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9/11 for Dummies: Top Five 9/11 Facts Everyone Should Know 8 !

sin" #ommon #ents and Tellin" the 9/11 Facts

$y %ohnny &unish

'n spea(in" with my fellow )mericans a$out 9/11 ten years after the fact* ' have found that many* sadly and unfortunately* have either for"otten what happened that terri$le day or have purchased the propa"anda delivered to them $y their own +trusted, main stream !S media.hat especially concerns me is the pro"ressive dummyin" down of our youth/ specifically those under 0 years old who either hardly remem$er that day as it happened or where not even $orn yet- These people must rely on what is told to them $y +trusted, sources- 'n other words* our )merican youth are "ettin" an even lar"er dose of propa"anda then we did shortly after the event and it1s trou$lin")s it stands* another lost "eneration can only accelerate the !S) and it1s continued devolution towards 'diocracy- 'n my view* this is 23T in our $est interests and so ' write this +9/11 for Dummies, post in hopes that those with limited time to invest in truth can "et enou"h of the facts to at least as( +4ey5 .hat really happened that day6, First* why is truth important6 .ell* as most of the intelli"encia already (now* the )merican pu$lic is $ein" farmed $y the "lo$alists posin" as )merican firsters in their fancy 7 8000 suits with )merican fla" lapel pins.e see them everyday on their respective party T9 channels sellin" the sna(e oil- This has $een "oin" on for decades- 't1s nothin" new.hat is new is that we* the people* now have access to information that was once hidden from us and thus are in shoc( mode as we "et pummeled $y reality as each layer of fa(ery is uncovered't1s desta$ili:in" as if we1re on a $oat in rou"h seas ready to vomit and reali:e* oh oh* no Dramamine/ only truth to set us strai"ht3(ay* so what1s at sta(e here is the future $ecause the human world is teeterin" on failure with overpopulation while "or"es on mother nature1s resources- 'n the meantime* "lo$alists continue the rapture with no conse;uenceSo for us who live on ed"es of their empire* the ;uestion is simply +Should we allow the "lo$alist to decide who lives and dies or can we* the "lo$al peoples* rise up and decide our own fate6,'t1s a heavy ;uestion and ' offer no answer e<cept to as( you to share these 9/11 Top Five Facts with your nei"h$ors and friends and help "et the facts out so that* at the very least* when we completely "ive up our lives to the "lo$alists* we do so with eyes wide open and not as cows at the slau"hter house3h* $efore ' launch the Top Five Facts* please (now that ' am not a conspiracy theorist- ' have no cards in the confusion "ame of misdirection- Facts are facts5 )t the end ' will note my opinion and then you can decide for yourself- So here we "o==-1- .T# >uildin" ?: .hy did it fall6 This @? story $uildin" fell on the same day as the twin towers yet it was 2E9EA hit $y a plane-

There was a small fire with the cause never fully e<plained- Then* in the early evenin" it collapsed- The video of the collapse shows it "oin" strai"ht downThe 9/11 #ommission does 23T have much to say a$out this collapse and the main stream media never mentions it- Boreover* most )mericans do 23T even (now that it fell and that it1s even part of that terri$le day we call 9/11- 3n this one* plus does 23T e;ual @2o plane hit the $uildin"* period5 .hy did it collapse6 4ow6 4as the red fla" $een raise6 Ces* $y many yet the "eneral pu$lic is ama:in"ly unaware- Thus* this fact may "o down and "et lost in timeThe #ommon #ents &unish 3pinion: 'n my view* this is (ey evidence that 9/11 does not pass the smell test- >ut that1s my opinion only- .hat1s yours6 - &enta"on: 2o &lane De$ris .itnesses at the scene who were in the $uildin" and had to crawl durin" the chaos report 23 si"htin"s of any plane de$ris/ no coc(pit* en"ines* seats* nothin".orse* the &enta"on is the most secure $uildin" in the world and in 001* that would mean hundreds of cameras on full time recordin" events outside the $uildin"* not only $y the &enta"on itself $ut $y the myriad of $uildin"s around the &enta"on yet 23T one video of a plane flyin" e<tremely low and hittin" the $uildin"* not one5 Aeally6 )ll we have is an e<plosion and hole with no evidence of a plane hittin" the $uildin"- These are the facts.orse* professional pilots includin" e<D)ir Force pilots report that there is no way they could have flown that plane that low at that alle"ed speed and hit the $uildin"- 2o way5 Cet the 9/11 commission says it was an )ra$ pilot who could hardly fly a #essna who did the deedFinally* the only evidence that we do have of a plane that was hiEac(ed comes from a phone call from >ar$ara 3lson to her hus$and Theodore 3lson- Cet* when we ta(e a loo( at who these people are* it1s clear that they are 23T avera"e )mericans>ar$ara 3lson was a Aepu$lican #onservative employee of Fo< 2ews and her hus$and* Theodore FTedG* was a mem$er of the >ush )dministration as !nited States Solicitor Heneral from 001D 00@'n le"al terms* these people are 23T e<actly at armsDlen"th and under cross e<amination would $e deemed $iased and not credi$le witnesses yet these two are the only connection we have to a plane hittin" the &enta"onThe #ommon #ents &unish 3pinion: .ho wrote this script6

Free B&8 Download of 9/11 Truth Aoc( 8- Shan(sville: 2o &lane De$ris There is no evidence that a plane hit the "round- There is Eust $urned dirt and shru$$ery- The first videos from the scene are no lon"er availa$le and so we1re left with what the "overnment says a$out this thin"-

)ccordin" to the Shan(sville Bayor Ernie Stull +There was no plane*, he told Herman television in Barch 008- 4e said +By sister and a "ood friend of mine were the first ones there*, Stull said+They were standin" on a street corner in Shan(sville tal(in"- Their car was near$y* so they were the first here I and the fire department came- Everyone was pu::led* $ecause the call had $een that a plane had crashed- >ut there was no plane-, There are family mem$ers of those on the plane that said they received calls includin" the infamous +Jet1s Aoll, line yelled $y one of the passen"ers $ut where are the $odies6 2o $odies6 2o recovery of seats6 en"ines6 2othin"5 The #ommon #ents &unish 3pinion: )"ain* no evidence that a plane crashed e<cept what the "overnment says happened- This from the same "overnment that "ave us .BD1s in 'ra;#ome on5 why should ' $elieve a (nown liar6 Hive me evidence5 @- .T# Towers: &lanes and #ollapse )t 8:@K a-m- the "overnment says five hiEac(ers crashed )merican )irlines Fli"ht 11 into the .orld Trade #enter1s 2orth Tower F1 .T#G and at 9:08 a-m- another five hiEac(ers crashed !nited )irlines Fli"ht 1?L into the South Tower F .T#G)vera"e %oe >low witnesses on the "round say they saw planes hit the $uildin" and clearly* from the video evidence from $oth main stream media and some amateurs on the "round* we do see planes hit the $uildin"s- >ut the plane mar(in"s are 23T clear and thus we are 23T sure if those planes were in fact the planes that the "overnment said were fli"hts.hat we do (now is that Jarry Silverstein procured a lease for the .T# in %uly 001 and won the $id despite $ein" out$id $y a rival- )nd it Eust so happens* Jarry Silverstein also had the lease on >uildin" ?- 4is insurance policy calls for 8-LL $illion to $e paid outThe #ommon #ents &unish 3pinion: ' thin( the planes hit $ut it may not have $een the planes that they said hit- )nd did the $uildin"s fall $ecause of the planes or were they +pulled,- Bany in the field of en"ineerin" say they were pulled- 'n my view* the "overnment is notorious for coverD ups- They are the most secretive entity on the planet- There is plenty of evidence that the "overnment has (ills their own to complete a mission- So it1s sensical to ;uestion their account of that terri$le day- ' don1t trust them at all5 .hy should '6 L- 9/11: The &erpetrators )ccordin" the "overnment* the leader of the 9/11 attac( was former #') a"ent 3sama >in Jaden and the mastermind operations mana"er was Khalid Shei( Bohamed- They said they were 19 hiEac(ers involved in the attac(s and the "overnment sponsored 9/11 commission concluded so)s anyone who understands crime investi"ations (nows* one must follow the evidence- )nd the evidence says a lot that the "overnment does 23T sayFirst* the alle"ed evil doers are dead and their )lDMaeda or"ani:ation is decimated- Bore* they don1t appear to have $enefits from the attac(s e<cept notoriety- .ho did $enefit from the attac(s were the war profiteers and antiDcivil li$erties "roups- 'n the days after 9/11* the "overnment wa"ed maEor wars and reduced the )merican pu$lic from a once free society to a complete controlled corportocracy- 'n the wars* trillions of dollars were made- The evidence is everywhereThe "lo$al $eneficiaries are everywhere in plain si"ht while the )merican peoples are saddled with a $ro(en economy* no relative freedom* and a $lea( future-

The #ommon #ents &unish 3pinion: So who $enefited a"ain6 3h that1s ri"ht* not us5 )nd why is it that Nionism has it1s fin"erprints everywhere from Dou"las Fife* Donald Aumsfeld* &aul .olfowit:* Jarry Silverstein et al=6 's it me or does everyone who $enefited from 9/11 happen to $e associated with "lo$al Nionism6 )>3!T T4E )!T43A: %ohnny &unish is a musician* artist* entertainer* $usinessman* investor* life coach* and syndicated columnist- Educated at !niversity of 2evada Jas 9e"as* his articles appear in 9eterans Today* BunK2EE and his %ohnny &unish $lo"- 4is art music is promoted $y &eapol: Bedia Aecords and played on net radio at Jast-fm * Ear>its and moreAesources: Store I Busic I 9ideos I )ma:on I CouTu$e I Twitter I Face$oo( 011 copyri"ht I %ohnny &unish