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Level 2 map


Forvie site
MRIS Lysosomal unit

Rosie Hospital N wards
(drop off only)
Rosie Birth Centre (level 1)

Entrances Wards /clinics

PUVA Oncology

Lewin unit R2 ward

Level 1 Main reception

N wards (N2N3) F wards G wards (F2F6) (G2G6)

Up to level 3


Maternal & fetal medicine clinics Delivery Unit

Wards /clinics on upper levels Lifts Stairs Reception

Level 3 NICU
WRVS Pavilion Cafe & Garden

Brain Imaging Centre
Diamond Jubilee Garden

J2 ward (& up to J3)

Up to Clinic 1a

Discharge lounge
Access to F&G wards

Rosie Outpatients Department (level 1)

Rosie Ultrasound Department (level 1)

Toilets *disabled access Baby change

L wards (L4L5) M wards (M4M5)

Daphne ward

Emmeline Centre Clinic 6 & Clinic 14 (level 1)

Clinic 10

Clinic 2

Clinic 2a X-ray CT & MRI suite PET/CT unit NCCU

A wards

Cash machine Cafe

Onsite retailers

Lady Mary ward C wards (C2C10)

Up to level 10 Access to E block


D wards (D2D10)

Cambridge Heart Clinic (on K2)

Breast Unit (level 1)

L2 Day surgery & Pre-admissions clinic

Cambridge Eye Unit & Cataract Clinic (level 1)

E block

K wards (K2K3) Chapel Inpatient pharmacy

(inc GSK & Clinical Investigation Ward)

Blood tests

Blood tests

Clinic 5

Clinic 1

Cardiology Diagnostic Tests


EAU (EAU 35)

Boardroom & David Dunn suite

Main Outpatients: Amigos newsagent Costa Coffee WRVS coffee shop Addenbrookes concourse: Amigos convenience store Costa Coffee Barclays Bank Barr Ellison solicitors The Body Shop Broadway Dry Cleaners Hair Depot hairdressers Premier Holidays travel agent The Stock Shop gifts and clothing Variety of trade stalls Variety food outlets Addenbrookes Treatment Centre: Costa coffee

Clinic 9

Nuclear Medicine

Emergency Department

Lab block PALS



Clinic 30

Weston Centre

Wolfson Centre

Outpatient pharmacy

Concourse Emergency Department Addenbrookes Hospital

Food court

Main Outpatients

Addenbrookes Treatment Centre (ATC)

S Block

Main Hospital car park North

Dialysis unit

Treatment Centre & Rosie Hospital car park

Main Outpatients (clinics located on all levels)

Level 1 Cambridge Eye Unit Cataract Clinic Clinic 14 Emmeline Centre Level 2 Reception Blood Tests Cardiology Diagnostic Tests Clinic 1 Clinic 2 Clinic 2a Clinic 5 Clinic 6 Clinic 9 Clinic 10 CT & MRI Scans Outpatient Pharmacy PET/CT Unit X-ray Level 3 Clinic 3 Clinic 4 Clinic 4a Clinic 7 Clinic 8 Clinic 12 Clinical Neurophysiology Dept of Nuclear Medicine DEXA scanning Medical Photography Pain Clinic Speech Therapy Ultrasound X-ray: Barium & IVU Suite Level 4 Angiography Clinic 1a Genitourinary Medicine Vascular Access

Addenbrookes Hospital
ACCI (inc GSK) Wards A3A5 Cambridge Heart Clinic (K2) Clinical Investigation Ward Discharge Lounge Emergency Department & Clinical Decisions Unit Wards C2 C10 Wards D2 D10 EAU 2EAU 5 Lysosomal unit PUVA Units E4 E10 Wards F2 F6 Wards G2 G6 Wards J2 & J3 Wards K2K3 Wards N2N3 Wards R2R3 & Lewin Unit Ward S3

Rosie Hospital (maternity & womens services)

Level 1 Reception Cambridge Breast Unit Chestnut House Rosie Birth Centre Rosie Outpatient Dept Rosie Ultrasound Dept Level 2 Lady Mary Ward Daphne Ward Maternal and Fetal Medicine clinics The Jane Thorley Counselling Suite Level 3 Delivery Unit Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (including special care baby unit) Maternity Assessment

Addenbrookes Treatment Centre

Level 2 Reception Blood Tests Clinic 30 Day Surgery & Pre-admissions Clinic Wolfson Centre Weston Centre Level 3 Endoscopy Clinic 33 Plastic Surgery Unit X-ray Theatre Admissions MRC Epidemiology Immunology Clinic Haematology Clinic Level 4 L4 Ward M4 Ward Level 5 L5 Ward M5 Ward Vascular Studies Unit

Ward numbers denote the oor level on which they are located

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