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A Chronology of The Silmarillion has to take into account the following stages of time that occur: The Time

e leading up to the creation of the two Trees Telperion and Laurelin and their regular waxing and waning in Aman. That manner of reckoning, though, is available only to the Valar, who dwell in sight of them, and not to the dwellers on Middle earth, who cannot see the Lights.

The time of the Two Trees to the years of the !un and Moon

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$or a breakdown of this timeline the following formulas could be used as a reference to mark time
%eckoning of Time : According to the reckoning by the Trees &Telperion and 'aurelin( ". "% hours*A full flower of both Trees+ , " day %. "--- days *"%--- hours+ , " year '. "-- years , " age of the Valar %eckoning by the Trees vs. %eckoning by the )un: " hour of the Trees , . hours of our time " day of the Trees , *./"%+ 01 hours of our time " year of the Trees , *. / "%---+ 01--- hours of our time 2ased on this we have 0.33 hours in a !un year * '34.%4 / %1+ and therefore5

". %. '. 1.

4. " year of the Trees , *01---60.33+7.40% !un 8ears *alar+s intention for the reckoning by the )un and ,oon .-- times of sunlight and moonlight , '4- full days , " !un 8ear " hour , "6. of " hour of the Trees 2ased on this information we can say that5 " !un year would have 01-- hours *%1/'4-+ , *01--6.+ "%-- hours of the Trees , "6"- of a Valian year and , approximately

". %. '. 1. 4.

"- !un years 3. 9xpressed in another way5 .. " year of the Trees , 01--- hours of our time *./"%---+ 0. 01---601-- *'4-/%1+ , "- although 7. 01---60.33 *'34.%4/%1+ , 7.40% Time elapsed from the beginning to the Trees flowering to the first riding of the ,oon ". The Trees flowered after '4-- Valian years had passed which e:uals ''4'- !un years *using 7.40+ %. The Moon rose after 4--- Valian years had passed which e:uals 1.7-- !un years *using 7.40+

Note: All items that are marked in red on this page have additional information in the )ilmarillion -ncyclopedia. -ach bookmark will link back to the page where the entry is found. .t will open a new window and it will open up to where the entry is located on that page.

The /eginning" *alian 0ears 1"!233

;luvatar creates 9a *our <orld+ by the Music and by bestowing 2eing upon it. The Ainur descend as =owers *Valar+ to the island of Almaren on Middle earth. Their &ames and >unctions5 Valar ?escriptions They wage the first <ar against Melkor to prevent him from spoiling their work in shaping 9a. 1233 Morgoth flees from Tulkas the !trong. 0avanna plants the !eeds of all growing things. 1433 Aul5 constructs and sets in place Two Lamps, whose Light brings Middle earth@s first !pring. !633 ,elkor digs his underground fortress of Atumno. !623 &ow feeling safe, he destroys the Two Lamps and hides in 7tumno. ;n the ensuing ?arkness the first spring dies. The Valar move to Aman the 2lessed *Valinor+ and fortify it. !233 8avanna sings up the Two Trees, Telperion the <hite and 'aurelin the $olden, to replace AulB@s two broken Lamps *.lluin and


The %eckoning of Time from the Two Trees 0ears 1"1133

The Count of Time begins on Aman. After an hour of waxing, Telperion shines at its full for six hours, then wanes for an hour into darkness. Laurelin, likewise, first has an hour of waxing while Telperion wanes, and then shines at its full for six hours until its hour of waning mingles with the hour of Telperion@s rekindling. Taken together, the two six hour periods of full shining are accounted a single day of twelve hours.AulB makes the !even >athers of the ?warves. >or 8avanna@s sake the 9nts are bornD for ,anw5@s, the 9agles. 1333"1323 Varda *9lbereth+ scatters silver dews of Telperion through the skies to make new stars and constellations for the expected coming of the 9lves, the 9lder Children of ;luvatar. This includes Menelmacar *now known as Erion+.This was to be the sign for Turin Turambar and thus foreshadow the Last 2attle that shall be at the end of the "st Age 1323 The 9lves awaken at Cuivienen. *arda creates the star Valacirca *the !ickle of the Valar+ which stands in the &orthern sky above Atumno as a token of the doom of Melkor. ,elian the Maia departs from Valinor.

1323"1392 Melkor transforms captured 9lves into Ercs. 8rom5 finds the Children of ;luvatar and lingers through. 139: )e then returns to Valinor and informs ManwB of the arrival of the 9lves

1343"1133 The outraged Valar break open Atumno, capture Melkor, and chain him in the )alls of ,andos for three Ages, during which a Long =eace lasts.

.n the $irst Age of ,elkor;s /ondage 1133"1<33

The Valar summon the three 9lf tribes **anyar, Noldor, and Teleri+ to live with them in Aman. 9ach tribe has inherent traits of its own. 113< .ngw5, $inw5 and -lw5 come to Valinor as Fuendi ambassadors. A yearning begins as they behold the Light of the Two Trees. They return and counsel the 9ldar to go to the Land of Aman. 11!3 9lwB *Thingol+ of the Teleri meets and marries Melian the Maia in 2eleriand. They found =oriath. Melian throws a protective $irdle around ?oriath. 11!! The 9lves arrive in Aman. 1163 The city of Tirion is full wrought. The Tower of ;ngwB is built. 116< 8avanna gives to the &oldor the <hite tree >alathilion which was an image of the tree Telperion 1123 7lmo takes all the Teleri who would follow 8lw5 on 9ressea and, with the aid and some pleading by EssB, they fasten the island in the bay of -ldamar within sight of Aman. )ere they can see the Light of the Two Trees as it passes throught the cleft in the =elori mountains. Kalakiryan - The Pass of Light. The Teleri that remain in Middle 9arth stay on the coast of <est 2eleriand *>alas+. They become the first mariners on the earth and the first ship builders. Cirdan is their Lord and their havens are at 2rithombar and 9glarest. They become known as the >alathrim. *)indarin Coast people+ 11:< ElwB, Lord of the Teleri, with >inwB@s aid and that of the &oldor, begins the building of Al?ualond5, the !wanhaven, upon the coast of 9ldamar 11:2 The last of the Vanyar leave Tirion for Valinor. The &oldor dwell alone and converse thereafter with the Teleri. 11@4 $5anor is born there . )is mother ,iriel dies of his birth. >Banor@s father, >inwB, Ging of the &oldor, marries again, his second wife being .ndis of the Vanyar. %umil devises the Letters and begins recording 9ldar writings, songs, etc. 1143 >inwB H ;ndis@ first son >ingolfin is born. 1<33 'uthien, daughter of Thingol and

Melian is born

.n the )econd Age of ,elkor;s /ondage 1<33"1!33

>Banor marries Nerdanel of the &oldor. Their seven sons are born. !he is called the wise. >or a time, &erdanel is able to curb >Banor@s fiery nature. $ingolfin and $inarfin marry. 9ach has several sons and daughters. 1<!3 >inarfin, >inwB H ;ndis@ second son is born. 1<23 The descendants of AulB@s ?warves come to the -red 'uin mountains and found Nogrod and 2elegost. >Banor improves on #umil@s letters *Tengwar+ 1<93 >inarfin weds ElwB@s daughter Iarwen. &ow his children become kin to Thingol in 2eleriand 1!33 <ith Melian@s guidance, dwarves and elves build ,enegroth of the Thousand Caves for 9lu Thingol. Turgon and $inrod are born.

.n the Third Age of ,elkor;s /ondage 1!33"1633

<olves, Ercs, and other evil creatures roam in 2eleriand. Menegroth is fortified against them. 1!!3 The first of the Ercs are encountered in 2eleriand. 1!23 =enethor and a host of elves called the &andor cross the mountains and reside near 8ssiriand The Land of !even *rivers+. Thingol welcomes them as lost kindred. They are called the $reen elves because their garb bears the colors of leaves. 1!:< >aladriel is born. 1633 Melkor is unchained. )e precipitates :uarrels between >Banor and >ingolfin by whispering lies about both. 1623 >Banor fashions the three !ilmarils, each enclosing the Lights of the Two Trees. Varda hallows the !ilmarils, so that no mortal flesh nor any evil or unclean thing might touch them, but will be scorched and burned with unenduring pain. >Banor has further :uarrels with >ingolfin. >Banor draws his sword on >ingolfin and threatens him 1643 Mandos banishes him for twelve years from the &oldor city of Tirion. >Banor builds a stronghold of his own at $ormenos, north of Tirion, where he is Joined by his seven sons and by his father, >inwB. &erdanel chooses not to follow her spouse but abides with ;ndis instead. Melkor *now called Morgoth, the 2lack 9nemy+ is sought by the Valar as the chief begetter of the :uarrels but flees, apparently northward. 164< Morgoth circles back to southern Aman and makes a pact with 7ngoliant. 1642 (ointly they kill the Two Trees. En their flight back to Middle earth

Morgoth kills >inwB and steals the !ilmarils at >ormenos, >Banor being absent, by command, at a feast of the Valar. They ask >Banor to restore to 8avanna the Light of the Two Trees by breaking open the !ilmarils. )e answers neither aye nor nay. )earing of the tragedy at >ormenos, >Banor rushes back to Tirion. Morgoth escapes from Angoliant on Middle earth. )e rebuilds Angband mustering Ercs and /alrogs. ;t is locate "4- leagues north of the bridge of Menegroth. )e raises the three fold peaks of Thangorodrim 1642"1233 >Banor incites the &oldor in Tirion to pursue Morgoth to Middle earth both to avenge Ging >inwB and to recover the !ilmarils. >Banor and his sons all swear the Eath Kthat none should takeK to kill anyone who keeps a !ilmaril from them. )e disregards a warning from ManwB not to leave Valinor. )e leads the Ginslaying of the Teleri at Al:ualonde. Mandos curses >Banor and all the &oldor who follow him. >Banor steals the Teleri ships to transport to Middle earth those &oldor most loyal to himD lands at the >irth of =rengist, burns the ships, abandoning >ingolfin and the main &oldor host in AramanD encamps with his followers on the shore of 'ake ,ithrim. )e repulses and shatters an Erc army secretly sent by Morgoth. =ursuing its remnants to Ard"galen, >Banor is slain by 2alrogs. )is body instantly crumbles to dust. The $irst and )econd /attles of /eleriand 164@ to the beginning of 1st Age 0ear 1 $irst /attle: " Morgoth hurls two Erc armies against ?oriath, one to its east, one to its west. Thingol@s 9lves rout the eastern army with the help of $reen elves and ?warves. This victory is won before any of the &oldor land in 2eleriand. )owever, ?enethor and all his kin perish. The $reen elves merge with Thingol@s people. )econd /attle: " ?agor nuin $iliath, 2attle under the !tars it is so called because neither Moon nor !un has yet risen, although the Valar are preparing both. The army of Cirdan, ally of Thingol, has been defeated by the western orc host and pushed far south to the seacoast. This orc host, marching back northward to aid those Ercs defeated by the &oldor at Lake Mithrim, is ambushed and wiped out by Celegorm, third son of >Banor. 9xpecting the imminent birth of Men, the !econd Children of ;luvatar, the Valar resolve to guard them against Morgoth@s darkness by lighting all of 9a with a Moon and a !un. The Moon *a radiant silver flower of Telperion transparently encased by AulB *and guided

by the Maia Tilion+ being ready first, Varda sends it up into the sky from the =elori mountains in Valinor. !o it seems to rise first in the west, but its assigned course is to pass under 9L and make its rising in the east. At the Moon@s first appearance >ingolfin and his host, safe at last from their crossing of the Aelcarax5, set foot on Middle earth. They greet it with silver trumpets.

The )olar 0ears

!even days later the !un *one golden fruit from Laurelin and guided by the Maia Arien+ rises similarly above the =elori, but is designed to circle under 9a and bring morning to the east. 1"6 According to the !un@s coming and going begins the Count of Time on Middle earth, its first rising being the first day of the first 8ear of the !un. ;ts 8ears are Kswifter and briefer than the long 8ears of the Trees in ValinorK. En the day of its first rising >ingolfin and his host march into Mithrim, saluting it with horns and banners. En the same day the race of Men awake in Aildorien.Morgoth immediately comes to corrupt them by laying upon their hearts a darkness of fear and enmity against the 9lves which can never be expunged. 2ut he is called back to Angband, having only partially completed this task. 2 After the >irst and !econd 2attles Morgoth lures ,aedhros into a conference at which he is seiMed by 2alrogs and nailed by one hand to a cliff in Thangorodrim. )is friend $ingon finds him and, lifted up by Thorondor, Ging of 9agles, frees him by cutting off his hand. Maedhros, grateful, begs >ingolfin@s pardon for the desertion in Araman. Also renounces in his favor the office of )igh Ging of the &oldor. @ Angrod comes from ?oriath bearing the words of Thingol. Thingol declares his rule not only over ?oriath but also over all of 2eleriandD forbids &oldor settlements anywhere except in wild, unoccupied landsD denies access to ?oriath by any except members of the )ouse of >inarfin, his kinsman. All the &oldor are dismayed,but Caranthir, fourth son of >Banor, angrily attacks Angrod,who becaomes wrothful and departs the council. To ensure peace Maedhros takes all six of his brothers far eastward to the )ill of )imring. There he makes them wardens of the March of Maedhros against Morgoth@s incursions from the north. <3 >ingolfin as )igh Ging holds a statesmanlike >east of #euniting, Mereth Aderthad, near the pools of ;vrin, to heal all breaches. All the &oldor princes attend, notably Maedhros and his brother ,aglor the Minstrel, with

some of their warriors. Also the !indar leaders, save only those of ?oriath. All swear oaths of friendship. To bring &oldor and !indar closer together, the &oldor there speak !indarin. 23 <arned by Almo in their dreams to build cities impregnable to Morgoth, >inrod and Turgon travel together looking for proper sites. <ith assistance from ?warves, >inrod founds Nargothrond in caves dug into the bank of the #iver &arog, resembling Menegroth. 21 Ander Almo@s guidance Turgon discovers among the mountains the hidden value of Tumladen, in which stands a hill of rock on which to erect a city modeled after Tirion upon Tuna in Aman. :@ Tales are whispered concerning the deeds of the &oldor before coming to 2eleriand. Cirdan, perceiving that these stories are due to the Jealousies between the princes of &oldor, informs Thingol. )e becomes angry. )aving the sons of >inrod there he rebuked them. Angrod remembers Caranthir@s words and speaks out in bitterness telling Thingol all concerning the Ginslaying at Al:ualondB and the ship burning at Losgar. Thingol decrees that never again shall the &oldor language be spoken in his realm. The Third /attle of /eleriandB=agor AglorebB the >lorious /attle

@2 A huge legion of Ercs attacking =orthonion is crushed between the forces of >ingolfin and Maedhros, who assail it simultaneously. The &oldor leaders establish a tight siege of Angband which lasts nearly 1-- years. 133 Turgon builds and secretly occupies the hidden city of $ondolin. Almo promises him that it will be the last of the &oldor strongholds to fall, and that he will send a warning of peril before that happens. Thus foreshadowing the coming of Tuor. Turgon@s people begin the migration from Nevrast 122 Morgoth probes the defenses of Aithlum by sending a brigade of Ercs around it to attack from its west. >ingon falls upon them at the >irth of ?rengist and drives most of them into the !ea. <:2 =erceiving that unaided Ercs cannot prevail the &oldor, Morgoth breeds >laurung, the first >ire drake. ;t emerges from Angband prematurely and is driven back in by a cavalry of 9lves, who shoot arrows into its soft scales. <2:"623 A Long =eace ensues while $laurung grows to maturity. The &oldor find leisure for arts of mind and hand. ;n many regions they merge with the !indar. !indarin becomes the dominant speech for all the 9lves of 2eleriand. 2ut the &oldor princes retain &oldorin, the )igh !peech of the <est, @among themselves, and as a language of lore. !36 Aredhel, Turgon@s sister, leaves $ondolin. !he is befriended by the sons of >Banor and is separated from them in &an ?ungortheb. !he survives and is seduced and wedded to -Cl the dark elf * Nan -lmoth+ !32 Men are discovered in Essiriand by >inrod >elagund. !3: ,aeglin, son of Aredhel is born !13 >inrod meets the -dain in Essiriand

!11 /5or enters the service of >inrod !62 Through his mother Aredhel, Maeglin gains access to $ondolin. 9Nl follows them and, in a :uarrel in front of Turgon@s throne, Aredhel is slain by a poison dart from 9Nl. 9Nl is cast over the Caragdur*a precipitous black rock formation+, cursing Maeglin. Anable to win the love of .dril, the Ging@s daughter, Maeglin seeks selfish power there. !23 Three tribes of Men first enter 2eleriand5 the people of 2Bor, the )aladin, and the )ador. 2y invitation of the &oldor lords 2Bor@s tribe Joins Angrod and Aegnor, sons of >inarfin, in ?orthonion. The )ador settle in )ithlum under >ingolfin. !22 ?eath of 2Bor !@3 The )aladin choose to live in the >orest of /rethil. !94 The birth of )ador, later Lord of =or"lDmin. 6!< Approximate birth of /eren 9rchamion. 661 The birth of Aurin 66! The birth of ,orwen. 666 The birth of Auor 662 2irth of -reinion, later called $il galad. 623 )urin and )uor of the )ouse of )ador, being fostered in 2rethil by their uncle, )aldir, lose their way after fighting Ercs and are carried by Thorondor@s 9agles into $ondolin. They persuade Ging Turgon to release them.2irth of Larnach. The $ourth /attleB =agor /ragollachB the /attle of )udden $lame 622 Morgoth suddenly succeeds in breaking the !iege of Angband. <ith swift rivers of lava he burns Ard galen into ashes. Then with $laurung, 2alrogs, and vast battalions of Ercs, he pens >ingolfin and >ingon in )ithlumD overruns ?orthonion, killing Angrod and AegnorD smashes open the whole March of Maedhros except the )ill of )imring, held by Maedhros and Maglor. Celegorm to &argothrond. >inrod, hurrying his army northward into the fray, is trapped in the >ens of !erech, saved only by 2arahir, to whom he gives his ring and swears an oath of friendship. Aador perishes&622( at /arad -ithel defending >ingolfin . >ingolfin challenges Morgoth to single combat, lames him, but is killed. >ingon becomes )igh Ging. 62: )Orin and )uor return out of $ondolin to ?or lPmin. 62@ /arahir sends the women and children of

2Bor@s tribe to the )aladin and the )ador. )e fights on in ?orthonion@s highlands with twelve men, among them his son, 2eren. )auron drives 8rodreth from Tol )irion and, as Morgoth@s chief lieutenant, occupies its tower and dungeons with his <erewolves. 9asterlings enter 2eleriand for the first time, many of them already corrupted by Morgoth. Maedhros allies himself with 2or and Alfang, the former faithful, the latter not. 6:< Morgoth sends a large force of Ercs against )ithlum. )urin holds the pass of 9ithel !irion against one army. <ith Cirdan@s aid >ingon slaughters another coming down from the north. )urin marries Morwen and rules the )ador in ?orlomin.Capture of Minas Tirith by the forces of !auron. >aldor is slain in the siege of 2arad 9ithel. 6:! )urin@s son, Turin, is born to Morwen. 6:2 2y a trick !auron learns the whereabouts of 2arahir@s band and dispatches Ercs, who slay them, all except 2eren. 6:@ Maedhros tries to form a Anion of all those who will fight against Morgoth, especially with >ingon, but neither &argothrond nor ?oriath Joins. >ingon has the help of Cirdan@s 9lves from the >alas and of all the 9dain. Maedhros has to rely on the 9asterlings and a contingent of ?warves. 6:9"643 2eren fights on alone for four years, and then goes south to the forest of &eldoreth, where he and Luthien meet and love. To win Luthien, 2eren is re:uired by Thingol to bring back as a bride price a !ilmaril from Morgoth@s crown. $inrod $elagund dies &6:4( while saving 2eren from a <erewolf in !auron@s dungeon at Tol !irion. Luthien and the hound Auan rescue 2eren by driving !auron from Tol !irion. <hile Morgoth and all his court slumber under Luthien@s spell of sleep 2eren pries loose a !ilmaril from his iron crown *137+. Carcharoth swallows the !ilmaril in 2eren@s hand and, tortured by pain, ravages ?oriath. ;n hunting the beast 2eren is mortally wounded while saving Thingol@s life. 2eren gives Thingol the !ilmaril, cut out from Carcharoth, and perishes of his wounds. Luthien dies of grief. ;n Mandos@ halls Luthien sings so sweetly of her love for 2eren that ManwB, empowered by ;luvatar, allows the lovers to return together to 9a as mortals, there to share the fate of Men when they die again. They settle on Tol >alen in Essiriand and have a son, ?ior, who is heir to Thingol@s throne. The $ifth /attleB Nirnaeth Arnoediad " the /attle of 7nnumbered Tears.

6@1 As in ?agor Aglareb, the $lorious 2attle, >ingon and Maedhros are to attack simultaneously from west and east. 2ut Maedhros is delayed on the )ill of )imring by the false reports of Aldor, his 9asterling scout. And >ingon, leaving his defenses too soon, is surrounded by Ercs and killed. Maedhros, hastening to >ingon@s aid, is betrayed by 9asterlings. The )ador of ?or lomin, captained by )uor and )urin, fight to the last. )urin is captured alive and taken to Angband. Tuor is born. )is mother, #ian, dies of grief for his slain father, )uor. All the sons of >Banor are wounded but escape to Mount ?olmed. )ithlum has lost all its fighting Men and most of its 9lves. Morgoth repopulates it with 9asterlings. )e ravages the >alas, driving Cirdan and his 9lves to the ;sle of 2alar.!even ships built by Cirdan for Ging Turgon, to plead for help from the Valar against Morgoth, are all wrecked. Morgoth, unable to break )urin@s will and force him to reveal the location of $ondolin, curses him and sits him, bound, on a high peak whence he must watch evil overtake his wife and children Morwen sends Turin, age eight,to ?oriath to escape slavery the 9asterlings and to be nurtured by Ging Thingol. 8ear of Lamentation for the 2attle of Annumbered Tears.2irth of Tuor. 6@< !iege and capture of the )avens of 2rithombar and 9glarest.Morwen gives birth to Nienor, Turin@s sister,whom he does not see. 6@2 2irth of ?ior 9luchQl on Tol $alen. 69! &ow Turin begins to fight Ercs on borders of ?oriath 692"64< Turin returns to Menegroth to rest. Gills )aeros. =resuming himself an outlaw,he gathers a band of desperate men on Amon %EdhD is betrayed by ,imD kills his friend 2eleg by mistakeD and is taken by $windor to &argothrond. >induilas falls in love with him, in vain. 699 Tuor is fostered secretly by $rey elves in the Caves of Androth in Mithrim. 641 Tuor captured and enslaved by 9asterlings. 64! Almo warns Ging Erodreth to throw down the new bridge across the #iver &arog, to shut his city@s gates, and to keep his army safe behind them. Turin persuades the Ging to ignore Almo@s counsels.

646 Approximate date of the reforging of $urthang.Tuor escapesD returns to the Caves of AndrosD lives there as an outlaw, harrying the 9asterlings. Morgoth looses against &argothrond a host of Ercs led by $laurung. The Ging, by Turin@s bad advice, leads out his armyD is defeated and slain at Tumhalad. &argothrond is sacked. The paralyMing spell of $laurung@s eyes holds Turin immobile, then deceives him into making a vain Journey to ?orlomin to save Morwen and &ienor, who have already fled to ?oriath. Ander the same spell, &ienor loses all memory of who she is. #unning naked to the >orest of 2rethil, she is pitied and then loved by Turin, who has taken refuge there.!ack of &argothrond. Tuor, called by Almo, finds in Vinyamar the armor and weapons left by Ging Turgon to identify the messenger warning of imminent peril. 642 Almo orders Tuor to seek out $ondolin and deliver his messageD saves Voronwe, a mariner of $ondolin, to guide him there. Thingol has ?warves from &ogrod set his !ilmaril in Nauglamir.Tuor repeats to Ging Turgon Almo@s counsel to abandon $ondolin and take its people to the Mouths of !irion. Turgon refuses to leave the city. 64@ Turin and &ienor are married. 649 &ienor becomes pregnant. $laurung, about to ruin 2rethil, is mortally wounded by Turin, single handed. 2efore he dies, $laurung tells &ienor that she and Turin are brother and sister. &ienor drowns herself in the #iver Teiglin. <hen Turin hears the full story, he kills himself by falling on the point of his sword Anglachel. The 9lves of ?oriath build a grave mound honoring Turin as $laurung@s 2ane. 644 Morgoth releases )urin after %0 years. !hunned by his own people in )ithlum as a servant of Morgoth, )urin

finds Morwen dying on Turin@s grave mound but withholds from her the manner of his and his sister@s death. 233 )urin seeks vengeance on all who have inJured his familyD kills Mim in &argothrondD selects from $laurung@s treasure only &auglamir, the &ecklace of the ?warvesD caustically gives it to Thingol for KsafekeepingK his familyD casts himself into the !ea. 2irth of ?ior@s twin sons -lured and -lurin. 23< ?warves kill ThingolD are themselves killed by ?oriath@s 9lves, all save two. Melian, at her husband@s death, withdraws her protecting $irdle and returns to Valinor.Tuor marries ;dril Celebrindal, Turgon@s daughter, after seven years in $ondolin. 23! &ogrod sends an army of ?warves to ?oriath. 9ntering Menegroth, ?warves win a bloody battle with the 9lves there.-Frendil, Tuor H ;dril@s son, is born in $ondolin. -lwing, ?ior@s daughter is born in Essiriand 236 ?warves march eastward with &auglamir and its !ilmarilD are ambushed by $reen elves of Essiriand led by 2eren, who takes the necklace home to Tol $alen for Luthien to wear. 9nts kill all the ?warves who survive the ambush. 232 ?ior, son of 2eren and Luthien, succeeds to the throne of ?oriath. 2eren and Luthien dieD go together, like others of the race of Men, to a future beyond the <orld, having sent the !ilmaril to ?ior. 23: The seven !ons of >Banor attack ?ior to recover the !ilmarilD kill ?ior and most of his people in a second Ginslaying. Celegorm, CurufinB and Caranthir are slain. 9lwing, ?ior@s daughter, escapes with the !ilmaril to the Mouths of !irion. 213 Morgoth surprises and overthrows $ondolin,aided by treacherous information from Maeglin. Ging Turgon and Maeglin perish.$lorfindel slays a 2alrog in the 9ncircling Mountains, and is himself slain.Tuor leads ;dril, 9Lrendil, and the other survivors safely through perils to the Mouths of !irion. 2<2 Tuor, feeling old, sails with ;dril into the <est,in the ship 9LrrRmB never to returnD nor is their fate known. 8et, it has been sung that Tuor was numbered among the 9lder race and was sundered from the >ate of Men. 9Lrendil becomes ruler of the remnants of ?oriath and $ondolin gathered at !irion@s MouthsD marries 9lwing. -lros and 9lrond *the Peredhil+are the sons of this marriage 2<9 9Lrendil ventures far into the <estern !ea in his ship *ingilot, hoping to reach Valinor with a plea for help against MorgothD is baffled without the !ilmaril, which remains with 9lwing. 9lros and 9lrond are born.

2!6 The four remaining sons of >Banor, seeking the !ilmaril, swoop down upon the fugitives near !irionD kill many. Two sons,Amrod and Amras, perish. 9lwing escapes with the !ilmaril by throwing herself into the !ea. 9lros and 9lrond are taken captive by Maglor and Maedros in the battle. Almo gives 9lwing the wings of a seabird, and she flies to Vingilot. Lighted by the !ilmaril, 9Lrendil is able to reach Valinor. 2efore the assembled Valar he is granted the pardon, pity, and help for 9lves and Men he pleads for. ManwB decrees that all the )alf elven shall be given the choice of becoming either wholly 9lves or wholly Men. 9lwing choosing to be wholly 9lvenD 9Lrendil for her sake chooses the same. Vingilot is hallowed and lifted up into the sky, steered forever by 9Lrendil wearing the !ilmaril on his brow5 the Morning and 9vening !tar *Venus+ 2!:. &2!! " 24@( " The Gar of Grath

9Lrendil throws down the new race of flying ?ragons sent against him by Morgoth in the <ar of <rath launched at last by the Valar and the 9lves faithful to them. Morgoth is seiMed, bound, and thrust out into the Void in permanent exile. The whole of 2eleriand, right up to the 9red Luin mountains, is overrun by the !ea. Many 9lves take ship for the Andying LandsD others prefer to cross the mountains and dwell on the wide continent of Middle earth lying behind it. The two remaining !ilmarils taken from Morgoth and entrusted to ManwB@s herald, -Cnw5, are seiMed by Maedhros and Maglor. The !ilmarils so burn the brothers that they realiMe their forfeiture, by their crimes, of any right to possess the (ewels. Maedhros despairingly throws himself and his !ilmaril into a fiery crevice in the 9arth. Maglor pitches his !ilmaril far out into the $reat !ea. 9ver after, the Minstrel wanders alone on the shore singing songs of sad remorse. )e never returns to Valinor.


!ource Morgoth@s #ing *2ook Ten of the )istory of Middle 9arth+ by Christopher Tolkien )oughton Mifflin "77' The inland !ea of )elcar was created from where ;lluin fell. This is the inland sea in the east of ancient Middle earth, on the eastern shores of which lay CuiviHnen. EromB led the 9lves of the $reat (ourney around the northern end of this sea as they set out for Valinor. &ote that the notation of years refers to the time from the creation of the Two Trees

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