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Poverty Challenges Americas Way of Capitalism, Capitalisms Success becomes the New Tyranny

To subjugate America: promote small government; maintain oligarchy; create greater inequality; keep wages low; eliminate safety nets, force people to work even if they cannot. This is the way of Americas capitalism an the new tyranny. The !yan"#urray bu get eal, signe by $resi ent %bama in &ecember, cuts '( billion out of the foo stamp program )*+A$,, leaving -.. million no income an low income families without foo ai . The bu get, in failing to authori/e fun ing for e0ten e unemployment benefits, 1potentially 2leaves3 almost 4 million jobless workers in the lurch over ne0t year.5 !epublicans say they are just promoting work. They accuse the poor an unemploye of epen ency, la/iness, an abusing the system to sponge off ta0payers. 6olumnist Timothy 7gan provi es three e0amples: !ep. *teve *outherlan )!"8la., sai , foo stamp abuse is a moral issue. 9e is effectively saying that poor people are morally inferior. *en. !an $aul )!":;, sai that e0ten ing unemployment benefits woul be a 1 isservice5 to the unemploye . 9is remark is just a polite way of saying that the unemploye are la/y an milking the system. 6utting off their epen ency woul force the la/y bums to fin work. *enator <ames =nhofe )!"%kla., sai , 1$eople who are perfectly capable of working are buying things like beer.5 =ts a moral failure of the poor in the view of !epublicans. =ts a moral failure of society, however, when society fails to serve the least amongst us base solely on the perceive abuses of a few yet serve the wealthy in such a way that they become more prosperous. =ts a isservice to those who are poor, lost jobs, esperately nee work, an who struggle to make en s meet, to eal with their plight so callously. The plight of the poor is more comple0 than societys stereotyping allows. There is not one face

or reason for poverty &ealing with poverty 1goes beyon societys 1simple welfare mentality.5 $overty challenges capitalisms promise of prosperity. Those who lack a job cannot be profligate, cannot contribute to the economy from which only the rich prosper, for they lack the wherewithal to purchase more of the goo s an services that the rich pro uce. Author *asha Abramsky regar s inequality as a means to control society. 9e e0presses it as 1a social control mechanism.5 Abramskys right, because there is no reason why rich people woul not support oligarchy. A small government with limite power, greater inequality create with more people working at minimal wage, thats their view of an American system of capitalism, giving rich people control over the rest of us. The 1new tyranny,5 as $ope 8rancis puts it. &o the poor an unemploye game the system> *ure, some o, but certainly no more egregiously than the rich on ?all *treet, whose abuses are a great eal more amaging.