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Disowned Voices wning Voices !wa"ening Voices The #oint Big Mind $uided Meditation Disowned Voices The Dysfunctional Company %magine your &eing' this very &ody(mind(spirit' as a company' li"e $eneral Motors' )ord or %*B*M* +ou,re a company with many employees and not one single employee "nows their -o& title' -o& description' what the product is' who the CE is' and what is their function* To ma"e matters worse each employee thin"s that he,s the &oss' the one in charge' and all the other employees are wor"ing for him* To ma"e matters even worse' the company is constantly changing* Employees are &eing let go. new employees are &eing &rought in* /o&ody seems to have a handle on why* The product is constantly changing* ne moment it might &e automo&iles' the ne0t truc"s' then ships' then planes' then may&e &ac" to cars' and it goes on and on li"e this* !nd they "eep changing the company,s name* %n this particular company' the name has changed many times* )irst it was called Dennis' then it was called Se&astian' then it was called $enpo' then it was called Sensei' then it was called 1oshi' and now it,s $enpo again* The whole company is in flu0' it,s all impermanent* So what "ind of company do we have2 %t,s pretty dysfunctional* Twenty(si0 hundred years ago the Buddha called this dysfunction 3du""ha*4 He didn,t use the metaphor of a company' &ut he used similar analogies to ma"e the same point* He said du""ha means that there,s something stuc"* Du""ha is often translated as 3suffering'4 &ut actually the root of the word refers to a stuc" wheel whose a0le isn,t rotating* %n his day they had carts with two wheels' and when one wheel or may&e the whole a0le wasn,t rotating' the cart would &e stuc" or -ust spin around in circles* Basically he said that the cart is dysfunctional* So' li"e one of these carts' we are dysfunctional* The worst part a&out it is that since we,ve never &een completely functional' we don,t reali5e how dysfunctional we really are* %f we were once completely functional' completely integrated' completely li&erated and free' then we would thin"' 3oh my god' % used to &e free' now %,m stuc"' % used to &e completely functional' now %,m dysfunctional*4 !lthough most of us have never had

that e0perience' many people have had a spontaneous awa"ening e0perience6some moment when they reach what Ec"hart Tolle refers to as the 3power of now'4 an e0perience when they go &eyond time and space and find themselves li&erated* These people then reali5e' 3my god' %,m operating in a dysfunctional way 77*78 of the time*4 But if we don,t have that e0perience' we never reali5e that there,s a &etter' a more optimal way to function* 9hat the Buddha discovered is that we are dysfunctional when our understanding gets stuc" in one perspective' when the wheel' or the mind' does not revolve* %f we can learn to shift perspectives so that our mind is not fi0ed' so that no understanding is considered the right and only understanding' then we can &e unstuc"' free* By simply shifting perspectives we can reali5e that there is an infinite num&er of perspectives' even in a single room* %f you slightly change the angle of your ga5e down or up' or if you move around' you,ll see that there are infinite perspectives of this one room* Similarly' there are infinite perspectives of reality* 9here we get stuc" is in thin"ing there is only one right view* %n the Buddha,s teaching 1ight View is the first of the /o&le Eightfold #ath* %n our :en understanding 1ight View is mu(view' which means no view' holding on to no particular or fi0ed view* %f you en-oyed this article' please consider sharing it; 1eddit )ace&oo" Twitter Delicious Big Mind < =>?? Big Mind