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1. What is an issue within the organization that could benefit from applying ethical principles?

How can these principles be used? I work with a lot of contract personnel that at times are overwhelmed and seem to either not know or care that some of the paper work is not completed properly. While this does sound a bit trivial in the beginning it can result in some serious issues. Most of the issues revolve around submitting rders of Magnitude ! M" that are incorrect with pricing and scope. #ubmitting these incorrectly can result in either over or under payment for services and materials$ which can then result in #arbanes %ley !# &" compliance issues. 'his then can lead to legal issues and termination of employment at times. I have seen some of this cause people to lose their (obs. )et it still does not get the attention it re*uires. It seems very common for the contracting company to pile so much work on one person that he or she does not have the ability to perform tasks properly. 'his is an ethical issue not only for the employee but the employer. +pplying some simple ethical principles the employee can see that submitting paperwork that is incorrect can result in great damage. 'herefore that employee would want to take the utmost care in performing this task. 'he employer would also want to apply a few ethical principles in supplying the proper resources and training to the employee to perform this function without error. ,. Identify a situation in an organization that could be considered legally acceptable$ but would still pose an ethical problem for the organization. What makes this situation legal but not ethical? ne thing I find that is unethical is during the hiring process unfounded statements are made. When I was hired at my previous (ob I was told that bonuses were not figured into the base salary but they can be figured around a certain percentage. 'hey did say that the bonus program is not complete yet but should be complete soon. 'his essentially makes the discussion of the bonuses completely unneeded since the program did not e%ist anyhow. 'hese e%tra monitory figures should not have even been a part of the employment consideration. ther perks were mentioned that were never realized. -ust mentioning something that is not e%istent is unethical as it creates an unrealistic view of the position. It may be legal but it is essentially lying to better the circumstance. #ince these things were merely mentioned as possibilities that the details are still in the completion phase it was not illegal to speak about them. 'here was nothing in writing. I did not personally consider this as a ma(or factor but the fact that it was a part of the discussion but never materialized brought about some dissatisfaction. #omething of this nature has an adverse affect on employee morale. It is only a matter of time before employees give up on the empty promises and move on. It is easily seen that empty promises and blatant misleading statements can create problems for a company. .onduct in this manner$ in my opinion$ is unethical as it is not representative of reality.