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ISSUE 6: DECEMBER 15, 2013

Common Law
Legal Clinic
90 John Street
Room !08
Manhattan, NY
Tuesdays from :!0-8:!0
Who may attend?
Homeowners in foreclosure
in the ve boroughs of
New York City.
Call to make an
at: 212-21!-!920
Foreclosure Resisters
Monthly Meeting
Judson Memorial Church
239 Thompson Street
Closest Subways:
A/B/C/D/E/F/M to
West 4th St.
First Saturday of every
month from 4"6pm
Victory for Foreclosure
Resister Gabriel Agbaeze!

On January 24, 2013, Gabriel went to court to for a hearing. I was
prepared and armed with Court Supporters to face my predatory lender in
Court. The banks lawyer saw that Gabriel was accompanied by a large
group of Court Supporters and o$ered to negotiate. The banks lawyer
agreed to vacate Gabriels default judgment, allow him to submit a late
answer raising his legal defenses, and restore his case to the settlement
conference part. Gabriel was overjoyed: The result was amazing. Instead of
the Resisters meeting the predatory lenders demands, the predatory lender
met our demands!
Gabriel submitted his answer and attended settlement conferences.
Recently, Gabriel was o$ered a loan modication with a xed 4.125%
interest rate and a &200,000 reduction to the principal balance! He now has
monthly mortgage payments that are a$ordable for him and his family and
he will be able to pay"o$ the entire mortgage in just 21 years. Although the
modication is a tremendous relief to Gabriel, it is also a community
victory. This is a victory by Resisters through their army of Court
Supporters. I am very glad to be a member of the Foreclosure Resisters and
will continue to be a member until all predatory lenders learn a lesson.
Gabriel hopes others will join the Foreclosure Resisters ght. His
message for those who doubt: Be steadfast and condent. If I can be
successful, they will be successful as well. Congratulations Gabriel!
Gabriel Agbaeze attended Common
Laws legal clinic for the rst time in
August 2012. He recalls: To my surprise,
I was welcomed into a family. Shortly
thereafter, Gabriel became a Foreclosure
Resister. At the legal clinic Gabriel
learned that a foreclosure action had
been led against him by U.S. Bank in
2009. He was not awar e of t he
foreclosure action because he was never
served the Summons and Complaint.
Common Law helped him le a motion
to vacate his default.
ISSUE 6: DECEMBER 15, 2013

Looking Back, Looking Forward
We gathered for the ver y rst ' ever! (
Foreclosure Resisters meeting in February 2013. In
spring, Foreclosure Resisters worked with New
Economy Projec! to bring homeowner stories to
shareholders of Chase Bank, Bank of America and
Wells Fargo. Foreclosure Resisters then hit public
radio KDVS FM to deliver our message: Dont be
ashamed! Fight Back! By summer, Foreclosure
Resisters were speaking at community events 'Mt.
Vernon Health Fair, Christ the King Church in
Springeld Gardens( and reminding people that
Knowledge is power on public access television
'Caribbean Classroom(. In September, we held
our rst Dinner Dance! What a beautiful gathering
and celebration! In fall, we continued our outreach
e$orts)presenting at the Bronx Housing Foru"
sponsored by Congressman Jose E. Serrano and
NYS Senator Gustavo Rivera.
As 2013 comes to a close, we are
still reaching out to others with our
hopeful message of resistance, this
month introducing ourselves to the
National Action Networ# and New York
Citys network of credit unions.
Throughout this very busy year, we
rallied court support more than 15
times. We brought Court Support to
Federal Court. Mr. Barnes set the new
standard for oral arguments in Queens
Supreme Court.
In the new year, we will continue to build our kind and strong community. We will gather on January
19th for FORECLOSURE RESISTER BINGO NIGHT. We will also film two more shows for public
access television on January 25
! In the meantime, we wish everyone a happy, healthy holiday season!
!"#$ &'$ ("&$
!"# %&'#()&*+'# '#*,*!#'* -.&/ "&/
!& "01# 0 2&&3 !,4#5 3&.6! 4,** ,!5
789:8;< =>? @A=B
In Brooklyn, the Court)after witnessing Court Support)began referring homeowners to Foreclosure Resisters.
We have done so much! And have made a di$erence! Congratulations, Foreclosure Resisters!