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Polygons 1.

Calculate the area of this pentagon:

A. 41.2 cm2 B. 112.7 cm2 C. 117.7 cm2 D. 142.3 cm2 2. The figure shown is a sketch of Farmers Giles triangular field. Calculate its area in square metres.

A.117.0 cm2 B. 1152.6 cm2 C. 1690.0 cm2 D. 3380.0 cm2 3. A circle of radius 6 cm is inscribed in a 5 sided regular polygon (pentagon), find the length of one side of the pentagon .

A. 3.5 cm B. 6.0 cm C. 8.7 cm D. 30.0 cm 4. Find the area of the regular polygon as shown in figure below:


A. 4 B. 6 C. 36 D. 48 5. Find the area of the regular polygons as shown in figure below with radius 2 m:

2m A. 4 B. 6 C. 24 D. 48

Trigonometry 1. A right angled triangle has sides of length 5 m, 12 m and 13 m., which of the following is not the possible sizes of the angles of this triangle. A. 22.6 B. 67.4 C. 90 D. 105 2. A is an acute angle such that sin A = 2/3. Find the values of the other trigonometric functions of A. B 3m 2m A A. B. C. D.

3. Find the exact values of trigonometric functions of 120 A. sin 120 = B. cos 120 = C. tan 120 = D. cos 120 =

4. Choose the most suitable values for x and y in the diagram below:

x A. B. C. D. 7 7 7

y 7 7 7 - 10) = 2.5 such that 0 180

5. Determine the general solution for A. 15 B. 28.1 C. 39.1 D. 68.2

Mathematical Reasoning 1. Reasoning by induction A. uses patterns to create logically valid proofs B. claims to use accepted truths to create new truths C. develops a general conclusion based on general concepts D. develops a general conclusion based on specific observations. 2. Choose the best general conclusion that follows this specific observation: Every time I touch snow, it feels cold. A. All snow is cold B. Some snow is cold C. My hands may be cold. D. My hand are made of snow.

3. Use the following table of evidence, write a generalization, in words and symbols , describing how the squares of the length of each sides are related.

4. Construct one true and false statement, each involving the following numbers and mathematical symbols. 1, 2, 3, >, x 5. Which statement is logically equivalent to If Phoebe cannot use a lightsaber, then she cannot help Luke win the battle. A. Phoebe cannot use a lightsaber and she will help Luke win the battle. B. If Phoebe can help Luke win the battle, then she can use a lightsaber. C. Phoebe can use a lightsaber if and only if she can help Luke win the battle. D. Phoebe cannot use a lightsaber and will not help Luke win the battle.

Answer : Polygons 1. C 2. B 3. C 4. D 5. B Trigonometry 1. D 2. D 3. A 4. A 5. C Mathematical Reasoning 1. D 2. A 3. c2 = a2 + b2 4. True statement : 3 x2 > 1 5. B False statement : 2 > 3 x1