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Question2: Did you have a chance to go through our placement brochure sent to you earlier?

Ans: I must share that our University has been....operating for the past four years and is founded by Indias largest professional education brand, NIIT. NIIT as you kno has al ays created industry ready professionals ho are employable and productive from day !."ith the backing of great leaders ho have had a rich e#perience is providing

education services, our university is fast$gro ing and is on its %uest to become one of Indias leading private universities in the coming years Talk about &'A program: (ur &'A program as started in the year )**+ and is

designed to help aspiring professionals build meaningful connections to the real orld of business and become successful leaders of the future. "e are delighted to state that all the students of our previous t o batches have been successfully placed in reputed organi,ations being freshers ithin India. (ur current batch is a diverse mi# of students, some of them having a rich vein of corporate e#perience and some ith great potential.

Question3: May I ask you, Ho talent !or your company?

-ast: I discuss about this proposal in detail. "e year. UNI.U/ and promising differentiation &/NT(012I3 A11(4ITATI(N "IT2 5(0/I6N

do you go about hiring

ith you and

ould like to take this chance to seek a formal appointment

ould love to have a reputed

organi,ation like yours to become our placement partners from the forthcoming




-/2&AN 50(& IN1/A;< 4(A42IN6 30(60A& IN;U1T08 7I1IT ;A8 (N/ 0/A;8 IN;U1T08 &ANA6/01

2ello 1ir,

I am a 20 professional ith more than = yrs e#perience in 20 functions. I have orked in countries like India, U: and gulf on various 20 assignments associated ith IT>1oft are ;evelopment, media ? /ntertainment and large conglomerate companies

3resently, I am a scholar student of &'A in 20 and ould be completing in April!@. 3rior to my &'A I have completed my 36;'A20 from 1ymbiosis$3une and /320& from Indian Institute of &anagement 9II&$-< and ''A$20 from "est 'engal University of Technology

I am riting to you, to e#plore Aob opportunities hich you or any of your references may have in the 20 function. Its Aust that I dont ant to keep my choices limited hile depending on the college for placements, rather I ould ant to e#plore and get the best available of my o n net ork. I am reliable, detail$oriented and e#tremely hard orking professional and I see to it that my responsibilities are al ays my first priority. I have good communication skills and the ability to follo instructions as ell, and make decisions ith minimal supervision. I have leadership %ualities, 20 kno ledge, effective collaboration, influencing and conflict resolution skills, if this is not enough I am a %uick learner and love to learn all ne things hich can give good returns to my future gro th.

I am confident that my e#perience, %ualification and enthusiasm for %uality professional ould be a profitable addition to your organi,ation. I can considered for any 20 position, in hich I am convinced that someone of background ould be able to make a significant contribution to ards the function and the organi,ational goal.

20 be my 20

I look for ard to your response


ould be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration

'est 0egards ;ipak Thakur B+!:CCDCC)=*@=

Dear "ustomer, #our online re!und re$uest has been processed to the concerned department% &lease note the complaint ID: '2((') !or !uture re!erence E==>! Arun 3la,a 3alam 7ihar 0oad, 'iA asan, AdAoining Amity /ng. 4ollege, ;elhi !!**=!