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Acknowledgement I would like to thank all people who have helped and inspired me during my doctoral study.

I especially want to thank my advisor, ................., for his guidance during my research and study at Mahasaraswati University. His perpetual energy and enthusiasm in research had motivated all his advisees, including me. In addition, he was always accessible and willing to help his students with their research. As a result, research life became smooth and rewarding for me. I was delighted to interact with .. by attending his classes and having him as my co advisor. His insights to analog circuit design is second to none. !esides, he sets an e"ample of a world class researcher for his rigor and passion on research. #rof. $owick, %r. &osonocky, and #rof. 'eng deserve a special thanks as my thesis committee members and advisors. In particular, I would like to thank %r. &osonocky for hiring me as an intern at I!M (. ). 'atson *esearch +enter. (he associated e"perience broadened my perspective on the practical aspects in the industry. All my lab buddies at the +olumbia Integrated ,ystems -aboratory made it a convivial place to work. In particular, I would like to thank .eorge #atounakis for his friendship and help in the past five years. All other folks, including (just a list of names including all folks in CISL *smile*), had inspired me in research and life through our interactions during the long hours in the lab. (hanks. My deepest gratitude goes to my family for their unflagging love and support throughout my life/ this dissertation is simply impossible without them. I am indebted to my father, -an ,ang, for his care and love. As a typical father in a +hinese family, he worked industriously to support the family and spare no effort to provide the best possible environment for me to grow up and attend school. He had never complained in spite of all the hardships in his life. Although he is no longer with us, he is forever remembered. I am sure he shares our 0oy and happiness in the heaven. I cannot ask for more from my mother, &am 1ung, as she is simply perfect. I have no suitable word that can fully describe her everlasting love to me. I remember many sleepless nights with her accompanying me when I was suffering from asthma. I remember her constant support when I encountered difficulties and I remember, most of all, her delicious dishes. Mother, I love you. I feel proud of my sister, +hun, for her talents. ,he had been a role model for me to follow unconsciously when I was a teenager and has always been one of my best counselors. I would regret my doctoral years at +olumbia University if I did not 0oin +olumbia +antonese +hristian 1ellowship 2++13. )oining ++1 was not only a turning point

in my life, but also a wonderful e"perience. I cherished the prayers and support between me and them, and the friendships with my +hristian brothers and sisters. I treasured all precious moments we shared and would really like to thank them. (he list includes (just a list of names including all folks in CCF *smile*) 1urthermore, *ev. #eter Mui and #rof. Ada Mui have always been a constant source of encouragement during my graduate study. (hey are like my spiritual father and mother who drew me close to the -ord. I admire the persistent and meticulous attitude of *ev. Mui. %espite her hectic schedule as a professor in the ,chool of ,ocial 'ork, #rof. Mui is always available to chat with me and cheer me up. Apparently, she is an angel from .od shedding light on secular issues from a spiritual angle. #rof. #aul +heung, the former %ean of 4ngineering at the University of Hong &ong, and #rof. 5mar 'ing, professor emeritus of +olumbia University, have been my teachers and mentors for many years. (hey offer advice and suggestions whenever I need them. !esides, they have set a role model of a typical +hinese teacher who cares and loves their students as if they were their own kids. (hanks #rof. +heung and #rof. 'ing. My one year stint at Motorola ,emiconductors opened my mind and motivated me to attend graduate school. I thank %r. -awrence -aw for hiring me to his team/ his friendship and technical guidance are valued. 1urthermore, I am grateful to come across several life long friends at work. (hanks Albert Au, Harman $g, )oseph $g, and %ickson 6eung. (he generous support from +roucher 1oundation is greatly appreciated. In retrospect, I am ama7ed by the confidence from the trustees. I am sure my application was not the most outstanding one, but they still granted me the scholarship. 'ithout their support, my ambition to study abroad can hardly be reali7ed. !esides, I would like to acknowledge $ational ,cience 1oundation as my research was supported in part by them under .rant ++* 889:88;. -ast but not least, thanks be to .od for my life through all tests in the past five years. 6ou have made my life more bountiful. May your name be e"alted, honored, and glorified. -ast update< )uly 9, =88>.