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Research Proposal on WAPDA Energy Crises

Purpose of the study

The main objective of my research is to find out either the consumption of high demand, over load, illegal load, and thefting of electricity in Pakistan is responsible for Load shedding or the growth in industrial sector in Pakistan is responsible for load shedding, or no Installation of new power plants or latest equipments is responsible for the problem.

Problem statement
Do the High Demand, illegal load, over load, electricity Thefting and production of Air conditioners in Pakistan is responsible for severe load shedding in Pakistan or other factors like growth in industry and no installation of electricity capacities or latest equipments were responsible for that.

Significance of the study

The research work on load shedding will help us to demonstrate the true reasons of load shedding problem. It also helps us to find out the total energy consumption and production of Pakistan. The study will also help us to evaluate how much growth is needed in electricity production sector to cease the load shedding problem.

Relevance of study
WAPDA Crises or Electricity Shortage in Pakistan becomes more severe during the year 2005-2006 due to extensive use luxurious appliances of electricity by domestic users. According to the report, in the fiscal year 2005-06, some 2,250MW power was require d to operate some 7.7 million electric home appliances i.e. number of refrigerators in the country were 1,100,000 and power required for the m was estimated at 110MW, the

number of deep freezers were estimated at 200,000 and require d power for them stood at 60MW, some 1,000MW power was required to run 2 million air conditioners, Simply since 2005 to 2009 Established are high demand ,illegal load and theft of electricity are increase in Pakistan. These figures are so alarming for Pakistan because in the decade starting from 1991 these appliances are less than a half million. The study was made on the topic WAPDA crises or shortage of electricity in Pakistan is comparison with low demand, illegal load electricity thefts, unskilled management not, over age employees, unpatriotic peoples, air conditioned rest usage, imported and produced during 2005 to Now. In this study the hypothesis were set as, is WAPDA Crises or Electricity shortage in Pakistan is caused by Industrial growth or massive use of illegal load, over load, Air conditioners by domestic users. However after finding out and analyzing the data that the increased domestic use of illegal load, over load, air conditioners is the cause of WAPDA Crises or electricity s hostage in Pakistan.

Research design
Research method
The data collection tools are questionnaire in which the details for electricity consumption and production will be asked from the staff members of the companies. The analysis data will also collect from different news papers, websites and other sources. The responsible members of different electric supply companies will be contacted through e-mails and Telephones.

Timeframe of study
The time frame necessary for the completion of the research project is approximately 2 months.

The budget for this research project will be stated after the completion of the project.