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A) Find the adjective in the first sentence and fill in the blanks with the corresponding adverb.

1. James is careful. He drives ____________ 2. The girl is slow. She walks ____________ 3. Her English is perfect. She speaks English ______________ 4. Our teacher is angry. She shouts _______________ 5. My neighbour is a loud speaker. He speaks _________________ 6. He is a bad writer . He writes ________________ 7. Jane is a nice guitar player. He plays the guitar _________________ 8. He is a good painter. He paints ___________________ 9. She is a quiet girl. She does her job __________________ 10. This exercise is easy. You can do it __________________
B) Put the adjectives between brackets in the correct form.

1. My brother has a (tidy) ____________room than me. 2. Australia is (big)____________than England. 3. I'm (good) ___________now than yesterday. 4. She's got (little) __________friends than you, but she doesn't care. 5. He thinks Chinese is (difficult) _________________ language in the world. 6. Valencia played (bad) ___________than Real Madrid yesterday. 7. Cats are not (intelligent) ___________________ as dogs. 8. Show me (good) __________ restaurant downtown. 9. (hot) ________________desert of all is the Sahara and it's in Africa. 10. Who is (talkative)_______________________ person in your family? C) Write down the correct form of the words in brackets (adjectives or adverbs). 1. Liza is (quick) ___________________. She walks _____________________. 2. Nancy is (careless) ________________ girl. She drives her car ________________. 3. The man is (nice) __________________. He behaves ____________________.

4. He was (bad) __________________injured. He had _______________ accident. 5. They can do the maths problems (easy) ________________. They think math is an ___________ school subject. 6. Marie is a (good) _________________writer. She writes _____________. 7. Its a (beautiful) ______________drawn picture. It looks __________________. 8. Drivers must drive (slow) __________________in this road. It is a (dangerous) ____________road. 9. She smile (happy) ______________. She had a _____________ face. 10. I did the homework (complete) _______________by myself. Im an (autonomous)_____________student.

D) Choose the right answer 1. It is a nice trip. (Nice is an adjective Nice is an adverb)

2. We are working hard to do the job on time. (Hard is an adjective Hard is an adverb) 3. There are hard times. ( hard is an adjective hard is an adverb) 4. She speaks Chinese very well. ( well is an adjective hard is an adverb) 5. He is not well these days. ( well as an adjective well is an adverb) 6. She is a fast runner. (fast as an adjective fast as an adverb) 7. Dont be silly. (silly as an adjective silly as an adverb)

8. He runs fast. ( fast as an adjective fast as an adverb) 9. She is a pretty girl. ( pretty as an adjective pretty as an adverb).