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“Mission India” - 2D Animation Film dedicated to our Nation by Xplora Design

Skool students

A group of 43 enthusiastic students of Xplora Design Skool (XDS) got together from
their different campuses across India & decided to express their feeling for our nation
on this Independence Day. This has resulted into a remarkable achievement today -
“Mission India” a timeless master piece of 2D Animation Film dedicated to our

The Initiative: Xplora Design Skool wanted to contribute to the national

development through a social awareness campaign called “Mission India”. They
realized that the best way to do this would be to give an opportunity to their students
to make an Animation Film on social cause. This marked the beginning of the first 2D
Animation film dedicated to the nation on this Independence Day, and, the rest is
history- students’ brain stormed, generated unique ideas, and gradually created a
story. They completed the whole scripting with help from the Animation faculty
experienced in such film making.

The Film : Mission India, a 7 minute 2D Animation film & 1 ½ minute Animation of
National Anthem is an awakening call to today’s youth to fight against modern day
evils i.e. corruption, terrorism, mediocrity, a call to lead our country on the road to
progress and prosperity. Today everyone in our country gives their acquaintance as “I
am a Hindu”, “I am a Muslim”, “I am a Sikh”, “I am a Christian”, “I am a Gujarati”,
“I am a Maharastrian”, “I am a Punjabi”, “I am a Keralite” but it’s really sad that no
one says with pride that “I am an Indian”. It’s time we get united and stand as one.

Purely a Students Film: The conceptualizing, scripting, sketching, story boarding,

Art work, drawing, colour filling, shading, production, lip sync, editing of the film-
all has been done purely through the TEAM work of young, energetic, creative and
highly imaginative students of Xplora Design Skool. These students both boys and
girls came together from different parts of our country (different XDS Campuses) -
Coming from different States, Caste, Communities , Regions and walks of life, these
students, who are Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian are a true example of the spirit
of unity in diversity of our Nation. They have come together to give a powerful
message to the Youth of India by this Song and Animation – “Mission India”.

The Effort & Appreciation: These students had determined to work day & night to
complete the project within the deadlines. They worked in two shifts from 9 am to 8
pm and then the other team from 8 pm to 6 am. Today we see that these students (who
worked tirelessly 24X7) have bagged a great achievement in their career. Their efforts
have made them more confident because their 1st 2D animation Film made on India,
a result of their hard work and passion, is being screened, appreciated & applauded
across the Nation over news channels, newspapers, prominent personalities, state
leaders, colleges, schools, cinema halls, malls, etc.

The Film in just 20 days: The movie is produced by Xplora Design Skool and
directed by Mr. Shreyansh Shah with XDS Students as the real Hero - because the
whole Creation (Pre-Production, Production, Post production) is done by students in
just 20 days, imagine, a 8 ½ minute animation done from a scratch in 20 days. All
these became possible with the constant encouragement & motivation from their
institute under the guidance of the XDS faculties.
This film is a part of Xplora Design Skool’s national internship program to give
a feel of how students are required to work in the Industry - how real studios work.
This internship forms a part of the newly launched education model SPLL (Studio
based Production Level Learning), where students are given a group project to
work with industry experts, mentoring them & there by giving the students the
required skill & knowledge as desired by the industry.

“This is Just a Beginning… Yes Xplora Design Skool when asked about Mission
India film proudly announced and Promised to its students that now onwards they
will be producing such 2D & 3D movies every 3 months on a regular basis, with an
objective that gradually all its students get a taste of Industry working style as well as
become responsible citizens of our country.” – Monika Jain (Kota Xplora Student)

About Xplora:
Xplora Design Skool pioneered the multimedia & animation career drive in India
using the unique Reverse Education Model, combining Technology and one of the
pressing requirements of our country “ Unemployment” through which they have
been able to create a 100% Placement Record for their students since the last 8 years.
At XDS annually 7000+ students study under the Reverse education model to get
trained and placed with XDS’s 1250+ Associate companies, thus, making XDS the
only Multimedia & Animation Education Company present at 125+ Campuses across
21 states in India to have a Vocational Status. Xplora Design Skool received the
prestigious “Shiksha Bharti Puraskar” for generating employment through

Views of Students
“We were given 100% freedom to think and give our opinions in working on the film.
In fact the whole unit always encouraged us to share our ideas and to implement
them; the mentors just showed us the direction leaving the complete work on
student’s mind & skill in whatever way we wanted to represent Mission India. We
have got full support on technical & emotional level (motivation & appreciation). “ –

“We gained an Industrial Experience with a moral working on MISSION INDIA, we

feel closer to the nation, we have realized the efforts of our Freedom fighters &
leaders, and, we are communicating the same through our 2D Animation Film... Yes
we will do our bit to remove the cobwebs from people’s mind & thereby contribute in
making India FREE INDIA” – Dit Patel

“Such a contribution in changing the Social & National Environment, has given us a
true recognition in the society. Today’s youth selected a simple & interesting way of
conveying the message, which may change lives of many.” – Uttara Banker (Jalgaon
Xplora Student)

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