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Ideal teachers' characteristics are widely discussed these days. An ideal teacher is a true builder of the nation.

He/She is fearless, sincere and serious in the discharge of his duties towards the students. An ideal teacher is also said to be an object of admiration and attachment for the students. These days, students do not like to study from harsh and unsym athetic teachers. An ideal teacher creates such self!assurance in his students. This situation makes the students to sacrifice for the cause of their teacher. "esides that, #acobs, $regory, Ho ey, and %endol!Ho ey &'(()* categori+e good teachers as those who use their knowledge and e, erience to enhance their teaching and benefit their students. As such, ideal teachers make use of their e, erience and intuition, and their rofessional wisdom, to formulate changes either in the curriculum materials used in the classroom or in their own teaching and assessment methods.. Some other characteristics that could be determined to judge o-er how ideal a teacher is are as follows. .irstly an ideal teacher ought to teach his students to think inde endently. /earning is not just about ac0uiring study techni0ues or mastering rote memori+ation skills, but rather about de-elo ing an understanding and a reciation for the subject material being studied. I belie-e that learning is im ortant for the sake of understanding the world in which we li-e so that we will know how to relate to, co e with and succeed in it. To co e of with this, an ideal teacher re ares the students to think themsel-es. It is belie-ed that ideal teacher has a lo-e for the subject he teaches. As such, the teacher encourages students to de-elo an interest and lo-e for this subject as well. In order to maintain his students' interest in the subject, he creates lesson lans which are student oriented. Ideal teacher1s lessons are also belie-ed to be engaging, interesting and highly interacti-e. Such lessons should be built on their rior knowledge and the teacher must ask 0uestions that would cause his students to think dee er about the lesson taught.

An ideal teacher will always be a hel ing hand for his students to reach their full otential in learning by teaching them to think. These teachers will also challage the students with thought! ro-oking 0uestions. This will whereby encourage the students to 0uestion and discuss ideas in order to de-elo a fuller understanding of the subject material. 2e ha-e to know that a student's attitude towards learning is influenced by the family and social background that he or she comes from. A teacher becomes a n ideal teacher when he/she tries

to understand these backgrounds and, with them in mind, de-elo a roaches to teach. An ideal teacher aims to eliminate negati-e attitudes and enhance the student1s desire to learn regardless the background of the students. Ideal teachers should be firm, yet caring in ursuing their ultimate goal, and demand e,cellence both from themsel-es and their students

It is agreed that an ideal teacher dis lays e,treme sim licity in s ite of his e,tra ordinary academic attainments. He dedicates his whole life to the cause of education. He ne-er allows his students to be idle or indisci lined. The -astness of his knowledge im resses e-ery student yet, an ideal teacher is ne-er roud of it. It is belie-ed that ideal teachers ne-er get retired since, with age, their de th of information and knowledge goes on increasing. They always remain a source of knowledge and guidance.

"esides that for an ideal teacher, all students are alike. He is ne-er artial to any student and is always fair. An ideal teacher does not fa-our any student on grounds of his social status. He treats each student e0ually. He always remains sim le in his habits. .airness lays an im ortant role for teachers in their dealings with students in any situation.

A teacher's creati-ity

lays a essential role in establishing ideality in his/her teaching

methods. This would also e-entually lay an im ortant role on the student1s erformance. A creati-e teacher would always try different ways of instructional strategies to ro-ide the useful information in an interesting scheme. An ideal teacher would definitely take his/her student1s le-el and interest in count. In today1s modern era students e, ect the teacher to be a walking encyclo edia. This is because they think a teacher is with a wide knowledge of e-erything. The ideal teacher in their -iews should be able to answer any 0uestion that comes to their minds. As such, ideal teachers should ha-e sufficient information in their fields and subjects and should always search for new ideas related to their teaching. 3es ite all this, an ideal teacher should also be caring. A caring teacher becomes -ery o ular among students. It is a -ery im ortant 0uality that shows how much a teacher -alues

the humanity of their students. Students are said to feel comfortable ha-ing such a teacher. This would also im ly the comfortability that students get in dealing with such a teacher. Students can s eak about their ersonal roblems and ri-ate concerns freely and e, ect a s ecial treatment from these teachers.

The old idea of controlling the students through fear of unishment is out of date in the culture of today. An Ideal teacher should be sensiti-e and understanding so that he establishes a strong ra ort with the class. He will also find his u ils willing to learn from him. In this way, an Ideal teacher can lay the role of a good friend, hiloso her and guide for their students. Thus, it can be said that the teachers role is multi!faceted ersonality and the teacher should take recautionary ste s to follow the right ath kee ing in mind the ros and cons of their thoughts, s eech and action which will lea-e an e-erlasting im rint in the young minds. Ideal teachers ha-e got to shoulder the greatest res onsibility of moulding the character of their students and they should try to hold on to strict guidelines and their tremendous contribution to the society and also for the new generation ahead will be multi!fold. An Ideal Teacher should ne-er tolerate any negligence of his students. In the formation of his student1s character a teacher must lay the role of a friend and hiloso her whom they may easily understand .An ideal teacher should treat his students with affection but should ne-er allow them to indulge in indisci line. 2hen each students get an ideal teacher they won1t ha-e to look back in their li-es e-er. A teacher teaches only in class but an ideal teacher teaches for a lifetime.

As conclusion, students basically want to tell us as teachers what they e, ect from us and s ecifically what would make them satisfied with the kinds of teachers they ha-e. If teachers try to a ly such 0ualities, they will notice attitudes and romising im ro-ements in their students' erce tion le-els. This will automatically ha-e an effect on the students'

erformance and learning outcomes. Teacher education rograms should stress such conce ts and im lant them in teachers to 0ualify them to be future ideal teachers.