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CIVIC ACTION - designed towards developing proper attitudes, willingness to render service, selfreliance and correct moral values.

MILITARY DRILLS AND COMMANDS DRILLS TERMS A D DE!I ITI" S# A. Drills $ consist of certain movements %& w'ic' a unit or individual are moved in an orderl&, uniform manner from one place to anot'er or from one formation to anot'er. (. )eremonies ). Element $ an individual s*uad, section, platoon, camp or a larger unit forming a part of a ne+t 'ig'er unit D. !ormation $ arrangement of an individual or unit in t'e prescri%ed manner. ,inds of !ormation# -. Line formation $ formation %& w'ic' elements are side %& side of a%reast wit' eac' ot'er .. )olumn formation $ formation %& w'ic' t'e elements are placed one %e'ind t'e ot'er E. Interval $ space %etween elements in a line or lateral space %etween elements. ,inds of Interval -. normal interval $ /w'ole arm0 .. close interval $ /el%ow0 1. dou%le interval $ /%ot' arms0 !. Distance $ space %etween elements in a column. 2. Ran3 $ a single line of individual or ve'icle placed side %& side facing one direction 4. !ile $ a single column of an individual I. Alignment $ arrangement of individual or group in a straig't line formation 5. )over $ aligning &ourself directl& %e'ind t'e man to &our immediate small ve'icle maintaining correct distance ,. !lan3 L. !ront M. Dept' . (ase ". )enter 6. 2uide $ an individual a'ead or at t'e rig't of t'e formation designed to center direction and rate of marc'ing 7. )adence $ correct step on marc'ing R. Step $ normal steps in marc'ing S. 6ace T. 6iece $ firearm used %& an individual DRILL COMMANDS - an oral order of t'e commander or leader. Rules in giving command# -. 8'en at 'alt, t'e commander faces 'is troop w'en giving commands. 8'en a command was given w'ic' places t'e troop in motion, 'e moves simultaneousl& wit' a unit in order to maintain correct position wit' t'e formation.

.. .. 8'ile marc'ing at flan3, 'e turns 'is 'ead in t'e direction of t'e troop and gives 'is command. SNAP - e+tra *uantit& in a command t'at demands immediate response -. 6reparator& )ommand $ states t'e movement or formation to %e carried out and mentall& prepares t'e individual for its e+ecution. .. )ommand of E+ecution $ t'at part of t'e order w'ic' tells t'e troop to do or e+ecute t'e movements or it is to %e carried out. T'ese commands are written in capital letters. FIVE COMMANDS OF EXECUTION -. TA $ for manual of arms .. RA6 $ for t'e facings and movements at rest 1. ,AD $ from 'alt to go into motion 9. A $ w'ile in motion to anot'er motion :. T" $ w'ile in motion to stop VOICE COMMAND ;"I)E )" TR"L# A. Loudness $ it is ad<usted to t'e num%er of men in t'e unit. A command s'ould %e loud enoug' to %e 'eard and understood %& all receiving and e+ecuting t'e command. (. ;olume $ is %est attained %& good posture of t'e %od&, proper %reat'ing, and correct timing in giving commands. ). ). Diap'ragm $ large muscle t'at separates t'e c'est cavit&. It automaticall& controls t'e %reat' in giving commands. D. D. Distinctiveness $ to insure t'e distance command, pronounce and enunciate t'e words correctl&. T'ese done, t'roug' t'e proper use of lips, tongue and teet'. E. E. Inflection $ rise and fall of pitc' and tone, c'anges of t'e voice. !. !. )adence in )ommand $ means a uniform and r'&t'mic flow of words. English Tagalog Commands -. attention $ 'umanda .. fall in $ 'umana& 1. at close interval $ masinsin pagitan 9. as &ou were $ manum%ali3 :. parade rest $ ti3as pa'inga =. stand at ease $ tindig paluwag >. at ease $ paluwag ?. rest $ pa'inga @. fall out $ tumiwalag -A. dismissed $ lumansag --. rig't face $ 'arap sa 3anan RA6 -.. left 'alf face $ 'arap 'ating 3aliwa RA6 -1. a%out face $ 'arap sa li3od RA6 -9. 'and salute $ puga& 3ama& -:. forward marc' $ pasulong ,AD

-=. s*uad 'alt $ tilap T" ->. platoon 'alt $ pulutong T" -?. mar3 time mar3 $ pata3da ,AD -@.to t'e rear marc' $ pa%ali3 ,AD .A. dress rig't dress $ tuntun 3anan A .-. at close interval dress rig't dress $ masinsin pagitan tuntun 3anan ... read& front $ 'anda RA6 .1. cover up $ tuntun 'arap .9. column rig't marc' $ li3o sa 3anan A .:. rig't flan3 marc' $ 3anang panig A .=. count off $ isa'ang %ilang A .>. call off $ tulu&ang %ilang A .?. %& t'e num%er $ sa%a& sa %ilang A