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Department Of Commerce
Gujranwala Campus



Dedicate Our Project To Our

Our Respectable Teacher
His Parents


Proud of being a student of MBA and have been fortunate to have had the
assistance of our teacher SIR NAVEED IQBAL. He guided us on each and every
point; whenever we need help from him he always welcomes us.

First of all thanks to ALLAH and after that to all persons who contributed a lot
to bring this project in its final form. And in this manner Director
Administration and HR of GEPCO (WAPDA) Mr. Col. ® Ghazanfar Ali Khan help
us a lot and provide us all necessary information that we require from him for
the completion of our project. His staff also helps us.

The aim or purpose of our project is to discuss the functions, practices, policies
and other important aspects of HR&ADMIN DIRECTORATE of GEPCO.

Sr. No. CONTENTS Page#
1 Acknowledgement 1
2 Table of Contents 2
3 Introduction of Company 3
4 Mission Statement 4
5 Vision of Company 4
6 History 5
7 Future Plans 5
8 Main Product of Company 5
9 Different Departments of Company 6
10 HRM Department 7
11 Job Analysis
12 Recruitment and selection process 8
13  Testing 8
14  Interview 9
15 Process of training
16  Job rotation 10
17  Coaching 10
18  Training Courses 10
19  Course Policy 11

20  Grading Of Trainees 12
21  Apprenticeship 12
22 Compensation management
23 Salary 13
24 Probation period 14
25 Promotion criteria 15
26  Promotion Exams 15
27 Rent or residence facility 16
28 Medical care 17
29 Transportation 19
30 Pension 19
31  Classification of Pension 19

32  Compensation Pension 20
33  Invalid Pension 20
34  Superannuation Pension 20
35  Retiring Pension 20
36 Rate and Scale of Pension 21
37 Vacation criteria 21
38  Kinds of Leave 22
39  Revised Leave Rules For WAPDA 23
Employees, 1982
40 Transfer 24
41 Education of children 24
42  Educational Scholarships 24
43 Insurance 25
44  Group Life Insurance 26
45 Health and safety program 26
46  Table of Fatal and Non-Fatal Accidents 26
47 Performance appraisal 27
48  Appraisal Process 27
49  Reasons 27
50  Steps 27
51  Appraisal Form 28
52 Flaws in practice 29
53 Human Engineering 30
54 Suggestions and Recommendations 31
55 Appendix

Introduction of company


GEPCO has been set up over area of jurisdiction and network of former
Area Electricity Board, which was created in early Eighties. It
encompassed the areas of existing Districts of Gujranwala, Hafizabad,
Sialkot, Narowal, Gujrat and Mandi Bahauddin. Gujranwala Electric
Power Company was incorporated on 25 April 1998 and obtained
certificate for commencement of business on 05 June 1998. This is the
distribution company, which purchases the electricity from WAPDA.
They have about 20,09,052 connections, Average monthly collection for
the year 2005-08 is more than 2.5 billion.

The #1 Power Distribution Company in Pakistan

The exclusive Electricity Distribution Company in Pakistan having
distinction of Winning “#1 Power Distribution Company Award”
continuously for last two years.

Mission Statement
To provide quality electric power to the customers of jurisdiction area
according to their needs and satisfaction, in a cost effective, efficient and
environment friendly manner through better control over costs, carrying
out preventive maintenance, augmenting & expanding the power system
and providing training and incentives to the workers.

Ministry of Water and Power will plan to meet future Energy and Water
requirement of the country. In order to achieve these objectives, plans
will be developed in consultation with province, WAPDA (its successor
organization), international experts etc., projects will be launched,
financing arranged and monitoring system put in place, to implement the
plans using all available indigenous resources and I.T. facilities.

• Achieve and maintain the highest degree of efficiency, reliability

and responsiveness as a public service organization for variety of

• Public and company workers’ safety shall be high on our priority.

• Retaining and growing our business, staff and customer base will
be of primary importance.

• Developing innovative business relationships both inside and

outside our local distribution area will be key to our success.

There were eight distribution regions in Pakistan, which were called Area
Electricity Board. In Punjab there are five and one in each province.
Gujranwala was one of the Area Electricity Board. Area Electricity Board
Gujranwala declared in 1977 comprising Gujranwala, Sialkot and
Sheikhupura Districts. The building was made in 1974. Creation of
Gujranwala Electric Power Company declared on 01-07-1998 comprising
Gujranwala, Sialkot, Gujrat, Hafizabad, Narowal and M.B.Din districts.

In 25 April, 1998 Privatization board of WAPDA; the distribution board

companies under the company’s ordinance in 1984 with their own Board
of Directors Area Electricity Board Gujranwala became Gujranwala
Electric Power Company (GEPCO).

Future plans
To carry on all or any of the business of purchasing, importing,
transforming, converting, distributing, supplying, exporting and dealing
in electricity and all other forms of energy and products or services
associated therewith and of promoting the conversation and efficiently
use of electricity and all other forms of energy. Our goal is to relentlessly
improve the quality of our products

Main products of company

Gepco International, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of audio and
video cable products. Founded in 1981, the company designs,
manufactures, and markets audio cable, video cable, cable assemblies,
connectors and specialty products. In addition, Gepco is a distributor for
such cable-related products as patch bays, connectors, and tools.

As part of their commitment to the industry and their customers, they

continually test and develop new products, manufacture custom cables,
and cut cable to specific length requirements. To achieve high quality
standards, all Gepco products are manufactured with only premium
compounds and materials to their exacting specifications.

To maintain high position as the standard in rapidly changing market,

they continue to embrace technology and further their innovation. This
fundamental principle will allow them to remain the premier provider to
the audio and video industry.

Different Departments of Company


HRM Department
Organizational architecture is the combination of organizational
structure, control systems, culture and a human resource management
system that managers developed to use the resources efficiently and
effectively. HRM include the
1. Recruitment and selection
2. Training and development
3. Performing appraisal and feedback
4. Pay and benefits
5. Labors relations
In GEPCO all the above-mentioned procedures are done but they have
shortcomings and deficiencies. They need to make all their procedures
efficient and effective so as to utilize the manpower in a better manner to
increase the work life at GEPCO.











Job Analysis
“The procedure for determining the duties and skill requirements of a job
and the kind of person who should be hired for it.”

Recruitment and Selection Process

The process of hiring and selecting new employee in GEPCO consists of


• Testing
• Interviews

They give weight as under

• 40% to academic qualification
• 20% to interview
• 40% to test

Their test criteria consists upon
• Matriculation 8%
• Intermediate 12%
• Graduation 20%
• Masters 25%

Intelligence test

They mostly conduct intelligence test in which they test the general
intellectual abilities of a candidate and measure range of abilities
• Memory
• Vocabulary
• Verbal fluency
• Numerical ability

Aptitude test

They also conduct aptitude test in which they measure specific mental
abilities, such as
• Inductive and deductive reasoning
• Verbal comprehension
• Memory
• Numerical ability

Motor abilities

They also take test of motor abilities in which they measure motor
abilities of a candidate e.g. for the job of steno grapier. It includes
• Finger dexterity
• Manual dexterity
• Reaction time

“A procedure designed to obtain information from a person through oral
responses to oral inquires.”

Panel interviews

The authority of GEPCO conducts panel interviews in which a group of

interviewers questions the applicant.

Mass interviews

They also conduct mass interviews in which a panel interviews several


Behavioral interview

Management also take behavioral interview in which a series of job-

related questions that focus on how they reacted to actual situations in
the past.
Job-related interview
They give more stress on job-related interview in which a series of job-related
questions that focus on relevant past job-related behaviors.


Process of Training
Job rotation
“Moving a trainee from department to department to broaden his or her
experience and identify strong and weak points to prepare the person for
an enhanced role with the company.”
“Systematically moving workers from one job to another to enhance work
team performance.”

There is no proper plan of job rotation in GEPCO. Employees may work

on their seat for several years and there is no opportunity for the workers
to move from department to department to gain experience.

“The process of teaching new employees the basic skills they need to
perform their job.”
Training Courses

a. All officers and staff inducted in WAPDA would be required to

undergo courses at various trg institutions at RTC, TSG, and WEA
Faisalabad. WAPDA Staff College, Hydel Trade Centre Mangla and
Thermal Training Centre Guddu.

b. Maximum offrs and staff must attend courses for up-grading

knowledge and qualify for further promotion.

c. The minimum pass percentage on courses is 45%.

d. All those students who do not secure at least 45% marks at

training institutes would be shown as “FAIL” on the course report
and given 3 marks penalty by CM for promotion purposes.

e. The forecast of courses will be published on six monthly basis by

GM (Trg), GM (Hydel), GM (Thermal), CEO NTDC and CEO DISCOs
for their respective training institutions. These must be issued to
all concerned by 15 Oct and15 Apr every year. The concerned
institute will also reflect the pre-requisite of courses.

f. Training demands hard work and dedication which WAPDA

staff/offrs normally avoid it. Usually the nominees either do not
report in time or succeed in getting their names deleted. In future
following policy will be followed strictly without any discrimination.

Course policy

Based on schedule of courses/training CM Cells, DISCSOs, GENCOs,

NTDC and concerned branches/departments of individual will place
demand of the vacancies to the following along with reserve

a. After the receipt of schedule of courses, the demand of offrs will

be worked out and intimated to CM Cell by DISCOs and NTDC
and GM (Admn)/CE (Admn) Power/CE (Admn) Water/DG
(S&GA)/Accounts branch.

b. The CM Cells will forward consolidated list of nominees to Trg

institutions with copy to GM (Trg) at atleast 4 weeks in advance.
In case of late issuance of list, Director of concerned CM Cell,
DISCOs, GENCOs, NTDC,CE (Admn) Power, CE (Admn) Water,
DG S&SGA, Accounts branch will be held responsible and
subjected to disciplinary action by concerned GM (Admn), GM
(C&M) W,CE(Admn) P, CE (Admn) W and DG (S&GA) in
consultation with GM (Trg).

c. Before the commencement of course , if some individual falls

sick or due to some genuine reasons is un-able to undergo
course, the permission will be sought from concerned CM Cell.
The CM Cell will process the case and give decision on priority.
In case, CM Cell exempts the individual, they will nominate the
reserve individual and intimate to all concerned. It will be
incumbent on the reserve information/individual to timely join
the course.

d. In case the offr/official detailed for the course fails to join and
absent himself from the course, severe disciplinary action will
be taken against him. The minimum punishment will be one-
step demotion, which will be intimated to all concerned within
one month of the absentee report. Besides concerned Director
CM Cell will also be subjected to disciplinary action by GM
(Admn) in consultation with GM (Trg), if any lapse is observed.
The punishment should only be awarded if the offr/official
himself refuses to attend the training course. In case the offer is
not relieved by his office in the interest of work, on action
should be taken against him but explanation called from the
concerned office. How ever, if subsequently it is proved that the
offr has not attended the course with the connivance of his
superior offrs, action may be taken against both.

e. CM Cells/DISCOs/GENCOs will not post permanent relief for

offrs selected for courses. However, acting charge may be
delegated for smooth functioning.

f. The details of existing and additional courses is given below:

1) Existing Courses/Exams-Offrs Anx A
2) Add Courses/Exams-Offrs Anx B
3) Existing Courses/Exams-Staff Anx C
4) Add Courses/Exams-Staff Anx D

Grading of Trainees

a. All individuals will be graded according to the aggregate of

marks secured in theory and practical results and reflected in
the report. The shades of grading will be as under. All training
institutions must reflect it:
1) A - 75% and above
2) B+ - 63 to 74.9%
3) B - 50 to 62.9%
4) B (Minus) - 45 to 49.9%
5) Fail - Less than 45%

b. Those individuals who secure aggregate marks of 80% and

above should be given one point while calculating over-all
scores of ACRs and granted one advanced increment to the
individual who stands Ist. The duration of such courses should
be minimum 6 weeks.

c. The course reports must be comprehensive and cover

professional knowledge, ability to apply in the field, strength
and weaknesses of individuals, future employment and fit for
promotion or otherwise. All heads of Training Institutions must
implement it.

d. All course reports must be sent to CM Cells within 2-3 weeks of

the course termination by the heads of institutions. The CM
Cells will send it to the concerned department of the individual
for signatures and return within fortnight.

e. All the pre-requisite for courses including tech/civil education,

minimum/maximum service and any other criteria be also
reflected in the details of schedule of courses etc.

“Apprenticeship or internship is always offered before the job for training
of a new employee. During internship no salary will be paid to the

GEPCO offer internship to

• Technical
• Non-technical
Persons. They prefer mostly persons (students) of public sector for
training in their organization.

Compensation management

“Fixed compensation for services, paid to a person on a regular
“A salary is a form of periodic payment from an employer to an
employee, which is specified in an employment contract.”

It is found that in GEPCO a big chunk of resources is consumed by

salary and allowances. Ever increasing number of employees are directly
proportional to the salary expenditure. In current financial year the
figure may touch the magic numbers of Rs. one billion.
The salary package of new employee in GEPCO is as under from 1__22


1 2004 1870-55-3520
2008 2150-65-4100
2 2004 1915-65-3865
2008 2200-75-4450
3 2004 1980-75-4230
2008 2275-85-4825
4 2004 2040-85-4590
2008 2345-100-5345
5 2004 2100-100-5100
2008 2415-115-5865
6 2004 2160-110-5460
2008 2485-125-6235
7 2004 2220-120-5820
2008 2555-140-6755
8 2004 2310-130-6210
2008 2655-150-7255
9 2004 2410-145-6760
2008 2770-165-7720
10 2004 2490-160-7290
2008 2865-185-8415
11 2004 2590-175-7840
2008 2980-200-8980
12 2004 2745-195-8505
2008 3155-225-9905
13 2004 2925-215-9375
2008 3365-245-
14 2004 3100-240-
2008 10300
15 2004 3285-265-
2008 11235
16 2004 3805-295-
2008 12655
17 2004 6210-465-
2008 15510
18 2004 8135-585-
2008 19835
19 2004 12400-615-
2008 24700
20 2004 14710-950-
2008 28010
21 2004 16305-1070-
2008 31285
22 2004 17440-1250-
2008 34940

Probation period
The word probation simply means, “testing” or “proof” and probationer
is a person who is on trial.

“A process or period in which a person's fitness, as for work or

membership in a social group, is tested.”

Basically almost every organization recruits young or first time

employees on probation. GEPCO hire Officers (Grade-17 and above) on
1-year probation period and Officials or Operations on 3-year
probation period for testing his/her abilities. If during probation period
employee does not fulfill the requirements of the organization then trial
period may be extended or organization may fire the employee from the
organization due to his/her unsatisfactory performance. At the end of
probation period, if employee’s performance is satisfactory then employee
automatically considered to be a permanent employee of the

Promotion criteria
“The act of promoting or the fact of being promoted; advancement.”
”Encouragement of the progress, growth, or acceptance of
something; furtherance.”

But here in GEPCO promotion of an employee from one scale to another

scale is not performance based. It is normally depends upon employee
whether he/she applied for it or not. It is further based upon four factors

1. 5-year experience
2. Seat availability
3. Passed departmental exam
4. Pre-promotion training

In above factors the most important is the availability of seat because

without it promotion is impossible.

Promotion Exams

a. All promotion exams for various category of WAPDA offrs and staff
up to Grade 19 will be conducted by Director Exam.
b. Minimum Pass Percentage for Prom Exam is 50%. All those who do
not qualify Prom Exam in three attempts in three consecutive
years would be declared unfit for further prom and recommended
for weeding out by the CM Cell/CE (Admn) respectively.
c. Director Exam to issue schedule of Prom exam for offrs and staff
on calendar year basis by 15 Oct each year. There must be one
exam each for Grade 16, 17, 18 & 19. Schedule for the year 2001
are at Anx F to F2.
d. All Prom Exam result on finalization will be put up to Chairman in
summarized from for each DISCO/Wing. The result must be
compiled within 4 weeks and published.
e. It is responsibility of every offrs/staff to apply and qualify in
concerned prom exam. They must apply timely and appear in the
prom exam.
f. All offrs/staff will get maximum of three chances to qualify in prom
exam in three successive years. All those who fail to appear will
lose one chance every time/year. No exemption will be given even
on medical grounds.
g. In the past there has been practice to charge Rs.50/- and Rs.20/-
from offrs and staff respectively as Exam fee. This fee is
immediately dispensed with and in future no amount will be
charged from WAPDA employee.
h. All the pre-requisite for promotion exam including tech/civil
education, minimum/maximum service and any other criteria be
also reflected in the schedule by Director Exam.

Rent or residential facility

“Payment, usually of an amount fixed by contract, made by a tenant
at specified intervals in return for the right to occupy or use the
property of another.”
GEPCO provides House Rent Allowance or residential facility to all the
employees of the organization. The amount of which vary from scale to
1 2004 414
2008 968
2 2004 425
2008 991
3 2004 439
2008 1025
4 2004 452
2008 1056
5 2004 466
2008 1087
6 2004 479
2008 1118
7 2004 493
2008 1149
8 2004 513
2008 1196
9 2004 533
2008 1247
10 2004 554
2008 1289
11 2004 574
2008 1341
12 2004 610
2008 1421
13 2004 646
2008 1514
14 2004 689
2008 1604
15 2004 729
2008 1700
16 2004 844
2008 1969
17 2004 1291
2008 3213
18 2004 1694
2008 4210
19 2004 2583
2008 6417
20 2004 3064
2008 7612
21 2004 3391
2008 8437
22 2004 3634
2008 9025

Medical care
“Professional treatment for illness or injury.”
Located at camping ground, WAPDA Hospital |GEPCO provides the
basic medical facilities to the employees of GEPCO under the Pakistan
Wapda employees Medical Attendance Rules, 1979. These Rules shall
apply to all Wapda Employees both
 Serving
 Retired

Including government servants of Old Electricity Department i.e. from

the Civil Government or the Armed Forces who are on deputation
whether they are on duty or leave or under suspension. Cash medical
allowance shall be admissible only to serving Wapda Employees in grade

Employee’s wife/husband, unemployed legitimate and step children up

to the age of 25 years and unmarried and unemployed daughters and
parents residing with and dependent on the employee. Parents of WAPDA
employees shall be allowed treatment available only in WAPDA
Hospital/Dispensary and not otherwise. Only one wife is entitled to avail
of these facilities.

Medical facilities will be provided to the employees of the Authority at

Lahore and other stations in Pakistan, where Wapda’s
Hospitals/dispensaries exist. They will be entitled to consult Government
Doctors only when advised by the authorized medical attendant/Director
General Medical Services.

Employees on extraordinary leave (without pay) when it extends over six

(6) months, will not be entitled to avail of these benefits unless the
Authority agrees to extend the facilities in cases where illness is directly
attributable to the employee’s official duties.
Wapda Employees in Grade 1-15 will be allowed to draw Cash Medical
Allowance during leave, if otherwise admissible except during E.O.L.
(Extra Ordinary Leave) when pay and allowances are not admissible.

All retired Wapda Employees will get themselves registered with nearest
Wapda Hospital/Dispensary under the same procedure as applicable to
Wapda Employees. The reimbursement of medical charges to retired
Wapda Employees, duly verified by the Wapda Authorized Medical
Attendant (Medical Officer) will be made by the office from where the
retired Wapda Employees receives pension. Employees who get pension
from Banks/Treasury will be attached to a Wapda Division/Office
nearest to the place of residence of the retired employee.

Employees are provided with two kinds of books Green Book and White
Book. Green book is issued to employees who avail medical facility and
white book is issued to those employees who take cash as medical
allowance, number of books issued to employees varies from year to year.

Table below shows some statistics

Till Feb. Till June Till June

2008 2007 2006
WHITE BOOK 2302 2302 2416
Serving 956 957 852
Retired 701 701 565
Widows 158 158 133
Out stationed 09 09 07

Number of Patients who availed medical facility from WAPDA hospital.


2002 41568 12318
2003 49376 21482
2004 71296 29512
2005 41253 16189

Trend shows that people are satisfied with medical facilities, provided by
WAPDA hospital. And in past years they have shifted from cash medical
allowance towards medical facilities from WAPDA hospital.
Daily attendance is more than 150 patients in hospital.

Transportation simply means “REMOVAL”.
“The act or an instance of transporting.”
“A means of conveyance.”
Gepco provides transport facility only to its officers. Following is the
complete information about the transportation facility provided to
GEPCO employees.

Approved Proposed Yardstick

Chief Executive 2-Pajero
Chief Engineer 1-Pajero 1-Pajero/4-D P.up/4-D
1-Car Jeep
Secy: GEPCO 1-Pajero 1-Pajero
Directors 1-Pajero 1-Pajero/4-D P.up/4-D
Dy: Directors/Pool 11-Jeep 1-Jeep

“Pension is an allowance for retired state servant.”
“A sum of money paid regularly as a retirement benefit or by way of

Pension is given by Gepco to all of its employees after their retirement

from job against at least 10 years of his/her qualifying services.

Classification of pension

Pensions are divided into four classes:

i. Compensation pension
ii. Invalid pension
iii. Superannuation pension
iv. Retiring pension

1. Compensation pension

a. If a wapda employee is selected for discharge owing to the

abolition of a regular post, he shall, unless he is
appointed to another post the conditions of which are
acceptable to him, have the option:
i. Of taking any compensation pension to which he
may be entitled for the service he has already
rendered; or
ii. Of accepting another post or transfer to another
Division/Organization of wapda even on a lower
pay, if offered, and continuing to count his
previous service for pension.
b. If a wapda employee is retired from service under section
17 (I-A) of Wapda Act, 1958, compensation pension may
be allowed to him as would have been admissible to him
under the rules applicable to his service or post on the
date of such retirement if he had been discharged from
service on account of the abolition of his regular post
without alternative suitable employment being provided
to him.

2. Invalid pension

(i) An invalid pension is awarded on his retirement from wapda service,

before reaching the age of Superannuation, to a wapda employee who by
bodily or mental infirmity is permanently incapacitated for further
service on production of a medical certificate prescribed in Sub-Rule (ii)

(ii) A Wapda employee who wishes to retire on invalid pension, should

apply to his General Manager/Chief Engineer or Head of Division who
should direct him to present himself before a Medical Board or an
Invaliding Committee constituted by the Authority in this behalf for
obtaining a medical certificate of incapacity for further service.

3. Superannuation pension

A Superannuation pension is granted to a Wapda employee who retires

or is retired from wapda service, on or after attaining such age as may
have been fixed as Superannuation age by the Authority from time to

4. Retiring pension

A retiring pension is granted to a Wapda employee who not being eligible

for Superannuation pension:
(i) Opts to retire after 25 years qualifying service or
(ii) Is compulsorily retired from service by the Authority competent to
remove him from service on grounds of inefficiency, misconduct,
corruption or any other service.

Rate and Scale of Pension

Pension shall be calculated at the rate of 70 per cent of average

emoluments on completion of 30 years qualifying service. Where
qualifying service is less than 30 years but not less than 10 years,
proportionate reduction in percentage shall be made. Any amount of
pension in excess of Rs. * 1,000 shall be reduced by 50 per cent.

Vacation criteria
“Vacation means holiday or leave.”
“A period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation, especially
one with pay granted to an employee.”
Vacation criteria of Gepco is as under:

 Casual Leaves = 20 per year

 Earned Leaves = 4___5 per month

Gepco also provides following leaves other than casual and earned

 Recreation leave

 Leave not due

 Special leave

 Maternity leaves

 Disability leaves

 Extraordinary leaves (without pay)

 Leave ex-Pakistan

 Leave for study abroad/within Pakistan

 Leave on medical certificate

Kind Of Leave Time Period Purpose
Recreational Leave 15 days It may be granted for
recreational purposes.
Leave Not Due 365 days in the entire It shall be granted only
period of service, when there are
subject to the reasonable chances of
condition that during the WAPDA employee
first 5 years, it shall resuming duty.
not exceed 90 days.
Special Leave 130 days A female WAPDA
employee, on the death
of her husband, may
be granted special
leave on full pay.
Maternity Leave Up to the end of 90 It may be granted to a
days from the date of female WAPDA
its commencement or employee on full pay. It
to the end of 45 days may not be granted for
from the date of more than 3 times in
confinement. the entire service
except in the case of
employee employed in
Disability Leave 720 days It may be granted to
WAPDA employee who
is disabled by injury,
ailment or disease
contacted in course or
in consequence of duty
or official position.
Extraordinary Leave Maximum of 2 years Extraordinary leave
without pay may be
granted in special
Leave ex-Pakistan Maximum of 120 days It may be granted on
full pay to employee
who posted abroad or
is otherwise on duty
abroad, and makes a
specific request to that
Leave for Study 2 years. It may be granted for
Abroad/within For Ph. D 4 ½ years the purpose of higher
Pakistan For Doctors 3 years studies.
Leave on Medical 30 days It may be given in case
Certificate of illness of an

Categories Kinds of Leave Competent Authorities

Grade 1 to 11 (i) EOL/Disability leave & all Appointing authority/Head of
kinds of leave = 90 days office not below the rank of a
Haj leave=45 days (by air) Grade-19 officer who so ever is
75 days (by land/sea) lower in grade.
except LPR/Leave ex-Pakistan

(ii) EOL/Disability leave Appointing authority/Head of

beyond 90 days and office not below the rank of a
LPR/Leave ex-Pakistan. Grade-19 officer who so ever is
higher in grade.

Grade 12 to 16 (i) EOL/Disability leave & all Appointing authority/Head of

kinds of leave =90 days office not below the rank of a
Haj leave=45 days (by air) Grade-19 officer who so ever is
75 days (by land/sea) lower in grade.
except LPR/Leave ex-Pakistan

(ii) EOL/Disability leave Appointing authority/Head of

beyond 90 days and office not below the rank of a
LPR/Leave ex-Pakistan. Grade-19 officer who so ever is
higher in grade.

Grade 17 and (i) EOL/Disability leave & all (i) Appointing authority/Chief
18 kinds of leave =90 days Engineer or Officer of equivalent
Haj leave=45 days (by air) status, who so ever is lower in
75 days (by land/sea) grade.
except LPR/Leave ex-Pakistan

(ii) Leave ex-Pakistan up to 90 (ii) Appointing authority/Chief

days and LPR Engineer or Officer of equivalent
status, who so ever is higher in

(iii) All kinds of leave beyond (iii) Respective Member/

90 days Managing Director.
Grade -19 (i) EOL/Disability leave & all (i) General Manager or a Grade-
kinds of leave =90 days 20 Officer if there is no General
Haj leave=45 days (by air) Manager.
75 days (by land/sea)
except LPR/Leave ex-Pakistan

(ii) Leave ex-Pakistan up to 90 (ii) Respective Member/

days and LPR Managing Director.
(iii) Respective Member/
(iii) All kinds of leave beyond Managing Director.
90 days
Grade - 20 (i) EOL/Disability leave & all (i) Respective Member/
kinds of leave =90 days Managing Director.
Haj leave=45 days (by air)
75 days (by land/sea)
including Leave ex-Pakistan
(ii) Respective Member/
(ii) All kinds of leave beyond Managing Director.
90 days

“To move oneself from one location or job to another.”
“To convey or cause to pass from one place, person, or thing to

The policy of GEPCO regarding transfer of an employee from one station

to another is that an employee must be transferred after at least 2 or 3
years of his/her service.

Education of children
”Education means systematic instructions”
The act or process of educating or being educated.
The knowledge or skill obtained or developed by a learning process.
Company is well aware about the importance of employee’s children
education. For this purpose 246 children of employees are awarded
financial scholarship amounting Rs.184, 000.
Following is the detail of these scholarships according to class/course.

Sr.No Class/Course of studies Rates per annual

1 Ist___5th 500
2 6th___8th 500
3 9th___10th 1000
4 FA/F.Sc/I.COM/D.COM 1000
5 BA/B.Sc/B.COM 2000
6 MA/M.Sc/M.COM 2000
Teachers Training
7 P.T.C 412
8 C.T 652
9 B.Ed. 930
10 Degree 2400
11 Diploma (B.Tech) 1200
12 Degree 2400
13 Diploma 1200
14 Degree 2400
15 Diploma 1200
16 Certificate 360
17 Diploma 1200
18 Tibb 600
19 P.H.A 600
20 Welding 600
21 Machinist 600
22 M.B.H.S. 600
23 L.L.M., Lib.Sc. 600
24 ACMA (per term) 600
25 Dentistry 1080

"The act, business, or system of insuring.”
“Coverage by a contract binding a party to indemnify another
against specified loss in return for premiums paid.”

Business is not free from risk of loss. Many business units face risk but
some of these suffer the losses. The business units depend upon
insurance companies for sharing the risk of loss while the insurance
companies depend upon other business units for successful working.
Insurance in GEPCO:

Gepco offer GLI (Group Life Insurance) to all of its employees including

 Officers
 Officials
 Operations

Life insurance is a plan under which large groups of individuals can

equalize the burden of loss from death by distributing funds to the
beneficiaries of those who die.

The insurance here is centralized and is provided by the State Life

Insurance Company. The insurance premium is deducted from the
salary of every employee monthly and contributed to a common fund.
The management of insurance companies uses the fund in such a way
that there is reasonable return on it. The insurance company can pool,
share and spread the risk of loss.
The amount of insurance premium contributed by the employees varies
from scale to scale. This amount ranges from 29____290.
In case of any extra-ordinary/uncertain circumstances, State Life
Insurance Company that ranges from 70,000(min)____5,20,000(max)
pays the insured amount.

Health and safety program

“Health means Soundness, especially of body or mind; freedom from
disease or abnormality.”
“The condition of being safe; freedom from danger, risk, or injury.”
Death is the master of all, even fate. In services death of employees is sad
to mention. Authority has increased the compensation from Rs. One Lac
to two Lac for an employee if his death occurs due to fatal accident on
live line.

Following table shows the data.

Year Fatal Non-Fatal Total

7/2005To /2006 6 8 14
7/2005To /2006 9 14 23
7/2007To 8 5 13
Total 23 27 50

Performance appraisal
“Performance appraisal is the end of a process that goes on
all the time - a process that is based on good communication
between manager and employee.”

“ The assessment of an employee's effectiveness, usually as

undertaken at regular intervals.”

In simple words performance appraisal means evaluating an employee’s

current or past performance relative to the person’s performance

The Appraisal process in GEPCO:

1. Setting work standards.

2. Assessing the employee’s actual performance relative to these
3. Providing feedback to the employee with the aim of motivating that
person to eliminate deficiencies.
1. Appraisals provide information upon which organization
make promotion and salary decisions.

2. They provide an opportunity to review his or her work

related behavior.

3. Appraisal helps us to better manage and improve firm’s


Appraising Steps:
In GEPCO performance appraisal involves three steps
 Define the job
 Appraise performance
 Provide feedback
Defining the job means making sure you and your subordinate agree on
his or her duties and job standards.
Appraise performance means comparing your subordinate’s actual
performance to the standard that have been set.
The performance appraisal usually requires one or more feedback
sessions. Here there is a discussion about the subordinate’s performance
and progress, and make plans for any development required.
In GEPCO the ACR (Annual Confidential Report) of an employee is
prepared annually. Next senior officer prepares this performance
appraisal report.

Flaws in practice
 It is the major problem faced by the consumers that the cable
provided by the department is usually damaged and destroyed
after almost the period of two years. The wires are seen hanging in
the streets and roads. GEPCO should take special care to handle
this problem so as to facilitate and reduce the danger of death
through exposed wires.

 In HR department, the work is not computer based. There is a file

system (manual work) even for a vary little task there must be a
written piece of paper. It causes time wastage and slows down the
process of work.

 There is a lack of educated employees.

 They did not made plans for the refreshment of employees just like
recreational trips.

Human Engineering

Human Engineering
Communication, an essential element measuring the efficiency of an
organization is functioning smoothly, here in GEPCO. Communication is
telephony. A significant number of telephones are installed in the
company to ensure hundred percent links with management. There are
also face-to-face discussions between managers and subordinates on
various issues or matters.

After studying the workplace design we come to know that they create a
healthy environment in which they work together in groups as a team
and efficiently accomplish effective tasks. There is overall a good
relationship between boss and subordinates.

Suggestions and Recommendations

 Large organizations, usually, contains procurement/purchase unit

which increases its efficiency, effectiveness and economy. A
complete purchase unit should be established for purchase
purposes with proper scrutiny.

 Medical facility, medical bills, rent assessment cases of private

building to be hired by company, welfare cases including marriage,
widow’s welfare grant, educational scholarships, advances and
purchase for offices are managed by a single official. Another
person deputed for this will ease the situation.
 Public relation is, now, an essential tool for propagation of
performance of an organization. All services and welfare activities
should be made public after a regular span of time through print
and electronic media. Cable broadcasting is common now,
everywhere in company premises. Most of cable operators are
using WAPDA poles for transmission of their cables. This
propagation by cable networks can be used for shut down notice,
and for other important announcements of welfare activities. This
may increase the efficiency of company and moral of employee,
ultimately. WASA is successfully using this technique.

 A pragmatic and rational policy is required for allotment of cellular

phones to officers.

 Networking down to sub-division level will make the administration

effective, boosting its efficiency and making it economical.

 Monthly report should be demanded from all administration unit

and admin directorate about their work efficiency. This will
enhance the work quality.