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Central Information Commission

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Appeal: No. CIC/SM/A/2013/000591/DS Appellant /Complainant Public Authority Dubey, APIO) Date of Hearing Date of Decision Facts:1. In his RTI by application giving dated 8 December to his 2012, the RTI : Shri Sadanand Pal

: Election Commission of India (Shri A.K. Pathak, CPIO & Shri S.K. : : 31 October 2013 31 October 2013




application dated 22 November 2010 wherein Applicant had sought information regarding audit of election expenses and provisions relating to registration of political parties on basis of creation like R.K. Laxamans creation Aam Aadmi or in gods name, of which reply was given by CPIO in by the letter name in of dated Aam 13 December Party 2010, by has Shri. sought Arvind an information regarding non-registration of political party Aadmi of by to Kejriwal, same name, respect moved required which the give Applicant Applicant claims and

application for registration of political party on the was are whether regarding candidates information

HIV+/- or IQ through affidavit during election and other related information through 2 points. 2. The CPIO vide his order dated 15 January 2013, furnished point wise information to the appellant, by which he informed him that no such information is available as sought in point 1 and regarding point 2 he informed that

Appeal: No. CIC/SM/A/2013/000591/DS

no information is sought from candidates in respect of HIV+ / and IQ level. 3. Not satisfied with the CPIOs reply, Appellant preferred an appeal dated 22 January 2013 before the FAA. 4. The FAA by his order dated 25 February 2013 disposed of the first appeal by holding that the information sought through point 1 is in the nature of complaint and the CPIO can only furnish existing available information and there is no such information relating to non-registration of Arvind Kejriwals Aam Aadmi Party and that there is no application/correspondence by the Appellant for registration of political party in the name of Aam Aadmi Party and no objection of appellant to registration of Arvind Kejriwals party. 5. Being aggrieved had by the order passed by the FAA, the the

Appellant Commission.






6. Matter was heard today. Both the parties were present at the hearing.

Decision Notice 7. Appellant has submitted that the information vide letter dated 22/11/2012 has not been received. Hence, CPIO is directed to provide the copy of the said letter again to the Appellant within three weeks. 8. CPIO to further provide the copy of his reply dated

13/10/2010 to the Appellant. 9. With above observations, Case is closed at the

Commissions end.

Appeal: No. CIC/SM/A/2013/000591/DS

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Appeal: No. CIC/SM/A/2013/000591/DS