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You Were Born Rich

by Bob Proctor Chapter 1: Foreword - Written by John Milton Fogg

You Were Born Rich

There's one thing I want you to know - please and thank you - about Bob Proctor and another about his International Best-Seller You Were Born Rich, be ore you begin reading his e!traordinary, li e-changing book" I'#e been ortunate to know a nu$ber o $en and wo$en I consider to be The %reatest Teachers in the World" &ne co$$on trait they all share is that as great as they are as teachers, they are e#en greater students" I ha#e ne#er $et a person who is a $ore de#oted student o what it takes to 'aster the Possibilities o being a hu$an being than Bob Proctor, nor a $an so co$$itted to sharing all he has learned and understands with others" You Were Born Rich lays out in speci ic detail the clear (things to be done( or you to recei#e the pro$ise o its title" In the #ery beginning Bob cautions that reading and $e$ori)ing will ne#er $ake it happen or you" (It is only understanding and application o the right ideas(, Bob tells us, (that will produce the results you desire"( This re$arkable book e!plores, e!plains and e!pands on how you can harness the *aws o +reation to li#e the richly rewarding *i e o ,bundance that is possible or each and e#ery one o us on this planet" Bob Proctor will be your guide" Bob has always taught that i you understand so$ething, you can e!plain it to others" I ha#e ne#er read a book that e!plains how to put these -ni#ersal *aws into practice 'ore and Better than Bob Proctor's You Were Born Rich" - .'/ by Bob Proctor Chapter 2: Introduction

0#ery hu$an being has been (Born Rich1( it's 2ust that $ost people are te$porarily a little short o $oney3 This book has been written in an atte$pt to bridge the gap

between where you currently are and where you want to be" Step by step, chapter by chapter, it will help you piece together the pu))le we $ost o ten re er to as (li e,( so you can build a picture o prosperity in your $ind, and then go on to create that prosperity in your li e" Indeed, li e is #ery $uch like the Rubic's +ube because we ha#e all the right pieces, and all the right colors, but it is a rustrating, ne#er-ending process, trying to get the$ to it together" Ine#itably, it see$s, there are always at least one or two pieces we ha#e le t out" ,s you 2ourney through this book, you will soon beco$e #ery aware I a$ not telling you anything you do not already know" I a$ 2ust e!pressing the ideas in an organi)ed, coherent $anner, which will enable you to achie#e the results you ha#e desired since you were irst able to think" 0#ery day, all o#er the world, $illions o (drea$ers( purchase lottery tickets, wishing or so$eone to ortuitously pick their na$es, and drop a ortune into their laps" These people ne#er see$ to understand that the real 2oy in li e co$es not ro$ ha#ing $oney handed to the$ on a (sil#er platter,( but ro$ going out and actually earning it the$sel#es" 'oreo#er, i the truth were known to you, you would reali)e that you already ha#e the ability to achie#e those things which you presently only drea$ about" *et this book pro#e to be your ,lladin's *a$p" You ha#e, in your hands, so$ething which you ha#e been searching or" This is a plan-a #ery si$ple plan-that will take you ro$ where you are, to where you want to be" It is actually a decepti#ely si$ple plan" But do not let its apparent si$plicity decei#e you, because each chapter contains an idea which will pro#e to be o enor$ous #alue" These ideas are e!tre$ely e ecti#e" I ha#e personally put each and e#ery one o the$ to a test o#er the past 4uarter o a century" I ha#e watched thousands o people, who ha#e attended $y se$inars, put these ideas to a test as well" I can tell you, there ore, ro$ both $y irst and secondhand e!periences, the results in $any cases ha#e been e!traordinary" /or e!a$ple, indi#iduals with barely enough resources to $eet their basic needs ha#e beco$e #ery wealthy" &thers, who had pressing proble$s which caused the$ to be unhappy and depressed, ha#e literally trans or$ed the$sel#es into happy, well-balanced indi#iduals" 5ow you ha#e the opportunity to put these ideas to the supre$e test, in your own li e" What is it that you want6 7now you can ha#e it-you can ha#e all o the things you want-but you $ust clearly understand and apply all o the ideas I a$ about to present to you" 5o a$ount o reading or $e$ori)ing will gi#e you the success you desire" It is only the understanding and application o right-thinking that counts" So, regardless o what I, or anyone else, $ight say, you are going to ha#e to pro#e these ideas or yoursel " I could ha#e illed this book with scienti ic data, showing you-in black and whitee!hausti#e studies docu$enting the act that these ideas actually do work" 8owe#er, other than possibly satis ying the analytical side o your $ind, that sort o in or$ation would be o little practical use to you" ,lthough I do use $any e!a$ples in the ollowing pages which describe how indi#iduals, or possibly a$ilies, ha#e put these ideas to work and ha#e e!plained the bene its which they ha#e deri#ed, I ha#e deliberately o$itted any scienti ic research, as I ha#e ound that it ser#es little purpose, ro$ a practical, or result-oriented, point o #iew" It will only slow you down and possibly cloud your thinking"

This book has been written in such a way that it actually $aps out a $ental course or you to take to reach any ob2ecti#e that you would like to reach" You can 2ourney ro$ one chapter to the ne!t, each successi#e chapter li ting you to a greater awareness o yoursel -your true sel -and o your true abilities" You $ust, howe#er, keep in the ore ront o your $ind one i$portant act9 the rewards which you will recei#e in this li e, $aterial or psychic, will not co$e to you because o your potential but, rather, because o your per or$ance" +o$e with $e and en2oy a sneak pre#iew o the 2ourney which you are about to take" In the irst chapter, ('e ,nd 'oney,( we start to see what this elusi#e stu called ($oney( actually is" We begin to relate to $oney as we should, and we de#elop an understanding o why all great thinking people burn a basic principle deep into the recesses o their $ind9 that is, (we should lo#e people, and use $oney"( We also ind out what happens to anyone who is careless enough to get that e4uation re#ersed" This chapter will help you reali)e there is, in point o act, no sin in great wealth" &n the contrary, it is your duty to beco$e wealthy" The second chapter, (8ow 'uch Is 0nough,( will help you take a care ul in#entory o your thoughts and your true inancial situation" You will learn how to decide how $uch is enough or you" You will disco#er that you should ha#e the a$ount o $oney you need, to pro#ide you with the things you want, and to li#e in the style you choose" When this decision has been $ade, you will be prepared to $arch into chapter three, (The I$age-'aker"( You will gain the awareness that your entire li e is go#erned by i$ages" It necessarily ollows, then, that you should be acutely aware o the i$ages you are building in your $ind and you should also be aware o the necessity o building these i$ages which will produce the results that will $o#e you onward and upward, toward your desired destination" You will begin to understand that you are, in truth, a co-creator" 'ake certain that you o ten re#iew what your responsibility is, in your co-creati#e partnership" +hapter our, (*et %o ,nd *et %od,( helps you de#elop a strong aith based on a deep understanding" It will assist you in reely letting go o your i$age, turning it o#er to the power within you, so that the power itsel can go to work and begin to $ateriali)e in physical results, as an e!act replica o your $ental i$age" The ne!t chapter, (0!pect ,n ,bundance,( will pro#e to be a $ind-e!panding e!perience" The word (e!pectation( will take on a brand new $eaning or you and you will witness the aweso$e power in#oked by this $ind-set" (The *aw & :ibration ,nd ,ttraction,( clears up $any 4uestion $arks that ha#e been in our $inds or years" It beco$es e#ident why so$e people keep attracting what they do not want, while others attract e!actly what they do want" You will learn how to $agneti)e yoursel to the good that you desire" (The Risk-Takers( chapter clearly e!plains that there is absolutely no co$pensation or playing it sa e" It is essential that you irst step out, be ore you can begin to $o#e toward the destination you ha#e chosen or yoursel " The real winners in li e are, $ore o ten than not, only two or three percent $ore e ecti#e than those who lose" (The Ra)or's 0dge( chapter clearly illustrates this point" You will 4uickly understand that you can be e#ery bit as e ecti#e as anyone

you read about or e#en hear about" /eelings o in eriority, as well as any doubts you $ay be entertaining relati#e to your capability, will 4uickly all by the wayside and be le t ar behind, as you near your destination" ,s you co$e around the inal turn on your road to achie#e$ent, you will be cautioned not to look back" The (;on't Think In Re#erse( chapter will 4uickly clear up the 4uestion o why so$e people keep getting the sa$e results, year a ter year" This illustrates one o the $ost basic, and yet one o the $ost i$portant, rules go#erning success in li e" ,s we go racing down the ho$e stretch, (The :acuu$ *aw & Prosperity( shows us how to open all o the doors, that will enable the good that we seek to co$e to us ro$ all sides" This is not only a rewarding law, but a truly en2oyable one or you to learn" It will help pull all o the other ideas together, to co$plete your picture and get you to your desired destination sa ely and on schedule" Be ore you begin, let $e caution you once again, that reading and $e$ori)ing will ne#er ($ake it happen( or you" It is only understanding and application o the right ideas that will produce the results you desire" Think about each idea #ery closely" They are all si$ple and easy to understand, but you $ust act on the$" 7eep this book with you" +ontinually re#iew it, and you will begin to see e#idence o e#erything that is e!plained in it in your $aterial world" This entire book has been prepared with the sincere hope that you will en2oy e#ery step o your 2ourney into a truly new way o li#ing" - Bob Proctor

by Bob Proctor Chapter : Me and Money

!he "dgewater Beach #otel In <=>?, at the 0dgewater Beach 8otel in +hicago, eight o the world's wealthiest inanciers $et" These eight $en controlled $ore $oney than the -nited States' go#ern$ent at that ti$e" They included9 The president o the largest independent steel co$pany1 The president o the largest gas co$pany1 The greatest wheat speculator1 The president o the 5ew York Stock 0!change1 , $e$ber o the President's cabinet1 The greatest (bear( on Wall Street1 The head o the world's greatest $onopoly1 The president o the Bank o International Settle$ent"

+ertainly, one would ha#e to ad$it, that a group o the world's $ost success ul $en was gathered in that place1 at least, $en who had ound the secret o (earning $oney"( 5ow let's see where these $en were twenty- i#e years later9 The president o the largest independent steel co$pany, +harles Schwab, li#ed on borrowed $oney or i#e years be ore he died bankrupt" The president o 5orth ,$erica's largest gas co$pany, 8oward 8opson, went insane" The greatest wheat speculator, ,rthur +utton, died abroad, insol#ent" The president o the 5ew York Stock 0!change, Richard Whitny, was sent to Sing Sing Penitentiary" , $e$ber o the President's cabinet, ,lbert /all, was pardoned ro$ prison so he could die at ho$e" The greatest (bear( on Wall Street, .esse *i#er$ore, died a suicide" The head o the greatest $onopoly, I#ar 7rueger, killed hi$sel " The president o the Bank o International Settle$ent, *eon /raser, also died a suicide" 0ach o these $en learned well the art o earning $oney, but it would see$ that not one o the$ had e#er learned how to li#e the (rich li e(, which was their birthright" It is stories like this one that ha#e caused $any well $eaning, but ignorant people to say, (See, I told you it is not good to ha#e a lot o $oney, it's bad,( or, (It 2ust goes to show you that rich people really aren't happy1( but o course, that is 2ust not true" /or although these eight $en would appear to ha#e (slid o the track,( there are $any wealthy people who are #ery happy, and who do a tre$endous a$ount o good with their $oney1 they li#e healthy, well-balanced li#es" +onsider this-$oney will ha#e a greater in luence on your li e than al$ost any other co$$odity you can think o " Indeed, the sudden loss or ac4uisition o $oney will a ect your attitude to a tre$endous e!tent" There ore, you $ust agree that e#eryone should ha#e a deep understanding o e!actly what $oney is, and o the laws go#erning its attraction" Yet, the sad act is that not one person in ten does" 5inety- i#e people out o a hundred settle or whate#er they get, wishing they had $ore all the way ro$ the cradle to the casket, ne#er understanding that they could actually ha#e had all they wanted" *et $e digress or a $o$ent-as you 2ourney through this book, you $ight ha#e a tendency to let your $ind wander o , either thinking about so$eone you know who has earned a great deal o $oney or possibly about so$eone who has gone into bankruptcy" But I want to suggest that you atte$pt to keep ocusing only on yoursel , because what so$eone else has or does not ha#e, is not going to a ect you and it is your inancial situation that you want to i$pro#e"

Money I$ I%portant &ne o the $ost pre#alent $isconceptions concerning $oney, relates to its i$portance" /or e!a$ple, how $any ti$es ha#e you heard people say in con#ersation, ('oney isn't e#erything"( or ('oney isn't i$portant"( or (I don't care about $oney"( Well, the people who say these things $ight not care about $oney, but I'll bet their car dealer cares about it1 their grocer does1 and so does the person who holds their $ortgage" In truth, there can be no denial o the act that $oney is i$portant to any person li#ing in a ci#ili)ed society" There ore, to argue that it is not as i$portant as this or that, is absurd" /or nothing can take the place o $oney in the arena in which it is used3 Money I$ & 'er(ant 5ow that I ha#e a ir$ed the i$portance o $oney, let $e backtrack to add this one word o caution- always re$e$ber, $oney is a ser#ant1 you are the $aster" Be #ery care ul not to re#erse that e4uation, because $any people o high intelligence ha#e already done so, to their great detri$ent" -n ortunately, $any o these poor souls lo#ed $oney and used people, which #iolated one o the $ost basic laws go#erning true inancial success" You should always lo#e people and use $oney, rather than the re#erse3 ,nother $yth $any people like to accept about $oney is that it only co$es as a result o (luck( or (good ortune"( /or instance, whene#er people gather to talk about so$eone they know who has been inancially success ul, there is always so$eone a$ong the$ who will say, (8arry was 2ust lucky,( or (8arry was 2ust in the right place at the right ti$e"( But I want to assure you in no uncertain ter$s, that although (luck( ob#iously plays so$e part in inancial success, it is ne#er su icient in and o itsel " 'oney is an e ect and it $ust always be earned" Belie#e $e, there are no ree rides in this li e and the only people who are $aking $oney the easy way either work in the $int or are on their way to 2ail, i they ha#e not already arri#ed there" There ore, always bear in $ind that while (good ortune( is a actor in inancial success, it $ust always be coupled with e ort and hard work3 Money Mu$t Circulate , third thing you should know about $oney is that it is #aluable only as long as it is being used" &nce it has been taken out o circulation, it beco$es as worthless as the (old newspapers( or (e$pty beer cans( that ha#e been stashed away in the attic" To understand the truth o this principle, consider the ollowing story" &n a bookshel , in $y ho$e, I ha#e a sil#er beer stein that was gi#en to $e as a gi t or a speech I $ade" 5ow, whene#er I go into $y house, I take all the change ro$ $y pockets and put it into the cup" Then, when the cup is al$ost illed, I gi#e it to one o $y children, or one o two young cousins" 0ach o the$ takes turns recei#ing the cup and o course they eagerly anticipate their turn" The point I want you to notice, howe#er, is that while the cup is being illed, the $oney in it has absolutely no #alue whatsoe#er1 it 2ust sits there, ser#ing no use ul unction and not e#en drawing any interest" 8owe#er, as soon as the cup is illed and the $oney is turned o#er to one o the kids, it literally ( lies into action"( /or instance, 2ust last week, T" .ay, one o $y young cousins, recei#ed the $oney" 8e i$$ediately took it ro$ $y hand, rushed

o to a gol school and purchased se#eral gol lessons with his inheritance" 5ow, I can't honestly say what the gol pro did with the $oney once he got it, but I do eel airly sa e in saying that he didn't 2ust return it to a cup on his book shel 3 5o, there really isn't any dispute about it1 $oney is not $eant to be taken out o circulationrather, it is $eant to be used, en2oyed and circulated3 This brings $e to an e#en $ore dra$atic illustration o the sa$e principle9 na$ely, the story o (old 'r" +hap$an"( 'r" +hap$an was an elderly gentle$an who li#ed a ew doors down the street ro$ our a$ily when I was 2ust a boy" ,lthough there was a tre$endous age di erence between us, 'r" +hap$an and I beca$e ast riends and I o ten used to watch hi$ pushing his s$all 2unk cart up and down the block" You see, 'r" +hap$an worked as a 2unk dealer and he $ade his li#ing by picking up the things other people had thrown away" ,s the years went by, howe#er, 'r" +hap$an beca$e $ore and $ore stooped ro$ his arduous labors and one day, shortly a ter World War II, he passed away" Since he li#ed alone and apparently had no close relati#es li#ing nearby, the police entered his house to take stock o his possessions" 5ot surprisingly, they ound the house littered with $any old urnishings and assorted $e$orabilia ro$ 'r" +hap$an's past" 8owe#er, $uch to their a$a)e$ent, the police also disco#ered o#er one hundred thousand dollars @A<BB,BBBC in old bills packed in bo!es throughout the house3 Duick to pick up on so unusual an occurrence, the Toronto ;aily Star carried a rontpage story the ne!t day about 'r" +hap$an, in which it asked the ob#ious 4uestion9 why would an indi#idual worth well o#er A<BB,BBB, choose to keep his $oney stashed away in old bo!es strewn hapha)ardly throughout his house6 ,lthough I was still 4uite young at the ti$e, I asked $ysel a si$ilar 4uestion9 na$ely, why would a person like 'r" +hap$an choose to li#e like a #eritable pauper, when he had so $uch $oney at his disposal6 8e could ha#e used his $oney or his own en2oy$ent" 8e could ha#e in#ested it to earn a return or hi$sel and to help create 2obs or other people1 or he could ha#e 2ust deposited it in the bank and earned interest on his $oney" But instead, he chose to put it in a (2ar on the shel ,( and he thereby rendered it absolutely useless" 5o, $y riends, there isn't any doubt about it -$oney is not $eant to be hoarded" Rather, it is $eant to be used, en2oyed and circulated" So please, whate#er you choose to do with your $oney, don't $ake the sa$e $istake that poor old 'r" +hap$an did3 Please note that when I suggest that $oney should be kept in circulation, I do not $ean it should be s4uandered" There is a world o di erence between those two concepts and i you ha#en't ound out what the di erence is yet, I would suggest you ind out as soon as possible" )ro$perity Con$ciou$ne$$ "*erci$e 5ow that we ha#e touched upon so$e o the characteristics o $oney, let us turn brie ly to a si$ple (techni4ue( which you can begin using i$$ediately to start attracting the a$ount o $oney you desire" The irst thing that I want you to do is to picture yoursel , in your $ind's eye, sitting in a roo$ with se#eral o your riends" Then, I want you to #isuali)e yoursel announcing to the$ your intention o beco$ing wealthy1 at least, wealthy enough to li#e the way you choose to li#e" 5ow, i$agine how that would $ake you eel" I you are like $ost people, you would probably eel #ery unco$ ortable" Perhaps you would eel so unco$ ortable, that you

$ight e#en retract what you had said by in or$ing your riends you were only 2oking" You should understand, howe#er, that people who are wealthy ne#er eel unco$ ortable when the sub2ect o $oney is brought up" (Why don't they,( you ask6 The $ost ob#ious answer would be, because they already ha#e (lots( o it" But that is not the correct answer" You should reali)e that people don't eel co$ ortable about $oney because they ha#e it1 they ha#e it because they eel co$ ortable about it" In other words, one o the reasons that wealthy people ha#e $oney is that they ha#e de#eloped that state o consciousness we will hereina ter re er to as, a (prosperity consciousness"( There ore, it ollows, i we wish to attract $oney to oursel#es, we $ust begin to oster a prosperity consciousness as well" The 4uestion you should now be asking yoursel is this9 (8ow do I go about de#eloping this prosperity consciousness or $ysel 6( *et $e e!plain" The best way to de#elop a prosperity consciousness is to start seeing yoursel , in your $ind's eye, already in possession o the a$ount o $oney that you desire" The reason this is so is that since the subconscious $ind cannot distinguish between the actual possession o $oney and $ere #isuali)ation, you will soon beco$e #ery co$ ortable with the (idea( o $oney" ,s a result, you will start attracting it to yoursel " This $ay sound like a ga$e you are playing, but let $e assure you, it is one o the wisest things you can possibly do" /or when you succeed in con#incing your subconscious $ind that you are wealthy and that it eels good to be wealthy, your subconscious $ind will auto$atically seek ways o $aking your (i$aginary( eelings o wealth $ani est the$sel#es in $aterial or$" I these last ew lines see$ like sheer antasy to you, 2ust ignore the$ or the ti$e being and continue reading" We will be dealing with prosperity consciousness at di erent points in the book and I guarantee you that be ore you inish this book, those lines will start to $ake a lot $ore sense to you" Fear +ot 5ow that I ha#e touched upon a (techni4ue( which will help you ac4uire greater wealth, let $e o er this urther word o warning" I you want to ha#e $oney, one thing you should ne#er, ne#er do, is worry about whether or not you will get the $oney you desire, or whether you will keep it" *et $e elaborate" In the Bible, .ob, the great su erer o biblical ti$es, $akes the ollowing re$ark9 (Behold, the thing I ear has co$e to #isit upon $e"( 5ow, stop and ask yoursel -i you will-what those biblical words $ean to those o us concerned about $oney today" Well, one thing they certainly $ean is that i we insist upon constantly worrying about not ha#ing enough $oney, or i we habitually worry about losing the $oney we do ha#e, then we are absolutely guaranteed not to worry in #ain" /or 2ust as surely as .ob was a licted by his $any $aladies, so too shall we be a licted by the lack or the loss o $oney" To take a $ore conte$porary e!a$ple, let us again consider the tragic case o (poor old 'r" +hap$an"( ,s you will recall, he was the elderly gentle$an who ne#er spent any o his hard-earned sa#ings" But the 4uestion is, (Why didn't he6( 'ost likely it was because he was a raid that i he spent his $oney, he would beco$e poor and hence would be orced to li#e like a pauper" The irony was, howe#er, that because o

his ear, he li#ed like a pauper anyway3 &r, to be $ore biblical about it, (The thing that he eared $ost ca$e to #isit upon hi$"( In a later chapter you will be gi#en a uller e!planation o the parado! o why we attract into our li#es the #ery things we least desire" But or now, su ice it to say, worrying about $oney is always e!tre$ely counterproducti#e" This principle holds true, e#en i you rationali)e your worry with the old platitude that you are (2ust sa#ing a little or a rainy day"( I $ust put orward one other ca#eat at this ti$e9 i you really want to signi icantly increase the a$ount o $oney you are presently earning, the irst thing you $ust do is learn to pay substantially less attention to what others around you are saying and substantially $ore attention to what that (4uiet #oice( that speaks within you, is saying" Put $ore prosaically9 you $ust stri#e to beco$e $uch less susceptible to in luences outside o yoursel and $uch $ore inclined to trust the instincts and eelings that lie within you" *et $e elaborate" 'ost people who ail to accu$ulate enough $oney to li#e in the style they choose are the sa$e people who are $ost easily in luenced by other people's opinions" /or instance, they are o ten the people who let the writers o econo$ic doo$ and gloo$whether in the newspapers or on news broadcasts -do their thinking or the$" But, as 5apoleon 8ill pointed out in his great book, Think and %row Rich, opinions are the cheapest co$$odities on earth" In act, al$ost e#eryone has a lock o the$ ready to be oisted upon anyone who is willing to accept the$" There ore, i you know you ha#e been unduly in luenced in the past by other people's opinions, $ake up your $ind right now-be ore you read any urther-that ro$ here on in, you are going to heed your own counsel, while keeping an attenti#e ear open or %od's counsel" Re$e$ber, i you do, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot beco$e inancially success ul within a #ery reasonable period o ti$e" ,nder$tanding ($- Me%ori.ation ,s you read on through the pages in this book, you will de#elop an e#er-increasing awareness o the talents and abilities that lie deep within you" You should reali)e, that with the proper instruction, you can begin using these unde#eloped talents to attract the good that you desire" But let $e caution you once again-no a$ount o reading or $e$ori)ing will bring you the success you seek" It is only the understanding and application o the ideas in this book that will $ake the di erence or you" There ore, don't be in any hurry to inish the book, because a co$plete reading should not be your ob2ecti#e" ,s stated pre#iously, understanding and applying what you read is the ob2ecti#e" So i you are able to properly digest only one page a day, that $ight be all that is necessary or you to arri#e at your goal" I you are wondering why this book is $eant to be (sipped and tasted,( rather than (de#oured( at one reading, bear in $ind it is based upon o#er twenty years o care ul analysis o the $ethods o both the #ery success ul and the #ery unsuccess ul" 'trength !hrough 'haring &ne $ore word o ad#ice" Since #ery ew-i any-people beco$e great at anything by the$sel#es, I would suggest you atte$pt to ind at least one other person with who$ you can share and discuss the ideas presented in this book"

)ro$perity Con$ciou$ne$$ I belie#e you will agree it is an obser#able truth that hu$an beings will ne#er en2oy anything they are not yet consciously aware o " /or e!a$ple, we did not en2oy the lu!ury o tra#elling in airplanes at tre$endous rates o speed, until the Wright Brothers beca$e consciously aware o (how to ly"( Tho$as 0dison de#eloped the conscious awareness o the $o#ing pictures and introduced us to a brand new or$ o entertain$ent" ;r" .onas Salk beca$e consciously aware o how to de#elop a seru$ that would co$bat the dread ul disease o in antile-paralysis-$ore co$$only re erred to as polio-and as a result o Salk's new awareness, you #ery rarely hear o anyone contracting that disease today" ,le!ander %raha$ Bell beca$e consciously aware o how to trans$it the hu$an #oice o#er $etallic wires and, as a result, we all now en2oy the use o the telephone" 5eedless to say, I could go on and on citing e!a$ple a ter e!a$ple" 8owe#er, the point I want to bring to the ore ront o your $ind is that these in#entions-or the knowledge bringing about these in#entions-ha#e always been here" In act, all the knowledge there e#er was or e#er will be, is e#enly present in all places at all ti$es" But it took an indi#idual to bring those thought-patterns together and or$ ideas which de#eloped into what we call consciousness, be ore we could begin to bene it ro$ the$" We are loating in an (ocean( o thought-energy, where all the knowledge there e#er was or e#er will be, is present" We are also surrounded by abundance" Indeed, e#erywhere we look in nature, our eyes co$e in contact with abundance1 or nature knows no such thing as ( ailure"( There ore, there ne#er has been, and there ne#er will be, a lack o anything, e!cept conscious-awareness" But i you are going to begin to penetrate this world o wealth, it is absolutely essential that you begin to think" In other words, you $ust open your $ind to the strea$ o thought-energy which will create an i$age, or a consciousness o prosperity, in your $ind" You are well aware there are literally thousands upon thousands o honest, good, hard-working people who labor diligently or their entire stay on this planet, yet ne#er beco$e wealthy" /or those indi#iduals, li e is a constant grind ro$ sun up until sun down" But the ideas presented on these pages ha#e been put here in the hope they will 2ar your $ind and inspire you to open it up to this new type o thinking" +onsciousness is, and always has been, de#eloped through thinking, and regardless o what your present situation in li e $ay be, i you e#er hope to i$pro#e it and truly beco$e wealthy-as this book suggests you can-you $ust begin thinking o prosperity in your $ind, now" 5ot when you inish the book" 5ot when you inish the chapter" 5ot to$orrow, ne!t week, ne!t $onth or ne!t year" It $ust be done now" Thinking is the highest unction o which a hu$an being is capable" Yet, un ortunately, #ery ew people (think"( They $erely trick the$sel#es into belie#ing that because there is so$e $ental acti#ity taking place in their $ind, they are (thinking"( But the truth is, $ost people are si$ply e!ercising the $ental aculty called ($e$ory"( They are playing old $o#ies, so old pictures 2ust keep lashing back on the screen o their $ind" It is i$perati#e that you begin this new way o thinking at this $o$ent, because as you do, e#ery ibre o your being will beco$e illed with this new thought-energy"

Your body is co$prised o $illions upon $illions o cells and each one o the$ is in luenced in its $o#e$ent by thought i$pulses" So the second you begin entertaining rela!ing thoughts, your body beco$es rela!ed" The instant you begin entertaining worriso$e, ear ul thoughts, your body beco$es rigid and tense" ,s you begin to hold thoughts o prosperity and begin thinking o yoursel as a #ery wealthy, prosperous indi#idual who is surrounded by an ocean o thought energy, swi$$ing in a sea o plenty, your body and $ind will instantly $o#e into a prosperous #ibration and you will begin to attract-2ust like a $agnet-e#erything necessary or you to beco$e wealthy" I know to the uninitiated, these ideas are 2ust about as bi)arre as anything a person could think o " 5e#ertheless, they are true" /or $ental awareness o prosperity always precedes wealth in your $aterial world" It is not di icult, there ore, or children today, born into a$ilies o great wealth-like the 7ennedy's or the Bron $an's-to think these prosperous thoughts and to ha#e this prosperity consciousness, since that is the only type o thinking they were sub2ected to, right ro$ birth" We say they ha#e been conditioned in, or to, prosperity" 8owe#er, the $a2ority o people ha#e not been born into that kind o an en#iron$ent and so they were not surrounded by that type o thinking" We $ust, there ore, de#elop an understanding o 9 <" how we ha#e been conditioned >" why we are getting the results we are getting, and ?" how we can change our way o thinking or our conditioning" That is not an easy thing to do" It takes $uch discipline" It takes a tre$endous desire" It takes a lot o diligent e ort, which is the probable reason so ew people e#er actually change" Yet I want you to know that regardless o how di icult it $ay be, it can be done and it can be done in a relati#ely short period o ti$e" The co$pensation you will recei#e or your e ort will delight you" I know because I ha#e done it and I know $any, $any other people who ha#e done the sa$e thing" 5ow it is necessary or you to do it" The #ery act that you ha#e picked up and started reading this book is all the proo you will e#er need, that you truly do ha#e a desire to change" 'oreo#er, there is a way-a sure way- or you to recei#e your desired good, and this book will outline the way or you" !here I$ Real )ower Within You Below the le#el o your consciousness is the great treasury o your subconscious $ind and that is the part o your personality we want to begin to in luence through our new thought-patterns" In order to $ake the issue de inite and concrete, consider the ollowing state$ent9 any idea, plan or purpose $ay be planted in the subconscious $ind by repetition o thought e$powered by aith and e!pectancy" You $ight be asking9 (+an this state$ent be de$onstrated to be true through e!peri$entation and obser#ation or, is there any known $ethod or techni4ue by which the proo $ay be secured, and i there is such a $ethod or techni4ue, is it a#ailable to e#eryone6( These 4uestions can all be answered with an e$phatic yes" ,s you read, test, and e!peri$ent with the ideas that will co$e to you in the ollowing pages, you will answer all o these 4uestions or yoursel " ,nd, it is

necessary that you answer the$ or yoursel , because as hu$an beings, we will not truly belie#e so$ething until we actually disco#er it or oursel#es" This book was written in the sincere hope that it would lead you to the $any disco#eries that lie within you by the repetition o these prosperity ideas" You $ust begin to see $oney as an obedient, diligent ser#ant, that you can e$ploy to earn $ore $oney, and that you can use to pro#ide ser#ices ar beyond the ser#ice that you could e#er physically pro#ide" It is necessary that you eel co$ ortable when you talk about $oney, because you ha#e truly been (Born Rich"( You ha#e all the $ental tools necessary to attract the thoughts you are surrounded by, to create the consciousness that you $ust create in order or you to ha#e the wealth you choose to ha#e" *ack and li$itation can only e!ist when we $ake roo$ or the$ in our $inds" But prosperity consciousness knows no lack and no li$itation" Resol#e to co$pletely re$o#e the lid ro$ your $ar#elous $ind, with respect to your own earning-ability, and understand that the wealth you are seeking is-and always has been-seeking you in return" So open wide the doors o your conscious $ind now, and begin to recei#e it" Mental Money Begin i$$ediately to play a $ental ga$e with yoursel -get into the habit o #isuali)ing yoursel in the possession o great wealth" Think o so$e o the things you would do with that $oney and then $entally start doing the$" Since your subconscious $ind cannot tell the di erence between actually doing so$ething and #isuali)ing yoursel doing it, this e!ercise will #ery 4uickly help you to de#elop a prosperity consciousness" Re$e$ber, it is an absolute law o your being, that you $ust ha#e so$ething $entally be ore you will e#er ha#e it physically3 ,lso understand that e#eryone talks to the$sel#es $entally-in act, so$e people e#en do it out loud" There ore, whene#er you are carrying on your pri#ate con#ersation with yoursel , always talk about how good it eels to be wealthy" +ongratulate yoursel on beco$ing wealthy and hear others congratulating you as well" You should reali)e that although this $ight appear to be a ga$e you are playing, you are doing one o the wisest things you can possibly do-you are working ro$ a higher to a lower potential" You are e$barking on a progra$ o sel -de#elop$ent" You are about to learn that there is $uch $ore to your sel than $eets the eye, and you $ust apprehend this (hidden actor o your personality,( i you are e#er to de#elop yoursel properly" In truth, you will ne#er see the greatest part o your being because it is nonphysical in nature" In act, you will soon beco$e aware that you are constantly li#ing si$ultaneously on three distinct planes o being9 you are spiritual, you ha#e an intellect and you li#e in a physical body" To understand this abstraction better, you $ust keep in $ind that you are li#ing si$ultaneously on three distinct planes o e!istence" <" The Spiritual Plane o Thoughts @8ighest PotentialC >" The Intellectual Plane o Ideas @'iddle PotentialC ?" The Physical Plane o Results @*owest PotentialC

There ore, by doing what I ha#e suggested you do, you are $erely using your (di#ine nature( to choose the thoughts @i"e" ('oney is good,( (I lo#e people and I use $oney,( ('oney is a ser#ant1 I a$ the $aster,(C which will build an idea" In our case, the idea happens to be that o (%reat Personal Wealth,( or (True /inancial Success"( Be #ery aware that ideas, such as the idea o ( inancial success,( ne#er or$ by the$sel#es1 the hu$an personality $ust always enter into the process, by thinking the thoughts which can then be used to build the idea" That is the #ery thing that $akes the hu$an being (godlike,( or you could say, a creati#e creature-the highest or$ o creation3 So by holding this beauti ul idea, or picture o inancial success in your $ind, you will ulti$ately be able to cause the idea to $ani est itsel in your li e @i"e" in your resultsC" ,s you progress through this book, you will see how this actually occurs3 5ow, let's take a couple o steps backward" You will re$e$ber that I wrote, in a pre#ious paragraph, that you are working ro$ a higher to a lower potential" What I $eant by this is that you are working ro$Thoughts """ @SpiritC to Idea """ @IntellectualC to Thing """ @PhysicalC rather than working ro$ Thing """ @PhysicalC to Thoughts """ @SpiritC to Idea """ @IntellectualC as you ha#e probably done in the past and as the #ast $a2ority o people will continue to do in the uture" That is to say, $ost people will look at a result in their li e and then let that result dictate the Thoughts they will then use to build their Idea" /or e!a$ple, i they see that their bank account is e$pty @a resultC, they will choose to think thoughts o lack or loss and then they will use those thoughts to build the idea o po#erty" 8owe#er, since the idea they are holding in their $ind $ust $ani est in their uture results, they are actually bringing about a repeat per or$ance o the #ery thing which they say they don't want9 na$ely, an e$pty bank account" It thus beco$es a sel -doo$- ul illing cycle they are li#ing, and clearly, this is not the way our 'aker has intended or us to li#e3 You $ight #ery well be saying to yoursel that this is an absurd argu$ent1 or i a bank account is e$pty, it's e$pty" It 2ust isn't realistic to look at an e$pty bank account and be able to #isuali)e great wealth" But I want you to know, this is the #ery kind o reasoning which perpetuates po#erty and keeps poor people i$po#erished3 You $ust begin to understand that the present state o your bank account, your sales, your health, your social li e, your position at work, etc", is nothing $ore than the physical $ani estation o your pre#ious thinking" I you sincerely wish to change

or i$pro#e your results in your physical world, you $ust change your thoughts and you $ust change the$ i$$ediately" I you take the ti$e to really think through the in or$ation which is being presented, you will conclude that what has 2ust been said $akes per ect sense" In act, anyone who truly understands the (creati#e process,( will tell you what I ha#e 2ust said is not only right, but it is a natural law o your being- it is the way %od works with and through the indi#idual" This is also called prayer in so$e (circles( @(prayer( being the $o#e$ent that takes place between spirit and or$, with and through the indi#idualC" %od has gi#en you the ability to build any idea which you desire" You were (Born Rich( and your abundance is contained in thought" So be good to yoursel , choose $agni icent ideas, and cease per$itting your physical world to control your thinking" You can readily understand, by now, how e#eryone $akes the (great $istake"( In 0$erson's essay on Sel -Reliance he said, (0n#y is ignorance"( In other words, to look at another person's (,cco$plish$ents,( or (Results,( and then to en#y the$, is truly unwise" /or those people irst chose their thoughts, in order to build the picture in their $ind o the good that is now $ani est in their li e1 and they chose those thoughts ro$ the in inite source o supply which is a#ailable to all o us-you as well3 That is what the great artist, :incent :an %ogh, $eant when he was asked how he did such beauti ul work" 8e said, (I drea$ $y painting, and then I paint $y drea$"( In other words, he saw the picture in his $ind irst and then he $ade a replica on can#as-in oil, o the original in his $ind" In truth, there has ne#er been an (original( (:an %ogh( sold3 ,s I a$ writing this I can see you reading it, and can al$ost hear you thinking, (That $akes a lot o sense-now I see"( , ew years ago 'ary Snyder ro$ +ali ornia sat in one o $y se$inars with her husband &scar" She ga#e $e a 4uote by *incoln which I truly lo#e and which I ha#e shared with thousands o people" *incoln said, (To belie#e in the things you can see and touch is no belie at all1 but to belie#e in the unseen is a triu$ph and a blessing"( Isn't that beauti ul6 Thanks again, 'ary" 8ope ully by now you understand the wisdo$ o so$e o these $ental e!ercises I ha#e been suggesting" So keep repeating9 (I a$ prosperous, I a$ wealthy, $oney is good"( See yoursel in your $ind's eye, doing what you will do when you ha#e the $ani estation o your new attitude or consciousness" :isuali)e this great wealth and eel yoursel already in possession o it" Re$e$ber though, $oney is the ser#ant1 you are the $aster-you lo#e people and you use $oney" Be ore you continue on to the ne!t chapter, re-read this chapter, ('e ,nd 'oney,( because re-reading it will help you release that old idea about $oney, which causes an unco$ ortable eeling whene#er the sub2ect o $oney is raised" Repeat to yoursel , se#eral ti$es each day, ('e ,nd 'oney,( until you beco$e totally aware o how good you eel thinking about wealth" Re rain ro$ talking to a lot o people about this new idea concerning $oney, until you ha#e a ir$ grip on it yoursel and eel con ident about e!plaining what you ha#e learned to others" Re$e$ber, hearing negati#e co$$ents ro$ people who do not understand the truth will not do you any good-i it does anything, it will only cause you to doubt yoursel " You $ust not per$it this to happen, because when you think

about ('e ,nd 'oney,( you want a beauti ul picture to ly onto the screen o your $ind3 "The good life is expensive. There is another way to live that doesn't cost as much but it isn't any good". - Spanish ;istillers

by Bob Proctor Chapter /: #ow Much I$ "nough0 " ost people thin! they want more money than they really do" and they settle for a lot less than they could get." - 0arl 5ightingale /or you to get this prosperity concept into high gear, you $ust be speci ic-e!actly how $uch $oney do you want6 Re$e$ber, you are working with your subconscious $ind and the subconscious does not think" It $erely accepts i$ages and then $o#es the$ into or$" So or you to say, I want (lotsa $oney( isn't good enough, because no one, least o all the subconscious $ind, knows how $uch (lotsa( is" I strongly reco$$end that you get #ery serious about this chapter, because the idea it contains could literally change your li e" But understand that thinking, by itsel , is not enough-you $ust $o#e into action" There are certain things you $ust do and the irst one is to decide how $uch $oney you want" /or you to answer this 4uestion, it would probably be a good idea or you to decide what you want the $oney or" But to si$ply say, (I want the $oney to li#e on,( is not good enough" You should reali)e our society is structured in such a way that the go#ern$ent will (keep you"( In act, in $ost places, they will e#en $ail a check to you-you can sit at ho$e and still recei#e a (li#ing wage"( ,t this point you are probably saying to yoursel , (&h yes, I know that, but I want to li#e better than that"( Well, let's get speci ic-how $uch better6 Bearing in $ind that this kind o an e!ercise is going to re4uire so$e serious planning on your part, get out a sheet o paper and draw up a list o all the (things,( or (acti#ities,( that you plan to spend $oney on o#er the course o the ne!t year" To assist you in getting started with your list, I ha#e outlined se#eral sa$ple categories below9 /ood, RentE'ortgage, +lothes, ,uto$obile, -tilities, 0ducation, :acations, Recreation, Insurance, Sa#ings" -nderstandably, these are 2ust a ew o the $any possibilities1 so keep working on your own list until it is co$plete3 ,nd re$e$ber, you do not ill in the a$ounts you are now spending" Rather, you take each ite$ on the list, #isuali)e how you want to li#e and then ill in the a$ount o $oney it will cost you to do so" /or e!a$ple, you $ight only go out to a nice restaurant to dine on #ery special occasions, but you

$ight #isuali)e yoursel spending a #ery en2oyable e#ening out or dinner once a week, where the ser#ice is e!cellent, the ood is e#en better, and the en#iron$ent is it or royalty" 8ow $uch would that cost6 - that is the igure you're looking or" You could be dri#ing a car that is getting old and is showing signs o rust, but you $ight #isuali)e yoursel dri#ing a brand new car o your choice, that you trade e#ery year or two" 8ow $uch would that cost6 Re$e$ber, you do not ha#e a contract to li#e ore#er, nor is this a practice run-this is your li e and you should be en2oying it to the ullest e!tent hu$anly possible3 There ore, you should ha#e the a$ount o $oney you need, to pro#ide the things you want, to li#e the way you choose to li#e" *et $e caution you-it would not be unusual or your $ind to be playing tricks on you at this point" You could be thinking, (This is really cra)y" I'$ ne#er going to ha#e the $oney to li#e the way this book suggests"( I want to re$ind you, howe#er, that there are $any people who do ha#e enough $oney to li#e the way this book suggests-and they weren't born with it-and no one le t it to the$" They were (Born Rich( in the sense o ha#ing the %od-gi#en potential to succeed @e#eryone isC, but like $ost people, they were at one ti$e short o $oney" -nderstand that you too can succeed, and you will, i you will only do as this book suggests" ,s I a$ writing this, I eel co$pelled to digress or a ew lines, to re$ind you that you ha#e great resources o talent and ability locked up, within you, 2ust waiting to be e!pressed" In this #ein, I can #i#idly recall listening to a tape a nu$ber o years ago, that 0arl 5ightingale $ade on (,ttitude"( I $ust ha#e listened to that tape literally hundreds o ti$es and there was a part on it where he said, (5ow, right here we co$e to a rather strange act" We tend to $ini$i)e the things we can do, the goals we can reach, and yet, or so$e e4ually strange reason, we think others can do things that we cannot"( 0arl went on to say, (I want you to know that that is not true" You do ha#e deep reser#oirs o talent and ability within you, and you can ha#e the things you want"( I wouldn't e#en want to speculate on how $any ti$es I heard that section, without really understanding what he $eant1 and then one day I heard it, and e#ery cell in $y brain see$ed to resonate with the truth o what he said" I suddenly reali)ed what he was (dri#ing at( and I knew deep down inside o $e, i they can do it, so can I, i I a$ willing to pay the price" Please understand you too can do it, because what 0arl had to say is as true o you as it was o $e" But part o the price or you, is to igure out """ #ow Much I$ "nough0 ;on't 2ust pull a igure out o the sky" ;o it right-because when you're inished you will be glad you did" 'oreo#er, this e!ercise will also help you to de#elop a $ore disciplined $ind" ,t this point you $ight be thinking this section doesn't e#en concern you, because you are already too deeply in debt to start accu$ulating a si)eable a$ount o $oney" But you will be happy to know, we ha#e a great idea which will help you deal with that proble$ as well" /urther$ore, you will be delighted to know that in $any situations-and yours $ay be one o the$-a person can beco$e wealthy, e#en i he or she ne#er earns any $ore $oney than they are earning currently" That thought alone should gi#e you the encourage$ent you need to continue reading"

By now you should ha#e co$pleted your list and arri#ed at a igure1 so take pen to paper and write that nu$ber down in big bold igures" 5ow, clear your $ind o that idea and $o#e on with $e to another #ery i$portant idea" Reali)e that although this idea $ight not apply speci ically to you-at least at the present ti$e-it certainly will apply to $any readers" 'oreo#er, e#en i it does not apply to your particular situation, it is worth thinking through anyway, because you certainly ha#e $any riends and associates it does apply to and you will be able to share it with the$" I a$ going to e!plain this idea to you as i you were a $arried person with a a$ily to support and you are either the sole breadwinner or an i$portant contributor" 5ow one o the principal reasons or wanting the a$ount o $oney you desire is to pro#ide or your a$ily, and not 2ust in an ade4uate $anner" , ter all, you want the$ to li#e li e to its ullest" Reali)e, there ore, that as long as you li#e and are able to ollow the plan outlined in this book, you will be able to do as you want with respect to your a$ily" 8owe#er, i you really stop and think about it, you will #ery likely agree that you would want your a$ily to li#e (the good li e,( e#en i you were suddenly re$o#ed ro$ the picture-wouldn't you6 .okingly you $ight say, (5o, who cares i I'$ gone"( But this is not a 2oking $atter" This is a #ery serious $atter" & course you care-I know it and so do you3 5ow, i you're ali#e and healthy, you will create this wealth or your estate" But what i you die or are per$anently disabled6 Well, our society has taken care o that situation as well1 we ha#e (*i e Insurance( and we ha#e (;isability Insurance"( But, let's get back to your thinking again-you $ight be saying to yoursel , (*i e insurance, what a rip-o " This guy Bob Proctor really doesn't know where he is co$ing ro$"( Well, let $e tell you, that when it co$es to li e insurance, I belie#e I can clai$ to be an authority o sorts- or I ha#e conducted se$inars or the insurance industry or al$ost ten years, and I ha#e had close to FB,BBB people ro$ that industry (go through( $y se$inars" There ore, I can assure you, that when I say appro!i$ately =FG o the people who$ you talk to are al$ost co$pletely ignorant when it co$es to the sub2ect o insurance, I a$ not (talking through $y hat"( %ranted, $any o these people hold i$portant positions in business and industry, in go#ern$ent, or in the pro essions, and because o their positions, it would be #ery easy to 2ust assu$e they know (o whence they speak"( But the sad act o the $atter is, $any o the$ are either badly $isin or$ed or co$pletely unin or$ed when it co$es to the i$portant sub2ect o li e insurance" -nderstand this - there is no way to replace your inco$e and create a certain and instant estate other than li e insurance1 and statistics indicate that although $ost people are insured, the #ast $a2ority o people @at least =BGC, are dangerously under-insured" That is to say, when they die, $ost people lea#e behind only enough $oney to pay or their uneral and possibly enough $oney to co#er their a$ily's li#ing e!penses or one year3 The un ortunate part is, that or a relati#ely s$all su$ o $oney, these people could ha#e had their inancial a airs set up in such a way that i so$ething did happen to the$, their inancial goals would be reached by their a$ilies auto$atically" Since this book is designed to help you reach a substantial, inancial goal, I elt dutybound to include the in or$ation on li e insurance" The book could not be co$plete without it"

@7eep in $ind there are only two ways to earn $oney9 people at work, or $oney at work"C You will be happy to know the re$ainder o this book is designed or the person who is going to *I:0" Bloo% Where You &re )lanted-'tart +ow1 When do you start to li#e this good li e6 Is that the 4uestion you are beginning to ask yoursel 6 You start now" Start by answering the ollowing 4uestions9 8ow 8ow 8ow 8ow 8ow 8ow o o o o o o ten ten ten ten ten ten do do do do do do you you you you you you pay pay pay pay pay pay your phone bill6 your rent or $ortgage6 your grocery store6 or gas or your car6 your doctor6 yoursel 6

That last 4uestion see$s like a strange one, doesn't it6 But do you reali)e that less than F people in e#ery <BB e#er pay the$sel#es" ,nd, i you were to ask the other =F why they don't, they would probably tell you that by the ti$e they pay e#eryone else, there is nothing le t or the$sel#es3 +learly, those H or F people in e#ery <BB who do (pay the$sel#es,( ha#e ound a way around this proble$" ,lthough the idea which they are e$ploying has been around or centuries, hardly anyone today is aware o it" What is that idea, you ask6 Si$ply put it is this9 (They pay the$sel#es /IRST3( @This is better known as the Babylonian law o & )art 23 &ll You "arn I$ Your$ !o 4eep I you think about it, you $ust ad$it this (law,( or principle, $akes a lot o good sense" There ore, let $e repeat it - (, part o all you earn is yours to keep3( 'ore speci ically, what you earn 'onday $orning is yours to keep, so it should go directly into a special account that you do not ha#e easy access to" Your Financial Independence &ccount What you earn on 'onday $orning probably represents ten percent o your inco$e" There ore, you should pay yoursel at least that ten percent, right o the top @i"e" not a ter e#eryone else has been paidC" /ro$ your (/inancial Independence ,ccount,( you irst pay your insurance pre$iu$, because that instru$ent creates your (Instant 0state"( The re$ainder o the $oney then goes into sa#ings, until such ti$e as you ha#e accu$ulated enough capital to $ake a wise in#est$ent" Re$e$ber, you do not (touch( this account or the interest inancial success"C

it will yield" There ore, within a #ery short period o ti$e, you will witness su icient progress to gain the $oti#ation and inspiration which you need to continue" 'oreo#er, the knowledge that you ha#e an (Instant 0state,( i anything should happen to you, will gi#e you additional serenity o $ind" 2rderly 5ebt Repay%ent )rogra% You could already ha#e debts that see$ to be eating up your entire paycheck, lea#ing nothing or yoursel " But understand this-these debts can be retired" @,lthough the a$ount o debt you ha#e incurred will, o course, deter$ine the length o ti$e it will take you to clear the slate"C ,nd, or the purposes o the ollowing discussion, you $ust consider your $ortgage or house pay$ent @probably one o your largest $onthly pay$entsC, as an in#est$ent, 5&T a debt" 5ebt Clearance &ccount Whate#er $oney you earn 'onday a ternoon and Tuesday $orning, should go directly into your ;ebt +learance ,ccount" This represents twenty percent o your inco$e" You should also sit down and dra t a letter which you will send to all o your creditors, ad#ising the$ o your plan" 8owe#er, be ore you $ail the letter, you should irst draw up a list o your creditors to deter$ine what proportion o this twenty percent each o the$ would recei#e" It could concei#ably be $ore $oney than they are presently recei#ing, or it could be less1 but whiche#er way it works out, that will be the su$ o $oney they will each recei#e" 5e#ertheless, whate#er su$ they do recei#e, they will recei#e it regularly, on the stipulated dates" The ollowing is a sa$ple letter you could use as a guide in dra ting your own letter9 ;ear Who$e#er9 ,s you know, I a$ in debt to you or AIIIIIIII, and I intend to pay you in ull, plus interest" In order to achie#e this goal, I ha#e been de#ising a plan during the past ew days to put $ysel in a stable inancial position" To this end, I ha#e opened a (;ebt +learance ,ccount( @;+,C, and twenty percent o $y inco$e is going directly into that account" That will enable $e to ha#e su icient resources to li#e on, without worry or stress, and it will pre#ent $e ro$ alling urther into debt" 0ach week @or $onthC you will recei#e a check or AIIIII ro$ $y (;+,,( until $y account with you is clear" I a$ aware that this is not the igure I had pre#iously agreed to pay you, but I'$ sure you will be understanding, and appreciate what I a$ doing" I you ha#e any 4uestions, please eel ree to contact $e" I a$ 4uite e!cited about $y new plans and i you would like to ha#e $e re#iew the$ with you so that you $ight help others who are in your debt, I would be pleased to do so" Thank you in ad#ance or your kind cooperation" 8a#e a wonder ul day3

Sincerely .ohn ;oe -nderstand that your letter to your creditor is a state$ent o act and not a re4uestit is you who is in charge o your inances, not your creditors3 Be sure to ha#e your letters neatly typed and enclose your irst new pay$ent with your co#ering letter" Reali)e there is an (outside chance( that so$e unreasonable person will not want to cooperate with you" They $ight e#en go so ar as to phone you and atte$pt to inti$idate you with threats o taking you to court, etc" But please hold your ground, because there is no court in the country that would not congratulate you, when you e!plained your entire plan or /inancial Independence" 'oreo#er, you will ind that =FG o the people, to who$ you write, will be $ost cooperati#e" 5ow gi#e yoursel a good (pat on the back,( because as o this $o$ent, you are well on your way to starting a co$pletely new way o li e3 *et's brie ly re#iew what you ha#e acco$plished thus ar9 <" >" ?" H" F" You ha#e an instant estate i anything should happen to you" You ha#e a sa#ings account" You are paying yoursel " You ha#e an orderly debt repay$ent progra$" You ha#e JBG o your inco$e to li#e on1 to run the house and or entertain$ent" K" Your $ind is clear to carry on with the big ideas co$ing your way in the re$ainder o this book" /ro$ this $o$ent on, ne#er think (debt( again" Re$e$ber, that has all been taken care o -so 2ust ocus on your sa#ings account, and watch it grow" Repeat-I a$ wealthy1 'oney is good1 I use $oney and I lo#e people" 'etaphorically speaking, getting your present inances in order is #ery si$ilar to ha#ing your auto$obile tuned up or a 2ourney which you are about to take" Reali)e that as o this $o$ent, you are tuned up or your 2ourney" ,nd, although you $ight only be earning (!( nu$ber o dollars per year presently, you $ust see yoursel , on the screen o your $ind, already earning the new annual inco$e which you ha#e calculated you need, to buy the things you want, in order to li#e the way you choose to li#e" I you are seriously interested in beco$ing inancially independent and you ha#e not yet acted on the preceding ideas, I would strongly reco$$end you do so now" /or to continue on to the ne!t chapter, without ha#ing done so, would be co$parable to lea#ing on your 2ourney with your car iring on only hal its cylinders" You can be al$ost certain that your auto$obile will break down, pre#enting you ro$ reaching your desired destination" But by $aking certain that e#erything is properly (tuned up,( you can rela! and adopt a cal$, serene attitude, knowing that you will get to your destination1 and you will certainly be able to en2oy the scenery along the way3

I you ind that the task o getting your inancial world in good order or this e!citing 2ourney is so$ething which you are not able to do alone, I would strongly suggest you seek out pro essional assistance" @This is so$ething that al$ost all wealthy people do"C That is to say, wealthy indi#iduals ollow the ad#ice o inancial e!perts" It is si$ilar in principle to the idea that i a person's body were sick, he or she would likely seek out a skilled physician or ad#ice" 'oreo#er, you should also keep in $ind that e#en healthy people, i they are wise, periodically go to a doctor or a checkup" In other words, you do not always need to get sick in order to get better" It has already been brought to your attention that #ery ew people e#er de#elop real e!pertise in the area o serious ( inancial planning"( There ore, you should seek out a co$petent inancial counselor, in $uch the sa$e $anner as you would seek assistance, in $atters o a legal nature" There are co$panies that pro#ide this type o inancial ser#ice in e#ery city" In so$e places they are not too easy to ind1 but they are there, i you will only look or the$" I had the pleasure o being instru$ental in the start-up o 2ust such a co$pany, in the city o Toronto, +anada in <=J= @the na$e o the co$pany is The 'c+rary %roupC" Today the co$pany has al$ost i#e thousand happy clients, who are well on their way to inancial independence" The 'c+rary %roup $akes all o its clients #ery aware o an interesting inancial act, which I would like to share with you at this ti$e" This act is, people all into three distinct categories with respect to ( inances(9 <" ;e icit position @in debtC, >" Break-e#en position @2ust getting by, but debt- reeC, ?" Surplus position" It would be #ery easy to (trick( onesel into belie#ing, that i one were in category one or two, all one $ust do is earn $ore $oney, and then one would auto$atically graduate into the third category" But o course, this is not necessarily true" /or i a person is in a de icit inancial position, it $eans they are in the (habit( o spending $ore $oney than they earn" Si$ilarly, i they are in a break-e#en position, they are in the habit o spending e#erything they earn" Since we are all (creatures o habit,( it ollows that earning $ore $oney would not necessarily change our o#erall inancial position" It is #itally i$portant, that when you decide (how $uch is enough,( you also design a new inancial plan or ha#e one designed or you which will orce you to discipline yoursel -at least or a $onth or two-until you or$ the new habit o li#ing by that new plan" The ne!t chapter, (The I$age 'aker,( will help you to understand how and why you $ust begin to see yoursel already earning that new igure" But or the ti$e being, 2ust bear in $ind that as your inco$e increases, the ten percent you are sa#ing increases and the twenty percent that is going into your ;+, increases, which $eans that you will be able to retire your debts aster" /urther$ore, you will then be le t with =BG o your inco$e on which to li#e" @I can see you getting e!cited about this idea already3C

by Bob Proctor Chapter 6: !he I%age-Ma7er

The ideas contained in this chapter could #ery well be the breakthrough or you, because I$age-'aking, once we get a ir$ grip on it, is a truly dyna$ic idea" I was speaking in &hio a nu$ber o years ago, to a large group o business people, when an elderly gentle$an in the audience suddenly stopped $e as I was e!plaining the I$age-'aking concept" 8e stood up and in or$ed the audience that he was si!ty- i#e years o age, be ore he understood this idea" 8e $entioned that he had read about it, thought about it, and e#en talked about it, but he ne#er really understood it until he was si!ty- i#e years old" I want to suggest, right at this $o$ent, that you read this chapter o#er a ew ti$es, because $ost people li#e and die and ne#er ully understand the power o I$age'aking" -nderstand that we are relating this idea to ($oney( in this book1 but I want you to know that once you ully understand the I$age-'aking concept, you can e ecti#ely use it or whate#er good you desire" I a$ not able to tell you the e!act date on which I $ysel gained an understanding o I$age-'aking, but I can tell you it has had as great an i$pact on $y li e as any idea I ha#e e#er learned" The knowledge o I$age-'aking eli$inates co$petition ro$ your li e, by $o#ing you ro$ the co$petiti#e plane to the creati#e plane" You will soon understand there ore, that in truth, the only co$petition you will e#er ha#e is with your own ignorance" This idea truly e!cites $e" To be $ore accurate, I should probably say sharing this idea with you e!cites $e, because I know how it can i$pro#e e#ery aspect o your li e" I honestly lo#e watching people grow or un old as new ideas register in their consciousness" But be ore I del#e into this idea, please understand that e#eryone is using the I$age-'aking concept and e#eryone always has" In act, e#erything that has e#er co$e into your li e has co$e as a direct result o the I$age-'aking process" There ore, i you will only beco$e aware o the results which you ha#e obtained, you will reali)e you ha#e already e$ployed this great $ental tool" .ust take a look at the results $ost people obtain" %enerally speaking, you could say it is 4uite ob#ious that when they $ake use o their I$age-'aking ability, they al$ost always use it the wrong way" You &re &n I%age-Ma7er 'ost religions teach that %od is responsible or e#erything $ade in this world and I would ully subscribe to this proposition" 8owe#er, as co-creators, hu$an beings $ust bear responsibility or W8,T %od $akes in their li#es" !he Mini$ter &nd !he Far%er

, story I once heard illustrates this point e!ceedingly well" 'any years ago, a $inister was dri#ing along a re$ote country road, when he happened upon a #ery beauti ul ar$" The ar$ was kept in absolutely $agni icent condition" The ences were well cared or, the crops were a radiant green and although the house was set back so$e distance ro$ the road, it was abundantly clear that it had a clean, resh coat o white paint on it" Well-culti#ated lower beds encircled the house and stretched all along both sides o the long, wide dri#eway, leading to it ro$ the road" In a neat row along both sides o the dri#e as well, were straight lines o tall green poplar trees reaching up to a pictures4ue pale blue sky" The lawns surrounding the house were a deep rich green, and as well $anicured as any putting green e#er was" Indeed, the entire picture would ha#e it well on a post card, since it was absolutely breathtaking in its splendor" Then the $inister looked o to his right, to the other side o the road" 8ere the ields were ploughed, the earth was the deepest black the $inister had e#er seen and he was a$a)ed at how the urrows had been plowed in such a way that they stretched out in rows (as straight as clothes lines"( /ar o in the distance, the $inister could see the ar$er sitting up on his tractor, with a straw hat on the back o his head and clad in an old, light blue pair o o#eralls" It appeared that the ar$er was $o#ing toward the road as he was plowing" Since the $inister was in no particular hurry, he pulled his car o#er to the side o the road, got out o it, and walked toward the ence" When he reached it, he 2ust stood still, en2oying the light bree)e, the war$ sunlight and ad$iring the beauty o the ar$ and the ar$er's ability to plough such straight urrows" ,s the ar$er worked his way toward the road, he noticed the $inister leaning against the ence" So he brought the tractor to a halt, cli$bed down ro$ it, and slowly started to walk in the $inister's direction" ,s the ar$er got closer the $inister s$iled, raised his ar$, and wa#ed saying, ('y good $an, %od has certainly blessed you with a beauti ul ar$"( The ar$er stopped, pulled out an old red and white polka-dot handkerchie ro$ his pocket with his big, scarred and calloused hands" 8e raised his ar$ and wiped the sweat ro$ his sun-scorched brow, still not saying a word" Then he reached up with his other hand, and gently took ro$ his $outh the long piece o straw that had been bouncing and wa#ing as he walked" 8e stood in silence or a $o$ent, looking at the $inister, and then he spoke" With a slow, steady #oice be replied, (Yes Re#erend, you're right" %od has blessed $e with a beauti ul ar$, but I 2ust wish you could ha#e seen it when he had it all to hi$sel 3( -nderstand that (i$ages( are $ental pictures that are $ade ro$ thoughts, and the $agni icence o the $ind lies in the act that it can (think"( That is to say, it can tap into thought and create whate#er i$age it chooses" 5ow play with your $ind or a ew $inutes and beco$e aware o how you can lash one picture or i$age a ter another on the screen o your $ind" It is al$ost as i you were sitting inside your body at a great theatre, and you are the writer, producer and director o this $o#ie you are watching"

In a wonder ul book I read a nu$ber o years ago titled The Science o %etting Rich, the author, Wallace ;" Wattles, re erred to (This thinking stu that per$eates, penetrates, and ills the interspaces o the cos$os"( It's true that thoughts are e#erywhere and we can tap into this thinking stu with our $ind and or$ any i$age we choose" 5ow beco$e aware o this truth" 0#erything we do is preceded by an i$age" We think irst in order to or$ an i$age, then we do the work" Building !he Fir$t Chair +onsider or a $o$ent how the irst (chair( was built" We did not always ha#e chairs, you know" I suppose $any years ago when we irst started to beco$e ci#ili)ed, so$eone beca$e tired o sitting on the ground" Whoe#er this person was, he probably started to think, and began to see a picture in his $ind" 8e probably saw hi$sel sitting on a (thing( with his legs hanging down and his back leaning against so$ething" This picture or idea appealed to hi$, because he i$agined that it would be a $ore co$ ortable position in which to sit1 certainly $uch $ore co$ ortable than sitting on the ground with his knees sho#ed up under his chin3 Since this picture appealed to the person, the person thought o it o ten, until a desire to ha#e such a thing began to de#elop" The desire $o#ed the person into action, and with the picture in his $ind, he began to build so$ething outside o hi$sel -in his physical world-that was, as close as possible, a replica o the i$age he held in his $ind" &nce the thing was co$pleted, the person sat on it" 8e let his legs hang and his back lean and he ound that it was good" 8e then called the thing a (chair"( The word (chair( is a sy$bol that has a corresponding i$age and when you see or hear the sy$bol chair, it triggers an i$age on the screen o your $ind" /ro$ that day to this, others ha#e been building i$ages o $ore co$ ortable chairs-chairs with padding, chairs that old and chairs that recline" Then so$eone got lonely sitting alone and the person began to think and they built an i$age in their $ind o a #ery long chair" They constructed that long chair, ound it was good and they called it a (so a"( 5eed we continue6 So$eone got tired o sleeping under a tree and they built an i$age o a roo o#er their head and on and on we go" &ut o the ca#e into a condo$iniu$" We ha#e truly built the world we li#e in" +olu$bus i$aged a new world and you and I are li#ing in it" The Wright Brothers i$aged us being propelled through the air and introduced us to a new kingdo$" Sa$uel 'orse i$aged hi$sel interrupting the low o energy through $etallic wires and ga#e us the telegraph with the 'orse code" +opernicus i$aged a $ultiplicity o worlds and now we ha#e been there" Through the years, history has recorded the results o great #isionaries" In act, e#erything e#er acco$plished was at irst, and or a ti$e, nothing $ore than an i$age held in the $ind o the architect" Reali)e, now, that you too are the ($ental architect( o your own destiny" 8oing !o !he Mo(ie$

+onsider this9 .ack 5icklaus, the world a$ous gol er, e!plains he will not e#en pick up a club until he has a #ery clear i$age on the screen o his $ind, showing e!actly how the ball will ly through the air, how it will hit the ground and where it will roll a ter it hits" 5icklaus calls this (going to the $o#ies( and he has beco$e so pro icient at it that he has beco$e known throughout the world" /a$e and ortune are his or the asking" In a pre#ious paragraph, I $ade re erence to the state$ent by Wallace ;" Wattles9 (There is a thought stu that per$eates, penetrates and ills the interspaces o the cos$os"( In truth, there is a thought stu e#erywhere around you and within you" So beco$e aware o this truth and tap into it now" -se it to or$ an i$age on the screen o your $ind1 see yoursel already in possession o the a$ount o $oney you want, to pro#ide the things you need, to li#e in the style you choose to li#e" )er$onal )ro$perity You are using $ental aculties that e#eryone has" They are e!actly the sa$e $ental aculties used by +opernicus, Buddha and 'orse who$ we pre#iously $entioned" You $ight ha#e or$ed the habit o thinking that people like those 2ust $entioned are di erent than you and I" But I want you to know the only di erence between you and the$, or anyone else, is only in appearance and acco$plish$ents" We all li#e in di erent physical bodies and we all use our inherent $ental aculties in a di erent way1 but our basic structure is unda$entally the sa$e" I a$ well aware there are $any pro essors and other pro essional people who will tell you what I ha#e 2ust said is a lot o nonsense" But disbelie#ers like these ha#e always e!isted and they are, in $y opinion, little people" /or all o the truly great leaders are in co$plete agree$ent with what I ha#e 2ust e!plained, about your e4uality with great people o the past and present" 0#en .esus tried to tell the world, as he was doing his great work so$e two thousand years ago, that you too were capable o doing what he was doing" In act, 8e e#en went a step urther in saying, (0#en greater things are you capable o "( Belie#e 8i$, 8e spoke the truth" The little people will say, that is not what 8e $eant" But let $e assure you, it is e!actly what .esus $eant" I you can see it and belie#e it-you can do it" 5apoleon 8ill spent al$ost his entire li e studying i#e hundred o the world's greatest achie#ers and the essence o his e!hausti#e studies and writings is contained in his great book, Think and %row Rich" (Whate#er the $ind can concei#e and belie#e it can achie#e"( 5ot $any people belie#e this, but the ones who do, pro#e it to the$sel#es" Why don't you pro#e it to yoursel , now" .ust build the i$age o prosperity on the screen o your $ind and watch what happens" Re$e$ber though, regardless o how tough things get, you $ust continue to hold the picture o personal prosperity" You will #ery likely run up against a series o circu$stances that will, or a ti$e, al$ost ha#e you con#inced you are actually going backwards1 but, persistence is the key" +ontinue to hold the picture o personal prosperity and understand that what is happening to you, is what $ust happen, to prepare you to recei#e the good you desire"

(Persistence(-5apoleon 8ill de#oted an entire chapter in Think and %row Rich to persistence" In that chapter he said, (There $ay be no heroic connotation to the word persistence, but the character is to the 4uality o $an what carbon is to steel"( 8ill also pointed out in another part o the sa$e chapter, that the only thing which separated Tho$as 0dison or 8enry /ord ro$ the rest o the people in the world was persistence" /or both o these great $en had an i$age and they would not let anyone or anything dissuade the$-they were persistent" &ne illu$inated the world, the other put the world on wheels" Both were, o course, richly rewarded" In a pre#ious chapter, we e!plained $oney is a reward or ser#ice rendered" These $en pro#ided a tre$endous ser#ice to $illions o indi#iduals and their reward was in direct proportion to the ser#ice rendered" So build your i$age o prosperity and be persistent" The way or your i$age to $ateriali)e will be shown to you" Persistence ,lways Pays , nu$ber o years ago, .ohn 7anary, a riend and business partner o $ine, was discussing 8ill's chapter on (persistence( with $e" We both see$ed to be e4ually i$pressed with the i$portance o this 4uality, as well as with the necessity o a person ha#ing it, i they were to reach any worthwhile goal" , ter a ti$e and nearing the end o our discussion, we each agreed we would read the chapter on (persistence(, once e#ery day or thirty days" I don't e#en ha#e to ask .ohn to ind out i this e!ercise helped hi$-I know it did1 and the e!ercise has $ost certainly bene ited $e on nu$erous occasions" There is an interesting story concerning .ohn 7anary, which would be #ery appropriate to share with you here, since it illustrates both the power o (i$aging,( as well as (persistence"( ,lthough I had known .ohn 7anary or a couple o years and had talked with hi$ on $any occasions, I certainly did not know hi$ as inti$ately as I do at the ti$e o this writing" It is i$portant that I bring this out here, as I will be re erring back to it shortly" The incident I a$ about to relate, took place in <=J<" I was li#ing in +hicago at the ti$e and had 2ust co$pleted a speaking engage$ent in 0d$onton, ,lberta" When I returned to $y roo$, there was a telephone $essage or $e to call .ohn 7anary, in Belle#ille, &ntario, +anada" I returned the call and a ter a couple o $inutes o s$all talk, .ohn said it was rather i$portant that he $eet with $e, as he had so$ething he wanted to discuss and he pre erred not to (go into it( on the telephone" I asked .ohn to wait while I looked o#er $y calendar1 it was, in the #ernacular-packed tight" I was busy, to say the least1 al$ost e#ery day I had either a se$inar or speaking engage$ent in a di erent city in 5orth ,$erica" I e!plained this to .ohn and told hi$ that although I would lo#e to #isit, I really didn't know when I could" .ohn was persistent, so I said, (*isten, I'$ lea#ing 0d$onton or +hicago tonight at $idnight" To get to +hicago I ha#e to go through Toronto" I'll arri#e there at J a"$" I'll ha#e to change ter$inals and I lea#e ro$ the second ter$inal, one hour and i ty $inutes later" I'll be happy to talk to you then, although I don't pro$ise to be too alert a ter lying all night"( It is also worth $entioning that .ohn had to get up early enough to dri#e the <>F $iles ro$ Belle#ille to Toronto, to $eet $y J9BB a"$" arri#al" I re$e$ber that all .ohn said was, (I'll be there"(

The ne!t $orning I sat in the airport co ee shop and listened as .ohn e!plained how he (wanted to do what I was doing"( 8e wanted to conduct se$inars" 8e also e!plained that he was prepared to pay the price, whate#er it $ight be" ,s I listened, it was like hearing a popular song on the radio-you keep hearing it, o#er and o#er again" In al$ost e#ery se$inar I conduct there is a $an or wo$an in the se$inar who wants to do (what I a$ doing"( I'#e heard it in Bilo!i, 'ississippi1 Butte, 'ontana1 *os ,ngeles, 5ew York, 'oncton and 'ontreal-it was an old tune" 5ow, here I was in Toronto with a riend who, as I ha#e already $entioned, I did not know that well, and he was asking what (he had to do"( ,s I was listening, the sa$e i$ages, which I had with all the others, were lashing through $y $ind" I was re$e$bering all the tra#elling and the ear o standing up and speaking in a large hotel ballroo$ crowded with people who wanted you to get the$ e!cited, but who were $entally putting you on trial at the sa$e ti$e, thinking, (;oes this guy know what he is talking about6( In $any situations, such as a sales con#ention, you had orty $inutes ro$ beginning to end in which to build rapport with a ew hundred strangers and get the$ e!cited about the$sel#es" The years o staying up nights reading and studying, the years o learning by attending se$inars all o#er the continent, the years o working or ne!t to nothing to prepare onesel to hold the attention o a group o people all day in a se$inar, these were the i$ages racing across $y $ind" It had taken $e ele#en years to get to that point" But how do you say, (5o, you'll ne#er do it,( when so$eone like .ohn asks you, especially when the essence o what you teach is -you can do anything" Yet, how can you say (yes,( when e#eryone you know, with the e!ception o two or three others besides yoursel , cannot earn a li#ing in the public speaking business unless they are a celebrity" @,nd that is a whole di erent story"C When .ohn 7anary inished, I told hi$ what I had told all the others9 (Yes, you can do it, but it's tough" 'ake sure you understand that, .ohn" It's tough" You will ha#e to do a tre$endous a$ount o studying, because you not only ha#e to know what to say, but you $ust also ha#e the answers to a thousand and one 4uestions arising as a result o what you say" So$e o the 4uestions will co$e ro$ pro essional people$edical doctors, engineers and lawyers-who, in $ost cases, know what they are talking about" So you not only ha#e to be right, but con ident as well, or you will be discredited with your entire audience1 and that only has to happen a couple o ti$es and you're (out o business"( You not only ha#e to study these ideas, but you $ust use the$ as well, or there will be no con#iction in your talks" @5ot to $ention the act that you will be a walking physical contradiction to what you teach"C It is ne!t to i$possible, or e!a$ple, to ha#e a sick person teaching 'health'" You $ust de#elop show$anship and #oice control, and on and on it goes" In short, .ohn, or e#ery one who $akes it, a thousand ail $iserably"( -sually when this is e!plained, the person says they still want to go ahead, but you ne#er hear ro$ the$ again" .ohn was no e!ception, in one sense-he still wanted to go ahead" 8owe#er, in e#ery other way he was an e!ception" I did see hi$ again" I

told hi$ what to read and what to do and he read it and did it" .ohn read hundreds o books-he (de#oured( the$" 8e narrated the$ onto tapes and then played the tapes in the car" ,t his own e!pense, he ollowed $e all o#er the country and sat in hundreds o se$inars" 8e wrote thousands o pages o notes and studied the$ diligently" /inally, I would ha#e hi$ open and close the se$inars" Then he would conduct part o a se$inar hi$sel " In the beginning he was ull o ear, he was soaking wet" So$eti$es he would be so worried about what the audience thought o hi$, that he would orget e#erything he knew and, as you know, an audience can be #ery cruel" But despite all this he continued" @7eep in $ind this was costing hi$ $oney1 he was not being paid"C .ohn 7anary had built an i$age o hi$sel doing (what I was doing( and he would not 4uit" 8e was persistent and it worked" It always has and it always will" Today he has earned the respect o $any o the world's largest corporations" 8e has spoken in al$ost e#ery $a2or city in 5orth ,$erica" 8e has also earned $ore in one day than he was earning in a year when I irst $et hi$3 So i so$eone with nu$erous degrees a ter their na$e tells you I$age-'aking and Persistence don't work, 2ust look .ohn 7anary up and ask hi$" 8e will tell you, (I know you can do it, because I did it3( Philip 5acola, a $inister in Santa ,nna, +ali ornia, preached a ser$on on a si$ilar idea one Sunday, that I was ortunate enough to hear when I was li#ing there" 8e said, (7eep your $ind on a higher i$age rather than a lower concern"( I reali)e that is not always an easy thing to do, but it sure pays great di#idends or the person who de#elops the $ental strength to do it, and that is what it takes-$ental strength" Build your i$age now and de#elop the $ental strength to hold it" , nu$ber o years ago, prior to 5apoleon 8ill's death, 0arl 5ightingale condensed and narrated Think and %row Rich onto a long playing record" ,t the end o the record 'r" 8ill co$es on to close the record" 8e said, (,nd now as I stretch out the hand o riendship through ti$e and space, let $e re$ind you, not to go searching or opportunity in the distance, but reach out and e$brace it right where you are"( Wattles said, (This thinking stu , per$eates and penetrates the entire uni#erse"( They are both telling us the sa$e thing" So build your i$age now, right where you are" ;on't e#en wait until you inish this book" Build it now and let the re$aining pages in this book strengthen the i$age" You don't e#en ha#e to try, 2ust let the i$age o a $ore prosperous you loat to the center o your consciousness" It's already here, so let it appear" /or $any years now, I ha#e been #ery aware o the power that lows through you to acco$plish good in your li e, when you hold the proper i$age in your $ind1 and this great truth has been responsible or $any wonder ul things happening in $y own li e" 'oreo#er, I ha#e also seen nu$erous e!a$ples o what a proper i$age will do in the li#es o other people" )aul #ut$ey9$ 'tory

I would be re$iss i I concluded this chapter without sharing Paul 8utsey's story with you" It all began when I recei#ed a telephone call ro$ +harlie Beck, who was the :ice President o Sales or the southwestern 8o$e & ice o the Prudential Insurance +o$pany o ,$erica, in 8ouston, Te!as" 8e in#ited $e to speak at the co$pany's Regional Business +on erences, to be held in Toronto, +anada" 8e e!plained they had our di erent regions and each region was co$ing in or three days to the con erence" @This $eant that they wanted $e to work in Toronto or appro!i$ately <> days"C ,lthough I was li#ing in *os ,ngeles at the ti$e, Toronto was $y ho$e town-where I grew up" 'y a$ily and riends all li#ed there, so naturally the idea appealed to $e" But I asked +harlie how long I could ha#e on the progra$ and he said, (about an hour"( I think it is worth $entioning, at this point, that I ha#e not as yet learned to teach anyone $uch in an hour, and I told hi$ so" I e!plained that i he would gi#e $e two $ornings on the progra$-with each region-I would be glad to co$e and do the 2ob or hi$" I wanted two and one-hal hours each $orning" +harlie's southern accent was interrupted by a real deep belly laugh as he e!plained that they had ne#er done anything like that, in the <BB year history o the co$pany" ,ll o their e!ecuti#es had to take part in the progra$ and so they ne#er ga#e anyone that $uch ti$e" 8owe#er, I stood ir$" I ga#e hi$ the na$e o a couple o other #ice-presidents in his co$pany who$ I had worked or and I suggested that he call the$, to ind out i $y idea had any $erit" But as I hung up the phone, I did so rather reluctantly because I really wanted the 2ob" I $ust ad$it that I was so$ewhat surprised, there ore, when one o +harlie's aides phoned $e back to say they were (going or it"( 8e also told $e he didn't know how I had talked +harlie into doing it, but I was gi#en two $ornings on the progra$" I $ade up $y $ind right on the spot that I was going to lea#e these people with so$ething special-and i they chose to use it-they could literally change their li#es o#ernight" @5ot to $ention what it would do or their sales records"C I was going to speak on the power o an i$age or, to be $ore speci ic, the power o a sel -i$age and the bene its o holding a positi#e one" ,t the conclusion o the progra$ or one o the regions, a gentle$an ca$e up to $e and said it was i$perati#e he talk to $e" 8e said he had a proble$, and he elt I had the answer to the proble$, because he was i$pressed with the ideas I had e!plained during the se$inar presentations" There were appro!i$ately >BB people in each one o these con#entions and I e!plained to this $an that $any o the people wanted to talk to $e, but I did not ha#e the ti$e to talk to e#eryone indi#idually, since I was only one person" I also e!plained to hi$ I had another appoint$ent and had to lea#e i$$ediately to be there on ti$e" Still, he was persistent, so I agreed to $eet hi$ the ollowing $orning in the co ee-shop or break ast" I can re$e$ber our $eeting as i it were yesterday" The two o us sat down, 2ust inside the door o the co ee-shop at the 8yatt 8ouse 8otel on ,#enue Road" ,s soon as we sat down, he started talking" 8e in or$ed $e that he had to tell $e so$ething about hi$sel , so I could understand his proble$" 8e said he did not want $e to think he was bragging, but it was necessary or $e to ha#e this in or$ation" 8e began by telling $e he was a (good $an,( and I already knew that about hi$, 2ust by looking at hi$" I could ( eel( it about hi$" 8e then went on to e!plain he had worked or Prudential or $ore than >B years, had been in $anage$ent or all but two o those years, and he concluded by saying, (I'$ a good $anager"( 5e!t he stated he had a good record, good people, and he was well-respected by the e!ecuti#e sta o this co$pany" 5o sooner had he uttered those words than +harlie

Beck and ;ick 'errill, the Senior :ice-President ro$ 8ouston, ca$e walking in" They ca$e o#er to our table, congratulated Paul on his year, e!changed a ew words with us and then went to their own table" Paul and I sat down again and resu$ed our con#ersation" 8e said, (They $eant what they said"( I knew it was true1 it wasn't $ere lattery" It was a sincere, $erited co$pli$ent that Paul had recei#ed ro$ his two senior e!ecuti#es" /inally, he said, (5ow, this is $y proble$" I run a district o ice in Wichita, 7ansas" &ut o o#er FBB o ices Prudential has, our o ice stands in <JFth place" 5ow,( he said, (that's not bad, nothing to be asha$ed o "( ,nd it wasn't-it was a airly good standing" 8e then said, ('y proble$ is, I know we are good enough to be in the top <BB, and we're not" 0#ery year I go or it, but I ne#er see$ to $ake it"( ,t that $o$ent I knew what the cause o Paul 8utsey's proble$ was" I e!plained to hi$ that he was letting the sales sheet dictate the i$age he was holding in his $ind" 8e saw hi$sel as being nu$ber <JF, and he was doing his ut$ost to $o#e into the top <BB" 8e worked hard, he worked with his people and, as he e!plained pre#iously, he had good people" I showed Paul that it was i$perati#e he see hi$sel in the top <BB, regardless o what the sales sheet said" In other words, he had to act as i he were already in the top <BB" 8e had to beco$e $entally what he wanted to be on the physical plane" 8e also had to learn how to co$$unicate this idea to his entire sta " Suddenly, I started to see the lights go on in Paul's $ind" We talked or awhile longer, and I e!plained as $uch as I could about the $ind to hi$-how it worked and especially about the power o holding the proper i$age there" Paul thanked $e or the ti$e I had gi#en hi$ and returned to Wichita, 7ansas" ,s his region $o#ed out o the 8yatt 8ouse, another one $o#ed in" But about a day or so later, I recei#ed a long-distance call ro$ Wichita, 7ansas, and it was ro$ Paul 8utsey" 8e wanted to know where I would be holding se$inars when the con erences were co$pleted" I told hi$ I would be in southern Illinois or Prudential's $id-western ho$e o ice" 8e then asked i he could 2oin $e and tra#el with $e or two or three days" I e!plained to Paul that I had already $ade a deal with +harlie Beck to do our entire series o se$inars or the whole o the southwestern ho$e o ice, and one o the sites chosen was Paul's town-Wichita, 7ansas" 5e#ertheless, since we weren't going to be there or at least si! weeks, he e!plained that he wanted to 2oin $e i$$ediately" So, at his own e!pense, he lew so$e KBB $iles to spend three days with $e" We went together ro$ *ich ield, Illinois, to *aSalle, Illinois" We spent hours talking as we were dri#ing ro$ one city to another, and he sat in the se$inar and took copious notes, all day long" In the e#ening we would spend $ore hours con#ersing" /inally, Paul returned to Wichita and started to apply these ideas" Speci ically, he started to work with the proper i$age and, as a result, the sales started to cli$b" /or so$e strange reason Paul's superiors saw it to $o#e hi$ ro$ Wichita, where he had been or a nu$ber o years, to Pittsburgh, 7ansas, where the district o ice stood in <K?rd position" This certainly didn't see$ like a #ery itting reward or all the e ort he had ad#anced on the +o$pany's behal " Still, Paul accepted the $o#e as a challenge, and a $ere si! $onths later the district in Pittsburgh, 7ansas, stood nu$ber << in the entire Prudential Insurance +o$pany3 0ach year, Prudential recogni)es the top i ty-two districts, which is the top <BG, by awarding the$ a citation" The Pittsburgh district had not had a citation in nine years" But 2ust a short si! $onths a ter Paul 8utsey took o#er the hel$, they were in the top >G" .ust two

years later, they $issed the nu$ber one spot by a $atter o a ew percentage points" Today, Paul 8utsey is :ice-President o Sales in 8ouston, Te!as, or the southwestern territory" +learly, he is a $an who learned well the aweso$e power o an i$age held in the $ind" I you were to talk to Paul 8utsey today, he would be 4uick to tell you that he will ne#er let present results dictate the i$age that he holds in his $ind" Rather, he holds the i$age o what he wants and then acts as i he already has it" Paul 8utsey is, without 4uestion, one o the best e!a$ples you will e#er ind when it co$es to the sub2ect o (building an i$age in the $ind( and then e!ecuting it" 8e has beco$e a serious student o the $ind, and I a$ happy to count hi$ a$ong $y good riends" -nderstand this-you could be doing precisely what Paul 8utsey had been doing all those years" So i you are, then $ake up your $ind right now to do what I ha#e suggested you start doing" Start right where you are-build the i$age o what you want and then act as i you ha#e already recei#ed it" 0!pressed so$ewhat di erently, (,ct like the person you want to beco$e"( /or as %oethe, the %er$an philosopher, once wrote, (Be ore you can do so$ething, you irst $ust be so$ething"( ,s you inish this chapter, lay the book down and then beco$e #ery rela!ed" *et creati#e energy ill your consciousness and then $ould it into an i$age o yoursel in a $uch $ore abundant state o li e" See yoursel already in possession o what you pre#iously only drea$ed o " Beco$e e!tre$ely conscious o the truth that your entire being is not only illed with, but also is surrounded by, the original substance all i$ages are $ade o " So do not 2ust keep reading page a ter page o the book without acting on the (suggestions( which I ha#e been gi#ing you" In the introduction to this book, and then again in the irst chapter, we e$phasi)ed the act that, no a$ount o reading or $e$ori)ing will $ake you success ul in li e" It is the understanding and application o wise thought which counts" -nderstanding and application are the keys which will unlock the door to a truly abundant li e" It would be #ery te$pting or you to lip ro$ one page or idea to the ne!t, thinking, (I know this, I know that"( 8owe#er, let $e re$ind you, it $akes no di erence how accurately you can parrot back these concepts" In act, you $ight e#en be able to recite the$ #erbati$" 5e#ertheless, i you are not witnessing the results in your own li e o the good you desire, you si$ply do not understand the power-and in act the necessity-o acting on these ideas" There ore, $ake the ti$e right now, this #ery $inute, to build the i$age in your $ind o yoursel already in possession o prosperity" Write a brie description o your i$age on a card, carry it in your pocket and read it e#ery day, a nu$ber o ti$es, until the i$age ills your consciousness" Begin your written state$ent with9 I a$ so happy" I now see $ysel with9 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII


by Bob Proctor Chapter :: ;et 8o and ;et 8od "#omething wonderful is happening." - .ohn 7anary The Personal +oach 8ow $any ti$es ha#e you been aced with what appeared to be an insur$ountable proble$ and you silently wished you could (turn it o#er( to so$ebody else or a solution" &r ha#e you e#er sat day drea$ing-building $agni icent i$ages on the screen o your $ind-wishing you had a certain su$ o $oney, wanting to take a trip to so$e e!otic place, or possibly hoping to be able to purchase the auto$obile you ha#e always wanted6 Wouldn't it be antastic i there was so$e ($agic or$ula( that would gi#e us the things we want and per$it us to li#e the way we choose6 Well there is, and it has been around since ti$e began" There ore, you can ha#e the things you want-all o the$-and you will ha#e the$ i you will only $ake the ideas in this book a part o your way o thinking1 a part o your way o li e" 'ake up your $ind to read this chapter o#er and o#er-<BB ti$es i necessary - until you eel deep inside that you really co$prehend the idea being e!pressed" /or i you ail to grasp the idea presented to you in this chapter, the rest o the book will be o little #alue to you" 8owe#er, once you do understand this chapter, it will be as i a tre$endous light has gone on in your $ind-truly illu$inating your li e-and you will reali)e you will ne#er again be the sa$e person you once were" 5o person, thing, or circu$stance will inti$idate you e#er again" Your days o idle-wishing will be brought to a halt" 8appiness, health and prosperity will ollow you all the days o your li e and you will spend the rest o your years wanting to share your new understanding with e#eryone and anyone who is willing to take the ti$e to listen and learn"

Be aware, howe#er, that $any o the people who$ you try to share your new awareness with are si$ply not ready or it" In act, nine out o ten people will laugh and tell others you are odd, when you ha#e shared your or$ula-*et %o ,nd *et %od-with the$" You $ust reali)e this is because the #ast $a2ority o people who$ you encounter e#ery day, treat %od like so$e cos$ic bellboy, who is supposed to run and etch and then deli#er" These indi#iduals erroneously belie#e that $erely because a person #erbali)es certain thoughts in their $ind-(%od please get $e this,( or (%od gi#e $e that,(- they will recei#e what they ha#e asked or" But un ortunately, these people do not understand the true nature o prayer and what is e#en $ore tragic-they don't e#en know, that they don't know3 )otential I$ "(erywhere &lway$ -nderstand this - e#erything you see in this uni#erse, yoursel included, is nothing but the e!pression o an in inite power" This power is ore#er lowing into and through you" Scientists will tell you that e#erything is energy" I choose to say that e#erything is Spirit" *et %o ,nd *et %od" /or centuries there has been a select group o people who are the real thinkers" These indi#iduals ha#e always known there is a power which per$eates, penetrates and ills the interspaces o the cos$os, and that e#erything you see around you is an e!pression o that power" The power operates in a #ery precise $anner, which is generally called law" In other words, e#erything co$es ro$ one source, and that source power always lows and works to and through the indi#idual-that is you" Stated slightly di erently, the i$age that you ha#e or$ed can only co$e to you on the physical plane o li e @your resultsC in one way, and that way is By *aw and through /aith" The 'or$on religion has a scripture in its ;octrine and +o#enants which de$onstrates this point e!tre$ely well, and although I a$ not a 'or$on $ysel , I ha#e grown to lo#e these lines9 "There is a law$ irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world upon which all blessings are predicated. %nd when we obtain any blessing from &od" it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated." - ; L + <?B9>B->< The $ore you study this scripture, the $ore you will appreciate 2ust how per ect it is" The $ore you understand its truth, the easier it will be or you to i$pro#e the 4uality o your li e" Clarence '%ithi$on9$ 'tory , nu$ber o years ago, when I was working in +hicago, Illinois, I beca$e close riends with a $an by the na$e o +larence S$ithison" Since +larence is not a celebrity, by any $eans, I a$ sure you ha#e ne#er heard his na$e be ore" In act, he is such a $odest, sel -e acing person, that i he were to walk into a roo$

crowded with people, you would probably not e#en notice hi$" 5e#ertheless, there is a certain inde inable spark in +larence S$ithison which $akes hi$ one o the $ost re$arkable indi#iduals I ha#e e#er had the pleasure to know" In an atte$pt to identi y this elusi#e 4uality, I ha#e co$e up with the ollowing hypothesis9 +larence S$ithison incorporates, within his #ery being, the principle upon which this entire chapter is based-na$ely, i a person will let go and let %od @i"e" ha#e aith that whate#er $ust happen or hi$ to achie#e his goal, will indeed occurC, all things beco$e possible" &ne day I con ronted +larence and asked hi$ to share with $e his #iew o aith and $ore speci ically, his e!planation o why he personally see$ed to possess such a cornucopia o this i$portant attribute" True to his nature, he e!plained to $e he had not de#eloped a co$plicated philosophy with respect to the sub2ect" 8e said e#erything he belie#ed about /aith could be su$$ari)ed in a si$ple de inition1 and it was this de inition which ga#e hi$ the strength he needed to endure the trials and tribulations in his own li e" (/aith,( he said, (is the ability to see the in#isible and belie#e in the incredible and that is what enables belie#ers to recei#e what the $asses think is i$possible"( I ha#e allen in lo#e with this particular de inition and ha#e shared it with countless nu$bers o people, since +larence irst shared it with $e" -sing a slightly di erent #ocabulary, I would $ake the obser#ation9 (I you can show $e a person who achie#es great things, I can show you a person who has great aith in his %od-gi#en ability to achie#e what he i$ages"( In act, there is absolutely no 4uestion in $y $ind that aith has always been the $iracle worker throughout history" It is the connecting link between %od and You, and there ore, it is your $ost #aluable nonphysical possession" In truth, it is the cornerstone to e#erything you will e#er build or achie#e during the course o your entire li eti$e" +o$parati#ely ew people today reali)e 2ust how $uch aith in onesel @that part o onesel which is spiritual, per ectC has to do with achie#e$ent, because the great $a2ority o people ne#er see$ to concei#e o aith as being a genuine creati#e orce" Yet the truth is that not only is /aith a bona ide power, but it is the greatest one we will e#er encounter" In act, I would go so ar as to say that whate#er you acco$plish in your li eti$e, will be in direct proportion to the9 <" intensity, and >" persistence o your aith" 5a(id &nd 8oliath +onsider, or e!a$ple, the biblical story o ;a#id and %oliath, which surely $ust rank as one o the greatest testa$ents e#er written on the sub2ect o aith" ,s you will recall, %oliath, the giant o %ath, ca$e into the Israelite ca$p boasting po$pously and taunting the Israelites to select a $an to do battle with hi$" The Israelites, naturally, were terri ied and, not surprisingly, none o the$ leaped orward to accept the challenge" So$eti$e later, howe#er, when %oliath returned to reiterate his challenge, ;a#id, an Israelite youth, o#erheard the giant's obno!ious boasting and he stepped orward to pick up the gauntlet" /inally, a ter $uch pleading be ore his elders or the dubious honor o acing %oliath in battle, the youth was accorded the great (pri#ilege( o

going orth to do battle" The elders insisted, howe#er, that ;a#id clothe hi$sel in hea#y protecti#e ar$or" They also ga#e hi$ a sword with which to s$ite his power ul ad#ersary" But ;a#id said, (I a$ not used to these things, I cannot ight with these handicaps" These are not $y weapons" I ha#e other weapons with which to ight the giant"( So he stripped hi$sel o all his ar$or, and went into battle with no weapon other than a si$ple slingshot and a ew pebbles which he had gathered ro$ the nearby brook" When the giant leader o the Philistines, protected as he was with ar$or ro$ head to toe, ar$ed with $ighty weapons and preceded by his shield-bearer, saw the unar$ed, unprotected Israelite youth approaching, he was in uriated" 8e said to ;a#id, (+o$e to $e and I will gi#e thy lesh unto the owls o the air and to the beasts o the ield"( Young ;a#id, howe#er, ne#er one to be inti$idated, answered the giant saying, (Thou co$est to $e with a sword and with a spear, and with a shield, but I co$e to thee in the na$e o the *ord o hosts, the %od o the ar$ies o Israel who$ thou has de ied" This day will the *ord deli#er thee into $ine hands"( While the giant %oliath placed his aith in physical ob2ects like ar$or, swords and shields, ;a#id placed his solely in an unseen %od" The result-the young Israelite shepherd de eated his ar $ightier oe3 With nothing, sa#e a single stone ro$ his sling, ;a#id struck %oliath, and the giant ell li eless to the ground" By accepting the principle (*et %o ,nd *et %od(, and belie#ing that whate#er $ust happen or you to reach your goal, will happen-like ;a#id-you too will success ully con4uer the (giant( in your li e @i"e" you will witness the physical $ani estation o your i$age, and in the proper ti$eC" You see, the trouble with those o us who ail to achie#e what we desire, is not that we lack the ability to do so, but that we lack the aith i$plicit in the (*et %o ,nd *et %od( principle, which dictates whate#er is necessary or us to reach our goal will indeed occur" We do not belie#e we can si$ply tap into the great spiritual reser#oir that lies within us, to $ake connection with di#inity, all-supply, or whate#er else you wish to call that power which sustains each one o us" 8owe#er, i you ail to $ake this connection in your own $ind, or i you lack the di#ine sel -con idence born o aith in o$nipotence, you will ne#er be what you long to be, or ha#e what you rightly deser#e to ha#e" ,ll o your prayers will return to you unanswered1 your best e orts will bear no ruit and your negati#e attitudes will thwart the reali)ation o your goal" , $ind (saturated( with ear o ailure or i$ages o unwanted results, can no $ore acco$plish, create, or produce anything o #alue, than a stone can #iolate the law o gra#ity by lying upwards in the air" You $ust reali)e the creator does not alter the law o gra#ity to acco$$odate a person who walks o the roo o a house" @0#en though the person $ay do it unconsciously or in a drugged state"C Si$ilarly, the creati#e principle o the law o achie#e$ent cannot be #iolated with i$punity" There ore, you will achie#e what you desire, be what you long to be, only when you beco$e obedient to that ine!orable law o li e" To recapitulate - the irst step in the creati#e process is to rela! and see yoursel already in possession o the good that you desire" @Build the i$age"C The second step is to-*et %o ,nd *et %od" In working with Spirit, it helps to ocus on the truth that Spirit is in all places at all ti$es" Since this is so, it ollows that you possess the godlike ability to tap into

positi#e thoughts anyti$e you wish and anywhere you choose" 'oreo#er, once you beco$e aware o your kinship with the creati#e power, that you are in truth a child o spirit, you cannot possibly be anything other than positi#e, orce ul, radiant and sel -reliant in your dealings with the world @a con4ueror o those orces which would atte$pt to drag you down or hold you backC" &nce this happens, all the orces in the uni#erse will co$e together to help you reach your goal or the $ani estation o your I$age" /inally, gaining the understanding that you are $ade in the i$age o the creator o the uni#erse-and are a li#ing part o eternal spirit-will ulti$ately trans or$ the results that you are achie#ing in your li e, e#ery day" ,nother thing you should know about Spirit is that it is a power which is ore#er lowing into and through you @we also call this power (thought(C" But as Spirit or thought lows into you, you choose the i$age you will then or$ with it" 0!peri$ent or yoursel -sit back, rela! and then beco$e ully aware o this great creati#e capacity" You can actually or$ one i$age or picture, a ter another, on the screen o your $ind @i$ages o things which already e!ist physically, like your car, your ho$e, your place o business, or i$ages o things that do not yet e!ist-such as your shortter$ and long-ter$ goalsC" But the point I want to i$press upon you now, is that although Spirit is the #ery essence o your being, it will ne#er $o#e into or$ or into an i$age, without your assistance" So those people who sit back and do nothing, saying, (%od will look a ter $e,( are 2ust ooling the$sel#es" /or since it is true that %od helps only those who irst help the$sel#es, it ollows that you $ust always do your part to start the creati#e process in $otion" You $ust always build the i$age and know in your heart the i$age will $ateriali)e" You $ust co$e to look upon %od as being a great unseen pro#ider who inhabits e#ery ibre o your being and you $ust also understand that the instant you or$ the i$age in your $ind, %od will go to work in %od's Per ect Way and $o#e you into an entirely new #ibration @i"e" you will begin to eel di erentlyC" So always re$e$ber, the new eeling co$ing o#er you is really %od at work and although you $ay so$eti$es e!press your elation by saying you eel enthusiastic, re$e$ber that the word 0nthusias$ is 2ust a deri#ation ro$ the early %reek-(en theos(-$eaning in %od" Your enthusiastic attitude will, in turn, cause your actions to change and you will start beha#ing di erently" 'oreo#er, not only will you begin to act di erently yoursel , but because o the new #ibration you are in, you will begin to gra#itate toward, and to attract to you, other like-$inded people" Strange and wonder ul things will begin to happen to you and with such regularity that you will be at a loss to e!plain or e#en to co$prehend what is going on-so (don't e#en $ake the atte$pt"( .ust understand it is (%od's Way,( or (The Way o the +reati#e /orce,( and accept the good as it co$es and e!pect $ore o the sa$e in the uture" The skeptics will begin to say you are 2ust lucky, and you should let it go at that" /or as long as you continue to hold the i$age in your $ind o the good you desire, you will always be rewarded" .ust ha#e aith that what should happen $ust happen, and in the right ti$e, it will happen" ,lways re$e$ber that, the i$age which you keep a ir$ing in your heart or your subconscious $ind is being i$pressed upon Spirit, and Spirit has the ability to con#ert your present drea$s into your uture reality" &n the sur ace, it $ight appear, ro$ ti$e to ti$e, that things are not going well and you $ay begin to worry you are $o#ing in the wrong direction" But let $e

assure you, this will not be the case, as long as you keep the i$age o the good you desire ir$ly planted in your subconscious $ind" /or i you do this, you will continue to $o#e in the only direction in which you can $o#e, in order to get to where you want to go" ;on't orget, it is ne#er su icient to belie#e in yoursel @that part o you which %od created in 8is i$ageC only when you eel particularly enthusiastic or when so$e particular good ortune has be allen you" It is ne#er ade4uate to ha#e /,IT8 sporadically1 to get enthusiastic o#er your prospects and then to under$ine all o your $ental kingdo$" It won't do to keep dropping down, again and again, like the rog trying to get out o a well, but is eeling weaker and $ore discouraged a ter each all" ,ny person who starts that type o process in $otion, is letting go o his I$age o Prosperity and is using his creati#e powers to build i$ages o po#erty instead" ,nd as we ha#e already said, %od, being a 2ust %od, will always work to bring about your ulti$ate good" But always bear in $ind it is your inner$ost thoughts and i$ages you are re4uesting1 not the words to which you $ight only be paying lipser#ice" There ore, $ake it a habit to begin and end each day with , ;eclaration o /aith in yoursel @created a ter %od's i$ageC, and in 8is power @whate#er you choose to call itC" %uard this aith )ealously, as you would your $ost precious possession and ensure that it ne#er be i$perilled by weak, downhearted and negati#e thoughts" ;oubts, ears, pessi$is$, and negati#e thinking poison the #ery source o li e" They sap energy, enthusias$, a$bition, hope, aith and e#erything else which $akes li e purpose ul, 2oy ul and creati#e" You $ust consciously entertain only the $ental allies o your a$bition and those attributes which will help you reali)e the $ani estation o your goal" /or when you are ir$ly grounded in /aith, negati#e thoughts will ha#e no power o#er you, because they will not be in har$onious #ibration with your new i$age" You will be $entally strong through the conscious awareness o %od's power within you" When !i%e$ 8et !ough When things get tough you $ust get tougher and you can" ,s ;r" Robert Schuller said, (Tough ti$es ne#er last, but tough people do"( So i you ind your aith slipping or you ind yoursel running low on this great $otor power which acco$plishes so $any wonder ul things, you can do so$ething about it" The ollowing e!ercise works or $e-it has or years-and I know it will work or you too" You can build huge reser#oirs o $ental power by si$ply e$ploying a daily autosuggesti#e techni4ue, or the ac4uisition and the strengthening o this greatest and $ost necessary o all hu$an attributes-/aith" 5ote that when you are gi#ing yoursel this ($ental treat$ent,( you should always go o by yoursel and speak out loud to yoursel in a ir$, decided tone o #oice @#erbali)e what you are saying, 2ust as earnestly as i you were speaking to so$eone else who$ you wished to i$press with the great i$portance o what you were assertingC" When you speak to yoursel , begin with your own na$e and continue as ollows9

(Y&-R 5,'0(, You are a child o %od and the being %od $ade was ne#er intended or the sort o weak, negati#e li e you are leading" %od $ade you or success not ailure" %od ne#er $ade anyone to be a ailure" You are per#erting the great ob2ect o your e!istence by gi#ing way to these $iserable doubts o yoursel , o your ability to be what you desire with all your heart to be" You should be asha$ed to go out a$ongst your associates with a long, sad, de2ected ace, as though you were a $is it, as though you lacked creati#e power within, as though you did not ha#e the ability to do what your +reator sent you here to do" You were $ade to e!press what you long to e!press" Why not do this6 - why not stand and walk like a con4ueror, like a ;a#id who slew %oliath, instead o gi#ing way to discourage$ent and doubt and carrying on like a ailure6 The I$age o Per ection, the I$age o your +reator lies within you" You $ust bring it to the center o your conscious thought and e!press it to the world" ;on't disgrace your 'aker by #iolating that i$age, by being e#erything but the $agni icent success %od intended you to be"( There is a tre$endous achie#e$ent orce, an up-building and strengthening power in the asserting o con idence in the +reator and that you are created in 8is i$age" This is not egotis$, not the glori ication o the parody o the $an or wo$an which wrongthinking or wrong-li#ing has $ade" It is si$ply the assertion o your kinship with %od" 5o +ot Force It !o #appen There should be no orce associated with the $ani estation o your i$age, because (/orce 5egates"( Trying to do it your way, by orcing things to happen, is not necessarily %od's way" There ore, learn to ollow the 4uiet #oice within that speaks in eelings rather then words1 ollow what you (hear( inside, rather than what others $ay be telling you to do" Be aware that the 4uiet #oice within o ten tells you to do things which run counter to the way $ost people li#e their li#es" But do not be unduly concerned by this" 'any o the world's greatest leaders were considered heretics by their peers, si$ply because they chose to ($arch to the tune o a di erent dru$$er3( These indi#iduals were ollowing the 4uiet #oice within the$, rather than doing the things considered ashionable in their day" *et your i$age sink deep into the treasury o your subconscious $ind" *et yoursel get totally and e$otionally in#ol#ed with your I$age, because by doing this you are (*etting %o and *etting %od"( -nderstand, $oreo#er, that i you should alter- or any reason-and go your own way, the $inute you recogni)e your error and rea ir$ your i$age, Spirit will pick up right where it le t o when you chose to take o#er the controls" Then you will instantaneously be back in the right #ibration and on the correct pathway, leading to success in li e" /ollow the instructions below, to the letter" Fir$t )rinciple Rela! and see yoursel already in possession o the good that you desire"

'econd )rinciple *et %o ,nd *et %od3

by Bob Proctor Chapter <: "*pect &n &bundance "The mind is a powerful magnet and as such" it attracts whatever corresponds to its ruling state. 'xpectation dictates what that ruling state will be and therefore governs what corresponds to the mind and is attracted into your life. 'xpectation can be either a blessing or a curse but either way it is certainly one of the most powerful unseen forces in your life." - .ohn 7anary Public Speaker, ,uthor, 0ntrepreneur What are you doing to increase your inco$e6 I your answer to this 4uestion is (nothing( or i you are 2ust beginning to think seriously about what you could do, you ha#e probably not yet grasped the ideas presented in the pre#ious chapters" You should be aware that the chapters in this book rese$ble the indi#idual pieces o a 2igsaw pu))le" 0ach chapter is related, one to the other, in such a way that i we put the$ all together, we can see the entire picture" Since you are now well into the heart o the book, I would ask you to pay particularly close attention to the ideas which ollow, so you can use the$ to success ully tie all the pieces together" You will soon disco#er that i the ideas in this chapter are applied with intelligence, 0!pectation can be the triggering $echanis$ which attracts into your li e, e#ery good you desire" 8owe#er, i you do not e!ercise e!tre$e caution, 0!pectation can also turn, 2ust as rapidly, into a destructi#e, lethal ene$y" There ore, you $ust be cogni)ant o how you are e!ercising this in#isible, but power ul, orce" I belie#e you already understand you cannot ha#e wealth in your $aterial world until you ha#e irst #isuali)ed the wealth in your $ind" But what does this really $ean6 It $eans that be ore any o us can e#en begin to o#erco$e the po#erty which surrounds us in our e!ternal world, we $ust irst con4uer the i$po#erish$ent that is buried deep within oursel#es" In the preceding pages, I e!plained how prosperity-properly understood-is si$ply the inward awareness o the opulence, wholeness and co$pleteness that abounds within the spiritual real$" In other words, it is i$possible to eel poor when you are conscious o being en#eloped in the protecti#e care o a lo#ing %od, uni#ersal spirit, or whate#er else you $ay wish to call the spiritual-center o our uni#erse" *et $e repeat-there ne#er is, and there ne#er has been any lack o supply other than that which we ha#e created or oursel#es because o our own li$ited awareness" !he ;ightbulb !ale The ollowing story should help underscore this great truth about your in inite source o supply" :isuali)e, i you will, a poor couple who ha#e spent their entire li#es li#ing

in the (backwaters( o ci#ili)ation" Then i$agine the$ suddenly transported to a s$all #illage where, to their astonish$ent, they disco#er that their new ho$e is being lighted by (electricity"( Since they ha#e had no pre#ious e!perience with that orce-in act they ha#e ne#er e#en seen an electric light be ore, they are co$pletely $es$eri)ed by the little eight candlepower electric bulbs which light their ho$e" Se#eral $onths pass by and e#entually the couple start to regard the light-bulbs as an accepted acet o $odern li e" 8owe#er, one day a s$ooth-talking sales$an appears at their door, telling the$ their eight candlepower electric bulbs are no longer ade4uate or their needs" 8e tells the$ they should buy the new si!ty candlepowered bulbs which ha#e 2ust (co$e on the $arket"( Since the couple has now beco$e slightly $ore ad#entureso$e, they agree to let the sales$an de$onstrate his (new angled( product" ,s soon as the new bulb is plugged in and the electricity turned on, the couple beco$es trans i!ed once again1 or not only does the new bulb e$it a light, it actually illu$inates the entire roo$" 5e#er in their wildest antasies had the couple e#er i$agined that the source o the new lood o illu$ination had been there all the ti$e" 5or had they reali)ed this enor$ously increased light could originate ro$ the sa$e current which ed their little eight candlepower bulb" It's strange3 We s$ile at the nai#etM de$onstrated by this poor couple, but the truth is, $ost o us are e#en less aware o our own power, than this couple was o the power o electric current" /or like the couple in the story, we ne#er e#en drea$ that the in inite current which surrounds us could lood our li#es with a light $ore $agni icent than the $ost power ul light bulb e#er de#ised" We ne#er grasp the si$ple truth that all we need to do to i$pro#e our results is to plug a larger, $ore prosperous idea into the in inite current o li e" Instead, $ost o us strangle our supply with energy-i$po#erished thoughts o doubt and ear, which entirely cuto the in low o prosperity" I want to e!hort you, there ore, to resol#e to change your habitual pattern o thinking now" That's right, change it now, and re$e$ber, the strea$ o plenty always lows towards the open, e!pectant $ind" You $ust understand you already ha#e in substance, i not in physical or$, e#erything necessary to produce prosperity in your $aterial world" The two deter$ining actors or you to attain the results you want are9 <" desire, and >" e!pectation" -p to this point you $ight ha#e been li#ing the way the $asses li#e their entire li#es, si$ply because you are harboring the alse assu$ption that desire is the only thing which you need to reach your goal" But you $ust understand, i your desire is not co$bined with the e!pectation that you will recei#e what you desire, you will ind yoursel continually rustrated and disappointed whene#er you begin working toward any kind o $aterial goal" When you cast your $ind back o#er the e!periences o your own li e, you will soon reali)e that whene#er you did reach a desired goal, you not only desired that goal but you actually e!pected to attain it as well"

*et $e repeat - desire without e!pectation is nothing $ore than wish ul thinking and as we ha#e already pointed out, since the #ast $a2ority o people wish positi#e but e!pect negati#e, they seldo$ attain what they are a ter" In his $agni icent book The Science o %etting Rich, the author, Wallace ;" Wattles, ga#e us an e!cellent de inition o (desire"( 8e said9 (;esire is the e ort o the une!pressed possibility within seeking e!pression without through your action"( In other words, your ideal, drea$ or goal - this wealth you wish to see $ateriali)e can only beco$e a desire once it has been properly planted in the subconscious $ind" 8owe#er, once your desire has been ir$ly established, it is the e!pectant attitude which ensures that your goal or drea$ is not uprooted or replaced by any opposing or co$peting ideas" In an e ort to help you kindle this e!pectant attitude toward (real wealth,( let us 2ourney together through so$e o the preceding chapters in this book" ,s you will re$e$ber, we began by discussing ($oney"( We atte$pted to understand the (true nature( o $oney and we arri#ed at the conclusion it is a (use ul, obedient ser#ant"( 8owe#er, like all ser#ants, we learned it is use ul to us only when it is being e$ployed" There ore, we concluded, $oney $ust always be kept working or otherwise circulating" /or i it is not, as we ha#e already $entioned, it will beco$e as useless as old newspapers stashed away in an attic" 5e!t, we e!plored the idea relating to e!actly (how $uch $oney you want"( You beco$e aware o the act it is necessary to be #ery speci ic about how $uch $oney you need, to pro#ide the things you want, to li#e in the style you choose" &nce this igure had been decided upon, we then e!a$ined the i$portance o building the i$age o oursel#es already in possession o this wealth, on the screen o our conscious $ind" We also talked brie ly about the $anner in which i$ages are or$ed and the role they play in our li#es" Then we e!a$ined the idea o (consciousness( and how it was i$perati#e to de#elop the prosperity which we seek in our $ind irst, be ore we can e#er attain it in our bankbooks" We learned how we had to bathe our subconscious $inds in a concept o prosperity and how we had to see wealth as being already in our possession" In the chapter (*et %o ,nd *et %od,( we beca$e aware we were co-creators" We beca$e aware o how we had, in our conscious $ind, the ability to choose any thoughts we wanted, to build any i$ages which we chose to build" We then learned how we could turn that i$age o#er to our subconscious $ind @the spiritual center o our being, and that part o us which takes any idea or i$age we gi#e to it, then willingly accepts it and instantly begins to $o#e it into physical or$ in our worldC" We disco#ered that when we truly understand this creati#e process o li e and our role in it e!pectation beco$es a natural $ind-set, regardless o how things $ight appear in our outside world or what others $ight be saying to us" We were told this absolute and unshakeable aith or belie in the act that our i$ages are $o#ed into or$, is essential i we are to beco$e success ul in our li#es" We also gained an awareness that all o this will happen once we begin to see oursel#es as nonphysical entities encased in physical bodies" &nce we reali)e our bodies are nothing other than the physical $ani estation o our nonphysical sel#es, we will understand they are obedient ser#ants o our $ind, and they $o#e and ha#e their being according to the #ibratory rate o our $inds"

You $ust reach the stage in your $ental de#elop$ent where you don't 2ust belie#e that your i$age o $aterial wealth will $ani est in or$, but you actually know it will" It is at that point you will begin to e!pect to recei#e the physical e!pression o your i$age o wealth" 5o one and no thing will be able to cause you to see in your $ind anything but that" ,lways re$e$ber, the truth is not always in the appearance o things" ,n elderly, wealthy gentle$an being inter#iewed by a newspaper reporter was asked at what point he beca$e success ul" 8is answer was, (I was success ul when I was sleeping on a park bench because I knew where I was and I knew where I was going"( ,t this 2uncture in the book, you know where you are and you know where you are going" So e!pect to get there3 Your desire is the $otorpower which will $o#e you in the direction o your drea$ and e!pectation is the attracti#e orce that will $o#e your drea$ in your direction" So see yoursel $o#ing toward the wealth you #isuali)e and see the wealth you #isuali)e being attracted to you" 7now that you will co$e in contact with the wealth that is $o#ing to you, and at the right ti$e" 5o one knows what period o ti$e $ust elapse, so don't beco$e i$patient i it doesn't $ateriali)e (o#ernight"( ,ll we know or sure is a certain period o ti$e $ust elapse and the period o ti$e which your i$age $ust take to $ateriali)e is go#erned by the law o gender" The law o gender decrees there is a gestation or incubation period or the $ani estation o all seeds, and, $ake no $istake about it, the i$age o wealth you chose to build on the screen o your conscious $ind and then turned o#er to your subconscious $ind is a seed1 and it is growing into physical or$, in the $ost ertile ield o which you could e#er concei#e" It is not necessary, at this point, or anyone else to see this new wealth" It is not e#en necessary or anyone else to belie#e you will recei#e it" The only thing necessary is that you see it and you belie#e it" You see, the pre$ise that 5apoleon 8ill built his li e's work on is absolutely true-anything the $ind can concei#e and belie#e, it will achie#e" 0!pressed another way, (,s a person thinketh in their heart, so are they"( @The early %reeks re erred to the subconscious $ind as the heart"C 5ote that your subconscious $ind can no $ore change or alter your i$age, than an ordinary $irror can re lect back to you an i$age di erent than the ob2ect you are holding in ront o it" But re$e$ber, as you think so are you, does not $ean as you tell people you think or as you would wish the world to belie#e you think1 it $eans your inner$ost thoughts, which only you control, know the truth" That is what you e!pect, so that is what you attract and that is what you will ulti$ately recei#e3 Through studying the power o your subconscious $ind, or studying in depth the power or $odus operandi o Spirit, it will beco$e easier and easier or you to co$e to e!pect the good you desire" /or all things are possible in Spirit, because in its original state, Spirit is a sensiti#e, unseen, creati#e substance whose sole purpose is e!pansion and uller e!pression1 in other words, (growth"( 8owe#er, spirit or creati#e substance, can only reproduce, e!pand and e!press itsel in a greater way in accordance with the li$itation placed upon the instru$ent through which it e!presses itsel " Since Spirit is lowing to and through you, you are the instru$ent" There ore, the i$age or the ideas you hold in your $ind dictate the li$its which are placed on the spiritual power lowing to and through you" In this respect, you $ay be co$pared to

the light bulb the elderly couple had in their ho$e" You are an instru$ent through which spirit lows, 2ust as a light bulb is an instru$ent through which electricity lows" When the old couple plugged in the eight candlepower bulbs, the electricity was li$ited in its e!pression by the power o the bulb" 8owe#er, when the sales$an plugged in the KB candlepower bulb, the electricity was ree to e!press itsel to a greater degree, and yet e#en then it was li$ited by the or$ through which it lowed1 na$ely, the new bulb" , <BB candlepower bulb would ha#e per$itted an e#en greater e!pression, and so on and so on" There ore, i you held an i$age o po#erty, that is what you will ha#e seen e!pressed in your results or your $aterial world" 8owe#er, since you are now holding an i$age o prosperity, that is the i$age you will see e!pressed in your $aterial world" The nonphysical creati#e substance, which is Spirit, lows to and through the seed and e!presses itsel in its polar opposite, physical or$" ,s we ha#e discussed on pre#ious pages, the $odus operandi o Spirit is law and, o course the law o attraction is a cause, and growth or e!pansion is the e ect" So keep #isuali)ing yoursel as a per ectly endowed spiritual instru$ent without li$itations o any kind" /or i you do, you will ind it easy-in act natural-to e!pect the good you desire" You will understand that doubt si$ply obstructs the un old$ent o your desire, so when you continually originate i$ages o doubt, you know you will ne#er see the $ateriali)ation o the i$age you desire" &nly the reproducti#e creati#e spirit o li e knows what you think, until your thoughts beco$e physical acts and $ateriali)e in your body or your a airs" Then e#eryone with who$ you co$e in contact $ay know, because the intelligent energy rewards you openly by reproducing your thoughts in physical or$" &$ & Man !hin7eth (,s you think, that is what you beco$e,( should be kept in the ore ront o our $inds constantly" /or when you e!pect so$ething wonder ul to happen, that is watching and praying without ceasing" ,t those ti$es when we are not eeling 4uite up to par physically or our $ind is beco$ing clouded with doubt, we should reali)e it is ti$e to pray with all the $ore con#iction or work at de#eloping a stronger eeling o e!pectation" You $ust guard your $ind constantly against doubt, because it is a crippling #ibration" Whereas $ost o the preceding pages ha#e been dedicated to the power o positi#e thoughts @na$ely, the building o the i$age o prosperityC, doubt is the lip side o the coin @i"e" negati#e thinkingC" ,nd, when you are entertaining doubts, what you are actually doing is creating i$ages o the things you don't want" 'oreo#er, 2usti ying your doubt to yoursel by originating reasons or it @i"e" rationali)ingC, will do you absolutely no good" You cannot strike a bargain with your subconscious $ind, because the subconscious has no sense o airness, no sense o hu$or, and it cannot e#en deter$ine what is good or what is bad or you" 0#ery i$age 2ust IS, to the subconscious $ind" There ore, your negati#e, worriso$e and doubt ul i$ages will be accepted 2ust as 4uickly and as willingly as will your i$ages o prosperity" The instant you beco$e aware you are entertaining thoughts which create doubt, beco$e 4uiet, start rela!ing and i$age yoursel already in possession o the prosperity you desire" When you do this, you are altering the $ental current which is lowing into your $ar#elous $ind"

0!pect, with all o your consciousness, to recei#e your good in your $aterial world-(You think in secret and it co$es to pass, en#iron$ent is but your looking glass"( .a$es ,llen wrote those words three-4uarters o a century ago, but they are still true today and they will always re$ain true in the uture" So progra$ your (personal co$puter( to e!pect good results and that is e!actly what you will recei#e" )at &nd John9$ 'tory ,s I was writing these lines, I recei#ed a telephone call ro$ a beauti ul couple-Pat and .ohn-who$ I would de initely nu$ber a$ong $y close riends" They called to tell $e they were $o#ing into their new ho$e the ollowing Tuesday, and I was elated to hear this delight ul news" You see, less than two $onths earlier, I spent appro!i$ately i#e hours talking with the$ about the i$age-$aking concept and the aweso$e power o the (0!pectant ,ttitude"( ;uring the course o the con#ersation, I asked .ohn what he wanted $ore than anything else in the world, and, a ter a long period o silence, he looked $e s4uarely in the eye and said, (I would like Pat, Toni @Pat's daughterC and $e to be in a house o our own by +hrist$as and I would like $y son to spend +hrist$as day with us"( @,lthough .ohn's son li#es with his $other, he and .ohn ha#e a #ery war$ relationship"C I then asked hi$ why he didn't 2ust go out and $ake his drea$ beco$e a reality" 8e replied he couldn't, because he lacked the $oney to do so" I then had the audacity to re$ind .ohn, that all things are possible or those who belie#e, and there ore, he de initely could $ake his drea$ co$e true1 perhaps he 2ust didn't know how to go about doing it" The three o us then spent about an hour discussing the kind o house they wanted, until we all had a #ery clear i$age o their drea$ ho$e etched upon the screens o our $inds" We talked about 0!pectation and I e!plained to the$ that $any good things would begin to happen or the$ the instant that they began to (0!pect( to be in the house or +hrist$as" Sure enough, the irst thing that happened to the$ once this new attitude per$eated their consciousness, was that both their $inds $o#ed o#er to the (8ow To( side o the ledger" 5ew ideas began to low like water, and 4uestions ca$e orth in rapid succession" 8ow $uch would a house like this cost6 8ow $uch would they ha#e to (put down6( Where would they ind such a house6 To get answers to their 4uestions, they needed the e!pertise o a real estate agent1 I suggested .ohn call 5atalie 7op$an-a lady I know who is a real estate pro essional-and tell her o his drea$" 8e should ask her what he would need in the way o inances to $ake his drea$ or i$age beco$e a reality" /inally, I told hi$ he would ha#e to get busy ocusing all o his conscious attention on earning the a$ount o $oney he would need to achie#e his goal1 and he would ha#e to actually (0!pect( to earn whate#er the a$ount was-and in the allotted ti$e" Surprisingly, it turned out that the a$ount o $oney they re4uired was ar less than the igure they had pre#iously thought it would be" 'oreo#er, since .ohn and Pat are both co$$issioned sales people, their road to achie#ing this inancial goal was not riddled with as $any obstacles as is the road or $any other people" 5e#ertheless, without going into detail about the $any hurdles they did ha#e to o#erco$e, su ice it to say, with 5atalie's help, Pat and .ohn succeeded" 5e!t Tuesday they $o#e into their new house, ne!t Saturday is +hrist$as day" .ust be ore I hung-up the recei#er, I congratulated the$ on their

new ho$e and I asked .ohn i his son would be spending +hrist$as day with the$" Duietly, but with a #oice bri$$ing o#er with happiness, he answered, (Yes he is, and it sure $akes a di erence when you 0!pect what you do want, rather than 0!pecting what you don't want, doesn't it Bob6( I 2ust s$iled and said, (Yes .ohn, it sure does"( 'any people today li#e their entire li#es on the basis o (seeing is belie#ing"( That is to say, the only i$ages they get e$otionally in#ol#ed with are the ones they can discern with their physical senses" But the indi#iduals o real (#ision(, down through the ages, ha#e always known the o#erriding principle is, (What you see is what you get"( 0!pressed so$ewhat di erently, what this $eans is that the i$ages in people's $inds actually precede the concrete i$ages which per#ade our $aterial world" There ore, you should be aware o the act that the ascinating physical world we see be ore us, with all o its con#eniences or $aking our li#es $ore co$ ortable, has been built largely by i$age-$akers-$en and wo$en o #ision who knew what they could do and (0!pected( e#erything else to ( all into place,( regardless o what their critics $ight say to the contrary" /or e!a$ple, two young $echanics ro$ &hio introduced us to an entirely new kingdo$ by building and holding an i$age o an airplane in light1 but i they had not (0!pected( to succeed, they would surely ha#e 4uit the irst ti$e they $et with de eat" Since they did not, we are now only hours away ro$ anywhere in the worldin act, we can e#en reach other planets within a #ery short span o ti$e" 0dison built and held an i$age which illu$inated the entire world and, as a result, we no longer need to spend hal o our days groping in darkness" You should reali)e that you too can change your world, 2ust as .ohn and Pat did, by building an i$age in your $ind o e!actly the way you would like to li#e" But always re$e$ber, you will only recei#e what you truly (0!pect(, not what you only wish or" There are three certain steps or achie#ing prosperity in all areas o your li e" 5u$ber one, build the i$age in your $ind" 5u$ber two, turn it o#er to Spirit @*et %o ,nd *et %odC" 5u$ber three, e!pect with your heart and soul that Spirit will reward you openly or your aith" "*pect &n &bundance

by Bob Proctor Chapter =: !he ;aw o3 >ibration and &ttraction "%ny idea that is held in the mind that is either feared or revered will" begin at once to clothe itself in the most convenient and appropriate physical forms available." - ,ndrew +arnegie 5r- Wernher (on Braun In an inter#iew held with ;r" Wernher #on Braun in /ebruary o <=JK, ;r" #on Braun was 4uoted as ollows9 (, ter years o probing the spectacular $ysteries o the uni#erse, I ha#e been led to a ir$ belie in the e!istence o %od" The grandeur o

the cos$os ser#es only to con ir$ $y belie in the certainty o a creator" I 2ust cannot en#ision this whole uni#erse co$ing into being without so$ething like di#ine will" The natural laws o the uni#erse are so precise that we ha#e no di iculty building a spaceship to ly to the $oon and can ti$e the light with the precision o a raction o a second" These laws $ust ha#e been set by so$ebody"( ;r" #on Braun went on to say, that (science( and (religion,( properly understood, are not antagonistic pursuits" &n the contrary, he a ir$ed, they are (sister disciplines"( Through the scienti ic $ethod, one learns $ore about (creation,( whereas, by #irtue o the study o religion, one gains a greater insight into the (creator"( By e$ploying the tools o science, $an atte$pts to harness the orces o nature which surround hi$1 through religion, on the other hand, he endea#ors to control the ( orces o nature,( which are at work within hi$" , ter a brie pause, he added, (There would not be a single great acco$plish$ent in the history o $ankind without aith """ ,ny person who stri#es to acco$plish so$ething needs a degree o aith in hi$sel and when he takes on a challenge that re4uires $ore and $ore $oral strength than he can $uster, he needs aith in %od"( Years be ore anyone would accept the idea o a $an tra#elling to the $oon and back, ;r" #on Braun was asked, (What would it take to $ake a rocket to reach the $oon"( 8e replied si$ply, (The will to do it"( #on Braun was, clearly, a brilliant $an who possessed a great understanding o li e and a tre$endous awareness o the laws o the uni#erse" In act, he is considered, by $any e!perts in the ield, to be the (/ather( o the space progra$" *ike all great achie#ers, he had gained a pro ound insight into the (spiritual( laws o li e, and one o those laws is the *aw o ,ttraction" This is the law I would like to del#e into now" Indeed, an understanding o this particular law is actually the key to understanding this entire book" The reason this is so, is that (The *aw o ,ttraction( is the underlying principle which go#erns the le#el o your personal prosperity" 8owe#er, to help you achie#e a really solid grasp o this concept, it will be necessary or us to ocus brie ly on another law1 na$ely, the (*aw o :ibration"( The *aw o :ibration accounts or the di erence between $ind and $atter1 between the physical and the nonphysical worlds" ,ccording to the *aw o :ibration, we postulate that e#erything #ibrates or $o#es1 nothing sits idle" 0#erything is in a constant state o $otion, and there ore, there is no such thing as (inertia(, or a state o rest" /ro$ the $ost ethereal, to the $ost gross or$ o $atter, e#erything is in a constant state o #ibration" 'o#ing ro$ the lowest to the highest degree o #ibration, we disco#er there are literally $illions upon $illions o inter#ening le#els or degrees1 ro$ the electron to the uni#erse, e#erything is in #ibratory $otion" @0nergy is $ani ested in all the #arying degrees o #ibration"C (Rates o #ibration( are called ( re4uencies,( and the higher the re4uency, the $ore potent the orce" Since thought is one o the highest or$s o #ibration, it is #ery potent in nature and there ore, it $ust be understood by all o us" 5ow, the *aw o :ibration $ay be e!plained in $any di erent ways, depending upon the purpose or which it is being e!plained" In this chapter, howe#er, it is our

intention to con ine our in4uiry to thoughts alone, so we $ay thereby i$pro#e our understanding o the *aw o ,ttraction" >ibration To #ibrate $eans9 (to $o#e backwards and orwards, to oscillate, to shake, to 4ui#er, to swing, to wa#er, to cause to 4ui#er"( To obtain a $ore graphic conceptuali)ation o the idea o :ibration, 2ust stretch out one o your ar$s straight in ront o you" Then hold it per ectly still" While you are holding it still and are unable to percei#e any $otion in that ar$ at all, know that the electrons which co$pose the ar$, are $o#ing, shaking, 4ui#ering, or #ibrating, at the rate o <NK,?BB $iles per second" The ar$ appears still to you, but in reality it is in a constant state o $otion" & course, although such $otion is i$perceptible to the naked eye, under a highpowered $icroscope it would beco$e #ery apparent, indeed" 5ow, begin to shake your ar$" You, yoursel , are now causing the ar$ to #ibrate" It was already #ibrating o its own accord, in obedience to the *aw o :ibration @which teaches that e#erything is in constant $otionC" But you ha#e stepped up, or increased, the rate o that #ibration" You ha#e pushed down on the #ibratory accelerator pedal, as it were" )o$iti(e &nd +egati(e )er$onalitie$ "The mind in itself and in its own place can ma!e a hell out of heaven or a heaven out of hell." - .ohn 'ilton People, as a rule, can be classi ied as positi#e personalities @opti$istsC or negati#e personalities @pessi$istsC" Those indi#iduals who are positi#e in their thoughts always tend to look upon the brighter side o li e" With their aces turned toward the sunshine, they atte$pt to see the good, e#en in the bad" Such indi#iduals habitually think thoughts o a positi#e nature and they are a blessing to the world" They are in a (Positi#e :ibration,( and there ore attract other positi#e personalities to the$" 5egati#e personalities, on the other hand, habitually look upon the dark, gloo$y, and depressing side o li e" 0#en the good holds so$e bad or the$" They dwell on the bad and the negati#e" They think about it, anticipate it, e!pect it, and in#ariably they recei#e what they ha#e been seeking" ;ue to the negati#e #ibration which they keep the$sel#es in, they o course attract other $iserable personalities to the$" ,s you are already aware, ($isery lo#es co$pany"( Their state o $ind can be co$pared to the person who, upon being asked how he elt, said,

"( feel alright today" but ( might feel bad tomorrow." 5egati#e personalities are depressing to e#eryone around the$" Their aces take on the e!pression, in physical or$, o the negati#e thoughts which they are holding in their $inds" 0ach day, one can obser#e such indi#iduals passing on the street" 5o cheer, no 2oy radiates ro$ the$-2ust gloo$, rowns and hostility" 8a#ing created their own hell or the$sel#es, they see$ to en2oy wallowing in it" The law o Polarity and Relati#ity states that or e#ery positi#e there is an e4ual and opposite negati#e" There ore, both o these personality types are necessary, so you can de#elop the awareness to distinguish one ro$ the other, and in that $anner, choose the one which will ad#ance you in li e" You do ha#e /ree Will" You can choose which o these two personality types you wish to adopt" There ore, i a person is constantly negati#e, but tires o that state, the person $ay, through awareness and proper e ort, change hi$sel into a positi#e personality type o indi#idual" -nderstand this-The *aw o :ibration will gi#e people the awareness they re4uire, to $ake the personality changes they desire" !he Brain - !he Body The hu$an body, belie#e it or not, is one o the $ost e icient electrical instru$ents in this entire uni#erse" The hu$an brain, si$ilarly, is probably the $ost e icient electrical instru$ent e#er created" Both are truly $ar#els" The brain is the part o the body where all $anner o re4uencies are trans or$ed ro$ one re4uency le#el into another" In the brain, or e!a$ple, sensations are trans or$ed into $uscular action" Sound, heat, light and thought are also, each in their turn, trans or$ed into other re4uencies, each a ecting the body" Within the brain there are centers which control and regulate the unctioning o all organs and parts o the body" By $eans o the proper sti$ulation o these centers, the unctioning o the organs $ay thereby be controlled" In our se$inars, we re er to this pheno$enon as the #ibratory control o the body" In the inal analysis, the brain is si$ply a #ibratory instru$ent" To begin to understand its unctioning you $ust undertake the study o the *aw o :ibration" Since the early <=HB's, we ha#e had at our disposal the 00% @electroencephalographC, which reads the electrical acti#ity o the brain, and the 0+% @electrocardiographC, which traces the electrical changes which occur during heart contractions" There ore, #ibrations are certainly not so$ething which are new to us" Indeed, all o us ha#e an awareness o the$" 8owe#er, the proble$ which we encounter is that the #ast $a2ority o people are not aware o the connection between their #ibrations and their results in li e"

It is, un ortunately, a #ery co$$on sight to see people in bad or con used #ibrations, busily atte$pting-through orce-to achie#e good results" 8owe#er, due to the negati#e #ibration which they are in, they are continually being bo$barded by all $anner o negati#e people and situations, which by law, are being attracted to the$" +onse4uently, at so$e point, their battle $ust beco$e o#erwhel$ing or the$" These people $ay be likened to a person who is 2u$ping o the top o a building, and trying to go up, at one and the sa$e ti$e" The result, in either case, would be e4ually predictable and e4ually disastrous" "(erything I$ "nergy? "(erything >ibrate$ /or you to gain a better awareness o how you are to take control o#er your results @i"e" to better understand how and why the thoughts and things co$e into your li e as they doC, you $ust go back to the basic pre$ise with which we started9 na$ely, e#erything #ibrates and nothing stands still" There is, in truth, no such thing as inertia" Scientists today support this thesis and e#ery new scienti ic disco#ery tends to lend e#en $ore credibility to it" 8owe#er, by #irtue o your /ree Will and the $any other $ental actors in your $ar#elous $ind, you ha#e the +o-+reati#e ability to cause #ibratory changes to take place at your bidding in your li e" The cause or our lack o ability to e!ercise this tre$endous power or good is nothing other than our own ignorance about the *aw o :ibration" ;et !here Be ;ight-Your Connecting ;in7 Slowly but surely, let us see with our inner eye o understanding, how you $ay (connect( with the good that you desire, to i$pro#e the 4uality o your own li e" Two ob2ects whose electro$agnetic ields are the sa$e are operating on the sa$e re4uency" There ore, we can say they are in resonance, in har$ony, or in rapport" When two ob2ects are in resonance or #ibrating at the sa$e speed, the #ibratory rate $ay be trans$itted ro$ one to the other through the $ediu$ o the electron" @(Resonance( as a ield o study, is concerned with the electro$agnetic ields surrounding ob2ects"C /or e!a$ple, we ind a globe in a chandelier will #ibrate when in resonance with a certain key on a piano1 yet it will not #ibrate to any other note on the piano keyboard" The two ob2ects under discussion are co$posed o entirely di erent $aterial and they ha#e co$pletely di erent shapes" Still, they are in resonance with one another, due to the act their ulti$ate $agnetic ields are the sa$e" They are within the sa$e sphere o relati#e $otion, and this holds true, irrespecti#e o their si)e, shape, or the ele$ents o which they are co$posed" ,ll electro$agnetic wa#es, or 4uantu$s, ha#e their own particular rate or re4uency, which corresponds to the nu$ber o changes in direction they $ake per second" The electro$agnetic wa#e spectru$ is si$ply a (Scale o :ibration,( and it is subdi#ided into speci ic regions"

5e#ertheless, one $ust always re$e$ber these regions are not actual di#isions, but $erely arbitrary spaces co#ering re4uencies that $ani est in our senses in di erent ways" 0ach region actually (blends( into the one abo#e and the one below, and in truth, there are no de inite lines o de$arcation" "(erything I$ &n "*pre$$ion 23 !he 'a%e !hing 0#erything in this entire uni#erse is connected to e#erything else in this entire uni#erse, through the *aw o :ibration" .ust as the colors in a rainbow are connected in such a way that you are not able to tell where one color stops and the other begins, so too are you unable to distinguish where one (thing( starts and another one stops" 0#erything in this uni#erse is connected to e#erything else in this uni#erse, 2ust as the water that boils is connected to the stea$ into which it trans$utes, and the stea$ is connected to the ether or air into which it changes" You too are connected to e#erything in the uni#erse" Whether you can see it with the naked eye or not is uni$portant" The only physical di erence which e!ists between one thing and another, relates to the density or the a$plitude o their #ibration" There ore, as soon as you choose certain thoughts, your brain cells are a ected" These cells #ibrate and send o electro$agnetic wa#es" When you concentrate on those thoughts, you increase the a$plitude o #ibration o those cells, and the electric wa#es, in turn, beco$e $uch $ore potent" 7now that it is you who is originating those electric wa#es and know that you are also deter$ining the density o the$ by your own ree will" You $ust also know, since you are originating these electric wa#es, your whole being is being put in that particular #ibration" We ha#e already co#ered the point that two ob2ects $ay be o entirely di erent $aterial and shape, and yet still be in Resonance" This is due to the act their ulti$ate $agnetic ields are the sa$e, because they are within the sa$e sphere o relati#e $otion" @7eep in $ind that resonance is the actor go#erning the trans$utation o #ibrations"C When you hold the i$age o your goal on the screen o your $ind, in the present tense, you are #ibrating in har$ony @in resonanceC with e#ery particle o energy necessary or the $ani estation o your i$age on the physical plane" By holding that i$age, those particles o energy are $o#ing toward you @attractionC and you are $o#ing toward the$-because that is the law" ,ll things are $erely $ani estations o energy or Spirit" When the world co$es to understand this great truth, we will be aware that all people are the sa$e1 they only appear to be di erent" The true di#iding lines or $ankind are not borders, color or language, but si$ply ignorance and its polar opposite, understanding" 7now The Truth ,nd The Truth Will Set You /ree"

#elping 2ther$ Feel Better You auto$atically like people who cause you to eel good" It would necessarily ollow, there ore, that others will like you when you cause the$ to eel good, or when you $o#e the$ into a $ore positi#e #ibration" 0!a$ple :ibratory control o the body, $ind and soul o a person gi#es you a $eans or the restoration o positi#e #ibrations, through the $ediu$ o resonant electric wa#es o the brain cells, ro$ you to another person" ,s already stated, the hu$an body, including the brain, is a high-powered electrical instru$ent" There ore, you are a #eritable (broadcasting station,( relati#e to other people" When the (tune in( between you and the$ has been co$pleted, or when the co$posite personality has been established between you and the other person, the other person recei#es and beco$es conscious o the #ibrating thought which is being broadcast by you" -nder the *aw & The Perpetual Trans$ission ,nd Trans$utation & 0nergy, the other person, being a low potential o energy, takes on this added energy which is being sent out by you" ,nd, like a weak battery, the other person beco$es recharged, $ore energetic, and $ore positi#e as a result o his contact with you" The process o trans$itting energy between you and the other person is e!actly the sa$e as the process which takes place between the broadcasting station and the radio" That is to say, laws which are identical in nature, go#ern both pheno$ena" >ibration$ &nd &ttitude 0#ery physical thing throws o a #ibration" 0#erything which you see, hear, s$ell, taste, or touch, throws o a #ibration because these things, like e#erything else, are in a constant state o $otion" Whene#er you get near enough to the$ to enter into their (sphere o #ibration,( you will be a ected by that #ibration, whether you reali)e it or not" 8a#e you e#er noticed, or e!a$ple, how peace ul you eel @#ibrateC while walking alone in the woods6 The *aw operates e!actly in the sa$e way in the $ental real$" /or when a person thinks a thought, it $eans the person has consciously or unconsciously started a group o brain cells #ibrating abnor$ally" &nce these brain cells, being things, begin to #ibrate abnor$ally, they throw o a wa#e o electronic energy which $o#es out seeking a place to land" I you are in the sphere @spaceC o their #ibrations and you happen to ha#e si$ilar cells which are in rapport @in har$ony or agree$entC with the ones #ibrating in the other person's brain, then you recei#e these #ibrations and are a ected $entally by the$, either negati#ely or positi#ely" @It is clear that e#eryone in sales or $anage$ent will thoroughly understand this in or$ation"C *et us suppose that another person is #ibrating to (,nger +oncepts"( I you are the type o person who beco$es easily angered and you happen to enter the #ibratory

ield o those anger #ibrations, then those #ibrations will strike the (anger cells( in your own brain" , condition o resonance being present, those #ibrations will start your brain cells #ibrating and your entire being will $o#e into that #ibration" You will beco$e irritated or angry @e#en though you $ay, or $ay not know, the cause o your own angerC" I you do not understand what has happened, you will be at a loss to change the conditions which caused the e ect in the irst place" The sa$e principle applies to all $ental #ibrations" ,s soon as a person starts to think, he starts brain cells #ibrating" 0nergy is released, there ore, in the or$ o electrons which tra#el out according to the intensity o the thought in#ol#ed" Whoe#er stops that energy, is a ected by it" But bear in $ind, the only thing which stops a thought, is that which resonates with that thought" This $eans, i you should run into an electro$agnetic #ibratory ield o negati#e thoughts, you will, i you are that type o person, beco$e negati#e yoursel " +on#ersely, i you run into a positi#e #ibratory ield, you will e!perience the opposite o the negati#e1 na$ely, the positi#e" Since the air we breathe is literally ( illed( with both types o #ibrations, they are constantly bouncing into your brain" ,s a result, you could beco$e like a (ship without a rudder,( tossed about at the $ercy o whate#er is #ibrating or (in the air"( 8owe#er, once you understand the *aw o :ibration, you are in a position to insulate yoursel against the negati#e #ibrations" You can then be in control o yoursel , in the true sense o the word, and you will begin to attract to you the things and circu$stances that you choose" Beco%e & Mental Magnet ,ttract What You 5eed /or The Physical 'ani estation & Your I$age I it is true that energy, or Spirit, is neither created nor destroyed and e#erything in its original state is either energy or Spirit, it necessarily ollows that e#erything you will e#er want is already here" It is si$ply a $atter o choosing the thoughts which will put you into har$onious #ibration with the good that you desire" 0#erything you are seeking is seeking you in return" There ore, e#erything you want is already yours" So you don't ha#e to get anything1 it is si$ply a $atter o beco$ing $ore aware o what you already possess" The $o$ent you bring your li e into har$ony with the *aw, into har$ony with the current o ;i#ine &rder, you will ind that the (negati#e( will ha#e (taken wings"( /or its cause will ha#e been re$o#ed and you will no longer attract what you don't want" The secret to recei#ing, on the physical plane, the results you desire is always locked into the *aw o ,ttraction" This entire book has been designed to help you understand how to get into har$onious #ibration with the good you desire, and then how to stay in that positi#e #ibration, so you will begin to attract whate#er you need or your i$age o prosperity to $o#e into or$" !he &corn &nalogy

In Ray$ond 8olliwell's $agni icent book, Working with The *aw, 8olliwell points out in the chapter entitled (The *aw o Success,( the ollowing9 (,ll o the processes o nature are success ul" 5ature knows no ailures" She ne#er plans anything but success" She ai$s at results in e#ery or$ and $anner" To succeed in the best and ullest sense o the ter$ we $ust, with nature as our $odel, copy her $ethods" In her principles and laws we shall disco#er all the secrets o success"( 7eep in $ind that e#erything in this uni#erse you can see with the naked eye and e#erything you cannot see, is an e!pression o Spirit" ,lso bear in $ind that Spirit operates by e!act laws" You are sub2ect to those laws, in 2ust the sa$e $anner nature is" There ore, 8olliwell is right-we de initely should copy nature's $ethods" /or years I ha#e held up an acorn in the se$inar and used it as a de#ice or helping people to gain a better understanding o how the law o attraction actually works in their li#es" So please #isuali)e, i you will, an acorn" Then think-really think-about what it is you are looking at" ,lthough the acorn $ay appear to be a solid ob2ect, by now you should clearly understand that the acorn, like e#erything else which appears to be solid, is in truth, (a $ass o $olecules at a #ery high speed o #ibration"( Within the acorn, there is a nucleus or a patterned plan that dictates the #ibratory rate at which these $olecules will $o#e" 'oreo#er, the sa$e principle holds true or all seeds" In other words, e#ery seed has a nucleus or a patterned plan within it, which dictates the #ibration it will be in and which thereby go#erns the end-product into which it will e!pand or grow" I belie#e you are all aware o this act9 e#erything in the uni#erse is go#erned by a basic law-(0ither create or disintegrate"( There ore, it ollows that, i so$ething is not in the process o growing, it $ust, by the law o its being, be dying" /or e!a$ple, so long as the acorn is kept out o the earth, it is slowly but surely disintegrating" 8owe#er, as soon as you plant the acorn in the earth, the patterned plan or the #ibratory rate o the acorn sets up an attracti#e orce and the acorn begins to attract e#erything that #ibrates in har$ony with it" I you were able to obser#e with the naked eye e!actly what is taking place, you would see a (parade( o particles o energy-a ne#er-ending strea$ o the$-$arching in a #ery orderly $anner toward the acorn" ,s they ca$e in contact with the $olecules $aking up the acorn, they would 2oin, $arry, beco$e one, and o course, the acorn would e!pand, beco$e larger, grow" 5ow consider this - i you were to put two drops o water and two drops o oil on an arborite table and then you were to $o#e the$ together, the two drops o water would resonate and beco$e one larger drop o water, as they ca$e in contact with each other" &n the other hand, i you were to $o#e the water toward the oil, they would actually repel each other because they are not in har$onious #ibration" *ikewise, with the acorn, the only things which 2oin with the acorn are those particles o energy which are #ibrating in har$ony with it" ,ll the other particles o energy, which $ake up the earth, are repelled" ,s the acorn e!pands ro$ the ne#er-ending strea$ o $olecules which are attracted to it, little shoots begin to co$e out o the botto$ and out o the top o it" These shoots, in turn, begin to de#elop into roots" ,s they grow or e!pand and burst through the earth into the earth's at$osphere, this attracti#e orce continues, and

particles o energy ro$ the at$osphere are attracted to it @2ust as the particles o energy in the earth were attracted to itC" ,s the acorn continues to e!pand, at so$e point it ceases to be an acorn and it begins to beco$e an oak tree" The roots, the trunk, the bark, the branches, the twigs, and the lea#es, are all in the uni#erse and they are attracted to the acorn, because o the nucleus or the patterned plan which rests within the seed" 5ow, unlike the hu$an creature, the acorn does not ha#e the ability to change its #ibratory rate" It can there ore only grow into what it has been progra$$ed to grow into1 na$ely, an oak tree" You are $uch like the acorn in $any respects" /or e!a$ple, you are also a (seed,( relati#e to the whole sche$e o things" 8owe#er, the di erence between you and the acorn is that since you are a co-creator, you can choose your own progra$$ing" There ore, the i$age you choose to hold, on the screen o your conscious $ind, and plant deeply in the treasury o your subconscious $ind is the patterned plan or the nucleus which deter$ines what you will e#entually grow into" It dictates the #ibration you will be in and also controls what you will attract to you and what you will repel" This is an orderly uni#erse1 nothing happens by accident" The i$ages which you plant in your $ar#elous $ind instantly set up an attracti#e orce, which go#erns your results in li e" You $ust re$e$ber though, i your i$age is continually luctuating, you will continually be growing into so$ething di erent and that sets in $otion a $ost chaotic process" -n ortunately, those indi#iduals who are unaware o these #ery e!act laws are planting i$ages o plenty in their $inds one $inute and then i$ages o po#erty the ne!t" They are continually (switching( #ibrations, so they are attracting good things one $inute and then bad things the ne!t" The sad truth is, the #ast $a2ority o people spend their entire li#es oscillating between these two e!tre$e positions, with the resulting e ect that their li#es beco$e disordered and chaotic to the (nth( degree" ,lthough it is true that e#erything you will e#er want is already here, it is up to you to get into har$ony with it" +learly, you will ne#er get into har$ony with prosperity, i you insist upon holding i$ages o lack and li$itation in the storehouse o your $ar#elous $ind" Since you are always $agneti)ed toward so$ething, it ollows it can ne#er be anyone else's ault, when so$ething co$es into your li e you supposedly do not want" -nderstand you ha#e ordered it and it is being deli#ered to you, right on schedule3

by Bob Proctor Chapter @: !he Ri$7-!a7er$

The days o de ending your present (possessions( and (positions( are gone ore#er" There ore, ro$ this day orward, you will ne#er ha#e to concern yoursel with such proble$atic issues as ($aintaining your present 2ob(, or (keeping up your current standard o li#ing"( Instead, you will put the things which (can go wrong( on the de ensi#e, and you will put the things which ($ust go right(, in ready or$ation or

the attack" ,s o today, you are a dyna$ic, #igorous risk-taker, whose eyes are always turned toward your strengths and assets, rather than toward your weaknesses and liabilities" 8ence orth, you will wake up in the $orning, thinking only o (ways to do the things you want to do(, rather than waking up thinking o (all the reasons why you cannot do those things"( ,s o today, you will think repeatedly o the $any achie#e$ents which you are going to acco$plish in the uture, that are #astly superior to anything you ha#e e#er done in the past" +learly, these are the results that can only be obtained i you are irst willing to take so$e kind o a risk" Belie#e $e, once you undertake this process, it won't be long be ore you start winning-and in a big way" You should understand, howe#er, that as you beco$e increasingly in#ol#ed in the risk-taking process, you will ind yoursel orced to draw upon resources which you pre#iously didn't e#en reali)e you possessed" ,t irst, this $ay pro#e #ery rightening to you" 5e#ertheless, you $ust always re$e$ber you will ne#er hear o , read about, or see anyone who achie#es anything o greatness in his or her own li e, without irst taking so$e kind o a risk" ,s a case in point, 2ust consider the $onu$ental risks which all o our great religious leaders ha#e undertaken during the course o their heroic li#es" Then stop and re lect upon the enor$ous risks which all o our great business leaders ha#e also undertaken, during the span o their illustrious careers" /inally, as you seriously $editate upon these stupendous acco$plish$ents, you will beco$e increasingly aware o the act that you too $ust beco$e a risk-taker or you to de#elop the greatness you were born with" 'oreo#er, you should understand, that in truth, no genuine satis action in li e can e#er be attained by you or anyone else, who si$ply re uses to take risks" /or the li e o anyone who chooses to li#e with e!tre$e caution will ne#er a$ount to anything $ore than a succession o dull, sopori ic days, continuing on, without interruption" !he 5i(ing Board &nalogy To help you grasp the ull i$plication o what I a$ saying, consider the ollowing analogy" .ust cast your $ind back to the ti$e when you were a child and atte$pt to recall the degree to which you ad$ired (the neighborhood kid( who went right up the ladder, and di#ed o the high di#ing board without any hesitation whatsoe#er" Then see i you can recall the eelings which you harbored in yoursel , as you watched hi$ take that irst (risky( leap into the water below" I you are like $ost o us, you probably lost 2ust a little bit o your own sel -respect at that ti$e, until inally, out o sheer e$barrass$ent, you too $ustered up enough courage to 2u$p" /inally, see i you can recollect how good you elt once you actually $ade the plunge and pro#ed to the world that you could do it too" 5ow that you ha#e taken your $ind on this $ental 2ourney through your past, bring it orward to the present ti$e" *et it beco$e ully aware o the legions o $en and wo$en today who-like the young child looking longingly at the high di#ing boardwould dearly lo#e to 4uit their 2obs, set out on an independent path and do their own thing" 8owe#er, due to their o#erwhel$ing ear o ailure, these un ortunate people ne#er 4uite work up enough courage to step out and actually take the plunge" ,s a result, such indi#iduals $iss out on $any o the opportunities that li e a ords us all, and what is e#en sadder, they ne#er get a chance to plu$b (the depths( o their own innate resources" Since they are a raid they $ight not $ake it, a raid they $ight

lose, a raid they $ight ail, they si$ply choose to $aintain the status 4uo and do nothing" The irony is, howe#er, that e#en i a person should assiduously atte$pt to a#oid all risks, he or she will still ine#itably end up ailing ro$ ti$e to ti$e3 But the point is, so what6 What di erence does it really $ake6 , ter all, ( ailing( does not $ake us a ( ailure(, and the only ti$e we do beco$e a ailure is when we decide to stop trying any $ore" There ore, e#en i we should alter along the way, we ne#er really ail because we always retain the capacity to try once $ore" Flip Wil$on9$ 'tory /lip Wilson, the a$ous co$edian, is best known or his ability to $ake people laugh" But here is what he said in a so$ewhat $ore serious #ein, about his own e!perience with the risk-taking process" (I ell down and got up, I ell down and got up" /or si!teen years I did practically nothing else but all down and get up"( 0#en so, do you think /lip Wilson e#er thought o hi$sel as a ailure6 You bet your li e he didn't" /or i he had, he would ne#er ha#e ound the courage to try (2ust one $ore ti$e,( and you and I would probably ha#e ne#er e#en heard his na$e3 You should understand, at this 2uncture, that as soon as you seriously set a big goal or yoursel , you are going to beco$e in#ol#ed in a process o risk-taking which will add a di$ension o e!cite$ent, indeed a whole new la#or to the course o your li e" But at the sa$e ti$e you should be aware that as you start engaging in $ore risktaking beha#ior, the $a2ority o people will be trying to a#oid it (at all costs"( In other words, instead o taking $eaning ul risks, $ost people will continue to ensure the$sel#es in a series o e$pty co$pro$ises" These co$pro$ises, in turn, will ulti$ately ha#e the e ect o reducing their e!istence to the le#el o a $eaningless charade" To understand how this pheno$enon operates, 2ust consider the people who$ you know who ha#e co$pro$ised when buying their new ho$e" (Why did they co$pro$ise6( you ask-because they were a raid that they wouldn't be able to $ake the $ortgage pay$ents on that (drea$ ho$e( they truly wanted to li#e in" Then turn your $ind to the #eritable ar$ies o indi#iduals, who re$ain in positions at work which they ind dull and unrewarding" Why do they stay6- si$ply because they ear they would not be able to (cope with( the position which they would truly lo#e to (tackle"( The irony is, o course, i these people would si$ply put the$sel#es (out on a li$b(-by going a ter that better 2ob or, that drea$ ho$e, or whate#er else it is they truly desire-they would then de$and a co$$ensurately better per or$ance ro$ the$sel#es" ,s a result, they would soon disco#er that the risk they had taken was actually paying big di#idends in all aspects o their li e" !he Young Millionaire$ Se#eral years ago, I read an e!cellent book on the sub2ect o risk-taking" It was entitled The Young 'illionaires, and it contained the true-li e stories o eighteen indi#iduals, each o who$ had earned in e!cess o one $illion dollars" In act, so$e o these people had actually earned $any $illions o dollars, o#er and abo#e the one $illion dollar $ark, during the course o their highly success ul careers" Throughout the book, the author $ade $any interesting obser#ations about the (law o inancial success,( but the $ost i$portant one was the one which he kept co$ing back to9 na$ely, although these indi#iduals ca$e ro$ a #ariety o di erent backgrounds and

although each had earned their $oney in a di erent way, they all shared one thing in co$$on" (What was that one thing6( you ask" Si$ply put, it was this-e#en though e#erything they owned was riding on the outco$e o #irtually e#ery $a2or business decision which they $ade, none o the$ considered the$sel#es to be taking (risks"( The reason they didn't, he went on to e!plain, was because they were li#ing their li#es (as though it were i$possible to ail3( @5ote, howe#er, that in the eyes o $ost people, there would be no 4uestion that these indi#iduals were taking tre$endous risks-and on an al$ost daily basisC" Fighter-)ilot 'tudy In a si$ilar #ein, research done $any years ago which in#estigated the li#es o ighter pilots in World War II, deter$ined conclusi#ely that, contrary to what you $ight think, $any o the pilots who (played it sa e( during the war, were a$ong the irst to be killed in co$bat" By way o contrast, the study also ound that, practically without e!ception, not only were the sur#i#ing aces indi#iduals who re used to (play it sa e,( but they were the greatest risk-takers throughout the war" Indeed, as one has the opportunity to obser#e the per or$ance o indi#iduals ro$ all walks o li e, it soon beco$es e#ident that whoe#er (plays it sa e( in li e, dies, and dies relati#ely young" /or although $any o these indi#iduals re$ain (clinically( ali#e or nu$erous years, when their hearts inally cease beating it is a $ere or$ality, because the truth is, they ha#e ne#er really li#ed3 By now you ha#e probably said to yoursel , (,ll o this sounds e$inently reasonable, but why should it be,6( or (Why are so $any o us destined to go through our entire li#es in this condition o sel -i$posed $isery, si$ply because we are unable, or unwilling, to take $eaning ul risks6( Well, it see$s to $e i we will only cast our $inds back to the or$ati#e years o our own li#es, we will soon recogni)e where this reluctance to engage in risk-taking beha#ior has its source" &nce we ha#e arri#ed at that point, I belie#e we will ha#e co$e a long way in our atte$pt to co$bat, and ulti$ately neutrali)e, this insidious proble$" I e!hort you to pay #ery strict attention to the in or$ation which will now be set-out be ore you" When you were a young child-in act, e#en as ar back as the ti$e when you were an in ant-your parents desperately wanted to see you succeed" ,s a conse4uence o this wish, they were terri ied by the prospect you $ight so$ehow all short o their e!pectations o you" This was per ectly natural, in light o the act they lo#ed you #ery dearly" -n ortunately, howe#er, it $oti#ated the$ to atte$pt to shelter you ro$ e#ery potential har$ which $ight co$e up in your li e" /or e!a$ple, when you irst started to walk, they were right by your side and as soon as you e#en looked like you were going to stu$ble, they 4uickly grabbed onto you, so you would not all and hurt yoursel " Si$ilarly, when you engaged in your irst ist ight with (the little terror ne!t door,( your parents were there to soothe the bruised eelings" They probably tried to console you by saying (You were right dear, and the other wrong - the other child was a bully"( 5e!t, they probably said so$ething like, (In the uture, dear, be #ery care ul and try to stay away ro$ kids like that"( 'oreo#er, i your upbringing was typical o that o $ost o us, your irst bicycle probably brought with it repeated warnings such as9 (be care ul,( (don't all,( (watch out,( and so on" In this $anner,

you were slowly but surely (progra$$ed( to $ake e#ery $o#e in your li e with a brilliant caution light burning brightly on the screen o your i$pressionable young $ind" You $ust gain the awareness, there ore, that regardless o what anyone $ay ha#e told you to the contrary, none o us was e#er (born( with a ear o taking risks" ,s I ha#e clearly indicated abo#e, the ear o taking risks is so$ething which we learned, only a ter we entered this wonder ul world o ours" In act, contrary to what $any people ha#e $istakenly been led to belie#e, the hu$an being-i le t to his or her own de#ices-is a born risk-taker who is (naturally( progra$$ed to ollow the path which will e#entually lead to greatness in his or her own li e" But, be that as it $ay, be ore you e$bark on this e!citing path o risk-taking, you should re$e$ber to ne#er lose sight o the act that beco$ing a risk-taker does not $ean beco$ing an irresponsible indi#idual" I you really think it through, you will reali)e these two concepts are $utually e!clusi#e" /or beco$ing a risk-taker $eans to act courageously, and to act courageously is considerably di erent ro$ acting oolishly @which is how a person acts when he or she beha#es in an irresponsible $annerC" You $ight encounter a ew situations where the line separating these two concepts beco$es e!tre$ely narrow" 5e#ertheless, it is absolutely essential you ne#er cross o#er that line, inad#ertently, or otherwise3 , nother thing which you $ust be aware o , is that risk-taking is always a relati#e ter$" In other words, beha#ior which represents a risk to one person $ay not necessarily represent a risk to another person" 'oreo#er, i the sa$e beha#ior were carried out by a third party, one $ight e#en be te$pted to dee$ it irresponsible conduct" It is clear, there ore, that one $ust be able to distinguish a$ong these di erent concepts with a signi icant degree o accuracy" In order to achie#e this, it beco$es necessary to go back to one o the basic principles in#ol#ed in the process o sel -de#elop$ent" You $ust be able to see yoursel , with your inner eye, already in possession o the good you desire" Ri$7-!a7ing ($- Irre$pon$ibility People who are irresponsible #ery rarely acco$plish anything o i$portance and 4uite o ten they in#ite real har$ to the$sel#es" They $ight occasionally beco$e in#ol#ed in so$e acti#ities which are success ul, but these results occur so in re4uently, and they are so o#ershadowed by negati#e results that they are hardly e#en worth $entioning" +onsider, or e!a$ple, the indi#idual who di#es o a high cli and into a shallow body o water, si$ply because he has been (dared( to do so by a group o his peers" ,lthough the person in 4uestion is a raid to di#e, or so$e strange reason he is e#en $ore a raid o what the others $ight say to hi$, or e#en think about hi$, i he chose not to di#e" +learly, the person's ear o di#ing is per ectly reasonable, in #iew o the act he has had absolutely no training as a di#er" /urther$ore, as a result o his lack o training, when he does conte$plate what $ight happen i he did di#e, he #isuali)es hi$sel being #ery seriously in2ured" &b#iously, or an indi#idual such as this to go ahead and di#e, would be e!tre$ely oolish-to say the least-and the person's actions would ha#e to be considered irresponsible by anyone's standards"

&n the other hand, howe#er, i this sa$e person trained to beco$e a pro essional di#er and i he were skilled at taking all o the #arious actors into consideration @i"e" i he were able to #isuali)e hi$sel success ully going through all o the necessary $otions such as swi$$ing to shore, stepping back on land unhar$ed, etc"C, then it would be a totally di erent situation" /or although the person would still be taking a de inite risk, no one could accuse hi$ o acting in an irresponsible $anner" +onsider or a $o$ent, the (stunt people( who work in the $o#ie industry" These indi#iduals are constantly per or$ing dangerous acts" In act, that is precisely what they get paid or" But do not be decei#ed3 /or the $en and wo$en who per or$ these stunts are not a$ateurs by any $eans" They are all co$petent pro essionals, highly skilled in the per or$ance o their dangerous trade" They always check and then double check e#ery calculation, be ore they $ake e#en the si$plest $o#e" ,s a result o these precautions, they are #ery rarely e#er in2ured" 5o, there cannot be any 4uestion about it-stunt people are (Risk-Takers( to be sure, but they are #ery rarely irresponsible indi#iduals3 In(e$t%ent$ 5ow, turn your attention to the person who in#ests his or her hard-earned sa#ings in a #enture about which he or she knows practically nothing" Perhaps so$eone, possibly a relati#e who$ the person $ay ha#e held in high estee$, suggested this in#est$ent was a great idea and the in#estors stood to earn an e!traordinarily high rate o return on it" ,ssu$e, $oreo#er, that despite the person's #ery gra#e $isgi#ings about going into the #enture at all, he is also being strongly $oti#ated by greed, to seek the highest possible rate o return which can be earned on the $oney in#ested" /inally, suppose that the tre$endous ear o loss notwithstanding, the person decides to go ahead and $akes the in#est$ent anyway" What happens ne!t6 , ter the in#est$ent has been $ade, $ost o the person's waking hours will probably be spent9 <" worrying about the in#est$ent, and >" #isuali)ing hi$sel reduced to a state o ab2ect po#erty" It is abundantly clear, there ore, that this sort o beha#ior $ust be dee$ed the polar opposite o inancial responsibility and the person in#ol#ed $ust be considered i$prudent and irresponsible, rather than a (bona ide( risk-taker" The usual outco$e in a situation such as this is predictable, i not pleasing" The indi#idual in 4uestion loses the $oney, not to $ention the or$er riendship o the indi#idual who originally suggested the in#est$ent" @The reason is that oolish, irresponsible people seldo$ bla$e the$sel#es or $aking such errors"C &n the other hand howe#er, i that person listened care ully to the suggestion o his riend or relati#e and then studied the situation or hi$sel , he could ha#e or$ed an opinion which was based on sound knowledge rather than hearsay, and which was $oti#ated by genuine interest rather than si$ple greed" ,t that point, the indi#idual could ha#e gone ahead and in#ested a su$ o $oney which would not ha#e placed his total inancial situation in 2eopardy" Then, as he gathered $ore in or$ation based on actual e!perience, he could ha#e gradually increased his in#est$ent i such action appeared to be in his best interest"

+learly, i our hypothetical indi#idual ollowed this second course o action, he would still certainly be taking a risk" 8owe#er, one could not 2usti iably say he was beha#ing in the $anner o a ool or an irresponsible person" 'oreo#er, e#en in the e#entuality that this person $ade a bad (2udge$ent call,( and lost his $oney, that would ha#e been all he had lost" /or he would still ha#e his riendship and he would still ha#e his own sel -respect, because he would reali)e he had been guilty o nothing $ore than an error in 2udge$ent" ,n added bene it o this second approach is that the indi#idual would not auto$atically re2ect uture in#est$ent possibilities, should they arise" I a$ sure you are getting $y $essage (loud and clear(9 risk-takers are knowledgeable people who study situations care ully, ha#e con idence in their own abilities and ha#e a #ery healthy sel -i$age" Put $ore succinctly, we can say risktakers, unlike irresponsible people, are (nobody's ool"( Bu$ine$$ Failure$ +onsider this - i one were to e!a$ine the statistics regarding the nu$ber o business ailures each year, without closely studying each situation separately, one could #ery easily conclude that going into business or onesel is an (irresponsible act"( 8owe#er, that is 2ust not the case3 The truth o the $atter is, $any o the people who ha#e gone into bankruptcy, should ne#er ha#e gone into business or the$sel#es in the irst place, either because they weren't properly prepared or such an undertaking or because they si$ply didn't know what they were doing" They lacked the skill, the knowledge, or the proper support to get their business (o the ground"( Bear in $ind that although it takes $ost new co$panies at least three years be ore they are properly established, so$e o these indi#iduals didn't allow or three $onths, or e#en three weeks, to gi#e their business a chance" It is also signi icant to note, that prior to setting out on their own, $any o these people were those e$ployees who thought their boss was inco$petent, or the owners o the co$pany which e$ployed the$ didn't know what they were doing" &b#iously, e#eryone who ails to get a new business going does not all into this category, but there are certainly $any people who do" 5e#ertheless, despite the woe ul statistics, there certainly are $any indi#idual risktakers who ha#e succeeded in establishing businesses o their own" /or e!a$ple, 2ust consider the story o $y good riend, Bob 'c+rary" Bob had worked in the electronics industry or $any years and, although he had ne#er earned what one $ight consider (big $oney,( he certainly earned a better than a#erage inco$e" 8e owned his own ho$e, he raised three beauti ul daughters, and acco$plished all o this while working or so$eone else" But despite his undisputed success, Bob harbored a desire to go into business or hi$sel and I suppose ear was the only thing holding hi$ back ro$ doing so" The truth o the $atter was, that with all the things he had going or hi$, Bob couldn't help but succeed" -n ortunately, howe#er, he was unaware o this because he had ne#er been (out on his own( be ore" 'oreo#er, he had been raised to belie#e the (old idea(9 that a person should (get a good steady 2ob and then work or a pension"( Still, the desire o Bob, and his wi e Pat, to work in their own business persisted" It e#entually grew to the point where they were actually able to #isuali)e their business operating success ully" Since it is i$possible to hold an i$age in the $ind without

also e!pressing it, the end result o Bob and Pat's i$aging, was the birth o their own co$pany, (Pensacola 0lectronics"( That happy e#ent occurred 2ust a ew short years ago and, although both Bob and Pat ha#e worked $any hard hours, and still do today, they ha#e the satis action o looking at what they ha#e created together" They gain ully e$ploy nu$erous people and they properly ser#ice hundreds o clients located in #arious ,$erican states" They ha#e both earned a si)eable inco$e and the net #alue o their co$pany todayi they were to sell it-is greater than all o the $oney Bob had earned working or the other co$pany, or all those years" ;id Bob and Pat $ake the right decision6 .ust ask the$3 Would they $ake it again6 You know what their answer would be3 ,re they Risk-Takers6 I don't think there is any 4uestion about that3 Bob and Pat 'c+rary le t their 2obs and in#ested $any thousands o dollars to do so$ething which they had ne#er done be ore" They had no written guarantee they would succeed in their #enture, but they were not irresponsible, nor were they acting i$prudently" Were they a raid6 Well, I ha#e ne#er asked the$ directly, but a ter studying hu$an nature or the greater part o twenty years, I eel 4uite con ident in asserting they were" The salient point or our purposes is, despite their trepidation, they had the courage to act in the ace o their ear" /or the person who analy)es a situation care ully, prepares hi$sel accordingly and then proceeds in the ace o ear with the i$age o success in $ind, is a genuine risk-taker" /urther$ore, as you are already aware, risk-takers #ery rarely lose1 and e#en when they do, they usually bounce right back to try again" In other words, risk-takers li#e e!citing, creati#e li#es, because they are li#ing the kind o li e that we are all intended to li#e" So put a s$ile on your ace, because as o this $o$ent, you too can beco$e a bona ide risk-taker3 8ow6 Si$ply by doing the thing you ha#e drea$ed about-o and onor $onths, or possibly e#en years" In the great $usical South Paci ic, 'ary 'artin sang, (I you don't ha#e a drea$, i I don't ha#e a drea$, how are we going to $ake a drea$ co$e true6( It is $y belie that e#eryone o us has our own drea$" We all ha#e a #ision, an idea or a picture o so$e great or grand thing or acco$plish$ent, which will loat to the sur ace o our consciousness ro$ ti$e to ti$e" 'oreo#er, or a ew brie $o$ents, we per$it oursel#es the lu!ury o en2oying oursel#es doing, being or ha#ing, whate#er that drea$ $ight be" There is no doubt in $y $ind that you too (hold( a picture o so$ething which loats to the sur ace o your consciousness periodically, and i the truth were to be known, you would dearly lo#e to e!ecute that drea$" Well, the si$ple truth is you can" But in all likelihood, it is going to re4uire a considerable a$ount o courage on your part" Re$e$ber, it $akes no di erence, at this $o$ent, how bi)arre your idea $ay appear" In act, you $ight e#en regard it yoursel as being sheer antasy" 5e#ertheless, you can begin to turn it into a reality, by $aking a written description o whate#er it is you would like to do, ha#e, or be" Write out your a$bition in as $uch detail as possible and in the present tense" ;o not write it out as so$ething that you are (planning( to do1 rather, write it out as i it were so$ething you are doing currently" In big bold letters write, (I can( and then yell it, say it, sing it-drill the idea that you are now going to do this thing, into your subconscious $ind" Then, choose a riend who has a lot o con idence in you-

so$eone whose thinking is co$patible with your own, not so$eone who will put you down and laugh at your idea-to share your idea with" Select so$eone who will build you up and help instill con idence in you, with respect to your idea" Re$e$ber, it $akes no di erence whether your goal is starting a new business, buying or building a new ho$e, getting a new auto$obile, a new position at work, setting a sales record, or getting an honors $ark in school" Whate#er it $ay be, you $ust step out and boldly pursue it" 7eep re$inding yoursel that you ha#e tre$endous reser#oirs o potential within you, and there ore, you are 4uite capable o doing al$ost anything you (set your $ind to"( ,ll you $ust do is igure out how you can do it, not whether or not you can" Begin to #isuali)e yoursel as a risk-taker and then start telling yoursel you are one" Beco$e ully aware o the (good #ibrations( you get si$ply by #irtue o practising these si$ple $ental e!ercises" But be ore you proceed any urther with your 4uest, ind yoursel a pad and a pen" Then, prepare a balance sheet by taking an N-<E>( ! <<( sheet o paper, and drawing a straight line down the centre o the page" &n the le t-hand side, place a $inus sign, and on the right-hand side place a plus sign" -nder the $inus sign, write out the #ery worst thing that could happen to you, i you were to ollow through with your idea" &n the right-hand side, write out all the good things-the #ery best things-that could happen to you, i you were to go ahead with your plan" +learly understand, that so long as what you plan to do is honest and honorable, whate#er goes on the le t-hand side o the page is not going to be disastrous" &n the other hand, howe#er, what goes on the right-hand side o the page could turn out to be absolutely $agni icent" There ore, by creating the balance sheet in this $anner, you are de$onstrating to yoursel , or your own edi ication, the act you actually ha#e (nothing to lose"( It has already been brought to your attention nu$erous ti$es in this book, that si$ply ($issing the $ark,( does not $ake you a ailure1 it only $eans that your plan did not work out as you had anticipated" So e#en i you should lose e#erything you own, you still retain the capacity to bounce back, to try once again" /or se#eral years now I ha#e been in the habit o reading the biographies and autobiographies, o $en and wo$en who ha#e truly acco$plished (so$ething o signi icance( in their li eti$e" I ha#e ound, $oreo#er, that al$ost without e!ception, these indi#iduals had allen short o their goals on nu$erous occasions, but that ne#er deterred the$3 Indeed, I $ysel ha#e e!perienced ( ailure to hit the $ark,( on a nu$ber o occasions1 and I will readily ad$it it hurts a little and it e#en causes a certain a$ount o e$barrass$ent" But be that as it $ay, it has ne#er stopped $e ro$ trying again and it need not stop you either, because we all possess the ability to get up and get going once again" There ore, this #ery $o$ent, $ake up your $ind that you are going to beco$e the (Risk-Taker( you truly wish to beco$e"

by Bob Proctor Chapter 1A: !he Ra.or9$ "dge

You are only one inch """ one step """ one idea """ away ro$ turning onto the boule#ard o beauty in your own li e" It has o ten been said the line which separates winning ro$ losing is as ine as a ra)or's edge - and it is" @I a$ talking about winning in a big way and in all areas o your li e"C W" So$erset 'augha$ wrote an entire book entitled The Ra)or's 0dge, and ;aryl /" Oanuck spent our $illion dollars producing a $o#ie which had the sa$e title" Both o these great $en-author and $o#ie $aker alike-knew there wasn't a big di erence a$ong people1 there was only a big di erence in the things they acco$plished" @That was the the$e o the $o#ie as well as the book"C &ne person (2ust about( starts a pro2ect, the other person starts it" &ne indi#idual (al$ost( co$pletes a task, the other does co$plete it" &ne person sees an opportunity, the other acts on it" &ne student (nearly( passes the e!a$, the other does pass it-and although the di erence in their $arks $ay be only one percentage point out o a hundred, it's that one point that $akes all the di erence" The annals o sport's history are rich with dra$atic illustrations o the Ra)or's 0dge concept" /or e!a$ple, at the <=JK &ly$pic ga$es in 'ontreal, +anada, there were eight inalists co$peting in the one-hundred $eter dash, but the runner who won the &ly$pic gold $edal was only one-tenth o a second aster than the runner who inished in last place" In <=HJ, ,R'0; -the irst race horse in the history o -nited States' racing to win o#er one $illion dollars in pri)e $oney o#er the duration o his career-had earnings o AJK<,FBB" But the horse which inished second in earnings that sa$e year-a horse which o ten lost races a $ile long by only (a nose(-won only AJF,BBB" 5ow, i one were to look at their winnings alone, it would appear that ,R'0; was thirteen ti$es better than his closest co$petitor" 8owe#er, when you co$pare (the ti$es( that were actually registered by those two horses in their races, you disco#er he really wasn't e#en our percent superior3 5ow, you $ay ha#e grown up with the idea that so$e people ha#e it and so$e people don't" &r, because so$e people are $uch better than others, they en2oy $uch $ore o the abundance o li e" But I want you to understand, right here and now, this idea is absolutely alse3 /or you are e#ery bit as good, or as power ul, as anyone you see, know, or e#en hear about" Re$e$ber, since the di erence between the$ and you is only in the area o acco$plish$ents, and since there is so$ething you can do that will #astly i$pro#e the results you are achie#ing presently, you ha#e the potential to beco$e e#en $ore success ul than they are" You $ay already know how to do what others are doing @i you don't, you can learnC, and since your potential power is unli$ited, you can do e#en greater things than they are now doing" The (so$ething( that you $ust do to beco$e $ore success ul $ay not be what you think it is" But whate#er it $ay be, rest assured, you are 4uite capable o doing it" ,lways bear in $ind, howe#er, that because each person's world is 2ust a little bit di erent, the so$ething which you $ust do is not necessarily the sa$e thing the

person you li#e with or work with, $ust do" 5e#ertheless, there is no 4uestion that you will e#entually ind out what it is that you $ust do" So $ake up your $indi$$ediately-when you do igure out what that Ra)or's 0dge is or you, you will do it" #ein. 5aue$9 'tory ,s I was writing this chapter, a #ery dear riend o $ine-8ein) ;aues-telephoned to thank $e or an idea I had gi#en hi$" But be ore I let you in on what that idea was, per$it $e to gi#e you so$e background in or$ation" 8ein) ;aues works or a large insurance co$pany in Toronto and e#ery &ctober his co$pany holds a contest which is re erred to as, (, President's 'onth"( ,ll o the salespeople in the co$pany (gear( the$sel#es up or this contest and they each per or$ at their peak le#el o producti#ity" Their reward, i they should win the contest, is both a$e and ortune" @The co$pany always recogni)es its pro#en leaders"C ,s he does e#ery year, 8ein) had an e!ceptional (President's 'onth"( But, in keeping with his practice o pre#ious years, he was planning to (rela! a bit( in 5o#e$ber, or at least to re#ert to what he considered to be (nor$al production"( ,s I was talking to hi$ one a ternoon, howe#er, I noticed that his usual high degree o enthusias$ had le#elled o considerably" I knew so$ething was a$iss, so I asked hi$ what was bothering hi$" 8e then e!plained he was e!periencing a (big let down,( now that his (big $onth( had co$e to an end" In an atte$pt to raise 8ein)'s spirits, I asked hi$ the ollowing 4uestion9 (8ein), what would you do with the e!tra co$$ission you would earn, i you were to repeat your &ctober per or$ance in 5o#e$ber6( @8e actually earned three ti$es his usual $onthly inco$e in &ctober"C Seeing the true $eaning behind $y 4uestion, 8ein)'s ace brightened considerably and a broad s$ile appeared across his ace" Then I 4uickly added, (We both know you are 4uite (capable( o repeating your &ctober per or$ance in 5o#e$ber1 there is absolutely no 4uestion about that"( By this ti$e 8ein) had beco$e thoroughly con#inced, that not only was he capable o repeating his per or$ance, but he de initely would repeat it" 8e said, with his custo$ary con idence and #igor ully restored, (,ll right Bob, I'$ going to do it"( The Ra)or's 0dge - he did it - 8ein) ;aues beat his own record o &ctober in 5o#e$ber3 Think o the di erence this will $ake in his annual inco$e, not to $ention his standing in the co$pany" You 2ust know he will duplicate or better his per or$ance ne!t 5o#e$ber, ollowing (President's 'onth"( The (so$ething( or 8ein) ;aues turned out to be nothing $ore sophisticated, than deciding to do the sa$e thing in 5o#e$ber, which he had already done in &ctober" Perhaps you are saying to yoursel , (anyone could ha#e igured that out,( and you're right-they could ha#e" But there are a ew thousand people selling or the sa$e co$pany that 8ein) sells or and I'll bet you (dollars to donuts,( there weren't i#e others who did3 :ince *o$bardi, or$er ootball coach o the outstanding %reen Bay Packers ootball tea$, described the Ra)or's 0dge concept in ootball #ery well when he said, ('ost ga$es are won or lost in the last two $inutes o the irst and second hal "( But what *o$bardi is best re$e$bered or-with respect to ootball's Ra)or's 0dge-is the (Second 0 ort( concept, which he introduced or the edi ication o his players" In a nutshell, the (Second 0 ort( concept si$ply $eant, that when a player was initially

stopped by the opposing tea$, he would always surge orward a second ti$e, with the added thrust o a (second e ort"( 5ow, 2ust consider the tre$endous di erence you could create in your own li e i you were to adopt a si$ilar $ental attitude" /or e!a$ple, i you are a person who is working in sales and currently selling only three units a week, what would the conse4uences be or you i you were to decide to $ake one additional sale per week, through a conscientious application o the second e ort concept6 Well, on a weekly basis, it $ight not appear to be a $a2or breakthrough" 8owe#er, #iewed o#er the ti$e ra$e o an entire career, it would actually a$ount to well o#er two thousand e!tra sales" 'oreo#er, ro$ a $onetary standpoint, it would $ean you would actually recei#e an e!tra ten years' inco$e o#er the span o a orty-year career" Yes, that one sale would be the Ra)or's 0dge di erence, which could catapult you into (the big leagues( in your chosen career" 'ilt +a$pbell's Triu$ph &ne indi#idual who disco#ered the Ra)or's 0dge di erence or hi$sel , in his own li e, is 'ilton +a$pbell" You see, 'ilt went to the &ly$pic %a$es in <=F>, to co$pete in the decathlon e#ent" 8e per or$ed with distinction, inishing in second place in the world and as a result, brought ho$e an &ly$pic sil#er $edal" 8owe#er, 'ilt's a$bition has always been to win the &ly$pic gold $edal" There ore, when he returned ho$e, he ga#e it that old second e ort and he started his training progra$ all o#er again" /or the ne!t our years, 'ilt +a$pbell dedicated hi$sel single$indedly to a training schedule, which would cul$inate with his winning the &ly$pic gold $edal or his country at the <=FK &ly$pic ga$es" In the a ter$ath o that spectacular achie#e$ent, I had the pleasure o speaking with 'ilt on nu$erous occasions" 8e o ten con ided to $e that $any o the athletes against who$ he co$peted in high school were ar superior to hi$ at that ti$e" But at so$e point, they had $ade the decision to abandon a sports career and the Ra)or's 0dge di erence or 'ilt was that he kept training" The result-the day they pinned the gold $edal on 'ilt, he was recogni)ed as the best athlete in the entire world3 &ne o the $ost power ul illustrations o the ine line which separates winning ro$ losing was re#ealed in the il$ing o the $o#ie, The Ra)or's 0dge" The cast or the $o#ie was co$prised o eight (principal actors,( and eight (stand-ins"( @That is to say, each (principal( had a (stand-in( to do the hard, gruelling and tireso$e work or hi$, while the stars did (the rest3(C , ter the il$ had been co$pleted, *i e 'aga)ine published a story in which the pictures o the eight (principals( were e!hibited on one page, and the eight (stand-ins( were shown on the opposite page" The stand-in or (the star( o the il$, Tyrone Power, was a $an by the na$e o Tho$as 5oonan" 5oonan was a close associate o Power's and they had e#en attended the sa$e high school at the sa$e ti$e" Both $en were about the sa$e si)e, they were e4ual in intelligence, they dressed al$ost identically, and they rese$bled one another #ery closely, e#en in their physical appearance" In point o act, as close a rese$blance as was hu$anly possible e!isted between each (principal actor( and his or her (stand-in"( But in one way-and one way only-the (principal actors( and their (stand-ins( were co$pletely dissi$ilar" /or the co$bined salaries recei#ed by the eight (principals( or the picture a$ounted to, what was at that ti$e, a staggering AHN=,BBB" The co$bined salaries or the eight (stand-ins,( on the other hand, a$ounted to a paltry AK,F?H" The (principals( $ay only ha#e been

slightly $ore talented than their (understudies( were, but the $onetary co$pensation which they recei#ed was se#enty- i#e ti$es greater3 ,s your awareness beco$es increasingly great with respect to (The Ra)or's 0dge( concept, you will be astounded by the nu$ber o such e!a$ples you encounter e#ery day" ,s a case in point, 2ust consider how $uch kindlier you eel towards a particular retail store, where the cashier s$iles and (thanks you or your business,( and then asks you to co$e back (real soon(, as co$pared to one where you are greeted with a stern, (Well, are you going to buy anything or not,( attitude" &r consider this illustration-appro!i$ately one year ago, a a$ily attended one o $y se$inars in Toronto" They were a truly beauti ul a$ily, but they had a serious proble$ and they asked $e i I could help the$ sol#e it" They in or$ed $e, to begin with, that they were the owners o an auto$obile repair shop" But they also e!plained their business had gone sour, so (sour,( in act, they were seriously conte$plating (closing their doors,( and going to work or so$eone else" In an atte$pt to assist the$, I #isited the$ on the pre$ises o their shop and I asked the$ a series o related 4uestions" Then, I (sat back( and listened #ery care ully to the answers which they pro#ided $e with" It wasn't long be ore I ascertained, that whene#er I asked a 4uestion ha#ing to do with their ability as $echanics, they answered with great enthusias$ and literally o#er lowing with con idence" In act, they soon had $e con#inced not only were they #ery skill ul $echanics, but they were e!ceptionally hard workers as well" &n the other hand, howe#er, I also discerned, that whene#er I asked the$ a 4uestion which touched upon the public relation's side o their business, they e!hibited absolutely no enthusias$, whatsoe#er" In act, an aura o pessi$is$ and despondency actually ca$e o#er the$" It was airly ob#ious to $e, there ore, the only proble$ which this a$ily really had was dealing with their own $ental attitudes" &nce I had identi ied the e!act nature o the proble$, I was able to suggest correcti#e action" I told the$ they $ust begin to (#isuali)e their shop ull o cars which needed to be repaired"( I suggested, $oreo#er, that e#ery ti$e they #isuali)ed the$sel#es doing work on a car, they also #isuali)e the$sel#es #acuu$ing the inside o the car, washing the outside, and $aking sure the windows were spotless" I pointed out to the$, that because $ost people don't really understand #ery $uch about the $echanical aspects o a car, the only thing which they would notice, was (how it looked,( and since al$ost e#eryone eels better dri#ing a car that looks good, these little e!tra touches would soon start paying great di#idends or the$" ,ppro!i$ately two weeks later, I recei#ed a phone call ro$ one o the a$ily $e$bers" She told $e that none o the$ 4uite understood how (so$ething so basic,( could $ake such a tre$endous di erence" But ne#ertheless, they had beco$e so busy in the ne!t two weeks since I had #isited the$, their only proble$ now was co$pleting all o the work which they had attracted to the$sel#es" The Ra)or's 0dge di erence that changed their business ro$ a loser into a winner, turned out to be nothing $ore dra$atic than a hospitable attitude and a ew additional touches on each and e#ery auto$obile" Was it worth it6 .ust ask the .acob's a$ily o Toronto, +anada3

'ost educators will ad$it - with so$e coa!ing - that the a#erage indi#idual reads at only about a grade si! or se#en le#el" The reason or this is we are taught to read by the ti$e we reach grade si! or se#en, and then we ne#er bother to i$pro#e our reading skills beyond that point" You should reali)e, $oreo#er, that what is true about (reading,( is also true o $ost other skills which we ac4uire in li e" &nce people ha#e beco$e pro icient in the basics in any particular ield, they usually choose to stop learning, and o course, ro$ that point orward they cease to i$pro#e" Since this is true o $ost people, it ollows that it is only the s$all $inority o people in any gi#en ield who will go on to beco$e the acknowledged e!perts in their chosen #ocation" There ore, they are the people who can de$and and who will recei#e the lion's share o the inco$e in their ield" @.ust re lect upon the #ast di erence in the inco$es o the actors in the $o#ie The Ra)or's 0dge"C Taking this in or$ation into account, consider the 2ob you are doing presently and ask yoursel the ollowing 4uestions9 (8ow good a$ I at doing it6,( and (8ow $uch better could I be6( Reali)e, that i you would study your chosen ield or one hour per day, in i#e years ti$e you would ha#e studied or HF orty-hour weeks, which a$ounts to al$ost a ull year o study" 'oreo#er, since you would only be studying or one hour at any gi#en ti$e, you would be able to gi#e the $aterial your undi#ided attention" There ore, it would actually be the e4ui#alent o (a ull year( o concentrated study" This $eans that by the end o the irst year, you would already ha#e put in nine orty-hour weeks o in#aluable study ti$e" ,lthough this a$ounts to only one hour o study per day, i you were to ollow this schedule rigorously, in a relati#ely short span o ti$e you would stand a$ong your peers like a gira e in a herd o ield $ice" In act, when you really think about it, you will soon understand there isn't any co$petition at all, because there are so ew people in the race, that e#en the losers are winners" There ore, you need not do a tre$endous a$ount o studying to gain the understanding you re4uire, because again, the di erence between knowledge and ignorance, $ay be as ine as (the Ra)or's 0dge"( *et's get down to speci ics again-as I ha#e e!plained to audiences on nu$erous occasions, I do a great deal o studying by listening to educational tapes while I a$ dri#ing $y car" I'd like to suggest that you turn your radio o and your taperecorder on when you get into your car, as it could $ake as big a di erence or you, as it has or $e" You should be aware that those people who dri#e twenty- i#e thousand $iles per year spend thirteen orty-hour weeks sitting behind the wheel o their car" There ore, they are in an e!cellent position to ha#e a wealth o in#aluable in or$ation deposited in their subconscious $inds, while they are, otherwise, engaged in the routine acti#ity o dri#ing" Re$e$ber, it is #irtually i$possible to keep e!posing your $ind to great ideas without ha#ing those ideas e!pressed in your physical world" 'oreo#er, it is probably only one idea you need to $ake the di erence in your li e" +onsider this illustration-by $erely $o#ing an inde! inger a raction o an inch, a person can trans or$ a cold piece o $etal into a deadly weapon" &r, by si$ply shouting the word (/ire,( a person can turn a roo$ ull o happy people into a screa$ing, panic-stricken $ob" &b#iously, these are both #ery negati#e e!a$ples" 5e#ertheless, they do graphically illustrate the i$portant truth, that (the Ra)or's 0dge can cut both ways"( In other words, since the law o opposites is at work in e#ery aspect o li e, it ollows, that i you are not consciously stri#ing to $o#e across

that ine line to i$pro#e the 4uality o your li e, you could be inad#ertently $o#ing in such a way, that your particular position in li e is actually starting to backslide" *et $e elaborate" , couple o weeks ago, I was doing a talk show on the radio" , lady phoned in and she was in a airly negati#e ra$e o $ind because the reality o her li e, as she percei#ed it, was ar di erent ro$ what she had drea$ed it would be when she was still a student in uni#ersity" ,pparently, at that ti$e, she had drea$ed o ha#ing an e!citing career as a a$ous author" 8owe#er, she elt her plans had been ruined because she $arried shortly a ter graduation and now had two young children to contend with" The children, she e!plained, were still 4uite young and they were, as she described it, (under $y eet, $ost o the day"( She said that due to this circu$stance o li e, she was unable to go away by hersel to write and this $ade her eel #ery resent ul towards her a$ily and towards li e in general" I suggested to her, howe#er, it was not necessary to (go away( to write her book, e#en though it is 4uite true so$e writers do go o to so$e south sea island, 2ust to write" But I assured her, these indi#iduals were in the $inority, and there are, in act, #ery ew authors who de#ote all their ti$e to writing @or who e#en earn a $a2or portion o their inco$e, while engaged in this acti#ityC" There ore, I continued, there was absolutely nothing pre#enting her ro$ writing at least one page per day-and i she ollowed this schedule religiously, in a year's ti$e she would ha#e co$pleted a good-si)ed book @?KF pagesC, or possibly two or three s$aller ones" Yes, 2ust getting out o bed one hour earlier in the $orning could be the Ra)or's 0dge di erence which would per$it her to reali)e her drea$" 'oreo#er, she would ha#e the additional bene it o ha#ing her a$ily near her to pro#ide ($oral support"( Fir$t &rti3icial #eart ,s I a$ writing this particular chapter, the $edia is literally inundating us with stories about the ( irst arti icial heart,( e#er to ha#e been placed in the chest o a hu$an patient" The Toronto ;aily Star, or e!a$ple, printed one story a ew days ago, in which it 4uoted the chie surgeon or the operation, ;r" Willia$ ;e:ries" ,ccording to the newspaper, he said that his credo, with respect to surgery, had always been-(Rehearse """ rehearse """ and then rehearse so$e $ore3 /or i you 'stick to' this principle,( he continued, (when it co$es ti$e to per or$ the actual operation, the procedure will ha#e beco$e al$ost routine or you"( ;r" ;e:ries is an e!e$plary case o an indi#idual who ga#e that little bit e!tra" /or he took the ti$e and e ort to rehearse the operation on the screen o his own $ind, be ore he actually per or$ed it in the hospital operating roo$" @Incidentally, that Ra)or's 0dge di erence has enabled ;r" ;e:ries to beco$e a world renowned surgeon, who is destined to be (written up( in the annals o $edical history, not to $ention the act that it enabled hi$ to prolong the li e o one ;r" Barney +lark3C ,nother e!cellent illustration o (going that e!tra $ile( by trying one $ore ti$e, is o ered in the sa$e historic e#ent" /or ;r" Robert .ar#ik-only ?K years o age-and the $an who designed the world's irst arti icial heart, is another pri$e Ra)or's 0dge candidate" /or you see, ;r" .ar#ik is also a $an who was re2ected, at least three ti$es, by e#ery $edical school in the entire -nited States o ,$erica" In act, he was e#en ad#ised by one teacher, whose course he was ailing, to apply to dental school"

But Robert .ar#ik was a $an with a #ision, and he would not be denied it" 8e intuiti#ely grasped that he was the $aster o his ate, and he $ust ha#e innately understood the Ra)or's 0dge concept- or he would not accept de eat" ,s a result o his re$arkable perse#erance, he was inally accepted into the -ni#ersity o -tah School o 'edicine, Salt *ake +ity, in <=J>" , $ere decade later, young Robert .ar#ik achie#ed a $edical breakthrough, the likes o which had ne#er been seen be ore" Speaking o her husband, ;r" .ar#ik's wi e 0laine said, (8e has 4ualities which are #ery di icult to $easure-he is creati#e, and that is so$ething you cannot $easure with a test"( +learly, young Robert .ar#ik entered the ierce co$petition or a place in $edical school, with none o the con#entional assets-superior grades, a prestigious acade$ic degree, and a high score on the $edical entrance e!a$" 5e#ertheless, he did possess those all i$portant intangibles9 na$ely, perse#erance and a consu$ing passion to be success ul" 5ow, I a$ in no way suggesting that all o us will one day $ake $edical history" Still, we $ight rese$ble ;r" .ar#ik, in the sense that our particular talents and aptitudes, like his, $ay not translate well onto standardi)ed tests o ability" There ore, like Robert .ar#ik, it $ay be necessary or us to bring our particular talents to bear, through tenacity, perse#erance, and courage1 and 2ust (one $ore bite at the apple,( $ay be all that is re4uired or us to succeed" 5apoleon 8ill de#oted an entire chapter in his classic book, Think and %row Rich, to the sub2ect o (persistence"( 8e said, (There $ay be no heroic connotation to the word persistence, but the 4uality is to the character o $an, what carbon is to steel"( In another part o that sa$e chapter, he wrote, (I had the happy pri#ilege o analy)ing both 'r" Tho$as 0dison and 'r" 8enry /ord, year by year, o#er a long period o years, and there ore the opportunity to study the$ at close range" There ore, I speak with actual knowledge when I say that I ound no 4uality, sa#e Persistence, in either o the$, that e#en re$otely suggested the $a2or source o their stupendous achie#e$ents"( Surely you would ha#e to agree there was a tre$endous di erence in the acco$plish$ents o these two $en, as co$pared with the acco$plish$ents o $ost other people" Yet by their own ad$ission, neither o these $en were intellectually superior-in act, in ter$s o their I"D"- they $ay actually ha#e been in erior to $any other people" 5e#ertheless, because both $en possessed the #ital 4uality o (persistence,( their results in li e were in#ariably superior to those o the $asses" There ore, perhaps the actor which will catapult you into the (big leagues,( which will $ultiply your inco$e ro$ a $aterial, as well as a psychic point o #iew, will be your own ability to persist" So the ne!t ti$e you step out to do so$ething, and (the going gets tough,( 2ust re$e$ber that the Ra)or's 0dge di erence or you could well be your own ability to perse#ere" .ust try one $ore ti$e-with enthusias$-and you could watch your acco$plish$ents go ro$ the #ery ordinary, to the #ery e!traordinary3 *et $e share a brie anecdote ro$ $y own e!perience" To co$plete this book, I a$ or$ing a new habit" 0ach $orning I get up be ore e#eryone else at ho$e, shower 4uickly and pour $ysel a cup o co ee @which I drink on $y way to the o iceC" I

arri#e at the o ice be ore se#en a"$" and then I start writing" Since it is absolutely 4uiet at this hour in the $orning-no telephones ringing, no interruption-I a$ able to write without any distractions and I really en2oy it" By the ti$e the other people arri#e to begin work, I ha#e se#eral pages already written, so I a$ then ree to get busy with the other work which I ha#e scheduled or the day" 'i%ulation 5ow try to relate this story to your own situation, or 2ust a $o$ent" /or e!a$ple, i you are e$ployed in a (sales( capacity, consider the dyna$ic sales presentation which you could be deli#ering in a $onth or two, i you did a si$ilar thing each $orning" In other words, i , instead o writing as I do, try to si$ulate a sales presentation with an i$aginary prospect, or possibly with one o your associates" @I used the word si$ulate rather than role play, because the latter usually turns out to be e!actly what the word suggests-play, and the e!ercise o ten turns into a ga$e" The word si$ulate, on the other hand, ca$e into popular parlance when we learned how astronauts prepared or their space $issions" When they were si$ulating, they were actually pre-li#ing the in-space e!perience, as i it were already happening"C There ore, I would suggest that i you practised your sales presentation in a si$ilar $anner, e#ery $orning- or one or two hours-you would witness an incredible i$pro#e$ent in your per or$ance, in a relati#ely short span o ti$e" With a year or two o diligent e ort under your belt, you would beco$e so pro icient, you would rarely $iss a sale" So re$e$ber, (I the need is there, and the $eans are there and you still ha#en't $ade the sale, it is probably because you are not good enough, yet3( , guaranteed way to beco$e (good enough,( is to do what ;r" ;e:ries prescribed9 na$ely, (Rehearse, rehearse, and then rehearse so$e $ore"( /or in this $anner, you will attain the stature o a true pro essional, and o course, you will recei#e the co$pensation a true pro essional deser#es" ,nd, although I a$ only suggesting you set aside one hour per day or preparation, like the actors in Oanuck's $o#ie, you will probably be rewarded $any ti$es o#er" +onsider the ollowing account" Se#eral years ago, I was tra#elling through the southeastern -nited States with Rudy 'ichaud, the Senior :ice-President o one o the world's largest insurance co$panies" Rudy had so$e papers out that he was working on, as we were lying ro$ one city to the ne!t, and I was also busy working on a pro2ect" Suddenly Rudy turned to $e and showed $e so$e igures he had written on a sheet o paper" 8e then pointed out to $e9 there were actually indi#idual salespeople, in his co$pany, who were earning $ore $oney the$sel#es, than the co$bined inco$es o the thirty or orty people who constitute (a district sales operation"( ;o you think these indi#iduals were really thirty or orty ti$es better than their colleagues6 - o course not3 /or like the race horse ,R'0;, they were probably only three or our percent $ore e ecti#e" But in ter$s o annual inco$e, there was absolutely no co$parison" What $ade the di erence or the$6 Perhaps they planned their day, while others didn't1 or $aybe they practised or that one hour, while the others did not" 5e#ertheless, whate#er it was that they did, you can be sure the di erence was as ine as a Ra)or's 0dge3

5ow stop reading, sit back, rela!, and think, really think-what is it in your li e that will $ake the Ra)or's 0dge di erence or you6 You know what it is6 %ood-then do it now3

by Bob Proctor Chapter 11: 5on9t !hin7 In Re(er$e ")et us not loo! bac! in anger nor forward in fear but around us in awareness." - *eland :al :an ;e Wall You will ne#er obtain any substantial $easure o $aterial wealth i you insist upon li#ing your li e as i you were looking back through the rear#iew $irror o your auto$obile" 5e#ertheless, this see$s to be a #ery co$$on error which $any people ha#e turned into a pernicious habit" That is to say, $any o us spend $ost o our present $o$ents, ( loundering $entally,( in the ti$e )one o the dead and shouldbe- orgotten past" ;et !he 5ead Bury !he 5ead Re$e$ber the old adage which says, (*et the dead bury the dead"( In other words, what you want to do is to stop looking back in your li e and worrying about things which ha#e already occurred and which you can no longer alter" /or pursuing that kind o $ental acti#ity will ne#er lead to any worthwhile acco$plish$ents in your li e" You should understand, $oreo#er, that all o the great achie#ers o the past ha#e been #isionary igures1 they were $en and wo$en who pro2ected into the uture and did not belabor o#er things which had already past" They thought o what could be, rather than what already was, and then they $o#ed the$sel#es into action to bring these things into ruition" Think o the $agni icent legacy which these orward-thinking indi#iduals ha#e le t or us li#ing today" ;ue to their or$idable e orts, we are now able to en2oy break ast in Paris, lunch in 5ew York and dinner in Toronto" We are now able to li#e our li#es in brightness and light @twenty- our hours a day i we so desireC" We can hear the #oice o a lo#ed one on the other side o the ocean, $erely by pressing so$e buttons on a telephone" ,ll o these $iraculous possibilities, and so $uch $ore, are a#ailable to us, si$ply because ordinary hu$an beings-like you and $e-ha#e built e!traordinary i$ages on the screen o their $inds, o things which had ne#er been be ore" The pioneering spirit o $en and wo$en o all aiths, creeds, and color has been put to great use" Those praiseworthy indi#iduals were able to look into the uture, to see what could be rather than what already was, and then they ignored those who sco ed and said, (It couldn't be done"( ,lso understand that all great achie#ers always e!pect to do great things and then they turn around and do the$3 ;o not be $isled by your sensory actors-we are endowed with the sa$e, basic $ental tools which the Wright's, the 0dison's and the Bell's possessed, and we all ha#e the %odgi#en ability to e$ploy those tools, 2ust as they did" ,ll o us ha#e been blessed with the $ental capacity to ga)e into the uture and to see our li#es in a richer and $uch $ore satis ying state"

There ore, regardless o the present circu$stances in which you ind yoursel , clearly understand that i you can build the i$age o so$ething new in your $ind, so$ething that ar surpasses anything that has occurred up until now, you ha#e the ability to reali)e that result in the physical world" It could not be $ore clear, that all o us ha#e been (Born Rich(, in the sense o ha#ing a $agni icent %od-gi#en potential, which we owe oursel#es to nurture" .ust how great is this hu$an potential6 *et's check with the e!perts" ;r" ,le!ander Rich, Pro essor o Biophysics at '"I"T", has esti$ated our central ner#ous syste$ contains ro$ <B to <BB $illion cells, each one o which has a storage capacity e4ual to that o a large co$puter" I his esti$ates are e#en close to being correct, it would i$ply that the hu$an $ind has the capacity to store all o the known in or$ation in the world-with roo$ to spare3 &ther specialists in the ield o hu$an creati#ity are si$ilarly con#inced that all people ha#e uncharted reser#oirs o untapped potential, locked up within the con ines o their incredible $inds" /or e!a$ple, ;r"W" Ross ,ddey, o the Space Biology *aboratory o the Brain Research Institute at -"+"*",", has said that, (The ulti$ate creati#e capacity o your brain $ay be, or all practical purposes, in inite"( &ne $ust conclude, there ore, the $ore a person del#es into the potential o the hu$an being, the $ore that person will beco$e aware o how great he or she truly is1 and the $ore that person beco$es aware o his or her own potential, the easier it will be to build i$ages o ideas or things which ha#e ne#er e#en been conte$plated up until the present ti$e" 5ow, pause or 2ust a $o$ent and re lect upon the degree to which you ha#e been utili)ing this incredible power to i$pro#e the 4uality o your own li e, and the li#es o those people who surround you" I you know, or a act, that you ha#e not been tapping into these great reser#oirs o talent and ability, then you should ask yoursel #ery candidly why you ha#e not been" /or i you do this, you $ight 2ust disco#er you ha#e been (telling yoursel ( or such a long period o ti$e that you can't do certain things, that you ha#e actually $anu actured a genuine ($ental block( in your own conscious $ind" But, you should re$o#e these $ental blocks by putting yoursel into a #ery rela!ed state and by then beco$ing consciously aware that you can do the things you want to do-you probably 2ust don't know how to go about doing the$" I this is the position which you currently ind yoursel in, then you should start getting e!cited1 or the ideas which are being brought to you in the pages o this book will show you e!actly how to go about doing the things you $ost wish to do" ,lso, please be ad#ised you need not eel regret because you ha#e not ully utili)ed this great power in the past" /or the truth is, there are ew people anywhere who understand the real truth concerning their own (hidden resources"( That is the #ery reason why so ew people li#e dyna$ic e!citing li#es and so $any people li#e con used, unproducti#e li#es" 'oreo#er, 2ust on the basis o what you ha#e read up to this point, you ha#e already ar surpassed $ost other people with respect to your understanding o this i$portant potential" It would appear to be the case, that the $asses o people ha#e always li#ed their li#es in the past tense" That is to say, by #irtue o holding onto old i$ages, they

ha#e li$ited the$sel#es to only (hal a li e"( Indeed, e#en as ar back as the turn o the century, Willia$ .a$es @<NH>-<=<BC-one o the world's $ost distinguished early psychologists-reached the conclusion, the a#erage indi#idual was using only a s$all portion o his or her real potential @perhaps as little as <BGC" 8e considered this to be one o his $ost i$portant psychological disco#eries and, in this connection, he wrote, ('ost people li#e, whether physically, intellectually, or $orally, in a #ery restricted circle o their potential being" They $ake use o a #ery s$all portion o their possible consciousness, and o their soul's resources in general, $uch like a person who, out o their whole bodily organis$, gets into the habit o using and $o#ing only their little inger"( &ne $ight ha#e e!pected, that in this $odern age in which we now li#e, .a$es' indings would ha#e beco$e anachronistic" But un ortunately, this is 2ust not true" /or the sad reality is, that $ost o us are continuing to li#e our li#es in $uch the sa$e $anner as our grandparents did" The reason we do this, you will be interested to know, is that $ost o us ha#e ne#er been trained to $easure our (true abilities( correctly" Indeed, during the or$ati#e years o our li#es, we ha#e been inculcated with the belie that our results in school would be the actor deter$ining whether we would win or lose in li e" This notion has been ( ired( at us ro$ #irtually e#ery concei#able angle, until e#entually, $ost o us ha#e not only co$e to accept it intellectually, but we ha#e actually beco$e e$otionally in#ol#ed with the idea as well" The result is9 the li#es o untold nu$bers o indi#iduals ha#e been needlessly sacri iced, (on the altar o ailure"( I eel ti$e has co$e or us to ree oursel#es ro$ these $ental shackles o the past" *et us, there ore, begin this (healing process,( by getting in touch with the wide #ariety o beauti ul i$ages which we ha#e the ability to or$ on the screen o our own $inds" Then, let us begin to actually e!pect to recei#e the physical $ani estation o each one o these i$ages, in our own li#es" Re$e$ber, i we are able to see oursel#es doing, being or ha#ing so$ething, on the screen o our conscious $inds, then we are able to do, be, or ha#e it, on the physical plane o li e as well" You see, the adage is true9 (What you see, is what you get"( There ore, always look orward into the bright uture which lies 2ust ahead o where you currently are situated" *et $e $ake it clear that I a$ not re erring, in this conte!t, to the things which you can actually (see,( with your physical sense o (sight( @that is looking at what was or what isC" Rather, I a$ re erring to your creati#e inner eye which enables you to see what can be" The creati#e inner eye is that $agni icent part o your personality which per$its you to see into the #ast reaches o the (creati#e, nonphysical world"( @This is the area where all li e begins, or originates"C The past, con#ersely, is the place where all li e ends" But un ortunately, it is also the place where =FG o the people spend =FG o their ti$e @which is, sadly, also their li eC" /or e!a$ple, it is an accepted ritual in our culture, or old riends to spend hours upon hours re$iniscing or harping back on, (the good old days( o yesteryear" 8ours upon wasted hours, o precious present (li#ing ti$e( is s4uandered, discussing people who are dead and gone, or re lecting upon things which used to be, but are no $ore" In act, there are actually nu$erous indi#iduals who spend their days

collecting (things ro$ the past(-or anti4ues, as they are so$eti$es called" These people collect e#erything ro$ old $atch bo!es to anti4ue urniture" Then, there is another large category o people, who consu$e the $a2ority o their waking hours, reli#ing in their $inds, past negati#e e#ents which ha#e occurred in their li#es" They either spend #aluable hours thinking o so$e past in2ustice which so$eone has done to the$, or possibly about so$e unkind re$ark which so$eone had once directed in their direction" They be$oan and agoni)e o#er past ailures, or $issed opportunities which they so$ehow (let slip through their ingers"( -n ortunately or the$, these indi#iduals $aintain such a negati#e #ibration, that there is not e#en the $ost re$ote possibility o a positi#e thought entering their le#el o consciousness" Indeed, the only thing this type o thinking will e#er create is resent$ent andEor guilt-both deadly e$otional states" But until these poor souls co$e to ter$s with the act that it is they the$sel#es who ha#e been the authors o their own $is ortune, and until they reali)e it is up to the$ to alter the course o their own li#es, they are doo$ed to repeat their past ailures o#er and o#er again" ,s long as they persist in belie#ing that others are the cause o their proble$, they cannot be success ul @because, o course, you can ne#er success ully change anyone but yoursel C" There ore, to the e!tent that these people hold onto their alse belie s, they will continue to (Think in Re#erse1( and it goes without saying, you cannot $o#e ahead while your $ind is tra#elling in the opposite direction" Take a good look at yoursel " +ould you be one o the indi#iduals who$ I ha#e 2ust portrayed6 I you are, I would strongly suggest that you bring your $ind to a (screeching halt"( Then ree#aluate your present position and ree!a$ine your uture goal" *ook straight ahead and ill your consciousness with great and grand thoughts o what you ulti$ately could do and what you e#entually can be" Beco$e acutely aware o the direction your $ind is tra#elling, because ulti$ately, that is the way your li e is going to un old" )olaroid Ca%era &nalogy I ha#e o ten likened the hu$an $ind and the $aterial world to a polaroid ca$era and a photograph" /or once you ha#e (snapped( a picture, the course or that photograph has been incontro#ertibly set" There is a short gestation period which $ust elapse, but then the photograph $ust begin to appear1 and it will do so, e!actly as it had originally been (shot"( To carry our analogy one step urther, I would suggest that the shutter o the ca$era is 4uite like the conscious $ind, in that it is responsible or (snapping( the picture" Si$ilarly, the ca$era itsel $ay be likened to the subconscious $ind, because it is responsible or (doing the work"( /inally, the photograph is analogous to your results, as it $erely shows the world the physical replica o the picture which you ha#e already taken, (with your $ind"( +learly, i you were to take a picture o the sa$e ob2ect-o#er and o#er again-you would do nothing $ore than reproduce the sa$e photograph, o#er and o#er again" Yet this is precisely the course, which $any people set, or their own li#es"

There ore, you $ust constantly be re$inding yoursel , that i you persist in (thinking in re#erse,( you will only reproduce the sa$e results in your li e, o#er and o#er again" I you wish to change this pattern, on the other hand, you $ust look bra#ely into the bright uture, which lies ahead, and see yoursel already doing what you now only drea$ about doing, (so$eday"( )atti9$ Crui$e Patti 'oir irst ca$e to $y se$inar, with her parents, when she was only ele#en years old" By the age o i teen she was already speaking in the se$inars and sharing with the audience the $anner in which a concept in the se$inar had $o#ed her ro$ ailing $iserably in /rench-at school-to honor's grades @and in a relati#ely short period o ti$e, to boot3C /i#e years later she was working with $e in the se$inar business" &ne day I noticed her attitude see$ed to be slipping badly and it appeared to $e that she was not en2oying hersel one iota @note that these are the irst telltale sy$pto$s o an indi#idual who is without a goalC" So I asked her what it was she really wanted and her i$$ediate response was, (What do you $ean by that6( I e!plained to her, that since she wasn't working toward anything, she didn't ha#e anything to look orward to, and this $ade li e e!tre$ely di icult, to say the least" Then she said, (But I don't ha#e any $oney, so I can't do anything"( I re$inded her, howe#er, that it doesn't cost e#en one penny to want or to drea$" , radiant s$ile suddenly ca$e across Patti's ace, and she told $e that what she wanted, $ore than anything else, was to go on a south sea cruise" I said to her, (That would probably be a lot o un"( I told her I had done it a nu$ber o ti$es $ysel , and I described to her how beauti ul it was" I also e!pressed $y e!pectation, that she would ha#e a truly $ar#elous ti$e" I pointed out, $oreo#er, that she would retain the $e$ories ro$ the trip or the rest o her li e and she could then reli#e the$, o#er and o#er again, whene#er she desired it" ,t this 2uncture, I asked her what was holding her back" ,gain, the sa$e response was orthco$ing ro$ Patti, (I don't ha#e any $oney"( This type o negati#e thinking had been crippling her, by pre#enting her ro$ undertaking so$ething in her li e which she elt was #ery i$portant" But the real reason I bring this story up here, is to illustrate that e#en though Patti was $ature, had no ties and had no real reason not to go on the trip, her own thinking was holding her back ro$ doing so" +learly, she was a young lady who was (thinking in re#erse"( She had thoroughly con#inced hersel it was a lack o inances which thwarted her desire, but o course, that 2ust wasn't the case" 5e#ertheless, whate#er the source o her real rustration $ay ha#e been, it was certainly holding her back ro$ reali)ing her drea$" -nderstand, that untold nu$bers o people are $aking the sa$e error Patti $adedaily-and it is a great tragedy" Perhaps you ha#e been $aking this sa$e error in your own li e" I you ha#e, I hope (Patti's story( will be the inspiration you need to get you $o#ing in the direction you wish to go" In any case, one day Patti and I went to lunch together and we had a #ery serious discussion" I said, (*isten Patti, i you really want to go on a cruise, you $ust 4uit looking back or looking at (what is,( because looking at present results is a #ery

co$$on or$ o thinking in re#erse" You $ust co$$ence to look ahead and you $ust start applying what we pro ess in the se$inars" So go ahead and book your trip-$ake de inite plans-and don't gi#e one thought to anything going wrong" 7now that whate#er you need or your goal to $ateriali)e, will begin to be attracted to you, as soon as you accept the idea that you are going, and $ake de inite plans to do so" I it is $oney that you need, you will ha#e it" It $ight not all be in place until the #ery last $o$ent1 but i you see it, and you belie#e it, and you e!pect it, you $ost certainly will recei#e it"( I won't bore you with the details o how things all ca$e together, but I will tell you they ca$e together in wondrous and une!pected ways" 0#entually, Patti actually attracted $ore $oney than she re4uired or her trip" I was at the airport at appro!i$ately K a"$" with Patti's parents-on the $orning that she le t, and it was a tre$endously grati ying e!perience or $e, to see her ace aglow with ner#ous e!cite$ent" Su ice it to say, she went on her cruise" She had enough courage to tra#el alone and she en2oyed a trip which she will surely re$e$ber all the days o her li e" But what is e#en $ore i$portant than the trip itsel is the awareness Patti gained ro$ the e!perience" /or she now knows, through her own personal e!perience, that i you think in re#erse, you will only see reasons why you can't" 8owe#er, i you will but look into the uture with a positi#e, e#en e!pectant attitude, you will see that you (can do"( Patti will be able to apply this awareness toward the achie#e$ent o all o her uture wishes" 8a#e you been drea$ing o a trip6 I you ha#e, go out and book your reser#ations" It doesn't $atter i the reser#ations are or si! $onths or a year ro$ now1 $ake the$ i$$ediately and then en2oy the anticipation which precedes the actual e#ent" I honestly belie#e that in Patti's particular case, the e!cite$ent leading up to her trip was e4ually as en2oyable and e!citing as the actual trip itsel @not to $ention the en2oy$ent which she will deri#e ro$ the $e$ories o her trip, which she will carry with her or the rest o her li eC" The probable reason that so ew people $ake plans or set goals, si$ilar to the one discussed abo#e, is that $ost people are unable-in their own $ind-to igure out how e#erything necessary will co$e together" But you $ust understand, you need not know how e#erything will co$e together" ,ll you ha#e to understand is the underlying principle, by which your good co$es1 na$ely, e#erything which you recei#e in li e co$es by #irtue o the (*aw o ,ttraction"( The Paul 8utsey story - in chapter three - is an e!cellent e!a$ple o a conscientious, intelligent, hardworking person, who was atte$pting to do so$ething which was tanta$ount to a person 2u$ping o the ront porch o his ho$e, and then e!pecting, so$ehow, to land on the roo -you know that this is ne#er going to happen" Yet Paul had spent twenty years9 <" letting the sales sheets in his o ice control the i$age that he held o his operation, and >" atte$pting to i$pro#e the results he was getting through sheer orce o will, dogged deter$ination and long hard hours o agoni)ing toil" 0#erybody - by doing all o these things - certainly will i$pro#e their results to so$e degree1 but they will ne#er witness a dra$atic i$pro#e$ent in their results, until they ha#e irst altered the i$age, which they are holding in their $ind's eye" Paul

8utsey is a pri$e illustration o a person who ully belie#ed he was looking ahead, when in actual act, he was guilty o (thinking al$ost co$pletely in re#erse"( /or he spent the #ast $a2ority o his ti$e consciously ocusing on present results, present thoughts and present i$ages" I you ha#e been guilty o allowing your sales-sheets, your bank account, or the !rays the doctor takes o your body, control the way you eel, think, or #iew your sales, inancial position or health, I can assure you that-2ust as certain as it's going to get dark tonight-there will not be any $arked i$pro#e$ent in your li e in any o these areas" &n the other hand, i you will let the present, physical results ser#e only as an indication o the i$ages which you ha#e been holding in the past, and then you proceed-by #irtue o your own higher $ental aculties-to look into the bright uture and to build an i$age o the good that you desire @2ust as Patti and Paul didC, you will see your i$age $ateriali)e" But again, as long as you continue to let your present or past results control your thinking process, you will ne#er li#e to see your drea$s co$e true" There ore, look up, look ahead and or$ the i$age o the li e you choose to li#e, then e#erything you touch or co$e in contact with will grow and e!pand and e!press itsel in a greater and greater way" Indi#iduals who are thinking in re#erse, #ery rarely, i e#er, originate ideas which lead the$ to pro#iding $eaning ul ser#ice to others" The reason or this is that they are only able to see what so$eone else has already done" ,s a result o their li$ited $ind-set, the rewards which they will ulti$ately recei#e in li e are destined to be e4ually li$ited" !he 'tory

I was doing a se$inar, which ran ro$ Thursday night to Sunday, at the ;eerhurst *odge, which is a resort appro!i$ately <BB $iles north o Toronto" &n the /riday night, a tornado swept through Barrie, &ntario, a town about HB $iles south o ;eerhurst" The tornado killed a do)en people and did $illions o dollars worth o da$age" &n the Sunday night, as I was co$ing ho$e, I stopped the car when I got to Barrie" I got out on the side o the highway and looked around" It was a $ess" 0#erywhere I looked, there were s$ashed houses and cars turned upside down" That sa$e night, another gentle$an, Bob Te$pleton, was dri#ing down the sa$e highway" 8e and I had ne#er $et, howe#er, an idea ro$ $y se$inar was about to bring us together in a lasting riendship" 8e stopped to look at the disaster, 2ust as I had, only his thoughts were di erent than $y own" Bob was the :ice-President o Tele$edia +o$$unications, a co$pany which owns a string o radio stations in &ntario and Duebec" ,s he stood there #iewing the disaster, he thought there $ust be so$ething he could do or these people @with the radio stations he hadC" That thought kept returning to his $ind that night and all the ne!t day" The ollowing night, I was doing another se$inar in Toronto" Bob Te$pleton and Bob .ohnson, another #ice-president ro$ Tele$edia, ca$e in and stood at the back o the roo$" They were e#aluating $y se$inar, trying to decide i I could help their co$pany reach its goals, which I ulti$ately did" Because o Bob Te$pleton's in luence, I subse4uently worked or the entire +anadian broadcasting industry" 8e lo#ed what I was doing in $y se$inars because it was in har$ony with his way o

thinking" Bob Te$pleton beca$e ascinated with the laws o the uni#erse, particularly The *aw o Polarity or as it is o ten re erred to, The *aw o &pposites" This law clearly states e#erything has an opposite" You cannot ha#e an up without a down, hot without cold or in without out" By the sa$e token, i you can igure out why so$ething you want to do cannot be done, by law, you $ust be able to igure out how it can be done" People who acco$plish great things are aware o the negati#e, howe#er, they gi#e all o their $ental energy to the positi#e" , ter the se$inar, Bob Te$pleton went back to his o ice" 8e told $e it was late but this one idea he picked up had hi$ e!cited" It also had hi$ co$$itted to the idea o raising $illions o dollars and gi#ing it to the people who had been caught in the tornado, and he was going to raise the $oney i$$ediately3 /uther$ore, he was not re$otely interested in why he couldn't" The ollowing /riday he called all o his e!ecuti#es at Tele$edia into his o ice" ,t the top o a lip chart in bold letters, he wrote three ?'s" 8e said to his e!ecuti#es (8ow would you like to raise ? $illion dollars, ? days ro$ now, in 2ust ? hours and gi#e the $oney to the people in Barrie6( There was nothing but silence in the roo$" /inally so$eone said, (Te$pleton, you're cra)y" There is absolutely no way we could raise ? $illion dollars, in ? hours, ? days ro$ now3( Bob said, (Wait a $inute" I didn't ask you i we could or e#en i we should" I 2ust asked you i you would like to"( Bob Te$pleton was wise1 he was appealing to the charitable side o their nature" It was i$portant or those present to openly ad$it that this was so$ething they wanted to do" Bob Te$pleton knew that his new idea could show anyone how to acco$plish anything they wanted by working with the law" They all said, (Sure, we'd like to"( 8e then drew a large T underneath the ???" &n one side he wrote, 'Why We +an't"' &n the other side he wrote, '8ow We +an"' -nder the words, 'Why We +an't,' Bob Te$pleton drew a large P" ,s he placed the P on the lip chart, he said, (5ow there is no place to record the ideas we think o which e!plain why we can't raise ? $illion dollars, in ? hours, ? days ro$ now, regardless o how #alid they $ight be"( 8e continued by e!plaining, (When anyone calls out an idea which suggests why we can't, e#eryone else $ust yell out as loud as they can, 50PT" That will be our co$$and to go to the ne!t idea" Ideas are like the cars on a train, one always ollows the other" We will keep saying 5e!t until a positi#e idea arri#es"( Bob s$iled and continued to e!plain that, (&pposite the P on the other side o the lipchart, directly under the words, '8ow We +an,' I will write down e#ery idea that we can co$e up with on how we can raise ? $illion dollars, in ? hours, ? days ro$ now"( 8e also suggested in a #ery serious tone o #oice, that e#eryone will re$ain in the roo$ until we igure it out" (We are not only going to think o how we can raise ? $illion dollars i$$ediately, a ter we originate the ideas we are going to e!ecute the$3( There was silence again" /inally, so$eone said, (We could do a radio show across +anada"( Bob said, (That's a great idea,( and wrote it down under, '8ow We +an"'

Be ore he had it written on the right hand side o the lipchart, so$eone said, (You can't do a radio show across +anada" We don't ha#e radio stations across +anada3( Since Tele$edia only had stations in &ntario and Duebec, you $ust ad$it that was a pretty #alid ob2ection" 8owe#er, so$eone in the back o the roo$, in a rather so t tone said, (5e!t"( Bob Te$pleton replied, (;oing a radio show is how we can" That idea stays"( But this truly did sound like a ridiculous idea, because radio stations are #ery co$petiti#e" They usually don't work together and to get the$ to do so would be #irtually i$possible according to the standard way o thinking" ,ll o a sudden so$eone suggested, (You could get 8ar#ey 7irk and *loyd Robertson, the biggest na$es in +anadian broadcasting, to anchor the show"( These gentle$en are anchors o national stature in the +anadian tele#ision industry" So$eone clearly spoke out saying, (They're not going to go on radio"( But, at that point the group yelled, (50PT"( Bob said, that was when the energy shi ted1 e#eryone got in#ol#ed and it was absolutely a$a)ing how ast and urious the creati#e ideas began to low" That was on a /riday" The ollowing Tuesday they had a radiothon, where FB radio stations, ro$ all across the country, agreed to work in har$ony or such a good cause" They elt it didn't $atter who got the credit, as long as the people in Barrie got the $oney" 8ar#ey 7irk and *loyd Robertson anchored the show and they succeeded in raising ? $illion dollars, in ? hours, within ? business days3 You see, you can ha#e whate#er you want1 all things are possible when you put your ocus on how you can and (5e!t( e#ery idea telling you why you can't" This $ay be a di icult e!ercise in the beginning, howe#er, when you persist (5e!ting( any and all negati#e concepts, the low o positi#e ideas will roar into your $ar#elous $ind" ,l red ,dler, the renowned psychologist, coined the e!traordinary phrase (I a$ grate ul to the idea that has used $e"( There can be no doubt that creati#e, orwardthinking ideas literally breathe new li e into e#ery ibre o your being" They awaken a part o you that you ne#er e#en knew was sleeping" Bob Te$pleton ne#er recei#ed i#e cents or the leadership role he played, in $arshalling FB radio stations ro$ right across +anada, to raise the three $illion dollars or the people o Barrie, &ntario in +anada" 8owe#er, you $ust re$e$ber that this is truly an orderly uni#erse1 %od's way o running this show is e!act-when you put good out, it $ust co$e back" I shared this story, when it happened, with two good riends o $ine, .ack +an ield and 'ark :ictor 8ansen" They were so intrigued by the story, they published it in their book +hicken Soup or the Soul" I was recently doing a satellite tele#ision broadcast or R0E',P Real 0state with 'ark :ictor 8ansen and he was telling $e that, at last count, they had sold si! $illion copies o their book" 8e also told $e they are constantly recei#ing letters ro$ people who read the '??? story' and use it to per or$ si$ilar $ental $agic in their li#es"

Think o it, $illions upon $illions o people are $aking positi#e things happen in their li#es because Bob Te$pleton would not listen to the reasons why he and his sta could not raise ? $illion dollars, in ? hours, 2ust ? days a ter they began to brainstor$ the idea" By the way, Bob Te$pleton has told $e he and his sta ha#e or$ed the habit o '???-ing' their wants and, as a result, he has gone on to beco$e the President o 5ew+ap Broadcasting co$pany, a highly pro itable corporation, with stations right across +anada" It is $y opinion that Bob Te$pleton has set up a orce or good that will ollow hi$ where#er he goes" Pro it has beco$e his second na$e" Begin at once to '???' all o your wants and pro it will ollow you as well"

by Bob Proctor Chapter 12: !he >acuu% ;aw o3 )ro$perity 5ature absolutely abhors a #acuu$" Marg Made It #appen I $ust dedicate this chapter to $y aunt 'arg, in appreciation o her childlike aith in, and her pro ound understanding o , this $ost $agni icent law which go#erns one's prosperity" 0#en today, it is #ery seldo$ that I #isit her, without her e!pressing her heart elt gratitude to $e, or ha#ing taught her this great truth about (the #acuu$ law o prosperity"( ,s a conse4uence o her ac4uiring that knowledge, 'arg and her entire a$ily en2oy $any o the co$ orts o li e which they had pre#iously been unable to e!perience" 'oreo#er, the si$ple truth is they would still not be en2oying these ( iner things in li e,( i it were not or the act that she gained her new awareness" ,lthough 'arg happens to be $y aunt, she is only a ew years older than I a$ and we ha#e been #ery good riends since our childhood days" I lo#e 'arg and her entire a$ily #ery deeply" There ore, it should co$e as no surprise that I ha#e deri#ed a great degree o satis action ro$ sharing the ideas contained in this chapter, with 'arg and her a$ily, o#er $any years" It has been a particular 2oy or $e to ha#e had the opportunity o witnessing the$ apply this new knowledge, in such a way, that today they are li#ing their li#es in an entirely new way" 'arg's irst introduction to this dyna$ic law dates back appro!i$ately ten years, to a ti$e when she and her a$ily were attending a series o se$inars, which I was then conducting, on the sub2ect o (prosperity"( Soon a ter the se$inars had been co$pleted, I #isited 'arg at her ho$e" She, her husband ;on, and I, were discussing $any ideas-all o which had to do with the sub2ect o prosperity" ,t so$e point, during the course o our discussion, the issue o (their ho$e( was raised" 'arg looked at her li#ing roo$, beca$e #isibly upset, and angrily proclai$ed that she was (sick and tired o li#ing the way they had been li#ing"( She then pointed to the curtains in her li#ing roo$ and said, (You know so$ething, I absolutely detest those old drapes"( I s$iled at her and replied, (5o you don't 'arg, you lo#e the$" &therwise you wouldn't ha#e kept the$ so close to you"( I continued, (/or the only things we ha#e in our li e, are those things that we lo#e or are in

har$ony with"( 'arg told $e that she had a di icult ti$e accepting the idea that she could actually (be in lo#e with( so$ething she ound so utterly displeasing" By this point, ;on was thoroughly con#inced that we had both (gone o our rockers(1 'arg or e#en atte$pting to understand what I had been e!plaining, and $e, or actually belie#ing it3 5e#ertheless, I continued with $y e!planation and I in or$ed the$, that i a person re$ains continually in close pro!i$ity with so$ething-be it another person or an ob2ect-it can only be because the person is in har$onious #ibration with the$, or it" The reason I could say this, I e!plained, was that (lo#e( is 2ust another word or resonance or har$onious #ibration" I told the$, inally, that what I had 2ust stated was a law o the uni#erse" @Whether or not they ully understood it, or e#en belie#ed it, $ade absolutely no di erence whatsoe#er"C I e!plained to 'arg that i it was true she really did detest the drapes-as she clai$ed she did-she would already ha#e taken the$ down, had the$ cleaned and gi#en the$ away to the +rippled +i#ilians, the Sal#ation ,r$y, St" :incent de Paul, or so$e charity that would ha#e been able to put the$ to good use" ;on looked at $e in a state o bewilder$ent" Then he ir$ly asserted, that (She's not taking those drapes down, because we ha#e nothing to replace the$ with, nor can we a ord to purchase a replace$ent"( I can re$e$ber saying to hi$ in reply, (;on, please understand, you will ne#er hang new drapes, or new curtains, until you ha#e irst $ade a space or the$"( (Indeed,( I continued, (the real secret behind the #acuu$ law o prosperity lies in the act that, by gi#ing the old drapes away, you would auto$atically ha#e been $aking roo$ or the new"( In other words, you can't get so$ething until you are irst willing to gi#e so$ething away" @Bear in $ind, howe#er, that (gi#ing( $eans letting go o co$pletely or totally abandoning, to another"C +learly, this is an e!tre$ely di icult concept or a person who is solely attached to the $aterial world, to e#en co$prehend, let alone practise" We discussed the in or$ation su$$ari)ed abo#e or a while longer and then 'arg $o#ed hersel into action" She began by taking down the li#ing roo$ drapes which she had looked at in anger or so $any years" By doing this, she was i$$ediately ridding hersel o the source o so $any years o rustration" /or e#ery ti$e she looked at, or e#en thought about, those drapes, a #ery negati#e i$age would instantly lash across the screen o her $ind" She would then $o#e hersel into a negati#e #ibration, and thereby begin to attract $ore o what she did not want into her li e" ,s she started re$o#ing the drapes ro$ their hooks, ;on ca$e #ery near to e!ploding in a it o rage" 5e#ertheless, 'arg would not back down, e#en in the ace o this tre$endous opposition, and she continued to act on the idea which I had planted in her $ind" ;on's response at this point, was to say, (Well I guess we are going to ha#e to buy so$e new ones now, whether I like it or not"( I then e!plained to the$ that they should not worry about how they would obtain the new drapes, at this 2uncture" The i$portant thing was that they would soon ha#e what they needed" The reason this was so, I e!plained, is not really all that di icult to co$prehend1 reduced to it's $ost si$ple le#el, we can say that, (people will soon beco$e tired o li#ing their li#es in a ish bowl"( /or a little while, ;on and 'arg li#ed without any drapes hanging on their window" But then one day I #isited their ho$e, and sure enough, 'arg had the drapes which

she wanted, and she had the$ right where she wanted the$3 *ittle by little, the awareness o this great truth had begun to creep into her consciousness" It wasn't long a ter this, that there was no urniture le t in their li#ing roo$" 'arg had beco$e tired o li#ing with it a ter so $any years, so she si$ply ga#e it away" By doing so, she auto$atically created the space she re4uired or the good which she desired" Soon their entire ho$e had been co$pletely re urnished and redecorated, and now she has it, (2ust the way she wants it"( , ew days ago, $y wi e and I were #isiting ;on and 'arg in their ho$e" ,s we were dri#ing away, *inda said to $e, (Their ho$e really looks nice, doesn't it"( I couldn't help but s$ile, knowing the background and ha#ing been an integral part o the $any battles which had taken place, each ti$e so$ething else had been gi#en away" The last ti$e I spoke to 'arg on the telephone she said, (Isn't it incredible, what a tre$endous di erence a little bit o knowledge can $ake in your li e" You only ha#e to learn a little bit, to recei#e so $uch"( That state$ent is oh so true" /or a little bit o awareness, does $ake a tre$endous di erence in results" There ore ask yoursel , what do you ha#e lying around you that you really don't like6 Then ask yoursel why don't you 2ust package it up, gi#e it away, and $ake space or the good that you really do desire" Re$e$ber, this (law( which I ha#e been discussing, applies to e#ery aspect o your li e" &n nu$erous occasions during the course o $y se$inars, I ha#e discussed this law" I ha#e e!plained to audiences, that although al$ost e#eryone likes to ha#e new clothes, $ost people ha#e no roo$ in their closets or hanging any new clothes" In act, when you hang so$ething in your closet, you probably ha#e to push other clothes aside, 2ust to it another hanger on the bar" The irony is, howe#er, that $any o the clothes that are hanging in your closet, you probably don't e#en wear3 In saying this, I a$ well aware that so$e o your clothes $ay ha#e been e!pensi#e, so you are rather reluctant to dispose o the$" 8owe#er, you know as well as I do, so$e o the clothes which you ha#e hanging in your closet, are hanging there si$ply because they don't eel co$ ortable to you when you do put the$ on @there is so$ething about the$ you do not likeC" There ore, I would strongly suggest, si$ply gi#e the$ away" By doing this, you will auto$atically be $aking roo$ or the new clothes which are ine#itably going to ollow" Set the ollowing pro2ect or yoursel and then carry it out, right now" +heck your own clothes closet #ery care ully-as i with a ( ine-toothed co$b(-and then re$o#e all o the clothes you no longer wear" &nce you ha#e done this, si$ply gi#e the$ away" By doing this, you will thereby create a #acuu$ or #oid" 'oreo#er, since (nature abhors a #acuu$,( it will only be a relati#ely short period o ti$e be ore your closet is once again ull o clothes" &nly this ti$e, howe#er, it will be ull o the clothes that you really do want to wear" The process which I ha#e been alluding to is a ne#er-ending one" There ore, it is so$ething which you should plan to practice all the days o your li e" In other words, you $ust continually be ($aking space,( or the good which you desire" 7eep this in or$ation constantly in the ore ront o your $ind1 or the crucial ele$ent in this #acuu$ law o prosperity is that you $ust let go o the old be ore you will e#er $ake roo$ or the new"

,nother word o caution9 ne#er sell the articles which you no longer want-2ust gi#e the$ away" I reali)e this ad#ice $ight run contrary to the way in which you ha#e been conditioned to li#e your li e1 but you $ust understand, that (in gi#ing, you will also be recei#ing"( &n the other hand, i you sell the articles, the $oney which you recei#e or the$ will be all that you will get, in the bargain" This $ay sound like a rather peculiar approach to take, but it is nonetheless the proper one" Please understand, you can ne#er gi#e too $uch o anything" 5e#ertheless, when you do gi#e, ully e!pect to recei#e so$ething in return" :ery rarely will you recei#e ro$ that source, to which you ga#e" But, recei#e you $ust, 2ust as surely as rain $ust all when two clouds collide" There ore, gaining a good grounding in this uni#ersal law will be o great personal bene it to you" Re$e$ber also, that you are not working with speci ic indi#iduals or with speci ic things1 rather, you are dealing with an in inite power which operates in a #ery e!act way" ,s a conse4uence, whene#er we wish to recei#e anything new into our li e, we $ust trigger the process by $aking roo$ or it3 This (law( applies not only to our physical world, but also to our $ental do$ain" So understand, that whene#er we wish to entertain new ideas, we $ust irst be willing to (let go o ,( or to challenge so$e o our old ones" -n ortunately, there is a #ery large seg$ent o the population which has an e!ceedingly di icult ti$e achie#ing this end" Because o this, these (troubled( indi#iduals o ten entertain opposing and contradictory ideas, at one and the sa$e ti$e" They li#e their entire li#es in a state o oscillation, thinking (do it, don't do it, do it, don't do it,( etc" This $ental state is co$$only re erred to as (indecision,( and it leads to considerable $ental anguish and con usion" Be aware that (indecision( or (con usion( can be one o the greatest-i not the greatest-cause, o people being held back ro$ acco$plishing great things in their li#es" Why We #old 2n !o !he 2ld Why is it that we hold on, so strongly, to old ideas or to old things6 I ha#e no doubt that you will agree, this is an intriguing 4uestion" In act, it is so intriguing, that i you were to ask a thousand di erent people this sa$e 4uestion, you would probably obtain enough answers to ill a book" -n ortunately, howe#er, al$ost all o the answers which you would recei#e, would be dealing with the secondary causes, and not the pri$ary one, o this horrendous proble$" But i you were to go directly to the pri$ary cause o the proble$, you would soon disco#er, that although it lies deep within each indi#idual, it is #irtually the sa$e, or e#eryone" *et $e not hold you in suspense any longer-the answer to the 4uestion would be as ollows9 we hold on to old ideas and old things, because we lack aith in our ability to obtain new ideas and new things" This o course, leads to a condition o insecurity, which ste$s, at its root, ro$ an inability to understand who, and what, you are" ,nd, a lack o awareness o your true relationship with the in inite power will always lea#e you with a distorted i$age o yoursel " There ore, you $ust reach the point where you reali)e that your (true sel ( knows no li$its1 that in truth, you are 4uite capable o ha#ing, doing, or being, #irtually anything you desire to be" But when indi#iduals ail to appreciate this basic truth,

when they are honestly con#inced that their supply is li$ited and that their real security lies in $oney or things, they will be a raid to try anything new" Indeed it takes no great wisdo$ to understand that they will want to hold on to what they already ha#e, and then they will try to accu$ulate e#en $ore o the sa$e" I you so desire, you $ay put this #acuu$ law o prosperity to a #ery si$ple and practical test yoursel " .ust take an ordinary cup and set it on a table, or on your desk" Then ask yoursel whether you are able to put anything else where that cup rests" The answer, o course, is that you cannot1 at least, not until you re$o#e the cup" The sa$e principle holds true with respect to a piece o urniture" There ore, as long as your so a sits where it is presently sitting, you cannot put a new so a in its place" Si$ilarly, as long as your clothes hang where they are hanging, you cannot put new clothes in their place" The identical principle is also applicable in the real$ o ideas" /or e!a$ple, i you ha#e one idea in your $ind suggesting you should be tra#elling east, and then all o a sudden another idea pops into your $ind suggesting you should be tra#elling west, it goes without saying that you will be placed in a serious bind" /or there is absolutely no way that you can tra#el in both directions, si$ultaneously" +learly, it is absolutely essential that you (let go( o the one idea, be ore you can $o#e yoursel into action on the other" The reason or this, as we ha#e already stated, is that (nature truly abhors a #acuu$"( There ore, i you sincerely desire to recei#e so$ething which is new, you $ust irst $ake roo$ or it by ridding yoursel o that which is old" This is an ironclad law o li e, and yet, you $ight encounter one person in a thousand who truly understands it" 5e#ertheless, when you do encounter that one person in a thousand, you will see be ore you, so$eone who not only li#es in e!tre$e co$ ort today, but so$eone who is also $o#ing ahead in li e each day1 and at a airly rapid rate o speed" So put the law to the test in your own li e" -se the ideas contained in the #arious chapters o this book and you will ind that the law works e#ery ti$e-it ne#er ails" Re$o#e The 7inks /ro$ Your 'ind %od ne#er e!presses 8i$sel other than per ectly" There ore, whate#er i$per ection does e!ist, it is always the result o our indi#idual or collecti#e $odes o thinking" Since this is true, it is not necessary that you hold onto anything, ( or ear o losing it"( In act, the truth is, you will ne#er truly en2oy anything you $ust hold on to, because reedo$ in all negati#e areas o your li e is absolutely essential i you are to grow into the truly great hu$an being who you are 4uite capable o one day beco$ing" Stated slightly di erently, we can say that energy $ust low through you reely without any obstructions, i you are to achie#e the good which you desire" ,t this point you $ay be asking, (What are these obstructions6( that I ha#e been re erring to" *et $e list so$e o the$" They include doubt, guilt, resent$ent, and any thoughts o lack or li$itation" They include any negati#e ideas which ha#e a tendency to block the low o creati#e energy, to and through you" /or e!a$ple, you $ight #ery well be atte$pting to get a beauti ul i$age in your $ind, which would cause you to eel wonder ul, and yet because o these (inhibitors,( as they are so$eti$es called, you end up with nothing but rustration"

Your proble$ - whether you reali)e it or not - is that you ha#en't created the space or the beauti ul i$age which you are trying to create" There ore, you $ust resol#e yoursel to let go o all o these obstructions, to enable you to $ake a space or the good you desire" You should #isuali)e your body as being an instru$ent through which a nonphysical, creati#e energy lows" You should liken it to an ordinary garden hose, which you $ay be using to water the garden at the back o your ho$e" Suppose, or a $o$ent, that you decide to water the lower-bed in the ront o your ho$e" In order to acco$plish this, you $ust drag the hose to the ront o the house" But while you are dragging it, suppose that you or$ a loop in the hose and as you pull on it-unbeknownst to you-it kinks" ,lthough there is an abundance o water at the source, the water will 2ust be trickling out o the hose, a drop at a ti$e, onto the lower bed" The reason or this is that the kink is obstructing the low o the water, which could, i it were allowed to low reely, actually breathe new li e into the plants" In a si$ilar $anner, these negati#e concepts which you hold in your $ind are obstructing the low o energy which could, i it were gi#en a chance to, breathe new li e into you and into your results in li e" In the case o the garden hose, you would i$$ediately in#estigate to ind the cause o the interrupted low o water" &nce you ound the kink, you would then proceed to re$o#e it, so the water could resu$e lowing reely in a steady strea$" 5ow, be aware o this-the process that I ha#e described or the garden hose, is e!actly the sa$e process that you $ust undertake, yoursel , with respect to your $ar#elous $ind" That is to say, you $ust let go o all o the obstructions that are ha$pering you-release the $ental kinks-and you will i$$ediately ind that there is no lack o creati#e energy at the source" In truth, there ne#er has been any, and there ne#er will be any" The $ental kinks which you ha#e carelessly-and #ery likelyunconsciously built, are actually li$iting the low o the li e-gi#ing power which ulti$ately trans or$s your results in li e" 0ach chapter in this book highlighted #arious concepts, which you $ust begin to use, i you are to en2oy the bene its that $ay be deri#ed by si$ply per$itting this power to low reely through you" You ha#e now read the entire book" I would like to suggest that you go back to the beginning o the book, to co$pare the results you are presently obtaining in your li e, with the results you could obtain, were you to $ake proper use o each idea" Study each chapter #ery seriously-but in a rela!ed state-and keep acting on each idea until it beco$es a i!ed part o your personality structure" Re$e$ber, regardless o how the results o your li e $ay presently appear to you, you ha#e truly been (Born Rich"( "&od's gift to you is more talent and ability than you will ever use in one lifetime. Your gift to &od is to develop and utili*e

as much of that talent and ability as you can" in this lifetime." - Ste#e Bow !he Beginning

&c7nowledg%ent$ ,s ar back as $y $e$ory will take $e, there ha#e been people wanting to help $e i$pro#e #arious aspects o $y li e" /or the irst twenty- i#e years, I re2ected $ost o this help1 or the past twenty- i#e years, I ha#e grate ully accepted it" ,nything I ha#e acco$plished o any conse4uence has been largely due to the assistance o others" So$e o these people who$ I would like to recogni)e are9 Joe Far7a$ .oe has beco$e a #ery close riend who has gi#en $e ar $ore than I could e#er gi#e back" 8e has been largely responsible or the co$pletion o this book" .oe has spent hundreds o hours polishing up $y ideas, and has trans or$ed a ew thousand pages o rough ideas into a s$ooth- lowing $anuscript or the publisher" ,s you read each page, reali)e that a lot o .oe /arkas is blended into the ink" ;oi$ Ward &n $any occasions, I ha#e stated that *ois has to be, without 4uestion, one o the $ost co$petent people I ha#e e#er had the pleasure o working with" *ois typed e#ery page o this book, o#er and o#er, $any ti$es" There ha#e been thousands o edits and e#ery ti$e the page, or chapter, went back to *ois or typing" 5ot once did she co$plain" *ate nights, early $ornings and long weekends, she pounded away on the keyboard and always with a s$ile" We could all learn so$ething about attitude ro$ *ois" .oe and *ois actually did the hard, gruelling, tireso$e work to $ake this book possible" Marguerite )roctor 'y $other is an e!cellent e!a$ple o what this book is all about" She has been a real inspiration to our entire a$ily and we all lo#e her dearly" When she had e#ery reason to belie#e I would ne#er win, she kept telling $e I could do anything" Those positi#e seeds she planted in the garden o $y subconscious $ind, 2ust had a long incubation period" I would ha#e still been li#ing in the dark were it not or her help" Ray%ond 5ougla$ 'tan3ord Ray was the best riend I will e#er ha#e" ,lthough Ray has been gone or $any years and I truly $iss hi$, he continues to in luence $e and $y li e" Ray, and his wi e *ynn, had a tre$endous i$pact on $y de#elop$ent" Ray was not only wise, but he had a uni4ue way o $aking a person see the truth" 'any ti$es he $ade $e angry because o his candid approach, but I will ore#er be grate ul to hi$, because he $ade $e think" ;eland >al >an 5e Wall 'y teacher1 it al$ost appears as i :al has a direct line to in inite intelligence, which is always open" /or al$ost <B years, I spent hours e#ery day studying hu$an potential, and yet it was still a pu))le in $y $ind" It only took :al about two hours to

show $e how to $ake the pieces it together" I ha#e learned $ore ro$ hi$ than ro$ anyone else I ha#e e#er $et" I will ore#er owe hi$, and when you inish this book, you will as well" Ben #ughe$ , good riend and the greatest center o in luence a salesperson could hope or" Ben has probably been responsible, directly or indirectly, or at least hal o the sales I ha#e $ade o#er the past ten years" That $ay see$ unbelie#able, but ne#ertheless, it is true" I belie#e Ben knows how $uch I appreciate it"