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Fuel Supply & ME-SFI Engine Management Electronic Accelerator (Part 11)

508 PP Part 11 Electronic Accelerator (WJB) 04-01-01

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Electronic Accelerator Tasks

1. Idle speed control (assisted by ignition timing) Inputs: coolant temperature and engine load 2. Cruise control Inputs: From traction control and cruise control switch 3. Speed limiter (RPM and VSS)

Electronic Accelerator Tasks


4. Reducing engine torque Input: From traction control (ASR, ESP) 5. Reversing function - slower throttle opening Input: From ETC control module (auto transmission) or reverse light switch (manual transmission) 6. Emergency running (Limp home mode)

Pedal value sensor - B37

Two versions: Potentiometers Hall effect

Hall effect only


Redundant signals to ME. Limp home mode If one pot fails: throttle opening limited to 60% throttle delay If both fail: idle speed only

Hall Type B37

Note: Only five wires Squared connector housing Can replace potentiometer style

Actuator - M16

Inverse output signals to ME


Spring capsule Adaptation to learn the mechanical end stop must be performed after: replacing ME control module replacing the actuator

ME continuously checks the signal for: Actual value of Potentiometer 1 between 0.275 & 4.83V Actual value of Potentiometer 2 between 0.175 & 4.74V If not okay Then after two consecutive driving-cycles:


Emergency Running Actuator

Actuator (electrical) One potentiometer fails. Throttle is limited to approx. 60%. Air mass and second pot are used to calculate throttle position Both potentiometers fail or plausibility check fails. Check engine light on Throttle open against spring stop (10o to 12o) Idle speed controlled by injectors at ~900 rpm When driving, maximum 1800 rpm

Emergency Running (cont.)

Safety fuel shutoff If a mechanical fault exists in the actuator, the safety fuel shutoff is activated. Engine rpm limited to ~1200 rpm to 1400 rpm by controlling the injectors.


ASR - Anti Slip Regulation ESP - Electronic Stability Program ETC - Electronic Transmission Control VSS - Vehicle Speed Signal