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Diagnostic test 1

Present tenses

Write the correct form of the words in brackets to complete the sentences. Use only the Present Simple (e.g. arrives/doesn't arrive) or the Present Contin o s (e.g. is/are arriving). !"ample# 1 2 $ ( / 1 3 7 19 11 12 1 1$ 1( 1/ 11 13 17 29 $t%s nearly half past ten ... Do they always eat (they&always&eat) this late in Spain'

Carina ________________(enjoy) hospital dramas so she _______________ (watch) ER every night. Japanese cooking ___________________________(not use) a lot of dairy food. ____________ the interest rate __________________________(usually!change) "ecause of inflation# %raham won&t give up cigarettes. 'e __________________(smoke) a"out fifty a day. )ritney *pears _____________________(stay) in the +aldorf ,storia on this visit to -ew .ork. +e ___________________(take) a two0week winter holiday in %staad every year. 2 ______________________(feed) the neigh"our&s cat this week while she&s in hospital. 4he court ____________________________(not!usually!send) first0time offenders to prison5 "ut it is possi"le in e6ceptional circumstances. 4hen you _______________(mi6) all the ingredients together 8uickly and ______________(put) the mi6ture in a hot oven for twenty minutes. 2 can see the leaders. 4he three front runners ______________________(turn) the corner into the stadium comple6 now. Julie5 listen to this. 2t&s 4hursday evening and 2 _______________(get) home really late from the clu"5 and she _______________(say) to me ... 'ewitt certainly ________________________(not!play) his "est tennis at the moment. 'urry up and "uy your sandwich: 'ere ________________(come) the "us. ;*orry 2 haven&t phoned. 2 lost my address "ook.< ;=h5 you _____________________________ (always!lose) your address "ook: +hy don&t you keep everything on the computer# 4he part0time philosophy course ___________________(consist of) twenty evening lectures and five full day seminars. _________________________(you!think) we should allow more than an hour to get to the station# +e can&t leave a ten0year0old child on her own. +hat on earth ________________________(you!think) of# >on&t ask him: 'e ______________________("e) really difficult at the moment. +ould you like to try these champagnes# +e _____________________(taste) them to write a review for the wine clu" newsletter. +e _______________________(guarantee) that you won&t "e disappointed with the performance of our new washing machine.

Write the correct form of the (erb in brackets to complete this dialog e. Use the Present Simple or the Present Contin o s. *arah? +elcome to the programme. 4his afternoon 2 _____________________(stand) in the middle of the northern )lack @orest5 %ermany5 with Aainer *anger5 from @riends of the @orest. Aainer?%ood afternoon5 *arah. *arah? Aainer5 you&re very concerned a"out this area of the forest5 aren&t you# Can you tell us why# Aainer?.es. Buch of the forest was wiped out in the hurricane last winter5 as you can see. Bany of the trees are dead5 and more ____________________(die) "ecause of the irreversi"le damage. +e at @riends of the @orest ____________________("elieve) that the authorities _______________________(not!do) enough right now to restore this forest to its former state. *arah? )ut they ___________________(clear) the dead trees away5 aren&t they# 2 saw some men on the way here... Aainer?=f course5 "ut they ____________________(do) that every year. 2t&s the normal procedure. +e need more trees now5 "ut they ________________________(not!plant) any new trees to replace those that died. *arah? 2 see. )ut you have approached the authorities a"out this5 2 _______________________(understand). Aainer?+e have tried5 "ut each time they ______________________(say) that they haven&t got enough money to restore the forest as 8uickly as we&d like. 4hey _______________________(always!use) money as the e6cuse. 2t&s getting really frustrating: *arah? )ut it&s not just an e6cuse5 is it# 4hey clearly _______________________(not!have) enough money for everything5 and the hurricane was an unforeseen occurrence. Aainer?=f course5 we appreciate that5 and the point is that actually5 we ______________________(not!ask) for much money. +e would just like their guidance C we can provide volunteers to work on the forest. *arah? =h5 2 see. +ell5 that&s somewhat different. -ow Aainer5 could you tell us ... Choose the correct (erb form for each sentence. 1 2 4he %uggenheim Buseum in )il"ao (houses ! is housing) *pain&s largest collection of Bodern ,rt. +e (try out ! are trying out) a new paper supplier at the moment. 4he old one was too e6pensive. 4he children (don&t eat ! aren&t eating) sweets and chocolate "efore they go to "ed at night. 2t&s "ad for their teeth. $ ( / 1 3 7 19 11 12 4hese animals (display ! are displaying) a great deal of aggression if distur"ed. +e (currently show ! are currently showing) the film &*tar +ars& at all =deon cinemas in the region. Duick: %et rid of all the mess: 'ere (come ! are coming) Bum and >ad: 4he weather forecast says there&ll "e wind from the north0west tonight. 4hat always ("rings ! is "ringing) snow with it at this time of the year. 4he ru""ish collectors (come!are coming) on @ridays in this area 4hey (don&t take ! aren&t taking) ru""ish not left in "lack plastic "ags. .ou (always complain ! are always complaining) and it really gets on my nerves: Just try to rela6 more: (>oes the orchestra play ! 2s the orchestra playing) at the 4own 'all this week# 2&d really like to see them. *wimming (provides ! is providing) e6ercise for more muscle groups than any other physical activity. +hat (do you consider ! are you considering) to "e the lowest price they&ll sell the house for#