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[1] ________ is a set of interacting components that operate together to accomplish a purpose.

System processing programming printing

[2] A system can be made of any number of ________ supersystems subsystems processors system boundaries

[3] ________ principle defines exactly what the system is supposed to achieve system input system output Goal-setting system boundary

[4] _______ principle defines the components that make up the system system boundary system input system output goal-setting

[5] Anything outside the system boundary is known as the _________. system input system output Goal-setting system environment

[6] An important principle in system behavior is ________ goal setting system boundary feedback

system output

[7] ________ approach is needed to develop larger systems, which are becoming increasingly complex. formal informal ad-hoc none of the above

[8] An information system that uses computers is __________ system. information system computer-based information system communication system processing system

[9] The _________ acts as input to the system and the_________ acts as output to the computer system. terminal, data storage

data storage, terminal processor, terminal terminal, processor

[10] A computer system is made up of which of the following components a computer a file a terminal all of the above

[11] _______ approaches are used to build simple informational support needs like address book or spreadsheet for accounting. formal informal ad-hoc none of the above

[12] The creation of a new system in business involves which of the following activities choosing the right problem to solve proposing a feasible way to solve describing solution in a system specification all of the above

[13] ________ processes help to organize manpower that carry out the system development work for system efficiency & effectiveness. formal management informal ad-hoc

[14] A system which provides information to people in an organisation is called _________ processing system information system

communication system priviledged system

[15] Which of the following computer system components provides interface for user interaction? terminal computer processor file

[16] Which of the following computer system components is used for data storage? computer terminal file processor

[17] A computer system is made up how how many components?

1 2 3 4

[18] A computer based information system (CBIS) involves which of the following elements procedures data both 1 & 2 processes

[20] The ________ building blocks automate selected processes by use of software technologies knowledge process communication all of the above

[21] Which of the following statements regarding the flatter structure is TRUE? Choice a Each individual in the group must also have some understanding of the functions carried out by other groups with which the individual coordinates. Choice b Each individual in the group must have same skill sets so that the group can achieve the goal of the organization. Choice c Each individual must be the part of more than one group so that he can share the information among different groups. Choice d Each individual in the group must function independently and there will not be any team leader coordinating the work of the group.

[22] Business process re-engineering means ---Increasing the use of computers in the business process. Reducing the manpower in the business process.

Changing an existing business process. All of the above

[23] _________ help us to understand complex system in nature System theory project theory process theory information theory

[24] A _______ are the physical objects & information that cross the boundary to enter it from its environment Goal-setting systems inputs system boundaries system environment

[25] Which of the following are the principles of systems which are with system structure and system behavior?

Goal-setting System boundary systems inputs all of the above

[26] How does the subsystems communicate with each other through DMA through processor by passing messages between themselves all of the above

[27] _______ is the idea of monitoring the current system output and comparing it to the system goal feedback goal-setting message passing system environment

[28] In knowledge building block, _________ are interested in information that adds new business knowledge. system builder system designer system user system owner

[29] In an information system the business process is devoted to capturing transmitting storing data as input all of the above

[30] Documents include system specifications actual programs designs all of the above