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ELECTRONICS FINAL COACHING 1. Desktop and personal computers are also known as ___. ANS. MICROCOMPUTERS 2.

Laser beam technology is used for __. ANS. OPTICAL DISKS 3. A bundle of basic software designed to work together: ANS. SUITE . !ime"sharing of resources by users usually ANS. BASED ON TIME SLICES is

1#. /DA stands for: ANS. PERSONAL DATA ASSISTANT 1%. An imaging techni'ue used to measure the magnetic fields produced by electrical acti*ity in the brain. ANS. MAGNETOENCEPHALOGRAPH 1&. ,hat sensor is magnetoencephalographANS. SUPERCONDUCTING INTERFERENCE used in

2%. ,hat should be done with the remo*able tip of a soldering gun after it becomes pittedANS. FILE THE TIP SMOOTH AND RETIN IT 2&. 5or a gyro to be uni*ersally mounted3 it $42! ha*e a total of how many gimbals3 if anyANS. TWO 2). A position ser*o system e(hibits a series of o*ertra*els. !his condition is known by which of the following termsANS. HUNTING 2+. 5or a ser*o system to operate smoothly and efficiently3 it must ha*e balance between which of the following factorsANS. AMPLIFICATION AND DAMPING 3.. !he operating of an accelerometer is based on what physical propertyANS. INERTIA 31. Amount of precession of a 6 is proportional to what input factorANS. RATE OF GYRO CASE ROTATION 32. ,hat does the arrow on a synchro schematic symbol indicateANS. THE ANGULAR POSITION OF THE ROTOR 33. 7n a properly operating ser*o system3 what is the phase relationship between the reference *oltages to the error detector and the demodulatorANS. IN PHASE ONLY 3 . 2ynchro capacitors are used to pro*ide which of the following characteristics in a synchro systemANS. IMPROVED ACCURACY 3#. $ultispeed synchro systems ha*e what of the following ad*antages o*er singlespeed synchro systemsANS. GREATER ACCURACY 3%. During synchro alignment3 what is the purpose of the coarse settingANS. TO ENSURE A SETTING OF "ERO DEGREES RATHER THAN I#0 DEGREES 3&. !he *oltage used to pre*ent synchroni8ation is known by what termANS. STICKOFF VOLTAGE false


1). $ain program in the operating system. ANS. KERNEL 1+. ,hich of the following buttedANS. KNOTTED TAP JOINT splices is 01!

#. $anagement of an operating system is handled by: ANS. THE SUPERVISOR PROGRAM %. !he process of allocating main memory separate from one another is called: ANS. MEMORY MANAGEMENT &. !he techni'ue whereby part of the program is stored on disk and is brought into memory for e(ecution as needed is called __. ANS. VIRTUAL STORAGE ). Another name for an operating en*ironment is __. ANS. SHELL +. ,hich one of the following uses graphical iconsANS. GUI 1.. An on"screen picture. ANS. ICON 11. !he memory area for programs with highest priority. ANS. FOREGROUND 12. /rewritten standard file"handling programs are called __. ANS. UTILITIES 13. !he signal that the computer is awaiting a command from the user: ANS. PROMPT 1 . 012 refers to: ANS. OPERATING SYSTEM FOR A NETWORK

2.. ,hat nonmetallic material is commonly used to protect wires and cablesANS. FIBROUS BRAID


21. ,hen a wire is insulated with glass braid or asbestos and re'uires stripping3 which of the following tools should not be usedANS. HOT-BLADE WIRE STRIPPER 22. ,hen you solder electrical connector splices3 and terminal lugs3 what type of solder should you useANS. 60/40 SOLDER 23. ,hen noninsulated splices and terminal lugs are insulated3 what types insulation are most commonly usedANS. RUBBER TAPE AND HEAT SHRINKABLE TUBING 2 . ,hen a ,estern 4nion splice is used to connect two wires3 why should the twisted ends of the wires be pressed down as close as possible to the straight portion of the wireANS. TO PREVENT THE WIRES FROM PUNCTURING THE TAPE COVERING 2#. ,hat types of insulation are best suited for use in a high"temperature en*ironmentANS. FEP E!TRUDED POLYTETRAFLUOROETHYLENE AND SILICONE RUBBER

3). 7f you find that a synchro has bad bearings3 which of the following actions should you takeANS. REPLACE THE SYNCHRO 3+. 7n what ma(imum number of directions is a rate gyro free to precessANS. TWO .. /ulse"counting accelerometers are designed for use only with what type of e'uipmentANS. DIGITAL COMPUTERS 1. 9ecause its resistance changes *ery little temperature changes3 what conductor is best suited for use in measuring instrumentsANS. MANGANIN 2. ,hat definition best describes an insulating materialANS. A MATERIAL THAT HAS A VERY HIGH RESISTANCE 3. /lastic insulation is normally used for what le*els of *oltageANS. MEDIUM TO LOW . ,hat is the common name for enamel insulated wireANS. MAGNET WIRE #. !he preferred method for remo*ing insulation from most types of insulated wire is by using what toolANS. WIRE STRIPPER %. ,hen is a rattail normally usedANS. WHEN A BRANCH CIRCUIT IS REQUIRED AND A JUNCTION BO! IS USED TO JOIN CONDUIT &. ,hen a large aluminum terminal lug or splice is installed3 why is it 01! necessary to clean the aluminum wireANS. THE WIRE IS CLEANED BY THE ABRASIVE COMPOUND IN THE LUG OR SPLICE ). ,hat action generally causes a fractured solder :ointANS. MOVEMENT OF THE SOLDERED PARTS DURING THE COOLING PROCESS +. ,hen a wire is soldered to a connector3 why should the wire be stripped appro(imately 1;32 inch longer than the depth of the solder barrelANS. TO PREVENT BURNING THE WIRE INSULATION

#.. ,hy should a small wattage soldering iron 01! be used to solder large conductorsANS. THE IRON MAINTAIN A SATISFACTORY SOLDERING TEMPERATURE WHILE GIVING UP HEAT TO THE CONDUCTOR #1. ,hen electrical and electronic components are soldered3 what type of flu( must be usedANS. ROSIN #2. ,hat is the most efficient soldering temperatureANS. $$0OF #3. !he current gain in a common"collector circuit is called __. ANS. GAMMA # . A method for checking transistor is cumbersome when more than one transistor is bad in a circuitANS. SUBSTITUTION METHOD ##. A breakdown theory that e(plains the action that take place in a hea*ily doped /0":unction with a re*erse bias of less than # *olts. ANS. "ENER EFFECT #%. !he arrow in a $125<! indicates a __. ANS. SUBSTRATE #&. ,hat pro*ides a timing signaling in a digital e'uipmentANS. CLOCK #). A faulty transistor would be identified as what le*el of packagingANS. LEVEL 0 #+. ,hat is the preferred tool to use to strip of aluminum wireANS. KNIFE %.. !he ability of a gyro to maintain a position in space is referred to by what termANS. PRECESSION %1. A de*ice that allows the depositing of material in selected areas of a semiconductor substrate3 but not in others is known as a ANS. WAFER MASK %2. Letters and number stamped on body of an 7= ser*e to pro*ide which of the following types of informationANS. USE

%3. <lectrostatic charges may de*elop as high as which of the following *oltagesANS. %$ 000 VOLTS % . Damage to some electronic components can occur at what minimum electrostatic potentialANS. %$ VOLTS %#. !he most comple( to produce and difficult to repair printed circuit boards are those made using which of the following methodsANS. LAYER-BUILD UP %%. ,hat is the minimum number of synchro de*ices needed for a simple synchro transmission systemANS. TWO %&. !he *alue of *oltage or current at one particular instant of time. ANS. INSTANTANEOUS %). ,hat type of filter is used to block the passage of current for a narrow band of fre'uency while allowing current to flow at all fre'uencies abo*e or below this bandANS. BAND REJECT FILTER %+. 7f you are looking for both good *oltage gain and high input resistance3 you must use a __. ANS. COMMON-SOURCE AMPLIFIER &.. ,hat term is used to describe electronic systems that are made up of e(tremely small parts or elementsANS. MICROELECTRONICS &1. /n :unctions are protected from contamination during the fabrication process by which of the following materialsANS. O!IDE &2. !o deposit highly 6 substrate3 which of the following methods is usedANS. VACUUM EVAPORATION &3. 7n 7= production3 gold or aluminum bonding wires are used for which of the following purposesANS. TO CONNECT THE CHIP TO THE PACKAGE LEADS & . An assembly of microcircuits or a combination of microcircuits and discrete components is referred to as a

ANS. MICROCIRCUIT MODULE &#. !est e'uipment that continuously monitors performance and automatically isolates faults to remo*able assemblies is what category of e'uipmentANS. ON-LINE &%. ,hich of the following alloys will melt directly to li'uid and ha*e no plastic or semili'uid stateANS. EUTECTIC ALLOY &&. A conformal coating is considered thin if it is less than what thicknessANS. 0.0&$ INCH &). ,hat ma(imum number of logic gates should be e(pected in a large"scale integration circuitANS. & 000 &+. /rotecti*e materials applied to electronic assemblies to pre*ent damage caused by corrosion3 moisture3 and stress are called __. ANS. CONFORMAL COATINGS ).. =utting and peeling is an easy method of remo*ing which of the following types of coatingsANS. SILICONE

)&. @isual inspection of a completed repair is conducted to e*aluate which of the following aspects of the repairANS. WORKMANSHIP QUALITY )). /lug"in D7/s are susceptible to loosening because of which of the following causesANS. VIBRATION )+. 5or the remo*al of imbedded !1s in which of the following are free3 which of the following methods is recommendedANS. PUSH OUT GENTLY +.. ,hen a !1 or a D7/ is replaced on a printed circuit board3 what type of termination is normally usedANS. THROUGH-THE-BOARD +1. Aeating the leads and lifting them up with twee8ers is the preferred method of remo*ing which of the following componentsANS. FLAT PACKS +2. ,hat is the first step in the repair of burned or scorched boardsANS. REMOVING ALL DISCOLORED MATERIAL +3. !he force between a magnet and a piece of ferromagnetic metal that has not been magneti8ed: ANS. IS NEVER REPULSIVE + . ,hat significant ad*antage3 in some applications3 of a toroidal coil o*er a solenoid is: ANS. THE MAGNETIC FLU! IN A TOROID IS PRACTICALLY ALL WITHIN THE CORE +#. ,hat is the unit of currentANS. AMPERE +%. ,hat is the unit of resistanceANS. OHM +&. ,hat is the unit of chargeANS. COULOMB +). ,hat is the lightest elementANS. HYDROGEN ++. ,hat is the ma(imum output *oltage rate of change of an op"ampANS. SLEW RATE

1.1. ,hich resistanceANS. MASS






1.2. 1utput of 1 if all inputs are .. ANS. NOR GATE 1.3. 1utput of . if all inputs are .. ANS. OR GATE 1. . 1utput of 1 if all inputs are 1. ANS. AND GATE 1.#. An adder which can add up two binary digits but will not produce a carry. ANS. QUARTER ADDER 1.%. 9oolean algebra is used primarily by __ to simplify circuits. ANS. DESIGN ENGINEERS 1.&. ,hich of the following terms applies to the output of a control transformerANS. ERROR SIGNAL 1.). ,hat is the harmonic composition of s'uare wa*e in phase with the fundamentalANS. ODD HARMONIC 1.+. 7nput of the d"flip flop. ANS. DATA AND CLOCK+ 11.. ,hat gyro characteristic pro*ides the bases of the operation at a rate gyroANS. PRECESSION 111. =omponent containing 7=. ANS. MICROCIRCUIT 112. ,hat is the purpose of using toggle flip" flopsANS. TO DIVIDE THE INPUT FREQUENCY BY & 113. Aow does the stator recei*e its *oltageANS. BY MAGNETIC COUPLING FROM THE ROTOR 11 . An instrument used to measure relati*e humidity. ANS. PSYCHROMETER 11#. A structure for solids in which the position of atoms is predetermined. ANS. CRYSTALLINE


,hat are the appro*ed methods conformal coating remo*alANS. MECHANICAL THERMAL ' CHEMICAL )2. !urret3 fork3 and hook terminals e(amples of what type of terminationANS. ABOVE-THE-BOARD



)3. ,hat total number of degrees of bend are >a? fully clinched leads and >b? semiclinched leadsANS. (A) *0 (B) 4$ ) . 2tirring the lead during desoldering pre*ents which of the following unwanted resultsANS. SWEAT JOINTS )#. $ost damage to printed circuit boards occur at which of the following timesANS. DURING COMPONENT REMOVAL )%. ,hen remo*ing solder with a solder wick3 where should the wick be placed in relation to the solder :oint and the ironANS. BETWEEN THE JOINT AND THE IRON


A con*erter that changes ac"*oltage to another ac"*oltage le*el. ANS. AC-CONVERTER

11%. !he most popular op"amp packages are metal can3 )"pin D7/3 and the 2$!. ,hich of these corresponds to !1"++ANS. METAL CAN 11&. !he minimum amount of current needed for an 2=B to conduct continuously. ANS. HOLDING CURRENT 11). !he *oltage across the anode >A? and cathode >C? terminals of an 2=B when conducting. ANS. HOLDING VOLTAGE 11+. =onfining each program to certain defined limits in memory is called __. ANS. MEMORY PROTECTION 12.. !ransient suppression minimi8es the chance of __. ANS. DIODE FAILURE 121. 7n 1!A3 transconductance is control by __. ANS. BIAS CURRENT 122. ,hat inductor is used at fre'uency +# $A8ANS. AIR CORE 123. Begulator that dissipates less power and less heat. ANS. SWITCHING REGULATOR

13.. 7t sometimes known bridge. 6 ANS. MA!WELL BRIDGE 131. 2elf"inductance resistance6 ANS. OWEN BRIDGE 6




,hat are e(amples of tri*alent impuritiesANS. BORON GALLIUM INDIUM 1 3. !he ma(imum output *oltage swing of an op"ampANS. -VSAT TO ,VSAT 1 . !he current needed at the input of an op" amp to operate it normally. ANS. INPUT BIAS CURRENT




A graph of thermodynamic properties of moist air at a constant pressure3 such as wet"bulb temperature and dry"bulb temperature. ANS. PSYCHROMETRIC CHART 133. !he liberation or absorption 6 when an electric current flows from a warmer to a cooler part of a conductor is called __. ANS. THOMSON EFFECT


!he most e(tensi*ely used semiconductor. ANS. SILICON 1 %. ,hat current flow in a semiconductor is due to the applied electric fieldANS. DRIFT CURRENT 1 &. !he purpose of installing thyrectors. ANS. TO PROTECT THE CIRCUITS FROM HIGH VOLTAGE SURGES 1 ). =onfining each program to certain defined limits in memory is called ______. ANS. MEMORY PROTECTION 1 +. !ransient suppression minimi8es the chance of _____. ANS. DIODE FAILURE 1#.. 7n 1!A transconductance by_____. ANS. BIAS CURRENT is controlled


,hich of the following terms describes the first remainder when con*erted to decimal numbers to other basesANS. LSD 13#. ,hat causes the process called :unction recombination to occur when 0 and / materials are :oined togetherANS. THE DIFFUSION OF ELECTRONS AND HOLES MOVING ACROSS THE JUCTION INTO THE TWO MATERIALS 13%. ,hich of the following will apply to a mo*ing coil instrumentANS. EVEN SCALE MEASURING DC 13&. ,hich of the following will apply to a mo*ing coil rectifier instrumentANS. EVEN SCALE MEASURING AC 13). ,hich of the following will apply to a mo*ing iron instrumentANS. UNEVEN SCALE MEASURING AC AND DC 13+. A method of cur*e fitting using linear polynomials hea*ily employed in mathematics particularly numerical analysis and numerous applications including computer graphics. ANS. LINEAR INTERPOLATION 1 .. !he *oltage across the anode and cathode terminals of the 2=B when conducting. ANS. HOLDING VOLTAGE


6 oscilloscope ANS. TRIGGER HOLD OFF 12#. 2et of programs that are between applications software and hardware. ANS. OPERATING PROGRAM 12%. 7nstrumentation amplifiers are used in __. ANS. HIGH,NOISE ENVIRONMENT

1#1. ,hat inductor is used at fre'uencies of +# $AF. ANS. AIR CORE 1#2. Begulator that dissipates less power and less heat. ANS. SWITCHING REGULATOR 1#3. /eriod of time which the oscilloscope cannot trigger. ANS. TRIGGER HOLD OFF


,hat type of indicating instrument installed in the stator circuit of synchro systemANS. AN OVERLOAD INDICATOR


12). ___ is the process making a material Dpassi*eE in relation to another material prior to using the materials together. ANS. PASSIVATION 12+. 6 higher fre'uency 6 ANS. RADIO FREQUENCY BRIDGE

154. 155.








,hat are e(amples of acceptor impuritiesANS TRIVALENT IMPURITIES

2et of programs that lies between application software and the computer hardware. ANS. OPERATING PROGRAM


7nstrumentation amplifiers are used in____. ANS. HIGH NOISE ENVIRONMENT 1#&. ,hat type of indicating de*ice is usually installed in the stator circuit of a tor'ue synchro system. ANS. AN OVERLOAD INDICATOR 1#). ____ is the process of making a material Dpassi*eE in relation to another material prior to using the material together. ANS. PASSIVATION 1#+. 7n the conte(t of corrosion3 _____ is the spontaneous formation of a hard non reacti*e surface film that inhibits further corrosion. !his layer is usually an o(ide or nitride that is a few molecules thick. ANS. PASSIVATION 1%.. !wo conductors with insulator between them is called_____. ANS. CONDENSER (OLD NAME)/ CAPACITOR (NEW NAME)

1%%. !he liberation or absorption of heat when an electric current flows from a warmer to a cooler part of a conductor is called ______. ANS. THOMSON EFFECT 1%&. A certain condition wherein a nucleon can be stimulated to emit a *ery sharply defined beams of gamma rays. ANS. MOSSBAUER EFFECT 1%). ,hich of the following type of test e'uipment is classified as off"line automatic test e'uipment. ANS. VERSATILE AVIONIC SHOP TEST (VAST) 1%+. ,hich of the following terms describing the first remainder when con*erting decimal number to other bases. ANS. LSD



,hat theorem is used in sol*ing electrical circuits with se*eral *oltage sourcesANS. SUPERPOSITION


,hat is the process of determining the magnitude of something in terms of a recogni8ed standardANS. MEASUREMENT 1&+. A *ariable positi*e regulator. ANS. %./


,hat rectifierANS. #..&0








Aow do you connect a *oltmeter in a

1)1. !he *alue at any instant of time. ANS. INSTANTANEOUS VALUE 1)2. 7n carbon 8inc battery3 8inc ser*es as the ___. ANS. NEGATIVE CATHODE




=hemical reactions that release energy are called e(othermic reactionsG ____ is an e(ample of e(othermic reaction. ANS. FREE"ING 1%2. !his bridge is often used in laboratories to measure both capacitances and inducti*e circuits at higher fre'uencies. ANS. RADIO FREQUENCY BRIDGE 1%3. 7s sometimes called $a(well H wien bridge and is used to measure an unknown inductance with a standard capacitance. ANS. MA!WELL BRIDGE 1% . A four arm alternating current bridge used to measure self inductance in terms of capacitance and resistanceG bridge balance is independent of fre'uency. ANS. OWEN BRIDGE 1%#. A graph of the thermodynamic properties of moist air at a constant pressure3 such as wet bulb temperature and dry bulb temperature. ANS. PSYCHROMETRIC CHART

Aow do you increase the range of a *oltmeterANS. INSERT A HIGH RESISTANCE IN SERIES WITH THE METER 1&2. As a rule of thumb3 power rectifier can operate satisfactorily with front to back ratio or the back to front ratio of. ANS. .0 TO . 1&3. As a rule of thumb3 signal diode can operate satisfactorily with front to back ratio or the back to front ratio of. ANS. %00 TO .


!he electronic the electronic transfer from one stage to another is called_____. ANS. COUPLING


,ho disco*ered the magnetic effectANS. HANS CHRISTIAN OERSTED 1)#. 1ne coulomb of charge has how many electrons. ANS. 6.&$ !.01.# 1)%. <nergy gap of a semiconductor isANS. .EV


,hat maintains a more constant speed under *arying load conditions than a series motor. ANS. SHUNT MOTOR 1&#. A filter which allows a narrow band of fre'uencies to pass through the circuit and re:ects or attenuates fre'uencies which are either higher or lower than the desired fre'uency. ANS. BANDPASS FILTER 1&%. A circuit that is used to block the passage of current for a narrow band of fre'uencies3 while allowing current to flow at all fre'uencies abo*e or below the this band. !his type of filter is also known as a band suppression or band re:ect.


,hat is the typical range of resisti*ity of semiconductor diodeANS. .0!.014


,hat do you call a semiconductor that is doped with both donor and acceptor impuritiesANS. COMPENSATED SEMICONDUCTOR 1)+. !he resistance of a semiconductor is known asANS. BULK RESISTANCE 1+.. ,hat is the ma(imum theoretical efficiency of a solar cell-

ANS. &&0 1+1. An ad*antage of alkaline cell o*er a 8inc carbon cell ANS. AN ALKALI CELL WORKS AT LOWER TEMPERATURE

ANS.4./KOHM 2.3. 7f the inputs of the 1B gate are in*erted with 01! gates3 the o*erall gate is. ANS. NAND GATE 2. . A paper capacitor generally has a shorter ser*ice life than most other types of capacitor. !his is a ____ statement. ANS.FALSE 2.#. @oltage drop is____ ANS. DIFFERENCE IN POTENTIAL BETWEEN TWO POINT

ANS. DIFFUSION OF ELECTRONS AND HOLES MOVING ACROSS THE JUNCTION IN THE TWO MATERIAL 21#. At typical silicon wafer has appro(imately >a? what diameter and >b? what thicknessANS. (A) & INCHES (B) 0.0.-0 .0& 21%. <ach satellite in the iridium satellite network has how many spot beamsANS. 4# 21&. 5alse regarding a three phase induction motor ANS. THE SYNCHRONOUS SPEED IS INVERSELY PROPORTIONAL TO THE NUMBER OF POLES 21). 7n pure silicon ANS. THE HOLES AND THE ELECTRONS E!IST IN EQUAL NUMBERS


!o deposit highly reacti*e material into a substrate3 which of the following method is usedANS. VACUUM EVAPORATION 1+3. ,hich breakdown theory is e(plains the action that takes places in a hea*ily doped /0 :unction with a re*erse bias below # *olts. ANS. "ENER EFFECT 1+ . !he 4I! conducts from base1 to >a? what point when it is forward biased and from >b? what point to base 2 when it is re*ersed biasedANS. (A) EMITTER (B) EMITTER


!he slip speed of an induction motor is 1..J until the rotor mo*es and then falls to a ____. ANS. LOW VALUE


!he $125<! is normally constructed so that it operates in either the depletion mode or the enhancement mode. !he depletion mode $125<! >a? uses what type of bias and >b? has what type of doped channel to cause a depletion of current carriers in the channelANS. (A) REVERSE (B) HEAVILY 1+%. ,hich of the following circuits that is re'uired in a multispeed ser*o system is 01! re'uired in a single speed ser*o systemANS.SYNCHRONI"ER 1+&. ,hich of the following de*ices can be used as a position sensor in a ser*o systemANS. POTENTIOMETER 1+). 7n & L2(((3L2 means ANS. LOW POWER SCHOTTKY


A relay can be used to___. ANS. DECREASE THE CURRENT IN A CIRCUIT 2.). 5low calorimeters are classified by the type of measurement performed3 the type of heating used3 and what other characteristicANS. TYPE OF CIRCULATION USED 2.+. =apacitance of a *ariable capacitor is ma(imum at ANS. MOVABLE PLATES ARE CLOSE TOGETHER 21.. !here is an attracti*e force between two parallel conductors when the current in them is ANS. OPPOSITE IN DIRECTION 211. !he speed in a generator is doubled while the flu( is constant the generator <$5 is ANS. DOUBLE 212. 7ntrinsic semiconductor ha*e ANS. COVALENT BONDS FORMING TETRAHEDRAL STRUCTURE A


<ffect of air gap in a magnetic circuit is ANS. INCREASE THE RELUCTANCE 22.. All logic gates are made up of ANS. TRANSISTORS 221. 1f the following tests3 which is the most *alid for checking a diode ANS. A DYNAMIC ELECTRICAL CHECK WITH A DIODE TEST SET 222. !ransformer secondary current is greater than the primary current in a step up transformer3 this statement is a_______ statement ANS. FALSE


!he most comple( to produce and difficult to repair printed circuit boards are those made using which of the following methods ANS. LAYER BUILD UP METHOD


!he si8e of empty folder is appro(imately ANS. .KB 2... ,hich is not a solidANS. SUPERCRITICAL 2.1. A compound of the elements gallium and arsenic used in the manufacture of de*ices such as microwa*e fre'uency integrated circuits3 monolithic microwa*e integrated circuits3 infrared L<D3 laser diode3 solar cells and optical window. ANS. GALLIUM ARSENIDE 2.2. A resistor marking of k& has what *alue-


213. 7f you are preparing to single lace conductors3 what total length must the lacing be in a relationship be to the longest conductor ANS. & AND ONE HALF TIMES THE LENGTH 21 . ,hat causes the process called :unction recombination to occur when 0 type and / type materials are :oined together

,hat part of a synchro pro*ides a part for e(ternal connectionANS. TERMINAL BOARD 22#. ,hen a capacitor is connected to a ac supply3 the current ANS. LEADS THE VOLTAGE BY *0 DEGREES


,hat term soldering iron to satisfactory soldering heat to the :oint being

defines the capacity of a generate and maintain a temperature while gi*ing up soldered-

ANS. THERMAL INERTIA 22&. A battery consist of a ANS. NUMBER OF CELLS 22). ,hat term is used to describe current pulses that flow in the same direction ANS. PULSATION DIRECT CURRENT 22+. ,hich of the following test e'uipment is most accurate for measuring D= *oltages ANS. DIFFERENTIAL VOLTMETER 23.. 7n series mound generator running constant speed as the load current increases ANS. THE TERMINAL VOLTAGE INCREASES at

ANS. SPLIT-PHASE INDUCTION 23+. !he ability of a spectrum analy8er to resol*e signals is limited by which of the following factors ANS. THE NARROWEST BANDWIDTH OF THE SPECTRUM ANALY"ER

ANS. IT SENSES CURRENT BY INDUCTION WITHOUT BEING CONNECTED DIRECTLY INTO THE CIRCUIT 2#.. 7f the flu( per pole of an A= generator is increased3 the speed ANS. DECREASES 2#1. !he number of pole pairs re'uired to established a rotating magnetic field in a multiphase motor stator is determined by which of the following factorsANS. THE NUMBER OF PHASES 2#2. 7n most alternators3 the output *oltage is controlled by ad:usting the ANS. FIELD VOLTAGE 2#3. !he starting tor'ue a simple s'uirrel cage motor is ____ ANS. LOW 2# . ,hen an un biased pn :uction formed3 a ________ e(ists ANS. CONTACT POTENTIAL 2##. All components and interconnection are formed on or within a single substrate in which of the following units ANS. INTEGRATED CIRCUIT 2#%. 7n a three"phase induction motor3 which is false ANS. AS THE ROTOR IS LOADED THE SLIP DECREASES 2#&. Assemblies are made up <K=L427@<LL of discrete electronic parts are classified as ANS. MINIATURE ELECTRONICS CIRCUITS 2#). A neon lamp mo*ed parallel to a two wire parallel transmission line will glow at its brightest at which of the following points ANS. MA!IMUM VOLTAGE POINTS




2 1. ,hy is a lacing shuttle used when conductors are laced in bundles ANS. IT HELPS PREVENT THE CORD OR TAPE FROM FOULING 2 2. !he process of causing the pressure in a li'uid filled container to be reduced below the *apor pressure of the li'uid causing the li'uid to e*aporate at a lower temperature than the normal ANS. VACUUM EVAPORATION


,hat type of bias is constant and impro*es thermal stability ANS. COMBINATION BIAS 232. !he greater the internal resistance of a cell ANS. THE LESS TERMINAL POWER DISSIPATION 233. A function table ANS. IS LIKE A TRUTH TABLE FOR SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS


$aterials that are engineered materials made from two or more constituent materials made with significantly different physical or chemical properties which remains separate and distinct on a macroscopic le*el within the finished structure. ANS. COMPOSITE MATERIAL 2 . @acuum e*aporation and cathode sputtering are two methods used to produce which of the following types of components ANS. THIN FILM 2 #. ,hich of the following types of synchro de*ices pro*ides a mechanical outputANS. TORQUE RECEIVER 2 %. ,hat is the most common range of *alue selected for a power supply chokeANS. .-&0 HENRIES 2 &. An alternator using a gas turbine as a prime mo*er should ha*e what type of rotorANS. TURBINE DRIVEN 2 ). Befers to the total opposition to current ANS. IMPEDANCE 2 +. ,hich of the following is an ad*antage of using a current probe-

23 . <lements penetrate the semiconductor substrate in >a? ,hat type of 7= but >b? do 01! penetrate the substrate in what type of 7= ANS. (A) DIFFUSED (B) EPITA!IAL THE END USERS AND THE NETWORK 23#. @ibrating reed meters and mo*ing disc meters are primarily used to measure which of the following *alues: ANS. THE ROTATIONAL SPEED OF THE SYNCHRONOUS


,hat are the 2 general classifications of synchro systemANS. TORQUE AND CONTROL 23&. ,hy is flu( used in the soldering processAns. IT ACTS AS A CLEANING AGENT TO REMOVE O!IDE 23). ,hat type of A= motor uses a combination of inductance and capacitance to apply out"of"phase currents to the start windings


,hat components causes a generator to produce a D= *oltage instead of an A= *oltage at its output ANS. THE COMMUTATOR 2%.. ,hat is meant by the term tinningANS. COATING THE MATERIAL TO BE SOLDERED WITH A LIGHT COAT OF SOLDER


,hich has the greatest effect on the figure of merit on the circuitANS. RESISTANCE 2%2. /0 :unction are protected from contamination during the fabrication process by which of the following materials ANS. O!IDE 2%3. A *oltmeter should be connected in an electrical circuit in what mannerANS. PARALLEL TO THE LOAD 2% . ,hich of the following configurations e(tends the range of a *oltmeterANS. A RESISTOR IN SERIES WITH THE METER MOVEMENT

2&#. ,hich of the following terms is defined as the amount of load a machine can turnANS. TORQUE 2&%. !he 4I! has which of the following ad*antage o*er the con*entional transistorANS. INCREASED TEMPERATURE STABILITY 2&&. A module which is difficult to repair because it is completely imbedded in solid material is one which has been___ ANS. ENCAPSULATED 2&). Aow should a single lace be startedANS. WITH A SQUARE KNOT AND MARLING HITCHES TWO

2)%. !he semiconductor doping impurities arsenic3 antimony3 and bismuth are classified as what type of impuritiesANS. PENTAVALENT


,hat is normally the front"to"back ration of a power rectifierANS. .02. 2%%. ,hat is the normally the front"to"back ration of a signal diodeANS. %002. 2%&. !he number of characters in a record ANS. RECORD LENGTH


,hich of the following will apply to a mo*ing coil instrumentANS. EVEN SCALE MEASURING DC


,hich of the following will apply to a mo*ing coil rectifier instrumentANS. EVEN SCALE MEASURING AC



!he range sweep in a range gate generator is started at the same time the transmitter fires. ANS. SYNCHRONI"ER 2%+. 7n a pulse radar system3 what component controls timing throughout the systemANS. SYNCHRONI"ER 2&.. !he fre'uency"measuring capability a digital multimeter can be e(tended using which of the following de*ice. ANS. AN RF PROBE

,hich of the following will apply to a mo*ing iron instrumentANS. UNEVEN SCALE MEASURING DC/AC

2)2. An instrument constructed to measure the number of tons within a medium >which we will consider to be gaseous. 9ut can also be solid or li'uid? ANS. IONI"ATION CHAMBER 2)3. A brushless3 synchronous electric motor that can di*ide a full rotation into a large number of steps. ANS. STEPPER MOTOR 2) . A method of cur*e fitting using linear polynomials hea*ily employed in mathematics particularly numerical analysis and numerous application computer graphics. ANS. LINEAR INTERPOLATION


7nterconnection of two or more branches. ANS. NODE 2&2. A node with no di*ision of current ANS. SIMPLE NODE 2&3. A node in which C=L is applicable. ANS. PRINCIPAL NODE 2& . An L= bridge that can inductance. ANS. MA!WELL-WIEN BRIDGE measure self

2)#. !he simplest of all gas filled radiation detectors3 and is used for the detection or measurement of ioni8ation radiation. ANS. IONI"ATION CHAMBER