fireman of the Year in Maple Lake. Lauryn Aanerud, Rachel Gapinski, Miranda Jordan, Carissa Knott, Georgie Loftis and Chelsey Trettel became candidates for three Maple Lake Ambassador seats. Maple Lake Messenger advertising manager Kayla Erickson won third place in the Institutional Advertisement category of the Minnesota Newspaper Association Better Newspaper Contest with an ad featuring MP: A Family of Companies. The Maple Lake Band Boosters Club awarded scholarships to Sami Szczesny and Nick Davis. Maple Lakes seventh-grade boys traveling basketball team took first place in the Hutchinson tournament. Eighth grader John Reilley took first place in the Maple Lake Spelling Bee, earning the right to represent the school at the Regional Spelling Bee at St. Johns University. February The 38th annual Maple Lake Ice Fishing Derby drew thousands of anglers and spectators from throughout the area. The fourth annual Arctic Plunge included 25 plungers on nine teams raising a total of about $800 for the Maple Lake Fire Department, Maple Lake Post Prom Committee and Annandale Grad Party. The Flintstones made up of Chris Dombrovski, Steph Kourtjian and Leah Tadych took first place, and $100, in the costume contest. Aaron Togrimson, of Buffalo, caught the 38th largest northern pike, at 1.927 pounds, and earned an Ice Castle fish house. Wayde Wright caught the largest northern, weighing in at 10.864 pounds. Another fish house went to Deb Korfe, of New Mexico. With 367 registered fish, including 281 northern pike, and others that were likely never registered, organizers estimated it was a record year for the event. An estimated $20,000 was raised for the Maple Lake Property Owners Association, to be used to eradicate Eurasian Milfoil in the lake. Former Maple Lake Messenger publisher Theresa Andrus was named the Grand Marshal for the 36th annual St. Patricks Day Parade. Scott and Chris Fobbe were named the Minneapolis Aquatennial Commodore Award winners. Susan Niedzielski won the St. Patricks Day button contest for the second year in a row. The Camp Friendship Auxiliary presented a check for a record $20,000 to the Camps of Courage and Friendship. Maple Lake Community Theatre presented Bye Bye Birdie with Steve King as director. The former H & H Caf building was demolished to make room for new fuel pumps on the west side of H & H Sport Shop, as well as a new access road from Highway 55 to Irish Diamonds softball and baseball complex. Pace Industries opened a health and wellness center, staffed by a nurse practitioner, for employees and their families. Maple Lake High School crowned Snowcoming royalty, including seventh graders Mara Hayes and Dennie Swenson, eighth graders Lydia Green and Brady Tongen, freshmen Megan Webb and Damian Kaley, sophomores Jamie McElvany and Tony Goelz, juniors Anna Treptau and Drew Seibert and seniors Katie Colbert and Ben Winkelman. Miss Congeniality Ebony Ortiz was named the 2013 Minneapolis Aquatennial candidate. The Annandale-Maple Lake Lightning team sent three wrestlers to the state tournament: 145-pounder Jordan Hanan, 113-pounder Tanner Vassar and 106-pounder Nate Carlson. Charter phone service became available in Maple Lake. Maple Lake Elementary students reached their I Love to Read goals and were rewarded with smores Principal Kris Harlan made in a bonfire in front of the school. The Minnesota Womens Consortium awarded Maple Lake resident Lonna Szczesny, director of Womens Programs for RESOURCE, its first Lifetime Achievement Award for her work over the past 23 years helping women get jobs and find better jobs. March ANML Lightning wrestler Jordan Hanan took third place in the State Class 2A Wrestling Tournament at 145 pounds. First-timers

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Legal Notices
LEGAL NOTICE STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF WRIGHT DISTRICT COURT PROBATE DIVISION TENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT Court File No. 86 PR-13-6071 NOTICE OF HEARING ON PETITION FOR FORMAL ADJUDICATION OF INTESTACY, DETERMINATION OF HEIRSHIP, APPOINTMENT OF PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE AND NOTICE TO CREDITORS Estate of KEITH H. TIMMERMAN Decedent Notice is given that on January 22, 2014, at 9:00 A.M., a hearing will be held in this Court at 10 NW Second Street, Buffalo, Minnesota, for the adjudication of intestacy and determination of heirship of the Decedent, and for the appointment of Susan K. Timmerman, whose address is 4401 Russell Avenue N, Minneapolis, MN 55412 as personal representative of the Estate of the Decedent in an UNSUPERVISED administration. Any objection to the Petition must be filed with the Court prior to or at the hearing. If proper and if no objections are filed, the personal representative will be appointed with full power to administer the Estate, including the power to collect all assets, pay all legal debts, claims, taxes, and expenses, and sell real and personal property, and do all necessary acts for the Estate. Notice is also given that (subject to Minn. Stat. 524.3-801) all creditors having claims against the Estate are required to present the claims to the personal representative or to the Court Administrator within four months after the date of this Notice or the claims will be barred. 12/5/2013 /s/ Ana Isham Ana Isham /s/ Peggy Gentles Peggy Gentles Court Administrator Attorney for Petitioner Sheldon R. Brown YOUNG & BROWN, LLP 63 OAK AVENUE SOUTH P.O. BOX 859 ANNANDALE, MN 55302 (320) 274-8221 (Telephone) (320) 274-3476 (Facsimile) annandalelaw.com Attorney License No.: 12154 (12-13c) Notice of Mink Lake and Somers Lake Open Water The aeration systems on Mink Lake (86-0229) and on Somers Lake (86-0230) located in Corinna Township, Wright County, MN near the Town of Maple Lake, will create open water in several places. Fishermen, skiers, hikers, and others are warned to stay clear of the marked areas! Weather conditions may cause the areas of thin ice and open water to fluctuate greatly. Vehicles including snowmobiles and ATVs should stay off the lake entirely when aeration is operational. The aerators, which may be in operation throughout the remainder of the winter, are designed to prevent fish kills. EXTREME CAUTION should be used while using these lakes for the remainder of the winter. A Warning sign with the Notice the Aeration is in operation will be posted at the Public Access. Additionally, thin Ice signs will mark the areas where the aerators will create open water. (12-13c) SUMMARY OF CORINNA TOWNSHIP ORDINANCE 2013-07 (Land Use Ordinance) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of Supervisors of the Township of Corinna, Wright County, Minnesota, have adopted Ordinance 2013-07 (Land Use Ordinance), an Ordinance Amending Ordinance 2013-01 effective immediately. Said Ordinance has been adopted for the purpose of clarifying certain ordinances consistent with past interpretations and for ensuring compliance with the minimum requirements of Minnesota Rules 6120 regarding shoreland and floodplain management. A printed copy of the Ordinance is available for inspection by any person at the office of the Town Clerk, the office of the County Recorder, in the County Law Library, at the Annandale and Maple Lake Public Library and is available on-line for download at www.hometownplanning.com. Adopted by the Corinna Town Board of Supervisors this 17th day of December, 2013. Charles Carlson, Board Chair

NOTICE OF PUBLICATION AMENDED ZONING ORDINANCE SECTION 80 (FEE SCHEDULE) Notice is hereby given that the City Council of the City of Maple Lake, Minnesota has amended the Maple Lake Zoning Ordinance, Section 80: Fees as follows: The following fees have been amended: Special P&Z Meeting Actual Cost Vacation (Street) $500.00 (Plus Consultants time by deposit) Sewer Fees: Sewer Base II Rate-Residential $1.00 (formerly Storm Sewer) Sewer Base II Rate-Non-Residential $3.00 (formerly Storm Sewer) 0-2,000 Gallons $7.85 2,000-5,000 Gallons $8.10 5,000-10,000 Gallons $8.35 10,000-20,000 Gallons $8.60 20,000-30,000 Gallons $8.85 30,000+ Gallons $9.10 Airport Hangar Rent $0.40/sq ft (eliminated surcharge) The following fees have been added: Filming Fee $100.00 This ordinance shall be effective January 1, 2014. Adopted by the City Council this 17th day of December, 2013. ___________________________ Lynn S. Kissock, Mayor City of Maple Lake Attest:__________________________ Linda E. Hruby City Clerk/Treasurer Published in the Maple Lake Messenger on the 25th day of December, 2013.

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CC Morgan, LLC 3000 head gilt multiplier located near Bertha, MN is searching for an Experienced Unit Manager CC Morgan, LLC offers Highly Competitive Wage and a Comprehensive Benet Program that includes health insurance, vacation/personal/sick time and Simple IRA. Relocation assistance may be provided. Interested candidates can call Rodney at 515-295-8777 or send a resume to: Suidae Health & Production, Attn: Human Resource Department, PO Box 598, Algona, IA 50511 Or E-mail: rodneydavis@suidaehp.com

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VIKING LAND TRANSPORTATION is looking for O/Operators to pull our trailer or yours. We offer excellent revenue, miles, FCFS dispatch, weekly settlements, direct deposit, home time Call Recruiting for incentive info @ 800/845-5838 NEED CLASS A CDL TRAINING? Start a career in trucking today! Swift Academies offer PTDI certied courses and offer Best-In-Class training. New academy classes weekly. No money down or credit check. Certied mentors ready and available. Paid (while training with mentor). Regional and dedicated opportunities. Great career path. Excellent benets package. Please call: 866/975-8141

DISH TV RETAILER Starting at $19.99/month (for 12 mos.) & High Speed Internet starting at $14.95/month (where available.) Save! Ask About same day Installation! Call now! 800/297-8706 CANADA DRUG CENTER is your choice for safe and affordable medications. Our licensed Canadian mail order pharmacy will provide you with savings of up to 75% on all your medication needs. Call today 800/259-1096 for $10.00 off your rst prescription and free shipping. DONATE YOUR CAR Truck or Boat to Heritage for the Blind. Free 3 day vacation, tax deductible, free towing, all paperwork taken care of 800/439-1735 GUARANTEED INCOME for your retirement. Avoid market risk & get guaranteed income in retirement! Call for free copy of our safe money guide plus annuity quotes from A-rated companies! 800/631-4558

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General Security Services Corp. Midwest Patrol is accepting applications for a PT Basic Security Officer position in the Maple Lake area. Candidate must be available to work weekends, have HS diploma/GED, and successfully pass a criminal background check. Military experience, security experience or schooling preferred. Veterans, retired individuals and students are encouraged to apply. EOE/AA/D/VIM/F Employer. 320-252-3794 (12-13p)

SCRANTON EQUITY of Scranton, ND is seeking a qualied General Manager. This is a BNSF grain shuttle loading facility and full service agronomy and energy operation with sales of $100 million with three locations. Grain, agronomy, energy, and service as well as nancial and personal management experience required. Email: larry.fuller@chsinc.com or fax (888/653-5527) resume to: Larry Fuller, 5213 Shoal Drive, Bismarck ND 58503. NEW DIRECTIONS, INC. seeking Direct Support Professionals! $10.75-$15.00/hr with Retention BONUS! M/h valid DL, car insurance, clean MVR, pass BGC. Contact Carrie 651/755-7030 www.newdirectionsmn.com

CASH FOR CARS: All cars/trucks wanted. Running or not! Top dollar paid. We come to you! Any make/ model. Call for instant offer: 800/871-9145 ONLY $249 to reach a statewide audience of 3 million readers!!! 1-800-279-2979

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