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“It’s been two weeks since I started “The six months of pain in my wrists “Since I started taking Nopalea, the
taking Nopalea for my asthma and I is gone... I can now lift weights whole body pain I’ve had for a year
am symptom free.” again.” and a half is gone.”

hronic pain can be a sign
I NSIDE of inflammation. It is also
something that our body
Chronic pain
could be
experiences on a daily basis. the result of
• Nopalea - Discover the inflammation
Toxic pollutants are present in the air throughout
secret to wellness - pg 3-5 we breathe, the water we drink and your body.
• Inflammation - Learn how the food we eat. Chemicals are also
to relieve chronic pain - pg 6-7 found in the environment where we Page 6-7
live, work, study and play. Our bodies
• Success Stories - Amazing use inflammation as a natural defense
Nopalea stories - pg 8-9 against these types of stressors in
• Sonoran Desert - An oasis addition to emotional, mental and
physical stress. However, chronic
of help and healing - pg 10 inflammation can cause poor health
• Betalains - Rare and highly that may lead to serious diseases.
potent antioxidants - pg 11 Serious conditions that may
begin with inflammation:
Visit time.com and put
• Fibromyalgia
in their search box on • Allergies
the home page to find
and read the archived • Asthma
article from 2004. See • Alzheimer’s
what they were saying
5 years ago about the
• Arthritis
surprising links between • Autoimmune
inflammation and • Cardiovascular
diseases. Plus, what you
can do to help fight it! • Neurological
• Respiratory and more!

A powerful and natural solution you must try today!

Nopalea™ – a breakthrough
wellness drink that helps NEW!
s Drink
• Relieve pain
• Improve breathing
• Reduce swelling in joints, Learn
muscles and organs more
• Normalize blood pressure inside...
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Discover the Wellness Benefits
of Sonoran Desert Plants
by Michael R. Ellison, CEO & Founder of TriVita®, Inc.

The stories coming in from

people trying Nopalea for the –

first time are truly incredible!

I just have to relate a couple of these so you can read for yourself guide went out in the desert and returned with some brush-
the outstanding anti-inflammatory and detoxification benefits looking material. Placing a pot of water on the fire, we watched
people are getting from Nopalea. the flames bring it to a boil and then some of the leaves from
the brush were placed in the water to steep. He poured me a cup
One story about allergies and asthma is special to me as I of the brew and told me to drink it as it would be good for me.
experienced these symptoms as a child. I know how much a That night I listened to the people of the Sonoran Desert talk
person suffers when normal breathing seems impaired. about the desert as if it were an oasis of wellness. I had always
thought of it as a place of rocks, cactus, thorns, rattlesnakes and
“I have had allergies and been diagnosed with scorpions – but never did I think of it as an oasis of wellness.
What I did not know at the time was the history of the people
asthma which are inflammatory-related. I began who had lived in the harsh desert for hundreds of years; they
taking three ounces of Nopalea in the morning and knew that every plant had a purpose.
one ounce in the evening before bedtime. It has
been two weeks now and I am symptom-free.” Upon arriving home, I spoke about what I had discovered
in Mexico with my son, Marcus, who chairs the product
The next story about pain relief is remarkable but again, we development team, and with our Chief Science Officer, Brazos
know that when the body gets the right nutrients, there is a Minshew. This discussion led to research at two Arizona
natural improvement in one’s health. universities regarding the potential health benefits of Sonoran
Desert plants. It took about two years to bring this product
to market, but we now have an amazing product with over
“Her knee was bothering her so much that walking 200 studies concerning the inflammatory and detoxification
down our sloped driveway to get the mail had benefits of the Nopal cactus. It took time to plan the process for
become so bothersome, she began driving to the harvesting, processing and bringing to market a fruit that grows
among millions of cactus needles. But the team was up for the
mailbox. Now with her being on Nopalea for a challenge, and today Nopalea is helping people in a world where
couple of weeks, she is back to walking the pollutants, pesticides and other toxins are in the air, water and
driveway to the mailbox and almost pain-free. food – creating a spiraling effect of inflammation-related
She is so excited.” health issues.

I am thrilled to share these stories with you because this is Nopalea will become our greatest product in helping people
exactly why we founded TriVita: so people could experience address inflammation and toxic health challenges, which
greater wellness. Every time a testimonial comes in for us to read medical science has now determined as their biggest challenge.
and share with others, it says TriVita is fulfilling its mission. Just recently, Dr. Rosenthal on Fox News said that inflammation
is now recognized as a greater risk to cardiovascular disease
Thirteen years ago I lost my health and was told by my than cholesterol.
physicians that I had to change the way I thought about health.
If not, I would have no quality of life and die a premature death. I encourage you to try Nopalea RISK-FREE (60-day money-back
While it was one of the most overwhelming discussions I have guarantee) and experience its amazing health benefits yourself
ever had, it took me on a wellness journey that has not stopped. or share it with a loved one who is suffering. Pursue health and
wellness with passion. - Michael R. Ellison
In fact, it was while I was in the Sonoran Desert in Mexico on a
wilderness wellness adventure that I was exposed to the healing
plants of the Sonoran Desert. One evening I was sitting around
a campfire with the natives of the Sonoran Desert when a native

Discover the secret of Nopalea:
Drink it and thrive!
Delicious new wellness drink brings amazing health benefits

ave you experienced the Experience Nopalea, the delicious drink
biggest innovation in that can help your body:
the history of TriVita¡? • Relieve all types of pain
It’s Nopalea–, the delicious • Normalize blood pressure
wellness drink now available • Improve breathing difficulties caused
to help everyone thrive. by allergies or asthma
• Support cardiovascular health
Nopalea (“No-pah lay’ uh”) is a tasty • Energize your life
wellness drink sourced from the fruit of
the Nopal cactus (Opuntia Ficus Indica). Detoxification is the key to healthy living, because
This remarkable healing plant thrives in eating smart and exercising still leaves your body
the Sonoran Desert of the southwestern vulnerable to toxins. Pollution, parasites, pesticides,
U.S. and Mexico. The healing properties viruses, germs... if you stop to think about it, toxins
of the Nopal cactus have been relied on are everywhere! These invaders live in the air we
for centuries by native peoples, and they’re breathe, the food we eat, even the water we drink.
now available in Nopalea, the first product Toxins can create illness-causing inflammation and
in TriVita’s exclusive Sonoran Bloom– line. put you at risk for chronic disease.

Each 32 ounce bottle of Nopalea brims with Nopalea helps the body to fight off harmful toxins
the health benefits of the Nopal fruit, in a surrounding your body’s cells. So, it helps your body
proprietary blend delivering the rare, potent reduce inflammation and bring optimal cellular
Betalain antioxidants. health. When your cells are healthy and free of
toxins, your whole body can function at its best.
After all, when you feel great, you look great, you
are great!

Nopalea is a tasty
wellness drink
sourced from the
fruit of the
Nopal cactus.

Introducing NOPALEA – the natural solution –

Those who use it say:
it’s delicious…
refreshing… fruity…
Wellness Drink perfectly sweet…

The new healthy solution for today’s

unhealthy world
1. Today’s world threatens your health • Muscle, joint and bone inflammation – causing
Every day brings new waves of toxins, pollutants, bacteria, ongoing body pain
viruses and chemicals into your body from the air you
• Respiratory inflammation – causing allergies
breathe, the water you drink, the foods you eat and even
and asthmatic reactions
the things you touch. Furthermore, your body’s health is
also undermined by emotional stress, nutritionally deficient • Arterial inflammation – causing high blood pressure
diets, metabolic wastes and physical injuries and trauma.
• Digestive tract inflammation – causing ulcers
2. Your body reacts with inflammation and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
When your body is subject to threatening elements or • Widespread body cell inflammation – causing
events, it counters these attacks with the defense overall tiredness
mechanism of inflammation.
4. Drink Nopalea to save your health!
3. Chronic inflammation is dangerous Nopalea is your premier wellness partner in your body’s
Inflammation doesn’t just happen in your muscles and never-ending, daily battle for good health. Working in two
joints. It also happens everywhere else throughout your vital ways, Nopalea helps your body neutralize its inner
body, wherever your cells are being stressed or attacked. toxins and reduce its inflammation. This means it helps
your body get the great relief it needs today… and helps
So, right now, as you read this, you could be suffering from
protect it from contracting debilitating illnesses in
any of these kinds of inflammation and their related
the future.
health problems:
to inflammation... Drink it and thrive!
Inflammation is unavoidable
How inflammation and Our bodies use inflammation
as a natural defense against
Nopalea™ can affect toxins. Too much inflammation,
however, can cause adverse
your cellular health health conditions. This diagram
shows places affected by
excess inflammation.

Normal Cell Cell Attacked by Free Radicals Betalains from Nopalea Normal Cell
Healthy cell Cell attacked Betalains in Nopalea Cell returns
by toxins & help the body to normal
free radicals reduce inflammation healthy state
& detoxify

Nopalea a breakthrough wellness drink that helps the

body experience an optimal state of wellness by:
• Relieving pain
• Improving breathing
• Reducing swelling in joints, muscles and organs
• Normalizing blood pressure
As a direct result, these healthy changes may also help your
body feel increasingly energized.
Daily use of Nopalea helps the body –
• Reduce inflammation
• Detoxify
• Achieve optimal cellular health
• Protect against premature aging
s Drink
Nopalea™ Nopalea™
#30710 4 bottle pack
Non-Member #33400
$49.99 ($74.99CN)
Member $139.99
Member ($199.99CN)
$39.99 Special - 4 PACK SAVINGS!

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Inflammation is linked to a wide variety of conditions, including all types

is a culprit that can
lead to chronic pain and serious disease
nflammation. It seems like you hear about it every day
on the news. Scientists are now linking inflammation
with a wide variety of conditions including:
• All types of pain
• Heart disease
• Diabetes
• Cancer
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Gum disease

Although inflammation hasn’t been pinpointed

as the cause of all these conditions, it has been
well-documented* as playing a part in them – often
intensifying the symptoms and effects.

So what exactly is inflammation, how can it affect you

and how can you help reduce it?

First things first: What is inflammation?

Inflammation is your immune system’s response to damage.
This damage can arise from trauma, bacterial, viral or parasitic
infection, stress, genetic abnormalities, metabolic disorders and
a host of other sources. Certain lifestyle conditions can also
contribute to inflammation: poor diet, stress, being overweight,
a sedentary lifestyle and smoking. Inflammation can cause
redness, swelling, heat, pain and loss of function.

When you’re injured, the inflammatory response immediately

moves into action. White blood cells rush to the scene of the
damage and begin to destroy the damaged cells, while sending
out chemical signals that call for more help. That’s when unstable
molecules called free radicals are released. Free radicals, now
considered key players in many diseases, start to attack the
damaged area, destroying some healthy cells in the process.
This new damage leads to yet another round of inflammation.
And so the cycle of inflammation continues: called chronic
inflammation. And that’s when the trouble begins!
of pain, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and gum disease!

How inflammation affects your • Mouth and gums Reducing inflammation

body over time Although dental researchers once
Though you may not see or even thought bacterial infections caused
gum disease, it is now thought that By making healthy lifestyle changes
feel inflammation, it may be silently and modifications, you can help
some of the more severe symptoms
burning within your body right now. reduce inflammation in your body.
of gum disease are attributable to
Over time, this collective damage can inflammation. The National Institute
And, it simultaneously improves your
spell trouble for the immediate area overall health!
of Dental and Craniofacial Research,
of inflammation as well as your part of the National Institutes of 1. If you smoke, quit.
overall health. Health, reports that inflammation
2. Practice stress management
can even break down bone and
• Heart techniques such as deep
connective tissue that keep the teeth breathing to help manage your
Inflammation is believed to contribute in place. stress load.
to the formation of plaque in blood
vessels, as well as the formation of • Emotional health 3. Simply being overweight can
blood clots. When these blood clots Inflammation may even play a role increase inflammation. Start a
break free into the blood, they can sensible diet and exercise plan
in your emotions! Scientists at
block blood flow to the brain or heart, – it will help with inflammation
the University of Illinois, Urbana- and your overall sense of health
resulting in a heart attack or stroke. Champaign discovered that an and well-being.
enzyme secreted by the immune
• Brain system caused inflammation-related, 4. Exercise at least 30 minutes per
Inflammation plays a role in depression-like symptoms in mice. day, three to five days per week.
Alzheimer’s disease, yet scientists Because inflammation is linked with 5. Cut out unhealthy food
are still uncertain what that role conditions often accompanied by choices – some of which
is. However, one theory is that depression – such as diabetes, cancer can actually contribute to
inflammation kicks into gear because and heart disease – researchers expect inflammation: trans fats, refined
of the plaques and tangles in the that this study will provide insight carbohydrates, processed foods.
brains of Alzheimer’s patients. In into chronic inflammation’s role 6. Make anti-inflammatory foods a
trying to solve the problem, in depression. staple in your diet.
inflammation just makes
matters worse. 7. Practice good oral hygiene:
• Cancer cell growth
brush after every meal
Although researchers haven’t and floss once a day.
• Joints discovered the exact mechanism of
Long-term inflammation of the joints inflammation’s role in cancer, they 8. Take Sonoran Bloom™
can result in destroyed ligaments and believe it encourages cancer growth. Nopalea™
tendons, damage to joint cartilage According to the American Cancer
and bone and even bone erosion. Society, inflammation creates just
• Medscape
This leads to pain, deformity and the right conditions for cancer cells • American Academy of Periodontology
• American Heart Association
an inability to perform daily tasks to grow and multiply. • National Institute of Mental Health
• American Cancer Society
– drastically affecting quality of life. • Arthritis.com
• National Institute of Dental and
Craniofacial Research 7
People are experiencing amazing results!

“You can’t imagine how “After taking Nopalea™, “The 6-months of pain in
wonderful it feels to sleep I no longer have pain in my wrist is gone…I can
without pain.” my leg.” now lift weights again…”
“I have been suffering from horrible “I’m an Affiliate Member with TriVita® “I exercise with weights often, but was
neck and shoulder pain for the past eight and have been taking two ounces of unable to lift any weights in the last six
months. I attribute my problem to a past Sonoran Bloom™ Nopalea for five days months due to pain in my right wrist.
injury – a car accident in 1997. now. I had a freak accident last year that My wrist would burn and ache. It was
I was taking 800 mgs of Ibuprofen severed a major artery and two tendons awful and I decided to take Nopalea.
– which my healthcare provider had in my leg, resulting in near death, two The six-months of pain in my wrist is
suggested, because you need that amount hospitalizations, three surgeries and over gone! My body feels a sense of greater
to reduce the inflammation in your neck three months in a leg cast. Since my energy and I feel much better. I can now
and shoulder. On my painful days accident I have not been able to walk lift weights again without pain. I just
I would take 800 mgs of Ibuprofen in the barefoot without limping. When I work know this product is wonderful and the
morning, mid-afternoon and evenings. out at the gym on the elliptical trainer science behind it backs it up. I feel like
Taking that much Ibuprofen is not so or run on the treadmill, I experience so many lives will be changed. My family
good for the kidneys! You can’t imagine pain and swelling in my leg. After taking and I are healthy, take great TriVita
how wonderful it feels to sleep without Nopalea, I no longer have pain in my supplements and now we’re anticipating
pain, to not have to take Ibuprofen all leg. I’ve also noticed that when I walk an even better wellness experience with
day long and to be able to work at my barefoot, I am not limping as badly as Nopalea!”
computer without horrible pain. I can I was before. My family and I are very Tina G. – Charlotte, NC
only attribute my success to Nopalea. I happy with Nopalea and TriVita!”
am so thankful that I was introduced to Eric W. – Tampa, FL
this product. I look forward to continued
success and I am spreading the word as
fast as I can.”
Victoria S. –Scottsdale, AZ

“After a few short days of taking Nopalea, I started getting feeling back...”
I’ve been taking my Nopalea faithfully. It tastes good and God knows I need it. I have type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and other life-
threatening diseases. When I was diagnosed with diabetes 5 years ago, my blood sugar was over 1000. Yes, 1000. I was hospitalized for
days on insulin drips. What an experience. I began to develop neuropathy rather quickly. Initially, I lost the feeling in my big toes,
and it spread eventually to all of my toes, then to the pads under my feet, etc. A few months ago, I began a new phase of neuropathy:
sharp pain in my feet. Wow! I never knew sharp pain like that. After a few short days of taking Nopalea, I started getting the feeling
back in my toes. In fact I started feeling the pain from when I had stubbed my toe the other day. My feet have even changed color
and I am experiencing much sensation again. Is it the power of suggestion? I know it’s not. You can’t make feeling return to your feet
by mere suggestion. As for the stubbed toe, that pain is now real - it’s not the power of suggestion!
I believe Nopalea works.
Kevin G. – Scottsdale, AZ
Success Stories
From a life of “complete agony”
to a glorious pain-free life
Melody is feeling wonderful since she started
taking Nopalea
Melody was sick and tired of being When Melody first heard about
sick and tired. She had numerous Nopalea, she was a little skeptical. But
health problems and surgery, and the alternative – being in constant
medications and other therapies just pain – was even worse. So she
weren’t helping. After over five years of decided to try Nopalea – and the
excruciating pain, she was at the end results were dramatic. “I’m no longer
of her rope and praying for help. Then, in pain,” she says. “You won’t see me
along came a new product which has walking with a limp and I haven’t
been nothing less than a godsend…. had a headache in weeks.” There
Sonoran Bloom™ Nopalea™. have been many other pleasant
post-Nopalea surprises, including
“I could barely walk eight months ago being able to run up the stairs for
and now I believe, thanks to Nopalea the first time in a long time. She also
and reduced inflammation, I’ve been remembers the time at her son’s school
pain-free for the first time in a long when she had to run uphill to get improvement in my clarity once I
time,” Melody exclaims. “Nopalea to the car. When Melody got home, started taking Sublingual B-12 and
helped my body with the debilitating there were messages on her cell phone an even bigger difference when I
pain in my joints and now I feel from people who saw her running and moved up to Super Sublingual B-12.”
just wonderful!” wanted to find out more about her She decided to try out other brands
“miraculous” recovery. of B-12 products, but soon discovered
Melody’s health problems began back that “there is a big difference. TriVita’s
in 2002 when she had to have surgery Most importantly, she can now enjoy brand is so much better.” Her son has
for three vertebrae in her neck that pain-free horseback riding with her been taking Sublingual B-12 too, along
suddenly collapsed. Surgeons needed son. Since taking Nopalea, Melody with an ounce of Nopalea. Melody
to take bone out of her hips, which has eased off the many medications says, “His teacher is just ecstatic over
caused arthritis in her hip, knees that were helping with pain. Her blood his improved school work.”
and ankles. They also put a plate sugar levels are also far better. She
and two screws in her neck. Over a loves the taste of Nopalea and finds it She also notices that she sleeps
year later the plate and screws had hard not to take a little extra “nip.” much better at night when she takes
shifted, resulting in severe headaches VitaDaily AM/PM™ and no longer
and migraines. Her left side was “I will never stop taking Nopalea.” needs sleeping pills. Melody has also
numb, muscles were tight and the Now other family members are getting seen great results from OmegaPrime®;
inflammation in her neck was severe. in on a good thing. Her husband has it has helped normalize her
osteoarthritis and is already seeing cholesterol levels.
She couldn’t walk for days after results after three weeks of Nopalea.
horseback riding After her friend saw Melody’s “Now that I’m pain-free and riding
“I was in complete agony,” Melody astonishing recovery, she has started with my son and having a great time,
recalls. “I was taking all sorts of taking it herself and began seeing a I’d just like to thank you so much for
prescription medicines to ease the difference in one week. this product. I will never stop
pain, but nothing seemed to work.” taking Nopalea.”
In 2008 her son started taking barrel Melody has also gotten tremendous
racing lessons. Melody wanted to ride results from other TriVita products, Melody C. – Denver, NC
with him, but definitely suffered the including Sublingual B-12. “At age
consequences… she couldn’t walk 39 I was already forgetting things Your results may vary. Each person’s
for two to three days after and not as sharp as I should be,” she body is different.
horseback riding. remembers. “I noticed a big
The Sonoran
Desert’s bounty:
an oasis of help and
healing is rediscovered!
Surprising abundance in TriVita’s own backyard
oday, more people are
approved by the FDA. The vivid fruit of the
discovering the healing Nopal cactus is a key ingredient in Nopalea,
TriVita’s phenomenal new wellness drink.
bounty of the Sonoran
Desert – just as TriVita® leadership Agave. Make tea from this succulent’s fleshy
did to produce the breakthrough leaves to help relieve pain, then sweeten with
wellness drink, Nopalea–. its nectar: it’s six times sweeter than sugar.
Since the company is Mesquite. Called the “tree of life,” this
headquartered in the hardy tree offers pods used for jelly
Sonoran Desert, it was and gluten-free meal, black pitch used
fitting that this “oasis as paint and hair dye, and bark so
of wellness” be the absorbent it was used as baby diapers.
source of TriVita’s Guayule. Healthcare professionals
most exciting with latex allergies love this shrub.
new venture. Why? It contains rubber, and has
been approved by the Food and
Not a Sahara, but lush Drug Administration (FDA) as a
and full of wonders substitute for latex.
“People come here expecting to see
sand dunes and a couple of camels, like the Jojoba. The oil from this plant’s seed
Sahara Desert,” says Dave Morris of Pueblo “saved the sperm whale,” when it was
Grande Museum in Phoenix (phoenix.gov/ For thousands of years, native peoples relied discovered that jojoba oil was a great
parks/pueblo.html). “The Sonoran Desert is on the plant life there to eat, house and substitute in cosmetics, and as a lubricant.
really lush and full of plants that can be used clothe themselves, ease pain, treat disease It’s also thought to be an appetite suppressant
for healing and for food. I call it a drugstore and much more. Sometimes, Sonoran Desert and burn remedy.
and a grocery store!” plants have been used in ways that seem
unlikely at first. Yerba mansa. The dried root was used
Dave is an ethnobotanist (a scientist of to treat mouth sores, sore throat and gum
how plants and people interact), a Choctaw For example, the desert is the common disease. Bonus: It has a refreshing menthol/
Native American, and one of the first to give element in these three items: eucalyptus taste.
insights about the Sonoran Desert to TriVita 1. Latex-free surgical gloves.
CEO Michael Ellison and Chief Science “Scientists will say that plant for plant, there
2. The red coats worn by British soldiers
Officer Brazos Minshew. are as many useful plants in the desert as
during the Revolutionary War.
there are in the rainforest,” Dave notes.
3. Cosmetics.
Many TriVita staffers have had the chance
to learn about the Sonoran Desert courtesy For those interested in plant remedies, he
Here’s how, along with more fascinating
of another Phoenix highlight, the Desert urges visiting natural food stores, with one
Sonoran plant facts:
Botanical Garden (dbg.org). The desert caution: “If the person can’t tell you the
spreads throughout the southwestern Nopal cactus. Red dye comes from a tiny scientific name, you’d better go to another
U.S. and Mexico. Yesterday and today, its bug that loves the Nopal – its natural hue store.” Obviously, the bounty of this desert
wondrous gifts have been used for help gave Britain’s “Redcoats” their name, and is no mirage. The Sonoran Desert is truly an
and healing. today it’s the only natural red food dye oasis of help and healing.

The amazing power of
Only the Nopal cactus of the Sonoran Desert contains all 24 Betalains
Sonoran Bloom– Nopalea– offers an abundance of these inflammation-busting nutrients
By Brazos Minshew, TriVita Chief Science Officer

he word This leads to rehydration of the cell and the most feared diseases we face: heart
“science” comes repair of sarcopenia, premature aging. attack, cancer, stroke, asthma, diabetes
from a Greek A cell in the human body is very and others.
word meaning “to much like a water balloon; tremendous
know.” Yet it seems internal pressure held in place by a thin Betalains serve as anti-inflammatory
that the more we membrane. Your body maintains this nutrients to help quench the fire of
learn about nature, pressure by keeping a perfect balance chronic inflammation. Regardless of
Brazos Minshew the more it defines the of minerals inside and outside the cell where inflammation begins or what
TriVita Chief boundaries of what we wall. If this balance of minerals shifts, process it affects, Betalains help reduce
Science Officer
do not know! It is like the membrane becomes unstable and the the activity of the enzymes known to
science in reverse: the more we learn, the “water” pours out; the cell dies. cause all inflammation. This explains
more we realize how little we know. why people with very diverse health
The mineral balancing effects of concerns find benefits from Betalains:
A relatively new discovery has merged Betalains relentlessly work to maintain they help reduce inflammation no matter
ingredients in nature in a way that a 2:1 ratio of minerals: potassium inside where it exists!
science did not know was possible. These the cell, sodium outside the cell;
nutrients are called Betalains. Betalains magnesium inside the cell, calcium Concentrated Betalains
were originally thought to be just a outside the cell and so on. This main- As mentioned before, science has
pigment – an inert color that made a tains the integrity of the cell wall and discovered 24 Betalains, each with a
plant pretty, but imparted no keeps the cell from “popping” – dying different structure and different function.
real health benefit. prematurely. Some vegetables (beets and rainbow
chard) contain a few Betalains; some
As time progressed, science discovered Speaking of “popping” a cell, nothing desert plants contain a few more. Only
that the protein structure of Betalains pops a cell like a toxin! We are exposed the Nopal cactus of the Sonoran Desert
is not only beneficial – it is vital for life! to toxins from the air we breathe, the contains all 24 Betalains. This is because
Soon, the antioxidant value of Betalains water we drink and the food we eat. We the Sonoran Desert is the most extreme
opened the door of discovery: Betalains are also exposed to toxins from within desert in the world and the Nopal plant
exist in a wide variety (there are 24 our own body: allergies, bacteria, viruses needs all 24 Betalains to survive in this
Betalains), and each one completes and metabolism. intense environment.
a specific need in human health by
supplying structure and function to every Betalains support the structure and How about you? Is your environment
human cell. function of the cell as mentioned before. so intense that you are threatened by
They also work to neutralize toxins by chronic inflammation? Are you exposed
Important functions of Betalains supporting your natural detoxification to toxins from outside and inside your
A cell distressed by external toxins and processes as well as draining away body? Do you feel that you are aging
internal deficiencies will eventually accumulations of toxic waste. a bit quicker than you would like? If
wither, collapse and die. If more cells die so, perhaps the emerging science of
than can be replaced, we slip into a kind If toxins accumulate or trauma injures a Betalains – the anti-inflammatory
of “deficit spending” and our lean body cell, if stress creates tension or if nutrient protein/antioxidant complex from the
mass withers. This is called sarcopenia or deficiency weakens a cell, then chronic Sonoran Desert – can help you live a
premature aging. Betalains can be used inflammation is certain to appear. longer, happier life!
to shore up or strengthen the cell wall. Chronic inflammation is at the heart of


Nopalea, the latest breakthrough in

wellness drinks that really works!
TriVita, a leader in developing premium dietary supplements,
helps people everywhere pursue physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
This ongoing pursuit of wellness has led TriVita to the heart of the Sonoran
Desert and the creation of Sonoran Bloom. Just as the Sonoran Desert’s na-
tives have done for thousands of years, Sonoran Bloom taps into the healing
properties of the region’s amazing plants and cacti.
And now, Sonoran Bloom is unlocking a centuries-old secret
of this mystic desert – Nopalea.

Nopalea™ Nopalea™
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